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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

As predicted, the pre-election unemployment numbers were cooked - Census “faked” 2002 election jobs report


An insider’s account about top down pressure on jobs data—especially during the months leading up to the presidential election—brings a new level of scrutiny to the reliability of official unemployment rates.

In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington.

The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.

And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.
Just two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau had caught an employee fabricating data that went into the unemployment report, which is one of the most closely watched measures of the economy.

And a knowledgeable source says the deception went beyond that one employee — that it escalated at the time President Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today.

“He’s not the only one,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous for now but is willing to talk with the Labor Department and Congress if asked.
The Census employee caught faking the results is Julius Buckmon, according to confidential Census documents obtained by The Post. Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at Census.

Ironically, it was Labor’s demanding standards that left the door open to manipulation.

Labor requires Census to achieve a 90 percent success rate on its interviews — meaning it needed to reach 9 out of 10 households targeted and report back on their jobs status.

Census currently has six regions from which surveys are conducted. The New York and Philadelphia regions, I’m told, had been coming up short of the 90 percent.

Philadelphia filled the gap with fake interviews.

“It was a phone conversation — I forget the exact words — but it was, ‘Go ahead and fabricate it’ to make it what it was,” Buckmon told me.

Census, under contract from the Labor Department, conducts the household survey used to tabulate the unemployment rate.

Interviews with some 60,000 household go into each month’s jobless number, which currently stands at 7.3 percent. Since this is considered a scientific poll, each one of the households interviewed represents 5,000 homes in the US.
Buckmon, it turns out, was a very ambitious employee. He conducted three times as many household interviews as his peers, my source said.

By making up survey results — and, essentially, creating people out of thin air and giving them jobs — Buckmon’s actions could have lowered the jobless rate.
Buckmon said he filled out surveys for people he couldn’t reach by phone or who didn’t answer their doors.

But, Buckmon says, he was never told how to answer the questions about whether these nonexistent people were employed or not, looking for work, or have given up.

But people who know how the survey works say that simply by creating people and filling out surveys in their name would boost the number of folks reported as employed.

Census never publicly disclosed the falsification. Nor did it inform Labor that its data was tainted.

“Yes, absolutely they should have told us,” said a Labor spokesman. “It would be normal procedure to notify us if there is a problem with data collection.”

Census appears to have looked into only a handful of instances of falsification by Buckmon, although more than a dozen instances were reported, according to internal documents.

In one document from the probe, Program Coordinator Joal Crosby was ask in 2010, “Why was the suspected … possible data falsification on all (underscored) other survey work for which data falsification was suspected not investigated by the region?”

On one document seen by The Post, Crosby hand-wrote the answer: “Unable to determine why an investigation was not done for CPS,” or the Current Population Survey — the official name for the unemployment report.

With regard to the Consumer Expenditure survey, only four instances of falsification were looked into, while 14 were reported.

I’ve been suspicious of the Census Bureau for a long time.

During the 2010 Census report — an enormous and costly survey of the entire country that goes on for a full year — I suspected (and wrote in a number of columns) that Census was inexplicably hiring and firing temporary workers.
I suspected that this turnover of employees was being done purposely to boost the number of new jobs being report each month. (The Labor Department does not use the Census Bureau for its other monthly survey of new jobs — commonly referred to as the Establishment Survey.)

Last week I offered to give all the information I have, including names, dates and charges to Labor’s inspector general.

I’m waiting to hear back from Labor.

I hope the next stop will be Congress, since manipulation of data like this not only gives voters the wrong impression of the economy but also leads lawmakers, the Federal Reserve and companies to make uninformed decisions.
To cite just one instance, the Fed is targeting the curtailment of its so-called quantitative easing money-printing/bond-buying fiasco to the unemployment rate for which Census provided the false information.

So falsifying this would, in essence, have dire consequences for the country.


  1. Listen to the conversation around Santelli’s assertion.

  2. Of course the numbers were cooked in Philadelphia. I believe I may have mentioned that. This from the “greatest country on god’s green earth”, is unfixable.

  3. Raise the flag higher you exceptional mother fuckers.

  4. The flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act has pushed President Obama to the lowest point of his presidency, with dwindling faith in his competence and in many of the personal attributes that have buoyed him in the past, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Opposition to the new health-care law also hit a record high in the survey, with 57 percent saying they oppose the president’s most significant domestic initiative. Forty-six percent say they are strongly against it. Just a month ago, as the enrollment period was beginning, the public was almost evenly divided in its assessments of the law.

  5. Any society that needs a white palace, the very title, “First Lady”, The Praetorian Guard, an Air Force One, and trillions spent on lies and absurdities, a society that sanctions each departing president to build his own pyramid where generations of doting assholes will visit in homage, deserves exactly what it gets.

  6. How’s your dwindling faith working out for you?

  7. How about your faith in NATO? How is that working?

    How are things in Liberated Libya?

    ”The Misrata militia are leaving, I still can’t believe it," one protester told DW in Tripoli's Algeria Square, scene of several protests over the last two years. Sunday’s demonstration was called to show the protesters' anger and to pay respects to those injured and killed in Friday's incident, when a peaceful march was dissolved by the Misrata militia, killing dozens and leaving around 500 more wounded.

    On Sunday, Misrata’s local council announced that their armed militiamen would pull out from the country's capital "within the next 72 hours."

    “They must go. We need a real government, a police force and an army able to tackle the ongoing chaos in the country,” Fuad Gritli, one of the protests' organizers, told DW.

    “With (Moammar) Gadhafi at least we knew who we were dealing with but now it’s very much the same people who helped us oust the tyrant," added Gritli, a university student who will not be able to go back to class until Wednesday, due to the general strike coinciding with the three days of mourning for the dead.

  8. Not so good, how about Clinton’s Kosovo War?

    Heavy security ensures peaceful Kosovo poll

    Two weeks ago, voting in Serb parts of Kosovo was disrupted by violence, forcing a revote. This time the poll was peaceful. Only time will tell whether it will lead to normalization between Serbs and Albanians.

    1. Weren't the troops to be home by Christmas? Seriously. I am sure Bob Dole made such a confident declaration.

  9. Move on please... Let’s see what twelve years in NATO’s Afghanistan has going this morning:

    (CNN) -- Seven children were killed by a mine that exploded at a road where they were playing in eastern Afghanistan on Monday afternoon, a spokesman for a provincial governor said.
    The deaths add to what the United Nations says is the hundreds of children killed this year in explosions or fighting between Afghan government forces and insurgents.
    The children were playing in the Khairkut district of Paktika province when, around 3 p.m., they triggered a mine that had been planted at the road, said Mukhlis Afghan, a spokesman for the province's governor.
    Afghan blamed what he said are the enemies of peace in Afghanistan for planting the mine, without naming the Taliban or any other insurgent groups.
    In the first six months of this year, 231 children were killed and 529 were injured in Afghanistan, according to the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. The leading cause, it said, was improvised explosive devices, including mines used by insurgent groups. The second-leading cause, according to the report, was fighting between insurgents and Afghan forces.

