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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney, Ron Paul and Huntsman


  1. "Romney, Ron Paul and Huntsman"



    Vermin Supreme campaigned in the Democratic Party primary in 2004. He received 149 votes in the Washington DC Presidential primary.
    [edit] 2008

    Vermin Supreme campaigned in the New Hampshire Republican Party primary in 2008. He received 41 votes (0.02 %) in the New Hampshire primary. According to the Federal Election Commission, he also received 43 votes, nationally, in the general election.
    [edit] 2012
    Supreme glitter bombs Randall Terry during a forum.

    Vermin Supreme is currently campaigning in the 2012 election. The following are some of the milestones in this campaign:

    Oct 29, 2011: He is to be listed on the 2012 Democratic Party primary ballot in New Hampshire.[11]
    Oct 29, 2011: He participated in a satirical debate against a representative of the campaign of deceased British occultist Aleister Crowley.[12]
    Dec 19, 2011: He participated in the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum and 'glitterbombed' fellow candidate Randall Terry, claiming that Jesus told him to turn Terry gay.[13]

    "a representative of the campaign of deceased British occultist Aleister Crowley"

    heh, this is funny, if you know Crowley

  2. Perry is just wasting his money, from this point.

  3. jeez, I didn't wake up to the fact Vermin has been running democrat till right now.

    Still, would vote Supreme, in a heartbeat, over Obama.

  4. In one of the more incongruous diplomatic visits in recent memory, Libyan officials over the weekend rolled out the red carpet for none other than Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir — the dictator next door wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for slaughtering his own people, very like the military dictator just overthrown in Libya who was also wanted by the ICC on similar charges.


    What's arguably worse than Libya's embrace of its monstrous neighbor is the silence about it from the rest of the world. Every time Bashir crosses the borders of his own nation for another country that defies the ICC by failing to honor the court's arrest warrant, the practice of sheltering war criminals and disrespecting international law becomes more acceptable — and when this becomes so routine that world leaders cease to comment, it has devastating consequences for global human rights.


    This has to stop. President Obama and other global leaders should speak out loudly and forcefully, before Bashir gets another stamp on his passport.

  5. +16. Lost a bit of his shine. RCP had him +22 last week.

  6. Gingrich is speaking now to wrap up the night. Another fine speech, if a bit downbeat and on the wonky side.

    All of these candidates and the one in South Carolina can deliver fine speeches. All of them.

    The question that isn’t being asked, but should be, is can they lead the country in the right direction? What do their records tell you about their ability to be greater than the sum of their words?

  7. Meantime, US and several western countries are experiencing massive popular protests against their governments' economic policies.

    In relevant remarks, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said that the Occupy Wall Street movement would bring down capitalism in America, underlining that the US administration could crack down, but would not be able to stop the movement.

    Addressing tens of thousands of people in the western city of Kermanshah in October, Ayatollah Khamenei said the United States is now in a full-blown crisis because its "corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people."

  8. From Bloomberg:

    U.S. gasoline demand dropped 1.4 percent last week to the lowest level in more than seven years of records, according to MasterCard Inc. Drivers bought 8.04 million barrels a day of the motor fuel in the week ended Jan. 6, down from 8.16 million the week before, figures from the company’s SpendingPulse report showed. The data goes back to July 2004.

  9. And, we produced 0.94 Million Barrels/Day of Ethanol.

    If the stinking Republicans would get off the oil company payrolls, and let us get to work, it wouldn't be any time before we could tell the Muzzies to go bugger themselves with a gasoline hose.

  10. .

    Seeing the amount of posts rat puts up as provided by our favorite real estate agent makes me want to start another awards program for the old EB.

    You know. Something like

    Most Posts Posted..... (rat)

    Most Non-Attributed Quotes.....(Sam)

    Most Bible Verses Quoted.....(T)

    Most Uses of the Word Nazi.....(WiO)

    Best Impression of a Previous Poster.....(jenny)

    Most Use of The Anonymous Screen-Name by a Current Blogger.....(4-Way Tie)

    Multiple Unsuccessful Attempts at Peacemaking.....(Mel)

    Well you get the idea.


  11. Most Urbane, suave, brilliant, and incredibly handsome poster - :) Who else?

  12. Most patient, put-upon, and most likely, perpetually inebriated, blog host in the country . . . . . . (Deuce)

  13. Most sensible blog host in the country . . . . (Whit)

  14. Most often requiring "unscrewing from the ceiling" . . . . (Doug)

  15. Greatest finder of interesting links on the internet . . . . (Sam)

  16. Greatest horoscope writers on the internet . . . . . (still Q, and Mel)

  17. Least likely to die in a "battery-car" fire . . . . (Linear Thinker)

  18. Most sensible blog host in the country . . . . (Whit)


  19. Most unlikely to die from a Water Moccassin bite . . . . (Gag Reflex)

  20. Most likely to get a "potry" book shoved up his rectum at some time or other :) . . . . . (he lives in Ideehoe)

  21. Likely the only sane man on the whole damned blog . . . . . (Dougman)

  22. Most likely to be calling me a knucklehead at this very moment . . . . (jwillie)

  23. Most likely to drop by and challenge one and all to knowledge of the location of the first floor restroom in the new Baghdad Embassy . . . . . (Habu)

  24. Most likely to throw his back out "Tebowing" if Denver ever wins another football game . . . . . (Bob)

  25. Most likely to bring news of the latest ethanol breakthrough into a hot thread entitled Sex in the City and Sex in the Countryside


    g'nite Ruf, those are funny posts, much needed round here

  26. uh, those were the serious posts.

  27. Stop being such a phallical object. You know who you are.

  28. Most likely to leave me scratching my, er ... head . . . . . (Jenny)

  29. .

    How about:

    - a "Zio-troll" award?

    - "Half Truths” award?

    - “Those who hate the truth about Israel” award?

    - obsessed (with Israel and Jews) award?

    - "Irgun fascists” award?

    - “Dislodge your blinkered view” award?

    - "You really are a stupid cunt” award?

