“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eco Tourists get taught a lesson.


  1. That IS a frigging miracle!

    I woulda thot a lone survivor would be a miracle.

    ...wonder what the water temp was?

    One thing for sure:
    Got some very sore,
    very convinced,
    true believers in da powah of da Natur

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  3. Tag Archive bradshaw army air field--

    Big Island Carbon breaks ground on $20M plant Tag Archive bradshaw army air field Big Island Carbon breaks ground on $20M plant Hawaii247.orgMac Nut Activated Charcoal

  4. Crap,
    I thot I could rectify blogger's formatting fuck up with Paragraph tags, but it still won't take them.

    < --- p --- > -------- < /--- p --- >

    it won'teven take the / in the closing tag in example above

  5. When the wind stops, if Kiluaea is pumping out like it did this week, the entire Island Chain is enveloped in a Sulphuric "Vog"
    Yet more proof that man is raping Gaia, and Gore was right all along.

  6. Also wonder what the rescue capability was.
    Musta needed it.

  7. Kiluaea is just doing what was suggested recently Doug, throw sulpher crap into the atmosphere to cool Mother Earth. Mother keeps watch on her children.

  8. This pig chicken human flu virus almost sounds like a human created concoction.

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  10. Sonia had the umbrella, and Doug in cap right behind.

    The flu will spread to Hawaii, out in the Pacific, before hitting Idaho backcountry. Hah! Knew there were advantages to living here.

    Doesn't seem like flu season does it? Kind of spooky.

  11. Neat Big Island link, Doug.

    Macadamia Nuts.

  12. At Costco they've got a complete 60 watt Solar Survival Kit with stand for PV Panels, wiring, and Inverter for $299.

  13. Strange flu, alien President, criminals in Congress, Pakistan falling, Iran arming, bear in Russia out of hibernation, pirates on the seas, economic collapse, the sun's rays begin to fail--

    Hinx minx
    The old witch stinks!
    The fat begins to fry!
    There's somebody at home,
    And it's not just baby Joan
    Henry, Melinda and I!

  14. At Costco they've got a complete 60watt Solar Survival Kit with stand for PV Panels, wiring, and Inverter for $299.Plus tax.

    I'm going to check that out.

  15. Drugmakers: Swine Flu Strain Responds to Medicines

    Friday, April 24, 2009 5:10 PM

    NEW YORK -- Makers of the two main antiviral flu treatments say they've been in touch with world health authorities on the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico City. They also say the virus seems to respond to their medicines.

    GlaxoSmithKline, which makes Relenza, and Roche, which makes Tamiflu, say they have been in touch with the World Health Organization as Mexico City shut down schools, libraries and other institutions to try to quell the outbreak, which has killed at least 20 people.

    A GlaxoSmithKline spokeswoman says the British drugmaker has been in touch with the World Health Organization on identifying the exact strain.

    A Roche spokesman says the Swiss drug developer is prepared to deploy its Tamiflu stockpile if requested, he said.

  16. The Ash Health Care System: Rationing: Kill Off The OldKrauthammer.

    The young are foolish, and think they will live forever, never get old.

  17. Got any plans for your exit, al-Bob? greatest concern is my talent @ procrastination, leaving me unprepared, per usual.

    No jokes about my spiritual readiness, please, I'm talking basics, like neglecting to get that bottle of Nitrous Oxide or some other fuel w/which to achieve Escape Velocity.

  18. ...leaving me to the mercy of a long painful demise, or worse yet, a trip to Hospital.

  19. Did you all know that Canada has a Budget "Surplus?" Fiscal Monitor.

    $0.8 Billion.

  20. FOX NEWS
    Opinion Dynamic
    22-23 Apr 09
    Approve - 62%
    Disapprive - 29%
    Don't Know - 8

    Now if FOX News is providing biased polling, then there is no hope, other than Obama's.

    What a Change that'd be.

  21. April 24, 2009
    Tedisco Concedes; Va., N.J. on the Clock
    Republican Jim Tedisco conceded the race for New York's 20th District seat, confirming Democrat Scott Murphy as the winner. Murphy held a 401-vote lead after canvassing and paper ballot counting had finished.

    "I am honored and humbled to be going to Washington to represent the families of New York's 20th Congressional District," said Murphy, who thanked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), President Obama and Vice President Biden for their help during the campaign. "I look forward to rolling up my sleeves in Washington to bring jobs, opportunity, and prosperity back to Upstate New York."

    "Earlier today, I called and congratulated Scott Murphy on a hard-fought contest and wished him well as the next Congressman of the 20th Congressional district," Tedisco said in a statement, according to Politico.

  22. In my case, I'm going to transfer to my spiritual double, al-Doug, leaving this vail of tears to its own case. Let the National Health Service dispose of my spiritual single. I may just boobytrap the old thing. Ha!

    20 light years out is an earthlike water world, with mermaids, my future abode.

  23. If the folks in coal country voted for O, after telling them he'd bankrupt their industry, maybe one should believe the Fox polls.

  24. Wonderous water women dwell there, and black bees suck the pollen of flowering plants on the gem like isles. There is no bickering nor backbiting there, nor disappointment, nor plaint, only the hum and song of birds singing, and song of the wonderous water women.

  25. Heh, they had some big deal in Congress with AlGore bitherating, making weather forecasts, and the Pubs had brought some expert from England as a counterweight. Waxfaceman won't let him speak.

