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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Punk Ass PFC Bradley Manning

What happened to the elementary intelligence concept of "Need to Know"?

Shoot the little prick!

Yesterday, I asked a basic question: How is it possible that we have a military intelligence system where a PFC can get access to anything near 70,000 to 90,000 documents, all classified SECRET?

A PFC, 22 years old! How did he get a clearance and what was the clearance procedure? How is custody of secret documents maintained in such a manner so that anyone could have access to and copy that many documents?

There is something very wrong here. It is a complete and utter intelligence disaster, regardless of what information was compromised.

Who is the punk ass moon faced private? Meet his fan club:

PFC Bradley Manning


  1. Clearly this little son of a bitch should be put in a cell next to Jonathon Pollard.

  2. The shit bird has already received 2511 signatures petitioning for his release.

  3. Yes, it is a disaster.

    Yes, many people are holding him up as a hero.

    Yes, many people are idiots.

    Due to the nature of the documents, I think he was DIA.

  4. We should just put him against a wall, then shoot him.

    But then again, the number of folks with "Secret" clearances, literally uncountable, according to that Dana fella, at the WaPo.

    It may not have been this particular PFC that turned out all that data, so ...

    Let's give him a trial, before we shoot him.

  5. Try him first. I'm good with that. Then shoot him. For him to have that organization backing him up, well let's just say it looks a little suspicious.

  6. Diplomatic cables, Rat, is what he had access to and what he subsequently turned over to WikiLeaks. A thoroughly abominable concern, by the way.

    Yes, there are countless Secret and Top Secret clearances out there. Due in no small part to the fact that anyone hired to so much as empty trash cans or install carpeting in a secure facility or area has to have one.

    Doesn't mean they have access to anything.

  7. And, yes, I am sure his jail time will be quite significant.

  8. Anonymous has my email address.

    Anonymous is an old friend of the Bar.

  9. Yesterday, Anonymous left a link at the end of five previous threads.

  10. What were those heroic words I so generously used last night...cock sucking, dick licking, pussy snatching mother fucker? Ah, yes that was it.

    Do you think I should donate to his cause? I could match the $5.00 the President wants to keep change from changing.

  11. Doug:

    Hussein volt adds a gas powerplant to give 300 mile range...On gas.

    Don't forget the potential added cargo space of the Volt if the auxiliary power plant trailer needed for the cooling system motor, pump, and radiator is expanded to optimize it's capacity for luggage or mother-in-law seating.

    Meanwhile, from the radio:

    I'm always happy when I'm right, which means I'm always happy.

    Rush this morning regarding the surprising [to the experts] dissipation of the oil slick.

    Why am I not surprised?

  12. Rufus:

    The Volt will, eventually, be a flexfuel. But, that having been said, I don't think either car will be a "Commercial" Success.

    You sure have changed your tune on the Volt, Rufus. Not worth the time to grub in the archives, but the Volt was predicted by you to be a paradigm shift in automotive technology, as I recall. OWTTE

  13. "...cock sucking, dick licking, pussy snatching mother fucker"

    With a queer fucking pastime.

  14. This all seems quite odd to me. Courage to Resist, the group that is defending him and has developed the petition says their cause is to defend military objectors.

    We have an all volunteer military and have had since 1973.

    Do people like this little idiot join the Services thinking it is going to be a cake walk?

    Who would volunteer for service then be against a war so much they would compromise their country and endanger their fellow soldiers.

    F the trial, just shoot him, and please televise it. AND make it required viewing for all service men and women.

  15. "Do people like this little idiot join the Services thinking it is going to be a cake walk?"

    This little idiot just wanted to sit back and watch the fireworks, relishing the fact that he had set them off himself.

    He wanted to feel powerful, to be the cause of events. Betraying his country was the avenue open to that.

  16. He has done the country a service.

    He hasn't put any American troops lives at risk, and he's shown some light on a throughly corrupt, and inept, illogical "war."

  17. LT,

    Paradigm Shift/Commercially Unsuccessful

    The two are not, necessarily, mutually exclusive, LT.

    The price is awfully high. We'll see.

    I can own, and operate the soon-to-be-here Buick Regal for a whole lot less money.

  18. By all means, let's be distracted from the Power Structure that is so incompetently wasting Hundreds of Billions of our Tax Dollars, and Thousands of our children's lives.

