“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013




  1. "These are in addition to the Association of American Universities, the umbrella organization for 62 major universities and university-systems, and the Association of American University Professors, both of which reject the boycott"

    I am now at liberty to say:

    Bob is a dumbshit.

    And cain't read gud.


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    2. Israel and the Moral Midgets of American Academe

      December 24, 2013 by Bruce Thornton

      American_Studies_Association_1A province of the academic Lilliput called the American Studies Association has voted to boycott Israeli academics because of “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” and “the systematic discrimination against Palestinians.” The well-earned criticism of this vote is probably the most attention this organization has ever received outside the parochial precincts of the American university, where “conferences” of like-mindedness pedants regularly gather together to read papers to each other and ritualistically affirm their fossilized political and intellectual orthodoxy. Indeed, what this vote tells us about the corruption of American higher education is more worthy of comment than its impact on Israel’s intellectual life, considering that “American Studies” is a political rather than a scholarly enterprise unlikely to concern genuine Israeli scholars. Martin Kramer’s response gets it just about right: “Boycott me, please.”

      The first thing revealed by this vote is the massive ignorance of history, including current events, that permeates American universities. Most obvious is the rote repetition of the phrase “Israeli occupation of Palestine.” This phrase is historically meaningless. There is no occupation in legal terms, because there has never existed a country to be occupied. The territory under question last existed formally as a province of the Ottoman Empire, which has long settled into the dustbin of history because it miscalculated badly and allied with the Central Powers in World War I. The legal disposition, through a U.N. resolution, of this territory by the mandatory powers that replaced the Ottomans after World War I was rejected and violently contested by the Arab nations that attacked Israel in 1948.

      Until 1967, this territory was controlled by Jordan, whose annexation of it was never recognized internationally. It came under control of Israel as a result of the defensive Six Day War. Without that event, it is likely that despite international disapproval, the territory would have in time become part of Jordan according to the ancient wisdom that possession is nine-tenths of the law. After all, who boycotts China over its absorption of Tibet? If after their victory in 1967 Israel had behaved as most states do in such circumstances, she would have annexed the territory that by the legitimacy of history is part of Israel, and that was fairly won on the battlefield. And again following the usual practice of most states, Israel then would have expelled all the Arabs. This historically has been the common practice that no one other than the losers complained about after other wars. One and a half million Greeks, for example, were booted out of Muslim Turkey in 1923, from lands their ancestors had inhabited for nearly 3 thousand years, while half a million Muslims, descendants of invaders or Christians converted under the shadow of the sword, were sent to Turkey. Or consider the 12 million Germans kicked out of Eastern Europe after World War II. That’s what happens when a people start a war and lose.

      from Front Page Magazine

    3. Link to Front Page article -


    4. “But in our camp, his story was everyone’s story, a single tale of dispossession,
      of being stripped to the bones of one’s humanity,

      of being dumped like rubbish into refugee camps unfit for rats.

      Of being left without rights, home, or nation
      while the world turned its back to watch or cheer the
      jubilation of the usurpers proclaiming a new state they called Israel.”

      ― Susan Abulhawa, Mornings in Jenin


    5. The centre of the war is in Palestine, but its dimensions are much wider.
      When we say that the Arabs are the aggressors and we defend ourselves — this is only half the truth.

      As regards our security and life we defend ourselves and our moral and physical position is not bad.
      We can face the gangs... and were we allowed to mobilize all our forces we would have no doubts about the outcome...

      But the fighting is only one aspect of the conflict which is in its essence a political one.
      And politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves.
      Militarily, it is we who are on the defensive who have the upper hand but in the political sphere they are superior.

      The land, the villages, the mountains, the roads are in their hands.
      The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down,
      and in their view we want to take away from them their country, while we are still outside.

      They defend bases which are theirs, which is easier than conquering new bases...
      let us not think that the terror is a result of Hitler's or Mussolini's propaganda —
      this helps but the source of opposition is there among the Arabs.

      ○ Address at the Mapai Political Committee (7 June 1938) as quoted in Flapan, Simha, 1979.


    6. To be perfectly clear ...

      The land, the villages, the mountains, the roads are in their hands.
      The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down,
      and in their view we want to take away from them their country, while we are still outside.

      They defend bases which are theirs, which is easier than conquering new bases...
      let us not think that the terror is a result of Hitler's or Mussolini's propaganda —
      this helps but the source of opposition is there among the Arabs.

    7. Farmer Bob,

      Israel has been invited to join CERN - so much for an intellectual boycott. :-)


    8. First Riddle:
      Farmer Bob came to town with some watermelons.
      He sold half of them, plus half a melon, and found that he only had one melon left.
      How many melons did he take to town?

    9. Farmer Bob,

      The First Orthodox Female Rabbi

      It will take about 1,000 years to see how this plays out. :-)


    10. This year, the rabbis cited
      “the extreme seriousness involved in killing fetuses, which is like actual murder.”


  2. That fellow doesn't know the first thing about camouflage.


    1. “I read books so dry even a cactus couldn’t grow on them.
      But who cares? I’m not a farmer, I’m a thinker.”

      ― Jarod Kintz,
      This is the story my great-grandfather told my father, who then told my grandfather,
      who then told me about how The Mythical Mr. Boo, Charles Manseur Fizzlebush Grissham III,
      better known as Mr. Fizzlebush, and Orafoura are all in fact me.

  3. He needs a snow cammo parka. He thumbs out like a sore stick. He looks hard though, gotta give him that much.

    1. Looks hard until the first sniper blows his brains out.......

    2. Favorite Books -
      Men who Hate Woman and The Women Who Love Them,

      Gibbons History...,
      Churchills History of Second World War, History of The English Speaking Peoples,
      Undaunted Courage,
      Crazy Horse And Custer,
      The Warmongers,
      Nothing Like It In The World,
      William Wallace Biography,
      Growing Up,
      The Story Of Civilization-Durant

      That is a lot of favorites



    3. “A farm is a business, and I ran mine into the ground. The next year it grew back.

      ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

  4. Quirk,

    I posting my response to you on this thread because the last thread will not accept my posting.

    This is the first instance where Brainy Quotes has come up short in my experience. It was unintentional, I am sure. Often an institution such as the New York Times will print something and before day’s end three hundred others will have reprinted it verbatim. This is not an excuse for the failure to cross check by Brainy Quotes.

