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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who is Barack Obama? Who Knows? Maraniss “Barack Obama: The Story”

©Jack Cashill - May 19, 2012

In all the talk about David Maraniss’s new book, “Barack Obama: The Story,” the chattering classes seem to have overlooked the most significant of Maraniss’s revelations, namely that the story on which Obama based his 2008 candidacy is “received myth, not the truth.”

“My parents shared not only an improbable love,” said Obama famously in his 2004 Democratic Convention keynote, “they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.” This concept of multicultural romance shaped his persona and his campaigns.

At the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver Obama leaped into the story in the very first sentence. “Four years ago,” he began, “I stood before you and told you my story-- of the brief union between a young man from Kenya and a young woman from Kansas who weren't well-off or well-known, but shared a belief that in America, their son could achieve whatever he put his mind to.”

As Maraniss concedes, these two young people shared very close to nothing. “In the college life of Barack Obama in 1961 and 1962,” writes Maraniss, “as recounted by his friends and acquaintances in Honolulu, there was no Ann; there was no baby.”

Although Maraniss talked to many of Obama Sr.’s friends, none of the credible ones ever so much as saw him with Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham.

One Obama friend, a Cambodian named Kiri Tith, knew the senior Obama “very well.” He had also met Ann through a different channel. “But he had no idea,” writes Maraniss, “that Ann knew Obama, let alone got hapai (pregnant) by him, married him, and had a son with him.

Only Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie claims to have seen the pair together during the presumed courtship stage, but he is not close to credible.

"Maybe I'm the only one in the country," Abercrombie told the Los Angeles Times in December 2010, "that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.'" This was pure lie, no other word for it.

A few days later, Abercrombie clarified to Mark Niesse of the Associated Press that he didn't exactly see Obama's parents with their newborn son at the hospital, but that he "remembers seeing Obama as a child with his parents at social events." Another lie.

Maraniss should have quoted Abercrombie with the stated qualifier that he has proved unreliable on all things Obama, but he did not. Abercrombie was too important. Without Abercrombie, there is no contemporary witness to any kind of relationship. Maraniss, however, knew enough not to quote Abercrombie on his claim to having seen the baby with his parents.

Despite his Herculean digging into the dung of Obama’s life, Maraniss’s shovel comes up empty on the couple’s alleged February 1961 wedding. He footnotes his comments thusly, “Marriage facts recorded in divorce records.”
There is no doubt that both Ann Dunham and Obama claimed a wedding. It suited both their purposes, Obama to extend his visa and Dunham to legitimize her baby with a black husband.

As to the divorce, Dunham at the time was desperately trying to keep her future husband Lolo Soetoro in the country. The INS believed her to be married to Obama. Even if she were not married, a divorce would have been useful to clear the way for a marriage to Soetoro.

Like all other biographers of either Obama or his parents, Maraniss is totally silent on Dunham’s whereabouts from the February marriage to the August birth. He adds one detail, however, that deepens the mystery.

According to the birth certificate and the newspaper announcements, the young family lived at 6085 Kalanianole Highway where Dunham’s parents lived. Obama Sr. clarified to the INS that mother and baby lived there without him.
Maraniss definitively states that “[Dunham] and Obama and the infant never lived [at 6085 Kalanianole].” There was no room. The senior Dunhams shared the house with the Pratt family. The Pratt daughter “has no memory of the Dunhams’ daughter bringing an infant home.”

And yes, finally, an Obama biographer admits what the blogosphere has known for the last four years: “Within a month of the day Barry came home from the hospital, he and his mother were long gone from Honolulu, back on the mainland . . . . “

“This period, Washington State revisited,” Maraniss writes, “is missing from the memoir the son would write decade later.” In fact, as recently as Father’s Day 2012, Obama was claiming that his father left home when he was two.
What Maraniss does not say is that he missed the Seattle hegira story himself in the 10,000-word Washington Post article he wrote on the eve of the 2008 election.

He was hardly unique. No one in the mainstream media wanted to blow the whistle on the fraudulent family fable that got Obama elected president.

