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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Arab Spring is no picnic for Israel

Source News Feed: EMEA Picture Service ,Germany Picture Service

Egyptian soldiers are seen near the Kerem Shalom crossing, a zone where the Israeli, Egyptian and Gaza borders intersect and where an Egyptian military vehicle that was seized by Islamist gunmen tried to storm the border into Israel on Sunday, August 8, 2012. Egyptian aircraft struck at targets near the border with Israel on Wednesday and troops raided villages in a crackdown on Islamic militants blamed for a deadly attack on Egyptian border police, army officials and witnesses said. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST MILITARY)


Constant threats loom on Israel's borders

Israel's fragile borders are vulnerable to a number of threats. Jihadists' recent attack on an Egyptian outpost in the Sinai region demonstrated the danger on that front. War with Iran could also cause a chain reaction.
It was an unexpected attack. The policemen of a district in the Egyptian part of the city of Rafah were sitting at the table during their nightly fast breaking of Ramadan. The gunfire with Islamist extremists claimed the lives of 16 policemen in early August. The security situation on the Sinai peninsular has become fragile again. When there were several attacks last year, Israel built a high security fence along the 300 kilometers of the border.

Change in security situation entails threats
Source News Feed: EMEA Picture Service ,Germany Picture Service

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (2nd R) and Defence Minister Ehud Barak (L) listen to Tal Russo (2nd L), head of southern command, as they stand in front of a burned Egyptian military vehicle that was seized on Sunday by Islamist gunmen in a deadly cross-border assault, after it was towed to an Israeli army base just outside the southern Gaza Strip August 6, 2012. Islamist gunmen killed at least 15 Egyptian police on Sunday and seized two military vehicles to attack a crossing point into Israel, the deadliest incident in Egypt's tense Sinai border region in decades. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST MILITARY)
Top Israeli officials review the Sinai border region
For 30 years, the country's southern border hadn't caused any trouble for Jerusalem. But the effects of the Arab Spring have now arrived at Israel's doorstep. So far, the new Egyptian government has stayed committed to its 1979 peace treaty with Israel. But the Jewish neighbor is monitoring the situation carefully. The new border fence is expected to be completed in some six months' time.

"Unfortunately, no border can be 100 percent safe," said Israeli armed forces spokesperson Major Arye Shalicar. "There will always be attempts to break through. We develop new technologies, but the terrorists do, too."

In Egypt, the overthrow has been completed. In neighboring Syria, it is still going on at full speed. Syria is in the middle of a civil war. Israel is still occupying the Golan heights, which it seized from Syria in 1967's Six Day War. There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries, which, are still officially at war with one another. Jerusalem can only wait and is concerned that terrorists will get hold of weapons of mass destruction and use them against Israel's civilian population.
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is seen between reporters before a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the latter's official residence in Tokyo Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. Barak is in Japan for a five-day visit. (AP Photo/Issei Kato, Pool)
Barak is worried Syrian arsenals could fall into the wrong hands
Defense Minister Ehud Barak has openly considered a military intervention. The goal would be to secure Syria's arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. For now, Israeli soldiers are only observing the situation from their look-outs on the Golan Heights. The war hasn't arrived at the border yet.

"We hope things stay calm in the North," was all Major Arye Shalicar had to say with respect to the tense situation on that part of the border.

Iranian angle

Syriais an ally of Iran. A military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities by either Israel or the US could escalate the situation. Meanwhile, southern Lebanon is home to the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which Iran supports as it attacked Israel in the past.

