“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Clinton - Bush - Obama - Clinton Wars Against Vaginas and the Human Bodies Connected to Them

Ah yes, The US Media, the always-offended-all-the-time. and our rulers and masters in  the US Government are in a real twisted knicker mode, enough to squeeze sexual genitalia of all persuasions and some who are not persuaded, a real tight twister I tell you about Donald Trump. (Trump indeed must indeed have them concerned at this time.)

Michelle Obama, mentored by the late great vagina killer (with a real woman attached to it) himself, Ted Kennedy, is simply thong twisted herself over it. 

American liberal woman horrified, shocked and awed that they are over the simultaneous eruptions from some hereto fore silent women that Donald Trump, patted and more than likely tapped, a few vaginas.

There were no reports before and none at all that Trump hurt, attacked or killed any of the women attached to those precious folds. In fact, there were no reports about anything blatantly offensive. Nothing, except civilian Trump's uber male ego. 

The real offenders to the human vagina and the atrocities attached to them are out there.

There is not a peep about the other candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has more than a few pussy scalps on her own belt. The difference is Clinton, her husband, Obama and the Bush aristocrats are responsible for the harm, deaths, rapes and violent injuries of hundreds of thousands if not millions female vaginas and the unfortunate formerly living human beings attached to them.

Do these ignorant scum understand what happens to women and young girls when they wreck and destroy human civil society? When civil society is broken and the hoards of young military who actually do the dirty killing, hell brakes loose.  

Killing men break every decent social human value.

Since the Korean war, the US Government and our armies have been on a social wrecking and killing spree, a horror not just to the vaginas and attached victims but to men young and old.

Not much moral indignation there.

Thank you for your service, pussies.

The people of Serbia, Kosovo, the Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were not the only or most obvious victims of Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. In 1998 on the day before the House impeachment vote, Clinton bombed Iraq, delaying the impeachment vote. He continued the bombing throughout all the days of the impeachment vote. Only an hour or two after the House impeachment vote ended, Clinton ended the bombing, saying, "We have achieved our objectives." Of course, because the objective was to delay and distract from the impeachment vote! In all other respects, the bombing hurt U.S. and international interests.(SOURCE)

US military deaths under Clinton and Bush:
While calculating civilian deaths is very difficult, getting numbers for US soldiers killed is easier. However, these numbers are total active duty deaths, including deaths from illness, so they might not be a good reflection of combat related deaths.
Clinton: 7500 (total military active duty military deaths from 1993-2000)
Bush: 8792 (total military active duty deaths from 2001-2006)
Source: Department of Defense report (PDF). Note: This doesn’t include this year or next year. Bush isn’t done yet.
Civilian deaths under Clinton:
Because there were several different small military actions ordered by Clinton, tallying everything is rather difficult. If I’ve forgotten anything here, or if you have sources with different numbers, let me know.
Battle of Mogadishu: “More than one thousand.”. I could only find info for this one particular battle, I don’t know how many more died during the Somalia missions.
Kosovo War – Yugoslavia claimed that NATO attacks caused between 1,200 and 5,700 civilian casualties. NATO acknowledged killing at most 1,500 civilians. Human Rights Watch counted a minimum of 488 civilian deaths.
So here are some approximations:
Somalia: 1500
Haiti: 10
Iraq (Desert Fox): 2000
Iraq (Ongoing bombing): 1296
Afghanistan: 21
Sudan: 50
Yugoslavia: 5700
Total: 10,577
Civilian deaths under George W. Bush:
Afghanistan: 7,300-14,000.
Total: 81,989 – 95,394
It would certainly take a lot of civilians deaths under Clinton’s bombing campaigns in Iraq to come close to Bush’s numbers.(SOURCE)
A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan:
A Comprehensive Accounting [revised]
"What causes the documented high level of civilian casualties -- 3,000 - 3,400 [October 7, 2001 thru March 2002] civilian deaths -- in the U.S. air war upon Afghanistan? The explanation is the apparent willingness of U.S. military strategists to fire missiles into and drop bombs upon, heavily populated areas of Afghanistan."
Professor Marc W. Herold
Ph.D., M.B.A., B.Sc.
"When asked on US television if she [Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State] thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from sanctions in Iraq] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: "This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.""
— John Pilger, Squeezed to Death, Guardian, March 4, 2000


