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Monday, June 25, 2012

The US has a greater security problem in Philadelphia than Syria or Egypt


  1. Please select your favorite killer. Let me be the first to note the astonishing lack of diversity in Philadelphia criminals. This video is put out by the homicide division. Forget rocket attacks in the Middle East; that is their problem. Philadelphia, as most big American cities, is under siege as are our own borders.


  2. 122 rockets shot into israel by hamas (the moslem brotherhood's offshoot) and not a word from Obama other than calling the new prez and congratulating them…

    I am more concerned about the criminal assault on Philadelphia, where one person is murdered daily, than Arab pyrotechnics in the Israeli desert.

  3. from the previous thread:

    Th Egyptian military is losing control over the situation out in the dunes, and the weapons are everywhere, coming in from Libya too. And some of the weapons are getting really sophisticated and lethal. All this is obviously Netanyahu's fault. And what's he do? Builds a wall to try to keep the barbarians at bay, but rockets go over walls. The the toll of Israeli dead and injured will continue apace, and we never hear about it here.

    Screw the dunes, the Philadelphia police are losing control in the badlands of Philadelphia What have you heard about dead and injured in Philadelphia except here? Security begins at home.