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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are white vigilantes or white cops really Black America’s problem?


By: Patrick J. Buchanan
7/19/2013 09:58 AM

In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous of the NAACP are calling on the black community to rise up in national protest.
Yet they know — and Barack Obama, whose silence speaks volumes, knows — nothing is going to happen.
“Stand-Your-Ground” laws in Florida and other states are not going to be repealed. George Zimmerman is not going to be prosecuted for a federal “hate crime” in the death of Trayvon Martin.
The result of all this ginned-up rage that has produced vandalism and violence is simply going to be an ever-deepening racial divide.
Consider the matter of crime and fear of crime.
From listening to cable channels and hearing Holder, Sharpton, Jealous and others, one would think the great threat to black children today emanates from white vigilantes and white cops.
Hence, every black father must have a “conversation” with his son, warning him not to resist or run if pulled over or hassled by a cop.
Make the wrong move, son, and you may be dead is the implication.
But is this the reality in Black America?
When Holder delivered his 2009 “nation-of-cowards” speech blaming racism for racial separation, Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald suggested that our attorney general study his crime statistics.
In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were black, according to witnesses and victims, though blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants. Forty-nine of every 50 muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of black or Hispanic criminals.
New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirms Mac Donald’s facts. Blacks and Hispanics commit 96 percent of all crimes in the city, he says, but only 85 percent of the stop-and-frisks are of blacks and Hispanics.
And these may involve the kind of pat-downs all of us have had at the airport.
Is stop-and-frisk the work of racist cops in New York, where the crime rate has been driven down to levels unseen in decades?
According to Kelly, a majority of his police force, which he has been able to cut from 41,000 officers to 35,000, is now made up of minorities.
But blacks are also, per capita, the principal victims of crime. Would black fathers prefer their sons to grow up in Chicago, rather than low-crime New York City, with its stop-and-frisk policy?
Fernando Mateo, head of the New York taxicab union, urges his drivers to profile blacks and Hispanics for their own safety: “The God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics.”
Mateo is what The New York Times would describe as “a black Hispanic” Yet he may be closer to the ‘hood than Holder, who says he was stopped by police when running to a movie — in Georgetown.
Which raises a relevant question. Georgetown is an elitist enclave of a national capital that has been ruled by black mayors for half a century. It’s never had a white mayor.
Is Holder saying we’ve got racist cops in the district where Obama carried 86 percent of the white vote and 97 percent of the black vote? And his son should fear the white cops in Washington, D.C.?
What about interracial crime, white-on-black attacks and the reverse?
After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”
Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.
If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?
And if the FBI stats for 2007 represent an average year since the Tawana Brawley rape-hoax of 1987, over one-third of a million white women have been sexually assaulted by black males since 1987 — with no visible protest from the civil rights leadership.
Today, 73 percent of all black kids are born out of wedlock. Growing up, these kids drop out, use drugs, are unemployed, commit crimes and are incarcerated at many times the rate of Asians and whites — or Hispanics, who are taking the jobs that used to go to young black Americans.
Are white vigilantes or white cops really Black America’s problem?
Obama seems not to think so. The Rev. Sharpton notwithstanding, he is touting Ray Kelly as a possible chief of homeland security.
Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”


  1. If a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario … both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different

    Barack Obama, US President

    1. Well, Deuce, now you are back to posting Patrick J. Buchanan, who can only be described as a self-loathing white man. Kind of like Joanne Naiman, in that regard.


