“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One man, one vote, one time

Hamas rejects Palestinian Authority call for election
By Ali Sawafta
1 hr 5 mins ago
RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Saturday for elections before September, but rival Islamist group Hamas quickly rejected the move, underscoring a crippling division among Palestinians.
The election call came a day after protests in Cairo led to the overthrow of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.
Abbas's Palestinian Authority said the spirit of change in Egypt should inspire Palestinians to unite.
"The Palestinian leadership decided to hold presidential and legislative elections before September," senior Abbas aide Yasser Abed Rabbo told reporters.
"It urges all the sides to put their differences aside," he said, referring to a bitter rivalry between Abbas's West Bank-based government and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.
But a quick solution to the Palestinian divide seemed unlikely and Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the Western-backed Abbas, who has served as president since 2005, lacks the legitimacy to make such a call.
"Hamas will not take part in this election. We will not give it legitimacy. And we will not recognize the results," Barhoum told Reuters.
The groups disagree on the interpretation of Palestinian election laws and previous ballots were canceled with the sides unable to reach a reconciliation deal.
Abbed Rabbo said the disagreements could be resolved in a new legislative council to be formed after the presidential and parliamentary elections.
Hamas won the last parliamentary election in 2006 and a year later routed Abbas's forces to seize control of the Gaza Strip.
Hamas's opposition to Abbas's peace moves with Israel is one of the issues keeping the factions apart.
U.S.-sponsored peace negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli teams have faltered since being relaunched last year.
Abed Rabbo said that Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator in the recent round of talks, has tendered his resignation, but Abbas has yet to accept it.
Erekat had recently come under fire after internal memos supposedly documenting negotiation sessions with Israel were leaked to the media. Some commentators faulted Erekat for making what they considered to be far-reaching concessions to Israel.
Abed Rabbo called on U.S. President Barack Obama to step up efforts in helping to reach a Palestinian statehood deal.
(Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza; Editing by Maria Golovnina)

The Muslim Brotherhood has been called the largest of opposition parties in Egypt. It's estimated that 30% to 50% of the Egyptian population supports the MB. It's said that the Muslim Brotherhood have renounced their stated objective of an Islamic state and are now in favor of democracy.

It is widely believed that Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be democratically inclined but the actions of Hamas in Gaza could portend the future of democracy in Egypt.


  1. Mexico to follow Egypt?

    Short answer: Maybe.

    A lot of what this guy writes is incorrect. Mexico is our sixth, or seventh largest "net" exporter of oil, and oil products, not our 3rd largest. There are plenty of tankers. The fleet is way overbuilt. etc.

    But, the fact remains: Mexico is, either, an official "narco-state," or it is a "failed" state. It IS one, or the other.

  2. Oh, but the reason I linked the article was the two graphs.

    It jumps out at you; 2010 was the 'drop-dead' year for Egypt. Oil Exports hit Zero.

    The 'drop-dead' date for Mexico is not far off, as the graph makes abundantly clear.

  3. Let's all remember

    Israel = BAD

    Palestinians = GOOD


    Good Palestinians shoot rockets at civilians and let the west PAY for and BUILD HOUSING for so called refugees...

  4. BAD Israeli's sit on 1/900th of the middle wst and share it's land with 20% arabs.

    GOOD arabs squat on 899/900th of the middle east and ethnically cleanse all of the Jews and MOST of the christians in it's midst.

  5. Back before PC, when things got as bad for as long as they have now, and we're sick and tired of being sick and tired, we coulda had an election and decided to be done with the mofos for good.

    Now we gotta act like they ARE good.

    For what?

  6. Hey, Rufus:
    When the shit hits the fan and you're sitting there w/o any air conditioning or gas for the Chevy, at least you'll be able to say:


  7. 49. blert
    Josh & ETAB…

    IF you’ve ever had the pleasure (?) of listening to conversational Arabic you quickly come to hear deferential cant to allah and his messenger drilling through your brain constantly.

    Stuff like “if allah wills it” ( PBOH ) …

    There is a profound fatalism for those who literally believe that allah micro-manages all. For starters, blame must be shifted with an urgency quite profound.

    There is a belief that any personal, secular failure is directly as a consequence of failure in one’s relationship to allah.

    ( Sort of a jujutsu on the Protestant linkage between wealth and morality. )

    What this means in terms of productive function was related by a contractor in Iraq.

    He found that every Iraqi muslim he could point to was a chronic super-liar.

    Education and pay-scale meant nothing. That they’d be found out for sure meant nothing.