    First appearance of the Fairness Doctrine.

    These bastards are fascists.

  26. Solar cells, windmills, and other forms of solar flow may be made cheaper—which is where most of the research is going right now—but land requirements will never be reduced. Those requirements, when confronted, turn out to be staggering.There's Plenty Of Energy At The Bottom--

    Am. Spectator

  27. Sorry to be such poor company:
    I got caught up in...
    Must be feeling immortal again,
    why else would I waste my precious time so?
    ...and now it's time for the
    Ancient Hawaiian Cleansing Ceremony

  28. Walking on coals?

    Volcano diving?

    Surfing the hot lava?

  29. Hey:
    Think if over a million died of Evil PigPussOnTheBrain because we didn't close the border, maybe they wouldn't ram anasty up our asses?
    ...fat chance.

    Damn the Founders,
    Full Speed Ahead!

    Were talkin Meth, Cocaine, Cool Gang Functions, all-Spanish Ed.
    Reconquista's Gonna be Sweet!

  30. I usta call it a "shower"
    back when I was a simple Okie from the side of the Hill.

  31. Heh, here's one that kind of fits--

    Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon!Timon of Athens

    Been reading Shakespearean insults.

    If you want to read Shakesperean insults, go HereAn art that has diminished in us all, down to one or two word phrases.

  32. The man puts up a good argument for Nuclear, Bob.

  33. Your bum is the greatest thing about you; so that in the beastliest sense, you are Pompey the Great.

  34. This should get some points for me in my younger days from Ruf:
    In the initial stages of re-building our 100 plus year old redwood farmhouse, I had a solar shower setup in the pasture across the "road" from the house.
    A little stall affair from Camp Roberts Barracks Flooring. nasty old man neighbors got to watch a well-turned ankle or four, from time to time.

  35. I talked with a banker today, in a local bank. Asked him to explain it all in a couple of words--Fanny, Freddie and mark to market, was his response.

    Said when it bagan his bank had, I think he said, 40 million of possible bad loans, about normal for them. Not sure if memory serves about those numbers, but the ratio between is correct. When it started to unravel it ballooned to about 200 million, the bowling ball knocking more pins down as it rolled.

    I've been platting, zoning some land. No way are they going to loan on that right now, he said, not sufficient 'aborption'. Nothing about me, they just felt it ain't gonna sell.

    About which they are wrong, not knowing Moscow. If the nation goes bad, Moscow goes good.

    We just hired a new university president yesterday. Caved in to his financial demands. Two presidents ago, the guy left the situation with lawsuits galore, in utter embarrassment, over some out of control developing of a branch campus in Boise. Spending money nobody had, without the proper authority, etc., on projects with no demand.

    They are, university presidents, way over rated and overpaid.

    My realtor and I could have done better.

  36. ...your little icon in my fuzzy eyes reminded me of the stall.

    House is now over a hundred and forty.
    Just don't build 'em like that no more.

  37. Best things in life are free,
    of course,

  38. Thou whoreson dog. Thou paunchy ill-breeding hugger-mugger!

  39. Happiest men I know live under the bridge.

    No pressure from the little woman at all.

  40. Thou yeasty beetle-headed clotpole! Thou slander of thy heavy mother's womb!

  41. Boy would I enjoy some of that free stuff even more now if I could have a second chance.
    Better study that Re-intarnation Religion, I guess.

  42. The banker said at bottom it was all the fault of the democrats.

  43. That sixty watt solar,
    a deep cycle battery,
    laptop and a wireless broadband and you'd be set.
    Free Room and Entertainment.

  44. In the initial stages of re-building our 100 plus year old redwood farmhouse, I had a solar shower setupYou mean you a hose hung over a tree branch on a sunny day.

  45. Put up a little welcome sign on the bridge...
    Friendly folk would probly stop by with some vittles from time to time.

  46. Naw, first was a hundred foot coil of black plastic.
    Then a frame,
    then glass from a greenhouse we salvaged in Santa Barbara.

  47. Why thou globe of sinful continents, what a life dost thou lead! Thou villainous dread-bolted puttock!

  48. I wish the Bard were around these days, living under the bridge with us, thou elvish-mark'd, abortive, rooting hog!

    In a way he is, as human nature sure hasn't improved. Oh, Congress!

  49. My nature has improved of course, but I'm the exception proves the rule.

    g'nite, thou burly-boned fly-bitten minnows!

  50. You and Walt from BC could both setup your solar laptops and enlighten the World with your netcasts, al-Bob!

    ..."Life from under the Bridge"

    Read by the authors from original texts.

  51. Heh, nodding off, I thought of this. My engineer told me today that the $8 Billion maglev 300mph bullet train from Vegas to LA, the Deset Debtor, has taken a detour to Chicago! Dirty Harry, who put the money in the bill after it was signed, got defrauded out of it by the boys from Chicago. Was laughing his ass off.

    I don't know the truth of this, I hadn't heard it. He's usually pretty accurate though.

    Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fools, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catchs!

  52. Takes one to know one,
    of course

  53. G'nite,

    Thou paunchy dizzy-eyed malt-worms!Gee, that one sounded sorta familiar.

    I think my wife's been reading Shakespeare.

  54. Brevity is the Soul of Wit:
    Mine gets by with
    "Worthless Drunken Scumbag"

  55. good stuff you two, which is a betterment of telling you two to get stuffed.

  56. the is a classic thread for the archives.