    -“No I am not a stupid cunt” award?


  30. :0 - The "lingua franca of the EB" award?

  31. I refuse to tolerate your disingenuous criticism, yes.


  32. The Flaming Ass-Hole award goes to ....goes to.......goes......toooo.....Jenny!

  33. Man is evil from his birth. You all suck, (and name your favorite baddie) It doesn't do any good to imagine that one particular horror was more horrifying than another. Some never forget, others never remember.


  34. The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.

    ~Ron Paul

  35. How about the ...

    "If there was no Palestine, the US recognition of the State of Israel is null and void"

    ... Award?

    Both are mentioned in the recognition proclamation.

    Could not have Israel, without Palestine.

    A subset of Palestine is what Israel is. Per the United States of America. 14MAY1949

  36. I guess the lingua franca of the EB would be "fuck you," a language spoken most eloquently by our resident linguist, Tri . . . . er, Jenny.

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  38. I don't think Jenny writes at all like Trish.

  39. Though she does swear a lot.

  40. If you bother to watch the Ron Paul’s terrific speech and enough voters watch the speech, Ron Paul could win. He should win.

    There will be no difference between Barack Obama and Romney. I just hope we can keep Paul alive.

  41. That sound they deny you hear ...

    ... the glass breaking

    (AP) - Israeli police say a mosque has been defaced with Hebrew graffiti and three cars have been torched in a Palestinian village in the West Bank.

  42. The ranks are breaking. Pajamas Media and The New York Times, brothers in arms.

  43. I just hope we can keep Paul alive.

    Well, sure, I hope so too, but, frankly, the odds don' look too good.

    Sometimes he looks like he just rose from the casket at the funeral.

    Can a man govern the country from a rest home?

    Could we turn the White House into an Assisted Living facility?

    Doug didn't mark him as Doctor Demento for nothing.

  44. Try listening to the speech and tell us about the part where Ron Paul is wrong. Give us some details.

  45. I doubt that he can get past the gatekeepers, but he might get close enough to scare the bastards out of any immediate plans for another war.

    If he could get close in SC it would be a hoot watching the chickenhawks sweat.

  46. With Ron Paul, we truly might end up with a Caretaker Government.

  47. Listen to Hugh Hewitt, Barack Obama and Ron Paul. Which of the three do you believe?

  48. Is that your best shot or are you just warming up?

  49. Virginia, the "Rules" make it head to head, Romney v Paul.

    If Paul were to win, there, the air will be sucked out of their room.

    Sweet Virginia

    Wadin' through the waste stormy winter,
    And there's not a friend to help you through.
    Tryin' to stop the waves behind your eyeballs,
    Drop your reds, drop your greens and blues.

    Thank you for your wine, California,
    Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits.
    Yes I got the desert in my toenail
    And I hid the speed inside my shoe.

    But come on, come on down Sweet Virginia,
    Come on, honey child, I beg of you.
    Come on, come on down, you got it in ya.
    Got to scrape the shit right off you shoes.

  50. That is all they've got, Deuce.

    Fear is what they sell.
    It is all that is on their shelf.

  51. I've already said where I think Paul is wrong. I think his total isolationism wouldn't work. That's probably the main thing. Let him investigate the Fed if he wishes. Let him bring back the gold standard. With Paul Saddam would still be in Kuwait, and probably half way into Saudi Arabia. Then his news letters which are really damning. Sometimes he can't connect two thoughts, and is given to all this conspiracy stuff, time and again, like the border fence is to keep us in.

    In short, I think he is crazy, and shouldn't have been in the Republican primaries to begin with, as he wrote a letter some years ago dropping out of the Republican primary.

    We all know why he is there, because he gets some publicity he wouldn't get with the Libertarian Party.

    O, and he is so soooo dumb as to embrace the crackpot idea of 'jury nullification', which would, if really acted upon, destroy the democracy, and the rational for a legislature.

    But, I've said it all before.

    I just had some really good early morning pie and cool whip, it's back to bed, here.

  52. Jury Nullification

    ... far superior to ...

    Failure to Report.

    Which circumvents the entire legal system.
    The police, prosecutors, judge and jury, all cut out of the loop.

    Let the juries decide justice.

    Give Law & Order a chance.

  53. In Scotland jury nullification had the profound effect of introducing (or as others believed, reviving) the verdict of "not guilty". It was in 1728 that one Carnegie of Finhaven accidentally killed the Scottish Earl of Strathmore. As the defendant had undoubtedly killed the Earl, the law (as it stood) required the jury merely to look at the facts and pass a verdict of "proven" or "not proven" depending on whether they believed the facts proved the defendant had killed the Earl.[citation needed] However, if the jury brought in a "proven" verdict they would in effect cause this innocent man to die. To avert this injustice, the jury decided to assert what it believed to be their "ancient right" to judge the whole case and not just the facts, rendering the verdict of "not guilty" which remains in Scotland to this day. Over time, however, juries have tended to favour the "not guilty" verdict over "not proven" and with this the interpretation has changed. Now the "not guilty" verdict has become the normal verdict when a jury is convinced of innocence and the "not proven" verdict is only used when the jury is not certain of innocence or guilt.[citation needed]

    Standard jury trial practice in the United States during the Founding Era and for several decades afterward was to argue all issues of law in the presence of the jury, so that the jury heard the same arguments the bench did in reaching his rulings on motions. This is evidenced by such decisions as the 1839 case Stettinius v. U.S., in which it was held that "The defense can argue law to the jury before the court gives instructions."[18] Later, judges began to demand the parties submit motions in writing, often before the jury was empaneled, to be argued and decided without the jury being present. This transition began with motions in limine, to exclude evidence, on which it was felt the jury should not hear the argument because they would be informed of the evidence to be excluded. Later that was expanded to include all legal argument, so that today, that earlier practice of arguing law before the jury has been largely forgotten, and judges even declare mistrials or overturn verdicts if legal argument is made to the jury.[

    from wiki - jury nullification

    It's how the common people protect themselves from the corrupt, thieving "powers that be."