  10. Our best ally ever, wants us to open another war in the Middle East against the evil Iranians, having been bitterly disappointed, that we did the cowardly thing by not manning up to bomb Syria, all the while holding back the glorious IDF from kicking some Islamic ass. How is the neighborhood?

    At least 22 people are reported to have been killed in two explosions which hit the Iranian embassy in the Lebanese capital Beirut in quick succession.

    The Iranian cultural attache was said to have been critically wounded, although some reports said he had died.

    TV images showed burning cars, bodies on the street and damaged buildings.

    Iran is a major backer of the Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah, which has sent fighters to Syria to back the government of Bashar al-Assad.

    Syria crisis spills into Lebanon

    May 2012: Fighting between pro- and anti-Assad groups in Lebanese Tripoli and Beirut leave many dead
    August 2012: Deadly sectarian clashes break out in Tripoli
    October 2012: Several people killed in gunfights after the assassination of top security official General Wissam al-Hassan, a Sunni opponent of Damascus
    May 2013: At least 15 people die in another round of sectarian violence in Tripoli
    June 2013: At least 17 soldiers killed in clashes with supporters of radical Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir in the southern city of Sidon
    9 July 2013: A car bomb wounds dozens in a Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut
    15 August 2013: A car bomb kills 27 people and injures hundreds more in a Shia area of south Beirut
    23 August 2013: More than 40 people killed and 400 injured in two blasts outside mosques in Tripoli
    Hezbollah facing growing Syria backlash
    Syria's sectarian shadow
    Hezbollah plunges deeper into Syrian conflict
    The Syrian conflict has increased sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

    1. The BEST way to avoid war with Iran? Sanctions. Until the Iranians stop enriching uranium and plutonium as per the UNSC resolutions. In the last round of "crippling" sanctions Obama gave waivers for 21 nations, including Turkey, Germany, China and Russia.

      But even those crippled sanctions have brought Iran to the table, why lift them BEFORE getting getting Iran to stop it's bomb infrastructure.

      Offers for FREE nuke power plants and the associated fuel rods have been offered.

      Keep the pressure of sanctions on.

    2. No one has offered Iran a "Free" nuclear reactor, you are a dimwitted Fudd, aren't you...


    3. Japanese Foreign Ministry's Deputy Director General for Press and Public Diplomacy Koichi Mizushima has expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran to build nuclear power plants in the Islamic Republic.

      Mizushima, who is accompanying Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida in his official visit to Tehran, made the remarks while speaking to reporters on Sunday.

      He added that after the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue, Japan will be ready to help Tehran to construct nuclear power plants if demanded by the Iranian side.

      The Japanese official also stated that the Japanese foreign minister held “very good and constructive” talks with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Saturday.

      The Japanese diplomat said Kishida had held detailed discussions with Iranian officials about Tehran’s nuclear issue as his visit is taking place simultaneous with negotiations between Iran and the six major world powers.

      Talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- Britain, France, China, Russia and the US -- plus Germany over Tehran’s nuclear energy program kicked off on November 7 and stretched into an unscheduled third day.

      Iran and the six world powers have agreed to continue negotiations on November 20 in Geneva, Switzerland.

      Mizushima further noted that the Japanese foreign minister attaches special significance to Iran nuclear issue and has always made great efforts to implement a world free of nuclear weapons.

      He stressed the importance of Japan’s ties with Iran as a key regional country and said the Iranian nuclear issue should be resolved to help Tehran and Tokyo improve bilateral trade and economic relations.

      The United States, Israel and some of their allies claim that Iran is pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program, with the US and the European Union having used the allegation as a pretext to impose sanctions on Iran.

      Tehran strongly rejects the claim, maintaining that as a committed signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

    4. He added that after the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue, Japan will be ready to help Tehran to construct nuclear power plants if demanded by the Iranian side.

    5. demand, condition, requirement

    6. Fudd Busters InternationalTue Nov 19, 02:15:00 PM EST

      But not a word about that Japanese "help" being FREE, you dimwitted Fund.

  11. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    with the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    forward into battle see his banners go!
    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    with the cross of Jesus going on before.

    2. At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee;
    on then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
    Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

    3. Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
    brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.
    We are not divided, all one body we,
    one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

    4. Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane,
    but the church of Jesus constant will remain.
    Gates of hell can never gainst that church prevail;
    we have Christ's own promise, and that cannot fail.

    5. Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng,
    blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
    Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King,
    this through countless ages men and angels sing.

  12. Replies
    1. Feelin' a little grouchy this morning, are we Bubba? :)

    2. Interesting situation developing out in the West. Washington State already has the highest Minimum Wage in the country, at slightly more than $10.00/hr., and now it appears that the $15.00/hr Minimum Wage vote in Sea-Tac is going to be successful (it leads by approx. 0.7% after one recount.)

    3. Let's review the bidding.

      Washington State's Health Care Exchange seems to be working pretty good.

      They took the Federal money to Expand Medicaid.

      They have the Highest Minimum Wage in the Country, and

      Pot is Legal.

      Damned state is looking pretty good, I'd say. :)

    4. Put Boeing and Microsoft in Mississippi, and it would be doin good too.

      Except planes would be falling out of the skies, and the Blue Screen of Death would be a daily occurrence.

    5. Feelin’ a little grouchy this morning, are we Bubba? :)

      Had to wake up listening to some fool waxing on about the 150th anniversary about the Greatest American Killer’s Gettysburg Address.

    6. At least you "woke up." Beats the hell out of the alternative. :)

  13. If Deuce re-activates my librarianship before this thread reaches 200 posts, or before another one appears, I will resume my librarian duties.

    1. Just don't go threatening people, okay?

      Everyone appreciates your brain, just ease up on the "bossiness" index.

    2. San Francisco had the Highest Minimum Wage in the country in 2013, at $10.55/hr.

      So, how did That work out?

      Well, funny you should ask,


    3. Teresita Redinger you suck.

    4. Rufus:

      What is the cost of daily life and Housing in San Francisco versus the nation?

    5. then i guess you are qualified to have your name on the blog head.

      why should you be different ?

    6. middle class americans can't afford to live in san fran.

    7. Pretty high. But would it be $480.00/mo Less if those McDonalds workers were making $7.25/hr?

  14. Iranian sources reveal the red lines with which the Iranian delegation to the talks has been armed for accepting an interim deal with the six powers on their nuclear program:
    1) Iran will not shut down its underground enrichment plant at Fordo.
    2) Work on building the Arak heavy water reactor will not be halted.
    3) Iran will not allow the export of a single gram of its enriched uranium from the country.
    4) Iran will not sign the Additional Protocol of the Non-Proliferation Treaty which expands international supervision of its nuclear program and permits snap inspections.

