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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Monday, October 03, 2016

The US Political Scene Should Be So Fortunate: PM Theresa May on Brexit and Sovereignty


  1. Certainly beats listening to Hillary.

    Invoke Article 50 immediately !

    No backsliding now.....

    1. She's a polite Donald Trump in a skirt.

  2. To bad we can’t get Nigel Farage to stand in for Donald on the next debate!

  3. Reports stated on Sunday that WikiLeaks had canceled a balcony announcement by Julian Assange due to security concerns. However, the “October Surprise” announcement will still take place but security measures will be taken.

    According to a tweet posted by Jesse Rodriguez, the senior producer for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,”, Assange will appear via video to speak instead of his initial planned balcony announcement. Assange along with Sarah Harrison, Melinda Taylor, and John Goetz will appear on Tuesday at 10:00 CEST / 08:00 UTC / 09:00 BST / 03:00 EST.

    This may be the “October Surprise” that Assange promised would shake up the already chaotic presidential race. We wrote a piece about such impending threats towards her campaign. The “October Surprise” may be as dangerous as Assange makes it out to be. Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone made a comment on the announcement in a tweet that reads:

    “Wednesday @HillaryClinton is done”

    This could very well be what Assange was alluding to in interviews last month. Assange vowed WikiLeaks would publish documents on Clinton before election day.


    1. Damn !!

      I loved The Announcement from the Balcony scenario.

      So dramatic !

  4. Barbara Gregg • 3 hours ago

    The sheep don’t care. The murders, the billions, the treason...the sheeple just don't care. Sad and scary.

  5. Good Grief ! -

    Iranian Fatwa: Women May Not Ride Bicycles

    An absurd turn in the Islamic Republic's war on women.

    October 3, 2016

    Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

    Iran’s Supreme Leader and autocrat, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has issued an Islamic fatwa regarding officially banning women from riding bicycles. This is only the latest in a growing multitude of activities that the Islamic Republic of Iran had declared haram (religiously forbidden).

    A mullah from the Islamic Republic once described the reasoning behind this fatwa to me. He explained that if a male sees a woman in the act of riding a bicycle he would be exposed to her body physique, which will cause him to become aroused. In other words, Iran’s clerics believe that a man cannot control his sexual desires when he sees a woman on a bicycle even when she is fully covered.

    Merely for engaging in an activity that millions of women around the world participate in, many women across Iran have recently been arrested. Signs declaring the new law have been installed on the streets reading, “Bicycle riding for women is prohibited.”

    This is not the only absurd restriction that the women of Iran must endure. They are also prohibited from watching men’s volleyball games. A British-Iranian woman, Ghonche Ghavami, was detained and jailed in solitary confinement in Evin, notorious political prison, for attempting to watch a men’s volleyball game.

    Iran’s President, the so-called moderate, has not raised any objection to this law or similar ones. In fact, under his presidency, the repressive and restrictive laws against women and their inalienable rights have increased.

    What are the reasons behind the most recent fatwa and Islamic law? According to the Muslim clerics of Iran, if a man observes a woman riding a bicycle, it will lead to corruption in the society. They list all kinds of terrible consequences, including corruption that will lead to crime, sexual offenses, financial crimes, spiritual infidelity, religious disobedience, and numerous others.

    Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that "riding bicycles often attracts the attention of men and exposes the society to corruption, and thus contravenes women's chastity, and it must be abandoned,” according to Iran’s state-run media.

    1. So what can a woman do for fun or exercise if she can't sing, listen to music, ride a bicycle, wear what she likes, etc.? According to the Islamic and sharia laws of Iran, she should focus all of her attention on being a good mother.

      This is reflected in the societal belief that women should only stay at home, bear children, raise children, cook, wash clothes, and satisfy the husband’s sexual desires when he comes home after work. There are no pleasures or luxuries allowed for women, aside from the pleasure they are expected to take in serving others.

      Ayatollah Khamenei defined women's only "role and mission" as "motherhood and housekeeping."

      Aside from these ridiculous reasons for issuing the anti-bicycling fatwa, the underlying drive behind the restrictions and lies is the fact that the ruling Islamist clerics desire to exert control through their male-dominated system and religion.

      In fact, there are other constitutional laws preventing women from working outside the house. Article 1117 of Civil Code states: “The husband can prevent his wife from an occupation or technical profession which is incompatible with the family’s interests or the dignity of him or his wife.”

      In its latest report, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated that women's situation in Iran has worsened. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,

      “Women do not enjoy the same rights and privileges as men in Iran. We expect that the next round of the UN Human Rights Council will be dominated by women’s rights issues, which will raise awareness of this issue; we hope to see progress as a result…Two proposed bills which were making their way through the Iranian parliament in 2015 caused outrage both inside and outside Iran. Human rights groups said the bills would set Iranian women back decades and reduce them to ‘baby-making machines’. The bills were drafted after the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described family planning as an imitation of Western lifestyles, and requested that Iran’s population be doubled.”

      Rather than praising Rouhani’s so-called moderate government, it is incumbent on the United Nations and human rights organizations to pay more attention to the increasing anti-woman Islamist laws of Iran that subjugate, dehumanize and oppress women.


    2. Sad, isn't it ?

      I know a women who is multilingual, rides her bike to work at a hospital, and is shortly finishing her Ph.D., and is enriching society and all those around her.

  6. Hungary just held a vote on writing their own immigration laws, and not be subject to those coming from Brussels.

    While 95% of those voting voted in favor of this proposal, the turnout failed to reach 50% of the eligible voters, and thus failed. I don't know if this 50% hurdle is Hungarian or EU law.

    1. It is meant to impede referenda, which invariably goes against the EU.

  7. John Bolton on Obama’s Internet Handover: ‘Within Ten Years, the Internet as We Know It Will End’

    ByPamela Geller on September 22, 2016 -

    See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/09/john-bolton-on-obamas-internet-handover-within-ten-years-the-internet-as-we-know-it-will-end.html/#sthash.enKtvm7P.dpuf

    The world's democracies should create their own internet.

    Let Iran and Saudi Arabia create their own.

    It might start a war between them, though.

    1. Bwabwabwahahahaha and then off to bed with a good chuckle -

      The Clinton's Took A Tax Deduction On Bill's Used Underwear

      And Improper Whitewater Tax Deductions


      I bet we citizens really got taken to the cleaners on Bill's underwear deductions....he was a busy boy in those days.

    2. Also here:

      The Bubbas Take Tax Deduction For Bubbas Used Underwear


      Would they have been better off putting them on E-Bay ?

      Who knows....

    3. Onlooker repeatedly yells 'Clinton is rapist' live on FOXNEWS....DRUDGE

  8. The essence of Clinton’s assault on Trump was personal. The US media is on a jihad against Trump and the Grand Ayatollah, New York Times has thrown Hillary a softball.

    The Democrats and the media are all for rights of privacy about Bill Clinton but not for Trump’s illegally disclosed tax returns.

    She went after Trump on income taxes but who sets the laws on taxes? The US Congress, the body where Clinton served as Senator from New York for eight years. If Trump apples the law and owes no income tax, then obviously that is the wish of the US Congress to give tax benefits to real estate.

    Trump should have told Clinton, that his career was building things, creating jobs, increasing payrolls, creating property values and providing hundreds of millions of payroll taxes, use and sales taxes and local and state property taxes. While Trump was creating hundreds of millions in taxes, Clinton was pissing away hundreds of billions of taxes on knocking buildings down, destroying wealth and property, killing and wounding innocents in the hundreds and thousands and creating refugees by the millions.