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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pentagon source says the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation.

CBS/AP/ November 13, 2012, 1:21 AM
U.S. Afghan commander link to Petraeus scandal?


The Pentagon source says the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation.
A senior defense official, who discussed the matter only on condition of anonymity because it is under investigation, says the probe involved possibly "inappropriate communications," in the form of emails, with Jill Kelley.
Kelly is the woman said to have received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom now-former CIA Director David Petraeus had an extramarital affair.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the FBI referred a "matter" to the Pentagon on Sunday. Panetta says he ordered a Pentagon investigation of Allen on Monday.
Kelley has been described as an unpaid social liaison at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., which is headquarters to the U.S. Central Command.
Petraeus resigned as CIA director on Friday.
The Pentagon says Allen's nomination to be NATO's supreme allied commander has been put on hold due to the investigation.


  1. Was just going to post this -

    ****************** ALERT ****************

    Department of Defense has put General John Allen’s NATO Supreme Allied Commander nomination on hold – @Reuters

    7 mins ago from by editor

    Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan under investigation, scandal widens

    ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT | Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:14am EST

    (Reuters) – The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, is under investigation for allegedly inappropriate communication with a woman at the center of the scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus, a senior U.S. defense official said on Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    canopfor on November 13, 2012 at 1:24 AM

    1. Maybe Jill was working for the muzzies, and Broadwell for the Jews.

      Just kidding. (I think)

  2. The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, is under investigation for alleged inappropriate communication with a woman at the center of the scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus, a senior U.S. defense official said on Tuesday.

    The shocking revelation threatens to fell another of the U.S. military's biggest names and suggests that the scandal involving Petraeus - a former four-star general who had Allen's job in Afghanistan before moving to the CIA last year - could expand much further than previously imagined.

    The U.S. official said the FBI uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of communications - mostly emails and spanning from 2010 to 2012 - between Allen and Jill Kelley, who has been identified as a long-time friend of the Petraeus family and a Tampa, Florida, volunteer social liaison with military families at MacDill Air Force Base.

    It was Kelley's complaints about harassing emails from the woman with whom Petraeus had had an affair, Paula Broadwell, that prompted an FBI investigation, ultimately alerting authorities to Petraeus' involvement with Broadwell. Petraeus resigned from his job on Friday.

    Asked whether there was concern about the disclosure of classified information, the official, on condition of anonymity, said: "We are concerned about inappropriate communications. We are not going to speculate as to what is contained in these documents."

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a statement given to reporters flying with him to Australia that he had asked that Allen's nomination to be Commander of U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe be delayed "and the president has agreed"


    Evidence that the case involving Petraeus was not fully closed came late Monday when FBI agents searched the Charlotte, North Carolina house of Broadwell.

    Agents entered the house carrying boxes at around 9 p.m. (0200 GMT Tuesday) and about four hours later took away what appeared to be two computers and about 10 boxes.

    During the search, agents inside could be seen moving through multiple rooms, gathering materials and taking photos. They did not comment to reporters gathered outside the house.

    Broadwell's family was not at home at the time of the raid. The FBI and a Justice Department official would not comment on the reason for the raid.

    U.S. officials had said in recent days that their investigation was largely complete and that prosecutors had determined it was unlikely they would bring charges in that case, which started when Kelley contacted an FBI agent in Tampa about harassing emails from an anonymous source.

    That FBI agent, who has not been identified, has also come under scrutiny after it was discovered he had sent shirtless photographs of himself to Kelley, but "long before" this investigation, a law enforcement official told Reuters. The photographs were first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

    The agent had never been on the Broadwell case, but had taken the information about the emails to the FBI cyber squad in Tampa, the law enforcement official said.

    The FBI agent who works in the Tampa office apparently became frustrated at the pace of the investigation and complained to a member of Congress about it, the official said.

    The FBI investigation of the emails received by Kelley traced them to Broadwell and subsequently uncovered emails that revealed an affair between Broadwell and Petraeus.

    The emails between the two women were of a "childish", jealous nature and showed some one-upmanship of trying to come across as being more important to Petraeus, the official said.

    When Petraeus resigned as CIA director on Friday he publicly admitted to having engaged in an extramarital affair.

    Lawmakers and others have questioned whether Broadwell, who co-wrote a biography of the decorated former general, obtained classified information from him or another source.

    Panetta had earlier said Petraeus did the right thing by stepping down, given potential security concerns, even as he said he was saddened by the end of the retired general's distinguished career.

    (Additional reporting by Tabassum Zakaria and David Ingram in Washington and Rick Rothacker in North Carolina; Editing by Mohammad Zargham and Pravin Char)

  4. Nothing on Drudge yet. Must have fallen asleep.

  5. Rufus said you can’t make this up. Wait till he reads this. The power of the pussy wipes out two top generals and DCIA.

  6. Now if Petreaus was found in bed with General Allen. There would be no problem with that. Not worth mentioning as with our first gay President, Abe Lincoln, closet queen.

    1. Petraeus, Allen, Jill, and Broadwell all in bed. Quadrangle.


    In 1837, Lincoln moved to Springfield, Ill., to practice law and enter politics. That’s where he met the two men who would be his greatest friends throughout his life. One, Joshua Fry Speed, became his bed partner for a while; the other was law partner Herndon. Beyond the revelation that Lincoln and Speed had an intimate friendship, little has been written about how diligently Speed worked for Lincoln’s legal and political career. Speed’s name popped up in many of Lincoln’s legal filings and on the Illinois Whig Party’s central committee. The two were almost inseparable. Most Lincoln historians agree this relationship was the strongest and most intimate of the president’s life. What they don’t agree on is why they slept in the same bed together for four years when they had the space and means to sleep separately, as was expected of men their age. They were no longer young and poor. And this was a house with ample room, unlike the hotels that accommodated Lincoln and his team on the road; then, it was common to sleep two or more in a bed.