    I was accusing Mr. Buchanan of nothing. He, like us all, will make use of analogies that do not withstand closer examination. In using the quote, that may have been his point as well (I don’t know). My sense is that he was, in the instance, being sympathetic. Nonetheless, I find no common ground shared by anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism.

    “Anti-Semitism” is not covered by copyright. I use it when I believe the preponderance of evidence points to no other reasonable explanation for behavior hurtful or harmful to Jews. If someone wants to argue the demerits of some policy of Israel, I do not take that to be a sign of anti-Semitism. I often find myself in disagreement with other Jews, say, the ADL or AIPAC. However, when someone distorts or purposefully misrepresents history or fact(s) to “score” points, I suspect anti-Semitism. When a person continues to hold to beliefs which are patently false, I know that I am dealing with anti-Semitism. To conclude this thought, I have no proprietary rights concerning the use of “anti-Semitism” and will go so far as to declare that it is often unfairly used to avoid uncomfortable truths.

    Deuce did put up an article casting Israel and other nations in the role of victims of NSA spying. Since so many negative things are said about Israel (and will continue to be), I thought it unfair to go outside the article to make the point that Israel is imperfect.

    I do not consider myself a victim. But there have been and there are victims. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Anne Frank were victims. Was the death of one more significant than the other? No. What creates a difference between the two is motive. Bonhoeffer was not hanged for being a Lutheran minister and philosopher; the Third Reich had no policy calling for the extermination of all Lutherans. Frank died because the Reich did have a policy demanding the extermination of all Jews. The motives cannot be reconciled. No, I am not a victim, but I will not hesitate to advocate for victims – be they Jews or Christians.


    1. Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski
      was a Polish Jew and businessman who was appointed as the German Nazi-nominated head of the Ältestenrat ("Council of Elders"), or Jewish authorities in the Łódź Ghetto.

      Some remember him for his haunting and tragic speech,
      . . . . "Give Me Your Children" . . . .,
      in 1942, when the Germans insisted on deporting 20,000 children to death camps.

      He was also remembered as an autocrat and tyrant who built a personal empire within the ghetto.
      He made work the basis of survival and created profit for the Germans

      Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski was a Fifth Columnist.


  5. Replies

    1. Stella {Goldschlag} Kübler Isaacksohn.
      was a Jewish woman born in Germany who collaborated with the Gestapo during World War II, exposing and denouncing Berlin's underground Jews.

      Kübler was very successful at finding her former schoolmates and handing their information over to the Gestapo.

      The number of her victims varies from between 600 to 3,000 Jews.
      Kübler's charisma and striking good looks were a great advantage in her pursuit of underground Jews.
      The Nazis called Stella "blonde poison".

      Stella {Goldschlag} Kübler Isaacksohn was a Fifth Columnist..



  6. Jammin' with Farmer Bob!

    Farmer Bob takes you on a tour of his facility and shows you how a real farmer makes jam!

  7. Deuce,

    I may have said something about Iraq becoming a target the jihadists in Syria. This story may point in that directtion.

    Qaeda-linked group claims attack on Iraq TV station

    1. But do not fret, the dynamics of the situation on the ground in Iraq is ever changing, why just yesterday allen told us that the social and cultural conditions that existed just three and four years ago have no impact on the conditions that envelope Iraq, today.

      That the people, there in Anbar, are substantially different, now, as compared to 2008.

      His derision of the US efforts to obtain stability there in Anbar, the relationships the US military had developed with the people, there in Anbar discounted.

      The Fünfte Kolonne von Teamleitern has an agenda, and it is not one that favors the United States in particular or 'Western Civilization' in general.


    2. Israel tracks Syria's Western jihadis, worried about their return

      Of an estimated 10,000 foreign combatants among rebels battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, around 20 percent are from the West and that number is rising

      Israel was coordinating monitoring efforts with Western countries, whose legal options against fighters returning home were limited.

      The official said Israel believed between 10,000 and 15,000 Hezbollah members have fought in Syria.

      "There were many killed, wounded, but there are no numbers," the official said. "It could be hundreds or thousands."

      "In all, their capabilities against Israel have been hurt

    3. Once more Israel is called upon to be the heavy. Doubtless, it will take heat from the same governments asking for its help to do what they cannot. This will, without question, lead to conspiracy theories galore.

      Those who constantly criticize Israel ought to give a little attention to the number of times Israel's special services have been put to use.

    4. Mahdi Darius NazemroayaTue Dec 24, 01:37:00 PM EST

      Syria is bloodletting even more than Iraq.

      Israeli and American analysts,
      experts, and policymakers keep insisting that the country will fall apart.

      The foreign-sponsored anti-government forces are killing civilians
      on the basis of their community affiliations as a means of spreading sedition and hate.

      Harking back to Israel’s Yinon Plan, it states:
      The dissolution of Syria and Iraq into ethnically or religiously unqiue areas such as in Lebanon,

      is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run,

      while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target.

    5. AnonymousTue Dec 24, 01:23:00 PM EST

      That the people, there in Anbar, are substantially different, now, as compared to 2008.

      His derision of the US efforts to obtain stability there in Anbar, the relationships the US military had developed with the people, there in Anbar discounted.


      allen showed your data to be hopelessly useless because it was dated and irrelevant.

      You really have nothing of substance to add to this conversation.

    6. Mahdi Darius NazemroayaTue Dec 24, 01:37:00 PM EST
      Harking back to Israel’s Yinon Plan, it states:

      What are the psychological forces at play in conspiracy thinking?

      Basically what’s happening in any conspiracy theory is that people have a need or a motivation to believe in this theory, and it’s psychologically different from evidence-based thinking. A conspiracy theory is immune to evidence, and that can pretty well serve as the definition of one. If you reject evidence, or reinterpret the evidence to be confirmation of your theory, or you ignore mountains of evidence to focus on just one thing, you’re probably a conspiracy theorist. We call that a self-sealing nature of reasoning.


    7. allen denies that the past, real life history, has any impact on today's reality.

      He denies that the US could still wield considerable influence amongst the ...

      . . . "Sons of Iraq" if it chose to.

      Those realities do not suit the pursuit of his agenda.
      The Fünfte Kolonne von Teamleitern, the Israeli Fifth Columnist Team Leader here at .The Libertarian', has an agenda, it is an agenda that is harmful to the United States and 'Western Civilization'. Both of those cultural institutions he has threatened with nuclear apocalypse and total destruction.