    2. chucklechucklewinkwink

    3. If Grandma had had wheels, she might have been a schoolbus.

    4. Might have even been a Harley.

  2. As promised, on the scene Vegas storm report, with film reviews added:

    >>Yes, it was one heck of a monsoonal storm with 70 mile an hour winds last night. We were driving to dinner at Caesars Palace's Forum Shops to meet friends when the winds started. I could barely see in front of me driving due to debris and dust flying through the air. We made it inside the Forum Shops and Palm Resturant just prior to the rain and flooding starting. We lucked out! The storm was over when we headed home. Lots of debris in the streets as well as numerous street lights out but even the flood waters had dispersed. Quite a few homes without power for awhile but not us. Now as for our little dogs they were terrified. Fine once they saw us though. :) Our yard and pool where a real big mess! We had the Gardner come early this morning to blow and then I cleaned up the remainder. The pool fellow is here now over an hour cleaning filters and so forth to get the pool up and running again. It was most definitely a storm much worse than normal. We have company for dinner tonight so we needed to get everything back to looking well quickly. Rain is still predicted for a few days but hopefully not more 70 mile an hour winds. :) A nice monsoonal rain storm with lots of lightening and thunder we love. Just need to stay home and enjoy the storm and not go out driving due to the possible flooding.

    Going to go see what looks to be a good Foreign film Monday with a girlfriend, "Fill the Void". It's in Hebrew and English. There is "The Attack" in Arab, Hebrew, & English which I hope to see soon as well. You have to be quick with the foreign films as they often are here for only two weeks. Also want to see " Unfinished Song" with Vanessa Redgrave. Critics say it's a celebration of life at any age. Like that idea! :) Summer here is full of the typical action flicks but also tons of foreign films which I love to attend.<<<

    "Critics say it's a celebration of life at any age."

    OK all you old farts, your song is still unfinished, go see "Unfinished Song" while you still can hobble to it.

    That means you too, Quirko, in your stolen wheel chair.

  3. I was severely chastised with evil looks by my lawyer and wife the other day for using the term 'blacks'.

    Taken aback, I left the meeting and went outside for a smoke. Becalmed now, and thoughtful, I returned, and defended myself thus:

    "Ladies, do we not in this country have a group known as The Congressional Black Caucus? Do we not have a famous group known as The National Association of Colored People? What am I supposed to call them?"

    This put them back on their heels momentarily.

    Wife: "I suppose you call Hispanics reds"

    "No, they are browns, we be whites, the blacks are blacks, the Injuns are the reds, the Asians the yellows."

    More general murmuring. And we moved on to file the complaint, then to the police to file the vandalism report.

    Later in the day my lawyer and her secretary received a threatening phone call from one of the perps, the cops arrived immediately as requested, stayed awhile until it seem clear the perp wasn't going to show as threatened, then left.

    I don't like the term African/American. I like the term 'whites', I like the term 'blacks'. I do not want to think of myself as a European/American, and do not like that term either. We are all American. Sometimes it is necessary to distinguish between groups in conversation, etc. What is a more equal and fair way to do this other than through color? Which seems perfectly just and non prejudicial to me.

    1. You see, even in this quote above -

      "If a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario … both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different"

      - our esteemed President uses the term 'white'. The term 'Caucasian', much less 'creepy ass cracker', is nowhere to be found.

      If a color scheme of reference is acceptable to our President it is OK by me too.

    2. Interesting side note: my friend's husband down there, a genuinely nice fellow, is exactly half Jewish, half German Lutheran. :) I admit to having made a few wise cracks about internal civil wars and such. He feeds her rack of lamb all the time, so I said perhaps he is trying to make you Jewish, and she replied, I am thinking of becoming Jewish. She will have to give up the shellfish and pork though, so she may not do it. A former Marine, his political opinions are exactly like mine on every topic discussed so far. Such is life in multicultural "Fabulous Las Vegas", where two suckers are born every minute but the golfing is good and the food can be excellent.

  4. None of this stuff has damned thing to do with the Zimmerman/Martin case.

    1. It makes no sense to take a bad situation, and make it worse.

    2. Yes. The case is over. Zimmerman is not guilty. The President ought to shut his yap about it, he should have never opened his yap about it, and the DOJ ought to give Zim his gun back right now, and quit with the persecuting.