    By 1840, both Lincoln and Speed — now 31 and 26— were considered well past the marrying age. Both bachelors reportedly were hesitant to tie the knot, but it was a de-facto requirement to have a wife if you wanted to move in political circles — or at least create the perception of interest in marriage. Both Speed and Lincoln dreaded this “requirement,” as evidenced by Lincoln’s letters. Speed takes the marriage plunge first and moves back to Kentucky, leaving Lincoln. At this precise time, Lincoln suffered a mental breakdown. Historians have been all over the map as to what caused the breakdown, but it was so intense that friends, including Herndon, worried he would take his own life. Lincoln only recovered after Speed invited him to visit him and his new wife in Kentucky.

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet

    1. If true, maybe that is why he was so keen on liberation.

  8. Both Drudge and Ruf asleep.

  9. **************** RED ALERT PART DEUX ***********************

    FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of ‘potentially inappropriate’ emails between Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley – @washingtonpost

    1 min ago from by editor

    More: FBI probe has expanded to include Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan – @washingtonpost

    4 mins ago by editor

    Pentagon investigating top commander in Afghanistan for emails to woman in Petraeus scandal – @AP

    6 mins ago by editor

    canopfor on November 13, 2012 at 1:15 AM

    1. .

      FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of ‘potentially inappropriate’ emails between Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley – @washingtonpost

      20,000 to 30,000?

      No wonder we are in trouble in Afghanistan. We don't have a general commanding there, we have an author.


  10. TAMPA — When Dr. Scott T. Kelley moved from the Northeast to become one of Moffitt Cancer Center's most distinct specialists, his wife, Jill, threw herself into the South Tampa social scene.

    She volunteered for committees to organize galas and fashion shows benefiting the American Red Cross and the Tampa Museum of Art. But she didn't seem to find her calling in those circles.

    Then she focused her efforts on helping the military.

    Just miles from her Bayshore Boulevard home, representatives from scores of nations that make up the military coalition united to fight terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks were stationed at MacDill Air Force Base.

    Before long, the Kelley mansion became the place to be seen for coalition officers. Gen. David Petraeus, leader of U.S. Central Command at MacDill, marked his first celebration of the Gasparilla pirate parade on the Kelleys' lawn.

    "Jill was such an awesome client," said Linda Baldwin, the owner of Events by Amore, which catered that party. "Did so much for the military, fabulous mother and amazing wife; can't say enough nice things about her. She never spared anything for the military. It was all about them."

    Just three months after they posed with David and Holly Petraeus, strands of Gasparilla beads hanging from their necks, the Kelleys were hit with a foreclosure lawsuit.

    The suit, brought by Central Bank against the Kelleys and Kelly Land Holdings, centered on a three-story office building at 300 E Madison St. in downtown Tampa. Court records show they owed the bank nearly $2.2 million, including attorney fees.

    In 2011, a judge ordered the property to be put up for sale.

    In the decade since the Kelleys arrived from Pennsylvania, it proved one of several examples of court cases seeking payment of real estate and credit card debts intermingling with catered parties and A-list guests as the couple sought to establish themselves in Tampa.

    And now the Kelleys have a national scandal to contend with — one that is quickly growing more and more curious.

    Doctors never know anything about real estate.

  11. Why hell, I just come down here to Vegas to prepar for the Rodeo finals an' I seen all this. It's pitiful, is what it is. When gramps was in there weren't no women on base at all, an' all went dandy. Now you got these fancy cowgirls chasin' Generals for gawd's sake. An' who knows who's they are workin' for. Maybe somebody else. Round up the Generals, lasso 'em, hog tie 'em with a little pasture pleasure and ya got their emales at your pretty finger tips. An' that's nother thing, orders should written on paper, and hand delivered. What are women doin' in the military anyway, and on base? The WACS an' WAVES an' SPARS was on another base or at the hospital. Pretty soon we'll have lesbian settlers in the officer corps. And that second mare don't even know to dress. Barely even covers her crotch at all. It's disgustin'. Just like Vegas. I spit on the ground of it.


  12. Some interesting remarks at BC. One is that this is beginning to look like purge of the top brass. Wretch says that it could be that Petraeus is purged not because of what happened but because of what is to happen.

    Another commenter says that no way could Petraeus and Broadwell could have exchanged twenty to thirty thousand pages in a year. I suppose it's possible if they were exchanging drafts of a manuscript or somesuch.

  13. Who would have predicted that embedding of women throughout the military would become disruptive as the military focus shifted to bedding the women.

  14. Name mess Big Brass Bed Gate

    Chief Plenty Coups

  15. back to our greatest president ever

    Lincoln’s most emotional and intimate writings were contained in his letters to Speed. From the time they lived together until shortly after Speed married and moved to Kentucky, Lincoln always signed his letters “forever yours” or “yours forever.”

    Lincoln wrote to Speed shortly before the latter’s Feb. 15, 1842 wedding: “When this shall reach you, you will have been Fanny’s husband several days. You know my desire to befriend you is everlasting — that I will never cease, while I know how to do any thing.

    “But you will always hereafter, be on ground that I have never occupied, and consequently, if advice were needed, I might advise wrong.

    “ ... I am now fully convinced, that you love her as ardently as you are capable of loving ... If you went through the ceremony calmly, or even with sufficient composure not to excite alarm in any present, you are safe, beyond question, and in two or three months, to say the most, will be the happiest of men.

    “I hope with tolerable confidence, that this letter is a plaster for a place that is no longer sore. God grant it may be so.

    “I would desire you to give my particular respects to Fanny, but perhaps you will not wish her to know you have received this, lest she should desire to see it. Make her write me an answer to my last letter to her at any rate. I would set great value upon another letter from her.

    “P.S. I have been quite a man ever since you left.”

    The two exchanged letters regularly and, in October 1842, Lincoln observed the newlywed Speed was “happier now than you were the day you married her.” He continued: “Are you now, in feeling as well as judgment, glad you are married as you are? From any body but me, this would be an impudent question not to be tolerated; but I know you will pardon it in me. Please answer it quickly as I feel impatient to know.”

