“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama Administration continues to pick on Honduras

Obama men, Chavez and Zelaya.

Poor in Honduras

Rumaging for anything to sell.

Honduras gang violence

The Obama Administration is moving to punish Honduras for the heroic measures taken to enforce their own constitution in preventing Hugo Chavez wannabe, President Manuel Zelaya, from establishing another left-wing dictatorship in Latin America.

Zelaya had no constitutional right to try and change the constitution so that he could become another president for life, and was rightly prevented from doing so. In Obamanation, that is a criminal offense, so the Obama Administration is considering withdrawing US aid.

Honduras has 29% unemployment, and I can assure you being unemployed in Latin America is not the same as in the US. There is no such thing as unemployment compensation or other government welfare programs. You don't work, you don't eat and neither does your family. No job, no money. Your teen age daughter ends up as a hooker and your best hope is to get into the United States by any means. You do what you can to survive.


U.S. moves toward formal cut off of aid to Honduras
Thu Aug 27, 2009

WASHINGTON, Aug 27 (Reuters) - U.S. State Department staff have recommended that the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya be declared a "military coup," a U.S. official said on Thursday, a step that could cut off as much as $150 million in U.S. funding to the impoverished Central American nation.

The official, who spoke on condition he not be named, said State Department staff had made such a recommendation to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has yet to make a decision on the matter although one was likely soon.

Washington has already suspended about $18 million aid to Honduras following the June 28 coup and this would be formally cut if the determination is made because of a U.S. law barring aid "to the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree."

The official said that $215 million in grant funding from the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation to Honduras would also have to end should Clinton make the determination that a military coup took place.

About $76 million of that money has already been disbursed and a second U.S. official said this implied that the remaining roughly $139 million could not be given to Honduras should the determination be made.

Diplomats said that the United States had held off making the formal determination to give diplomacy a chance to yield a negotiated compromise that might allow for Zelaya's return to power.

Such efforts, however, appear to have failed for now and so the United States is taking steps -- including its decision on Tuesday to cease issuing some visas at its embassy in Tegucigalpa -- to raise pressure on the de facto government.

"The recommendation of the building is for her to sign it," said the first U.S. official said of the 'military coup" determination, saying this was a response to the de facto government's refusal to accept a compromise that would allow Zelaya to return to power ahead of November elections. (Editing by Jackie Frank)


  1. As I was pulling in my driveway late last night after work I turned my radio to the local news channel to catch the world events. I just
    caught the last few seconds of the broadcast as the announcer say
    that Ted had passed away. I searched the other channels for more
    information but could only find music. I turned the car off and went
    inside all the time thinking about what I had just heard. I had a
    drink and went to bed. It spent a restless night thinking about what
    a void there would be in this country if we had lost this great
    American. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up I immediately
    remembered the bad news. So I went down stairs and turned on Fox
    expecting the worst. Then I saw it before my eyes, it was Kennedy not
    Nugent that had died.
    I feel much better now.

  2. Such charges would apparently not be covered in the amnesty, unlike charges of treason, usurping the powers of other branches of government, abuse of authority and trying to undermine Honduras' system of government, which Zelaya also faces.

    The plan also offer to invite "international observers, such as OAS, the Carter Center, and the European Union to monitor the (Nov. 29) presidential elections to ensure full transparency and participation."

    The election to select Zelaya's successor was scheduled before the coup.

    Crisis Plan


  3. Is now the time to remind everyone,” emails KP, “that Obama’s babysitters Ayers and Dohrm dedicated their communist manifesto to Robert Kennedy’s assassin, amongst others

    Stolen verbatim from Tim Blair.

    AP: Obama to Deliver Eulogy at Kennedy Funeral.

    I don't think Tim would mind.

  4. Solidarity with Latin America is Iran's top priority:

    TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Thursday that solidarity with Latin America is among Iran's top priorities, the official IRNA news agency reported.

    At the meeting with the outgoing Cuban Ambassador to Tehran Fernando N.Garcia, Mottaki highlighted existing cooperation between the two countries and said that solidarity with the Latin American states is among Iran's top priorities.

    He said that the ties between Tehran and Havana is very broad and there are ample untapped potentials in both sides which should be explored to help further consolidate mutual ties, according to the report.

    For his part, the Cuban ambassador thanked the Iranian Foreign Ministry as well as other ministries which spared no efforts to assist him successfully carry out his mission. He also underlined that expansion of relations with Iran is among Havana's top priorities, said IRNA.

    Iran has made a considerable progress to participate in Latin America's base and superstructure projects after President MahmoudAhmadinejad seized the power in Iran in 2005.

    The country has diverse contacts and contracts with Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, put in the context of the foreign policy objectives.

    Observers concede that Iran follows a strategic presence in political and economic life of Latin American nations which is ultimately a threat to the neighboring United States.

    The United States has accused Iran of engaging in "subversive activity" in its backyard Latin America, particularly South America and Central America, under the cover of economic cooperation.

  5. It rained all day yesterday and even now, the thunder rolls. It has been an unseasonably cool summer in North America. Summer came late to the northern United States and frost early. Overnight temperatures dropped into the thirties threatening crops.

    Meanwhile, farmers are killing themselves in India after no monsoons resulted in crop failure. A few years ago drought in Australia had farmers there ending their misery.

  6. Knocking on some doors in the night.


    Also via Tim Blair.

  7. DR,

    Re: there

    I am afraid spell check can't make the distinction between the proper use of "there" and "their", although alertness could. For that, I have you. It is nice to be needed. It is also a blessing to help another feel needed. Can't you feel the love, like, all around us? I know I can ;-)
    Wet Wet Wet

    You will discover that being Jewish does not make one "sectarian", although Judaism is loaded with sectaries.

    Your editing is not taken personally; your false, hate filled renditions of Jewish history is. So, do edit away, if that will keep you constructively occupied.

