“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, June 04, 2018

The National Security Consequences of the Democrat Lie and The Mueller Inquisition:

Putin invites North Korea's Kim to visit Russia in September

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Russia during its Eastern Economic Forum.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Russia during its Eastern Economic Forum.PHOTO: AFP
MOSCOW (REUTERS) - Russian President Vladimir Putin invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to travel to Russia in September, RIA news agency reported on Monday (June 4), citing Mr Ivan Melnikov, a deputy speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who visited Pyongyang last week, passed the North Korean leader an invitation from Mr Putin to visit Russia during its Eastern Economic Forum, which is held in Vladivostok every year, Mr Melnikov said.


  1. Gee, I wonder how this happened?

  2. Well, it's a good thing.

    If this keeps up Fatso III will become a world traveled man.

    He's only been out of N. Korea about twice, once just recently to China.

    I'm all for it. He needs to get out and about more.

    Who knows....maybe somewhere down the road or track he'd meet with a tragic accident.

  3. Kim fires top three military officials - 6/4/18
    Kim sends strong signal that real change is in the offing. More

    June 4, 2018

    Kim fires top three military officials

    By Rick Moran

    Yesterday, Kim sent an unmistakable signal that he is serious about negotiating with the United States. He fired his top three military officials, according to US sources and South Korea's Yonhap News Agency, replacing them with at least one "moderate" and showing the army that he was firmly in control.


    Kim’s motivation remains unclear but analysts said the shake-up allows him and the ruling party to tighten control over the Korean People’s Army (KPA) at a critical time of international engagement and domestic development.

    “If Kim Jong Un is set on making peace with the U.S. and South Korea and dealing away at least part of the nuclear program, he will have to put the KPA’s influence in a box and keep it there,” said Ken Gause, director of the International Affairs Group at CNA, a non-profit research and analysis organization.

    “This reshuffle has brought to the fore the officers who can do just that. They are loyal to Kim Jong Un and no one else.”

    It is believed in intelligence circles that Kim does not enjoy the same kind of absolute obedience of the military given to his father and grandfather. He has been in power since 2011 and has slowly weeded out officers whose loyalty to him personally was in question. This bold move to reshape the military leadership may be the culmination of a long process....

    1. I'm glad I don't waddle around in Kim Fatso III's boots.

      What a hell of a way to live a life.

      twoindwarrior • 2 hours ago
      As one who left his footprints on Porkchop and Ol Baldy along with the POW camp at Ko-Je-Do doesn't make me an expert . However I learned a little bit about Korea and how it was run. As one old Papa San who I dearly loved told me over coffee in the mess hall one night , the time to take over is when the top dog leaves the country. Kim is leaving the country on June 12 . The three he fired were in an ideal position to grab the power while he was gone. The three he put in place would not be able to pull off what the three old timers could have gotten away with. I wouldn't think they have much time let on earth. We will see.

    2. Honestly can't see how any of this ends well personally for Kim Fatso III .

      All the few scenarios I can imagine end up with Kim Fatso losing all his belly fat.

      Might be problems with the information flows in my noggin though....

  4. US Supreme Court rules in favor of baker in case of baker refusing to bake wedding cake for fags.

  5. Honestly, it's time for the Lord to call Ginsberg home.

    She's had a wonderful long run....

    When you always fall asleep at the State of the Union speech it's time....

    1. I once asked Quirk to create an ad for me extolling the virtues of Idaho farmers, and Idaho farm products.

      He refused, citing his religious convictions (which included one case where he had been convicted for swindling religious donations 'inappropriately'), and added:

      From personal experience I can state Idaho farmers have no virtues, nor their products either.

      I didn't sue him. I let it go....

  6. God Bless The millennials --

    Maxine Waters plays to empty seats as only 10 millennials show up to event....DRUDGE


    By Carlo Muñoz - The Washington Times - Sunday, June 3, 2018

    Syrian President Bashar Assad announced plans on Sunday for an unprecedented meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, days after the Trump administration announced the previously canceled summit with the North’s reclusive leader was back on.