Experts think Hezbollah has expanded its arsenal since the last war with Israel in summer 2006, to 50,000 rockets. In an armed conflict between Israel and Iran, Hezbollah could hardly be expected to stay on the sidelines. Israel is thus facing a war on several fronts.
U.N peacekeepers of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) stand guard at the Lebanese-Israeli border in the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Kila, as they look on towards the Israeli side near the Israeli town of Metulla, April 30, 2012. Israel began building a wall on Monday along a 1-km (0.6 mile) stretch of its border with Lebanon, saying the barrier was necessary to boost security for an Israeli frontier town across from a Lebanese village. REUTERS/Karamallah Daher   (LEBANON - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST MILITARY)
Israel began building a wall on its border with Lebanon earlier this year. Here a UN peacekeeper stands on the Lebanese side

Bezalel Raviv, a 33-year-old from the Israeli city of Tiberias vividly recalled the war six years ago. "I was in Milan swimming in a pool when my sister called to say Tiberias was under rocket fire," he said.

Raviv packed his bags and went to his home town. His brother told him to stay away, saying roads were blocked in the north, but Raviv wanted to help his family in its hour of need. "I spoke to my nephew, who was nine at the time, and realized he was no longer a child," he said. "That really shook me. I realized I needed to get there without putting myself in danger."

The story is a reminder that human beings are ultimately the ones to bear the consequences of political and military decisions.

No peace in sight

Israel's borders are fragile. The small country of nearly 8 million people is exposed to constant threats. No solution appears on the horizon to the conflicts plaguing the Middle East.

The Israeli army, responsible for the defense of the country's borders, has to be ready for every possibility.

"Every day, we play out all kinds of scenarios," Shalicar said. “It’s no secret that we have many enemies in this region who would overrun us if they got the chance.” DW


  1. Why is our State Department under Obama/Clinton encouraging the Arab Spring? Does anyone think that any one of these Arab strongmen will be replaced by anything better?

  2. Obama is a closet muzzie? And secretly hates Jews, even though he uses some of the same?

    Clinton is a craven, cowardly, lily-livered, recreant and chicken-hearted bitch?

    Those are my two best guesses.

    Followed by, they are both dumber than shit.

  3. The CIA has a long history of supporting radical Islamic groups that blows up in our face or our office towers. Reagan fell for it in his religious fanaticism about Soviet atheists slaughtering the religious Mujahideen. We did it again in Kosovo and Iraq, Algeria, Egypt and now Syria.

  4. "He will not survive," my Syrian friend said, and I think he was right.

    The man on the state television was bearded down to his chest, a self-confessed Salafist – nom de guerre "Abu Dolha", real name Ahmed Ali Gharibo. A Syrian – "alas," said my friend – from the Ghouta district of Damascus. He admitted, right there in front of the cameras, that he "regretted" killing 200 people with his own hands.

    What did it take to get a man like this to admit such things on television? Sitting up in this breezy villa, 16 miles from Damascus – Bashar's brother Maher lives just round the corner – I could well believe what my friend said: Ahmed Gharibo will not survive.

    Like all civil conflicts, rumours turn into facts, facts into rumours. Damascus is almost deserted, near-empty boulevards with more military checkpoints than traffic lights, some "mukhabarat" security, some army, the occasional "shabiha", friendly to me – they would be, wouldn't they, as I drive towards the elite mansions outside town – but a bit down-at-heel.

    "How in the West, being advocates of democracy and liberty and freedom, can you support these people?" my friend asks. “Do your readers know that Her Majesty sends weapons and money to these people?”


  5. I'm hoping Syria breaks into parts. Nearly beginning to root for Assad and the Russians and the Iranians.


    And as it turns out, we'd have arguably been better off helping the Russians in Afghanistan than hindering them.

    What a bizarre preposterous place is the middle east.

    1. What are you saying, Bob. It's already broken into parts.

  6. {…}

    I am about to point out that HMG claims that it doesn't give weapons at all – the word "claim" is all-important in Syria these days, like the conspiracy theory of history.

    "The first step to dismantle Iran is to dismantle Syria – we are isolated and 123 countries are against us; that was the figure of those who gathered for the so-called 'Friends of Syria' conference in Paris."

