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Tuesday, February 27, 2018



Dick Morris: 10 Russian spies assigned to 'get close to Hillary'

Mueller then tried to 'bury the story'


Members of several congressional committees have been told by an FBI informant that the Russians “bragged” that the Clintons’ influence in the Obama administration would ensure approval of the Uranium One deal, according to the informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves in 2010 to a Russian state-owned company at a time when interested parties were donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton also was paid $500,000 by a bank tied to the Kremlin for a speech.

The FBI informant, William Campbell, said in his statement to Congress, which was obtained by the Hill, that he was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in position to influence Hillary Clinton.

Dick Morris, a longtime Bill Clinton adviser, writes in a commentary Monday that the Russians sought the Uranium One deal “very aggressively.”
He says Campbell told Congress that in the years before the deal came up before the Committee of Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS), of which Hillary Clinton was a member, Russia deployed 10 spies in the United States with a single mission: to get close to Hillary Clinton to get her to approve the Uranium One deal.

CFIUS — a multi-agency board that includes the State Department, the Defense Department and the Justice Department — has the power to block deals that threaten national security.

Morris notes the FBI, then led by Robert Mueller, who now is special counsel investigating claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, found out about the Russian spies targeting Hillary Clinton.

“Fortunately, the FBI uncovered the nest of spies one year before the deal came up for approval. (The Bureau acted to arrest the spies when it did because one of them had risen to a high position in a company owned by Hillary’s finance chairman),” the report said. “Then, to seal the deal, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arranged for former president Bill Clinton to address the Renaissance Bank in Moscow, an institution closely connected to the Kremlin,” Morris writes.
“To try to keep word of the Uranium One deal under wraps and to bury the story about the Russian spies, FBI Director Robert Mueller arranged for the suspects to take plea bargains admitting to minor offenses and then spirited them out of the country quickly – in a prisoner exchange with Russia – before the media could interrogate them.”

Two others involved were Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and recently ousted Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

McCabe’s wife, who ran for political office, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from Hillary Clinton’s friends even as her husband continued to investigate claims against Clinton’s political opponent.

Morris said the information comes from Campbell, through his lawyer, Victoria Toensing.

The Russian donations to the Clintons’ foundation amounted to $145 million.
Morris says Rosenstein and McCabe need to be investigated to determine if their handling of the Uranium One case was designed to shield Hillary Clinton.
Campbell’s written testimony suggested Obama administration officials made decisions that ended up benefiting the Russian nuclear industry.

Campbell wrote that Russian nuclear executives “boasted” during vodka-fueled meetings monitored by the FBI about “how weak the U.S. government was in giving away uranium business and were confident that Russia would secure the strategic advantage it was seeking in the U.S. uranium market.”


  1. I'll accept Quirk's description if he swears he's watched the entire 40 minutes.

  2. I've complained about Quirk and his 'descriptions'.

    I will not accept Quirk's description under any circumstances.

    I've been to Vegas with the guy.

    I know.

  3. Here is some comedy for you. I like the bit about the price of an AR15 In Australia.

  4. Time for Trump to Go After German Cars

    Ireland must completely recover $16 billion in unpaid taxes from Apple Inc. (appl) before the European Union will withdraw its complaint against Ireland, the bloc's chief competition regulator told CNBC on Monday. The European Commission in October said it was taking Ireland to court because it hadn't recovered €13 billion ($16 billion) from the tech heavyweight. A court ruling in August 2016 found that Apple had benefited from illegal tax benefits in Ireland. "In our opinion, it (recovery of unpaid taxes) has taken too long. But from what I hear from the Irish, they are getting there," said Margrethe Vestager, the EU's competition commissioner, in an CNBC interview. "So, of course, we hope that soon, the recovery can happen in full, because if that happens we will withdraw the complaint that we have filed with the courts," she said.


    Importing a car from outside the EU. A car or other motor vehicle imported to Germany from outside the EU is normally subject to a 10% import duty and a 19% import value added tax. (The value-added tax on imports is called import turnover tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer).

  5. German BMW (BMWG.DE) plans to open a Mexican plant in 2019, despite Trump’s warnings of a border tax on the German brand’s vehicles made in Mexico and destined for the United States.

    "Wie du mir so ich dir."