    Mr. Assad finalized plans to visit the North during during discussions between the Assad regime and Mun Jong-nam, North Korea’s envoy to Syria, on Saturday, reports state.

    “I am to visit the DPRK and meet [His Excellency] Kim Jong-un,” Mr. Assad said, using using the acronym for North Korea’s full name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korean state news outlets reported Sunday. “I am sure that he will achieve the final victory and realize the reunification of Korea without fail,” the Syrian leader added.

    It remains unclear as to what the main points of discussion will be, once the two leaders meet face-to-face. Damascus has yet to issue a statement of its own regarding the upcoming visit.

    Pyongyang and the Assad regime have maintained political and military ties going back to the mid-1960s, when North Korea opened its diplomatic mission in Damascus.

  8. How did we evolve into a society where the government needs to intervene on who will bake a cake for whom?

    1. I often think of it as the curse and coming of ASH-hattery, seeping down from Canada.....tho I'm not firm in my convictions. It may be home grown.

    2. Ever since the pink left and the LNM made identity politics their pledge of allegiance.

  9. Smokey sends reinforcements

    Interior Secy. Zinke orders park police and rangers to Mexico border
    ANDREW MALCOLM Jun 04, 2018 8:41 AM

    I have always liked Smokey, and can honestly say I never was the cause of a forest fire, and even helped put a small one out once.

    Go Smokey !

  10. Media Calls Supreme Court 7-2 Decision in Favor of Christian Baker a “Narrow Win”

    1. Dang!

      I thought this inaccurate Gateway headline might bring out Quirk to condemn my ignorance.

  11. USA Today has this horrible article in their business section about how the low jobless rate is bad bad bad. Here are the sub titles; rate not real, different economy, raises, then recession, automation worries. Gloom and doom. In other words, all you lazy holdouts and you entitlement millennials, pay no attention to what you are hearing about jobs, stay home on the couch, you are better off living off the government and voting democrat.

    1. Is the old saying still true ?.....

      "If you are paying for USA Today you just aren't trying....."


      Haven't looked at it in years....

  12. Free Tommy !

    They put him in prison.

    For speaking.

    He may be killed.

  13. President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who has been indicted by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, attempted to tamper with potential witnesses, Mueller said in a court filing on Monday.


    Mueller urged Judge Amy Berman Jackson to "promptly" schedule a hearing on the whether to change Manafort's conditions of release, which could result in Manafort going to jail.

    The Washington trial is set to start on Sept. 17.

  14. I'm almost ready to say:

    "Pardon Manafort !"

    but, honestly, the guy is a crook, even if they are going back so far to stick him with something in the hopes of turning him against The Donald.

    Fire Mueller !

  15. Gates and Manafort helped to create the Hapsburg Group in 2011 to remain "under the radar" to speak on behalf of Ukraine while secretly being paid millions of euros, according to the government. Subsequently, the company disseminated ghostwritten articles in the U.S. media and arranged meetings with members of Congress and the executive branch, the affidavit said.


    According to Monday's FBI affidavit, two people who were part of a broader effort to lobby on behalf of Ukraine told investigators that Manafort, while on bail, contacted them "in an effort to influence their testimony and to otherwise conceal evidence."


    And as recently as April, the FBI said, one of the men got a message from a third party relaying that "my friend P" — an apparent reference to Manafort — "is looking for ways to connect to you to pass you several messages. Can we arrange that."

  16. Commentary: Can President Donald Trump pardon himself? Yes

    Should he pardon himself? Well, actually...The instant answer should be "of course not!" The political price of a president pardoning himself should be so high that no one would ever consider it. As President Trump's microphone-friendly attorney Rudy Giuliani said on NBC Sunday, "Pardoning himself would be unthinkable and probably lead to immediate impeachment."