  8. I have never discussed Jewish history, allen, except to reference Mr Canpbell's remarks on how it was corrupted in Babylon. During discussions with bob. I feeling that those writings were antiJewish, if any were.

    But other than that I have not mention Jewish history. I have discussed Israeli history, they are not one and the same.

    Though Israel seems to be a sectarian CityState.

    We should take the funding given to Israel, then send it to someone that really needs it, like the Hondos or the Guats.

  9. Long before there were Jews, there were Israelis.

    35:10 And God said unto him: 'Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name'; and He called his name Israel.

    35:11 And God said unto him: 'I am God Almighty. Be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins;

    35:12 and the land which I gave unto Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.'

    "Israel" means to struggle with G-d - as in trying to understand, comprehend, trust, love, acknowledge, obey (etc etc etc) the Creator. You see, life, with all its joys and sorrows, is not so easy to understand. Life is filled from dusk to dusk with shades of gray. We must struggle to find our way. That is why we pray, "May thy Torah (teaching) be a light unto my feet."

  10. When I say "Long before there were Jews, there were Israelis", I mean LOOOOOONG before - as in 1,000 years.

  11. Israel means a small CityState with a population of 6 million folks, about 4 million of which are either displaced Europeons or their progeny, which have become expert at eating US tax dollars.

    Absorbing the abundance of the US foreign aid budget, when they have no real need for it. They'd get along fine on their own, while many other small CityState countries, here in the Americas the cannot be said for.

  12. It only means "Struggle with God" to sectarians.

    That the three Abrahamic religions are all sects of Zoromastery, a central tenant of a modern US philosophy. Propagated on Federally financed television network.

    bob's a believer.
    So are many, many others

  13. It was once Netanyahu's position, and remains mine, that Israel should work on its own dime.

  14. DR,

    Re: It only means "Struggle with God" to sectarians.

    You are now an authority on Hebrew, Mishna, Gemorah, Talmud? We have been waiting a very long time for the Messiah.

  15. - ‎1 hour ago

    Gordon Brown is under renewed pressure to release details about the UK's dealings with Libya after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son said there was an "obvious" link between trade talks and releasing the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

  16. No, allen, I am an authority, of sorts, on US and the meaning of words used in political debate, here. What those words mean in the context of the political debate.

    What the word mean to sectarians, not very relevant to the political debate in the US today.

  17. Long before there were Gentiles,
    there were Genitals.

  18. The Palos Verdes Peninsula's last farmer

    His wife, Rumi, has tried to talk Hatano (82) into retiring, with no luck.

    "He still enjoys doing this," she says. "That's his life."

    Despite his age, he stands straight -- although he's not the 5 feet 4 he once was -- and walks with a sturdy gait.

    Asked when he'll retire, he says: "When my legs give out."

    Until a few years ago, Hatano would wake up at 1:30 a.m. three days a week to sell his flowers at the Southern California Flower Market in downtown Los Angeles. He was out of the house by 2 a.m., his van packed with sunflowers, baby's breath, poppies, delphinium and cacti picked the day before.

    Before the Harbor Freeway was completed in the 1960s, he would take Figueroa Street from Palos Verdes through the empty city, arriving at his market stall by 3 a.m. He'd spend the next six hours selling his crop, mainly to florists but also to shippers who would pack the flowers on ice and fly them east. He would head home for a nap and lunch. Then he would work his fields.

  19. Comment by Herr Morgenholz
    So, the house in Culver City is selling for a little shy of $800 per sq ft?

    Hell, I’d be afraid to put a $1500 couch on $10K of floor space.

  20. Great News about Nugent, Sam.
    He remains in the hunt.

  21. It may be your position that the US should not fund the Istraeli government, it may also have been Sharon's, but he still cashes the US checks, regardless of his position. He still has his lobby work for the Federal loan guarantees, which we provide, while there are many many much more needful folks in the whirled than Israelis.

  22. I would go so far as to be against any aid to any country that makes religion a central tenent of its' government.

    The US violating at least the spirit of the First Amendment by supporting governments that have established religions, or that religions have established.

    The US supporting the State establishment of religion, by proxy, when providing that aid.

    We should not do it.
    It violates our founding principles.

  23. DR,

    Words have meaning only when universally agreed upon and used within a particular culture, e.g. “sect" and "sectarian".

    Dictionaries make such universal applicability possible. Dictionaries have been used since the dawn of history by men who wished to be understood by correspondents. Without agreed upon rules, well, Babel would be the rule.

    This reminds me of debates with my youngest brother, when he was in his teens. He would say, "But 'X' means this to me." I would have to remind him that he was not an island.

  24. "Ask Trish" why in the hell you would need a topo on the water. Indeed.

    We had a fine map - commencing at our original put-in. The Shenandoah was still somewhat in flood the morning we began and so we summarily changed our point of departure to a public landing that wasn't under water. What's a few miles, right?

    But as indicated the whole, sad incident rendered a much beloved story. To wit: We're standing around on the night of the Fourth of July talking to Brand New Important Person, when a (ahem) friend of ours, three sheets to the wind, wanders over and says, "Sir, have these two told you that they are outdoorsmen? True outdoorsmen? They are! Honest-to-God outdoorsmen! They've gotta tell you the story about the canoe trip and the 25 foot dam! Big, friggin' dam! I've told everyone that story and they love it!" Brand New Important Person looks at us and says incredulously, "A surprise dam. Surely you're joking." Thank you, drunk friend! Thank you! Please go away! Can't you see we are standing here trying to impress the Unknown Quantity with our sharp intelligence and keen insight rather than regale him with tales of our notorious haplessness?

    Drunk friend wanders back off obliviously in the direction of the beer tent.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. How can one be said to be
    "wandering obliviously"
    if he knows the direction to the beer tent?