    The urgency in his letter is palpable: Lincoln married Mary Todd on Nov. 4, 1842, despite that he broke off their engagement two years earlier.

    Even after the Civil War broke out and Speed lived in Kentucky — a border state — Lincoln and Speed continued to write. On numerous occasions, Speed visited Lincoln at the White House; he even spent a night with Lincoln in the president’s cottage at the Soldier’s Home, 3 miles northwest of the White House.

    Throughout Lincoln’s political career, he urged Speed to accept a political appointment that would bring him to live in Washington, D.C. When that failed, he appointed Speed’s brother, James, U.S. attorney general in 1864.

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet


    After Speed and Lincoln’s marriages, there were no traces of other men in Lincoln’s life until Elmer Ellsworth in 1860. According to “The Abraham Lincoln Blog,” in 1859, Ellsworth formed the Chicago Zouaves, a precision military drill team based on the famous Zouave soldiers of the French Army based in northern Africa.

    The Chicago Zouaves, led by Ellsworth, toured the northern states in the months before the Civil War, with the so-called regiment performing acrobatic moves, marching and weapons displays. The regiment impressed the crowds — despite the fact that they’d never seen military action.

    Lincoln met Ellsworth through these displays and the two became friends. Lincoln invited Ellsworth, who had been a law clerk in Chicago, to move to Springfield to study law. Ellsworth became devoted to Lincoln and adored by the entire Lincoln family. One author wrote that it seemed Lincoln had a “schoolboy crush” on the much-younger Ellsworth. He first worked in Lincoln’s law practice, then moved on to his political career and eventual campaign for president. Once elected, Lincoln asked Ellsworth to accompany his family to Washington.

    At the beginning of the Civil War, Ellsworth asked Lincoln to assist in obtaining a position for him in the Union Army. In a letter dated April 15, 1861, Lincoln wrote: “I have been, and still am anxious for you to have the best position in the military which can be given you.”

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet


    In 1862, Lincoln met Capt. David Derickson, who served as his bodyguard, providing protection for the president when he commuted from the White House to his cottage at the Soldier’s Home. Lincoln spent about a quarter of his presidency at the cottage, which allowed him some escape from D.C.’s summers and from public interruptions at the White House.

    Lincoln and his bodyguard became close, and historians Tripp and David Herbert Donald noted two recorded mentions that Lincoln and Derickson slept in the same bed: Derickson’s superior, Lt. Col. Thomas Chamberlain, and Tish Fox, the wife of Assistant Navy Secretary Gustavus Fox, both wrote about it. Tish wrote in her diary that Derickson was devoted to Lincoln and “when Mrs. Lincoln was away, they slept together.”

    But there were more than just two eyewitnesses to this relationship. After the war, Chamberlain published an account of the regiment called “History of the 150th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Second Regiment, Bucktail Brigade.” Before it was published, many members of the company reviewed the manuscript and no one objected to the following:

    “[Lincoln] was not long in placing the officers in his two companies at their ease in his presence, and Capts. Derickson and Crozier were shortly on a footing of such marked friendship with him that they were often summoned to dinner or breakfast at the presidential board. Capt. Derickson, in particular, advanced so far in the president’s confidence and esteem that in Mrs. Lincoln’s absence he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and — it is said — making use of his excellency’s nightshirt! Thus began an intimacy which continued unbroken until the following spring ... ”

    The Bucktails witnessed the relationship between the president and his bodyguard, which was public enough that they knew Derickson kept him company when Mrs. Lincoln traveled, and wore his nightshirt. Historical interpretations aside, why would the president, then in his 50s, sleep with his bodyguard?

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet


    The most outspoken and respected of detractors is historian and Lincoln biographer David Herbert Donald, arguably the most notable Lincoln observer since Sandburg. In his attempts to refute Lincoln’s possible homosexuality, Donald claims in his book “Lincoln’s Men” (2004) that while Speed and Lincoln slept together for four years in the same bed, they both were romancing women during two of those years. But the fact that he courted women doesn’t rule out the possibility that Lincoln may have preferred men. Donald also noted that no contemporaries of the two, including Herndon, claimed to have witnessed Speed and Lincoln having intimate relations. But Donald ignored eyewitness accounts and misinterpreted other witnesses who hinted at it, such as the president’s own secretaries. The historian also brushed aside the emotion contained in the letters between Lincoln and Speed, in their own handwriting. Donald pointed out it was common for 19th-century young men to have emotional relationships and share a bed. But Speed and Lincoln weren’t considered “young” when they met.

    Doris Kearns Goodwin, in an interview on C-SPAN about her 2006 Lincoln biography “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln,” said, “Homosexuals didn’t exist before the word was coined in 1868 ... ” She most likely meant the term didn’t exist, but this clearly demonstrates a lack of sensitivity by non-gay historians. Goodwin has to be familiar with Lincoln contemporary Walt Whitman. While the words “homosexual” and “gay” were not coined at that point, Whitman now is considered to have been gay.

    Younger historians and Lincoln scholars seem to be more sensitive to the subject than Donald or Kerns were. For example, Jean H. Baker, a former student of Donald, conceded in her acclaimed 1987 book, “Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography,” that Lincoln’s distraction from his wife was likely due to more than just his all-consuming work. Baker said, in a New York Times interview, “I previously thought [Lincoln] was detached because he was thinking great things about court cases ... now I see there is another explanation.”

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet

  19. Holy Moly, Every day is Christmas. It's too good to be wished for.

    If ever there was a day to rob Ft. Knox, the day has arrived. No one would notice, for sure.

    I can't wait to go to bed, tonite, to see what presents will be under the magic, lifer tree, tomorrow.

    Farce, O' lovely Farce, thy name is "General."