Civilian cost of NATO victory in Libya

Published time: 20 Oct, 2011 18:56 
(The death of Gaddafi has finally concluded his eight- month stand-off with NATO. But as the alliance and the new Libyan government celebrate the war’s end, the untold numbers killed in the intervention cast a dark shadow over their victory.
As Libyans poured out onto the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi to celebrate the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the cost of the war will weigh heavily on their nation for some time to come.
While there are no exact figures on casualties, speaking back in September, the health minister in the new Libyan government estimated that at least 30,000 people had been killed and 50,000 wounded during the first six months of war. (SOURCE)


  1. Deuce ranted:

    There were no reports before and none at all that Trump hurt, attacked or killed any of the women attached to those precious folds."

    That is false. Among others, his first wife alleged, in a court disposition, that he raped her.

    As to all the deaths you attribute to Hillary they were caused by the US and they can also be hung on your head as well old military man and US citizen that you are.

    1. How can something be false or true if it is alleged? I don't blame you, Ash, for not liking Trump. I think he has a little too much testosterone for you. You seem to be more of a Trudeau / Barney Franks kind of guy.

    2. The statement "There were no repor5s before..." is false.

    3. Easy Peasy

      Trump builds things, hires tens of thousands of people, contributes massively to various taxing agencies

      Clinton breaks and destroys things, kills tens of thousands of people and wastes tens of billions in taxing, all while extracting disguised graft by the hundreds of millions. Her husband is a foul tried sex offender, an abuser and a threatener to women.

      Take your pick.

  2. I didn't make the decision to go to Viet Nam. I got orders. After two weeks, I knew it was a goddamn lie and I wasn't alone.
    I was in the UK in March 16, 1968 when My Lai happened, hundreds of women and children and old men slaughtered like pigs in a bad hog house. Shocked but not surprised. I learned something. Clinton, either doesn't learn or doesn't care. Probably both.

    All those deaths belong to the politicians in the US Government. Hillary Clinton as a senator voted for Iraq and learning nothing in Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon or Syria. Of course I attribute their deaths to her and her corporate responsibilities.

    Now she wants ago at Russia.

  3. Let me be clear. I am not excusing nor sympathetic towards Trump's reprehensible personal behavior, but on a morality scale he is an altar boy compared to either of the Clintons. Bonnie and Clyde could be in prison for various felony and in a different world should be tried for war crimes.

    1. What do we know about Trump other than his "reprehensible personal behavior,"? His foreign policy and fiscal policy appear nonexistent.

  4. The alleged rape of the wife was dropped out of the final divorce settlement. It had served its purpose.

    Much of this mud slinging by Team Clinton has already shown to be false.

    On the other hand we have all that testimony by BillyGoat's victims that Hillary stalked, threatened them, via lawyers too, tried to ruin their reputations, etc.

    Even Hillary has said, in answer to the question "Is there anything you admire about your opponent", that she admired his family, his children, the way he raised his children.

    Hillary has stayed married to a known rapist all these years, for political reasons.

    She spends much much more time with Huma.

    1. On the other hand we have all that testimony by BillyGoat's victims that Hillary stalked, threatened them, via lawyers too, tried to ruin their reputations, etc.

      Calling them trailer park trash, crazy and other lovely things.

  5. Busted: Trump Sex Allegations Full of Holes
    Evidence points to political motivation behind claims
    Kit Daniels - October 15, 2016 1765 Comments

    Details surrounding the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump are raising doubts that the claims are credible.

    Accuser Jessica Leeds claimed Trump molested her in the first-class section of a Braniff 707 flying from Dallas to New York in 1979, but Braniff didn’t use 707s on that route.

    A Braniff flight table shows that the airline only operated 727s between the two cities, which is expected: the 727 was developed for domestic flights.

    A witness on the flight, who was sitting across Leeds, has also come forward and disputed her allegations.

    “Not only did he not do so – and I was present at all times – but it was she that was the one being flirtatious,” the witness, Anthony Gilberthorpe, said. “If there’s evidence Trump’s done it, sure, hang him from the post, but I was there, I was in a position to know that what she said was wrong, wrong, wrong.”