    I begin to think of the Serbs and their total conviction that the world was against them, that their innocence was without question. Ah, but like the old Yugoslavia, you only have to walk the streets of Damascus to realise that the storm has not yet fully broken. Behind the walls of the old French mandate barracks down from Umayyad Square, the burned wreckage of this week's fuel-truck bomb stands below a wizened tree. Was it aimed at the run-down "caserne" that the Syrian army still uses or a little trick for the UN officers in the Dama Rose Hotel across the road? The last 100 military observers are packing for the road journey to Beirut airport on Wednesday. The transit point of Beirut rather than Damascus airport tells its own story. "We are defunct in five days," I heard one of the UN officers say in the lobby. Funny word, "defunct", French for dead.

    But maybe the truck bomber wanted the UN dead too? Shortly after the explosion, several aimed shots were fired at the UN's third-floor hotel offices. Is it true that a Syrian camera crew were already on the eighth floor, ready to tape the bomb? That ambulances came within three minutes?

    The UN were beginning to realise that their men were increasingly endangered in the provinces. In Aleppo, they started off with a 30-mile radius of the city and within months, their government escorts would not venture beyond the last government checkpoint on the city limits. The rebels were less friendly to the UN, and several of the international observers saw foreign fighters among the "Free Syrian Army".

    Last week – the UN has not exactly advertised the fact – a security man working for the UN, a former government security agent, was kidnapped and tortured and then murdered near his home north of Damascus. They found 20 bullet wounds in his body. The UN's men are not talking – rarely have they been so uncommunicative – but they have counted the corpses in Artous, 25 miles west of Damascus, 70 bodies in all, Sunnis, in a mass grave, just two weeks ago. Killed, it seems, by the "shabiha".

    The FSA have been well and truly cleared out of the centre of Damascus – the suburbs at night are a different matter – and few Damascenes seem to believe that the armed rebels are winning in Aleppo.

    "The Christians are protesting," another Syrian friend tells me. "The Greek Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo has just made an appeal to the Western powers not to send weapons to the fundamentalists. The Syrian Catholic church in Aleppo has now been bombed."

    How does one reply to all this? Does the Syrian government really want the UN to leave? "No!" cries my friend. "We want UN pressure here to force these 'people' into dialogue."

    The Salafist told his audience today that his enemies were "Alawites [of course, for Bashar al-Assad is an Alawite] and Shiites and Christians". So is that it? War by television? An acknowledgement that the man won't live long beyond this broadcast. And the UN are indeed leaving. There is an idea of a miniscule office remaining in Damascus with a military and a political observer. But otherwise, the great gloomy eyes of the UN donkey will close sleepily on Wednesday; it’s the failure of another mission – and not a single international soldier will be left behind to watch the storm burst.

  7. There are a lot of Chris✞ians in Syria that agree.

  8. What causes that wonderful beautiful clicking sound when a dove takes off and lands?

    The Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) is a member of the dove family (Columbidae). The bird is also called the Turtle Dove or the American Mourning Dove or Rain Dove, and formerly was known as the Carolina Pigeon or Carolina Turtledove.[2] It is one of the most abundant and widespread of all North American birds. It is also the leading gamebird, with more than 20 million birds (up to 70 million in some years) shot annually in the U.S., both for sport and for meat. Its ability to sustain its population under such pressure stems from its prolific breeding: in warm areas, one pair may raise up to six broods a year. Its plaintive woo-OO-oo-oo-oo call gives the bird its name. (((The wings can make an unusual whistling sound upon take-off and landing.))) The bird is a strong flier, capable of speeds up to 88 km/h (55 mph).[3] wiki

    The wings.

    "one pair may raise up to six broods a year"

    Looks like I have a new family of doves coming my way!

  9. Florida

    Rasmussen Reports 8/15 - 8/15 500 LV 43 45 Romney +2
    Purple Strategies 8/13 - 8/14 600 LV 47 48 Romney +1
    PPP (D) 7/26 - 7/29 871 LV 48 47 Obama +1
    CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac 7/24 - 7/30 1177 LV 51 45 Obama +6

    Good ol' CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac

    BubblePlumbPolling Romney +4, takes state at general election

    So, at his point, we've got Colorado, Florida, N. Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, and now Wisconsin.

    273 - we win.