    Taken individually, accounts of Lincoln with other men may not offer enough proof that he was gay. But the pattern reveals a man who, in his sexual prime, slept exclusively with another man for four years — two of those years (according to Donald) without romancing someone of the opposite sex; who wrote a poem about a boy marrying a boy; and who, as president, slept with his bodyguard.

    From historical records, one can conclude that Lincoln enjoyed sleeping with men. He did so when it was acceptable in youth and poverty, and also when he was older and successful. While it is documented that Lincoln slept with several men, there is only one confirmed woman who shared his bed — Todd.


    I will tell you a Joke about Jewel and Mary

    It is neither a Joke nor a Story

    For Rubin and Charles has married two girls

    But Billy has married a boy

    The girlies he had tried on every Side

    But none could he get to agree

    All was in vain he went home again

    And since that is married to Natty

    So Billy and Natty agreed very well

    And mama’s well pleased at the match

    The egg it is laid but Natty’s afraid

    The Shell is So Soft that it never will hatch

    But Betsy she said you Cursed bald head

    My Suitor you never Can be

    Beside your low crotch proclaims you a botch

    And that never Can answer for me

    This poem, about a boy marrying a boy, is thought to be the first reference to gay marriage in U.S. history. A 20-year-old man in rural Indiana wrote it 182 years ago. That young man was Abraham Lincoln. Most historians agree Lincoln wrote the poem as a joke or rebuttal to the lack of an invitation to a friend’s wedding, but how a backwoodsman conceives a boy-marries-boy poem in 1829 remains a question.

    The poem was included in the first major biography of Lincoln, written by his law partner, William Herndon. Revisionists omitted it in subsequent editions. It didn’t reappear in Herndon’s edition until the 1940s

    Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news - Lincoln A life in the closet

    Mark Segal is founder and publisher of Philadelphia Gay News. Sometimes called the Dean of the Gay Press, the award-winning columnist is fascinated by history.

  21. Guideline D: Sexual Behavior of the December 2009 Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information states:

    The Concern:

    Sexual behavior that involves a criminal offense, indicates a personality or emotional disorder, reflects lack of judgment or discretion, or which may subject the individual to undue influence or coercion, exploitation, or duress can raise questions about an individual's reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified information. No adverse inference concerning the standards in the Guideline may be raised solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the individual.

    Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include:

    Sexual behavior of a criminal nature, whether or not the individual has been prosecuted;
    a pattern of compulsive, self-destructive, or high-risk sexual behavior that the person is unable to stop or that may be symptomatic of a personality disorder;

    Sexual behavior that causes an individual to be vulnerable to coercion, exploitation, or duress;

    Sexual behavior of a public nature and/or that which reflects lack of discretion or judgment.

    Conditions that could mitigate security concerns include:

    The behavior occurred prior to or during adolescence and there is no evidence of subsequent conduct of a similar nature;

    The sexual behavior happened so long ago, so infrequently, or under such unusual circumstances, that it is unlikely to recur and does not cast doubt on the individual’s current reliability, trustworthiness, or good judgment;

    The behavior no longer serves as a basis for coercion, exploitation, or duress;
    the sexual behavior is strictly private, consensual, and discreet.


  22. “I hope with tolerable confidence, that this letter is a plaster for a place that is no longer sore. God grant it may be so."

    There's an emotional tell.

    1. He was asking him to wipe his ass with it?

    2. You may read it emotionally, or some other way, Sir, as fits your style of reading.

  23. Petraeus's resignation, a loss or gain for Israel -

  24. These two crazy split-tails, and their batshit crazy, dog in heat, idiot, pussy-sniffing generals have done more to advance our national security than all the nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and stealth bombers ever built.

    It's a miracle. A chance for the American People to get a glimpse at what these puffed-up peacocks, with, as Deuce so eloquently put it, more medallions than a Pakistani taxicab, really are.

    1. :) heh - Pure Aged 60% Cask Strength Rufus Whisky

    2. Yes, yes, whiskey.

      Have I talked to you'all, yet, about Ethanol?


  25. Cartoon for Jenny -

    Scroll down to cartoon.

    The trouble began at Roswell, not primordially, and has returned.

  26. The common theme is our national fat ass gob struck genuflection towards heroes. Are we so reduced, our lives so pathetic to need them so desperately?

  27. This absurd oil story is being quoted on every news show; evidently made it onto the front page of the Wall St. Journal, and is completely bogus. It's fucking lala land.

    We produce 6.2 Million bbls/day, and import 8.5 Million bbls/day.

    We will, almost certainly, never produce more than 7 Million bbls/day.

    And, they're talking about "We will become an EXPORTER of Oil?


  28. You are just behind the curve, Ruf, on the oil. I know it is a shock.

    Sticking with the Theme of the Day, the Defense Secretary doesn't know what the fuck is going on -

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta seemed not to have extensive knowledge of the Petraeus affair when talking to the press earlier today on board a flight to Australia.

    "You know, I don’t know the answer to that," Panetta said in response to a question about when the affair started and whether the CIA director would be prosecuted. "I guess, I’m reading the papers and The Elephant Bar like you are to determine just what the committees finds out, what the ultimate investigation determines on that issue. We obviously are going to watch this closely to determine just exactly when that took place. But I think right now my view is lets see what the investigation turns up and what the congress, these committees are able to determine just exactly what took place."

    Panetta, who served as CIA director before Petraeus, called the affair "a very sad situation."

    Also the lying witch Hillary doesn't give a fuck what is going on:

    Hillary can't make House hearing on Benghazi; busy visiting friends, wine tasting in Australia...

    The Commander-in-Chief was last seen on a golf course, and doesn't give a fuck about anything but his game, so I guess it is up to the House Committee to 'get to the bottom of this', as the President promised he would do in the campaign.

  29. There was a book by Jerzy Kosinski were the guy dressed up like a fancy General in some old military uniforms and medals he got at a second hand store. Was able to score the best seating, meals, and tickets all over Europe. People would give him their seats even. I think I would rate Herman Goring up there with the best dressed gaudiest uniforms I have seen. On the other hand, I cannot remember seeing an Israeli General looking like a Pakistani taxi cab.