  27. Oblivious to his faux pas.

    Army officers as a rule are capable of finding their way to the beer tent even in a semi-vegetative state.

  28. Which "reflects great credit upon them, their unit, and the United States Army."

  29. FYI, I bumped this thread to top of queue.

  30. Jeeze,
    EB lusts for PJ status:

    Deuce just edited a man's commentary on Pussy.

    What has become of our culture?

  31. Deuce didn't do it, I did.

  32. He edited a comment on Pussy?!?

  33. What kind of man would edit a comment on Pussy?

  34. allen said...
    It was once Netanyahu's position, and remains mine, that Israel should work on its own dime.

    Why do they do it?

  35. What was the Pussy comment, Doug?

  36. I worship Pussy.

    Spent all of my life, and most of my money on Pussy.

  37. Chased it over 4 Continents, and a multitude of islands.

    As long as the comment wasn't about "hurting" pussy, or worse, I don't see how anyone could delete a post about it.

  38. Deuce,

    Re: Why do they do it?

    1. greed
    2. greed
    3. lack of self-confidence (Socialism)
    4. quid pro quo for services rendered off the radar
    5. quid pro quo for services rendered in the course of business
    6. long standing tradition and agreements
    7. etc

    On the whole, I believe the United States gets at least as much as it "gives". Look at the Nobel Prizes given in the "hard" sciences and you will see why not just the US but the world benefits from Jewish/Israeli vision.

    As an exercise in curiosity, have a look at the Manhattan project, for example. Try to imagine it happening without the direct and indirect supervision/participation of outcast "European" Jews from the 1890's through completion. Had Germany not been rabidly, insanely brutal, we might all be writing in German.

  39. Allen, can't you understand that when we bash "Israel," we aren't bashing "Jews."

    Jews have been a "Positive" influence in our American Dream.

    Israel has been a Giant Pain in the Ass.

  40. Deuce,

    Re: Why do they do it? cont

    If the Israelis decide to participate fully in the free market, we are not going to like it. China and India will love it, but our defense establishment, for one, will not.

    So, Israel finds itself in the position of being damned if it does sell on the open market and damned if it takes money in exchange for not selling on the open market.

    As the matter of healthy autonomy, I favor Israel doing its own thing. Had it done so long ago, Israel could tell the likes of Ms. Rice and Mr. Obama to take a hike. The Swiss offer a good model.

  41. Jeez, Doug can't post about Pussy, but we have to read this silly Israel shit.

    Like Rush said, "What is becoming of us?"

  42. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Genesis 12:3

  43. Fuck Religion


  44. If you Religious people will give back to the world all the people killed, and oppressed in the name of "Religion," we'll bring back all those who died for any society's "lack of religion."

  45. Now, you two have put me in a bad mood. Deleting posts about something as delightful, and fulfilling as Pussy; and

    turning the conversation to something as Dark, and Hateful as Religion.


  46. Killing the "Others;" and Magic Men sitting in the Sky sending people to Hell, and issuing the chosen ones "Harps, and Wings."

    And, it was such a lovely day.

  47. rufus,

    With all due respect, we (Jews) have been hearing that argument forever. It always works out the same - we DIE. Sorry, my friend, but after that last dust up in Europe, we are committed: NEVER AGAIN!

    Again, with all due respect, do you personally know anyone who lost every single member of his family to the gas chambers, firing squads, or sledgehammer brigades? Have you ever known anyone who watched helplessly as her children were beaten to death with rifle butts before her eyes? Have you ever met anyone who witnessed the gang rape, murder and mutilation of his wife and daughters?

    I did not think so.

    Listen, no one hear takes a front seat to me when it comes to legitimate criticism of Israel. But I know the difference between criticism and propaganda. Have you ever had the pleasure of going eyeball to eyeball with a representative of the ACLU or ADL and telling that representative that when his organization is not acting absurdly it is acting obscenely? Well, Rufus, I have. America is one of the three greatest blessings G-d has given the Jews.

    Lots of Jews believed/believe that the bombing of the King David Hotel was either morally or strategically wrong - fair enough. But I am not going to sit by while someone bottles crap and tries to sell it as sunshine. Then adding insult to injury, the prevaricator tries to sell as equivalent the attack on a military target and the murders at Lockerbie.

    If you want to give a lecture, give one where it's due.

  48. rufus,

    If you add up the deaths caused just in the last century by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, you will find that the alleged deaths caused by "religion" throughout the remainder of history are insignifcant by comparison. I would have thought a number cruncher like you would have known that - you must be distracted by that "pussy" thing ;-)

  49. Worship pussy?

    I always thought the idea was to get pussy to worship you.

  50. Never was that good, Bob. :)

  51. Hitler didn't kill 6 Million people with Big Noses.

    He killed 6 Million Jews.

    It just irritates the fuck out of me. Millions of babies dying of starvation, aids, malaria, and other dreaded diseases all over the world, and Grown Men sitting around talking about

    "All-Seeing," Omnipotent, Benevolent God.

    What Horseshit.

    What the Fuck is Wrong with you People?

  52. ...the ever present problem of EVIL.

  53. The people responsible for countless deaths in Africa, rufus, are not religious men. You know very well that there is no shortage of available foodstocks. There is a man made problem with distribution, for political reasons. I repeat, "political".

    Wow, I really have no idea where "big noses" came from, but Hitler also murdered about the same number of non-big nosed people in the concentration camps.

    You know, I just don't know why Jews are SOOOOO sensitive...big noses...Hmm

  54. Allen, let me make this clear. I don't give a fuck that the Jews bombed the King David Hotel. I don't give a fuck if the Muslims bomb it, today. What those people do to each other is of ABSOLUTELY NO CONCERN to me.

    I, honestly, think EVERYONE in the Middle East is Batshit Crazy (as opposed to only half of Americans being batshit crazy.)