    We may get New Hampshire, Nevada, and Ohio too making it 301 to 237.

    Nevada depends on what happens in the Reno area.

  10. Mid afternoon break time for the dove.

    "It's just too hot", she coos.

    Maybe she's done already?

    She's averaged one flight every two or three minutes.

    How long does it take one dove to build a nest, materials being close by?

    All I can find is for swallows:

    One to two weeks is average.
    Feathers are added for several additional weeks.
    Late season nests may be much skimpier and built in less than a week.

    It's just too hot", she coos.

    Been blogging way too long. Wish the wife would get back. Break time. It's just too hot.

  11. Remember the "rat line?"

    I hope they have a nice day.

    Not really.

    Israel wants borders. Then they should set a border, and stick to it - rather than constantly trying to reach out and take little bits out of the other guys land.

    I have no interest in any of them. Not my business; don't intend to make it mine.

    1. Israel wants borders. Then they should set a border, and stick to it - rather than constantly trying to reach out and take little bits out of the other guys land.

      Israel has returned over 99% of all "taken lands" for peace.

      Your statement "rather than constantly trying to reach out and take little bits out of the other guys land" shows your lack of any knowledge of the situation.

      In fact Israel has RETURNED the Sinai two times for peace.

      as for unilaterally setting a border and sticking to it?

      that was the "peace process" imposed on Israel by the USA and the world... Israel gives land, arabs promise peace.

      so Israel gave land and arabs gave bullshit...

  12. Bob's Doves are infinitely more interesting.

    Hell, even his alfalfa is more interesting.

    We can do without the "commando fly-fishing," though.

  13. BTW, for those that are "logic-constrained:"

    I didn't say "all socialist healthcare systems are superior to ours."

    I said, "Those systems That Are superior to ours are socialist."

    Big Dif.

    1. Ruf is in full 'retreat mode' now.

    2. No, I was just trying to help the "reading impaired."


  14. The impact on Egypt's foreign policy of Morsy's seizure of power is already becoming clear. On Monday, Al-Masri al-Youm quoted Mohamed Gadallah, Morsy's legal adviser, saying that Morsy is considering revising the peace accord with Israel. Gadallah explained that Morsy intends to "ensure Egypt's full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai."

    In other words, Morsy intends to remilitarize Sinai and so render the Egyptian military a clear and present threat to Israel's security. Indeed, according to Haaretz, Egypt has already breached the peace accord and deployed forces and heavy weaponry to Sinai without Israeli permission.
    Egypt is on the fast track to reinstating its war against Israel and threatening international shipping in the Suez Canal. And as an Islamist state, Egypt will certainly seek to export its Islamic revolution to other countries. No doubt fear of this prospect is what prompted Saudi Arabia to begin showering Egypt with billions of dollars in aid.

    Who Lost Egypt?

    Caroline Glick

    Answer: Obama and Hillary


    1. Egypt's Islamist president to visit Iran...

    2. The US can no longer afford to shower Egypt with aid.
      Ou allies in Saudi Arabia are now doing it for US.

      Egypt President, a Sunni, is acting as the US and Saudi envoy to Iran.

      Ms Glick is off her rocker. Has ben for years.
      Living so close to the problem, she does not have the US perspective in her view.

      Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton, doing the best the can in a poor situation.
      At least they are not line dancing with the Wahabbi, but keeping things on the QT.
      Unlike Mr Bush, the man whose policies instituted the "Wahabbi Spring"

  15. Bad news for drivers and their cars, good news for ethanol scammers -

    Get a horse.

    1. I know Ruf done sneaked a peak at this, like teenage boys walking past a strip joint.

      But, he'll never admit it now.

    2. Naw, you'd be wrong. E15 is a non-event. There's only one station in the country, that I'm aware of, that even sells it.

      It's only approved for cars, model year 2001, or newer. No station is going to install a couple of hundred dollars worth of pumps to carry E10 And E15.

      Actually, of all the ethanol blends, E10 is the worst. (cost to mileage ratio.)

