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Monday, August 06, 2012

First Video and live NASA feed confirm Rover landing on Mars

Live broadcasting by Ustream The $2.5 billion mission saw the one-ton, six-wheeled, nuclear-powered vehicle blaze through the pink Martian sky and touch down inside an ancient crater. After a journey that had lasted eight months, and covered 352 million miles of space, Curiosity performed a series of aerial acrobatics before landing safely near the equator. Jubilant scientists hugged, wept and distributed Mars chocolate bars to each other as one of them announced: "Touchdown confirmed. We are wheels down on Mars. Oh, my God." Minutes later Curiosity sent back pictures showing one of it wheels, and its own shadow on the Martian surface. Curiosity is Nasa’s seventh landing on Earth’s neighbour but the most ambitious and expensive.


  1. That was the most batshitinsane, risky, and dangerous method of putting a rover on to the surface of Mars, and NASA and JPL pulled it off cleanly.

    Brilliant job.

  2. Now this is more like it. Some real success and enthusiasm going to end the day. My money is on them finding some kind of evidence of life, probably in the long ago. Cheers!

  3. Other than the shuttle disasters, this is the most exciting event in space exploration since Apollo 11.

  4. Get ready to be sick when Obama moves in to showboat an agency that he has done his best to politicize and diminish.

    1. Reach out to Mars, NASA! Forget about reaching out to the muslims, as Obama told you to do!