  30. November 13, 2012
    US to be #1 in oil production by 2020
    Rick Moran

    Imagine what we could accomplish if we had a president who aggressively developed our oil shale fields?


    Growing supplies of crude extracted through new technology including hydraulic fracturing of underground rock formations will transform the U.S. into the largest producer for about five years starting about 2020, the Paris-based adviser to 28 nations said today in its annual World Energy Outlook. The U.S. met 83 percent of its energy needs in the first six months of this year, according to the Energy Department in Washington.

    "The IEA outlook feeds into the idea of a shift in the center of influence in the world oil market," said Gareth Lewis-Davies, an analyst at BNP Paribas SA in London. "Given Saudi Arabia is willing to shift production up and down it will retain a large degree of influence, and remain important as a price-influencer."

    The U.S., whose crude imports have fallen 11 percent this year, is on track to produce the most oil since 1991, according to Energy Department data. In a year when Iran has threatened to halt Persian Gulf oil shipments, the growing output, coupled with a gas-production boom, may help insulate the nation from supply disruptions. President Barack Obama cited "freeing ourselves from foreign oil" as a policy goal in his election victory speech last week, echoing his predecessor, George W. Bush, who in 2006 urged the U.S. to break its "addiction" to imported crude.

    West Texas Intermediate crude, the benchmark U.S. grade, has dropped 13 percent this year to $85.55 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, as stockpiles swelled to a 22-year high. Prices have more than quadrupled in the past decade, reaching as high as $147.27 a barrel in July 2008.

    Next up - building new refineries to deal with the increased production. Also, developing safe and efficient ways to make large scale fracking possible. If done correctly, fracking has proven to be a safe way to extract oil. But whenever industry gears up to produce on a massive scale, it is inevitable that short cuts will be found that may not be as safe as required to protect ground water. Sensible regulations governing how the oil is extracted using fracking will be necessary.

    The problem is trusting the Obama administration to be "sensible" about anything relating to energy. The EPA - which has demonstrated an animus toward fracking - might seek to severely limit the practice. Congress must use its oversight mandate to make sure that both the public interest is protected, and the industry is allowed to exploit these new fields.

  31. This guy is thinking along my line -


    Oh, what a tangled web that they weave. How is it that a woman of Lebanese descent has gotten so close to the highest ranking Generals in our military? This is possibly a huge link to the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama. Jezabella!!!

    1. .

      There's no proof of such a thing; but while I hate to admit it, that was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the background on the family.

      Of course, most of the family are professional people and likely have bought into the American way of life.


    2. Just cover, Quirk, just good cover. Consider the 9/11 hijackers, great neighbors one day, then.....gone

  32. Why does a general, being paid to do his shitty job, need a biographer camp follower for one year? Shouldn’t he be busy with coming up with a solution to protect the deployed cannon fodder being killed by the Afghani police that they are training? Did Petreaus have a light schedule between jogging, a wife , a girlfriend and face time on the computer and his need to share the details of his glorious life? You can double down on that with the Director of the CIA.

    All this a diversion from the clusterfuck that we created in Libya.

    1. .

      Look at the bright side. Can you imagine the yuks the guys in the ranks in Afghanistan are having right now.

      Probably not that good for Allen's effectiveness but at least it provides a little humor during the holiday season for the guys who can use it.


  33. No problem, the noodle brains are awaiting for further explanation, directions, erections and explanations from the media. May God bless America.

  34. For those familiar with the writing of the inimitable Whiskey: the Road to Slutdom. Teaser (move over Jenny - there's a new cynic in town):

    Marriage, requires a husband to constantly amp up the sexiness. To be competitive with any and every man his wife could come across. Particularly those who are in command or order about lots of other people. Authority is an aphrodisiac. Almost any and every modern woman will fall for it. Since women are never taught (these days) sexual control and mastery of emotions and desire, and since most women never even feel real desire and longing, certainly not for their “nice” and “supportive” male peers, any hint of authority will have them offering sex to satisfy those urges and longings that overpower them. All women throughout history have always had this, however most in the West until recently were taught control by older women who urged a willful avoidance of the road to slutdom.

    I hope this doesn't end in a "Slouching Towards Gomorrah" Victorianism.

    What Wall St did was orders of magnitude more offensive.

    1. More likely, a "slouching toward Gonorrhea."

    2. :)

      Ah Whiskey, I used to read his stuff. Wasn't he the guy with the theory that aggression and expansion derives from polygamy, IIRC?

      But the above seems some added new twist, which I am having trouble following, to be truthful.

      I think I will pass, since we each only have a limited pool of brain power to exhaust in a lifetime, like Hemingway said of our sexual reservoir.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Barry Bonds may have been the best hitter in baseball history. But the Giants didn't win a World Series until after he was gone.

    That, in essence, is Microsoft's take on the departure of Steven Sinofsky, who until Tuesday ran its all-important Windows division.

  36. The Right Reverend Peter Ball, who is thought to be the highest-ranking clergyman in the Church of England to be arrested over child abuse, faces allegations that he molested eight boys and young men aged between 12 and their early 20s. He was detained at his home in Langport, Somerset.


    Detective Chief Inspector Carwyn Hughes of Sussex Police, who is leading the investigation, said: “The Church of England, including the Diocese of Chichester, are co-operating fully with police.

    He added: “Allegations of historic offences are treated just as seriously as any more recent offences.”

  37. Sudanese rebels shelled the capital of the country's main oil state on Tuesday, witnesses and the insurgents said, in retaliation for government air strikes. Sudanese television reported five civilians were killed in the shelling.

  38. Suraya Pakzad, who runs two women's shelters in Afghanistan, says prominent government officials already have repeatedly threatened her, demanding that she expel their female relatives from her safe houses to return home. "I've never had a single problem with the Taliban," she says.