    8. He speaks of 'conspiracies' when no one else does.

      He injects frivolous and irreverent points to discussions,
      as a method of misdirection in his attempts to dissemble.


    9. desert rat,

      If you know about the "Ja Lune Plan", it is no longer viable. You all must have a mole within the Illuminati.

      But do I have news for you. The real reason Israel will be diverting water into the Dead Sea is to keep the Mother Ship submerged. Its discovery would be catastrophic. Aboard are the Illuminati, Templar, Masonic, Elders, and Rastafarian Grand Masas, all directed telepathically by the Chief Rabbi.

      Given your encyclopedic knowledge of top secret Jewish plans, e.g. the Ja Lune Plan, why are you hanging around here? Go where the action is. PJ Media would run with this information in a minute. Wretchard is still out there plugging away, waiting for just such news. Let you little light shine.

    10. 'bob' is rat.

      I am Farmer Bob !!

      I hope Deuce replaces 'Bob' on the front bench with Farmer Bob so whackopath is not front benched twice......

    11. Cut bob/rat from the team.

    12. AnonymousTue Dec 24, 01:57:00 PM EST

      allen denies that the past, real life history, has any impact on today's reality.

      He denies that the US could still wield considerable influence amongst the ...

      allen has done nothng of the sort. I reported on a report giving conditions in Anbar Province now. It is filled with "bad boys" and massive quantities of munitions.

      allen does think that Anbar could become the homeland for militant Sunni fanatics, with no love for or allegiance to the Shi'a dominated government.

    13. Theodore RooseveltTue Dec 24, 03:50:00 PM EST

      The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic.

      He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”


    14. A newcomer to '.The Libertarian' arrives and the first thing the newcomer does ...
      ... he makes demands upon the host!

      Demands that changes be made to the formatting of the blog, to suit his own literary fetishes.

      A newcomer to the blog, and by the looks of it to blogging.

      Having his profile since November of 2013.
      Which gives lie to the tale that "Farmer Bob" mastered the Google sign-on, just yesterday.
      It is a piece of REALITY that stands in evidence and is proof though that Farmer Bob is a liar.

      He is not the bob, he is not Anonymous bob, but an imposter and fraud.
      As we in the Anonymous Legion have known all along, being that ....

      bob- the Authentic Anonymous

      is one of US!


  8. The 'Yinon Plan' - I am assuming there is such a plan - sounds like a heck of a good plan to me, and might well lead to a more peaceful mid-east in the long run.

    Peace ! Brothers and Sisters !

    1. Farmer Bob,

      What are the chances that Jews would have such a plan if desert rat knows about it?

    2. Oded Yinon’s
      “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”

      Published by the

      Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc.

      Belmont, Massachusetts, 1982

      Special Document No. 1 (ISBN 0-937694-56-8)

      Table of Contents

      Publisher’s Note1

      The Association of Arab-American University Graduates finds it compelling to inaugurate its new publication series, Special Documents, with Oded Yinon’s article which appeared in Kivunim (Directions), the journal of the Department of Information of the World Zionist Organization. Oded Yinon is an Israeli journalist and was formerly attached to the Foreign Ministry of Israel. To our knowledge, this document is the most explicit, detailed and unambiguous statement to date of the Zionist strategy in the Middle East. Furthermore, it stands as an accurate representation of the “vision” for the entire Middle East of the presently ruling Zionist regime of Begin, Sharon and Eitan.

      Its importance, hence, lies not in its historical value but in the nightmare which it presents.


  9. SUNNY WISHES YOU A Ho - Ho- Ho !!

  10. Replies
    1. From the standpoint of the average Israeli news consumer, the escalation along the Gaza Strip border began at noon on Tuesday, when a Palestinian sniper killed a civilian employee of the Israel Defense Forces near Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

      But in fact, it seems the current round of violence began last Friday, with a series of incidents in which IDF forces shot at Palestinians approaching the border, killing one and wounding four. Two days later, another Palestinian was wounded by IDF fire along the Gaza border. The army said all these incidents involved Palestinian attempts to plant bombs near the border fence under the cover of civilian demonstrations.

      Again, allen dissembles and misdirects, Haarertz tell the tale, honestly.


    2. Within hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had been visiting the nearby town of Sderot, responded by calling the incident “very severe.”

      “We will not let it go unanswered,” he said. “Our policy until now has been to act beforehand and to respond in force, and this is how we will act regarding this incident as well.”

      Not long after, Palestinian media reported that Israeli air force strikes had killed a 3-year-old girl...

      Rapped that three year old's knuckles with a ruler, they did.
      Beat her until she died, one knuckle at a time.


    3. Yesterday, the Syrian govenment killed 87 children in an untargeted air attack. I know for you that is a meaningless number since the attack took place in Syria.

      The Jew killed by the sniper had relatives.

      When you make war and lose, there are consequences. I would have thought an old mercenary like you would know that...Hmm

    4. Ahh...The attack was launched after the killing of the Jew, unless you were taking a walk in an alternate universe.

    5. Jerusalem, that is what you describe as an alternate universe?, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel,
      and analysis from Israel and the Middle East. provides extensive and in-depth coverage of Israel,
      the Jewish World and the Middle East

      Israel, an alternate universe?

      If you say so!


    6. After starting the discussion and watching it turn rapidly to the murder of a three year old girl by the Israeli,

      allen then attempts a misdirection, to the barbarities occurring in Syria. but fails to change the subject of Israeli aggression against civilians, women and children in Gaza.


    7. There was no "murder" of a child. There is no misdirection, you are a racist and a hypocrite. 87 children are known dead in Syria because of a purposeful attack on a civilian motorcade v the alleged death of a child in Gaza.


    8. "‘When I use a word,' Fünfte Kolonne von Teamleitern said, in rather a scornful tone,

      ‘it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.'

      ‘The question is,' said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things."

      ‘The question is,' said Fünfte Kolonne von Teamleitern, ‘which is to be master—that's all.'"



    9. This year, the rabbis cited
      “the extreme seriousness involved in killing fetuses, which is like actual murder.”


  11. McDonald’s website advises staff NOT to eat fast food

    The same website that told employees to apply for food stamps, pawn their things and find second jobs is at it again
    McResource Line advises employees to not eat deep fried food

    The Golden Arches wants employees to eat salad and vegetables - minus the bacon, cheese and mayonnaise

    By Ryan Gorman

    PUBLISHED: 08:35 EST, 24 December 2013 | UPDATED: 08:41 EST, 24 December 2013

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    O no ho ho ho


    1. Another indictment of Capitalism, brought to us by Farmer Fudd, oh ...

      My mistake, that was brought to us by Farmer Bob.