  15. If I've told you all once, I've told you all a thousand times:

    If you like your plan, you can keep your plan!

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!


    A Hawaiian jury awarded $5.6 million to the family of an elderly minister whose doctor improvised by implanting the shaft of a screwdriver into his spine during surgery.

    This was the most egregious case of malpractice I’ve ever seen in my career, and it started a cascade of events that ultimately ended in death, said Mark Davis, who represented the family of Arturo Iturralde.

    But Dr. Robert Ricketson, an orthopedic surgeon who represented himself at trial, said he acted reasonably when he discovered halfway through the surgery that two titanium rods needed to fix Iturralde’s spine were missing.

    Iturralde had lost a lot of blood already and he didn’t want to leave the patient exposed for two hours while waiting for the medical supply company to deliver the rods. He noticed the shaft to the screwdriver was about the same diameter as what he needed so he decided to use it instead. He cut it to size with a surgical hacksaw and went on with the operation.

    A few days later, the stainless steel shaft of the screwdriver snapped in the back of the 73-year-old patient, requiring him to undergo several more surgeries. He died two years later of related complications, Davis said.

    Just like that.

    1. Happened in 2010.

      At the time, I thought the Doc got screwed.

      ...but the article did not mention the screwdriver snapping, and etc.

      DIY is cool, but it does carry it's own set of risks.

    2. "a surgical hacksaw"

      My version would have been that mechanical hacksaw from metalshop days, with the reciprocating powered hacksaw going back and forth w/oil pouring over it.

      A Medical Device is Born!

      Tax it Quick!


    3. "We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn't that ironic?"

      --Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada's single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

  17. Iran gets billions of dollars in financial relief — the amount is unclear but relief from gold-trading sanctions alone is worth billions — and starts the process of reversing the sanctions momentum. Henceforth there will be fewer international sanctions, not more. In exchange, does it pull back from its nuclear-weapons program? From what we know now, it does not. Not one centrifuge is taken apart, as Netanyahu noted: There are 18,000 today, and 18,000 under this deal. Natanz and other sites remain intact. Not one ounce of enriched uranium is shipped overseas. Apparently Iran won’t enrich beyond 3.5 percent under this deal, but can build up limitless stocks of low-enriched uranium.

    Abandoned here is the test of whether Iran needs any of this for a genuinely peaceful program; abandoned are the unanimous U.N. Security Council and IAEA Board resolutions that called for zero enrichment; abandoned is the test of whether Iran is truly further from a bomb.

  18. Santa Fe, NM. - Minimum Wage $10.29/hr

    Unemployment Rate - 5.3%

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    1. See your San Fran Absurdity, above.

    2. Rufus is here to prove that snake ridden swamp folk just need higher taxes to make things right.

    3. I'm questioning whether a higher minimum wage really leads to higher unemployment (and, if so, by how much?)

    4. Rufus II
      Tue Nov 19, 07:57:00 AM EST

      Pretty high. But would it be $480.00/mo Less if those McDonalds workers were making $7.25/hr?


      Hell, no:

      You just couldn't buy a hamburger unless you subsidized flippers.

    5. You're comparing Apples to Rotten Turds.

      You've done this before w/Massachusetts.

    6. I've stated a couple of factoids.

      San Fran minimum wage vs unemployment rate


      Santa Fe minimum wage vs unemployment rate

      Make of those facts what you will.

      I report; You decide.

    7. Employers to install "atm" menu stations in fast food restaurants to cut down on minimum wage worthless employees.

    8. Personally? I'd rather purchase a machine than hire another minimum wage droid.

      In fact? I have.... Several...

      Thanks Obama

    9. It used to take 30 minutes to unload a truck..

      Then we got a dock and a pallet jack!

      Now it take 3 minutes and almost no effort.

    10. We are looking at 3 new pieces of machinery.

      Should help us grow and not hire one more person.

      Now of course the makers of said machines had to be employed. Somewhere overseas......

      Machines are great, they don't talk back, don't file workman's comp, don't steal, are not lazy and in the end if you can't fix them? SCRAP em....

    11. I could see setting up another 10,000 sq feet and only having to hire another part timer...


    12. and machines? have no retirement or social security payments.

      and there is no racial bias or discrimination law suits...

    13. What about Black and Decker?

    14. Zimmerman was on the verge of Decking Her, I'd guess.

    15. .

      Overall California unemployment drops to 8.5%.

      Still, some regions of the state have double-digit unemployment rates. Among the top five worst cities for unemployment, Mendota in Fresno County and Westmorland in Imperial County tied for the highest rates, at 33.9%. Fresno County has a dubious distinction in this analysis: In addition to Mendota, two other cities from this county fell in the top five worst cities for unemployment.,0,6132865.story#axzz2l66cEZtU


    16. If he'd been Black instead of a White Hispanic, would it have been a hate crime?

    17. .

      Worst states for unemployment.

      We report, you decide.


    18. Is "black and decker" still around?

      I always buy "ScrewLabor" brand machines.

  19. Exclusive: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente
    Eli LakeBy Eli LakeNovember 8th 20135:45 AM
    FOLLOWMore Stories by Eli Lake

    Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran, a Daily Beast investigation reveals. How the sanctions were softened.
    The Obama administration began softening sanctions on Iran after the election of Iran’s new president in June, months before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the historic phone call between the two leaders in September.

    While those negotiations now appear on the verge of a breakthrough the key condition for Iran—relief from crippling sanctions—began quietly and modestly five months ago.
    A review of Treasury Department notices reveals that the U.S. government has all but stopped the financial blacklisting of entities and people that help Iran evade international sanctions since the election of its president, Hassan Rouhani, in June.

    1. Does the Eli Lake have swamps and snakes?

    2. Rufus might be interested.

    3. Okay, Fudd, what financial institutions, from what countries are not being added to the "Blacklist"?

      Both the finance institutions and the countries have names. For a real piece of journalism, those would be included, in the story.

      Otherwise all you have is sensationalism.

    4. Oh you lazy worm tongue Rat.

      Do your own research or make it up like you do.

      Why should anyone lift a finger for you?

      All you will do is misdirect and lie....

    5. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 12:01:00 PM EST

      This year, the rabbis cited “the extreme seriousness involved in killing fetuses, which is like actual murder.”

    6. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 12:09:00 PM EST

      This year, the rabbis cited “the extreme seriousness involved in killing fetuses, which is like actual murder.”

      This is the third straight year the Office of the Chief Rabbinate — which has sole authority over matters related to Jewish law and practice in Israel ... cited ...

      “the extreme seriousness involved in killing fetuses, which is like actual murder.”

      The Holocaust continues, in the sterile hospitals of Israel

  20. A History of Violence ...

    George Zimmerman charged for allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend in Florida: report
    The former neighborhood watchman who gained national notoriety after killing Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager, was busted Monday on suspicion of domestic violence 15 miles north of Orlando. This is far from the first time he has been back in the news since his acquittal in July.