The New Yorker’s David Remnick chose to overlook it in his 2010 Obama bio. The New York Times’s Janny Scott overlooked it in her 2011 bio of Obama’s mother. The Boston Globe’s Sally Jacobs overlooked it in her 2011 bio of Obama’s father, and the Times’s Jodi Kantor overlooked it in her 2012 book on the whole extended family.
Worse, conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza chose not to report the fraud in his disingenuous bestseller, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” As D’Souza explains, Obama was “his father’s son.” Dunham served largely as the vehicle through which the absent Obama exercised his will on the young Obama, she being “Obama Sr.’s first convert” to anti-colonialism.

D’Souza should have known this was nonsense. Conservative writer Michael Patrick Leahy had broken the Seattle story as early as 2008 in his book, “What Does Barack Believe.” It was accepted knowledge in the conservative blogosphere by 2009.

What Maraniss has laid bare, perhaps without meaning to, is a journalistic scandal of historic proportions in which, alas, he himself has played a part.


  1. Shoot, we whiteys being played like we got banana up our tail pipe --


  2. It is bizarre that, with so little vetting, a man could get elected to arguably the most powerful office in the world.

  3. Tailpipes, Snailpipes...

    Jerry Sandusky trial: Wife Dottie Sandusky defends her husband

    Dottie testified that Jerry was always concerned first and foremost about building character, saying:

    "If it doesn't kill you,
    it just makes your asshole ache.

  4. This is a racist book, and if you believe it, you are a racist. Besides, Bush probably lied in his book too.

  5. What is "Jack" saying: that Frank Marshall Davis or somebody else is the father?


    RE: Alan Simpson's recent remarks

    What I thought was interesting was Simpson's (confident) prediction that it (almost) doesn't matter what the Washington Pols or the Wall St bankers do, or don't do regarding the "fiscal cliff", in specific, or even fiscal reform, in general (this was after he briefly but clearly excoriated the pols for being no-good noodlenecks in response to Bartiromo's question about 'where's our National Conversation?')

    -what was interesting was Simpson's prediction that the markets would serve as the corrective mechanism - not Washington, not Wall St, ... and not Main St (no revolution.)

    Of course The Revolution may still materialize, depending on the depth and breadth of the market-induced misery (there is even a misery index.)

    My take-away is that the markets will be the first to act, followed by Washington, kicking and screaming. I put the chances of a guns and bullets Main St Revolution at "unlikely."

    I remain a (semi-)strong supporter of second amendment rights (although the wording of the amendment still holds some arguable militia/individual issues, but Court has ruled and I'm good with it.) At least for the time. (Maybe a rather long time.) Support for some magic bullet-tracing technology doesn't change that.

    Clearing the record.

    1. They is a distinct resemblance between Frankie and O. Old man Obama from Kenya looks nothing like. "Charles" was making this point years ago. The acorn don't fall far from the tree, they say. If Frankie is pappy, then that makes O a Natural Born Citizen, and I can't bitch no mo.


    2. Obama looks like his mother (startlingly so.) But I think I am the only person in the world who thinks that.

    3. Barry beats her in the looks department, hands down.

      She was more straightforward in professing her religious and political affiliations, however.

      More frugal as a World traveler, also.

      Goes without saying they were both fellow travelers.

  6. Hey folks, listen up, this is important. Just read the morning paper. Old man Matheson, that pecker, his property in Lewiston has been picked by American Pickers to be picked apart live on TV. I knew Mr Matheson, he was a stiff necked pecker. I asked Mr Matheson one day, how are you? He said none of my damn business. Dynamite has been found on his property, where he always flew an American flag, and a Conferate flag, and had signs that said Keep Out and Privat and Corps of Engineers is Thieves, cause he used to have beach front land on the river that is now 20 feet deep. His wife finally picked a divorce lawyer. There must have been a million rattle snakes on that land, in among the cars, freezers, and what not. My wife and I heard 'em once. Once the City tried to sue him and it made that pecker so mad he turned purple. He was called the purple pecker, after that. The Judge said an eyesore is in the eye of the beholder, and he didn't see it, and besides, it was people like purple pecker Matheson that "won the West." So Mr Matheson won the case. That's a direct quote, from the Judge. I know, cause a friend of mine worked that case for the City. After Mr Matheson passed, his ex got some of the best stuff somehow, no one knew how, cause she wasn't related to him no more, and sold the rest to Sutton Salvage and they have a back hoe in there to pick up stuff, but there is still lots for American Pickers to pick through. Check it out on American Pickers web site, if they have one.