  12. Replies

    1. Not long after, Palestinian media reported that Israeli air force strikes had killed a 3-year-old girl...


  13. For political Zionism to come to fruition –

    - for a Jewish state to be created in Palestine -

    it was necessary to carry out as large a scale as possible ethnic cleansing of the country’s unwanted Arab natives.

    But even in 1948, and especially in 1967,
    Israel was unable to fully ‘cleanse’ the land of the Palestinians.

    As a result, Israel’s fallback position was to implement an apartheid regime of exclusion and discrimination.

    Where the dispossession had been most effective
    – inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders –
    apartheid could be less explicit.

    But in the OPT, home to a vast majority of Palestinians,
    Israeli apartheid had to be overt and iron-fisted.

    “Why have the Palestinians continued to reject a compromise with Israel, from the very beginning of the state in 1948, to Arafat’s ‘No’ at Camp David?

    The myth of ‘brave but peace-seeking’ Israel always let down by violent, compromise-rejecting Arabs is powerful and enduring.

    Israel’s defenders argue that if only the Palestinians had accepted partition in 1948, rather than seeking ‘Israel’s destruction’, everything would have been different.

    Likewise, for the propaganda war of the Second Intifada, the Palestinians – and Arafat in particular – were said to have turned down a ‘best ever’ offer from Israel at Camp David, instead opting for violence.

    Let’s take a look at 1948 first.
    The real story of Israel’s creation – the Nakba –
    … is very different from the sanitized, Zionist narrative.

    When the UN proposed partition, Jews owned less than 7 per cent of the land, made up a third of the population – yet over half of the land of Palestine was assigned to the Jewish state.

    Moreover, even in its proposed borders,
    the Jewish state’s population would be almost half Arab.

    Ironically, while Palestinians are often accused of ‘rejectionism’,
    the Zionist leadership only accepted the idea of partition for tactical reasons.

    Prime Minister Ben Gurion described a
    “‘partial Jewish state’” as just the beginning:

    “‘a powerful impetus in our historic efforts to redeem the land in its entirety.’”

    In a meeting of the Jewish leadership in 1938,
    Ben Gurion shared his assumption that

    “‘after we build up a strong force following the establishment of the state – we will abolish the partition of the country and we will expand to the whole Land of Israel.’”

  14. If the palestinians do not wish to die?

    Stop attacking Israel.

    there have been over 150 palestinian attacks in the last 120 days.

    The number of "successful" attacks is much lower, thanks to the Israelis fighting the fight.

    The time is coming soon, when the fake nationalistic people who call themselves "palestinians" will throw out that label and claim the Clan or tribe that they come from. They are all "arabs", for which they claim as well...

    the Arab.

    When this occurs? Hamas members will be tossed off roof tops (like the Hamas did to the Fatah). The blood will run in the streets and refugee camps across the middle east.

    But the hand of the arab, the arab will settle with his brother arabs, a blood feud.

    It will be ugly.

    Think I am full of it?

    It's already happening in Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria & Libya (to name a few)

    before this is over? over 1 million arabs will die at the hands of arabs...

    1. Except for the arabs of Israel, they will be safe and sane. Living a good life, with freedom of life choices, freedom to succeed, free not to live in the 7th century...

      More arabs today, live inside Israel as free citizens than lived in the entire "river to the see" in 1948.

      The Arabs of Israel? Are free to leave anytime they wish. But they don't...

      Because they are smart and KNOW, that there is no better place in the middle east for them to call home. Israel, the Jewish state.

    2. Hey, WiO, You never did answer my question about the volume of business this time of year. Given the special needs of your customers, I just wondered if sales changed.


    3. What is "Occupation" - Sun Dec 22, 10:49:00 AM EST

      I wonder how long til the Palestinians get lucky and murder a few dozen Israeli kids…


    4. Vered Lee Mon Dec 16, 11:34:00 AM EST

      Age of child prostitutes in Israel dropping, report finds

      Knesset study cites cases of 11-year-olds used for commercial sex that are among the several thousands of teenagers involved in prostitution.
      By Vered Lee

      "Spengler's Laws": "When a nation is reduced to selling its women, it's lost."
      hat tip: allen


    5. WiO,

      Mr. Kerry is supposed to be working on a comprehensive peace plan he intends to shove down Netanyahu's throat. He has signaled on several occasions that Israel's refusal to follow his direction will lead to a third intifada. These puny aggressive gestures coming from Gaza may be meant to intimidate Israel in that regard. With Iran's advisers and Hezbollah tied down in Syria, the Gazans are incapable of mounting a credible intifada. Moreover, the pressure from Egypt is weakening their resolve and has severed their lines of communication. Logistically, Gaza is up the creek without a paddle.

      The Muslims are so engrossed in settling old scores and carving out fiefs that Israel is not on their radar. I seriously doubt that the Libyan warlords give a second's thought to Gaza or the West Bank. Netanyahu needed a way to outlast Obama's presidency; it is likely that the Muslim wars are going to give him the time he needs. What is gratifying is that these bloody internecine power struggles cannot be blamed on Israel; indeed, Western public opinion may turn drastically against the poor, poor Muslims with their innate barbarism on display. Furthermore, the waste of experienced infantry will work to Israel's good at some point. Even Muslims have a breaking point; exhaustion is going to greatly reduce their martial ardor.

      Netanyahu can survive Kerry’s onslaught pretty easily, if he will. Abbas can never agree to recognize a Jewish state. He cannot unless he plans on flying out of the West Bank with Kerry and entering a witness protection plan in the US. As long as Israel refuses to budge from its demand for full, unambiguous recognition, no peace plan is possible. Hamas will not recognize Israel. Worse yet, it cannot negotiate because it is an international pariah. Netanyahu has the high ground, if he will hold it.


    6. “The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy,
      whatever the means. Whenever you parry, hit, spring, strike or touch the enemy's cutting sword,
      you must cut the enemy in the same movement.

      It is essential to attain this.

      If you think only of hitting, springing, striking or touching the enemy,
      you will not be able actually to cut him.”

      ― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

  15. 'bob'/rat is one sick puppy.

    Again, he needs counseling, badly.

