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I want to thank everyone who participated in the Elephant Bar over the past twelve years. We had millions of visitors from all around the World and you were part of it. Over the past dozen years, two or three times a night, I would open my laptop and some of you were always there. I will miss that.

My plans are to continue my work with technology and architecture. You know my interests and thoughts.

At times, things would get a little rough in the EB. To those of you that I may have offended over the years, I apologize. From all of you, I learned and grew.

An elephant never forgets.
Be well.

Deuce, 21 June 2018

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Deport them

Does Britain have to tolerate this?

These people should be deported. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen:


  1. Central Cultural Center, my ass.

  2. I know: there are issues such as, these may be British citizens, they committed no crime, blah, blah, blah.


  3. Actually the United Kingdom deserves it.

    So let them embrace the Islamic world, they foster, harbor and encourage the most radical of all Islamists to live within their midst. They have been supporting Islamists for decades...

    open letter to the Rt Hon David Cameron MP

  4. News reports right now of protests in Pakistan. I've had with those ignorant, bigoted, backwards people.

    Speaking of backwards. We should have put bin Laden's head on the White House Fence.

  5. Only a fool would deal with the Hamas and Fatah.

  6. Al-Qaeda says OBL is dead, obviously they are part of the Death Certificate conspiracy.

    I'm now coming to you on dial-up, via Windows XP. Rolling old school for a while.

  7. The newest drink.... a Bin Laden.... - 2 shots and a splash of water....

  8. OMG

    You poor thing...dial-up and Windows.

    Oh the humanity. I know you are dying.