    By Michael Walsh / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Read more:

    1. George Zimmerman's new mugshot from Nov. 18, 2013.

      He looks like a terrorist, because ...

      He is a terrorist

    2. George Zimmerman was charged with assault and battery for allegedly pointing a long-barreled shotgun at his new girlfriend Monday afternoon, authorities said.

      The former neighborhood watchman, 30, pushed Samantha Scheibe, 27, from their Florida home at gunpoint and barricaded the door with furniture, according to the sheriff's office.

    3. Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of any charges in the 2012 fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, was charged Monday with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief after his 27-year-old girlfriend called 911. He was due in court Tuesday, where a judge would decide whether to grant bond for Zimmerman.

    4. actually he is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilt in a court of law.

  21. DeuceTue Nov 19, 05:11:00 AM EST
    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    with the cross of Jesus going on before.

    Deuce has committed an egregious and strong misreading here.

    It is "as to war"


    "Like" a mighty army moves the church of God

    These are metaphors for the spiritual life and calls to spiritual action and are not to be equated with, say, calls by Hamas to push the Israelis into the sea nor threats by Iran to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, or, on any day, calls on Facebook to engage in jihad.


    1. Calls by Hamas to "Push Israel int the Sea"

      Really, this is just a dispute over the literary constructs of two religious books.,
      To different views of monotheism, it does not amount to a wind riffle in the desert sand.


    2. "At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee;
      On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!

      Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
      Brothers lift your voices, loud your anthems raise."

      Shiver my timbers.

  22. Whacky has arisen.

    Full of fire and fight to put in another farceful day on his own behalf, as no one reads him anymore, he has lost all his cred, and the majority here have declared him mentally ill in varying degree.



    1. “The truth, as much as Farmer Fudd acted like he wanted to hear it,
      was sometimes too cruel and harsh.”

    2. Whacky is a cyber fart, of course he rises...

    3. Should we shy from lighting it?


    4. We should all drink rat poison and then wait for the Rat to die.”

  23. Never make an offer like that with a deadline attached, Miss T.

    Deuce may be on a job somewhere today.

    I hope you get taken back, myself.

    At least if you throttle back on the Jewish stuff, and do some creative deleting that keeps the profanity and vitriol down a bit.


  24. The Mayor of Toronto seems to have been targeting a heckler off screen when he ran into to Lady Councillor like a Mac Truck.

    I don't know what to call this:

    Reckless endangerment

    Negligent battery

    What ?


    1. Fudd Busters InternationalTue Nov 19, 08:37:00 AM EST

      Farmer Fudd and his brother, they will be on TV

      Toronto Mayor Rob Fudd Gets TV Show, Wants to Be Prime Minister

      “I’ve admitted to drinking too much, OK,” Fudd told Fox News Sunday. “So I’m dealing with it. I’m training every day. I’m in the gym two hours every day. I’m seeking professional help. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a drug addict.”

      Just as the embattled mayor is getting help, he is also getting his own reality-TV show.

      “Fudd Nation” will feature Fudd and brother Doug Fudd, who is himself a member of the 44-member Toronto city council that stripped the mayor of some of his powers.

      The show will air Mondays at 8 p.m. on the tabloid Sun News Network but there were few details about the format released.

      The Fudd brothers had previously hosted a popular radio show on Newstalk 1010. The program was cancelled Nov. 8.

      “Following the cancellation of their top-rated radio show, we approached the Fudds about hosting a show on our network,” Kory Teneycke, Sun News Network vice president, said in a story on the TV network’s website.
      “We are delighted to announce they have agreed

      “We are in the age of reality TV and it doesn’t get more real than the Fudds.”

  25. One recalls Winston Churchill's famous reaction to that agreement, noting that England and France had a choice between dishonour and war; you "chose dishonour and you shall have war."

    Then again, the current administration doesn't have much use for Mr. Churchill, either. As you'll recall, one of Mr. Obama's first "decorating" acts at the White House was to remove the bust of the late Prime Minister, which was unceremoniously returned to the British Embassy in 2009.

    Mr. Churchill knew a few things about fixing disasters. We can only hope Mr. Obama's successor has similar skills.

    1. It is the habit of the boa constrictor to besmear the body of his victim with a foul slime before he devours it;
      and there are many people in England, and perhaps elsewhere,
      who seem to be unable to contemplate military operations for clear political objects,
      unless they can cajole themselves into the belief that their enemy are utterly and hopelessly vile.

      To this end the Dervishes, from the Mahdi and the Khalifa downwards,
      have been loaded with every variety of abuse and charged with all conceivable crimes.

      This may be very comforting to philanthropic persons at home;
      but when an army in the field becomes imbued with the idea that the enemy are vermin who cumber the earth,
      instances of barbarity may easily be the outcome.

      This unmeasured condemnation is moreover as unjust as it is dangerous and unnecessary.

      The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan (1899), Volume II pp. 394-395

    2. What is the true and original root of Dutch aversion to British rule?
      It is the abiding fear and hatred of the movement that seeks to place the native on a level with the white man ...
      the Kaffir is to be declared the brother of the European, to be constituted his legal equal, to be armed with political rights.

      On the Boer War, in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900)

    3. Winston Churchill paraphrasedTue Nov 19, 11:44:00 AM EST

      What is the true and original root of Israeli aversion to International Standards?

      It is the abiding fear and hatred of the movement that seeks to place the native on a level with the white man ...
      the Arab is to be declared the brother of the European, to be constituted his legal equal, to be armed with political rights.

      Three words become four, the meaning stays the same

  26. I knew it would happen -

    AnonymousTue Nov 19, 08:28:00 AM EST
    Calls by Hamas to "Push Israel int the Sea"

    Really, this is just a dispute over the literary constructs of two religious books.,
    To different views of monotheism, it does not amount to a wind riffle in the desert sand.


    Someone is posting in my name again.

    I know imitation is the highest form of flattery and do like the implied praise but I go back to my regular anon again.

    out as Bob

    1. The faux post was by Whacky, by the way, a devious and, as most here have concluded, mentally ill individual whom no one takes seriously any longer.

    2. As someone at Belmont Club observed, he passes enough gas daily, and has been for over a decade, to cause global warming.


    3. “You have the army of mediocrities followed by the multitude of fools.
      As the mediocrities and the fools always form the immense majority.”


    4. For my own part I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities which he excites among his opponents.
      I have always set myself not merely to relish but to deserve thoroughly their censure.

  27. I suggest those that are so concerned about the children of Palestinians? Go to Turkey and Jordan and bring them food and medicine now that they are living in true squalor...

    Gaza is luxury compared to them.

    1. Won't happen. It is much easier and emotionally satisfying to strike poses and make points on a blog.

      Going to Turkey or Jordan sounds too much like real work.

