“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Sophie Pilgrim is’s New York correspondent. She previously wrote ‘The French Observatory’ column from her watchtower in Paris. Join Sophie on ‘Nouvelle York’ as she discovers a new world of curiosities in the US.

Only in America… the creepiest midterm campaign videos

Political agendas seem to be of little value in this year’s midterm elections. The idea instead is to come up with an alarming narrative and make a video clip out of it. The more shocking, the better. But make sure to get some laughs! Oh and there are a few common themes. Guns are in, Barack Obama is out.

Pot, beer, and… guns in North Carolina

This beer-swilling pizza delivery guy is running for Senate in North Carolina on a Libertarian ticket. Sean Haugh wants peace, marijuana legalisation and equal rights. But he’s also keen to stress his commitment to the Second Amendment. “I’m the only candidate that knows that banning stuff just doesn’t work,” he says. Instead of restricting the sale of firearms, Haugh believes the solution to cutting gun crime is to “get the murderer out of our own hearts”.

Presumably by smoking pot?

Fighting off terrorists in Kansas

Perhaps the most agenda-less of them all, Kansas incumbent Pat Roberts is running 100% on the not-Obama bill. Like many Republicans, his campaign message is simply ‘if you vote for my Democratic rival, you’re voting for Obama’.

Roberts -- like everyone else lacking inspiration -- has found an easy target in Obamacare. The president’s signature legislation is as unpopular as the president himself (as low as 40 percent). Only terrorists are more hated. Alas, Roberts claimed last week that Obama was planning to bring terrorists to Kansas. As if universal healthcare wasn’t enough!

Gun wielding in Kentucky

Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergram Grimes, who fell victim to a nasty campaign by Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell (the dozy-sounding Senate Minority Leader), is so desperate to distance herself from the president that she refused to say if she voted for Obama in a campaign debate a few weeks ago.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s now running on the message: “I’m not Barack Obama”.

To emphasise her rebellion, she’s got a gun. And she’s shooting it. In the campaign video.

Ball breaking in Iowa

As she’ll gladly tell you, Republican Iowa candidate Joni Ernst grew up castrating hogs on a farm in Iowa. Now she’s off to Washington to make the swine of Congress “squeal”.

And squeal they might. Like Grimes, Ersnt wanted to make it very clear to voters that if she’s struggling with the traditional channels of lawmaking, such as debate and voting, she’ll be able to shoot her way through Congress. (Her first target? Why, it’s universal healthcare!)

She’s a “Mom, farm girl and lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse”.

I was under the impression that mothers, farm hands and especially lieutenant colonels carry belongings other than lipstick. But maybe it’s different in Iowa. Don’t forget your lipstick honey. Oh, you’re running for election? Then throw in your pistol too!

Debating ‘that political correctness stuff’ in Nevada

This cringeworthy attempt to act out a natural conversation becomes all the more painful when the narrative of the story reveals itself as pitifully racist.

Independent House hopeful Kamau Bakari -- who is black -- is sick of “black folks whining”. Dressed up in cowboy garb, he’s filmed faux-debating “political correctness stuff” with a man who should know -- Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy who is best known for suggesting that “the Negro” might be better off enslaved.

Unsurprisingly, Bakari has failed to attract a large following.


  1. Obama hasn't driven the whole country crazy, but the number has to be getting pretty close to 50%.

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    1. He invented bulldogging (and, it really Was "Bulldogging.")

      William "Bill" Pickett

  3. The previous thread garnered 99 comments. Rat made 54 of them.

    ___percentage by Rat = 54.5454545455

    Note how digit number "12" abruptly changes the pattern. This "code" is clearly evidence of the nefarious, diabolical scheme to wreck the election. Also, note "nefarious": Latin: ne - "not" + fas - "divine law." Now, turn your attention to "diabolical": Latin: diabolus - "devil"!!!!!!!!!!!

    There can be no doubt whence this came or from whom or why. Only a fool could fail to observe the eloquence of "The Plan" and "The Rat Doctrine" being cunningly played out.

    Americans! Save yourselves before it is too late!!!!!!!

    The oft despised Brother Rat will soon make all patently clear. Howl, you foul demons of non-Christian Christianity! The maw of Hell will yet devour you and you shall burn for eternity in the belly of the Beast.

    1. Your inner accountant just don't mean nothin', desk co-ordinator.

    2. Jack HawkinsTue Nov 04, 01:05:00 PM EST
      Your inner accountant just don't mean nothin', desk co-ordinator.

      Such word invention from our oft despised Brother Rat, "desk co-ordinator" is the new one of the day....

    3. No, not 'word invention, desk co-ordinator, quoting from the reference piece, that's how the job title was reported, in Haaretz ...
      According to Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, the most recent proposition is being spearheaded by Danny Seaman, who was slammed by the media for writing anti-Muslim messages on Facebook.