    3. Should have been "A Couple of Hundred Thousand" worth of pumps.


    4. Our pumps out here say may contain up to 10% ethanol.

      I have no idea what I'm getting.

  16. Egypt had a Complex Society 6,000 years before the Pilgrims washed up on Plymouth Rock. I don't know how anyone on our side of the Atlantic could have ever laid claim to Egypt, much less "lost" it.

    As for when things started going south with Egypt, I can think of one date: May 14, 1948 - At 6:11 p.m. in the White House, Truman signed a document recognizing the Jewish state’s “de facto authority,” and scrawled the word “Approved.”

    Then, of course, to top it all off, we blew Nasser off (and, up, I suppose.)

  17. RealClearPolitics
    Electoral College count
    No Toss-ups

    Obama 332

    Romney 206

  18. BubblePumbPolling - no tossups

    Romney 301

    Obama 237

  19. The Toss-ups
    to win Mr Romney needs to run the table

    Colorado (9)
    Florida (29)
    Iowa (6)
    Nevada (6)
    New Hampshire (4)
    North Carolina (15)
    Ohio (18)
    Virginia (13)
    Wisconsin (10)

    1. He doesn't need Ohio, but he is going to get it. Nevada may be a bridge too far, depends on what the Reno area does.

      He doesn't need Nevada either. Nor New Hampshire.

      Then it's

      Romney 273

      Obama 267

  20. RCP was first recommended by Rush Limbaugh, they have been on the mark for the past 12 years.
    Who is bubblinngbullshit?

  21. Intrade Odds
    Obama 57.0
    Romney 41.8

  22. If Obama wins the states in which he's leading

    he can win the election with Florida, and one more (even tiny little New Hampshire.)

    1. I should rephrase that, if he carries the states in which he's now leading it's a landslide.

      The Ryan bounce was small, and didn't last long it seems.

      But, he's a fool if he doesn't pop the SPR (Strategic Political Reserve.)

      If gasoline prices keep rising they could (will) hurt him.

  23. It really is possible we get a tie, 269/269.

    Then the House picks the President?

    I know the riots begin.

    1. Especially if Obama wins the popular vote, and the House picks the President.

      "Down with the Republic. We want Democracy!"

    2. And no wonder the Social Security Administration is buying hollow point bullets.

      They may have to fend off armed seniors when the cities begin to burn, and the checks don't come through.

  24. Really like your new "Free Pussy Riot - Death To Tyrants" heading, Deuce.

  25. By Alex Newman

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The eyes of the world were on South Africa two decades ago as the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power.

    Last month, however, when Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton declared that white South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught and that communist forces were taking over the nation, virtually nobody noticed.

    Few outside of South Africa paid attention either when, earlier this year, the president of South Africa began publicly singing songs advocating the murder of whites.

    The silence is so deafening that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t even publicly mention the problems when she was there last week. Instead, she was busy dancing, pledging billions of dollars and praising the ruling government.

    “I find that quite disturbing, as if Afrikaner lives do not count for the Obama administration,” Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, PRAAG, told WND.

    He says the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

    Genocide Watch, a highly respected U.S.-based nonprofit organization led by arguably the world’s foremost expert on genocide, has been sounding the alarm on the genocidal onslaught facing South Africa for a decade. The world media, however, has barely uttered a word about it.

    Over those 10 years, thousands of white South African farmers, known as Boers, have been massacred in the most horrific ways imaginable.

    Experts say the ongoing slaughter constitutes a clear effort to exterminate the whites or at least drive the remaining ones – now less than 10 percent of the population – out of the country. In other words, South Africa is facing a genocide based on the United Nations’ own definition.

    More than 3,000 farm murders have been documented in that time period, representing a significant number considering the number of commercial white farmers is now estimated at less than 40,000.

    Tens of thousands of whites have been murdered throughout South Africa, too, according to estimates.

    Disemboweled, drowned in boiling water

    Many more victims have been savagely tortured, raped, disemboweled, drowned in boiling water or worse. The horrifying evidence is available for the world to see on countless sites throughout the Internet: pictures of brutalized dead women and children – even babies.