    1. Farmer BobTue Dec 24, 06:42:00 PM EST
      'bob'/rat is one sick puppy.


      He is running out of ammo. :-)

      Talk about nerve, get this from the UN:

      Concerned that "escalating violence" could result in "another cycle of bloodshed," United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Tuesday against further retaliatory strikes from Israel against the Palestinian territories.

      Ban condemned "the killing of an Israeli civilian today as a result of cross border fire from Gaza, and the bus bombing near Tel Aviv on Sunday," his spokesman said in a statement.

      Ban is going to do what about Israel defending her citizens? How about warning the Gazans to stop the provocations. What a weasel he is.

      As to his condemnation of today's murder of a Jew, who is he condemning? Israel will handle condemnation its own way.

    2. He's been firing a lot of improperly re-loaded rounds, including an amazing number of blanks.

    3. The Associated PressTue Dec 24, 07:24:00 PM EST

      Al Goldstein, porn pioneer, dies at 77
      Goldstein, a self-proclaimed 'angry Jew,'
      published the controversial Screw magazine and helped break down legal barriers against porn.

      By The Associated Press


  16. Resistance Is Futile: Everyone In America Must Take The NYTs Dialect Quiz

    Answer a set of questions - they will tell you where you are from - with a great deal of accuracy.

    Fun !


    1. Farmer Bob, why if you just got sign-on access, yesterday, using Ash's instructions ....

      Is you profile from November of this year, and not December?

      What further fraud have you trying to perpetrate, now?


    2. I dunno, whacky.

      I had a profile before, then my thing got screwed up.

      My daughter was trying to get me signed up there for awhile.

      Can't recall filling out a profile at all.

      Why you so interested anyway?

      Last I read your profile years ago it said you were from Afghanistan.

      Many here have speculated you are posting from some prison.

      Nearly all think you should be posting from prison.

      I do.

    3. Or at least a mental health facility.

      One could ask, Whacky, why you are using 'bob' as your name now, but I won't, cause I could care less.

      You need help, badly, rat.


    4. rat's biography, yep, betcha it still says Afghanistan, and that he's in the world wide web business.

      Folks that can make you believe absurdities ....
      You know the rest.

      But your reasoning is flawed, you have been caught in another attempted fraudulent activity.

      Lying to us when there was no need.
      Like when, in one of your previous incarnations, you told the world your wife was dying.

      You are just a shameless liar, one who gets caught time and again, but pushes forward, regardless.
      Farmer Bob

      My Photo

      On Blogger since November 2013

      Profile views - 7


  17. NEW YORK – The White House appears to have dropped a bombshell when it explained to the press why White House staff in Washington enrolled President Obama in Obamacare instead of Obama himself.

    Officials said it was because could not verify Obama’s identity.

    Here is what Ed Henry, Fox News White House correspondent, reported on air:

    “Somebody who’s not waiting in line to enroll is the president of the United States. We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But, then they came back to us and said – ‘Well, wait. He didn’t actually enroll. They said his staff did it and that’s because of his unique circumstance obviously, as commander-in-chief, that his personal information is not in various government databases, so could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough. So, he had to do it in person this weekend, so he was signing up for the D.C. exchange, but his staff did it.”

    A CBS report in Washington, likewise, explained White House staff had to go to an “in-person” Obamacare site to sign up Obama for coverage.

    Please upgrade your browser to view HTML 5 content

    The Fox News report, noted by the Gateway Pundit, set off a round of speculation on the Internet.

    What information was so sensitive for Obama that it had to be excluded from government databases?

    Clearly, the information was not his Social Security Number or his birth records, because the White House has claimed to have made public both.

    On May 5, 2010, WND published a report documenting that WND researchers were able to find, through an ordinary search of the Social Security database online, the Social Security Number Obama has been using.

    In the same article, WND also reported Obama was using a Social Security Number set aside by the Social Security Administration for applicants with addresses in Connecticut. Public records, meanwhile, provide no evidence Obama ever had an address in the state.

    On April 27, 2011, the White House released a form the White House claimed was Obama’s long-form birth certificate, making public Obama’s date and place of birth.

    The White House also releases annually on a timely basis the income tax returns for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, with the Social Security Numbers missing. Yet for the purpose of filing the IRS return, there appears to be no exception allowing the president or the vice president to omit their Social Security Numbers.

    The website says the only information required for applying for health-care coverage on the government exchange is a Social Security Number, employer and income verification, and the policy numbers of any current health-insurance plans


    1. Lying to us when there was no need.
      Like when, in one of your previous incarnations, you told the world your wife was dying.

      You are just a shameless liar, one who gets caught time and again, but pushes forward, regardless.
      Farmer Bob

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      On Blogger since November 2013

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  18. Merry Christmas From The Fam i leeeee

    1. Cookin’ With Farmer Bob: Just in time for Turkey Talk!
      By Sue Frause

      It’s going to be weird, as Farmer Bob won’t be home.
      That’s a first in 37 years, he’s going to Dubai.

      Farmer Bob’s Turkey Wine Brine

      3 large onions, diced
      3 bay leaves
      1-2 bottles red wine (one bottle for 8-12# bird and two bottles for #15 bird and larger)

      1. Thaw turkey if frozen and remove giblets
      2. Wash and dry turkey
      3. Place turkey in a heavy plastic garbage bag (or two bags for extra protection)
      4. Sprinkle diced onions over turkey and place some in cavity
      5. Crunch bay leaves over turkey
      6. Pour wine into bag
      7. Gather bag so that it fits tight against turkey, removing as much air as possible
      8. Twist remainder of bag tight and tie into a knot so wine will not leak out
      9. Place in pan in refrigerator for 24-36 hours. Turn over every 6-8 hours if possible.

    2. Happy Hanukkah


    3. My Name is really Bob. I am not really a Farmer

      I Live on just over a 1/4 acre of land, well within the city limits ofMoscow, Idaho. I do engage in many farm-like activities there, such as gardening, chicken-keeping, home-cooking, and DIY building and repairs, because of this my family and friends often call me "Farmer Bob" to tease me.

      I started this comic mainly to amuse them

      All of my strips are retelling of things that I have witnessed at some point while pursuing the behaviors that define my "Farmer Bob" identity


  19. “He was nothing but a conduit, after all, and there isn't a culvert in the world that remembers the water flowed through it once the rain has stopped.”