    But as is the case with so much involving Trump, the "unthinkable" gets an inordinate amount of thinking.

    There is, in fact, a case for the president to issue a blanket #RussiaGate pardon, and the case is getting stronger, thanks to the irrational hatred of his opponents.

    Donald J. Trump

    As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong? In the meantime, the never ending Witch Hunt, led by 13 very Angry and Conflicted Democrats (& others) continues into the mid-terms!

    5:35 AM - Jun 4, 2018
    76.5K people are talking about this
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    On the question of whether Trump has self-pardoning power, the weight of opinion appears to be with Giuliani—He can, but he shouldn't. UCal-Berkley law professor and former legal adviser to the Geoge W. Bush administration John Yoo speaks for the vast majority of scholars when he points out the Constitution grants the president virtually unlimited pardon power in Article II of the Constitution. The Constitution says the president can"grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment." That's it.

    "President Trump can clearly pardon anyone — even himself — subject to the Mueller investigation," Professor Yoo writes.

    Another former DOJ official, Andrew McCarthy, agrees with the legal consensus that a president can pardon himself, and goes even farther. He notes that Trump need not wait to be charged with a crime before issuing a pardon:

    "After President Nixon resigned, President Ford pardoned him even though he had not been indicted. President Lincoln mass-pardoned Confederate soldiers and sympathizers, and President Carter mass-pardoned Vietnam draft evaders. Thus, the fact that special counsel Mueller has not, and may never, file criminal charges would not prevent President Trump from issuing pardons," McCarthy writes.

    There are dissenters of course.

    1. But if this idea sounds crazy, it's actually been floating around since at least last October, when respected Republican attorneys David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey—who both served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations —floated it in the Wall Street Journal:

      "Mr. Trump can end this madness by immediately issuing a blanket presidential pardon to anyone involved in supposed collusion with Russia or Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign, to anyone involved with Russian acquisition of an American uranium company during the Obama administration, and to anyone for any offense that has been investigated by Mr. Mueller's office," they wrote. "Political weaponization of criminal law should give way to a politically accountable democratic process."

      And this is the most powerful argument for the self-pardoning case: "a politically accountable democratic process."

      While cable news continues its obsession with the #RussiaGate story and every tweet, text or eyebrow-twitch related to it, President Trump and his allies have a strong and simple argument to make: They literally have more important things to do.

      And that is Trump's strongest argument in this entire debate. Most Americans are focused on record jobs reports, and the possibility of a North Korea deal, and whether Trump's trade war will result in a negotiated settlement that benefits American workers or an economic fiasco that kills jobs and drives up prices.

      Trump can argue that he's taking care of the people's business while his opponents are engaged in—as the POTUS loves to put it—a "partisan witch hunt." He seems to have a point: In addition to the steadily-growing support for Trump even as the media's #RussiaGate mortar fire continues, a recent CBS poll found that a majority of Americans view the Mueller investigation as politically motivated.

      Given the steady stream of new information about the FBI and DOJ's behavior during the 2016 campaign—including an inspector general's report expected to be highly critical of the pro-Clinton bias inside the agencies—public trust is likely to continue its decline.

      In other words, we're looking at months of legal wrangling, political posturing and maniacal early-morning Trump tweeting, all to get to a Mueller report that many Americans will reject out of hand, whatever the final conclusions. What's the point? Why shouldn't Trump issue a pardon today and move on with being president?

      The real answer is that he doesn't need to. As CBS News found in its latest poll, the GOP's position headed into the midterms is getting stronger. There's a slim-but-real chance the Democrats might not take the House, and the GOP has an excellent chance of adding to its majority in the U.S. Senate.

      The "pardon and get past it" advice might have made sense last October when Trump and the GOP's prospects looked dismal. Today, Trump can keep sending his lawyers out to make the most extreme political case—a president can't commit obstruction, for example—while he gives speeches about peace abroad and prosperity at home.