    He might end up saving us a few Hundred Billion Dollars, and saving your Grandson's life.

  19. There will be oil spills and rumors of oil spills.

  20. What a crazy day at the must be the full moon.

  21. When our resident financial optimist opines:
    We are in Serious Financial Shit.

    We are spending at least Half a Trillion Dollars/Yr more than we can afford, and our "Balance of Payments" problem is going to Bankrupt us.

    It's starting to get "Serious."

    You know we're in trouble.

  22. Yeah, Facts is Facts, Whit.

    Chemo cures most Cancer, If You Take the Chemo!

    Right now, I'm afraid, all we've done is go to see a quack, and eat some blueberries.

  23. PFC Bradley probably deserves a death squad but in this day and age, it 'ain't gonna happen.'

    My immediate problems are the friggen' insurance company doubling my homeowner's policy in the last five years to $1500 and notifying me that one of the premium discounts will be removed and they will soon bill me for the additional.

    Also, the spendthrifts on my homeowner's association have just assessed all homeowners $200 each for tree removal and maintenance. We fought them off last year when they wanted to increase the annual dues by 10% to cover the trees (which are not that bad) but they've come back against us with this crap. I believe that we could sue them and win.

    I am ready to move away from the insanity and I find myself increasingly disengaged from the insanity of whirled affairs. I don't believe that things will get any better, so the best thing for me is to reduce exposure.

  24. I think an interesting question in all this is 'why was most of that stuff designated secret?'. I guess y'all trust big government to deal with everything and feel no need to inform the peons.

  25. "I think an interesting question in all this is 'why was most of that stuff designated secret?'."

    Classification is determined by the classification guide and the individual responsible for classifying a given document.

    There is a tendency to over-classify. Most often out of simple caution but sometimes out of laziness.

    Diplomatic cables are frequently especially sensitive in nature and their classification is no mystery.

  26. A Federal Judge blocked parts of the Arizona immigration law which does not in any way (IMO) set or interfere with immigration law.

    In her temporary injunction, Bolton delayed provisions that required immigrants to carry their papers and banned illegal immigrants from soliciting employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers.

    The judge also blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants for crimes that can lead to deportation.

    I think that the Obama Administration is going to lose this one.

  27. The law will not prohibit "immigrants" from seeking jobs in public places but it will make it a crime to stop a vehicle in a street in order to 'hire' day labor.

    It's my understanding that Federal law requires aliens to carry their papers.

  28. Fuel injected race car running E85 kicks carbureted, race gas ass - Argonne National Labs.

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  29. my, my, my,

    diplomatic cables, you say

    hmm...and there is some question about the source of the rolling up of Israel's show in Iran...only to the terminally distracted and defensive...

  30. The judge also blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants for crimes that can lead to deportation.

    This is either extremely sloppy reporting or a prime example of how badly the judicial appointment process needs to be revisited.

    "Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," Bolton wrote.

    This judge is actually playing the whirl's smallest violin for Arizona law enforcement. Who knew the Feds cared so much?

  31. I believe this Judge is intentionally misrepresenting the Az Law when she says that the immigration status of every single arrestee will be checked and that their civil liberties will be impeded by the process.

    The law does not require that every single arrestee's status be checked. Only those who can produce no ID or papers.

    This is an example of the many things that are wrong with our society. The Feds are not enforcing immigration laws, not controlling the border and are prosecuting those states who attempt to do so. This is a huge fight brewing over states' rights.

    Did you notice the reference to the Az Law affecting our relations with "Mexico and other countries"?

    Things have turned upside down in this whirled.

  32. Recap:

    Winner of X Prize Competition with 120 MPG

    Kicks "Race Gas" Ass with faster laps/more torque

    90% Less Emissions when distilled from cellulosic sources.

    Sells for 30% LESS than gasoline in some areas.

    No wonder they want to kill it.

  33. Link to where you can buy cellulosic alky?

  34. There's some out there, Doug. A lot more coming. All the new ethanol from here on out will be cellulosic.

  35. Kicks "Race Gas" Ass with faster laps/more torque...No wonder they want to kill it.

    It's racist.

  36. Deuce said...
    Clearly this little son of a bitch should be put in a cell next to Jonathon Pollard.

    now that is garbage

    Let's see pollard broke the law giving israel information about the PLO whereabouts, information promised by the USA to share..