    The thing is, I have to put up with my neighbor. I sure as hell don't have to give a fuck about some crazy motherfucker on the other side of the world (unless I'm stuck dependent on his oil, of course.)

    I am, also, not interested in "death camp" stories. I'm CHEROKEE, remember? You go back far enough and ALL families have been through it.

  55. You missed the point Allen.

    The holocaust was ALL ABOUT RELIGION. It couldn't have happened if Hitler couldn't have played the "Religion" Card.

  56. Yeah, I guess that's what the "Magic Man in the Sky" says as he watches babies die of starvation, Aids, and Malaria:

    It's the "Babies' fault." They should have Used their Resources, better.

    Again, I ask, "What the Fuck is Wrong with you people?"

  57. So, I take you're an atheist?

  58. No, all families have not been through "it". Jackson did not order all Cherokees to death. Give me a break!

    The Second World War was a continuation of WWI, as many predicted would be the case with the Armistice. It was not a religious war except for the Jews. Hitler intended to eliminate hundreds of millions of other people based upon their sub-human status, e.g. Poles.

    As to this god you keep talking about, who flies around the sky, you are the only person on this site to have written about that.

    With reference to your not giving a "fuck" about lots of stuff, that's your loss.

  59. No one really has the answer as to why there is so much suffering in the world. Even if all the man made suffering where removed, by mighty acts of reformation in millions of minds, there's still the inexplicable, like a tree falling on a young doctor, as happened here. Or just the ongoing slaughter in nature.

    Some say we live in a fallen world, others that there is a battle between the forces of light and dark, others that God and man are emerging together etc.

    There was plenty of suffering in the villages Jesus walked through. He tried to attack it, spiritually, and physically, through trying to heal with primitive methods.

    Madonna adopted an African child. Monsanto or Dupont or whoever pretty much had a handle on the malaria problem, didn't they, until that chemical was banned. They are still working on it.

    On the other hand, against all this suffering, there is a whole range of human spiritual, mystical, and, around the time of death experiences that speak to something else. The varieties of religious experience.

    I'm not preaching, hardly ever go to church.

    I don't know the answer.

    Pat Robertson, for all his gooey, nauseating ways, maybe did have a good idea in bumping off Chavez.

    Why I added that last statement I don't know.

  60. Or just the ongoing slaughter in nature.

    Wolf tags are on sale. I'm heading to my beloved Fish and Game to get one. I'll get my money back if the Federal Judge nixes the hunt.


  61. Bing returns over 4,170,000 hits to the question of
    Why does God allow suffering?

    The first half dozen should suffice.

  62. How could evil exist if there is an all knowing, all powerful, benevolent God?

  63. It's an unfit topic for grown men of greater than sub-moronic Intelligence.

    It's how you keep very young children, and truly backward adults in line.

    Am I an "Atheist?"

    I don't even think about it enough to be any kind of "ist."

  64. Only when some moralistic, do-gooder starts deleting posts about Pussy.

  65. Ash wrote:

    "How could evil exist if there is an all knowing, all powerful, benevolent God?'

    May be to see whether YOU are an intelligent, committed, loving human being. Since "evil" is from the hand of man, it is for man to clean up the mess. Otherwise, men would be merely pets - dogs, perhaps...possibly "big nosed" dogs...:-D)))

    Sub-moronic would include Einstein, Fermi, Newton... Wow, hubris thy name is rufus. Must be something in the water down there...I'm thinking Jack. That could also explain all those angelic beings flying around.

    I am stuck by incongruency: rufus is DEEPLY concerned about sickness, hunger, and suffering. But apparently, only the sickness, hunger, and suffering of some. Others are simply written off as scum. So, what groups of the world's wounded garner rufus' sympathy?

  66. bob,

    R. Kushner wrote a book titled, WHEN Bad Things Happen to Good People. To his dispair, it is often referred to as WHY Bad Things Happen to Good People.

    Despite your possibly being sub-moronic, I bet you take the point ;-)

  67. I never, once, said a word about being "deeply concerned" about "World Hunger." Or, "World Disease," or World Anything else."

    When you get outside my nuclear family, boss, you're way out of my give a fuck range.

    I simply object to my day being ruined by nonsensical blatherings of "Gods" and "Religions."

    The silliness of it irritates me.

  68. Allen wrote:

    "Since "evil" is from the hand of man, it is for man to clean up the mess."

    So, God has no role during our lifetime, only after we die?

  69. The lady at Fish and Game said the Federal Judge was likely to let the hunt go through, and there was an earlier case, where he insisted some conditions be met, that have all been met.

    Besides the administration seems to want it to go on, the only good thing they've done yet.

    A lot of people are buying tags just for the historical interest of it. I'm in that category. I wouldn't know how to hunt a wolf if there one in my back yard.

    I imagine you'd have to have a ranch in the back country to have much chance.

    Starts Tuesday down south and in the back country, Judge willing, a month later up this way

  70. I thought your day was ruined because someone swiped your snatch.

  71. I guess what really pisses me off is that someone would expect me to work my ass off, and then be forced to give my money, not to my children (or, some wonderful Pussy,) but to some howling lunatic that thinks "GOD" promised him the "Right" to a Settlement in Palestine in the middle of a bunch of people that hate his guts.

  72. Drunk friend wanders back off obliviously in the direction of the beer tent.

    Deja vu, all over again. :-(

  73. And "big nose," along with "blessed are the cheese-makers," recalls one of the best scenes from Life of Brian.

  74. Dammit!

    Sleep in a little while, get busy with son's business for a couple minutes, and miss a post on pussy.

    It's gonna be a long day. I can see it comin'.

    To say nothing of the RRR tangent...Rufus Rants on Religion...with a dash of ash for seasoning.

    For Rufus.

    Pax, y'all.