      Students will be organised into units at each university, with a chief co-ordinator who receives a full scholarship, three desk co-ordinators for language, graphics and research who receive lesser scholarships and students termed “activists” who will receive a “minimal scholarship”...

      Just wanted to keep in step with the latest Israeli trends....

    4. You do recognize Haaratz, as a legitimate source, don't you, "O"rdure?
      You'll never get out of the Social Media Commandos if you do not.

      Just sayin'...

    5. You do recognize Haaretz, as a legitimate source, don't you, "O"rdure?

    6. But oft despised Brother Rat, why must you be intellectually dishonest. Allen is in Atlanta and I am in Ohio and neither of us are posting on Facebook.

      My Bad… there is nothing HONEST about you…

      Unless writing things against you IS ANTI-MUSLIM

      Shall we call you Ishmael?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Call me anything you want, "O"rdure, it is not about me.
      It is about the Israeli and the sickness that envelopes that society.

      And that is not me opining, that is the President of Israel, speaking in public, that is saying Isreal is sick

    9. It is about the $100 BILLION dollars in military aid the US has provided the Zionists of Israel.
      And for what ?

      To propagate hatred, to propagate a culture that the President of that polity has described as sick
      An entire people, and entire culture, an entire country, fermenting in fear and loathing of the 'other'.

      The US has wasted that money, worse than wasted, the US has done evil by supporting Israel.
      The pudding is out of the oven, and it is putrid.

    10. 100 billion dollars funneled back the USA for paying for mostly overprices munitions that would cost a fraction on the open market...

      and 100 billion dollars doesn't cost anything since the Federal Reserve has printed over 21 TRILLION dollars in free money in just the last 6 years...

      currently still printing 55 billion a month, money for nothing....

      easy credit...

      just print it...

      That's what the USA does.

      No gold standard...

      Just prints it's "aid" packages up out of thin air..

      Never costs the US taxpayer a dime...

      Just print print print...

  4. Had all that Good News to share from the President of Israel ...

    “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill – and it is our duty to treat this disease,”
    Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on Sunday at a conference titled “From Xenophobia to Accepting the Other.”

    “The tension between Jews and Arabs within the State of Israel has risen to record heights, and the relationship between all parties has reached a new low,” he said.
    “We have all witnessed the shocking sequence of incidents and violence taking place by both sides.
    The epidemic of violence is not limited to one sector or another, it permeates every area and doesn’t skip any arena.
    There is violence in soccer stadiums as well as in the academia.
    There is violence in the social media and in everyday discourse, in hospitals and in schools.”

    You know, the message that goes hand in hand with ....

    Israel prefers Daesh (al-Qeada) in Syria, over the Alawites, Christians and their Kurdish allies

    Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that ...
    Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

    “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

    Even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated with al-Qaeda.
    Oren said in the interview.

    I am not sure which should take preference , Israel prefers al-Qeada or Israel is a sick society.
    They go hand in hand, from my perspective, dove-tail,as it were.

    Then factor in the Israeli hatred of modern Christianity, on top of those statements, well, that hatred is really part and parcel of both.

    The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow

    " But his new pursuits involved a lot less blood, and sometimes even outright nonviolent heroism, as when he moved to Palestine and protected a medical convoy and evacuated hundreds of Jewish doctors during the violence surrounding the formation of Israel."


    Isn't that precious?

    1. Precious is the ability to use HTML
      The inability to do so, simply moronic. .

    2. Ever think he wants the readers of the blog to see the link, in plain sight, before they click on it?

      Many of our readers do not KNOW that the can see the url by rolling over it...

      Actually Allen does our readers a service, showing that his links are trustworthy.

      I for one, do not TRUST your links...

    VA Secretary Asked IG to Alter Findings in Report on Deaths at Phoenix VA

    ... and the IG did ...

    1. Allen I BOTH have used HTML numerous times.

      What is interesting?

      you ignore the dozens of times we used BOLD Italics or even Hypertext links only to attempt to slander us and make you feel better...

      Well Jackoff, Just because we don't USE something doesn't mean we don't know how...

      And for the 40th time, you are not worth the effort.... Really you are not...

    2. Now go and click on my link, there is a special message for you Ratboy...

    3. No, I'll skip, your links are not trustworthy.

    4. Now, "O"rdure, just keep up the standard ...
      You can get a senior desk co-ordinator to do it once, or twice ... but day in, day out ...
      You can't maintain the pace.

      You are a Social Media Commando not an agent of the Mossad.

    5. Hell, you're not even a desk co-ordinator.

  8. ... Abbott was apprehended by cops while dishing out food to homeless people in Stranahan Park this past weekend before being slapped with a summons. Along with two Reverends and another volunteer, Abbott faces 60 days in jail for defying a newly passed city ordinance which criminalizes the sharing of food.