    1. "Empty Rhetoric"

      As were the "Border Adjustment Tax" and "Repeal Carried Interest"

      Promises Made - Promises Broken


    2. One wonders what age restrictions Cadet Bone Spur will be supporting on the 1st and 4th Amendments.


  6. Why Cadet Bone Spur wants theMuzzies in Saudi Arabia to "Go Nuclear"

    The Peaceful Atom proliferates

  7. .

    DougTue Feb 27, 04:17:00 AM EST
    I'll accept Quirk's description if he swears he's watched the entire 40 minutes.

    I tried but couldn't do it.

    Normally, I wouldn't have even bothered but I was caught up by the title 'Why Obama let Hillary steal uranium'. I mean how can you resist that?

    The problem of course was that he talked about everything else but that. He starts out talking about polling. At about the 8-10 minute mark he starts talking about Winston Churchill and on from there. I tried switching around but couldn't find the part about 'Why Obama let Hillary steal uranium'. The man is not worth my time. He is boring and while he would have you think he is a political genius what he offers up is mush. If you can tell me at which point he talks about 'Why Obama let Hillary steal uranium' Ill go back and listen.

    The man goes from being credited with Clinton's 1996 victory to being fired for letting a prostitute listen in on his conversation with the president, next writes a few books castigating the Clintons before getting a 'political expert' gig on Fox from which he was eventually fired for just not being that good, and then he continues writing books and now ends up on YouTube selling gold. Just not impressed with the guy. And by the way is that an ink spot on his shirt, bird droppings, part of his breakfast? I went full screen but still couldn't tell. Perhaps, I missed the part where he tells 'Why Obama let Hillary steal uranium' because I was so distracted by that huge blue stain.

    And the WND? You have to be kidding.


    1. .

      Uranium One

      1. I have said since day one I have no problem with another investigation into the Uranium One deal. In fact, the IG investigation currently expected to end soon is reportedly looking into that as well as other things involving Clinton. If there was any crime committed by Clinton she should pay.

      House committees, Intelligence and Oversight, have said they are looking into the Uranium One deal. the Judiciary Committee was also talking about it. These committees have supposedly been looking at the sale for months though I've heard nothing about it lately.

      2. I read about the Uranium One deal numerous times before and have yet to see any evidence that a crime was committed. Note that I said evidence of a crime.

      - Snopes: Clinton gave 20% of US uranium to Russia for donations to Clinton Foundation - False

      - FactCheck: No 'Veto Power' for Clinton on Uranium One deal

      - Donald Trump inaccurately suggests Clinton got paid to approve Russian uranium deal

      - FactCheck: The facts on Uranium One

      3. The one thing I do find suspicious is why it took DOJ 4 years to wrap up bribery charges on the Russian guy. It doesn't seem reasonable. However, there are currently ongoing investigation into the Uranium One deal and this will surely be questioned. I can wait.

      4. Some things I've come across in the past.

      - While it is charged the deal gave away 20 % of US uranium resources this is not correct.

      - Latest estimates say between 2% and 10% of US production is involved.

      - What was granted was the profit and loss from the sale of the uranium. What was not granted was freedom to ship it out of the country without an export license. There are major restrictions on where the physical uranium can be shipped and violation of those restrictions can result in sanctions and fines.

      - Uranium is a strategic material. If the sale to Uranium One was judged illegal or that it negatively affected national security, it can be cancelled.


    2. Dick's a dick, and tedious too.

      But if you're discombobulated by an ink spot, well then I just don't know....

    3. I worry you might happen upon a Rorschach test and end up in the Cuckoo's Nest.

    4. .

      Veto Power

      When facts don't align some have argued that Clinton had some kind of veto power and could have stopped the deal. This isn't true. All of these deals are reviewed by other agencies in the government before CFIUS ever sees them. CFIUS then reviews them before approving them. However, the only who can 'veto' on of these deals when it has reached that point is the president (if I understand the process correctly).

      This brings up another question that has bothered me. What incentive do all of these various agencies and the president have for signing on to Uranium One if they really thought it negatively affected national security? Did Hillary really have that much influence?

      I forgot to mention Jeff Sessions mentioned DOJ is also looking into this deal. Maybe he can get an answer to that question.


    5. .

      ...well then I just don't know....

      Well, I'm glad to see there is some glimmer of awareness there anyway.


    6. This brings up another question that has bothered me. What incentive do all of these various agencies and the president have for signing on to Uranium One if they really thought it negatively affected national security? Did Hillary really have that much influence?

      Concentrate on the above and follow it out.

    7. .