    1. Here 'tis, right here -

      American Pickers, that's the place.

      I ain't never heard of that show before, I don't watch no TV, cept Dancing with Stars.



      If you are lucky you will see the crowd gathered waiting for the plucking of the property by the pickers to begin. Wait a bit, the image should return on the slide show in the second article.

      Mary Orr of Lewiston watched from the parking lot. She's seen all the shows episodes, and the reruns, she said.

      "It's been my dream ever since they've been on TV to meet them," said Orr, who'd come over from her lunch break from her job at Tri-State Memorial Hospital.

      "I like it because of the guys and the people they talk to, and when they pick something they give the history behind it. I love history. And I think they're really fair. You don't get that much in this day and age," Orr said.

      She anxiously scanned the junkyard watching for the famed 'pickers'. She longed for a photo with them.

      "I will wait as long as it takes," Orr said.

      And who can really blame her?


  7. This really IS serious. It's what Rufus/ObamaCare will bring to you, eventually.

    Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year

    Professor says doctors use 'death pathway' to euthenasia of the elderly
    Treatment on average brings a patient to death in 33 hours
    Around 29 per cent of patients that die in hospital are on controversial 'care pathway'
    Pensioner admitted to hospital given treatment by doctor on weekend shift

    Read more:

    The Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare should be coming down any day now.


    FLASHBACK: Attacked Trying 'To Hide Behind Executive Privilege'...
    ... 'Over documents he's supposedly never seen?'
    Issa to Holder: Get ready for contempt vote...
    Dem Rep blames Bush -- again...
    REPORT: Holder Retracts Claim Bush AG Knew About F&F…
    Obama campaign demands GOP group disclose donors...


  9. Obama's father was a scoundrel, and a socialist (communist) ne'er do well, and his momma was high enough in the CIA to be friends with Zbigniew Brzezinsky.

    Some very interesting things seem to have transpired to get him into this position of power. Following That trail would be interesting. That other stuff is just "Jerry Springer/Naional Inquirer" nonsense.

  10. 101,000 Gigawatt hrs from Renewable (not counting large hydro) in California, yesterday. Add in the Hydro, and you're probably up over 25% from Renweables.

    Ca ISO

  11. In large part, solar PV panels are semiconductors; does Moore’s Law apply to them as well?

    Yes, in a sense. Moore’s Law speaks to the rate at which the number of transistors doubles on an integrated circuit. In the context of solar panels, it appears that whenever the total cumulative amount of panels produced doubles, the unit cost decreases by 20%.
    Source: Clean Technica (

    Commercial Solar is Cost Competitive, Now

  12. Let's see.....doing some rough back of the envelope calculations here.....USA has about 5 times the population of Britain....hmmm......130,000 X 5 = 650,000....yes, that's it, in a short time we should be bumping off nearly three quarters of a million seniors a year...EST(estimated survival time) once entering the SYSTEM in Britain is 33 hours.....surely American ingenuity can do better than this....we can shoot for 3 hours.....


  13. When I get in that shape I hope they do bump me off.

  14. A little jolt of Cobra venom, some morphine, and we're good to go.

  15. I feel pretty much the same way, actually. Except instead of morphine I think I might what to try some of that South American frog slime they are using in the horse racing industry now for pain. Said to be 40x of morphine.

    Ought to be made available at the local pharmacy, non-precription, of course.

    I'll look for the article I read.


  16. Here, Ruf -

    This is what the doctor ordered to help us through the de-new-ment.


    (do you think there has ever been a horse race that's been honest?)