  54. Actually, common sense tells you that "jury nullification" happens all across the U.S. every day.

    There are some cases, involving certain defendents, that the jury just isn't going to convict on.

    And, that's just the way it is.

  55. Sanctions and Sabotage, working just fine.

    No need for war.

    TEHRAN, Iran — Two assailants on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the car of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, killing him and wounding two people on Wednesday, a semiofficial news agency reported.

    The attack in Tehran bore a strong resemblance to earlier killings of scientists working on the Iranian nuclear program. It is certain to reinforce authorities' claims of widening clandestine operations by Western powers and allies to try to cripple nuclear advancements.

    The bomb killed Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a chemistry expert and a director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported.

  56. Republicans support ...

    Venture Capitalism ...

    ... but certainly disdain

    Vulture Capitalism.

  57. Waited around the house yesterday, all day.

    The FBI did not come by.

    Updates to follow.

  58. .

    Good stuff, ruf. Very good.

    And it appears we have a qualified replacement for "Good Trish".


  59. .

    I wouldn't start worrying about Ron Paul, Bob.

    There is little chance he will be nominated and no chance he would beat Obama.

    Therefore, do not take what I am about to say as any indication I think he has a chance to win; however,

    Where Paul to win the presidency, the damage would be limited by the fact that he has two entrenched parties already there to impede anything crazy he might try. He may be able to get some positive things done around the edges like auditing the FED since there is already a group in Congress pushing for that. His real contribution may come through the negative power of the veto. Even here, the damage from any crazy stuff would be limited by Congress power to override the veto.

    However, as rat has mentioned numerous times, it would shake up the boys in OZ. No longer could the party in power delude themselves that they were given a mandate by the American people (even though they have an approval rating of 9%).


  60. "Romney, Ron Paul and Huntsman"


    I spend 10 minutes watching Ron Paul on video, a personal record, then give up.

    Is false advertising Politically Correct in the Paulian Universe?

  61. desert rat said...
    Republicans support ...

    Venture Capitalism ...

    ... but certainly disdain

    Vulture Capitalism.


    So, shall we condemn Ron Paul for refusing to join the
    Fatboy Anti-Capitalist Choir?

  62. .

    Sorry, in my last post, I forgot to mention what might be the biggest positive of a Paul presidency, the 'bully pulpit'.

    We would have the intoxicating experiance of Ron Paul on national TV day in and day out castigating both sides in Congess at every turn.

    Might be worth the price of admission.


  63. No shit, I don’t sound like Trish. Who would have thought?

  64. Rufus is for Obamacare and Ron Paul.
    Makes sense to me.

  65. Deuce said...

    "There will be no difference between Barack Obama and Romney. "


    That's why I never bother with light switches in my house anymore.

    ...what's the Big Dif???

  66. In his defense, Rufus has ethanol poisoning, Doug, can't help it.

    Fuck, that last shit by jenny did sound like Trish.

  67. But, I don't know what is wrong with Deuce.

  68. The only thing I'm sure of is Ron Paul didn't know nothin' 'bout those newsletters, cause he said he didn't.

  69. .

    IMO the next four years will be wasted no matter who wins. Neither major party has a clue as to how to fix our key problems which are the economy and jobs.

    Obama may get credit for any improvement in either over the next year. He can also be hurt by events in Europe or China. I still doubt he will do anything stupid in Iran unless his numbers really tank before the election.

    While he may get credit, he deserves none. Any positives we see in the economy are, IMO, the results of the business cycle, pent up demand, and the ecomony struggling to right itself after a big hit.

    For that reason and those mentioned before a Paul presidency might not be all that bad. For the next four years we will have a caretaker presidency anyway. At least Paul would make it interesting.

    Of course, the NLP waould also make it interesting and with their emphasis on TM we all might lose a little weight which could only be a good thing for most of the country.


  70. First Bad link ever by Sam.


  71. Quirk:

    Easiest poster to miss if you forget to turn off your flatulence filter.

  72. .

    Maybe it's just the fact jenny continues to excoriate Doug, always one of Trish's more endearing qualities.


  73. Here's a real Libertarian Concept:

    You WILL have government mandated Health Insurance!

    You Will NOT receive any health care not approved by the Federales.

  74. Nancy Pelosi, Waxman, and Frank.

    Health Care Experts.

  75. Quirk:

    I've yet to see a Jenny Post regarding me.

    Where could I do that?

  76. .

    Try listening to the speech and tell us about the part where Ron Paul is wrong. Give us some details.

    Too early in the morning to be listening to 'ol Ron. Will have to get back to you later.


  77. Quirk said...

    "IMO the next four years will be wasted no matter who wins. Neither major party has a clue as to how to fix our key problems which are the economy and jobs."


    Something will either be done to staunch the avalanch of debt intiated by W, and doubled and tripled down on by Hussein, or events will drive the outcome, regardless. in the Eurozone.

  78. .

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it seems to me I've seen a "Fuck you Doug" here quite recently.

    Perhaps you should spend more time here and they would come more ofter. It's always a pleasure to watch.

    I always enjoyed them when Trish did it. Of course, her "Good morning, Doug" after one of your crazy rants was was really the best.

    Good times.



  79. I admit Ron Paul would make better Supreme Court picks than Obama.

  80. .

    Come on Doug, admit it. You miss your little repartee with Trish.

    Always reminded me of a The Bickersons episode although I doubt you look as good as Don Ameche.

    Trish as Francis Langford? Possibly.

    Somewhere I have a recording of a number of their shows on vinyl.

    Good stuff.


  81. Trish was a master of sounding profound while committing to nothing. tho that is a worthwill pursuit.

  82. ...and quoting superficial leftists doing the same.

  83. "Neither major party has a clue as to how to fix our key problems which are the economy and jobs."

    Removing the restrictions to business growth and investment imposed by Obama & Company will improve the situation.