  75. Over on the Christian side, some decades earlier--

    "No one summed up this better than Harry Emerson Fosick (1878-1969), a liberal Baptist preacher best known for his famous 1922 sermon, "Shall The Fundamentalists Win?" The same year Fosdick published a book entitled Christianity and Progress, which summarized an evolutionary view of God's reign. After examining the changes wrought in the nineteenth century regarding progress, Fosdick argued, "The climactic factor was added which gathered up all the reast and embraced them in a comprehensive philosophy of life. Evolution became a credible truth...It spread ifs indluence out into every area of human thought untill all history was conceived in genetic terms." Therefore, Fosdick claimed, "Growth became recognized as the fundamental law of life."

  76. con't--

    "Until this principle was understood, Fosdick believed, people lived without hope. After all, in a static universe change could occur only when God intervened. Thus the kingdom was primarily a supernatural reality--waiting in heaven--until God acted to do justice through some sort of apocalyptic event. People could do nothing but wait and beseech God to bring about the kingdom. According to Fosdick, progressive Christianity was a religion of hope. Men and women participate in the unfolding of God's reign in the world. This view inspired hope that faith can better humanity and correct injustice. We do God's work.

    Fosdick was no fool. He did not see progressive Christianity as a smooth path to modernist perfection. "The course of human history is like a river, sometimes if flows so slowly that one would hardly know it moved at all; sometimes bends come in the channel so that one can hardly see in what direction it intends to go; sometimes there are backeddies so that it seems to be retreating on itself." Human history happens in fits and starts, a "a fight, tragick and ceaseless, against destructive forces." The progress of God's kingdom in the world would not be easy. "The world needs something more than a soft gospeer of inevitable progress."

  77. "Thus religion is more than a 'frill'. Rather it acts as a primary way of interpreting scientific facts--spirituality is the capacity that transforms human existence into human life.

    ...Far from excluding God from the world, a progressive vision thus invites God into the world. For, as Fosdick insists, evolution understood mechanically lacks the essential component of spiritual meaning and cannot enliven hope. Thus to him, religion is indispensible.

    Fosdick warned his liberal readers that secular progress alone was not enough, that it had unsettling effects that could alternately spawn a reactionary dogmatism or could stagnate into a fetid pool. The way, therefore" Progressive spirituality "While change is there, it is not aimless, discontinuaous, chaotic change." It is neither atheism nor secularism. Thus the rock unpon which wise ones build the house is the rock of spiritual progress and "the stability is in the process itself, arising out of the abiding relationship of man with the eternal."

    That how Fosdick would have answered Ash some decades ago. God both in and out of the world.

    from A People's History of Christianity by Diana Bass

    Visit the author online at

  78. Really wonderful song. Reminds me of the Rufus posted when Buddy Larsen died.

  79. Mr. Hare in Magnolia, Texas can install all the panels that'll fit on his roof with my blessing. Just don't ask me to subsidize his $77k solar outlay for his 7,000 sqft squat with the four car garage.

    The price drops — coupled with recently expanded federal incentives — could shrink the time it takes solar panels to pay for themselves to 16 years, from 22 years, in places with high electricity costs, according to Glenn Harris, chief executive of SunCentric, a solar consulting group. That calculation does not include state rebates, which can sometimes improve the economics considerably.

    Mr. Hare in Texas cited the larger tax credit, which sliced about $23,000 from his $77,000 bill, as a major factor in his decision to go solar, in addition to the falling panel prices. Sensing a good deal, he even got a larger system than he had originally planned — going from 42 panels to 64. The electric bill on his 7,000-square-foot house and garage has typically run $600 to $700 a month, but he expects a reduction of 40 to 80 percent.

    Mr. Berger predicts that with panel prices falling and the generous federal credit in place, utilities will start lowering rebates they offer to homeowners who put panels on their roofs

    Tax eating and rent seeking just distorts the market. Lowered production costs, increased market share, technology being proven in competition? Good things. Artificial price supported public trough sucking subsidies? Not so good.

  80. Daughter just called as they were pulling out of Halifax. Exhausted, full of anticipation and, bless her heart, weepy.

    Won't hear from her again until they get to Cadiz.

  81. Glad she made it to the boat on time.

    Cheers. All around.

  82. And though our bank account is sailing off with her, I convinced her father, with a persuasive admixture of approved threats and other, ah, cajoling, to spend the remainder on a week in Key West.

    Tickets, baby. We've got tickets. And a week of leave. Not "leave." L-E-A-V-E.

    And the sorry folks in charge of the weather here? Well, you can just KMA.

  83. Betcha Mr. Hare also put a new vehicle in his four car garage during our "Cash for Clunkers" orgy of beneficence. How could he pass up a $4500 windfall to trade in that old Explorer? After all, it was just the patriotic thing to do.

  84. Thanks, linear. We're all extremely happy for her.

  85. Sounds like her ship is sailing at the right time given the storms passing that way trish. Hope she has a time worthy of your spent money.

  86. In the final analysis, Ash, she's happy. She's happy, we're happy. And were we literally flushing money down the toilet, it wouldn't matter.

    Coincidence of coincidences, my husband ran into a woman at the embassy recently who went on the '67 SAS. Must have been the first or second one. As a consequence, and a very happy one to her, she spent the succeeding years almost entirely abroad, in something like twelve countries. She's a professor of Spanish now and was down visiting her son, who works in Consular Affairs.

    Most of us would chew a leg off to be able to do what my daughter's doing.

  87. Yes, I have a tendency to live vicariously through my children as well.

  88. And, good ol' Charlie Rangel is back at it, just Can't Get His Taxes Right

  89. Your last two, Bob.

    Who among us is really surprised?

  90. Gotta get Apple hooked up with those "Magic Battery" manufacturers that mat was always touting. You'd figure that if the magic technology existed, Apple would utilize it.

    But they don't, because they can't.

  91. Man, I have never been more proud of myself/my comment.

    I sparked a classic thread.