  17. Mitt Romney’s campaign has once again drawn where the candidate stands on reducing mercury pollution, and it doesn’t happen to be on the side of most Americans. Though a majority of Americans support the standard, Romney and other Republicans have argued on behalf of the coal industry, which has lobbied aggressively against the EPA. Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul told the National Journal:

    “Governor Romney has made clear that he opposes the Utility MACT…. President Obama cannot claim to support clean coal while imposing regulations that his EPA admits would prevent another coal plant from ever being built.”

    Romney’s position reversal is the latest example of the candidate’s etch-a-sketch transformation. As governor, Romney said pollution is akin to “killing people,” and Massachusetts joined several states to sue the EPA for the very regulations Inhofe wants to derail.

    In 2003, Romney unveiled regulations that would require older power plants to reduce mercury pollution, “putting Msssachusstetts in the forefront of reducing air pollution.” The state’s Department of Environmental Protection proposed its own mercury standard, to capture 95 percent of the mercury by October 2012. At the time Romney touted, “Our comprehensive mercury reduction efforts are a major step towards eliminating mercury pollution and will have a positive effect on the environment and public health for many years,” according to a press release from Romney’s office.

  18. Mitt Romney has exactly "One" Core Belief.

    He sincerely believes that he wants to be President.

  19. If the American people only knew the real truth which has been hidden from them by the main stream liberal media Obama never would have been elected .

    Now that some things have slowly been released the spin that the media puts on the stories is amazing . He has been protected by them because they know this fact is true and to further prrotect him they pull out the race card whenever his policies are attacked . Obama is in his heart is a true believer in Marxist ideals which he has always found to be his calling .

    He himself has said in his own words that he has always sought or surrounded himself in with such people . I myself from the very beginning have always said he is the Trojan horse the left has been praying for decades and his actions and his own words have proven me right . People would laugh at me for saying such things but now those same people have admitted to me that he is not who they thought he made himself out to be . Some agree with me others simply say they are now seeing that they were played and will not be voting for him this time around which is a good thing .

    1. If they didn't understand that Obama was a hard-left socialist, then I doubt they were smart enough to find the polling place anyway.

  20. But an extension in the fiscal targets will mean that Greece's euro-zone partners—which are financing the bulk of the latest bailout—will have to find another €16 billion to cover the country's financing needs.

    The first test of whether other European capitals, and particularly Berlin, will agree to an extension comes at Thursday's meeting of finance ministers followed, a day later, by a full-blown meeting of all 27 European Union finance ministers.

    "The task of the government is really difficult, but it's effectiveness mainly depends on the understanding of Greece's European peers," said Ilias Nikolakopoulos, a professor of political science at the University of Athens. "Greeks are waiting for a relaxation of the program and a turnaround in the recession, but they are not expecting a recovery right away."

  21. The Obama administration is using prison labor to advance its green energy agenda, enriching foreign companies and some of the president’s largest campaign donors in the process.

    Federal Prison Industries, most commonly known by the trade name UNICOR, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Justice. Established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1934, UNICOR was intended as a voluntary work-training program for federal inmates.


    Earlier this year, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) intervened on several occasions to prevent Kentucky manufacturers from losing federal contracts to UNICOR.

  22. The High Court declared that it would not be unfair or unlawful to extradite Mr Assange, a decision backed by the Supreme Court, which ruled by a 5-2 majority that his extradition was lawful and could go ahead.

    He was given 14 days on June 14 to consider the Supreme Court judgment before making a final decision on his next move.

    His lawyer, Dinah Rose QC, told the Supreme Court's justices that Mr Assange was considering an application for his case to be reopened on the basis that there had been a flawed hearing, in which case European judges had the power to issue a direction to the UK Government that he should not be surrendered to Sweden if it decides to consider his claim.

  23. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was an exercise in wish-fulfillment. The junior senator from Illinois who wowed Democrats at their convention in 2004 did not make a conventional run for the White House.


    Nevertheless, as we approach the 2012 election, some of Barack Obama’s supporters continue to attribute political positions to him that he just doesn’t hold. Here are four.

    4. Barack Obama’s foreign policy is not as destructive as George W. Bush's was (or Mitt Romney's would be).

    During his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama leveraged his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War (while in the Illinois State Senate) to appeal to anti-war voters. To hear Mitt Romney tell it, Obama’s foreign policy hasn’t been sufficiently militaristic.