      J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ official and president of the conservative Public Interest Legal Foundation defends the president's power to oversee and—if necessary—end the #RussiaGate investigation this way:

      "Hatred of Trump can lead to blindness about the Constitution. In this case, unhinged, unrestrained, unaccountable bureaucrats are the bigger threat to liberty. Don't like Trump firing Comey because he controls a unitary executive? Vote against him. That's how the system works."

      In a few months, the American people can elect a Congress to impeach Trump if they so choose. Two years from now, the American people can vote him out.

      Why isn't that good enough?

      Good enough for me.

  17. C'mon, Pete, I love ya but you can do better -

    Tina Trent • an hour ago

    Although there cannot possibly be such a thing as a Canadian Jungian, I am delighted by Jordan Peterson and his celebration of the heroic bourgeoise. You hit that on the head.

    But. Now that I have listened to Peterson extensively, I'm troubled.
    His Jungian need to divide everything into yin and yang, and his desire to prove himself "not one of those dreadful people of the Right" are driving him into the usual National Review false narrative of the history of modern conservatism, an interpretation that ironically does to the real bourgeois of the right what was done to Peterson by the speech courts that got him all hepped up in the first place. If he was being intellectually consistent, he would understand that he knows little about American political history and needs to learn more about the Birchers instead of dumbly repeating the NRO lies about them. And those lies continue to define the crisis in conservatism today. They matter.

    He and Jonathan Haidt also fall deep into the mudpuddle of accepting their own pet theories about conservative versus liberal psychology. This is dangerous stuff and silly too. Peterson especially seems to believe there is some direct line between Hitler's social cleanliness obsession and modern conservatives ' alleged psychological preference for order. He seems to know little about the larger social fixation on public hygiene that transcended all political philosophies in the mid-war years -- because of the flu pandemic and the astonishing problems created by city population density and venereal disease epidemics. He doesn't know the history, turns a real social problem into a political metaphor and projects that metaphor -- horribly irresponsibly and inaccurately, onto modern conservatives using the twin intellectual crutches of Jungian theory and psychoanalytic historical analysis.


  18. What ticks me off is this booming economy gives the Californicators the money to leave the state they've ruined and....encroach....

    Big primary vote in California today.

  19. The Vietnamese has always hated the Chinese. Here is just another reason why:

    China Eyes Its Next Prize – the Mekong
    By Elliot Brennan
    June 05, 2018

    No wonder Vietnam is taking part in the international naval exercises with countries such as the USA, France, India, Australia, Britain, etc.

  20. Truly wonderful news:

    You Won’t Have Keith Ellison To Kick Around Any More

    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 9:21 am on June 5, 2018

    Assuming the Washington rumor mill is still functional, we’ll be learning shortly that Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) will be turning in a pair of resignations shortly. First, he’s going to drop out of his role at the DNC citing irreconcilable differences with the current DNC Chair. But on top of that, he’ll be leaving Congress as well, choosing to focus his efforts on becoming the new Attorney General in his home state. Presumably, that will make it easier to bring lawsuits against the White House himself rather than waiting around for others to sue the President. (Politico)....

    1. This decision is obviously one of convenience. An opening at the AG post looks to be ripe for the picking and the time to act is short so Ellison appears ready to jump. Also, insiders at the DNC have claimed that Ellison is “sick of Chair Tom Perez” and has expressed frustration at being in the minority in Congress. If the latter claim is true, does that tell us something about the internal numbers that the Democrats are looking at? If they truly believe that the blue wave will carry them back to the majority in November, Ellison wouldn’t have all that long to wait. But if he’s bailing out now it sounds as if he doesn’t think they’ll have the numbers to pull it off.

      Who knows, maybe the idiot Swedes who elected him to Congress in the first place have grown a brain and will deny him the AG spot ?