    2. More than 40 well known American Jewish public figures and philanthropists sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Sunday in which they implored him not to approve the judicial report that says Jews may settle freely in Judea and Samaria.

      "As strong advocates for Israel’s security and well-being as a Jewish and democratic state, we are deeply concerned about the recent findings of government commission led by Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Edmond Levy,” the letter said.

      "We fear that this report, if approved, will place the two-state solution, and the prestige of Israel as a democratic member of the international community, in peril.”

      The letter's signatories include philanthropists Charles Bronfman and Lester Crown;
      Marvin Lender, Former National Chairman of UJA;
      Rabbi Daniel Gordis, President of the Shalem Center;
      Deborah Lipstadt, an expert on Holocaust studies at Emory University;
      Bernard Nussbaum, former White House Counsel;
      Thomas Dine, a former executive director of AIPAC;
      E. Robert Goodkind, a former president of the American Jewish Committee;
      Richard Pearlstone, former chairman of the Jewish Agency;
      and Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

      The Levy Committee's report determines that Israel cannot be characterized as "an occupier" of Judea and Samaria by definition because the territory never legally belonged to Jordan before Israel regained it in 1967.

    3. The 'Palestinians' are wholly in favor of a one state solution themselves.

    4. And one with no Jews in it, to boot.

    5. I think the term "settle freely" is the issue. I do not want Jews settling inside of arab occupied cities like ramallah!!!!

      Let me sign too!

    6. according to cyber fart, most Jews aint jews they be euro's. so they should be fine to settle in palestine as there are millions of palestinians in europe....

      it's fair..

      otherwise all palestinians in europe should be driven out of europe.

    7. For my part, I follow the lead of the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Saudis and so many others.

      I don't want the Palestinians in Idaho.

    8. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 09:25:00 AM EST

      The Palestinians did not want the Jews in Palestine, either

      They are merrily following the lead of Russia, Poland, France and England.

    9. But the Palestinians live all over the world where they are not wanted.

      Europe for one…

    10. The Europeans find that the Palestinians are less odious than the Jews.
      That IS an interesting footnote.

      The Europeans feeling as the Arabs do, about the Jews, as does most almost every country, but Iran and the United States.
      The Jews have large and active religious communities in Iran and in the United States.

      ANOTHER interesting footnote.

  28. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution,
    by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one;
    it probably outweighs all others.

    With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.

    Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.
    Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians
    like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky,
    or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek -- all Jews.

    In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing.
    And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

    The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary.

    The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria),
    so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people.

    Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries,
    the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

    "Zionism versus Bolshevism", Illustrated Sunday Herald (February 1920)

    1. But my hatred of Bolshevism and Bolsheviks is not founded on their silly system of economics, or their absurd doctrine of an impossible equality.

      It arises from the bloody and devastating terrorism which they practice in every land into which they have broken,
      and by which alone their criminal regime can be maintained. ...

      Governments who have seized upon power by violence and by usurpation have often resorted to terrorism in their desperate efforts to keep what they have stolen, but the august and venerable structure of the British Empire ... does not need such aid.

      Such ideas are absolutely foreign to the British way of doing things.

    2. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 09:05:00 AM EST

      Israel, a secular and socialist state that was built upon ...
      ... the Three Pillars of Apartheid

      The first pillar “derives from Israeli laws and policies that establish Jewish identity for purposes of law and afford a preferential legal status and material benefits to Jews over non-Jews.”

      The second pillar is reflected in
      “Israel’s ‘grand’ policy to fragment the OPT [and] ...
      ... ensure that Palestinians remain confined to the reserves designated for them ...
      ... while Israeli Jews are prohibited from entering those reserves but enjoy freedom of movement...
      ... throughout the rest of the Palestinian territory.

      This policy is evidenced by Israel’s extensive appropriation of Palestinian land,
      which continues to shrink the territorial space available to Palestinians;
      the hermetic closure and isolation of the Gaza Strip from the rest of the OPT;
      the deliberate severing of East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank;

      and the appropriation and construction policies serving to carve up the West Bank ...
      ... into an intricate and well-serviced network of connected settlements for Jewish-Israelis ...
      ... and an archipelago of besieged and non-contiguous enclaves for Palestinians.”

      The third pillar is
      “Israel’s invocation of ‘security’ to validate sweeping restrictions on Palestinian freedom of ...
      ... opinion, expression, assembly, association and movement [to] mask a true underlying intent ...

      ... to suppress dissent to its system of domination and thereby maintain control over Palestinians as a group.”

    3. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 09:08:00 AM EST

      ... the Kaffir is to be declared the brother of the European, to be constituted his legal equal, to be armed with political rights.

      Winston Churchill
      On the Boer War, in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900)

    4. Let us all embrace the wisdom of Winston, shall we?


    5. 107 posts left before I know if I stay or go. The race is on.

    6. Sorry Ms t, could give a rat's ass...

    7. or is that couldn't give a rat's ass

    8. or maybe, don't let the doorknob hit ya where the lord split ya...

    9. Or?

      If you have to tell us you are leaving 19 times?

      maybe you should just leave...

  29. Never make an offer like that with a deadline attached, Miss T.

    I made allowances for that, Bob, this being the four time I floated the request, without an answer one way or the other. In a way I hope it doesn't happen, I don't need the agita.

    1. .

      Red lines are dangerous, T.

      Got Obama into trouble over Syria.

      Will get Bibi into trouble over Iran.


    2. Actually I think Iran will get into trouble.

      Already has been and will continue to be.

      What's next? Who knows.

      The old saying....

      those that know don't say, and those that don't know say...

      But I do know this.

      Bibi? has a 74% approval rating in Israel over Iran.

      That is very strong.

      The other old saying?

      3 jews = 4 opinions.

      When you have 74% of all Israelis and the heads of most every arab nation sharing a like mind?

      This is a historic moment..

      the show is just beginning.


    3. “You have the army of mediocrities followed by the multitude of fools.
      As the mediocrities and the fools always form the immense majorityt.”

    4. “The simplest of women are wonderful liars who can extricate themselves from the most difficult dilemmas with a skill bordering on genius.”
      ―Guy de Maupassant
      Quotes -

    5. this one is for you rat, deuce and rufus

      “Military men are the scourges of the world.”
      [Sur l'eau (1888)]
      ―Guy de Maupassant
      Quotes -

    6. I do believe that would be why they both left that career field.

      Neither of them being scourges or all that 'worldly'.

  30. Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin was warned by Cabinet colleagues not to appoint him because his views were so antedeluvian. Even his startled doctor, Lord Moran, said of other races: "Winston thinks only of the colour of their skin."

    Many of his colleagues thought Churchill was driven by a deep loathing of democracy for anyone other than the British and a tiny clique of supposedly superior races.

    This was clearest in his attitude to India.
    When Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of peaceful resistance,
    Churchill raged that he
    "ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back."