    What kind of lies? The status of construction, the arrival of supplies, the man-power working, the existence of any difficulties and even the need for additional information — a steady diet of B.S.

    When confronted with their three-stooges management act their first words were to blame:
    the American, unknown malefactors,
    the equipment,
    the supplies
    and above all
    that allah did not will it to be so.

    IF allah had willed it everything would have fallen into place.

  8. 31. blert
    Based upon their posts…

    It is apparent that many cannot comprehend the nature of Arabic and islam. They are bound tight.

    Just to speak Arabic is to CONSTANTLY invoke islamic expressions. There is no secular Arabic.

    No other creed is so embedded in a specific language.

    The result of all of this is that the only way one can leave islam is to stop speaking Arabic as a first language.

    This also explains why the transplanted ummah — in the West — wants language isolation. Any time English/French/Dutch/Swedish/German becomes someone’s first language they start drifting out of the ummah.

    There is NO WAY for the ummah to tolerate the West. The two philosophies are ‘hypergolic.’ They enflame on contact.

    Beyond that, the ummah are informed by their imams that allah insists that it is their right and destiny to be supported in a grand style by the kafir. That such is not happening can ‘only’ be explained by a vast conspiracy of evil: it’s the Jews!

    This pitch sells itself — particularly to morons.

  9. The oil was fortuitous. It seems to give credence to the Imam. We've been supporting their ignorant asses in pretty grand style for 50 yrs., now.

    However, the "rubber is meeting the concrete" in Egypt, now. Others will follow shortly.

    As for ol' Ruf: As long as the sun shines a bit in Summer, and the farmer across the road plants some corn, Rufi will drive.

  10. Best line:

    I grew up in Va. Virginians are responsible, serious people; they're too proud to lie. I was born in Tennessee, however.

  11. I am somewhat flabbergasted by the 'anti-diversity' rhetoric I read here. I swear you guys should put on your white robes and hats and burn a few crosses. Really, are you all that xenophobic and fearful of the 'other'? oh, yea, the French are models to be followed in this regard - they have a long history of monoculture.

    Toronto is one very multicultural city. New York as well from what I hear but I tell you that living in Toronto is a treat. We don't have folks from India battling Pakis and Muslims setting off suicide bombs or Koreans fighting the North vs South fight. Instead we really do have a wide variety of communities keeping their identities yet all melting together. Just down the street, 2 easy walking blocks is a string of Ethiopian restaurants which sit a hundred yards from "Korea Town" where Korean restaurants serve "Japanese and Korean food". Go figure - those two historical enemies cohabiting the same establishment.

    I shake my head in amazement and all you white folk cowering in the corner in fear of those 'other' folk.

  12. That is "two easy walking blocks" from my house. We have loads of Jews here, Synagogues and Mosques too. Not a street battle in sight.

    fuckin' redneck xenophobic white stoopid people here I guess.

    oh, my, those Araaabs aren't ready for democracy 'cause, I dunno, they are too stoopid to let US have free access to their oil?

  13. Many Jewish neighborhoods in Toronto have tied up all these strings. You wouldn't know it unless you were looking for it, but hey, why not let them tie their strings all over the place so they can go outside on the Sabbath?

    "An Eruv (Hebrew: עירוב‎ mixture, also transliterated as Eiruv or Erub, plural: Eruvin) is an enclosure around a home or community. It enables the carrying of objects out of doors for Jews on Jewish Sabbath that would otherwise be forbidden by Torah law (Halakha). Without an eruv, Torah-observant Jews would be unable to carry keys or tissues in their pockets or push baby carriages on Jewish Sabbath thus making it difficult for many to leave home."

  14. Tolerance, folks, tolerance. The 'white way' ain't the only way.

  15. ...and lest you are concerned - I'm a pasty white middle aged male born in America as a US citizen.

  16. Yea, we got fuckin' aayrabs here too. There is this nice little Lebanese establishment in the food court, yeah the food court, in the Building near me a t work. Nez's Falafel House just down the street. Gyro's anyone? Nope, folk aren't dying in streets from the mayhem though York University gets a fair bit of bother from the Jewish groups and pro-pali groups yelling at each other. So far that's it though, just yelling and jockeying for who can book space to have their meetings.

  17. but, hey, according to Deuce we all must have White Picket fences around our house.

  18. or the world will go to shit.


  19. If someone from 1861 was transported to 1911, there'd be airplanes and metal warships and telephones and cars, but they'd be able to understand it. If someone from 1961 was transported to 2011, and you talked about YouTube, and Wii, and G4 networks, and IPads, they'd be, all, WHAT?