  92. PC World - Jr Raphael - ‎1 hour ago‎

    Apple says it's not to blame for a series of exploding iPods and iPhones, according to a report published on Friday. The company has been under fire, so to speak, for devices overheating and shattering across Europe and the UK Sheesh...and you thought ...

  93. Censorship @ the bar, and you're proud to have instigated it?

    Must have been a doozy of a pussy piece.
    Or a wonderful piece of the same...

  94. Ya Think???
    Sheriff Admits Fault in Kidnapping Case

    Law enforcement authorities were in Phillip Garrido’s house at least twice in the last three years, but never discovered that a young woman he had allegedly abducted 18 years ago was living there along with the two children he had fathered with her, the sheriff of Contra Costa County said on Friday.

    At a news conference on Friday, Sheriff Warren E. Rupf said he accepted responsibility for failing to rescue the victim sooner and offered an apology. He recounted that a woman had called 911 in November 2006 to report that Mr. Garrido had “a tent in his backyard, that there were people living in them and there were young children,” Mr. Rupf said outside his offices in Martinez, Calif.

    “The caller also said that Garrido was psycho and had a sexual addiction,” Mr. Rupf said. A deputy who was sent to investigate the complaint talked with Mr. Garrido, but left the property after concluding it was nothing more than “a code violation,” the sheriff said. The deputy was not aware that Mr. Garrido was a registered sex offender and was on parole, Mr. Rupf said, even though Mr. Garrido had registered as a sex offender, as required by law.

    “I’m the first in line to offer organizational criticism and offer my apologies to the victim and accept responsibility for having missed an earlier opportunity to rescue Jaycee,” Mr. Rupf said, referring to Jaycee Dugard, who was abducted by Mr. Garrido and his wife, Nancy, authorities have charged. The sheriff said that he had apologized to the family of Ms. Dugard, who was abducted at the age of 11 as she was about to board a school bus near her home in South Lake Tahoe.

    “This is not an acceptable outcome,” he said. “Organizationally we should have been more inquisitive or curious and turned over a rock or two.”

    “My criticism is of us organizationally, and not of the deputy,” Mr. Rupf said, acknowledging that the deputy should have asked more questions of Mr. Garrido. He said, there are “absolutely no excuses. We should have had a better result.”

  95. F Lambda:

    Hello all,
    Here is my contribution to amatuer hour, if I knew how do video and sound editing I’d make it into a youtube video. These fools need more ridicule..
    The short summary of Fascism provided by that Marine at the townhall in Washington state where he ends by pointing out that pelosi should check her own arm for swastikas would be a great lead in…

    Sung to the tune of “Der Fuehrer’s Face”
    With appologies to Spike Jones

    When obama says you can’t get past my race
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in obama’s Face
    Not to love obama is a great disgrace
    So we heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in obama’s Face

    When emanuel says let no crisis go to waste
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in emanuel’s face
    When emanuel says we’ll ram bills thru dis place
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in emanuel’s face

    When pelosi says there is no more debate
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in pelosi’s face
    When pelosi says those angry mobs are fake
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in pelosi’s face

    When al gore says we trash the world and space
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in fat albert’s face
    When al gore says we’re heating up the place
    We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in fat albert’s face

    Are we not the smartestmen liberal pure smartestmen
    Ja we are the smartestmen (stupid dumass smartestmen)
    Is this hope’n change so good
    Would you stop it if you could?
    Ja this hope n change is good
    We would stop it if we could

    We bring the world New Order
    Heil liberal’s world New Order
    Everyone of foreign race
    Will love obama’s face
    When we bring to the world dis order

    That’s my version- what is yours???

  96. If My sin causes me feel drained, and heavy and dreary and weary, and weighted down, how do you think Whit felt when the father placed upon him all the guilt, all the burden of sin of all the World, past and present?

    There is no human way to evaluate.

    Good that he bore that penalty for us.

    We all have our Dross to Bare.

    Pussy Power!

  97. Hey! Who stole my . . . . . uh . . . plants?

  98. 23. Ann:

    A young friend reminded me that mosquitos heading to the bug zapper are technically “moving forward”.
    Idea would make a good visual.

  99. Ya think?

    "We need to worry a lot less about how to communicate our actions and much more about what our actions communicate," Mullen said in an article for Joint Force Quarterly, a U.S. military journal, released by his office on Friday.

  100. Don't get too upset at some people getting some tax subsidies on some solar panels. It doesn't amount to much.

    BUT, solar panels are down to about $2.50 W, now. They drop another 50%, or 60%, and it turns into a whole new ballgame. And, they will.

    When you can have 10,000 Watts put on your new Phoenix, or San Diego home for $50.00 month (first mortgage payment is tax deductible, remember) you're starting to come out ahead, I think.

    I believe I'm probably spending an extra $2,000.00 yr just on air-conditioning here in the MidSouth. Of course, that's Day, and Night, but, probably, $1,200.00 of that is during the time that my solar would be running, and, I'm assuming providing enough electricity for Most of my Cooling.

    I think we might only be 3, or 4 years away.

  101. For that thoughtful New Riders tune, lineman, I thought I'd dust off the Panama Ed logo avatar, from a project that crashed at takeoff.

  102. To paraphrase the wise old sage here at the bar:

    "My good will toward Mr. Hare's windfalls ends at my wallet."

    Don't get too upset at some people getting some tax subsidies on some solar panels. It doesn't amount to much.

    It should amount to zero.

    Same for the "Cash for Clunkers" scam, soon to be joined by the "Cash for Appliances" scam.

    Where do you get off, Rufus? Telling me I ought to rejoice in passing on my tax dollars to somebody else. Fuck that noise!

  103. This, however, might be a little much - Solar Roadways

  104. Cheers, rat.

    Don't bogart the joint.