    3. Barack Obama’s immigration policies are compassionate and humane.

    Obama's pro-immigration reform supporters were already growing disenchanted with Obama when he announced temporary relief for some young people threatened by deportation. While the move is expected to help thousands of people begin to normalize their legal status in the country, it comes as part of a broader appraoch from this president that has included record-breaking deportations rates and resistance to detention reform.

    Doesn't Actually Hold

  24. On this day in 1948, the "Ed Sullivan Show" debuted on CBS. It was first titled Toast of the Town, before the name was officially changed in 1955.

  25. Price changes: 2002 - 20012


    Gallon of Milk - $2.78
    A Dozen Eggs - $0.97
    Electricity (per KWH) - $0.09


    Gallon of Milk - $3.43
    A Dozen Eggs - $1.69
    Electricity (per KWH) - $0.13

  26. .

    Why Feminists Have a Bad Name

    One can debate the validity of these claims, but for now, let’s give equal time to the other war on women. This one is manned not by men but by a dwindling number of women whose understanding of equality is so narrowly defined that only a certain kind of woman can be recognized as having achieved anything of value.

    Twenty-two such women recently wrote a letter to the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, protesting an award to be given to former first lady Laura Bush. The Alice Award, which honors a woman who has helped other women, previously has gone to Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, Nancy Pelosi and Olympia Snowe.

    Leading the charge of “The 22,” as we shall call them, is Sonia Pressman Fuentes, co-founder of the National Organization for Women, who described her reaction upon reading that Bush was being honored as “a sudden onset of Alzheimer’s.”

    Laura Bush

    If my wife can put up with me, I guess I can forgive ol Laura for sticking with George.


    1. Ain't that the truth and you know not how lucky you are. Your wife hasn't yet given you the ol' "George, it's me or the......"

      Or, has she?


  27. The preliminary HSBC China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, a gauge of nationwide manufacturing activity, fell to 48.1 in June compared with a final reading of 48.4 in May, HSBC Holdings PLC said Thursday.


    "China's manufacturing sector continued to slow in June, though the pace of slowdown seems to be slowing," HSBC Chief Economist for China Qu Hongbin said in a statement.

  28. .

    General Election Poll Results as of Today.

    Gallup: Romney +2

    Rasmussan: Romney +2

    Bloomberg; Obama +13

    What am I missing here?


    1. Bloomberg polled 60% democrats, 20% republicans, and 20% independents.


    2. Today I got in the mail, not one, but two Romney bumper stickers. Also, not one, but two, solicitations for funds. When I open up my wallet it might be for that Senate candidate down in Nevada, Heller.

      After all Romney is not lacking for money, or for big money backers, and he's now got Adelson on his side.


    3. My hundred bucks isn't going to make him or break him.


  29. Replies
    1. RCP includes stuff like PPP, Bloomberg, and others, but not RCB.


  30. The Sons of Romney are appearing on "Conan" tonight.


  31. Factor Bloomber out of the equation and it's Obama +0.7

  32. I don't know what I'm talking about Sam you know that, but I just feel a wipe out coming.


  33. New YorkTimes front page has no mention of Holder

    Here is the lead story:

    Air-Conditioner Sales Rise, Along With Global Worry
    Gases that damaged the ozone layer are mostly out of use in air-conditioning, but replacements used in developing countries, like India, are potent agents of global warming.

    1. I always wake up hoping the NYT will have filed bankruptcy.


  34. The Bloomberg Poll was, IIRC, 38 Dem, 33 Rep, and 29 Independent.

  35. I was sure I’d succeeded in raising a subject he’d never suspected would crop up in a nationally televised debate. Then last year, I read The Reagan Diaries and discovered he had repeatedly struggled with the matter of going to church.

    He had skipped going until he figured out a way to go without risking the safety of the congregation. “Went to church,” he noted in his diary on May 1, 1983.

    “We kept it a secret until the very last minute. It felt good.”

    The Real Reagan

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