  5. >>>George Zimmerman is not going to be prosecuted for a federal “hate crime” in the death of Trayvon Martin.<<<

    Patrick J. Buchanan

    Of course Pat must be wrong here as our rat has told us he will be so prosecuted. We shall see who is right, Pat or rat.

  6. Must watch video -

    Harris-Perry: Detroit is “what it looks like when government is small enough to drown”

    This cannot be real life. Tell me this is not real life.

    We can talk about the microstory of Detroit, but it seems to me that Detroit, as always, is standing for all kinds of things about America. In the case of Detroit, the reason that the tax base has become so small is because a loss of population, right? So folks out, they are not there to pay the taxes on the homes and the kind of deterioration is what you see in the numbers you’ve suggested. But this lack of tax base is also exactly the kind of thing that many Republicans would impose on us, even when our cities have sufficient populations, even when our communities have sufficient populations. This is what it looks like when government is small enough to drown in your bathtub, and it is not a pretty picture.
    Okay… so, let’s go ahead and get this straight. Detroit has been a bastion of All Thing Progressive for decades, with the government and its pension funds and etcetera spending themselves into oblivion while residents have been fleeing the accompanying signs of economic and social depreciation — which effectively worsened the problem of too much government spending by shrinking the available tax base and cutting into revenue — all of which has finally led to the inevitable conclusion of Detroit’s fiscal ruin.

    Despite this entirely liberal achievement, Harris-Perry tries to use the example of Detroit to criticize Republicans for… wanting to lower taxes? I think? As in, Republicans would shrink the tax base by lowering taxes, and thereby worsen the problems of governments that cannot cover their own expenses, and really what we should be doing is just growing the government and increasing taxes everywhere, all the time. I suppose the idea of — oh, I don’t know — the government spending less, and not making promises that it can’t afford to keep, and people instead using more private-sector, free-market means and reaping the benefits of the subsequent economic growth, isn’t an option, then? Are we not doing that?

  7. "I am immensely disgusted with all these marches and protests regarding the Zimmerman trail results. I am upset as well of course with the news media's constant coverage and that includes Fox. Then there is our President, the idiot, and his previous and new remarks. Even Fox barely covered Egypt!!! Crazy! I must be getting really old! Isn't it as we age we are suppose to feel distaste and displeasure with the younger society? I sure am feeling these emotions strongly!"

    from 'Fear and Loathing of Youth and Old Age in Las Vegas'

    1. God is watching:

      Did you see that Vegas was struck by a massive thunderstorm?

    2. Jeez, I posted an in depth on the scene report above:

      AnonymousSat Jul 20, 05:32:00 PM EDT

      including free movie reviews.

    3. You think I read your comments?

    4. I can say only that I had hoped for at least one intelligent reader.

  8. News from The Viper's Pit --

    18 JULY 2013 -

    Vatican prelate in 'gay romance' with Swiss guard

    The headquarters of the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the Vatican's bank, pictured on February 18, 2012 at The Vatican. The Vatican's "gay lobby" is back in the headlines after the alleged exposure of a homosexual prelate appointed by Pope Francis to a key position at the Vatican bank.

    AFP - The Vatican's "gay lobby" was back in the headlines on Friday after the alleged exposure of a homosexual prelate appointed by Pope Francis to a key position at the Vatican bank.

    The Italian weekly L'Espresso said prelate Battista Ricca had gay relationships during his time at the Vatican embassy of Montevideo in Uruguay as well as an affair with a Swiss guard which ultimately saw him sent back to Rome in disgrace.

    Vatican expert for L'Espresso Sandro Magister said Ricca provided lodgings and a pay check for captain Patrick Haari in 1999 and was once left badly beaten after trawling notorious gay hangouts before his behaviour saw him transferred out of Montevideo in 2000.

    An internal bid to protect him and cover up the scandal meant Francis apparently had no idea about Ricca's past before he appointed him as his personal representative at the scandal-hit bank this year.