  84. On the other hand, Ron Paul might have a confused senior moment, and nominate Vermin Supreme to the Supreme Court.

  85. Not that the Verm would be so bad.

  86. You dont see this in Palestine, nor Iran, nor even some areas of the USA.

    Tel Aviv voted best gay city of 2011 on LGBT website
    01/11/2012 10:11

    The "exotic" and "welcoming" Mediterranean city garners 43 percent of votes in an online poll.

    Those still reeling from the news that the famous Lesbian bar Minerva closed its doors this week may welcome the news that despite that development, Tel Aviv was voted the best gay city of 2011, according to an online poll on LGBT travel website

    "The gay capitol of the Middle East is exotic and welcoming with a Mediterranean c'est la vie attitude," the website said.

    Tel Aviv garnered 43 percent of the vote, far ahead of the next competitor, New York City, which raked in 14%.

    Other cities on the list included Toronto, Sao Paulo, Madrid, London, New Orleans, and Mexico City.

    The poll, which was sponsored by American Airlines, also included categories such as best dressed city (New York), best settle down city (Seattle), and best resort town (Provincetown).

    Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai welcomed the news, saying that the city has "dramatically improved its connection to the gay community.'

    "It is today an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of the city," he said.

    Huldai praised Tel Aviv as a city that appreciates individual freedoms, allowing "everyone to live by his principles and desires."

    "This is a free city where any one can feel proud, and be proud of who they are," Huldai said.

    I wonder how a Jew hating, Israel bashing, Zionism hating lesbian would fit in there...

  87. I'm going to go out on the limb here and say I don't think Republicans want to win. Not really.

    I agree with Quirk, neither party has a clue as to how to fix our key problems. So why criticize and point the finger at their own for the next four years.

  88. Rufus-
    "Likely the only sane man on the whole damned blog . . . . . (Dougman)"

    Unfortunately that is not the case.

    Bi-polar in Minnesota.
    I take my meds everyday though :)

  89. Wio and DR must not have gotten the office memo:

    Words not to be used in today's thread

    a) ME
    B) Israel
    C) Palestine
    d) Liar
    e) Hate
    f) Jew
    g) Lesbian

    My Sternocleidomastoid is feeling a little better today so sitting in front of the computer as I did yesterday, for too long, will probably make it worse. It needs to heal by Friday.

  90. The Republicans want to win. They aren't spending all that money just to go through the motions.

    Here is an article that argues the Republican field is really very good.

    They are going to win, too. People, middle class whites in particular, are sick of Obama.

    When asked recently "What do you fear most that might happen in 2012?" 2/3 said 'the re-election of Barack Obama'.

    Not nuclear war, but, the re-election of Barack Obama.

  91. What is important is to focus on a couple of Jewish kids that spray painted some words on the wall of a mosque. "price tag" and burned a couple of cars.

    Meanwhile in France, moslem youths have burned thousands of cars over the last 3 years to such an extent that now the fire dept doesnt respond without police protection...

    Meanwhile nothing is reported about the following:
    CAIRO – On the evening of Saturday, Dec. 17, while thousands of protesters confronted military police in downtown Cairo, I stood watching a valuable piece of Egypt's cultural heritage go up in smoke. As Molotov cocktails and bullets flew around the cabinet building, where the clashes were concentrated, the nearby Egyptian Scientific Institute, a decrepit and neglected old building full of rare books and valuable manuscripts, had caught fire. I cried in disbelief. What had brought me -- and Egypt -- to this point?

    COMMENTS (5)




    I had not come back home to witness such sights. In early December, I took a break from my graduate studies in Australia to return to Cairo and vote for the first time in my life. I proudly cast ballots on Thursday, Dec. 15, for the candidates I thought would best represent me in post-revolutionary Egypt's first parliament. Then, the next day, I woke up to news of renewed clashes between soldiers and protesters staging a sit-in in front of the Egyptian cabinet to pressure the new government formed by Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri to fulfill their growing list of demands. The army, in a surprise early morning attack, had swooped in on the protesters, attacking them brutally with rocks, batons, and live bullets to force them to leave the street. Qasr al-Aini Street and the cabinet building had become a war zone of broken glass, strewn rocks, blood, and smoke.

    Burning down of libraries and museums.

    By Moslems.

    Erasing real history.

    Makes you proud....

  92. MeLoDy said...
    Wio and DR must not have gotten the office memo:

    Words not to be used in today's thread

    a) ME
    B) Israel
    C) Palestine
    d) Liar
    e) Hate
    f) Jew
    g) Lesbian

    My Sternocleidomastoid is feeling a little better today so sitting in front of the computer as I did yesterday, for too long, will probably make it worse. It needs to heal by Friday.

    Dear Mel...

    It aint a cycle of "words"

    If the Rodent didnt defame Israel then we would not have to respond...

    As for the word "lesbian" I admit, I used it first. But after all it is ironic that TEL AVIV is the friendliest place on the planet for gay, bisexuals, lesbians and transgenders...


  93. Where the hell is that sarcasm font when you need it.

  94. My point was to have a pleasant day.

  95. Learn To Stretch Sternomastoid Here

    I had an operation once, without which I would have died, according to my doc brother, where my eardrum, stirrup, anvil and what's the other one were removed, my mastoid area reamed out, a skin graft taken from the back of my neck, out of which a new eardrum was fashioned, all the parts put back in, shined up -- and I've never been able to hear out of that ear very well since. Got infected swimming in the surf in Hawaii.

    Modern medicine has saved my life three times.

    Under ObamaCare I imagine soon I won't have enough "Qualia" left to merit another operation. It'll be death panels for bobbo time.


  96. What the hell has happened to San Francisco?

  97. WiO: As for the word "lesbian" I admit, I used it first.

    I'm beginning to think you are what we call in the USENET and IRC community a troll. You deliberately post inflammatory things hoping to spin people up.

    But after all it is ironic that TEL AVIV is the friendliest place on the planet for gay, bisexuals, lesbians and transgenders...

    There's nothing friendly about a lesbian-friendly place when you're a conservative one.

  98. If Romney couldn't beat McCain in 08, and McCain couldn't beat Obama in 08, how's Romney gonna beat Obama in 2012?

  99. Official prediction:

    Rick "Abortion is ok for my wife but not for yours" Santorum will do well in SC.