  20. "At “,” the author has put up an archive of records and memos. One, marked “SECRET” and declassified last month at his request, is dated Sept. 9, 2002. That was after his P.R. roll-out to the March 2003 Iraq invasion was under way.

    The subject line reads “WMD.” Secretary Rumsfeld is sending a secret report that he received a few days earlier to Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, asking: “Please take a look at this material as to what we don’t know about WMD. It is big.”

    The attachment is from Major Gen. Glen Shaffer, then the director for intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense, responding to Rummy’s request to know the “unknowns” about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

    “We range from 0% to about 75% knowledge on various aspects of their program,” Shaffer wrote. Unfortunately, the 0% had to do with actual weapons.

    “Our assessments rely heavily on analytic assumptions and judgment rather than hard evidence,” the report said. “The evidentiary base is particularly sparse for Iraqi nuclear programs.”

    It added: “We don’t know with any precision how much we don’t know.” And continued: “We do not know if they have purchased, or attempted to purchase, a nuclear weapon. We do not know with confidence the location of any nuclear weapon-related facilities. Our knowledge of the Iraqi nuclear weapons program is based largely — perhaps 90% — on analysis of imprecise intelligence.”

    On biological weapons: “We cannot confirm the identity of any Iraqi facilities that produce, test, fill, or store biological weapons,” the report said, adding: “We believe Iraq has 7 mobile BW agent production plants but cannot locate them ... our knowledge of how and where they are produced is probably up to 90% incomplete.”

    On chemical weapons: “We cannot confirm the identity of any Iraqi sites that produce final chemical agent.” And on ballistic missile programs they had “little missile-specific data.”

    Somehow that was twisted into “a slam-dunk.” You go to war with the army you have, but the facts you want. "

    Sounds like y'all on "Diversity".

  21. Nah, T, Dick Tracy wised us up to that G4 stuff back in the fifties. :)

    Well, actually, maybe not; I think, on recollection, all he had on his wrist was a walkie-talkie.

    never mind. :)

  22. What is "Occupation" said...

    Let's all remember

    Israel = BAD

    Palestinians = GOOD

    There is no good and evil. A hunter kills a deer, feeds his family, good for the family, bad for the deer.

    But there is tribalism. Hurray for our side, boo for your side! Go Cheeseheads, boo Steelers! And G-d is invoked by both sides.

  23. It's them damned Norwegians that drive me crazy.

  24. And, Marylanders.

    I cain't stand them Marylanders.

  25. And, while I'm at it, have you ever known anyone named Jone that wasn't a complete asshole?

  26. Bet anything Doug's last name is "Jones."

  27. Ash said...
    That is "two easy walking blocks" from my house. We have loads of Jews here, Synagogues and Mosques too. Not a street battle in sight.

    Islamic Terrorism in Toronto

    By Douglas J. Hagmann & Judi McLeod

    From letter bombs to terror cells, much is left unreported

    A joint investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press appears to have uncovered a nest of Islamist activity inside the greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada area (GTA) that has its tentacles reaching over the border into the United States and well into other foreign countries. Ms. McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press with her many law enforcement sources and many years of investigative journalistic experience, and Mr. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network with his two-and-a-half decades of investigative experience, have ventured far beyond the headlines tempered by political correctness and the limited media disclosure involving the case of Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, the Toronto "mail bomber" and his place of residence known as the "Bombay Bunker."

    Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, 37, a Muslim immigrant from Lebanon living at 176 Ashdale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario was arrested by undercover Toronto Police officers late last Thursday night in a dramatic takedown at a Don Mills ESSO service station in the in Thorncliffe Park Drive -- Overlea area of East York -- about 6 kilometers north of the suspect's residence. ARNAOUT is charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of intending to cause an explosion, one count of criminal harassment and one count of possession of explosive material.

    His takedown was reportedly the culmination of police investigation that began in June and encompassed "three letter bombs" sent to three seemingly unrelated victims in Toronto and Guelph, Ontario. According to information obtained exclusively through this joint investigation, the "takedown" was deliberately executed at that time by quick-thinking investigative operatives to avoid a potential loss of life of others at the hands of ARNAOUT. At the time of his arrest, a reportedly cash-strapped ARNAOUT was driving a late model rental vehicle and carrying explosives in amounts far in excess and much more lethal than contained within the letter bombs he reportedly sent to date. He was a three-month resident of the "Bombay Bunker," a dwelling located at 176 Ashdale Avenue, aptly nicknamed due to its unique, strangely fortified, bunker-like appearance and additions, the varying number of occupants and the frequency of its many obviously-Islamic visitors.