    As the resistance swelled, he announced: "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."

    This hatred killed. To give just one, major, example, in 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal, caused
    – as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has proved –
    by the imperial policies of the British.

    Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region.
    He bluntly refused. He raged that it was their own fault for "breeding like rabbits".

    At other times, he said the plague was "merrily" culling the population.

    Skeletal, half-dead people were streaming into the cities and dying on the streets, but Churchill – to the astonishment of his staff – had only jeers for them. This rather undermines the claims that Churchill's imperialism was motivated only by an altruistic desire to elevate the putatively lower races.

    Hussein Onyango Obama is unusual among Churchill's victims only in one respect:
    his story has been rescued from the slipstream of history, because his grandson ended up as President of the US.
    Churchill believed that Kenya's fertile highlands should be the preserve of the white settlers,
    and approved the clearing out of the local "blackamoors". He saw the local Kikuyu as "brutish children".

    When they rebelled under Churchill's post-war premiership, some 150,000 of them were forced at gunpoint into detention camps
    – later dubbed "Britain's gulag" by Pulitzer-prize winning historian, Professor Caroline Elkins.

    She studied the detention camps for five years for her remarkable book "Britain's Gulag: The Brutal End of Empire in Kenya",
    explains the tactics adopted under Churchill to crush the local drive for independence.

    "Electric shock was widely used, as well as cigarettes and fire," she writes. "The screening teams whipped, shot, burned, and mutilated Mau Mau suspects."

    Hussein Onyango Obama never truly recovered from the torture he endured.


    2. Not arguing with that but do say the British influence in India was overall more benevolent than not, in the long run.


      Have a common law - one can sue

      Have a common language - first time ever the educated have a means of communicating easily with one another

      Have an elected leadership with so far peaceful changes of government

      Have a parliament

      Are getting rid of the old class distinctions - untouchables, etc.

      Women are somewhat better off, though a long ways to go

    3. Fudd Busters InternationalTue Nov 19, 11:07:00 AM EST

      Benevolence is measured by 3 million people starved to death....

      Just consider it another wind, riffling through the pages of history...

      Fascist Fudds see people breeding like rabbits, in the forest of the mind.

    4. 600,000 Americans or 3,000,000 Indians

      Just another inconsequential breeze, blowing through Farmer Fudd's empty skull.

      The British did so much or India, which is why 13 million slave inhabit the country, today.

    5. Opium and Slavery, the tools of the Briitsh Empire.- what is wrong with that?

      It was a benefit to the children, don't you see, those people there, they were not people not adults.
      The were all just "brutish children".

  31. 101. Woman Hailed by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Can't Afford Obamacare

  32. 103: A Manitoba mother was sent home with this lunch infraction after her children’s homemade lunches were found “unbalanced” for not including a grain...

  33. 105: Wash. Post Plays Up Gettysburg Address Anniversary, But Completely Skips Obama's Refusal to Attend (sounds like Deuce and Obammie agree on something!)

  34. What this...

    Israel is a great nation.

    Suck my dick Rat....


    1. “If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, then they can sure make something out of you.”

  35. Replies
    1. William ShakespeareTue Nov 19, 10:16:00 AM EST

      “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
      It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock
      The meat it feeds on.”

    2. Keep watching ...

      Soon, it' going to happen ...

  36. Terrista is counting down, quot is showing off his ability to count, again.

    Rudimentary dysfunction on the part of quot, he gets the numbers wrong.

    Ms T at least it striving to make a point, but it is doubtful that Deuce will take another run a it, so soon.

    1. Whacky is passing gas.....

    2. Rudimentary dysfunction on the part of quot, he gets the numbers wrong.

      Was that your excuse when you told us in an open blog that the AZ FBI was investigating me as a national security risk?

      was it your lie that you released classified information on an ongoing investigation? or are you a criminal?

    3. The little turd put what he thought was my address up and got that wrong.

      Whacky is a professional asshole but an incompetent one.

    4. Rat's a danger to civil society.

      out people personal information and stalking...

      threatening folks...

    5. but those are only on the days he's off his meds...

    6. E.D.E.N. SouthworthTue Nov 19, 10:53:00 AM EST

      “It means that you two, precious father and son, the Dimwitted Duo would be a pair of knaves if you had sense enough; but, failing in that, you are only a pair of fools!”

    7. wow deep thoughts by the resident cyber fart…..

  37. November 19, 2013
    The Biggest Obamacare Lie of All
    Richard Baehr

    The biggest Obamacare lie, which I still see nobody talking about, is this:

    In the first year, the administration's estimate was that 7 million people would sign up on the exchanges. Everybody assumed these 7 million would come from the ranks of the currently uninsured. But, as now seems clear, they thought 9 million who currently have policies were going to have them cancelled. Thus, these people would need to buy new policies on the exchange to replace the cancelled policies.

    Think about this for a minute. Were they planning for fewer people insured than before the exchanges opened? Of course the Medicaid signups are separate, and a large number. But for non-Medicaid, it looks like they anticipated 2 million fewer insured after the first year in individual policies than before.

  38. As it stands now, there has been a report filed with the AZ FBi on Rat aka Ed, for making death threats.

    I filed it.

    Rat is KNOWN to them as we speak.

    Rat even bragged he had a mole inside the agency that told his about the on going investigation about himself. He told us he was cleared.


    the person who was REPORTED to the FBI had access to his own file?

    Heads at the AZ FBI need to roll, people need to be fired.

    Maybe I should copy the head of the AZ FBI those statements of Rat telling us that his source, inside the AZ FBI, told him that an on going national security investigation was ongoing..

    and rat told us here....


    talk about criminal behavior..

    an agent should lose his job over this and his retirement...

    1. I wonder how many people will lose their jobs in law enforcement when all this comes out...

      thanks to rat that is...

    2. J Philippe RushtonTue Nov 19, 10:51:00 AM EST

      Deconstructing the concept of race conflicts with people's tendency to classify and build family histories according to common descent ...


    3. “If he acts, if he doesn't, it's meaningless.
      The whole thing goes forward. No one is important. No one at all.”


    4. actually he is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilt in a court of law.

    5. That's SOUNDS good on paper, but when the raid you at your 350 acres, guns drawn?


    6. The bragging about leaking ongoing information may not need to be a crime to fire some Agents of the FBI for leaking intel.

      Let's just all inform the Arizona FBI of these leaks, demand and investigation and prosecute any and all individuals that leaked the information….

    7. "My answer is bring them on."

  39. Hamas Leader Sends Granddaughter to Israel for Treatment
    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | Ryan Jones

    Israel is the devil and the merciless foe of the Palestinian Arabs. Except for when a Palestinian leader or one of his or her family members needs emergency medical care.

    Israel on Sunday provided such treatment to Amal Haniyeh, granddaughter of Gaza-based Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, of all people.