    Sharifa, a wiry 17-year-old from a small village in remote Daikundi province, spent two years in one of the two shelters run by Ms. Pakzad's organization, Voice of Women.


    Marrying a man of her father's choosing is the only way Sharifa can avoid a lifetime in a shelter or time in jail. "I'm angry...


      HERAT, Afghanistan—Rokhshana, a 14-year-girl, has been behind bars here since March. She is serving a yearlong adultery sentence after what she describes as rape by her adult cousin, who remains a free man.

      "I love my country, but there's no justice here," says Rokhshana at Herat's juvenile prison, her arms bearing the signs of beatings.

      Eleven years after the U.S. ousted the Taliban regime, citing its abuses against women as one of the reasons for the invasion, Afghan women—as well as girls—remain subjected to some of the world's most draconian laws. The U.S.-funded Afghan government of President Hamid Karzai routinely imprisons wives fleeing domestic abuse and puts raped children like Rokhshana in jail.

      In part because of international pressure, Afghan women have made some progress in recent years: They can hold office, study in university or walk the streets of big cities without a traditional burqa covering. But, with the U.S.-led coalition withdrawing its troops by 2014, women's activists worry that even those fragile achievements will be sacrificed by Mr. Karzai's administration as he seeks a peace settlement with the Taliban.

      The Plight of Afghanistan's Women

      View Slideshow

      "It's a men's country," says Hawa Alam Nuristani, one of a handful of female members on the High Peace Council, the government body appointed by Mr. Karzai to reach out to the insurgency. "Our only support is from the international community. What is the guarantee that we won't be faced with a similar regime as the Taliban when the Americans withdraw?"

      Almost makes one think we ought to stay, for humanitarian purposes. Spread the good Rufus women's rights doctrine around the world. If people want to join up, and go to Afghanistan, and work and fight for women's rights, what is the problem with that?

      Ethical and practical counter arguments invited.

    2. The rebuttal argument to "it's none of our business."

      Whose side are you on?

      Back when I was starting to slide away from the thinking @BC, the narrative went something like this:

      Some of the most egregious behavior emanating from Muslim cultures in the ME (Muslims living in western countries remaining an unresolved and trickier subject) is directed at women.

      Therefore the largest cultural opening is women's issues, which implies that the indigenous female population should be encouraged to become more active in confronting the demeaning treatment - an internal push-back rather than an externally imposed solution.

      The rebuttal to this suggested approach is that anyone who thinks that a "Feminist Spring" can be encouraged to emerge from the submissive and hyper-dominated female demographic in the ME is a starry-eyed progressive who's been smoking too much hookah.

      It may be just coincidence that this argument comes from the same group that thinks female enfranchisement in this country was predominately responsible for FDR's progressive legislation - the original teat-suckers.

      This is why I reject Jenny's biology theory. If that's the extent of the human end-game, then who are we to suggest there might be something more? How very "god-like" of us.

      The juxtaposition of the two sexual moralities being mind-bending, if not mind-numbing. Throw in the recent rape rhetoric coming from this country, and I'm not sure where that leaves us, but it doesn't seem like a good place. I'm biased of course, but I'm going with the girls on this one. Some of the boys at BC might want to include a few plastic Barbies in their Armageddon man-caves.

    3. The abortion rhetoric ending at its logical conclusion with the rape rhetoric of the religious right is frighteningly similar to the concern they express regarding Islam.

    4. It must be difficult to be so easily frightened.

    5. Being frightened is a world distinct from being repulsed.

    6. .

      The abortion rhetoric ending at its logical conclusion with the rape rhetoric of the religious right is frighteningly similar to the concern they express regarding Islam.

      In what way?


    7. .

      Ethical and practical counter arguments invited.

      I'll stick with the practical (or cynical if you like).

      On the right, women's rights in Afghanistan, based on results there, merely appear to have been one more excuse to justify a continued occupation. The left are even more humorous. They cite 'humanitarian' reasons.

      What is the practical reality of 11 years of US occupation?

      Eleven years after the U.S. ousted the Taliban regime, citing its abuses against women as one of the reasons for the invasion, Afghan women—as well as girls—remain subjected to some of the world's most draconian laws

      And why? Most would say it's the influence of the Taliban, yet,

      Suraya Pakzad, who runs two women's shelters in Afghanistan, says prominent government officials already have repeatedly threatened her, demanding that she expel their female relatives from her safe houses to return home. "I've never had a single problem with the Taliban," she says.

      Taliban? U.S. backed government? It's the culture stupid.

      Too expect any progress on women's rights in Afghanistan because US forces stayed another decade or two brings to mind Einstein's definiton of insanity.

      Right now the US is trying to get their ass out of Afghanistan. To help women there, they would have to do it by force, an impossible undertaking. Instead, they support the government and negotiate with the Taliban. And according to General P's COIN theories, a key factor in the philosophy is that you need to 'understand and respect local circumstances'. Don't rock the boat.

      Women's rights in the ME will only be accomplished by factors other than US military intervention. It will be accomplished by the international community continuing to highlight and denounce these misogynist practices. It will be changed internally by heros like the 14 year old school girl in Pakistan who put her life on the line to highlight the abuses to women. It will start with those groups like the vigilantes in Egypt that wait until they spot abuse and then pounce on the offenders and beat the shit out of them. Things are changing slowly, way too slowly. However, the process will not be speeded up by US intervention.


    8. Elementary Quirk. If you believe life starts at conception and that every life is sacred then, well, every life is sacred no matter how it is conceived.

    9. .

      Geez, Ash.

      How is that "frighteningly similar to the concern they express regarding Islam."


  39. Between this, the accusations against Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley, and the feds following a routine e-mail harassment case all the way up to the top of the CIA, we’re now looking at what’s easily the best spy thriller since “No Way Out.” At this point there’s no way that the growing cast of characters doesn’t contain someone who’ll end up speaking Russian in the final scene. Time to start a Hot Air pool on who it’ll be? Put me down for five on the shirtless FBI agent. He’s my favorite.

