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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shirley Sherrod and Her Husband, Charles Sherrod

Sherrod: "We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms ..."

Why would Obama appoint a racist black-Marxist to the USDA, fire her in kneejerk fashion, then grovel on the phone to her, offering her a promotion?

First, a note of heartfelt appreciation for Joan Walsh of Salon. Her moving post on Charles Sherrod - in defense of his wife, Shirley - provided the inspiration required to dust off my Google skills. I simply had to fulfill her stated desire to share the actual words of Civil Rights icon Charles Sherrod with her readers, so touched was I by her profound tribute. And she's been swamped on TV, justifying Shirley Sherrod calling Fox and Andrew Breitbart racist. I can only hope she will be kind enough to direct her readers here, so we can all share his unique wisdom on race relations together, as one. That is, after all, the way it should be, is it not, Joan?

The civil rights heroism of Charles Sherrod

Andrew Breitbart sure picked the wrong people to symbolize black "racism."
If there's anyone more clueless about our civil rights history than Breitbart, as well as more abusive to it, I'm challenged to think of who it might be. He tests my commitment to nonviolent social change, but I'll share the work of Charles Sherrod to remember my values.

If I get a chance to talk to Charles Sherrod, I'll let him tell you what he thinks, in his own words, here.

Okay, Joan, though I do confess to being somewhat puzzled by the first quote I stumbled upon, especially as it came relatively recently - a full year after America had installed its first black administration in the White House.

Charles Sherrod: "We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections."

Gee, Joan, can you tell me what's so heroic about telling a room full of young black minds not even out in the world, yet - that if they ever embrace political, or socio-economic ideas that don't jibe with your hero's, the one elevated in a room before them, that they will be denounced as race-traitors? That is what Uncle Tom means, after all. What REALLY is heroic in that? It looks to me like what your hero does is build up their black identity to an extreme, then sends them a message that, if they don't vote, or act the way he wants them to, he and his community make them outcasts, stripping that very identity from them as traitors to their race. Is that the message heroic Civil Rights leaders are passing on to young blacks today? It sounds like it to me, Joan.

Maybe it's your hero's racism there that keeps young blacks on the Democrat plantation year after after, generation after generation - and not some non-existent racism you imagine on the other side. Why is your hero poisoning young minds, Joan? Or, is that just too much for you to grasp?

Shouldn't young minds be taught to think and explore the world for themselves, and not be infected with such poison perhaps before they even know who they are? Or, are you cool with your hero, there, Joan? How are you going to rationalize, not my reaction to your hero, but the not so subtle message he is delivering to those young black people looking up to him in a room?

But then, and I must admit to this being extremely troubling for me, Joan - I learned from your hero, Charles Sherrod, that because you are a white liberal, I shouldn't actually be reading you. See, I thought that when white liberals like you in the mainstream media provided significant coverage to black candidates at election time, it was because you wanted to be fair, perhaps even wanting to help them out. I would have never guessed that you were actually engaged in a nation-wide conspiracy to invoke fear and hatred into your white readers so that, come election day, they'd be all riled up at the black candidate, turning out to beat him.

But that is precisely what your hero tells me you are up to, Joan. Here I thought you were only trying to be fair. But then, I guess, you are white.

Charles Sherrod: "The tears that we've shed, so many times.... When the TV and the newspaper comes out the day of an election, or the day before an election. And tell white folk, all over, wherever we are running somebody for an office ... that blacks are going to TAKE that office over. And thousands are coming to the polls. And you gotta get it."

Geez, Joan. I'm really kind of disappointed in you and your hero after all this. I'll just let him tell you himself. I'm going to move on down below and write on some interesting things I discovered about the Sherrods and their New Communities project. I mean, racism is one thing, ... but separatist black-Marxist liberation politics? Is that what this is? Wow, you sure does have some interesting heroes for a white gal, Joan. I'll give you that.

Here are some words for your blog from Charles Sherrod, Joan:

Given the length of this, already - I'm going to cut to the chase - mostly just giving you the facts. In the video below, Sherrod claims they couldn't get funding because they were a corporation. He says nothing about racism being involved - though he does again display some of his own. But that is the grounds they sued upon - racism. And his son offers two views of what New Communities actually is, or was - family farm, non-profit corp., black-Marxist commune? Take your pick.