    ― Stephen King, The Green Mile

  20. Was Kim Jong Un wasted when he started that bloody purge of executions?

    posted at 5:31 pm on December 24, 2013 by Erika Johnsen

    The seemingly sudden execution of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s own uncle and administrative lieutenant earlier this month sparked quite a bit of speculation among foreign-policy analysts about what might really going on behind the mysteriously opaque curtain of that starving gulag state. Was there some sort of coup or power struggle between Kim and the elder politician? Was the younger Dear Leader taking an opportunity to demonstrate dominance in the midst a precariously unstable regime? Was it the result of some sort of weird love triangle or bad family blood? Was it about money?

    Or was it more of an impulse than a thought-out tactical maneuver, executed in a hurry because Kim was just… schnockered? Via Fox News:

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was reportedly “very drunk” when he ordered the recent execution of two aides close to his uncle Jang Song-thaek.

    The pair, according to a report in The Independent citing Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, questioned an order from the North Korean leader to transfer control of a business to the military. Kim was reportedly angered when they said they needed to check with “Director Jang” first before finalizing the switch. …

    The two executions led South Korean government officials to believe Jang’s eventual death was “inevitable,” the newspaper reports.

    At least eight people from Jang’s inner circle were killed in the power purge, including the director himself.

    The vagaries of authoritarian petulance are stranger than fiction


    1. “The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop you will plant to harvest;
      The kind of potentials in you will decide the type of success you will celebrate.”

      ― Israelmore Ayivor

    2. Farmer Bob,

      Bob, have a Merry Christmas. Best

    3. Thank you. Best wishes to you as well this Holiday Season.

  21. Deuce,

    Thanks for the Bach. May you have a Merry Christmas.

  22. Nowhere is Britain’s foreign policy more misguided and cruel than in the Holy Land,
    where our political elite have pimped for the insane Zionists for nearly a hundred years.

    Instead of constantly reciting the mantra that US-supervised and Zionist–lobby–orchestrated negotiations are the only path to peace they ought to read what Richard Falk says in the interview “Stealing Palestine”.

    Please note Professor Falk’s remarks about the dreadful Christmas
    in store for the children of Gaza. Cameron insists that Israel’s enemies are our enemies.

    Does that include these poor kids and their families?

    If not, what have he and the rest of you done, as John Lennon asks in his Christmas song?
    Anything to protect them? No.
    And please do not repeat the tosh written by minister Hugh Robertson about “expressing concern”,
    “calling on Israel to ease restrictions” and “providing practical assistance”.

    We’ve heard it all before ad nauseam and, let me tell you frankly, it’s insulting.

    The British government knows, or should know, that peace in the Middle East
    – and maybe worldwide – hinges on justice for the Palestinians.

    Everyone who has been paying attention also knows that the only language the despicable regime in Tel Aviv understands is sanctions and boycotts, appeals to reason having been contemptuously brushed aside.

    Naturally, I wish our rulers at Westminster a peaceful and plenteous Christmas luxuriating in the snug safety of their leafy constituencies. But I wonder how many will lift their heads from the trough long enough to spare a thought for the misery their predecessors created in the Little Town of Bethlehem and all across Palestine, and which their own inaction now perpetuates.

    Palestine’s president Mahmoud Abbas is not someone I normally look to for words of wisdom.
    But parts of his Christmas message this year are very moving and bear repeating here:

    We celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem under occupation…

    This Christmas Eve, our hearts and prayers will be with the millions
    who are being denied their right to worship in their homeland.

    We are thinking of our people in Gaza, trapped under siege,
    and of those who are prevented from worshipping in Bethlehem.

    Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Al Dbayeh Refugee Camp in Beirut,
    along with all of our Palestinian refugees – Christians and Muslims
    uprooted from their hometowns in 1948 and who, since that time,
    have suffered the vicissitudes of a forced exile.

    Our prayers are with the churches and mosques of Jerusalem which remind the world of the Arab identity of our occupied capital…

    On this occasion, we are reminded of the sad fact that more Bethlehemites will be lighting their candles in Santiago de Chile, Chicago, San Pedro de Sula, Melbourne and Toronto than those in Bethlehem.

    To them we say that Bethlehem is their town and Palestine is their country.

    We will continue working tirelessly to give them the freedom to decide where to spend Christmas.

    Christians are not a minority here: they are an integral part of the Palestinian people.
    Orthodox, Catholics, Armenians, Assyrians, Lutherans, Anglicans, Copts, Melkites,
    Protestants and others are all part of the rich mosaic of this free,
    sovereign, democratic and pluralistic Palestine we aspire to…

    On behalf of a people struggling for justice that will lead to peace,
    we remember the birth of Jesus Christ in a humble grotto in Bethlehem.

    His message, for us, as for millions around the world remains as pertinent as ever.

    “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill”.

  23. Bethlehem, where it is doubtful Jesus was actually born, used to be packed with Christians, something like 80%.

    Nearly all gone now, run out by the moslems.

    It's about 20% Christian now.


    1. “It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
      It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us.
      If it was Them, then nothing was anyone's fault.

      If it was us, what did that make Me?
      After all, I'm one of Us. I must be.
      I've certainly never thought of myself as one of Them.
      No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them.

      We're always one of Us.

      It's Them that do the bad things.”


    Jessica and Willie !!

    1. One more -

      As Meister Eckhardt would say, let this holy birth take place in thee, then thou hast a birth in deed.


      Santa is entering American air space about now, according to NORAD.

    2. The Meister was going to be tried in Rome for various and serious theological errors but got out of the unpleasant ordeal by dying first.

    3. Accusation of heresy[edit]

      The Meister Eckhart portal of the Erfurt Church

      The Meister Eckhart portal of the Erfurt Church
      In late 1323 or early 1324 Eckhart left Strasbourg for the Dominican house at Cologne. It is not clear exactly what he did here, though part of his time may have been spent teaching at the prestigious Studium in the city. Eckhart also continued to preach, addressing his sermons during a time of disarray among the clergy and monastic orders, rapid growth of numerous pious lay groups, and the Inquisition's continuing concerns over "heretical" movements throughout Europe.