    The one-year-old girl had reportedly deteriorated to critical condition after contracting an acute infection of her digestive tract. Seemingly without hesitation, Haniyeh sent the girl to Israel, and the Jewish state, equally without hesitation, opened its arms to help the child.

    Nor was little Amal the first member of the Haniyeh family to receive medical care from Israel. In the summer of 2012, Haniyeh's brother-in-law was rushed across the border to receive urgent heart treatment at a hospital near Tel Aviv.

    Now, this is nothing new on the Israeli side of the equation. Hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza enter Israel every month for medical treatment, some of it life-saving.

    But for Haniyeh himself to send his own flesh and blood into what he and other Hamas leaders describe as the lion's den certainly must send the wrong kind of message.

    Speaking at a conference on education last year, Haniyeh labeled Israel "a cancerous tumor that must be removed and uprooted," and urged Palestinian school teachers to "raise a generation that will fight and liberate the Palestinians from the occupation."

    And, no, his definition of "occupation" is not confined to the pre-1967 armistice lines.

    "The armed...struggle [is] the path and the strategic choice for liberating the Palestinian land, from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river, and for the expulsion of the invaders and usurpers [Israel]... We won't relinquish one inch of the land of Palestine," Haniyeh stated in December 2011 on the occasion of Hamas' 24th anniversary.

    Two months later in Tehran, Haniyeh insisted that Hamas would "never recognize Israel," regardless of any peace agreement reached between Israel and other Palestinian leaders.

    One must wonder, if Hamas' long-term strategic goals are met, where then will Haniyeh send his family when they become ill?

    1. .

      There will be no peace agreement reached. Israel currently holds the West Bank

      They want the market the Palestinians provide for Israeli goods.
      They want the natural resources.
      The want the oil and the gas.
      They want a security border along the Jordanian frontier.
      Most of all, they want the land for expansion for a growing population of Jews.
      They want Gaza's natural gas.

      You have the whole line of Israeli prime ministers and their words on the two-state solution, the words spoken in Israel not in D.C. or the UN.

      You have the words of Netanyahu describing how he had scuttled the Oslo Accords.

      An unplugged Bibi unaware of the camera being on (from the video on YouTube)

      Bibi:...The Arabs are currently focusing on a war of terror and they think it will break us. The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one blow, but blows that are so painful that the price will be too heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing...

      Woman: Wait a moment, but then the world will say "how come you're conquering again?"

      Netanyahu: the world won't say a thing. The world will say we're defending.

      Woman: Aren't you afraid of the world, Bibi?

      Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.

      There will be no peace deal.


    2. .

      Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.

      So far a major miscalculation.


    3. .

      Netanyahu has judged that he can move the US to his way of thinking. Whereas Israel has had success in the past, Bibi has been frustrated by Obama in Egypt, in Syria, and so far in Iran.

      Is it any wonder Netanyahu is frothing at the mouth and threatening war, setting his own red line? Someone said that to the proud the slightest repulse or disappointment is the last indignity.


    4. .

      The Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.

      We shall see how interesting times will be

      When Push Comes to Shove

      Grateful Dead lyrics,

      Shaking in the desert, wherefore do you cry?
      Here there may be rattlesnakes to punch you in the eye
      Shotguns full of silver, bullets made of glass,
      String barbed wire at your feet and do not let you pass
      When Push Comes To Shove, you're afraid of love

      "Here there may be..."

      A phrase taken from old mapmakers to designate uncharted waters, "Here there may be monsters".


    5. Rats, Quirkster, Rats

      Here there may be Rats
      They inhabit the forest of the mind...
      Scurrying to a fro' ...

      If you want to impact the reader, just scan the thread, to see where their mind is at.
      To ee what scares them, to see what their thought may be.

      The metaphoric stretch, from Rat to dragon, it may be too great a leap, a bridge to far.
      The uncharted wilderness of the subconscious.

    6. QuirkTue Nov 19, 01:14:00 PM EST

      Netanyahu has judged that he can move the US to his way of thinking. Whereas Israel has had success in the past, Bibi has been frustrated by Obama in Egypt, in Syria, and so far in Iran.
      Is it any wonder Netanyahu is frothing at the mouth and threatening war, setting his own red line? Someone said that to the proud the slightest repulse or disappointment is the last indignity.

      Israel may choose to attack Iran.

      Iran is already in a state of war with Israel.

      "Is it any wonder Netanyahu is frothing at the mouth and threatening war"

      It's already war numb nuts..

      Bibi is threatening a battle.

    7. i'd say the war is already having battles.

      Iran is being soften up so that when Israel does take down several important nuclear sites in Iran (and Syria) Iran will not have the man power to rebuild for at least 8 years.

      Bibi is doing a wonderful job in making the Iranians invest BILLIONS more on protecting both declared and UNDECLARED sites.

      You might not even HEAR about some attacks on Iran that have taken out centrifuges, rockets, Generals and of course computer systems.


      Stupid Stupid numb nuts...

    8. .

      And there is little doubt that AIPAC will be pressing Congress to reimburse Israel for the costs of the war along with replacement of any weapons or munitions used. SOP.

      But then, we shall see, when push comes to shove.

      Does Bibi have the balls or will he sit back and continue to froth at the mouth?


    9. .

      Stupid Stupid numb nuts...

      One pictures a fat little farmer stomping his one good foot.

      Lord, save us from the tantrums of children.


  40. Xenia the WonderWoman is Back!!


    Welcome back Miss Xenia honey!!!

  41. "Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland?
    Peaceful Muslims, pls refuddiate."

    a Tweet by Sarah Palin, which she quickly removed after being ridiculed for inventing the word

    "refuddiate," July 18, 2010

    1. The Fudd has even gotten into Sarah's head!

    2. :)

      That's actually kinda funny.

      I like that new word.

      This is the first sign of humor - that I know of - that Whacky has ever shown.

      He has provided plenty of humor, all of it unintentional, until now.

      People have pointed and laughed at Whacky for over a decade.

      See: Allen's report concerning the Lady at Belmont Club over a decade ago.

      She was hooting Whacky aka desert rat way back then

      Said he passed enough gas to power slot machines or something.

    3. My mom would have loved Sarah. Mom was always making up new and exciting words also, to improve the language, sharpen expression.

    4. Robert Ratcon an Authentic FuddTue Nov 19, 01:12:00 PM EST

      She was a real Fudd humper, aye?

    5. You see it, whenever you look in the mirror.

      You see it in the forest of the mind.

      Which is why you don't want to 'Go There'
      It is hard to escape the forest of the mind.


    lol America still paying the afghani's forever

  43. "I don't understand your optimism," Ben-Gurion declared.

    "Why should the Arabs make peace?
    If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel.

    That is natural: we have taken their country.

    Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them?
    Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them?

    There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault?

    They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country.
    Why should they accept that?

    They may perhaps forget in one or two generations' time, but for the moment there is no chance.
    So, it's simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army.
    Our whole policy is there.

