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Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Moments on Live TV.


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    I liked the fact that throughout the commercial as the woman kept screwing up, the guy kept announcing that people were still buying the vacuums.

    I plan to show this to my wife as an object lesson.

    I could also use a couple of these for HSN if they are available.


  2. Life lesson #69

    Never buy anything from QVC.

  3. The ladder video is interesting but not funny. That guy fell nearly six feet and landed hard. It was painful to watch.

    The other interesting thing is that Lisa Robertson is still with QVC. In fact, tonight, she is on the air, working in Hollywood, selling from the red carpet of the Academy Awards. She has become the Diva of QVC and it wouldn't surprise me if she is highest paid of all the hosts on QVC or HSN.

  4. Wow!!This is a great moments shared with us.I watched all your videos,very interesting.