    ““I will go to head to head with her — I will meet her again. I will see her eyes across the table with my eyes and I will challenge her on the points she made. And I’ll tell you what, I would do this whether it was for Trump, for Clinton, for Obama, or for any man who’s been accused of sexually molesting someone when I know he did not.”

    Additionally, Leeds said Trump “lifted the armrest” between them to assault her, but photos showing Braniff first-class seats in the late 70s reveal heavy armrests that appear to be either unadjustable or too cumbersome to lift.

    This photo shows Braniff first-class leather seats installed in a Pan Am 727 after the latter bought the seats to upgrade its own 727s in 1981:..............on an on


    I saw this woman's brother on Fox last night. He doesn't believe a word of it. He says she has filed sex allegations before, and is a publicity seeker.

    It's easy to make allegations. A groping allegation.....easy peasy.

    And Trump is one well heeled target.

    And what better time to get to get a little publicity than three weeks before a Presidential election ?

  6. I was going to make a comment about the naked wailing Vietnamese girl in that famous photo, before Ash pissed me off.

    I saw her on some news program some few years ago. All grown up, and middle aged, and looking quite fine. No indication of the past trauma.

    She survived the whole thing, bless her.....

  7. All this sex stuff by the Democrats is designed to take the focus off Hillary and her felonies, off BillyGoat, off the issues, put Trump on the defensive, and 'control the narrative'.

    Seems to be working to a small degree, too.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. WikiLeaks has shown that The New York Times is colluding with and is in cahoots with the Hillary Campaign.

      The woman that made the allegation about the groping on the airplane so many years ago seems to have been pissed that The Donald did not respond to her recent request for him to visit her restaurant in California and perhaps give her some advice....

      She is said to be 'adjusting' her story at this time.....

      If we're not talking about the issues, on which Hillary is manifestly weak (the Mid East for instance), its hard to hold The Donald responsible for that.


    2. Stuart Varney: Now we know for sure. The establishment media is in the tank for Hillary

      By Stuart Varney Published October 14, 2016 FoxNews.com

      WikiLeaks reveals damaging Clinton campaign emails

      We figured the establishment media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Now we know for sure, thanks to WikiLeaks. Not only are the elites supporting her candidacy, they are part of her campaign.

      John Harwood writes for the New York Times, and appears on CNBC. He was a debate moderator. He reported back to Hillary’s campaign on how nasty he had been to trump. They love him!
      The New York Times itself allowed Hillary to veto certain quotes: if she didn't like 'em, they were out. This is the New York Times giving its coverage to a candidate, handing over the writing, while claiming fairness.

      Donna Brazille told Hillary, in advance, about a question that would be asked by CNN at a town hall debate. Can you say collusion?

      The Boston Globe got together with Hillary’s campaign to "maximize her presence" in the paper. Where would you like to be? How can we make you more prominent?............


  9. .

    If we're not talking about the issues, on which Hillary is manifestly weak (the Mid East for instance), its hard to hold The Donald responsible for that.

    Nonsense. All through this election, Trump hasn't been able to keep his mouth shut. After he won the nomination he could have walked to the prize with everything Clinton had going against her but it's not in him. Talk about issues? He doesn't have time, he's too busy acting the fool. In his words, "She's nasty, but I can be nastier than she ever can be." Perhaps true, but stupid all the same.

    While he is making a clown of himself, Hillary sits in the bat cave playing rope-a-dope. Why talk about issues she can't defend when all she has to do is toss out some insult questioning anything about Trump and then sit back and watch him go off for a few days sucking up all the attention in the attention (mostly negative) in the campaign. Who is the smarter politician?

    Testosterone? More nonsense. When you are a billionaire, you can get all the women you want without forcing yourself on them. Trump's problem is a massive inferiority complex camouflaged by his blustering bully act. It's classic. He can't let the smallest insult go by without a response grossly out of proportion to the slight.

    That's not admirable. It's scary once he's given the keys to the kingdom.

    Trump says he is just learning how to be a politician. Perhaps true but he is running out of time and the only thing he has learned about politics and politicians is the worst thing of all, 'tell the suckers what they want to hear.'