  105. Hell, I didn't say you "ought to," LT.

    But you, and I, are. Like it or not. I'm just saying, "Don't get too upset; there might be an upside."

  106. Okay, rufus.

    It's Friday afternoon at the bar...give rufus a Bud Lite, Bobbo...

    Hell, set everybody up. Put it on Viktor's tab, since he's not here.

  107. Solar Roadways...

    Yep. I can see it now...

    ...The new Director of Public Works admitted today a costly blunder when a maintenance seal coat was applied over the Solar Roadway on Main Street. The seal coat was needed to patch the cracks, she said, but should have used the more expensive translucent epoxy compound specified for the $10,000,000/mile showpiece street.

    Meanwhile, her appointment continues to generate controversy among the professional engineers on her staff, who claim that appointing her was a token measure to fill an affirmative action quota, and bypassed more qualified white males with engineering educations and PE licenses, a previous prerequisite for the job

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. I Will Not Convict…
    …United States Intelligence personnel.

    Sign The Petition!
    Defending Those That Defend Us!

    On August 24, 2009, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a Special Prosecutor to investigate the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” by the CIA and other US intelligence organs during the Bush administration.

    He has done so in spite of assurances early in the Obama administration that such investigations would not occur, and despite the complete lack of evidence in the record suggesting any criminality on anyone’s part that has not already been handled within the normal course of events.

    Under such circumstances, this investigation amounts to little more than a purely political prosecution – a witch hunt that violates the principles and values on which the United States was founded.


    1. As citizens of the United States we are grateful to those that have served our nation in intelligence and military capacities.

    2. We believe that when confronted with enemies to our nation, partisan politics must step aside.

    3. Criminal prosecution in the United States is based on evidence and the law, not political philosophy or disagreement.

    4. Prosecutions of the type currently contemplated by the US Department of Justice will undermine the willingness of good people acting in the best interest of our nation to do their jobs.

    5. Political prosecution chills the right of every American to civil dissent.

  110. That just got moderated @BC

    We'll see.

  111. "Hot Rod"
    Is up there with Chuck Berry Tunes.

  112. My own opinion...I'm sympathetic to the "I will not convict" folks.

    Having said that, I never sign on line petitions after I got snookered onto an animal rights progressive greenie mailing list when I signed the wild horse petition a while ago.

  113. That one explains in detail that it is genuine, Linear.
    Get off your CS Ass and SIGN IT!

  114. Desert Rat was the horse's behind behind that petition!

    WTF did you expect?

  115. Still censored from this POS:

    Amateur-Hour Indeed

  116. Help John help Us
    Help me bring down the cost of healthcare.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. No, doug, we did not need signatures on petitions, but upon checks. The Law is clear, just have to get the enforcers to enforce it, upon themselves.

    Drivin' the back roads, so I wouldn't get weighed.
    With sweet whites and wine.


  119. John needs money too.
    If I had any I'd...

  120. Get off your CS Ass and SIGN IT!

    Thoughtful sentiment, Doug, but I'm too young to have participated in the Civil War. I might return and see if they have a mail-in format.

    If you say please.

    Will I get a cookie? Macadamia nut macaroons with lotsa coconut would be nice.

  121. "Little Feat" - Willin' - 07/20/95

    Great name

  122. Please
    Sonia will give you your reward in Paradise.

  123. In Honduras, While Obama Backs The Bad Guy, The Good Guy Does What Good Guys Do

    Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti is acting like the true Honduran patriot he is. We saw his character in an interview with Chris Burgard weeks ago, but the Obama administration has only turned it's back on the man representing the laws and the interests of the Honduran people. This morning the Washington Times broke the story:

    "The interim president of Honduras has offered the man he replaced after a June coup the chance to return to the country on the condition that both renounce claims to the presidency, a negotiator said Thursday."
    Read the article to see how, in spite of foreign parties continuing attempts to interject themselves by brokering a "solution", Honduras can solve its own problems.
    The deal terms:

    • Both Mr. Micheletti and Mr. Zelaya would resign.
    • The next in line under the constitution would become interim president.
    • New elections would be scheduled and monitored by independent foreign observers.
    • Mr. Zelaya may return as a private citizen.
    • Mr. Micheletti will support a decision by the Honduran congress to grant "political amnesty [not involving common crimes] to all parties relating to events of June 28."

    That last part is important because the ex-president apparently took a few million from the central bank on his way out.
    As you do.
    Anyway, let's recap.

    Would-be strongman Zalaya tried to openly bypass the Honduran constitution in order to remain president for longer than allowed. He was supported in this by Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, and Noriega, just to give you an inkling of where he was coming from. He tried to co-opt the military in his crime, but was refused. Unfortunately for him, Honduran law specifically makes illegal any attempt by a president to do such a thing - mainly because of guys like him. So Zalaya had his illegal initiative ballots printed up in Venezuala and tried to move forward. He was opposed in this by the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, The Congress, and the military. His arrest was ordered by the AG, and the Supreme Court ordered the military to carry it out, which they did.

    Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti is acting like the true Honduran patriot he is.

  124. Man, some sweet slide guitar there. I'll have to look for a CD from them.

  125. Feeling I was fighting for my life, I signed the health care petition.

    A vision of Ash on a rationing board overwhelmed me.

    That's the truth.

  126. Sonia will give you your reward in Paradise.

    May I hear Sonia whisper that in my ear? Not to say there's any distrust, here. Just for the benefit of an old man who's always lookin' forward to good times.

  127. Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti is acting like the true Honduran patriot he is.

    Recalling a conversation with Trish:

    There was no coup!

  128. al-B_b:

    We call him A_h now that he's taken on
    G_d Like Powers.