  100. Another “mysterious” boom in Iran:

    The bomb killed Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a chemistry expert and a director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported.

  101. Teresita said...
    WiO: As for the word "lesbian" I admit, I used it first.

    I'm beginning to think you are what we call in the USENET and IRC community a troll. You deliberately post inflammatory things hoping to spin people up.

    But after all it is ironic that TEL AVIV is the friendliest place on the planet for gay, bisexuals, lesbians and transgenders...

    There's nothing friendly about a lesbian-friendly place when you're a conservative one.

    Now be honest T, nothing friendly when you hate Israel.....

    But Israel doesnt hate lesbians, arabs, christians (real ones), atheists, bahai's, moslems or even straight people.

    israel is a great place for freedom.

    But if you hate jews, israel, zionism and or judaism? Well you are just out of luck. I'd suggest you limit your sexual orientation choice of vacation spots to those in areas of the world that have no Jews...

    Try Egypt.

  102. What is "Occupation" said...
    Teresita said...
    WiO: As for the word "lesbian" I admit, I used it first.

    I'm beginning to think you are what we call in the USENET and IRC community a troll. You deliberately post inflammatory things hoping to spin people up.

    Now that you say it... I seem to remember dozens of times you did exactly that...

    What is the female word for Troll?


    Look in the mirror you might see something very very ugly, and I aint talking about your face....

  103. MeLoDy said...
    My point was to have a pleasant day.

    I am...

    Woke up to the death of an Iranian nuke scientist...

    Basic drug shortages in Greece...

    Orange juice prices zooming up...

    Dollar being devalued....

    Michelle Obama tired of being labeled as "angry black women"....

    yep, it a great morning...

    going to go to CVS and stock up on Bayer


  104. I can support Obamacare, and R. Paul, simultaneously, for one simple reason. Obamacare is Law.

    R.Paul would not only have to get elected, he would have to get elected along with 60 Senators that wanted to repeal Healthcare Reform. You'd have way better chances betting the Rams to win the Super Bowl.

    There's actually only one real mischief a President can get into on his own - War. And, I think we can depend on the good doc not to do that.

  105. rufus: There's actually only one real mischief a President can get into on his own - War. And, I think we can depend on the good doc not to do that.

    Sure you can... the "good" doc wont go to war when we are attacked on our own soil?

    are you sure?

    dont bet on it...

    Iran is itching for conflict and will get it, even if it has to blow up buildings in DC.

    You remember last month, Obama announced they foiled a MAJOR Iranian attack on the Saudi Ambassador IN DC?

    Iran WILL attack the USA no matter if an anti-war appeasing President is sitting in the White House currently or within your "doc" candidate.

    Not to worry, I have popcorn....

    And this is theater

  106. Listen closely folks... EVERYTHING YOU SAY is part of your "permanent record"

    Freedom of speech might allow journalists to get away with a lot in America, but the Department of Homeland Security is on the ready to make sure that the government is keeping dibs on who is saying what.
    Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that came out of DHS headquarters in November, Washington has the written permission to retain data on users of social media and online networking platforms.
    Specifically, the DHS announced the NCO and its Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”
    According to the Department of Homeland Security’s own definition of personal identifiable information, or PII, such data could consist of any intellect “that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including any information which is linked or linkable to that individual.” Previously established guidelines within the administration say that data could only be collected under authorization set forth by written code, but the new provisions in the NOC’s write-up means that any reporter, whether someone along the lines of Walter Cronkite or a budding blogger, can be victimized by the agency.

  107. Thankfully, Doctor Bizarro isn't going to be President.

    It being unlikely that he run third party, lest it fuck up little sonny Ayn Rand's chances, Rufus will be able to avoid the stigma of voting for him. Thankfully.

  108. The U.S. is using 1.3 Million Fewer Barrels of Petroleum Products per Day Than This Time Last Year.

    But, Gasoline Prices are $0.28/Gallon Higher than this time last year.


  109. We ought to get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. And I don't care if they know I said it. I am not sure what to replace it with, as we do need some security around here, what with the moslems upon the raiding seas, so to speak, but it currently has too much opportunity for bad mischief. If Ron Paul were for that (is for that?) it would be a mark in his favor in my book.

    Damn the moslems for causing all this trouble.

  110. Most hilarious blogger: Hu Dat.

    I miss him.

    No difference between Obama and Romney? You may be right, but...

  111. It's a tough situation. No Homeland Security and we get hit, the government gets blamed. Homeland Security does abuses, legitimately government gets blamed. What to do, what to do.

    The answer must be to see that Congress really oversees the whole process of security.

  112. .

    For Quirk's eyes only

    Wow, Mel, you've sold me.

    I think I'm ready for Stellar Code™ – Antares.


  113. That Mr Obama engages in hyperbole, there is no doubt.

    , especially with regards terrorism as he prepared to sign the Defense Authorizaton Bill of 2012 which allows for ...

    ... indefinite military detention of American terrorism suspects, and to require it of suspected foreign enemies.

    ... legally enshrining for the first time in 60 years the authority to hold citizens without trial.

    Yep, Mr Madison told US the truth

    The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.

    ~James Madison

  114. Dang! Forgot Hu Dat.

    Yeah, he was a hoot.

    Mos' definitely the "funniest blogger."

  115. He continued, truthfully we he said ...

    If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

    ~James Madison

  116. Remember that Barack H Obama is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.

  117. He would still be the funniest, right?

    'Cept maybe "Possum-tater."

  118. "The answer must be to see that Congress really oversees the whole process of security."

    Yeah, that'll do'er:

    Barney Frank will take care of the young boys.

  119. You accuse Hu Dat of being a Blackbird?

    That sounds a tad racist, doug.

  120. Rand Paul is our security
    from Paul.

    Get by 2012, Rand will become a Saint.

  121. ... indefinite military detention of American terrorism suspects, and to require it of suspected foreign enemies.

    ... legally enshrining for the first time in 60 years the authority to hold citizens without trial.