    Pick and issue, he has changed his position on it multiple times. For the Islamophobes who keep ranting 'keep the Muslims out', wake up; Trump hasn't talked about that since a couple days after he said it. Extreme vetting? What the fuck does that mean? Waterboarding them while you ask them if they love America?

    Foreign policy is the same way. He has been all over the map. He talks about how bad Obama/Hillary have been, the mistakes involved in interventionism; yet, he also talks of 'bombing the hell out of ISIS', going in and 'taking the oil','making' Russia take care of our China problems, that the Iran nuclear deal sucks and he will change it, that we should have negotiated 'making' Iran take care of our North Korea problems (this even though Iran isn't even a trading partner with NK), the list goes on. When a guy is too busy to prepare for a debate that could get him the presidency we can't really expect him to bone up on foreign policy. Especially when he lists a few generals who support him but then says he knows way more than the generals.

    You can make up excuses for why Trump is trailing in the polls all you want, the MSM, the establishment politicians on both sides, Clinton dirty tricks, the administration, the Muslims, an international conspiracy (Trump's latest); but at this point, it all sounds like the lousy little 6 year old caught in a petty crime and whining 'everyone hates me.'

    It's funny how neither Trump nor the Trumpettes can just come right out and admit that the main reason Donald Trump is trailing in the polls is Donald Trump.

    Trump can change positions with the best of them, but the rest of what it takes to be a politician seems to be above his pay grade.


    1. Well !

      Trump should follow Hillary's lead on 'positions'.

      Instead of changing his positions on occasion, he ought to have TWO POITIONS, one public position for your "sheeple" and another publically unexpressed private position to share with "those that count" - you know, like Hillary, with the bankers and suck like, the A-rabs and others.

      Her 'real' position is of course her 'private' position, whatever that is.....'we' don't need nor have any right to know.

      That is how it is 'professionally' done, and she's had 35 years of practicing 'positions', while poor old Donald is new at the game, and doesn't quite 'get it' yet.

      Eh ? Quirk ?

    2. Or, he could, somewhat following your example, have no solid position on anything at all, and see how that plays.

      To my knowledge, no one has ever actually tried that full bore before.

      All you got to do is stand up there and say everybody else is a 'dick'.

      And that's your platform.

    3. The Donald has done everything he could to make it about him and he succeeded in that. Too bad he's such a douche bag.

    4. .

      Geez, Bob, you are truly one stupid hick.

      My post had one purpose, to point out why Hillary is winning this election. As usual, in your ignorant partisan way you assume that any criticism of Trump is an affirmation of Clinton, her policies, or her tactics. You are like a child.

      I can't stand either of these dolts and I certainly won't be voting for either one. The reason I am constantly attacking Trump is one, that he deserves it, and two, because other than Ash this blog is completely populated by Trumpettes and I find the chorus not only boring but ill-informed. If Rufus was still around, I would be criticizing Hillary more. As for the rest here, except for the perfunctory 'he's a flawed candidate' comment now and then it's obvious which way the vote will be going. The rest of the whining is merely an attempt at rationalizing the vote.

      If there is 'anything' good to say about Trump, there is no way of knowing it. He is a cipher. He changes his positions faster than Charlie Sheen goes through coke lines.

      All you got to do is stand up there and say everybody else is a 'dick'.

      And that's your platform.

      My platform is 'Do no harm'. That's a phrase that doesn't translate in this election.

      As stated in my original quote, Hillary is winning because she is more clever (cunning?) than Trump. She understands the most important rule in any battle, 'Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.'

      Her tactics would indicate at least one of her advisers has read Sun Zhu.

      All warfare is based on deception.

      The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

      If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.

      Trump defeats himself.


    5. .

      If you want to accuse me of saying Hillary is cunning, well, go ahead. I won't deny it. If you accuse me of saying anything positive about her, you're nutz. Well, you are nutz on any account but it would be just one more example.


    6. I wouldn't want to be thought nutz on account of something positive said by you about Hillary.

      But if you think cunning is not a positive in politics, you're nutz.

      Read Machiavelli, read Shakespeare.

    7. Everyone does agree The Donald isn't a polished politician.

      At the start of the campaign this was thought to be a positive.