  28. Frau T said...
    What is "Occupation" said...

    Let's all remember

    Israel = BAD

    Palestinians = GOOD

    There is no good and evil. A hunter kills a deer, feeds his family, good for the family, bad for the deer.

    But there is tribalism. Hurray for our side, boo for your side! Go Cheeseheads, boo Steelers! And G-d is invoked by both sides.

    Spoken like a true Psychopath.

    Explains alot actually....

  29. Solar Storage Breakthrough from MIT

    You never know about these MIT deals. Sometimes they're "world-changers;" sometimes they're kinda silly.

  30. WiO:And what would you know about a women's magic button, you being a transvestite and all...

    That's the last fucking straw.

    Congratulations, WiO, your shit wins, I'm off the "board of directors" and off the blog.

  31. Here is a 335 page Toronto police study entitled Policing a World Within a City. Reading it one soon realizes that the Toronto Police are hardly indifferent to race and so called culture diversity, they are obessed with it. Why is that?

    ...Toronto is where Israeli Apartheid Week [11] got its start, at the city’s two major universities back in 2005. York University in particular has become a hotbed of anti-Israel activism — and worse. Last year, Jewish students were forced to barricade themselves [12] in the Hillel office after being set upon by an angry pro-Palestinian mob shouting racist slurs.

    Such an occurrence would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Today, it takes its place in a litany of distressing post-9/11 developments. From the arrest of the “Toronto 18 [13],” charged with plotting to behead the prime minister [14], to revelations about rampant polygamy [15] and “welfare harems [16],” the picture painted of the city’s Muslim community is not always flattering or reassuring.

    For instance: throughout January 2009, during Operation Cast Lead [17], thousands of area Muslims gathered each Saturday outside the Israeli consulate at one of the city’s busiest intersections. American and Israeli flags were burned [18], Jewish counter-protesters were verbally threatened, and Hezbollah standards were raised — even though Hezbollah is deemed an illegal terrorist group by the Canadian government.

  32. ...Protesters faced off again on April 2 of this year. The Jewish Defense League of Canada organized a rally outside the Palestine House Educational and Cultural Centre [19] in suburban Toronto, which was hosting an event featuring Abdul Bari Atwan. The former editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi has declared publicly [20] that “if the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.”

    When not providing a forum for such guests, Palestine House, according to its website [21], “offers counseling on immigration, family problems, citizenship, legal matters, and housing, in addition to referrals to specialized professionals and institutions” — for which it receives millions of taxpayer dollars.

    According to one report [22], approximately two dozen men assembled in the Palestine House parking lot to confront the Jewish Defense League. These men were captured on video calling Jews “monkeys” and shouting: “You guys need another Holocaust” and “We love jihad. We love killing you.”…

  33. ...Islamist activists are simply imitating the “identity politics [41]” strategy that has worked so well for other groups of immigrants to Canada, while the nation’s establishment — which constructed the system for its own purposes — has only itself to blame. Meanwhile, ordinary Canadians are left feeling helpless and resentful [42].

    He explains: “The elite in this country has abandoned its own history out of any number of reasons — too tired to procreate, too despondent about the future, too concerned about the immediate present, too many guilty feelings about the past, too little pride in the achievements of those who built this country — and decided that the better way of securing ‘peace, order, and good government [43]’ [Canada’s official motto] is to appease the demands of immigrants [44] rather than demand of them an acceptance of the country’s history which they have chosen to make their home.”

    However, political correctness is deeply entrenched within the nation’s institutions and the country’s human rights commissions [45] make the questioning of received wisdom an actionable offense, with costly consequences [46].

    If Mansur’s wish comes true and a political movement springs up that is dedicated to bringing down multiculturalism once and for all, it will face its fiercest fights in “Toronto the Good [47].”

    Only time will tell if diversity really turns out to be the city’s strength — or its downfall.

  34. Diversity is Toronto's strength or it's downfall

    As usual Ash wraps himself in his own sanctimonious robe and stands in his stool of moral superiority regardless of the facts. Yes, that is right, standing in his stool as opposed to standing on his stool.

  35. Yes Ash, I would prefer white picket fences to white reinforced concrete bomb blast walls.

  36. When Ontario’s McGuinty government and the leadership of the OPP sided with First Nations protesters against local residents in Caledonia in 2006, it outraged many people.