Kenyatta Sherrod remembers when his family’s farm was in foreclosure in the early 1980s. It was huge -- 6,000 acres -- and several people lived on it, raising vegetables and livestock that they would share with each other. Though several people had a stake in it, the property was in the Sherrods' names. “They lost the farm,” Kenyatta Sherrod said. “Life was different after that. We didn’t have a lot after that.”

The Sherrods also have a daughter, one with a rather interesting name. Pretty cool naming your kid after the Berlin Wall coming down, right? Well, not quite, unfortunately.

Son Kenyatta and daughter Russia defended their mother from charges of racism which led to her resignation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture position as director of its Rural Development program in Georgia on Tuesday.
Further research indicates she graduated high school in 1985. If she were 18 at the time, that would mean she was born in 1967. That's an interesting time for an American to name their child Russia - and it also happens to be the year Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the revolution. Hmm. But her actual birth year is unconfirmed, for now.

Russia Sherrod 1981-1985

But, is anyone else starting to get a Jeremiah Wright-like vibe here folks? I am. And if so, why would Obama appoint a racist black-Marxist to the USDA, fire her in kneejerk fashion, then grovel on the phone to her, offering her a promotion. By the way, she may just go fishing, instead.

The two joked afterward, Shirley said now that's she's unemployed she might have a little bit of time to do a little fishing a favorite hobby.

Mark Knoller mentioned a potential wrongful termination lawsuit in passing. And now the media and the administration seem intent on making her disappear. One theory on that I've heard is, they don't want people asking questions about her lawsuit. What I'm wondering is, maybe they don't want people asking questions about Obama.

He worshiped with Jeremiah Wright for years. He potentially appointed a racist black liberationist Marxist to the USDA. Just how many of them does he have around him, as he sits in the WH waging war on capitalism? And, finally, what might all those college documents of his they won't let us see tell us about him ... especially given this?

Ultimately, given all this now beginning to come out as a result of Andrew Breitbart's original work makes him a hero in my book. These are the tough questions the press doesn't even want to ask. It brings to the front important issues on race and racism, black, or otherwise, the press and the WH don't wish to confront. But that's what's suppose to happen in a genuinely free, open and democratic society.

As things stand, an extremely controversial woman is sitting there with a free ticket for a promotion at the USDA from an incompetent in the WH who created this mess by appointing her, then firing her too quickly for some reason. This isn't Breitbart's mess. This is now Obama's mess to clean up, or justify, as far as I'm concerned. Heckuva job, Barry. Heckuva job. At least we're starting to get used to it. I believe the word is: incompetent.

Obama really does seem to have some of the strangest friends, just like Joan Walsh, of Sherrod's white media conspiracy against blacks. Who'd a thunk it?

The Examiner piece referenced at end of video is here.


  1. "This isn't Breitbart's mess."

    : )

  2. It isn't. I was listening to Breitbart on the Lars Larsen show today, did he have a lot to say. And the reaction of her audience was very telling, clapping and whooping.

    Did you know, some of these 'black farmers' hadn't even applied for loans. They claimed, we were fearful we'd be turned down, and, they got paid anyway. I think Ms Sherrod's project may have been in that category. Pigford was, I don't know, maybe 80% ripoff.

    The whites are getting pissed, and they should be, too.

    Why has not Jesse Jackson Jr., who tried to buy Obama's Senate seat, been embroiled in that controversy?
    Cause he's black, O's black, the AG is black. After all this time of affirmative action and bending over backwards.

    It's just a race hustling industry.

  3. Accor4ding to Ms Sherrod, I'm a racist cause I oppose this nuts socialized medical scheme. Just at the time the Brit's are beginning to change theirs. heh

  4. OK, came out a little ahead. I'm still in CdA though, as just as I was leaving we noticed some coolant fluid dripping from the daughter's car, turned out it needs a new water pump, so delayed leaving here till noon tomorrow. I'm glad we caught it, beats breaking down on the road, in the heat. It was 96% here, that's hot for here. Beaches by the lake packed.

  5. Not much ahead, just a little. Like maybe twenty bucks.

  6. The Golf just had a new water pump installed for, like, 1400.

    That the water pump went when it did, a little oddity.