    Otherwise the Arabs will wipe us out.

    1. End the OccupationTue Nov 19, 01:41:00 PM EST

      We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago . . .

      Which Mr Ben-Guriion may well have believed, but it was not, is not, true.

  44. Obamacare hurts president, but polls hold GOP warning

    Across the board, those ratings – and others equally troubling for the White House -- have fallen in the last few weeks as Obama and his aides have struggled with the launch of the healthcare law.

    But the counterpoint comes from a newly released National Journal Congressional Connection survey which, like the Post/ABC poll, was taken Thursday through Sunday.

    The National Journal poll shows that despite all the problems of the healthcare rollout,
    fewer than 1 in 4 Americans support repeal of the law.

    Even more strikingly, the percentage backing repeal has not grown by a statistically significant amount since the summer.

    Repeal has been the steady, repeated demand of congressional Republicans, and the poll shows ample reasons why:

    Among self-identified Republicans, nearly three-out-of-four respondents supported repeal.
    But among self-identified independents, a group that is otherwise quite skeptical of the law, only 4 in 10 back repeal.
    Democrats overwhelmingly oppose that idea.

    Taken together, the two polls reaffirm a key point about the electorate that both parties tend to forget, to their detriment:
    A large bloc of Americans takes a relatively non-ideological, pragmatic approach to politics and government.
    They like to see accomplishments,
    they judge politicians by a relatively straightforward standard of results and they mistrust sudden shifts of course in either direction.

    That, of course, puts those Americans at odds with the more ideologically oriented voters who form the bedrock supporters of both parties.

    For the healthcare law, the poll results suggest the issue will weigh down Obama and Democrats in general so long as the public sees the law as failing to work. But the reverse may also prove true:
    If the White House can get the law’s problems fixed, they have a chance to recover, so long as Republicans stick strictly to a message of repeal,
    which their core supporters insist on, but which the wider public rejects.,0,5355023.story#axzz2l7RnqeZC

    1. .

      We are entering the period for the run-up to the 2014 election.

      Taken together, the two polls reaffirm a key point about the electorate that both parties tend to forget, to their detriment:
      A large bloc of Americans takes a relatively non-ideological, pragmatic approach to politics and government.
      They like to see accomplishments,
      they judge politicians by a relatively straightforward standard of results and they mistrust sudden shifts of course in either direction.

      Six years is hardly a sudden shift in course.


      NSA spying.

      IRS politicization.


      Secret Service scandals


      HHS misdeeds

      Economy sucks

      Foreign Policy (neutral at this point)

      ACA (see below)

      While some may think that if the sign up process is straightened out Obama will be in the clear. However, his latest move regarding the extension of existing policies will only hurt the insurance companies. Obama compounded this by not providing some mechanism to control costs. In effect he has given the insurance companies a blank check to raise premiums for 2015 in order to recover their additional costs (and more?). The 2015 prices will be coming out to policyholders at the beginning of October next year, one month ahead of the election.

      Obama's excuse? "Well, folks, I found out about this the same time as you did when I heard it on TV. Now, ultimately, it is my responsibility (sotta voce even though it was really these other dicks that screwed it up) and I have demanded that my people work 24/7 to get this mess cleaned up. And since I told them, you know it will get done, heh, heh.)

      It's been 5 years. It will soon have been 6 years.

      The Dems have already lost any hopes of taking over the House. The Senate? We shall see. The GOP hurt themselves with the shutdown but that will be as a fart in the wind if the ACA isn't straightened out. As for the other items listed above, Issa and Wyden will continue to holds public hearings on these issues all through next year.




  45. For example, does the federal exchange IT infrastructure not work because the job is impossible or because someone screwed up? The answer is: Someone screwed up. Quite a few states have exchange sites that are working well. And are enrollments lagging because of IT problems or fundamental architectural flaws in the policy? The answer is IT problems:

    A number of states that use their own systems, including California, are on track to hit enrollment targets for 2014 because of a sharp increase in November, according to state officials.

    "What we are seeing is incredible momentum," said Peter Lee, director of Covered California, the nation's largest state insurance marketplace, which accounted for a third of all enrollments nationally in October. California — which enrolled about 31,000 people in health plans last month — nearly doubled that in the first two weeks of this month.

    Several other states, including Connecticut and Kentucky, are outpacing their enrollment estimates, even as states that depend on the federal website lag far behind. In Minnesota, enrollment in the second half of October ran at triple the rate of the first half, officials said. Washington state is also on track to easily exceed its October enrollment figure, officials said.

    Before we got into these website issues, HHS didn't expect many people to sign up in October. That's because whether you sign up on October 7 or December 7, you don't get insurance until January. Then came all these other problems. But where the IT is on track, the enrollments are on track. If they can get the federal exchanges in decent shape, the rest should fall into place. If they can't, they won't.

    picking up

    1. You mark my words, by the time this is all over the American people will be sending out "scout teams" to Kenya looking for another President.

      The Republicans are getting themselves ensconced, deeper, and deeper, into 20th Century thinking. That will not work out well for them.

  46. 187:

    Google has agreed to remove from its Maps service a satellite image that shows a dead teenager.

    Kevin Barrera was shot in 2009. His body was found near a railway line in Richmond, California.

    Jose Barrera told KTVU-TV he had asked Google to remove the image, which appears to show a police car and officers surrounding a body, out of respect for his son.

    It said replacing the image could take eight days.

    Mr Barrera said: "When I see this image, that's still like that happened yesterday. And that brings me back to a lot of memories."

  47. Yeah, uh, after about another half hour or so, if you ever again see someone named "Teresita" posting here, it's WiO. I'll be over at Wretchard's place.

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      Wouldn't that make you feel like an idiot?

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  48. Today is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Guess who’s not going? On the anniversary of Gettysburg Address how many Americans are slaves to gov't dependency now? 28% completely. Another 23% partially.

    1. What's it to me when I think I may be losing you?

  49. 193: There hasn't been one day during the Obummer presidency when as many Americans were working as on the day Bush left office

  50. 196:

    Last week President Obama went to Ohio to tout his energy policies. Of course he never mentions the fiscal and environmental disasters caused by his green energy policies, but he does take credit for the oil and gas boom he really hates

  51. I gotta run, but stay around Miss T.

    That's an order.

    Bob from Idaho who posted the last three or four anons


  52. I didn't get the small things I asked for Bob, so you don't get the big things.

    1. .

      To the proud the slightest repulse or disappointment is the last indignity.


  53. Total U.S. energy production has risen 56% since 2008 and the increase alone – never mind preexisting output -- is bigger than the entire output of 8 of OPEC’s 12 members, Yergin notes, suggesting America's boom is putting pressure on West African producers like Nigeria, which used to ship most of their crude to East Coast refineries. "They're being turned away now because of oil coming from North Dakota by rail and barge to places like Philadelphia,"he says. "Those producers are having to look to Asia."