    PFC Bradley Manning is going to get moslems that helped the USA murdered....

    really not the same league..

  37. Pollard spyed for 3, or 4 countries. Not just Israel.

  38. Pollard violated the oath he took to the people of the United States, as did this young PFC, they both should be executed.

    Pollard all the more so, as he was working directly for foreign nationals, purposefully against the best interests of the United States.

  39. The young PFC, he just made the information publicly available, Pollard, he did not have the balls for that.

    If the Israeli had displayed any loyalty, they'd have sheltered Pollard when he went there, for sanctuary. Instead of leaving him on the streets, swinging in the wind.

    But then, that's those Israeli for you. No loyalty to their own.

    Leaving Pollard "out in the cold", as they did.

  40. Then they whine about the "injustice".

    Pollard is the lowest of scum, and should be dead, already.

  41. From Wiki:

    This was just part of it.

    According to Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigator Ronald Olive, Pollard also passed classified information to South Africa[14] and attempted, through a third party, to sell classified information to Pakistan on multiple occasions.[15] Pollard also used his access to secret documents to furnish classified information to nongovernmental employees, including two friends of his who worked as professional investment advisers.

    There was quite a bit more, including some kind of attempted deal with Australia.

  42. Rufus:

    Paradigm Shift/Commercially Unsuccessful

    The two are not, necessarily, mutually exclusive, LT

    You forgot to close off your thought, Rufus. Let me help: "The two are not, necessarily, mutually exclusive, LT, my universe."

    That makes better sense now, because we all know your universe is where ObamaCare is superior to the best medical delivery system the world ever knew, everyone over 50 should be on statins for the rest of their lives, and it just makes good sense to euthanize perfectly good used cars at my expense to provide a tax payer subsidy to anyone of my neighbors who senses the need for a new motorcar "'cause who can pass up a free gift from the government like the CFC program doled out."

    See, in your universe, or whatever dimension it is that you inhabit, a paradigm shift is perfectly possible to pull off with an economically nonviable solution. All that's needed is a little boost from the government via tax rebates, subsidies, and regulations to make your statement come true. And anyhow, it's for the chirdren, right?

  43. The flight of the Spirit of Kitty Hawk (was that the name of the plane? Or just a Story?)was a "paradigm shift," right?

    I never heard any stories of "commercial success."

    The "Greatest Healthcare the World has ever Known" is great unless you're one of the ten million, or so, Americans that can't get it.

    Then how "Great" is it?

    The auto market was dead prior to the CFC. It's been getting steadily better ever since. Besides, what was it, $4 Billion, or somesuch?

  44. And, finally, you're going to have to pick on someone else, the rest of the night (Rat's available, I think. And Trish.) I'm going to bed. Manana

  45. Here, just to show you there's no hard feelings. You'll get a kick out of this. Whether it's legit? You decide. Personally, I think it's in the too good to check category.

    We Call on all our Sisters who are Virgins

  46. Your last contribution speaks volumes. Nothing is needed from me to further prove my point.

    Thank you.

  47. You're pretty quick for an old coot.

    I need to make a correction.

    Your 11:55:00 pm contribution speaks volumes. Nothing is needed from me to further prove my point.

    Thank you

    Good night.

  48. Anyone interested in bar fight stories?

    Looking back it's a good thing this is a William Gibson world as some noses might've been bloodied otherwise.

    fwiw All my bar fight stories involve an eyetalian woman. Go figure.


  49. There've been no good bar fights around here since before the poet apparently got professional help and a restraining order. Rat seems to have quit kicking his ass to mollify the schoolmarm, although that's debatable, since he seems to have been pacified, and avoids provoking the rodent. I suspect there's a Nurse Ratchet somewhere in the story, too, with a big bottle of lithium.

  50. Eyetalian women are often worth fightin' over. In my limited experience.

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  57. "Define a thing and you can dispense with it, right?"

  58. "Michael Barone Democrats Heading for a Thumpin"

    I hope Barone is correct as far as the House is concerned.

    Hopefully, those pundits who are suggesting the GOP also has a chance of taking control of the Senate are proved incorrect.

    Doug continues to mistakenly associate the term "conservative" with the present GOP. Quite laughable based on experience.

    Both parties have proven that neither can be trusted to control both houses of Congress at the same time.


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  61. He is a HERO - Let the TRUTH Out - Bravo for NIGERIA for going after the crook CHENEY