    Life is full of those.

  7. Just the size of New Hampshire

    For 86 days, oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP's damaged well, dumping some 200 million gallons of crude into sensitive ecosystems. BP and the federal government have amassed an army to clean the oil up, but there's one problem -- they're having trouble finding it.
    Managing director Bob Dudley is reportedly taking over from Tony Hayward.

    Watch 'World News' for the latest coverage on the Gulf oil spill.

    At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire.

    Today, ABC News surveyed a marsh area and found none, and even on a flight out to the rig site Sunday with the Coast Guard, there was no oil to be seen

    I'm heading for the couch. I sleep on the couch when I'm here.

  8. 1400!!!???

    I'm into $320 or something. And at the Ford Dealership too.


  9. ..."late payments from the USDA caused them to lose their farm>"

    There is an economics lesson.

  10. I've been feeling a certain amount of hostility among the local Black population, recently. I think they might be disappointed that the Obama thing isn't working out quite the way they had hoped it would.

    I kind of expect it to get worse.

  11. It is getting worse

    Washington/Madrid - US First Lady Michelle Obama and one of her two daughters will take a summer break in Spain, a White House source said Monday.

    Mother and daughter would come to the southern holiday resort of Marbella on a "private visit in the company of old friends," the source told the German Press Agency dpa.

    ...Michelle Obama has reserved about 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said.

    The US first lady did not make any special requests, hotel owner Ricardo Arranz said, explaining that the hotel would function normally during her stay.

    This is after her highness returned from Maine. They will fit this in before they retire to Martha's Vineyard for ten days.

  12. Kids in a candy store.

    I think she do enjoy that "Royalty" deal.

    Can't say as I blame her, though :)

  13. There certainly are "perks" to being President, or the wife of one.

    Some of the more "progressive" people that I know, they are truly disappointed, in Obama.

    They really thought there would be "Change".

    I just have to chuckle.

  14. If Obamacare isn't enough "change" for them, I can't imagine what they were "hoping" for.

    They thought politicians were going to cease being greedy sleazebags? Amazing.

  15. It's too damned early. Bed beckons.

  16. NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- State budget gaps are now expected to total $83.9 billion for fiscal 2011, with shortfalls anticipated for the next couple of years, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Conference of State Legislatures.


    Obama has asked Congress for an increase in Pentagon spending next year of 2.2 percent, to $708 billion

  17. Everything will eventually smooth out, that is, until Obama gets race bated again, by his own people. So far I think it has happened twice, first Gates, now Sherrod.

    Liberals have to be the most gullable people on the planet.

  18. Looking at those figures, bin Laden can smuggly declare "Mission Accomplished".

  19. $708 billion for the Pentagon. $300 billion for foreign oil. Reduce both figures by 10% and build tax free industrial parks for manufacturing.

    That should create 3,000,000 real jobs.

  20. Shirley Sherrod and her husband are Marxist, Black Liberation racists...

    To those that voted for Obama that do not think of themselves as such? Hope you choke on your wheaties....

    I have severed a major friendship with an African American due to his support for Obama's connection with Reev Wright and Black Liberation Theology.

    His point was that within the Black community Rev Wright is mainstream, and that MANY in the Black community are very distrustful of Jews and dislike Israel way beyond anything rational.

    To which (after helping start his online business 10 years ago) he told me that many in his Black circle of friends warned him that I (a Jew) would steal his business. (he sells black hair care product). Apparently within the Black community leaders such as Rev Wright, Sharpton, Farakkan are praised & honored.

    I nicely explained that if he could support and embrace those types then let the chips fall where they may, but I thought they were racist scum. And his connection to them, says alot about him...

    To which I now say to all those Blacks in America.

    You have the freedom to choose your friends.

    But dont expect me to support your support for racists, terrorists and crooks and as such dont expect me to help you with your business.

    Black America?

    Pick your friends wisely....

    And DONT bitch to me, Mr Whitey Jew, when they shove a shank up your ass, impregnate your daughter, or get shot in a drive by....

  21. Home Ownership lowest in a Decade

    1 out of 7 home loans delinquent, or in foreclosure.