    “We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation that will try and determine who is planning these murders,” Stanton said.

    The ANC government downplays the problem, claiming it is mostly just “regular” crime. Experts, however, know that is not true.

    “Things of this sort are what I have seen before in other genocides,” Stanton, who also worked against apartheid, said of the murdered white farmers after a fact-finding mission to the “Rainbow Nation” in June.

    “This is what has happened in Burundi, it’s what happened in Rwanda,” he continued in a speech to the Transvaal Agricultural Union in Pretoria. “It has happened in many other places in the world.”

    The true scope of the problem is almost impossible to determine, because the ruling ANC refuses to properly track the figures.

    Regular citizens are now working to compile the statistics and document the savagery themselves.

    1. The government often classifies the brutal farm murders as simple “robberies,” for example. Sometimes the crimes are not even reported.

      South African exiles and family members of victims who spoke with WND said reporting the atrocities is often useless or even counter-productive.

      In some cases, experts also say, authorities are actually involved in the brutal crimes. Police oftentimes participate in cover-ups, too.

      The non-stop wave of grisly, racist murders in the Rainbow Nation – new incidents are reported almost daily now – has led Genocide Watch to conclude that South Africa is close to the final phases of the genocidal onslaught.

      When ANC Youth League boss Julius Malema began singing “Kill the Boer,” Genocide Watch moved up South Africa to stage six out of eight on the road to genocide – the preparation and planning. The seventh phase is extermination of the target group. The final stage is denial.

      “It became clear to us that the [(ANC) Youth League was this kind of organization – it was planning this kind of genocidal massacre and also the forced displacement of whites from South Africa,” Stanton explained.

      When a court declared the racist song “hate speech” for inciting genocide against whites, the self-styled communist president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, began singing it too.

    2. Dehumanization

      It is all part of a vicious campaign of dehumanization aimed at whites, according to experts. Demonizing the victims always precedes genocide.

      Known as Boers or Afrikaners, the descendants of Northern Europeans, mostly Dutch, arrived in Southern Africa hundreds of years ago, in some cases as far back as the 1600s. Still, racists refer to them as “settlers,” implying they do not belong there.

      “Whenever you have that kind of dehumanization,” Stanton explained, “you have the beginning of that downward spiral into genocide.”

      The National Socialists (Nazis) did it in Germany, and the Islamists did it in Turkey before exterminating Armenian Christians, he added.

      The government, meanwhile, has already launched a campaign to disarm Afrikaner farmers. As Genocide Watch observed in a recent report on South Africa, disarmament of the target group is one of the surest warning signs of impending genocide.

      Whites have not been the only victims. Even before apartheid was dismantled, the ANC was notoriously brutal to its opponents, using some of the most barbaric tactics imaginable even against blacks who refused to bow down.

      Necklacing, in which a tire filled with gasoline is placed around a victim’s neck and set on fire, for example, became a common form of punishment for dissenters and ANC opponents. Even Nelson Mandela’s wife endorsed the monstrous practice.

      Beyond genocide against whites lurks another largely overlooked but related phenomenon: the efforts by communist forces to completely take over South Africa.

      It is hardly a secret. The Communist Party of South Africa has always has been a firm ally of the ANC. Both of the last two presidents have been members of the Communist Party.

      As in Zimbabwe after Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe seized power, the issue of land distribution is being used to advance the same dangerous agenda in South Africa.

      “Whatever system of land tenure is adopted in South Africa, the communists – in the long run – have in mind to take away all private property. That should never be forgotten,” Stanton warned during his recent trip.

      The idea, he said, is to crush all potential resistance.

      “Every place you go where communists have taken over, they take away private ownership because private ownership gives people the power – the economic power – to oppose their government,” Stanton continued. “Once you have taken that away, there is no basis on which you can have the economic power to oppose the government.”

      While the outside world largely refuses to understand or even acknowledge what is really going on, white South Africans are keenly aware of what awaits the nation if the communist schemes are not stopped.