    We need to go back to old ways to sort this all out. During spring high water, throw all the actors in the Snake River above Asotin and let the river gods decide. If they sink, they are innocent, having been accepted by the gods. If they float, they are guilty, having been rejected by the gods, and are to be shot forthwith.

    1. About the only sensible thing you've written in months. :)

  40. I'm still waiting for the entrance of Dominatrix Sis #2.

    1. She's got to be in there somewhere, even if only as a substitute player when Dominatrix Sis #1 has a headache.

  41. Lizle

    Rush just announced that the Brits are saying that the Kelleys are in debt for millions and house may be foreclosed. Looking for money?

    I can well believe this. Docs don't know real estate, ever.

    But it goes against my working thesis she might be undercover muzzie of some sort.

  42. It's a shame about the Afghani women, but there's really nothing we can do about it. It's just one of those things.

    As for the poontang boys at MacDill: It's not the "Morality;" it's "Judgement."

    And, in the case of the jarhead general - the anger that he has Marines dying almost every day out there in that hellhole, while he sits at his computer playing internet grab-ass (evidently, for hours on end) with this silly slut.

    1. That anger is fully justified.

    2. I gotta say this; the woman is no sluttier than the Generals, and not nearly as silly. At least, she knew what she was doing.

  43. ik Paul+from+SA

    Obama did something very bad or negligent concerning Benghazi, and Patraeus is involved and this old sex scandal is a smokescreen. Maybe Obama was intoxicated on crack or passed out or something and never answered the phone or bothered to make a decision.

    They are hiding something massive. If this fails, what will they use next for a diversion?

    There has been speculation, due to his stony eyes, and other behaviors, that O'Crack is back sucking on the pipe again.

    Will Patraeus end up in jail? Does he belong in jail? He did break the law and his oath. Will the law be enforced or will he be given preferential liberal treatment?

    1. You gotta quit reading that stuff, Bob. It's liable to give you brain cancer, or somethin'.

  44. Washington Post
    Obama Considering John Kerry For Defense Secretary...

    I guess he really wants to gut the military.

    1. I know Obama is young and may not have been aware at the time, but someone really should remind him of the Swiftboat veterans.

  45. In the past few days, South Korea’s presidential candidates held press conferences to explain their ideas for dealing with North Korea during the coming five years.


    We decided to talk about outsiders’ influence over North Korea – asserted and real – with Brian Myers, professor at Dongseo University in Busan, expert on North Korean propaganda and author of “The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters.”

    A major excerpt of the conversation, in two parts:

    WSJ: How much does North Korea’s future depend on South Korea?

    Mr. Myers: Well, people tend to overlook the fact that North Korea’s economy collapsed at about the same time as South Koreans lost faith in their own state. The late 1980s and early 1990s were a time when South Koreans were questioning the very legitimacy of their republic.


    They say, “We feel the race.” As for the state, they say its establishment sealed the division of the peninsula, and Rhee Syngman tainted it forever by not purging of it of former pro-Japanese collaborators.

    WSJ: Is one side to blame for this more than the other?

    Mr. Myers: The right wing now blames this mindset on the left wing, but the right would not have impeached President Roh Moo-hyun on such flimsy grounds in 2004 if it had had respect for the republic as a political entity. If you look back at history, you can see that the South Korean government never seriously engaged in state-building.


    The U.S. was allied before with an Asian state [South Vietnam] in which ethno-nationalism militated against state-support. And we all know how that turned out. If we must think in Cold War terms, we need to realize the situation on the peninsula is at least marginally closer to the situation in divided Vietnam than the situation in Germany in the 1980s.

    WSJ: This is understood but not discussed in South Korea, right?

    Mr. Myers: When I talk to average South Koreans about this issue, most say they’ve never discussed it before. When I first mentioned it in a New York Times editorial in 2010 after the sinking of the Cheonan, and I said South Koreans feel loyal to the race and not the state, it was welcomed by the South Korean right.

    North Korea

  46. Beyond her hosting efforts, The Washington Post reports that, according to a military officer who served on Gen. Petraeus' staff, Kelley was a "'self-appointed' go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern government officials."

    Yep, just give it some time

  47. Replies
    1. Tampa . . . . Style

      That's a phrase you don't hear often.


    2. Gangnam Style was allegedly a parody by the artist (PSY) of the lifestyle in the Gangnam District of Seoul. Tampa being a parody of the Hamptons?

      I don't really know. It's so hard to keep up.

      Petraeus and Paula are emerging a little better.

  48. Frankly, I wouldn't trust either of these "generals" to act as a schoolcrossing guard. No wonder we're still stuck in the middle east with dimwits like these making decisions.

    A little ass, a little cleavage, some nipples on high beams. No common sense at all.

    "What are you wearing? Where would you like my cock””

    “How about up your dumb ass?”

    What can I say, guys, pussy rules the world, a la Wallace Simpson, Cleopatra, Helena of Troy, Elizabeth Taylor, and on and on and on, forever until the end of time. I’m glad I’m’not a man. But that never stopped the pentagon in the past. Not to worry about "the boys", though. As soon as they "resign", they'll be deluged with money-heavy offers from war profiteer companies to be their shills in congress. Do you think there will be any senators or representatives who will see beyond the glamour of stars and bars, and actually see them for what they are? I won't hold my breath.

    1. .

      Frankly, I could care less about P's affairs, other than the humorous aspects.

      What amazes me is that this guy is regarded as some kind of a genius. In the past few days, I've heard him compared to generals like Ike, Grant, and MacArthur. The only ones I didn't hear him put on a par with were George Washington and Julius Ceasar.

      People point to COIN as if that were a good thing. In Iraq, many point to coin as a determining factor, while ignoring the fact that it was instituted at the same time other, more imortant, factors were occurring; the surge, the decision by Sunni militias to turn against al-Qaida in Iraq, there was the ethnic cleansing and enclaving that took place in Baghdad, which turned a once Sunni-dominated city into one controlled by Shiites, and gave both sides in the civil war fewer individuals to seek out and slaughter; there was the mass exodus of refugees out of the country; and later, there was the Sadr ceasefire.

