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Monday, July 08, 2013

Egypt on the brink - Live streaming


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    1. maybe they need a puppet show?

    2. Watching the funs stuff coming out of Egypt? Kids being tossed of roof tops (a Hamas specialty), armed gangs attacking prisons, coptic priests being murdered, rape squads, random pipeline explosions, stabbings and all it makes me so happy that no one is using SPRAY PAINT like the Jews of Israel and their horrid "price tag" attacks or the Israeli practice of canceling puppet shows.

      Let's be real here. The crimes against humanity that Israel does, ON A DAILY basis, building additions on to homes, "land grabbing" (buying land from arabs is of course a illegal practice, punishable by death in Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian controlled zones) These would be terrible if the Egyptians did.

      So GLAD that spray paint and building homes is not the terror technic of the islamists.

    3. Now the fun fact about egypt?

      there are 80 million egyptians. of which about 8 million are the natives.

      72 MILLION egyptians are nothing more than johnny come lately occupying, land grabbing arabs.

      Fact is? the Arabs came and stole their way into egypt in 640 ce. Now of course that as 1400 years ago. But to those in the middle east? That's though of as recent history.

      Not a concept that people on this blog understand.


      Muslim Brotherhood activists recruited Syrians and Palestinians to shoot at anti-Morsi protestors
      Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is being investigated for recruiting Palestinian and Syrian fighters to fire shotguns at anti-Morsi protestors

      FFollowing an investigation conducted by Egypt's Qasr al-Nil Public Prosecution, the Egypt Independent newspaper has reported that the Muslim Brotherhood recruited Palestinians and Syrians to fire at protestors opposed to the rule of the now desposed Mohammed Morsi.

      While details are yet to become clear, various examples were noted by the Public Prosecution, including the case of Mohamed Hassan al-Berdkany, a Syrian who was recruited to fire at protestors from the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, just a few hundreds metres away from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

      Berdkany said he had fled the fighting in Syria and had come with his family to Cairo, wherein he met a young Syrian man named Ahmed al-Soury who was responsible for gathering Syrians to take part in the protests the Muslim Brotherhood was organising at Nahdet Misr Square.

      Berdkany revealed that he used to meet with members of the Brotherhood in an apartment in 6th October City. There, he would meet with a local leader of the Syrian community who took him to another apartment where a number of young members of the Brotherhood were staying.

      The Brotherhood members asked him to join them in their protests in return for 500 Egyptian Pounds (£47/$71) for each protest he would take part in.

      Berdkany also stated that the head of the Palestinian community who paid Palestinians to protest for the Brotherhood is named Bassel al-Feroun. Their meetings also took place in an apartment in 6th October City and each participant was handed a shotgun and paid to go join the Brotherhood protests in Nahdet Misr Square, he said.

      The prosecution has asked intelligence, national security, and criminal investigation authorities to conduct their own investigations to determine the movements of Berdkany and to uncover the identities of the suspects involved in the case.

      Getting interesting...

    5. .

      Now of course that as 1400 years ago. But to those in the middle east? That's though of as recent history.

      That's one reason I accuse ALL the ME of being nutz. Another reason the boys in OZ should keep us out of it, that and the fact that we have proved ourselves incompetent and incapable of doing anything about it other than making it worse.


  2. Gaza an OPEN AIR PRISON, Controlled by Israel (NOT) in the news.

    Boo freakin hoo....

    Gaza travelers stranded abroad
    Published today (updated) 08/07/2013 14:00

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Palestinian travelers are stranded in Arab and international airports as Rafah crossing is closed for the fourth day in a row due to unrest in Egypt, officials said Monday.

    Travelers said Egyptian airlines were refusing to let Palestinians board due to the inability to continue traveling to Gaza through Rafah, which is controlled by Egyptian security authorities.

    Maher Abu Sabha, general director of crossings, told Ma’an that the crossing was closed on both sides for the fourth day in a row. He said communication at the highest level were ongoing to reopen it.

  3. Maybe they should create their OWN currency now that they are a "nation"

    Hamas police in Gaza announced on Sunday they had uncovered a counterfeiting ring that had forged some 20 million Israeli shekels ($5.47 million) in the coastal enclave, the AFP news agency reported.

    Police spokesman Ayoub Abu Shaar told AFP that three people were arrested last week "while distributing the false money in markets."

    Hamas police described the three suspects as belonging to "the largest counterfeiting ring of 100-shekel bills in the Gaza Strip".

    According to Abu Shaar, the arrests were made possible after Hamas police traced a man trying to distribute a counterfeit 100 shekel bill last week.

    The man led authorities to the other members of the gang and to the fake bills, which were confiscated before they were put into circulation.

    A police officer said a search of the home of one suspect revealed "a room with paper used for forgery, in addition to machines used for counterfeiting like printers, laptops, stencils and inks."

    The areas assigned to the Palestinian Authority, both in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria, use Israeli currency for many transactions.

    The ring is the largest counterfeiting ring discovered in Gaza since Hamas violently took control of the region in 2007.

    Muslim Brotherhood proxies plot retaliation for military's ouster of Morsi


    Seven members of Hamas were arrested in Cairo after being caught with explosive-laden cars meant to be used in a series of attacks in Egypt, according to a senior Egyptian intelligence official speaking to WND.

    The official said the Hamas gunmen were working in conjunction with members of the Muslim Brotherhood pending a decision by leaders within the Islamist group to order attacks in retaliation for the military’s ouster of Mohamed Morsi as president following days of massive popular protests.

    Getting interesting... So glad they didnt have and spray paint..

  5. Egypt foils infiltration of 10 Hamas militants into Sinai

    Egyptian border guards foiled on early Sunday morning an infiltration attempt of ten Jihadists -- presumably Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip into North Sinai, a security source told Xinhua.

    "The militants were coming out of a smuggling tunnel in Rafah border city and ran back when the Egyptian guards approached, leaving behind seven boxes of bombs, ammunition and live bullets," the source said, noting that they are believed to be members of the Palestinian Islamic Hamas movement.

    A few hours ago, a group of gunmen bombed a pipeline in North Sinai that provides natural gas to Jordan.

    The attack came after the Egyptian army ousted President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday in response to millions of protesters who demanded his removal due to his "maladministration" since he came to power a year ago. However, supporters of the Islamist- oriented president condemned the move as "a military coup" and vowed to sacrifice for Morsi's legitimacy.

    On Friday, at least five soldiers were killed in North Sinai in armed attacks by extremist Islamist groups in Arish International Airport, a security camp in Rafah, a police station and two security checkpoints in Sheikh Zuwaid and other security premises.

    Ah yeah...