      “The ANC regime has publicly stated that it wants to nationalize all land, in effect doing away with private property when it comes to agricultural land,” explained PRAAG’s Roodt.

      “The Communist Party has always been the real intellectual home of the ANC, and even government ministers call each other ‘comrade’ in public,” he added.

    3. Land redistribution

      Since the end of Apartheid, the ANC government has been working to redistribute land – much of which is still currently owned by the white minority – to blacks and others.

      As in neighboring Zimbabwe, once one of the wealthiest nations in Africa, the schemes have mostly resulted in failure. Under Mugabe, who gave the stolen land to his cronies, estimates suggest millions of people have died from starvation. Others fled, ironically, perhaps, to South Africa.

      Now, the ANC wants to speed up the land reform process. Some elements within the government are even advocating forced expropriation without any compensation.

      The farm murders, analysts say, are the early phases of what may be coming.

      “More and more, the ANC regime’s supporters are turning to violence and revolution to achieve their aims of taking control over land and industry,” Roodt explained.

      “Over the last few days there has been an increase in attacks on family owned farms with the intent of driving owners off their land,” he continued, echoing a widespread sentiment among South Africans that the situation is quickly spiraling out of control.

      “Hit squads target specifically women and elderly farmers as they are seen as soft targets,” he added. The government also disbanded farmer self-defense groups known as “commandos” that formerly protected rural areas.

      According to Roodt, South Africa, like every country during a communist takeover, is being deliberately destabilized. Ethnic and racial tensions are being purposefully stirred up as part of the scheme as well, he said.

      “The ANC regime has failed completely to create jobs for its mass of supporters,” Roodt told WND. “So it is using the white minority as a scapegoat, blaming them for its own economic failures due to corruption, mismanagement, nationalization, racial preferences and so on.”

      Roodt says the “revolution” could drag on, slowly, with a lot of talk but little action. On the other hand, there could be a sudden, radical shift such as what happened in Zimbabwe, where white farmers who refused to be driven off their land were tortured or murdered.

      There could even be a Rwanda-type situation in which whites would be targeted for wholesale slaughter, Roodt warned.

    4. Sadists encouraging sadists

      “Anything is possible,” he added, saying the ruling government was very similar to an organized criminal enterprise. “What is going on in South Africa today with the rape and killing of children, torture or farmers and racial violence, is tantamount to a sadistic society. We are ruled by sadists who encourage other sadists to go out to rape and kill.”

      No matter how bad it gets, however, Roodt and other South Africans fear that the world will shut its eyes and wash its hands.

      “To many people in the West, especially liberals and leftists, I think it is seen as normal for blacks to hate whites and oppress them,” he explained. “Because of their historical guilt associated with colonialism, whites are deemed to deserve punishment, even of the most extreme kind such as torture and mass murder.”

      Even in South Africa, the press is largely silent about what is going on. Consider that after Stanton announced his preliminary findings in late June – explosive by any measure – just one newspaper covered it.

      Many white South Africans believe that time may be running out. Some want their own country in Southern Africa to preserve the unique Afrikaner culture, language and civilization. Others are currently working with Western governments in an effort to raise awareness and hopefully allow especially vulnerable populations to escape as refugees before the festering tensions explode into a full-blown catastrophe. More than a few, though, have vowed to stay and fight back if and when the time comes.

      For now, activists, exiles and human rights leaders told WND they hope Americans will help spread the word about the looming potential calamities facing South Africa. If the ANC gets its way, they say, it will be an unmitigated disaster for whites, blacks – basically everyone except politically connected cronies.

  26. What say you, Ash?

    Basically anyone with a brain knew what would happen in 'Zimbabwe', and knew in South Africa it would only take longer.

    The whites should have divided the country along defensible borders.

    The place is in full throttle reverse now.

  27. Rhodesian had wonderful farms. There is more to it than just walking into whitey's farm house and watching the crops grow.

    The same thing will happen in South Africa.