    In her seminal book about the issue, Helpless, Christie Blatchford avoided the native rights issue and concentrated on the abandonment of rule of law which, curiously (or maybe not so curiously), offended many rank and file OPP officers who were ordered not to provoke Indians, but to hammer down locals who protested against the protesters.

    Two of the victims of the temporary policy — Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas, once arrested for raising the Canadian flag! — cite Martin Luther King’s famous letter from Birmingham jail in 1963, where he was under arrest for parading without a permit.

    In his landmark letter, Dr. King recalled that it was not an issue between legality and illegality, but right and wrong.

    He noted that everything Hitler did in Nazi Germany was “legal”, and everything Hungarian freedom fighters did in 1956 was “illegal”.

    “One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty,” Dr. King wrote.

    One who does this “is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.”

  37. Ash said...
    ...and lest you are concerned - I'm a pasty white middle aged male born in America as a US citizen.

    Sat Feb 12, 09:45:00 PM EST

    "Pasty white," is that a euphemism for "self-loathing racially obsessed?"

    Why would anyone call themselves "pasty white?" Would that be the same as someone calling themselves a dirty negro?

  38. Here is what comes with Ash's quaint Middle Eastern restaurants in the northern city of love and fraternal diversity.

  39. I will make a prediction about the cultural centers of diversity.

    The Arab political world is collapsing. Despite the tears of joy from the the democrats of the world, it will within weeks and months turn into a political and cultural disaster and all the world will be treated to another wave of Islamic refugees, this time millions.

    The refugees will be grateful, but their children, as they mature, will need to re-establish their Islamic roots and our children will have to deal with the consequences of bad desicions by the union of pasty white dreamers.

    The West loves to preach the gospel of democracy. Now we will have to wait and see how they enjoy what they asked for.


    A thousand talking heads and neo-conservative experts on the region assure us that a bright future stretches out before Egypt like a magic carpet. "Democracy," "Freedom", "Representative Government" are the buzzwords that trickle wetly out of their printers. All cynicism is disdained and skepticism swept into the dustbin. History is being made here. But the tricky thing about history is that it isn't a point on a map, but a continuous wave. Like the tide, history is made and remade over and over again, formed and repeated, washed and beached on the shores of time.

    59 percent of Egyptians want democracy and 95 percent want ISLAM to play a large part in politics. (As Egypt has approximately 5 percent of Christians that means 100 percent of Muslims want Islam to play a large part in politics.) 84 percent believe apostates should face the death penalty.

    That is what Egyptian democracy will look like. A unanimous majority that wants an Islamic state and a bare majority that wants democracy. WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK WILL WIN OUT? A democratic majority of the country supports murdering people in the name of Islam. Mubarak's government does not execute apostates or adulterers. But a democratic Egypt will. Why? Because it's the will of the people.

    AS happened in France, Russia, Germany Ethiopia, Iran, China, the liberal cheerleaders shaking their pom poms for Egyptian democracy choose not to grasp that the outcome could be anything other than positive. It's an article of faith for them that freedom leads to freedom. That open elections give rise to human rights. That the problem can only be the dictator, not the people. Never the people. That is their ideology and they will stick to it. Seeing History has never bourn this ideology out why should history reverse this long established pattern?

    Further seeing that the leader of the Muslim Brother hood has called for the suspension of the peace treaty with Israel. If this happens it will mean the absolute failure of Israel’s land for peace program as is also the case in Gaza and other areas. To make this happen in Sinai Israel gave up oil wells she has operating in Sinai. If the piece of paper is given up then what a disaster that policy has been and if Egypt becomes an Islamic state linked with Syria Iran Lebanon, Hamas it can only mean war. Rea Psalm 83 of the Bible and see what they are planning. Never before in history this happen except now. YahwehNews dot com

  41. This sickens me to death. Wwhat right do western nations, particularly the US & UK have to ensure that egypt won't be ruled by islamist group????!!! It's the same if we reverse the question to these western leaders if for example other muslim nations object the rule of some christian party in their countries & attempt to make sure it doesn't happen...what would they do in such case??!!!
    It's beyond abject & honestly people particularly these western leaders need to go back to their history books to be reminded that democracy was not born from the west. The western history of democracy has been about invading, monopoly, imperialism, colonialism. Genuine democracy has always born from people's movement against their oppressors & it doesn't have a specific dogma but to respect individual nation's need for social justice.