    One of the officers who apprehended Abbott barked at the 90-year-old, “drop that plate, right now,” as if the veteran was holding a gun.

    However, Abbott, who has been feeding the homeless for 23 years via Love Thy Neighbor, the organization he founded, has vowed to engage in civil disobedience by ignoring the law and staging another food sharing event at the local beach on Wednesday.

    Abbott previously won a lawsuit in 1999, overturning a ban on feeding homeless people on the beach. He says he is prepared to be arrested tomorrow.

    “I fully believe that I am my brother’s keeper. Love they neighbor as thy self,” Abbott told CNN, adding, “These are the poorest of the poor, they have nothing, they don’t even have a roof over their head, and who could turn them away?”

    Mayor Jack Seiler promised that Abbott and other members of his organization would be arrested if they continued feeding the hungry, asserting, “We enforce the laws here in Ft Lauderdale.”

    Will Fort Lauderdale police bring shame onto their own department and the whole city by actually arresting a 90-year-old World War 2 veteran for the “crime” of feeding the homeless?

  9. Every woman in America should pace a gun or two, and the women in France and Germany and Sweden should he guarded by a Jewish or at least Jewish trained escort to prevent rape from the Moslem Hordes.

    US considering a nuclear deal with Iran reliant on Russia

    What could go wrong? Oh, it is being reported that Russian troops are moving toward the border of Ukraine.

  11. This may be the chance to save the country. The numbers are growing, the lines are long. The people are angy, in a mood to reject. They want to go out there and sock it to them. I sense a power shift coming? Where did O begin to go wrong? Could he have corrected course, or was it just in his stars???? Obama has forced the insurance companies to withhold the OCare price inscreases until after the election. You can fool Rufus all time but not all the people all the time. This is going to be Reid's fateful evening. He is on the way out. Good News to all Nevadans and the entire country. He can always go back to the Cottontail Ranch. In the War ON Women the GOP Women are winning big time. In Colorado dems are trying to block access to electronic voting machines......

    1. Maybe Jack "Rabbit" Hawkins could get a real working job for once as a doorboy at the CottanTail "Ranch" when 'Dirty' Harry Reid returns?

    2. Whoaaaaaaa.....the on line vote totals are astounding

      Shellacking coming your way.

  12. Just in - Hillary is the best stump speaker in USA.

    No stump has ever spoken better.

    In fact, it is reported, no other stump has ever spoken, unless it be Jack "Stump" Hawkins.

  13. Hot Air is hosting full election night coverage, with special sections devoted to different regions of the country.

  14. TarHeel geezers may be going on 'rampage' in North Carolina....

  15. Never count 'the geezers' out until they are truly down.

  16. Jack HawkinsTue Nov 04, 01:22:00 PM EST
    You do recognize Haaratz, as a legitimate source, don't you, "O"rdure?
    You'll never get out of the Social Media Commandos if you do not.

    Just sayin'...

    Actually No I do not recognize Haaratz? Were you trying to say? Haaretz?

    You should be more careful with spelling proper nouns JackRat otherwise most of the readers will deem you a tag bit ignorant.

    But if you are referring to Haaretz? No, it doesn't represent a legitimate source for me or most Israelis.

    Then again? As an American I do not put much stock in Pravda either (Now called RT news)

    Or CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC or Al Jazeera (in either English or Arabic)

    1. Don't be a moron

      Learn how to spell!!

      Do you need a hyperlink to help?

    2. No, no hyperlink required, and no need to spell 'correctly'.

      You are the one without a following, I am the one with over a quarter of a million views on the 'Home page'

      Performance counts, "O"rdure, and yours doesn't amount to enough to count.
      I'd feel sorry for you, but I have no reason to.
      You defend a culture a society that is sick, the President of Israel has told the world the truth of the matter.

      Adjust or perish, the disease which Israel has is terminal.

      Henry Kissinger: ''In 10 years Israel will cease to exist''
      8 years to go ...

    3. Enjoy the Death Watch

      Israel is a dead country walking ...

      What is "Occupation"Mon Jul 21, 09:33:00 PM EDT
      If there is one Hamas member still alive and spitting? Israel lost…

      and is in a slow and agonizing death spiral ...
      Time is short.

    4. Jack must enjoy watching death.

      Out, until election returns are in.


    5. I am going to enjoy watching the Zionist government of Israel implode.
      How many people go down with 'em, depends on how much we try to 'help'.

      The less aid the US provides, the fewer will die.

    6. Ah ... Rat ... the eternal optimist ... The American public still loves, loves, loves Israel, and the more guys like you get exposure the better things go for Israel. Keep preaching, Brother Rat.