    That is total bad ass stuff, and I can't think it has been addressed in the Republican debates, though I haven't watched very closely.

    Surely, some court case must be in the making. What that is is a provision for real tyranny.

  122. Can't trust none of them slants, 'Rat, you know dat:
    You spent time in Yong Song Land.

  123. Wed Jan 11, 10:58:00 AM EST


    Well, yeah, Congress can't do much right, having created Homeland Security in the first place.

  124. Don't use the s word, Doug.

  125. Did Manilow ever do a concert in Yongsong?

    "Yongsong Blues" woulda worked.

  126. Jury Nullification

    It is ironic that Rat equates abortion with murder yet he seems enamored with jury nullification. The irony stems from the fact that several juries refused to convict Dr. Henry Morgentaler which eventually led to the Canada 's current making available, and funding, of abortion. In other words 'Jury Nullification' trumped Canada's anti-abortion laws.

  127. If a jury of your peers has no problem with someone taking an Electrolux to your spawn, Ash, what's the problem?

  128. Ron Paul wants to make it a part of the nation's jurisprudence. That is the difference. Juries have always been able to say 'fuck it' and not convict, like in the stealing a chicken to feed the starving family in England, which was a real case. When they did so, they didn't know they were in the nullification business, but they were.

    I see your irony as it relates to rat.

  129. That would be Neil Diamond, not Manilow. Come on, Doug, get it right.

  130. No, ash, you have it wrong.

    I do not equate abortion to murder.

    The Chief Rabbinate of Israel does.

    I do think that at some point the fetus becomes a viable human life and should be accorded those inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

    But that the State retains a "right" to take that life, beyond question. Or conscription would not be an option for government.

    What is the death of a conscript on the battle field but a post birth abortion?

  131. How could I ever have forgotten
    "Forever in Blue Jeans"?

  132. "What is the death of a conscript on the battle field but a post birth abortion?"

    a KIA?

    ...Don't quote me.

  133. There's a lot of things R. Paul (and, all the rest) wants (want) to do that he (they) wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting done.

    One thing he could do would be to keep us out of another war in the Gulf. For that, I will support him (for now, at least.) :)

  134. Anybody who would think Manilow sang "Song Sung Blues" is thinking incoherently.

    Sorry Doug, I was practicing my Rat impressions.

    There are some moccasins around here but I havent seen one yet.

    Rattlers? yessirree Bob, and I dont mean Anon.

  135. Bob lost his "Bob" standing when he adopted anon.

  136. The rivers valleys around here, Snake, Clearwater, are filled with rattlers.

    I was hunting doves up a draw down there one time and came on an old falling down small two story farm house. Creaking the door open, the whole place exploded with rattler noises and movement. Scary as hell for a moment.

  137. Abortion is a "rights" issue and dealt with Constitutionally. The Canadian Supreme Court agreed:

    "The appeal case, R v. Morgentaler, 1988, was heard by the Canadian Supreme Court, which upheld the original jury acquittal. In addition, it declared the 1969 abortion law to be in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and thus unconstitutional in the case of R. v. Morgentaler 1988 (1 S.C.R. 30).[31] The court ruled 5-2 that the administrative procedures were cumbersome and unjustifiably interfered with the body integrity of women."[32] On January 28, the law was found to violate Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it infringes upon a woman's right to "life, liberty and security of person." Chief Justice Brian Dickson wrote:

    "Forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry a fetus to term unless she meets certain criteria unrelated to her own priorities and aspirations, is a profound interference with a woman's body and thus a violation of her security of the person."[23]

    Justice Bertha Wilson wrote:

    "The decision of a woman to terminate her pregnancy falls within the class of protected decisions [because it will have] profound psychological, economic and social consequences for the pregnant woman… The right to reproduce or not to reproduce… is properly perceived as an integral part of modern woman’s struggle to assert her dignity and worth as a human being… The purpose of [section 251] is to take the decision away from the woman and give it to a committee."[33]"

  138. To defend the policies and behavior of the Israeli regarding abortion, one either has to denounce the Chief Rabbinate, or change the subject.

    I enjoy watching the wiggly.

    That's Entertainment!

  139. I was assuming, Gag, that anyone that used to slog around in Cottonmouth Country probably is in the habit of wearing boots, outdoors.

    Add that to living in Tx, and it seemed like a good bet (you just don't think about moccassins when you think about Texas.) :)

  140. Yet, throughout the years, Manilow has made every attempt to conceal his sexual orientation. Few know Manilow was married to Susan Deixler, his high school “sweetheart,” whom he callously dumped while on his quest to have fame and fortune enter his front or back door.

    Manilow makes a fleeting reference to Deixler in his 1987 autobiography Sweet Life; without naming her, he recalls her as “adorable, small with great legs and a voluptuous figure.” Less than a year later, he abruptly left Susan, telling her he was going on “this wondrous musical adventure that I saw within my reach.” On January 6, 1966, a annulment decree was signed. A cousin of Deixler claims that “the marriage was annulled for not being consummated.”


    Perhaps he’ll never be ready to take a chance again. During a 2004 concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Manilow made homophobic remarks. Just as he started to sing a duet with Brian d’Arcy James, Manilow quipped to the crowd, “Of course, we're not going to sing it to each other—that would be creepy.”

    The comment forced an apology out of Manilow’s camp, who insisted “the line was meant lightheartedly,” and that Manilow was “very sorry if he offended anyone.”

    When the camper was directly asked if Manilow was gay, she said, “no comment.”

    Yet Manilow makes many comments. His official bio dismisses the fact that he began his career in a gay bathhouse, despite the fact that he’s admitted ripping off his tuxedo and jumping into the bathhouse’s pool with lots of gay nude men. (He blamed losing his inhibitions on the drinks and joints that had been passed to him.)

    In 2002, Manilow he told a New York newspaper that the stories he used to perform in gay bathhouses are extremely exaggerated.

  141. Rufus

    I used to bow hunt the Big Black river area just north of Jackson, MS. I eliminated 13 moccasins in a 2 hour period one day trying to get to the back side of our property. I smelled most of them before I saw them.