    Ricca went on to hold several prestigious positions in Rome, including the director of the Santa Martha residence where the pope lives.

    Magister said the wiping of Ricca's records was an example of a "gay lobby" at work in the Vatican.

    Vatican spokesman Frederico Lombardi brushed off the story as "not credible" but the magazine insisted the allegations were confirmed by primary sources. It said "numerous bishops, priests, religious and laity" in Uruguay had testified against Ricca.

    Religious watchers said the leaks about Ricca's past may be an internal attempt to block the prelate from carrying out reforms.

    In June, Francis admitted the existence of a "gay lobby" inside the Vatican's secretive administration, the Roman Curia.

    "In the Curia, there are truly some saints, but there is also a current of corruption... There is talk of a 'gay lobby' and it's true, it exists," he was quoted as having said during an audience with CLAR (the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women).

    The admission followed Italian media reports in February which claimed that a secret report by cardinals investigating leaks from within the Vatican included allegations of corruption and blackmail attempts against gay clergymen, and on the other hand, favouritism based on gay relationships.

    If the allegations are proven to be true, it would be a blow to Francis's attempts to clean up the scandal-hit Vatican.

  9. "Coming Apart" argues that a large swath of America—poor and working-class whites—is turning away from traditional values and losing ground.

    The greatest source of inequality in America now is not economic; it is cultural.

    So much for the idea that the white working class remains the guardian of core American values like religious faith, hard work and marriage. Today the denizens of upscale communities like McLean, Va., New Canaan, Conn., and Palo Alto, Calif., according to Charles Murray in "Coming Apart," are now much more likely than their fellow citizens to embrace these core American values. In studying, as his subtitle has it, "the state of white America, 1960-2010," Mr. Murray turns on its head the conservative belief that bicoastal elites are dissolute and ordinary Americans are virtuous.

    Focusing on whites to avoid conflating race with class, Mr. Murray contends instead that a large swath of white America—poor and working-class whites, who make up approximately 30% of the white population—is turning away from the core values that have sustained the American experiment. At the same time, the top 20% of the white population has quietly been recovering its cultural moorings after a flirtation with the counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s.

    - I noticed this in The Army in the sixties:

    The larger culture often followed what blacks were doing.

    To be cool.


    Yesterday's Comment

    Victimhood: Rhetoric or reality?

    Walter Williams
    Jewish World Review June 8, 2005

    What about the decline of the black family?
    In 1960, only 28 percent of black females between the ages of 15 and 44 were never married.

    Today, it's 56 percent.

    In 1940, the illegitimacy rate among blacks was 19 percent, in 1960, 22 percent, and today, it's 70 percent.

    Some argue that the state of the black family is the result of the legacy of slavery, discrimination and poverty.

    That has to be nonsense.

    A study of 1880 family structure in Philadelphia shows that three-quarters of black families were nuclear families, comprised of two parents and children.

    1. This breakup of the nuclear family is occurring among whites as well. I mentioned a book I read recently, name forgotten, in which it was argued the extended family is as important as the nuclear family. The extended family too has broken up among both blacks and whites. First goes the extended family, the author argued, then the nuclear family. Some of it may be blamed on the lack of farm experience in black life today. Farm life is conservative to the old values. The only land most blacks were ever bound to was in the South, and that was with chains. So I think some of black problems today can be traced back to these circumstances.

      But it must be more complex than this too because as you say:

      "A study of 1880 family structure in Philadelphia shows that three-quarters of black families were nuclear families, comprised of two parents and children."

      Maybe it's just as simple as this: our modern culture really sucks.

      But don't ask 'They're All Dicks' Quirk, because he has admitted to having no solutions to anything at all.

    2. Like I said yesterday:

      Look what he's done to Detroit.