  21. Elites Value Mellifluous Illegality over Crass Lawfulness

    Obama defies the Constitution but sounds ‘presidential.’

    Trump follows it but sounds like a loudmouth from Queens.

  22. Vacationland Gone

  23. Ultimate Obit

    1. Link doesn't lead to anything for me.

      But I get the picture.

      The old bitch has gone to soil the other world, as she soiled this one.

      It's what is needed....more honest obits.

  24. DoJ and FBI trying to redact the IG Report as I speak.

    Expect a Friday afternoon news dump ?

    Off topic - your opinion needed -


    O well why not, the world being nutz anyway.

  25. Let's face it - all of Europe is a shithole -

    Where Are Europe’s Last Fairytale Forests?
    Mapping the oldest and least-disturbed tracts of trees is easier said than done.

    University of Idaho has an excellent Forestry School.

    We get Germans coming to study.

    When taken out for a first look at our forests, they swoon, orgasm, pass out....

    Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.....National Forest land itself larger than the entire country of Germany....

  26. STUDY: Seven-in-ten Americans have news fatigue, more among Republicans...


    I believe I qualify.

    What a lot of horse shit it all is....

    And this is the third or fourth go around in my lifetime.....


    Thankfully we have The Donald making it all better !

    1. It is wonderful to see elements of the DoJ and FBI beginning to form a circular firing squad...McCabe's defense team has moved to compel some testimony from others in the cabal, I am reading....

      Ho, ho !

      Is it possible 'the system' will work ?

      Only due to the guiding hand of The Donald !

    2. McCabe and Comey sittin' in a cell

      Ding ! Dong !

      The Justice bell !!

    3. Correction:

      McCabe has asked the Senate Intelligence Committee for immunity before testifying....

  27. Report: Pompeo Froze Bolton Out Of Oval Office Meeting With North Korean Official
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 3:31 pm on June 5, 2018

    1. I think The Donald has it set up right.

      When negotiating with Kim it doesn't hurt to have a fire breather like Bolton lurking in the background.

  28. Donald Trump and John Bolton share an affinity for casually threatening to obliterate foreign nations that are not at war with the United States.

    But in Bolton’s case, that belligerent rhetoric reflects a deeply held belief that America can – and should – bend adversarial regimes to its will through blunt military force. The president, by contrast, has few (if any) deeply held beliefs about foreign policy: He likes to play the maniacally tough commander-in-chief, promising “fire and fury like the world has never seen” – but he also covets the title of historic deal-maker.


    As President Donald Trump huddled in the Oval Office on Friday with Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man, he was accompanied by only one other US official: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Absent was the administration’s most vocal North Korea hawk, national security adviser John Bolton…


    Trump and his aides have suggested the most concrete product of the June 12 encounter could be a peace agreement formally ending the Korean War – a far cry from the commitment to immediate denuclearization that the administration once insisted would be required for Trump to come to the table.

    North Korea

  29. Fucked her husband's brother!

    1. She was fucking her brother-in-law ?

      Isn't that....illegal or somethin' ?

      Sounds nasty....

    2. They moved to California, so it wasn't an issue.

      ...except for the kids.

  30. “While the administration has a number of contrasting voices on the North Korea issue, President Trump would be wise to listen to John Bolton’s advice—and I don’t mean the so-called ‘Libya model’—and take a tough line on Kim’s nukes or see the containment strategy Trump has built over the last year collapse,” Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, a public policy think tank in Washington, told Newsweek.

    “Trump must make sure that going into the Singapore Summit that he gets some sort of pledge on Pyongyang getting rid of its nukes, and John Bolton could be most helpful with that. If we were to go to Singapore, giving a massive concession of a summit—and a photo-op with one of the world’s most vile dictators—for what amounts to nothing, it would be a disappointing policy shift.


    Bolton, however, was conspicuously absent from a recent meeting with North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol, who visited Washington last week.


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