    I use the word "eliminate" as to not harm Ash's sensitivities.

    Most of them was about 3 feet long and almost 3 inches thick in the middle.

    I have also eliminated several on the Castor River up in your neck of the woods while frog gigging.

  142. I can understand the argument, concerning the "rights" of the woman, ash.

    I can also understand that the purpose of government is to defend the weakest amongst us, from a loss of their own "rights".

    Protecting the rights of even the least individual among us is basically the only excuse the government has for even existing.

    ~Ronald Reagan

    There are "rights" accorded to individuals. These "rights" are in opposition, with regards to abortion.

    A view of a sonogram does add to the perception that the fetus is a separate individual, though in a symbiotic relationship with the mother.

    As I say, at some point the fetus becomes an individual. One that should be protected, not discarded.

    It is an issue that should be legislated, not set forth in a judicial decree from the Supremes.

  143. "used" use, once, at one time, way back when, you get the picture.

  144. The Supremes, and I am not including Diana Ross, are Judges. They should Judge, not make law.

  145. I don' believe I could afford that sport. I would have lost 13 arrows on that day, alone. :)

  146. I cain't stand no snakes. Them would have been "lost" arrows.

  147. But, sometimes they (the Supremes) are the only protection for the individual from the "tyranny of the majority."

    Deemocracie ain't easy.

  148. I should clarify that, Rufus, the perfect weapon for a snake is a sawed off shotgun and bird shot.

    We were actually hunting Whitetailed deer with bows and arrows..

    Never take a knife to a gun fight, my daddy always told me.

  149. desert rat said...
    To defend the policies and behavior of the Catholic regarding abortion, one either has to denounce the Pope, or change the subject.

    I enjoy watching the wiggly.

    That's Entertainment!

    Now that makes sense, since the Pope is the head of the Catholic faith

    Rat doesnt understand anything about Judaism he just loves to try and trash it. (and fail)

  150. .

    There's a lot of things R. Paul (and, all the rest) wants (want) to do that he (they) wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting done.

    One thing Paul would accomplish if any renewal of the Patriot Act or this latest abhorrition allowing for the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens on the basis of "suspicion" is to veto the legislation. It would be interesting to see if Congress could muster the votes to override that veto given that Paul would have the bully pulpit to inform the Amnerican people how they and there rights have been screwed over for the past ten years.

    Perhaps Paul could enlighten the public as to how the government has said "We have to curtail your rights in order to protect you", and the pussies out there have said "Do what you have to do, just don't let them them hurt me."


  151. The State of Maryland, moving forward on the issue.

    Murder charges against doctors test Maryland abortion law

    (Reuters) - A murder case against two doctors who allegedly completed late-term abortions in Maryland after starting them in New Jersey could be the first to test a state law tied to the "viability" of an unborn fetus.

    Steven Chase Brigham, 55, the owner of American Women's Services clinics, and his employee, Nicola Irene Riley, 46, were arrested last week after a 16-month criminal investigation by Maryland authorities.

    Officers who searched the Elkton, Maryland, clinic during the investigation found 35 fetuses in a freezer, a source with knowledge of the case told Reuters.

    A series of earlier investigations by state medical boards revealed that Brigham illegally initiated abortions at a clinic he owns in Voorhees, New Jersey, and then allegedly completed the procedures at a clinic in Maryland, where he was not licensed.

    In New Jersey, late-term abortions can be performed only in a hospital or licensed ambulatory facility; there is no such restriction in Maryland.

    Brigham faces multiple charges including five counts of first-degree murder. Riley also faces multiple charges, including one count of first-degree murder.

  152. I have never claimed to understand Judaism.

    There is no reason why I should.

    I do understand what the Chief Rabbinate wrote. The concern that, from the Rabbinate's perspective, over a million Jewish souls were murdered in Israel, since 1949.

    I like to watch 'em wiggle.

  153. .

    Ron Paul has some clearly goofy ideas.

    However, the more I think of him having four years to educate the American people on some of these issues and on what they have allowed their government to do to them, I tend to like the guy more and more.


  154. 40% of Paul voters will vote GOP

  155. "I tend to like the guy more and more."

    That's just wonderful. long as it is not homoerotic.

  156. If israel was a theocracy then the Chief Rabbinate's opinion on abortion would be an issue.

    However Israel is not a theocracy.

    Israel's Rabbinate makes a valid point, Jews should not use abortion as birth control.

    But it's an opinion, just as Catholic leaders in American think of it as a sin, but cannot do much legally about it.

    The good news?

    Jewish abortions are going down.

    That ought to make rat happy, more and more jewish citizens of the jewish state of Israel.

    I personally have done my personal best to increase the number of jewish kids running around this planet and never had the reason or need for abortion.

    Rat seems to think somehow that Israelis making personal choices is akin to genocide.

    If that is the case then America has it's own 100x genocide as well.

    If abortion is murder then it's murder for all peoples.

    Not just Israel.

    One standard for Israel no standard for anyone else...

  157. If the Israeli want to continue the murder of Jewish souls, good on them.

    But if the Chief Rabbinate is to be believed, when it comes to the murder of souls, then we must admit the Israeli have murdered more Jewish souls than have the Islamoids, since 14May1949.

  158. If Israel is a Jewish State, then the statement of the Chief Rabbinate have greater standing,in Israel than anywhere else.

    The standard set by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, much more relevant to practitioners of Judaism, especially in a Jewish State, than to gentiles half a whirled away.

  159. Now, in the US murder has a defined meaning ...

    Law . the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law.

    In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).

    As "o" says, I may not know the "true" meaning of the word "murder", in the traditions of Judaism.

    But I am sure that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel knows what they mean when they use the term "Murder of Jewish Souls".

    Could be something is "lost" in translation, but that argument has never been made.

    Instead the argument is that sperm is to be conflated with fetuses, contraception with abortion.

    Foolishness, indeed.