  10. Notice: Deuce, Pat and rat -- Attention

    July 20, 2013
    Attention, Western media: there were NO 1967 'borders'

    Leo Rennert

    In their July 20 Washington Post article about an apparent deal to get Israel and the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table, correspondents Anne Gearan and William Booth write the following:

    "Palestinian leaders have balked at returning to the bargaining table without a promise that negotiations over a future Palestinian state would be based in principle on the pre-1967 borders."

    One problem with this sentence, but it's a huge one: there never were any pre-1967 "borders" between Israel and its neighbors -- only a 1949 armistice line that Arab leaders twice sought to erase when they waged existential wars to annihilate Israel in 1967 and again in 1973. The Arab aggressors obviously didn't succeed. Israel's victories resulted in the capture of Sinai, Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem.

    Now, the Palestinians essentially want a complete Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem so as to convert the 1949 armistice line into the western border of a Palestinian state.
    But any way you want to slice it, a "border" still awaits a formal peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. In the meantime, there is only a 1949 armistice line.

    As to whether there is any validity to returning to the pre-1967 line, as the Post erroneously suggests, the international community in the form of the U.N. Security Council has ruled exactly in the negative.

    After the 1967 war, the Security Council debated whether to demand a complete Israeli pullback to the 1949 line, as demanded by the Soviet Union and Arab countries. Their position, however, went nowhere. The Council, both after the 1967 war and again after the 1973 war, adopted resolutions calling on Israel to withdraw from some, but not all, territories captured in these two wars. The Council thus made it crystal-clear that the 1949 armistice line need never become a permanent "border." A "border" between Israel and a Palestinian state remains to be determined as part of a future peace agreement. We ain't there yet. The Post shouldn't jump the gun.

    When the Post insists on still using "border" as synonymous with "armistice line," it makes mincemeat of both history and international legality.

    Golda Meir said it best in her autobiography: "When Arab statesmen insist that Israel withdraw to the pre-June, 1967, lines, one can only ask: If these lines are so sacred to the Arabs, why was the Six-Day War launched to destroy them[?]"

    Where Meir mentions Arab statesmen, substitute today the Washington Post. Her question remains pertinent and valid today. The Post should own up to its mistake. There never was and still is no "border" there.

    Leo Rennert is a former White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief of McClatchy Newspapers.

  11. Name: Israeli Prisons Ordinance - Amendment No. 40 (Meetings with Lawyers)
    Enacted: 2011
    Status: Active
    Themes: Criminal Law and Procedures
    Allows the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to prohibit prisoners involved in “security crimes” from meeting their lawyers if the IPS “suspects” that such meetings may lead to the transfer of information relating to a terror organization. The law targets and discriminates against “security prisoners”, who are overwhelmingly Palestinians, as well as their lawyers, who are also generally Palestinians. As of May 2012, there were over 4,600 Palestinian political prisoners being held as “security prisoners” in Israeli prisons.

    Under the law, the IPS can prevent prisoners’ meetings with lawyers for 96 hours (previously 24 hours), a period that could be extended for up to as many as 14 days (previously 5 days) with the approval of the state prosecutor. A district court can extend this prohibition for six months (previously 21 days) and up to maximum period of one year (previously three months). The Supreme Court can extend the ban for unlimited periods after one year (Supreme Court supervision was required after three months under the previous law). These sweeping restrictions further increase prisoners’ isolation and prevent them from effectively accessing the courts and obtaining redress.

    In war zones, America regularly does not allow "lawyers"...

    America also bypasses arrest by massive usage of drones even on American Citizens...

    America also passes captured enemy combatants to other nations for "detentions"..

    One standard for Israel, no standards for anyone else.

  12. Today in Israel -- one of only a few countries having no constitution -- collective rights are guaranteed to Jews only. Israel's Law of Return (1950) specifically defined Jews as a single nationality. As a result, all Jews, no matter where they are born, can become Israeli citizens, while the majority of Palestinians who inhabited the land for many generations lack this ability. The same institutions that helped form this definition, such as the Jewish National Fund and the Jewish Agency, remain the guardians of this “Jewish nationality” and control access to many elements of Israeli society, particularly those involving commerce, land, housing and public services.