      It appears that some of the Dominican authorities already had concerns about Eckhart's teaching. The Dominican General Chapter held in Venice in the spring of 1325 had spoken out against "friars in Teutonia who say things in their sermons that can easily lead simple and uneducated people into error".[14] This concern (or perhaps concerns held by the archbishop of Cologne, Henry of Virneburg) may have been why Nicholas of Strasburg, to whom the pope had in 1325 given the temporary charge of the Dominican monasteries in Germany, conducted an investigation of Eckhart's orthodoxy. Nicholas presented a list of suspect passages from the Book of Consolation to Eckhart, who responded sometime between August 1325 and January 1326 with a lost treatise Requisitus, which satisfied his immediate superiors of his orthodoxy.[14] Despite this assurance, however, the archbishop in 1326 ordered an inquisitorial process.[13][15] At this point he issued a Vindicatory Document, providing chapter and verse of what he had been taught.[16]

      Throughout the difficult months of late 1326 Eckhart had the full support of the local Dominican authorities, as evident in Nicholas of Strasbourg's three official protests against the actions of the inquisitors in January 1327.[17] On 13 February 1327, before the archbishop's inquisitors pronounced their sentence on Eckhart, Eckhart preached a sermon in the Dominican church at Cologne, and then had his secretary read out a public protestation of his innocence. He stated in his protest that he had always detested everything wrong, and should anything of the kind be found in his writings, he now retracts. Eckhart himself translated the text into German, so that his audience, the vernacular public, could understand it. The verdict then seems to have gone against Eckhart. Eckhart denied competence and authority to the inquisitors and the archbishop, and appealed to the Pope against the verdict.[15] He then in the spring of 1327 set off for Avignon.

    4. In Avignon, Pope John XXII seems to have set up a two tribunals to inquire into the case, one of theologians and the other of cardinals.[17] Evidence of this process is thin. However, it is known that the commissions reduced the 150 suspect articles down to 28; the document known as the Votum Avenionense gives, in scholastic fashion, the twenty-eight articles, Eckhart's defence of each, and the rebuttal of the commissioners.[17] On 30 April 1328, the pope wrote to Bishop Henry of Virneburg that the case against Eckhart was moving ahead, but added that Eckhart had already died (modern scholarship suggests he may have died on 28 January 1328).[18] The papal commission eventually confirmed (albeit in modified form) the decision of the Cologne commission against Eckhart.[13]

      Pope John XXII issued a bull (In agro dominico), 27 March 1329, in which a series of statements from Eckhart is characterized as heretical; another as suspected of heresy.[19] At the close, it is stated that Eckhart recanted before his death everything which he had falsely taught, by subjecting himself and his writing to the decision of the Apostolic See. It is possible that the Pope's unusual decision to issue the bull, despite the death of Eckhart (and the fact that Eckhart was not being personally condemned as a heretic), was due to the pope's fear of the growing problem of mystical heresy, and pressure from his ally Henry II to bring the case to a definite conclusion.[20]


    5. “Your topsoil's a disaster area — it's starved for nitrogen,
      it's been fertilized for years by the criminally insane,
      and whatever thief put in your irrigation system ought to be flogged through the fleet.”

      ― Peter S. Beagle, Tamsin

    6. His sermons are works of art.

      He was saying all these things whatever may have happened 'out there' must take place 'in here'. He was urging us to all be our own Heroines and Heroes. The Church of course did not approve of this tendency. What need for a Church or a Priest at all then?

    7. Your 'topsoil' (your brain) is starved of oxygen, rat/Pete, that's why you need help.


    8. “A farm is an irregular patch of nettles bounded by short-term notes,
      containing a fool and his wife who didn’t know enough to stay in the city.”

  25. Evil Mexican Cunts Beat White Mom for Christmas

    I'll forgive the Foreign Invaders if they get Sheli Muniz to fuck me.

    Go, Seminoles!

    [RECOMMENDED: Sister jailed for flinging peanut butter in argument over dog]

  26. The Rise and Fall of the Failed-State Paradigm
    Requiem for a Decade of Distraction

    And terrorist groups operating in weak states can shift their bases of operations: if Afghanistan becomes too risky, they can uproot themselves and move to Somalia, Yemen, or even Europe. As a result, “stabilizing” three or four sources of extremist violence would not render the United States secure.

    A third problem was misplaced confidence about the possibility of the mission’s feasibility. The last decade has offered an extended, tragic reminder of the fact that forcible state building simply cannot be accomplished by outsiders in any sustainable or authentic way. When a social order has become maladapted to the globalizing world -- when governing institutions are weak, personalized, or kleptocratic; corruption is rampant; and the rule of law is noticeable by its absence -- there are simply no proven methods for generating major social, political, economic, or cultural change relatively quickly.

    Combined with the United States’ self-image as the indispensable nation, this intrusive awareness created political pressure to act on issues of limited significance to core U.S. interests. Yet this is precisely the problem: U.S. perceptions of global threats and of the country’s responsibility to address them have become badly and perhaps permanently skewed. A great power’s reservoir of strategic attention is not infinite. And the United States has become geopolitically hobbled, seemingly uninterested in grand strategic initiatives or transformative diplomacy, as its attention constantly dances from one crisis to another.

    Much of the U.S. military has spent a decade focusing on state building and counterinsurgency (COIN), especially in its training and doctrine, to the partial neglect of more traditional tasks… Simply put, the U.S. military would be far better positioned today -- better aligned with the most important roles for U.S. power, better trained for its traditional missions, better equipped for an emerging period of austerity -- had the state-building diversion never occurred…

    The idea of a neo-imperial mission to strengthen weak states and stabilize chaotic societies always flew in the face of more important U.S. global roles and real mechanisms of social change. There is still work to be done in such contexts, but in more prudent and discriminate ways.

  27. Facing the 'short memory' of the others, the Mexican Nationalist Front openly denounces the occupation of our land up the Rio Grande, a territory that was taken away from our country through a violent and unfair agression. Even though it happened long time ago, this fact has in many ways decided our fate in history.

    We say blood and soil as we fight in order to defend the Mexican identity and its cultural, biological and ecological heritage, so that we can honour the Mexicans of the past, defend those of the present and fight for those of the future. We are not dreamers, but people who decided to be patriots and not traitors, in a moment when the local and international situation makes us face a dilemma: the permanence or suppression of our nation.

    This struggle isn't about launching an 'operetta war' we would sure loose but about exalting the dignity of our country through legal and ideological action. There are some valuable international cases similar to ours that might help as examples of what could be done:

    - Bolivia (after the Pacific Ocean War) was forced to sign a treaty giving part of its territory (the sea coast) to Chile. Today, the Bolivian Constitution nevertheless claims Bolivia's right to have a coast and proclaims this to be the official State policy. However, no war with chile has begun.