  160. There was just a Paul spokesman on the tellie, he said that the number one contributor to Mr Romney, Goldman Sucks, the number one contributor to Mr Obama, Goldman Sucks.

  161. The terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood attack a pro-government rally in Syria, killing a Frenchwoman.

    (CNN) -- A French journalist died Wednesday in a mortar strike on a pro-government rally in Homs...

  162. A French man, not woman, mea culpa.

  163. But if the Chief Rabbinate is to be believed, when it comes to the murder of souls, then we must admit the Israeli have murdered more Jewish souls than have the Islamoids, since 14May1949.

    Rat gets more obsessed by the day.

    What does that stat really mean?

    More Americans die in one month from smoking than "islamoids" have murdered since the beginning of time...

    More American abortions since ww2 then the entire death rate for ww2...

    useless nonsense...

  164. As I say, at some point the fetus becomes an individual. One that should be protected, not discarded.

    God gave his little mudpie the breath of life and it became the man Adamu. Spirit literally means breath. A fetus doesn't have a spirit. So lay off WiO on that hoary issue.

  165. On January 6, 1966, a annulment decree was signed. A cousin of Deixler claims that “the marriage was annulled for not being consummated.”

    Sir Mix A Lot:

    "Some men wanna play that hard role

    And tell you that your butt is not wonderful,

    So they throw it away and leave it,

    And I stop quickly to retrieve it."

  166. Spirit literally means breath.

    For Miss T

  167. Ms T: God gave his little mudpie the breath of life and it became the man Adamu. Spirit literally means breath. A fetus doesn't have a spirit. So lay off WiO on that hoary issue.

    Why not talk to your fellow Israel hater....

    Rat is obsessed with israelis and their wombs.

    BTW, "breath" has to breathe....

    But to argue Talmudic Law with you or Rat is a waste of time.

    How about this idea?

    rat and you focus on America.

    Not on Israel, judaism, Torah, Zionism or even bagels.

    Stick to something you may have a worthy opinion on.

    For you? I suggest you lecture us all about the advantages never having reproduced and uplifting nature of those women's nipples....

  168. I see a topic there...

    The barren woman and a fit waistline...

    The unreproduced, a study in firmness...

    The advantages of being gay, no kids staying at home til there are 30 playing xbox in your basement.

    Go ahead Ms T, those are all worthy topics for you.

  169. But to argue Talmudic Law with you or Rat is a waste of time.

    Neither you nor Allen ever put forth anything about the Talmud, other to make blanket assertions saying I'm wrong. Allen even said was I was wrong about Master Sun Tzu never advocating pre-emptive war, and Taoism is my speciality.

  170. Wow, Mel, you've sold me.

    I'm not going to take that as a super stellar compliment only because you're so easily persuaded.

  171. Lots of tings got dem spirits.

    In olden times the ancestral souls lived in pots in the kitchen. Lares and penates are important psychological personages who should not be frightened away by too much modernity.

    --The great Swiss Psychologist C.G. Jung

    Ladies, check your pots and pans.

    When the tea pot whistles, it's gramps teasing grams.

  172. Take it up with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Ms T.

    Matters little to me, if the Israeli choose to murder souls or discard postembryonic tissue mass.

    It is their decision.

    But the fact that the Chief Rabbinate describes it as the Murder of Souls, undeniable.

    Perhaps they should be replaced.
    Perhaps they should be listened to.

    But it is not for me to censor, delete or attempt to explain away the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, when they deplore the continuing Murder of Jewish Souls, by Israeli, in Israel.

    But it is entertaining to watch the wiggle.

  173. Quirk is kinda a jolly ol' soul, when he goes may he reside in something active in the kitchen, like, say, the popcorn popper.

  174. It is not important to me how or why the Chief Rabbinate of Israel came to their conclusions.

    I only care about their public statements. Statements that are concise, clear and without equivocation in their directness.

    The Chief Rabbinate considers abortion by Judaic women to be the Murder of Jewish Souls.

    That much is clearly undeniable and I wonder how long it will be until the position of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is described by "o" as anti-Semitic.

    Wiggly is on his own.

  175. As long as US soldiers are going to Israel, to assist in its defense, it is a viable topic for Americans to discuss

    Even if US troops were not there, defending Israel, I would still discuss the hypocrisy evident in the priorities of the hyphenated Americans. As the US spends hundreds of millions of dollars in the defense of Israel.

  176. Rat, I whisper it, no one cares what you think. ssshhhh

  177. If you didn't care, anon, you wouldn't even tell me so.

    That you do tell me that you don't, well, that just exemplifies how much you really do, care.

    That's the joy of it.

    Whisper it, or shout from the roof top, matters not at all, to me.

  178. I think I'll keep it up, at least until the FBI comes by the house.

    No sense stopping, now.

  179. Rat doesnt care about what people think..

    He is on a mission..

    He spends countless hours on the computer talking about all things Jewish, Israel, Zionist or Judaism

    Talk about obsession...


    now that is entertainment.

  180. I'm not trying to popular, that never has been my intent.

    As for the entertainment value, it works for you, too.

    This computer it's a money machine

    When I get bored with that aspect of its use, I come here to the Bar and twist your tail.

    You certainly seem to enjoy it.

  181. Thanks Mel. Thanks wio. Thanks T.

  182. A Europeon businessman that found being a tax collector for the Government to difficult a task to handle.

    (Reuters) - A businessman convicted of embezzlement shot dead a prosecutor as his sentence was being read out in a German court Wednesday, police and prosecutors said.

    The 54-year-old man shot the prosecutor with a 6.35-caliber gun as the sentence was read out in the courtroom in Dachau, in the southern state of Bavaria, police said.

    Two witnesses in the courtroom managed to overpower the man, who was then arrested, the police added. He is being charged with murder, they added.

    "During the oral delivery of the sentence, the culprit pulled out a gun and shot the prosecutor several times," the chief public prosecutor Christoph Stroetz told a news conference.

    The man had been accused of failing to pay 44,000 euros ($56,000) worth of national insurance contributions for his employees.

  183. Your welcome

    but i'm not sure why