    Palestinians have the "right" to return to arab occupied "palestine" as per the concept 2 states for 2 peoples.

    In Jordan and Arab Palestine it is a death penalty to sell land to a Jew, (not just israelis, but jews)

    This is true apartheid.

    In Arabia, where Jews have lived for 3000 years it is now forbidden to be citizens, live, own property...

    This is true apartheid.

    In the 21 arab nations, over 800,000 Jews (and their unborn descendants) (since we count palestinian's descendants as "refugees") have been ethnically cleansed, their property and businesses stolen and forced to move to Israel or face death.

    These Jews cannot safely return to their homes ever.

    Why are "palestinians" that fled their homes, on their fellow arab's promises of genocide of the Jews, be more deserving of their homes than the Jews torn from the arab OCCUPIED areas of the middle east?

    Israel is 1/900th of the arab occupied middle east.

    The arabs control 899/900th of the middle east.

    israel contains 20% arabs today that live as full citizens.

    the arab world? over 300 MILLION arabs and less than 10,000 jews live still in those places.

    One standard for Israel no standards for anyone else?

  13. Modern Era[edit]

    There is virtually no Jewish activity in Saudi Arabia in the beginning of the 21st century. Jewish (as well as Christian and other non-Muslim) religious services are prohibited from being held on Saudi Arabian soil.[12] When American military personnel were stationed in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, permission for small Christian worship services was eventually granted, but Jewish services were only permitted on US warships.[12] Census data does not identify any Jews as residing within Saudi Arabian territory.[13]
    Persons with an Israeli government stamp in their passport or who are openly Jewish are generally not permitted into the Kingdom. In the 1970s, foreigners wishing to work in the kingdom had to sign an affidavit stating that they were not Jewish[14] and official government forms granting foreigners permission to enter or exit the country, do ask for religious affiliation.
    During the first Gulf War, American servicemen and women who were Jewish were allowed into the kingdom, but religious services had to be held discreetly on base and—according to an unsubstantiated story reported by one person who wrote she had heard it from another—alternative "Protestant B" dog tags were created, in the event that a Jewish serviceman or woman was taken prisoner in Iraq.[15]

    Now in apartheid Israel? Moslems, Christians, Druze, B'hai, wiccans, lesbians and even neo-pagans are free to worship and have access to their places even if it means that Jews are prevented from having access

  14. Arab reaction[edit]

    Over the years Arabs have argued that they have been displaced due to the increase in Jewish immigration to the area presently known as Israel. "In 1931, Lewis French conducted a survey of landlessness and eventually offered new plots to any Arabs who had been 'dispossessed'. British officials received more than 3,000 applications, of which 80 percent were ruled invalid by the Government's legal adviser because the applicants were not landless Arabs. This left only about 600 landless Arabs, 100 of whom accepted the Government land offer".[7] French's definition of a 'landless' Arab was often thought as too uncertain for it did not include Arabs who sold their land willingly, people who owned land elsewhere and people who became tenants of land elsewhere. French's survey describes landlessness Arabs as: "Those who can be shown to have been displaced from the lands which they occupied in consequence of the lands falling into Jewish hands, and who have not obtained other holdings on which they can establish themselves or other equally satisfactory occupation".[12]

  15. Though Jewish migration from Middle Eastern and North African communities began in the late 19th century and Jews began leaving some Arab countries in the 1930s and early 1940s, it did not become significant until the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. From the onset of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War until the early 1970s, 800,000–1,000,000 Jews left, fled, or were expelled from their homes in Arab countries; 260,000 of them reached Israel between 1948 and 1951 and amounted for 56% of the total immigration to the newly founded State of Israel.[2] 600,000 Jews from Arab and Muslim countries had reached Israel by 1972.[3][4][5] By the Yom Kippur War of 1973, most of the Jewish communities throughout the Arab World, as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan, were practically non-existent.