  129. Trish and DR love to turn logic on it's head for giggles.

  130. Where there's no Teresa,
    There's No Coup.

  131. ...that would be Heinz Kerry and Soup

  132. We serve only Hunt's ketchup at the Linear cafe.

  133. Must be some damned healthy Katchup:

    (October 9, 1918 – January 23, 2007)

  134. 15. Clioman:

    Re: Gordon’s comment @#9, if I had to guess at Teddie’s last act, it would have been to grope the nurse.

  135. Man, when I was thirty and in Hospital, (as we say when properly socialized) this young HOT nurse saw fit to give me a back rub.
    Oh what a night.

  136. D--g's just trying to play catch up here.

  137. Said she saw something in my eye.
    Think it was something other than my soul.

  138. Recalling that post, I'd like to go BACK about 3 decades!

  139. CIA and anti-Castro efforts

    Warner Bros. had just bought rights to Hunt's novel Bimini Run when he joined the CIA in October 1949 as a political action specialist in what came to be called their Special Activities Division. [4] He became station chief in Mexico City in 1950, and supervised William F. Buckley, Jr., who worked for the CIA in Mexico during the period 1951–1952. Buckley and Hunt remained lifelong friends.[5]

    In Mexico, Hunt helped devise Operation PBSUCCESS, the covert plan to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz, the elected president of Guatemala. Following assignments in Japan and as station chief in Uruguay, Hunt was assigned to forge Cuban exile leaders in the United States into a broadly representative government-in-exile that would, after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, form a provisional government to take over Cuba.[6] The failure of the invasion damaged his career.

    After the Bay of Pigs, Hunt became a personal assistant to Allen Dulles.[7] Tad Szulc states that Hunt was asked to assist Dulles in writing a book, The Craft of Intelligence, that Dulles wrote following his involuntary retirement in 1961.[8] The book was published in 1963.

    Hunt told the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973 that he served as the first Chief of Covert Action for the CIA's Domestic Operations Division. He told the New York Times in 1974 that he spent about four years working for the division, beginning shortly after it was set up, by the Kennedy Administration in 1962, over the "strenuous opposition" of Richard Helms and Thomas H. Karamessines. He said that the division was assembled shortly after the Bay of Pigs operation, and that "many men connected with that failure were shunted into the new domestic unit." He said that some of his projects from 1962 to 1966, which dealt largely with the subsidizing and manipulation of news and publishing organizations, "did seem to violate the intent of the agency's charter."[9]

    According to Tad Szulc, Hunt was assigned to temporary duty as the acting CIA station chief in Mexico City for the period of August and September 1963,[10] at the time of Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged visit there.[11][12] In his 1978 testimony, however, Hunt denied having been in Mexico at all between 1961 and 1970.[13]

    Hunt was undeniably bitter about what he saw as President John F. Kennedy's lack of spine in overturning the Fidel Castro regime.[14] In his semi-fictional autobiography, Give Us this Day, he wrote: "The Kennedy administration yielded Castro all the excuse he needed to gain a tighter grip on the island of Jose Marti, then moved shamefacedly into the shadows and hoped the Cuban issue would simply melt away."[15] Disillusioned, he retired from the CIA on May 1, 1970. The following year, he was hired by Charles Colson, chief counsel to President Richard Nixon, and joined the President's Special Investigations Unit (alias White House Plumbers) [1].

  140. Targeting the Holder Witch Hunt

    Newt Gingrich targets Eric Holder's outrageous decision to make a second run at prosecuting national security officials who, in the aftermath of 9/11, interrogated al Qaeda terrorists.
    Key graphs:

    But here is the crucial fact for Holder: All of the allegations of unauthorized methods - all of them - have already been carefully evaluated by career prosecutors. These were legal officials who, unlike Holder, do not owe their jobs to any partisan political figure.

    Impartial prosecutors evaluated 20 incidents of unauthorized activity and decided against taking legal action in all cases but one. In that one case, in which a contract employee attacked a terrorist detainee with a metal flashlight, the contractor was found guilty. His case was appealed and his conviction upheld.

    In other words, justice was done.

    But apparently for Holder, justice under a Republican administration doesn't mean the same thing as justice under a Democratic administration.

    On the day the report was released, CIA Director Leon Panetta - himself an Obama appointee - protested that the CIA received "multiple written assurances its methods were lawful."

    The report reveals that the men and women of the CIA not only worked diligently to develop and adhere it these methods, but that their work also yielded intelligence that saved lives.

    Never mind. There's a new sheriff in town.

    Holder, uniquely duty-bound to uphold the law, has disregarded the law as applied by his predecessors because he disagrees with their politics.

  141. "One of Ted's Favorite topics of humor was Chappaquidick itself.
    He would ask people:
    Have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquidick?

    - Ed Klein, editor in Chief, NY Times Mag on DC Radio BBC:

  142. Kennedy Sabotaged Reagan in Letter to the Soviets

    "Comrade Y.V. Andropov -- On 9-10 May of this year, Senator Edward Kennedy's close friend and trusted confidant J. Tunney was in Moscow.

    The senator charged Tunney to convey the following message, through confidential contacts, to the General Secretary of the Center Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov.

    Senator Kennedy, like other rational people, is very troubled by the current state of Soviet-American relations. Events are developing such that this relationship coupled with the general state of global affairs will make the situation even more dangerous.

    The main reason for this is Reagan's belligerence, and his firm commitment to deploy new American middle range nuclear weapons within Western Europe..."

  143. Damn you, Bob:
    My keyboard's shortin out with the tears.

  144. I think I heard The Joe Pesci of Conservatives vivisect Watson on his program tonight. I thought at the time he was talking about Maxine.

    I'm sure Trish missed it, as she does most of the Great One's commentary. A shame, really. So much truth is revealed for such a small investment of time.

  145. Same goes for 'Rat, but he'd rather put his unique slant on the MSM version of "reality."

    Both unwilling to credit the incredible amount of fact gathering that goes into almost every show.
    Unmatched ANYWHERE.

  146. He said Watson and Waters are friends, btw.