      "What's more, those who pushed the Iraq surge narrative suggested that a more humane and civilian-focused approach there had brought success. In reality, the number of civilians killed by US airstrikes had increased nearly four-fold in Iraq; the number of Iraqis in detention jumped 50%. This is not to suggest Petraeus deserves no credit; he smartly took advantage of these larger shifts in Iraqi society to seek an endgame to the conflict.

      But the reality is that much of the decline in violence attributed to the actions of US forces was the result of decisions and actions taken by the Iraqis themselves. The US role was important, but hardly decisive..."

      As far as applying COIN in Afghanistan, well, the results are obvious.

      I'm not saying Petraeus is not a competant general; however, I knew General Schwarzkoff and General Petraeus is no General Schwarzkoff.


    2. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

  49. This would be a damned fine time for some College Kids to start up the anti-war protests.

    1. This would be a damn fine time for some in Congress to start up the impeachment proceedings for a Commander-in-Chief with innocent blood on his hands.

  50. On this day in 1997, the Lion King made its debut on Broadway.

  51. The White House learnt of it on election day. It upends Mr Obama's reshuffle of his cabinet and his top military commanders.


    As the scandal engulfs Washington, the inevitable effect will also be to undermine America's credibility as the world's military leader in Afghanistan and Nato. Lurking also are questions about the CIA and the 11 September attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including the US ambassador to Libya.

    Many on Capitol Hill are demanding that General Petraeus testify at forthcoming hearings on the tragedy, where he will be grilled on why he told Congress members after the attacks that it had erupted spontaneously from a riot outside the consulate, when the evidence has since suggested he already knew it had been conducted by militants.

  52. .

    While looking up a timeline on COIN, I came across the following interview with, Jaun Cole, a historian at the UofM. The interview talks of Petraeus, Afghanistan, COIN, US intervention, and the fate of women in Afghanistan. Near the end of the tape, Cole offers opinions that mirror mine as posted above in response to Bob's question on whether the US occupation should continue in order to aid the women of the ME. Naturally, since Cole's views agree with what I posted, I think they are spot on.

    I also have to say I also agree with just about everything else he says.

    Petraeus' Failure was not Broadwell


  53. String quartets, expensive cigars and lavish spreads were reportedly features of Kelley's hospitality.

    Expensive cigars!

    Jumpin' Jill gets a pass, even if she doesn't know how to run a cancer charity.

  54. DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Horses that have nearly starved to death has become a problem, and experts say it will only get worse as the cold days of winter move in.

    Many horse owners say they just can’t afford to feed the animals because of sky-high hay prices, which are elevated due to the drought in Colorado and across the nation.

    Drought conditions this year range from dry to exceptional for nearly every state west of the Missisippi River. That means less hay has been grown and prices are at three times the normal level.

    Thanks ya Bob for sending that semi of falfa down our way. Weren't that a pitiful video.



  55. By Sari Horwitz, Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung, Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 7:56 PM

    The FBI is making a new push to determine how a woman who had an affair with retired Gen. David H. Petraeus when he was CIA director obtained classified files, part of an expanding series of investigations in a scandal that also threatens the career of the United States’ top military commander in Afghanistan.

    Senior law enforcement officials said that a late-night seizure on Monday of boxes of material from the North Carolina home of Paula Broadwell, a Petraeus biographer whose affair with him led to his resignation last week, marks a renewed focus by investigators on sensitive material found in her possession.

    Jumpin' Jill has lawyered up, as Broadwell needs to do. Jill also got herself a PR person. She will need a ghost writer to turn a profit on this Big Brass Bed Gate deal. All these expenses are deductible.

    1. She might even be able to pay off the back taxes owing by the whole family!

  56. Final point, though, he may have been under pressure, as Charles says, to go along with the administration line on September 14th about the video, which he knew was not true. Someone else told me that General Petraeus, on the Hill that day, Director Petraeus I should say, said privately to one of the members of Congress, said, “This is what happened in Benghazi,” he said, “Do you want the official line or do you want the real truth?” So I think he knew that he was not telling the full truth. He is, on the other hand, the CIA director. They were involved in some pretty complicated things, perhaps, in Benghazi. To be fair to him, maybe he thought that national security required him not to fully spill the beans and to kind of go along with a line that was otherwise politically convenient for the administration.


    By the way, if you’re looking for the latest episode of “Real Housewives of CENTCOM,” here you go. Two sources tell Fox News that the e-mails between Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley were in fact a bit more than flirtatious and amounted to the e-mail equivalent of phone sex. I confess, as I was reading the story, I completely lost the plot for a moment as to why it’s newsworthy and how we arrived at the point where we’re all interested in it. It matters, I guess, because Allen has been nominated to be the U.S. commander in Europe and this reflects on his judgment. Or because maybe, depending upon how many e-mails there are, it shows he’s been spending way too much time dallying with Kelley instead of attending to his duties in Afghanistan.

  57. RUFUS! You good hearted doddering old fool, read this, please -

    Green's outlook was not as rosy.

    "[Patients] won't be able to see a primary care physician hardly," he said. "Primary care will be past saturated with wait times longer and will not accept any new patients. There will be an increase in hospitalizations and increase in death rates for basic preventable things like hypertension that was not managed adequately."

    Doctor Shortage Could Cause Health Care Crash

    All this money we are going to waste making our health care system worse would be o so much better spent creating a new generation of doctors, and many more of them.

    1. And at the same time we wouldn't be riding rough shod over people's rights.

    2. "Looking at shear reality, we can't turn on a spigot and drop out new doctors," he said. "Expect long waits if we cannot figure out how to resolve it, the only place left to go for primary care will be the emergency room."



  58. "The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, 'merely a fool'. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President."