    56% percent of the Jews that "settled" in Israel were driven from their homes in arab occupied lands...

    Thanks to the arabs greed and blood lust THEY created the Great State of Israel.

    Think of it....

    israel would be no where NEAR asa strong if the ARABS HAD NOT DRIVEN THE MAJORITY OF JEWS TO LIVE IN ISRAEL.

    Thanks to the Arab's stupidity again....

    They did the same to America in 1783...

    Arabs are my step-cousins. Different mother from the same father...

    What a dumb bunch of nitwits...

    But alias, one son, Ishmael, controls 899/900th of the middle east

    the other son? Isaac? 1/900th...

    and the one son, Ishmael? Is a GREEDY PRICK.... Wants it ALL....

    899/900th aint enough... 1/5th of the 1/900th aint enough...

    greedy pricks...

    always has been, always will be....

    1. Total rubbish and the disinformation and cult myth was demolished by the video on the previous posting.

  16. What did he say?

    I couldn't get through the first line of the gibber.

    Something about borders, when it is Israeli apartheid and bigotry from the Europeon beggars in Palestine that is the issue.

    Not borders, bigotry.

    Except for the EU, they care about borders and the violation of the Geneva Convention, by the secular government of Israel, the one that finances the murder of 20,000 Jews each year. Referencing the published letters of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, who is considered a credible source on Judaic Law.

    The supporters of the secular Israeli government seem to overlook that anti-Semitic behavior, while looking for it everywhere else. The greatest death toll of Jews perpetrated by a government since Hitler ran Germany. A quarter of a million Jews murdered in the 21st century, in the secular state of Israel.

    Hitler, who Quot told us was right. Just two days after the Patriot Day bombing in Boston.

    Guess murdering Jews is not considered anti-Semitic by the Quot.

    1. America finances the murder of over 1 million Americans each year...

      1/2 half who are BLACKS...

    2. Rat: Hitler, who Quot told us was right. Just two days after the Patriot Day bombing in Boston.

      Please provide the exact quote you reference...

      If you don't?

      you are a liar.

    3. Rat: Guess murdering Jews is not considered anti-Semitic by the Quot.

      Rat calls abortion murder.

      Maybe it is, maybe it is not.

      America has had over 55 million abortions LEGALLY since Roe v Wade. leading the world in "murdering" it's citizens, if we use rat's standards.

      Now the interesting fact? 1/2 of all abortions in America are for black babies.

      Rat's silence about that is deafening...

      One standard for Israel and none for anyone else makes a bigot...

  17. Maybe Quot is just a self loathing Israeli, unable to admit the truth of his nation's culpability in the murder of over 250,000 Jews in the past 12 years, yes, that must be it.

    Live in denial, must be sweet as chocolate.

    1. What a remarkably unintelligent comment.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Actually I am an American...


      Rat's fantasies are amusing... Telling the blog that I am Israeli (now that would be something I'd be proud of however) that there are more than one of me...

      Rat seriously needs medical treatment...

  18. Thank you, WiO, for putting some real numbers and historical perspective into this discussion. I have wondered why, for instance, Saudi Arabia is never called an 'apartheid state' here, and the other arab countries and Persia as well. When obviously all have ethnically cleansed their area of Jewish people, and most Christians as well.

  19. Saudi Arabia is a loathsome Mafioso State pretending to be a monarchy. Israel makes pretenses that is some kind of gift from the psychopathic
    Abraham and entitles Europeans that subscribe to his teaching a privilege denied to the ecclesiastical branch of the followers of the same psychopath, both opposed to the Mohammedan branch and also followers from the aforementioned mental case.

  20. Israel is an apartheid state and as such has a limited shelf life as national states sometimes go.