  42. The truth is that the United States supports the establishment of Islamic Republics.
    It supports the marriage of Church and State in the Islamic Arc. This is well evidenced in the historical record, in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, as well.

    This is done on a bi-partisan basis and over the course of decades, from FDR to Ronald W Reagan through GW Bush and BH Obama.

    It has been done with knowledge and fore thought.

    While we know full well that such a marriage brings political and cultural dysfunction to the societies that "enjoy" such matrimony.
    It always leads to acrimony.

    Then read salaads description of his perception US and "Western" history
    invading, monopoly, imperialism, colonialism
    There is some truth to this perspective, though it is not the totality of reality as regards our history.

    But that we will encourage cultural and political dysfunction to reign supreme across the Islamic Arc, that song does play with a chord of realism. That we would care little of the fate of the victims of the discord that follows, a truth.

    The Coptics and even the Russians in the Levant, they represent acceptable losses in the historical efforts to keep the Islamic Arc down in the dumps.

    Realism reigns, in and amongst the Boners.

    Learn it, live it, love it.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. As is often the case, we tend not to look at the trends, but only at the headlines. Missing the grand strategy, while obsessing over tactics.

    Though with the proper perspective, the headlines do reveal the truth.

    The US remains on top.
    We are still winning, every day.

    Collateral damage, to others ...

    Who amongst the DC elites really gives a shit about "them"?

  45. Frau T said...
    WiO:And what would you know about a women's magic button, you being a transvestite and all...

    That's the last fucking straw.

    Congratulations, WiO, your shit wins, I'm off the "board of directors" and off the blog.

    How many times have we been promised that before?

    8, 9 times?

    I DEMAND YOU TAKE MY NAME OFF THE BLOG you have screamed so many times it does make one wonder what kind of attention disorder you suffer from.

  46. Wait till we have more illegal Muslim refugees than we have from Mexico. They will want their democracy as well. Just wait and see. The French, Italians and English have had enough.

    The first to slam the door in the Americas will be the Canadians.

  47. There should never be a political class, a group of people who make their living as politicians. The political class is insulated, protected from the very people whom they are supposed to represent. How then, can politicians represent people?

    Mubarak's plan of dynasty rule by making Gamal his heir has been foiled by military, which used people to pull it off. One dictator is gone but dictatorship is securely in place. A military coup is is not a revolution by any stretch of imagination. Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan promised elections in 90 days and ruled for 11 years.

    Credit where it belongs, to Bush administratiion accurate policy in removing the despotic Saddam Hussein - an act which is the seed from which the Egyptian and other Arab democratic movements are germinating.

    Adulterers and apostates went unpunished under the secular leadership of Mubarak, but now it will be changed. A recent Pew Poll showed that 84 percent of Egyptians want Adulterers stoned and apostates beheaded. Welcome to upcoming Blasphemy law (as in Pakistan).

  48. Ash is a friend of fair thinking. Of course, the Neocon shills and Christian Zionists at the Elephant Barcan scarcely contain their glee at the prospect of more suffering for the Egyptian people, and continue to vaunt their 'realistic' perspective that brutality always wins. They need to believe that, because it's their only weapon against human freedom. And anybody can be sacrificed as long as their interests are preserved.

    Those of us who support the struggle of the Egyptians to rid themselves of tyranny do not need to be reminded that evil often wins; we have seen it over and over again!!! The revolution hangs in the balance, and anyone with a shred of decency will be hoping that through their determination and commitment to non-violent change the pro-democracy demonstrators will ultimately triumph!!!

    If you can't say something constructive, and all you have to offer is pessimistic predictions of disaster with malignant 'I told you so's, you have no place in a sensible, civilised conversation.

  49. This my friends you can put in the bank. The people’s fight for their rights around the world is convincing and inspiring to witness---especially when we you see somehow a victory. We as the world’s citizens have been suffering for too long and too much. Many never witness the result of what they were fighting for; still the fight is on---Israel will no longer have the sly support of any Arab government and will have to adjust to a very new reality. Maybe they are able to see the truth and a genuine good spirit helps them to come to the decision that life is not only about them.

  50. Salaad writes:

    Genuine democracy has always born from people's movement against their oppressors & it doesn't have a specific dogma but to respect individual nation's need for social justice.

    Please show us one example of the Arab people having genuine democracy?

    When the Arabs INVADED Egypt & North Africa in the 7th century did they free the people and bring "genuine democracy"? Or rather has Islam and the Arabs done nothing but oppression, conquer and colonize?