    - Serbia, continuous to consider Kosovo as part of the Serbian nation, this in spite of the U.S. intervention in favour of the Albanian Muslims and their atrocities, as well as the recognition of independence of the so-called 'Republic of Kosova', created by them.

    Even though our struggle is in favour of the Mexican nation and its people, we must state we bear no hate toward the Anglo-Saxon people living north of the border. The are a great people who transformed desserts into fertile gardens. They also suffer the consequences of a policy of multiculturalism and are themselves victim of a system that based its aspirations on the theft of the territories of another country whose people (our people) are now returning to their land.

    Sooner or later there will be some sincere Anglo-Americans who (accepting that they're no longer a majority) will favour a solution enabling the reintegration of the Southwestern U.S. to Mexico, and a population exchange allowing U.S. Hispanic residents to settle there. This will also give the Anglo-American nation the chance to have a national area of their own and where they will be able to restore their noble culture and live their Protestant faith without the threat of multiculturalism.

    Today, many Mexicans are now awakening from apathy and lack of interest, not only here but also in the occupied part of our territory: people (those commonly called immigrants) that we must defend from racism and violence as they're on the most part only claiming their right to inhabit the other part of our country, people who in the near future will be ready to fight for self-determination.The issue now is to fight for what is ours or die as a nation, as independent nations seem to be on the way to extinction. The existence or death of a sovereign country, free to issue her own laws, manage its economy and develop her people, is at risk: we have decided to fight for her permanence, her freedom and her dignity.

    It's the time to fight for our nation.

    Juan Carlos Lopez
    Founder of the Mexican Nationalist Front

    1. Bullshit, Lopee, your side of the border will be a trash heap, no matter how north it should go.

      Culture counts.

      Create something, make something, quit having so many babies......get a job, but not here.......


    2. It is never too soon to confront bigotry and racism whenever,
      wherever, and in whatever form it raises its ugly head.

      It is incumbent upon all people to confront even the slightest
      hint of racist thought or action with zero tolerance.”

      ― Hans J. Massaquoi, Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany

    3. Give it back to the Indians, Hispanic Scum!


  28. Attention:

    Pop Christmas Song Question:

    Legend tells us Henry the 8th, he of the many wives, some quite dead, composed a Christmas song.

    What was the name of this song?

    Ans: sometime during Christmas Day, 2013


    1. Farmer Bob dies unexpectedly

      Western Nevada County has lost a major contributor to its agricultural vitality.

      Bob Keyser, 56, better known as Farmer Bob,
      owner of Farmer Bob’s produce stand in Grass Valley,
      died of an apparent heart attack on Saturday afternoon.

      He was helping a customer load a Christmas tree onto a vehicle when he abruptly passed out,
      said Steven Sears, his childhood friend.

      An employee at the produce stand,
      located behind The Union office off Sutton Way at the end of Olympia Park Circle,
      performed CPR until paramedics arrived.
      The emergency responders were unable to resuscitate him, Sears said.


  29. "a major contributor to its agricultural vitality"


    "He was helping a customer load a Christmas tree onto a vehicle"

    Sounds like a hell of a good fella to me. Sorry he's gone, absent here, present elsewhere, as the old word is translated, but he at least is probably in a better place. Destinies are quite different, depending on the person.

    See: Miss T's short article about the Jewish outlook. Some even get deleted eventually, I have read, to put a geek, not a Greek, term to it.

    1. Why, here it is right here -

      Jews and the Afterlife


      There isn't anything after life, because life never ends. It just goes higher and higher. The soul is liberated from the body and returns closer to her source than ever before.

      The Torah assumes this in its language many times -- describing Abraham's death, for example, as going to rest with his fathers and similar phrases. The Talmud discusses the experiences of several people who made the trip there and back. Classic Jewish works such as Maavor Yabok describe the process of entering the higher world of life as a reflection of the soul's experiences while within the body: If the soul has become entrenched in material pleasures, she experiences the pain of ripping herself away from them so that she can experience the infinitely higher pleasure of basking in G-dly light. If she is soiled and injured by acts that sundered her from her true self while below, then she must be cleansed and healed.

      On the other hand, the good deeds and wisdom she has gained on her mission below serve as a protection for her journey upwards. You want a real good spacesuit to make this trip.

      The Zohar tells us that if it were not for the intercession of the pure souls above, our world could not endure for even a moment. Each of our lives is strongly impacted by the work of our ancestors in that other world. Grandma's still watching over you.

      Why should souls basking in divine light above be at all concerned about what's happening in your mundane life below? Because, there they feel the truth that is so easy to overlook while down here: that this lowly, material world is the center-stage of G-d's purpose in creating all that exists.

      That is also why, at the final resolution, all souls will return to physical bodies in this world.

      By Tzvi Freeman

      Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at, also heads our Ask The Rabbi team. He is the author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth. To subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing, visit Freeman Files subscription.

      Illustration by Chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik; click here to view or purchase Mr. Muchnik's art.

      More articles by Tzvi Freeman | RSS

    2. "You want a real good spacesuit to make this trip."

  30. Late to the party, again.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Still suffering for the Truth but not feeling victimized by it,


    1. Merry Christmas to you as well !!

    2. I have read something somewhere to the idea that he who enters the party late parties just as fully as the first arrivals.


    3. But the keg is close to being dry and collections for a beer run commence.

    4. At this party the keg is continually filled from an ever flowing vital and the spirits are free.


    5. :)
      Where are all the drunk chicks at?
      Not for me of course, for a friend of mine, heh.

    6. Quirk ran off with five of them........

      Said something about "a lot later......."

      Looking for someone for your twin brother?


  31. Snowden to give televised Christmas address...

    Says his mission's accomplished...


    1. Says the NSA already knows what was on your Christmas list.

    2. That just goes too far. If he says that........I'm leaving.......for, for......I don't where.....

  32. Netanyahu, who looked somewhat chilly as he stood wrapped in a scarf against a white Jerusalem backdrop, spoke of the values and history shared by Jews and Christians.

    “We celebrate Christmas with you, we know the importance you attach to our common heritage, to the State of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem where so much of our common history was forged,” he said.

    “We have a great past, we have common values, we have the desire to seize a common future of security, prosperity, and peace. So, from the city of peace, Jerusalem, I send the warmest Christmas greetings to all of you. Merry Christmas.”
    Bibi Netanyahu