    8. Quirk, you're going to just have to write yourself in as President, and that's all there is to it.

      Follow my dad's advice:

      "Just figure out who the best person is and vote for that person"

    9. .

      Probably, a good suggest. However, my only fault is that I am just too damn modest.


    10. .

      But if you think cunning is not a positive in politics, you're nutz.

      Do you have a point?

      It may be positive to the corrupt camarillas that represent the unprincipled cabals that are the two major parties but certainly not to any ordinary person.


  10. Good God, reports are the FBI may have negotiated with Justice/Obama to reclassify some documents in Hillary's favor in exchange for being allowed some room to be a player overseas....

    What a wonderful example of how these agencies like to spread, like spilled ink....


  11. The Donald has been very clear about immigration, the Supreme Court, creating jobs, not doing nation building....among other things.

    DUMP #9...
    LA TIMES: TRUMP +1...
    Clinton campaign collected data to discredit Juanita Broaddrick....
    Leaked emails reveal Hillary's life of deceit...

    The LA Times poll got it exactly right 4 years ago.


  13. Here's an excellent example of Hillary's TWO POSITIONS strategy -

    Hillary Clinton Doesn't Support That Higher Minimum Wage She Is Promising To Voters

    One problem with the Wikileaks release of all these Clinton emails in such a short period of time is that it’s almost impossible to really dig into all of them.

    Fortunately, other folks such as those at the Washington Times have been doing the leg work and digging up some of the good stuff.

    One item of note was the revelation that Hillary Clinton’s public opinion probably isn’t quite the same as her private opinion when it comes to the subject of the minimum wage and the Fight for 15 which so many of her supporters are rallying behind. As it turns out, she’s had some information in hand for quite a while now which shows that even liberal economists know this is a disaster in the making.....


    One position for the 'sheeple' (PUBLIC) another for the corporations and bankers(PRIVATE)....

  14. What—Me Worry?


    1. Lordy, is that spooky or what..........

  15. The ONLY reason Trump may lose is Trump.

    - Quirk


    1. Which is to say, the same alignment of forces would not have been able to defeat Ted Cruz, since Ted Cruz is not Trump.

      ...I maintain the Axis could have defeated Cruz on looks, alone.

  16. Quirk and Ash make a good pair:

    Ash picks nits, and Quirk turns nits into War and Peace.

    1. That's right.

      Quirk's never heard of the word synopsis.

      I call 'em SMIRK'n'QUIRK rather than Quirk and Ash, though.

    2. And it's odd too, since Quirk comes from the world of advertising, where the short memorable phrase is all.

      Sometimes he's hard to figure.

      I wonder what he'd do in a debate, ramble on and on, or hit the opponent in the gut with a short pithy memorable knockout phrase.

    3. Maybe, unlike you, he was not outstanding in his field, and always pined to be a novelist.

    4. That's probably it.

      He oaked to write War and Peace.

  17. Gingrich: 20 Media Executives Are Launching A "Coup D'Etat" Against Millions Of Trump Voters

    In an interview with 'This Week' guest host Martha Raddatz, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich categorized Donald Trump's 'rigged election' claims as a "coup d'etat" against fourteen million citizens who voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primary committed by "20 media executives."

    "This is about last Friday when the networks spent 23 minutes on the Trump tape," he said. "And less than one minute -- all three networks combined -- less than one minute on the Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches that were being revealed on WikiLeaks."

    "I think it’s amazing that Trump is as close as he is right now, considering the one-sidedness of the news media barrage," Gingrich said.


    1. "This is about last Friday when the networks spent 23 minutes on the Trump tape," he said. "And less than one minute -- all three networks combined -- less than one minute on the Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches that were being revealed on WikiLeaks."

      Trump's fault.

      - Quirk

    2. .

      Well, I will concede that having allies like Gingrich and Juliani doesn't help.


  18. Trump's got Judge Jeanine which helps.

  19. The Scooby van's got a bed !


    1. I wonder if there are curtains.

    2. 4 years at Bernies.

      Huma goes necro.

    3. https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7IHIMn0ZLg_xWkRSJ7I73mdAR7RQM1fjOnvYvkUDI3w1ncszb8A