      While I see you comment on my comment, you don't provide the answer to my question, 'at what point in the video did Morris tell us Why Obama let Hillary steal uranium'.

      Does that mean you didn't bother watching the video either?


    8. Also ask yourself what Hillary got out of it, and find the answer to the question of whether she could have voted against it and nixed it.

      Then get back to us in a few days.

    9. The last time I watched Morris he belched and I turned him off.

      Yes, this means I didn't watch the video either.

      He's gotten fat as a hog, too.

    10. .

      Concentrate on the above and follow it out.

      That's not an answer, you dumb shit, that's an instruction, a rather opaque one at that.

      Grow a backbone, man up and answer the question.

      You are starting to sound like Doug with your damn equivocating.


    11. Now I'm watching The Running of the Bull Dogs, the one and only Geico ad I like.

    12. Just follow instructions, Quirk, like a good student.

    13. .

      Also ask yourself what Hillary got out of it, and find the answer to the question of whether she could have voted against it and nixed it.

      I have asked myself the question and the answer keeps coming up no. Few people in the administration liked the bitch.


    14. .

      Enough. I've wasted enough time on you. I out of here.


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    16. What is Dick's Body Mass Index?

    17. Neither of you two have a star in front of your name like Dick.

  8. The Donald Shocks The World

    TRUMP: I'M IN FOR 2020!

    1. He also woulda gone in the school if he'd been there.

    2. I believe it too.

      His Secret Service detail would be packing though.

  9. Broward County Deputies Were Allegedly Told NOT To Enter School. Here's Why.

    On Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed in an exclusive that Broward County Sheriff's Deputies were supposedly told not to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School unless they had body cameras on, which they did not have.

    Ingraham also revealed that police "lost radio transmissions" during the shooting, which also happened at the mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport shooting last year, which is also in Broward County.

    Fox News later reported that Broward County Sheriffs deputies would not let medical personnel into the school while students bled out until the school was cleared.

  10. The Donald left it up to General Kelly to rule on Kushner's security clearance.

    The General took his Top Secret clearance away.

    1. Jared will have to get tuned in by Ivanka during pillow talk.


  11. Unarmed Trump Stops Beating in New York

    November 20, 1991. I was in New York when this happened. The New York Daily News ran a story “that showed Trump stopped a guy from beating another man with a club,” with a baseball bat. “Trump was riding around Manhattan in his limo with his girlfriend, and later wife, Marla Maples,” who is the mother of Tiffany Trump.

    As they’re tooling around in the Trump organization limo, “[h]e saw a guy beating another guy. Trump told his driver to pull over. Maples did not want him to get involved.” Maples said, no, no. It’s not your business. Don’t get involved. Don’t get out. Stay in the car. “Trump told James Rosen of the Daily News, ‘The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, “Look, you’ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat.” I guess he recognized me because he said,
    “Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

    I said, “How could you not do anything wrong when you’re whacking a guy with a bat?” Then he ran away.’
    “There were witnesses, including Kathleen Romeo, who told the newspaper that when he emerged from his limo, the crowd cried,
    ‘There’s Trump.'” There’s Trump!
    So even when Trump stops a fight in New York, it’s about Trump, which just infuriates Bill Kristol and many others in the Never Trumpers.

    Kathleen “Romeo also said, ‘A lot of people were surprised that he got out to see what was happening.'”

    What this also shows, there was a crowd there, and nobody was doing anything to stop one guy whacking another guy with a bat until Trump shows up, gets out of the limo, goes over there and stops the beating. We actually have it. We’re gonna post it at We went back and we got an actual photo of the New York Daily News page reporting this story. So the left wants to mock Trump all they can.

    1. That guy could talk a school shooter to quit.

      Good find, Doug.

  12. Just your reminder that after a
    girl was killed playing with
    lawn darts in 1987, the US
    government banned them.

    Lawn darts.

    1. Melted those 300 Million Darts into Ploughshares.

    2. Canada followed with their own similar ban, and today, fully assembled individual lawn darts, sets, and kits are banned from sale in, or entry into, both countries. If you try to list Jarts on eBay, they’ll pull your auction, but it’s still possible to buy and sell them at flea markets and yard sales, out from under the eye of the CPSC. It’s also okay to buy and sell replacement parts to repair damaged lawn darts purchased before the ban.

      Despite the CPSC’s warnings to purge them and the possibility of puncturing someone’s skull, some folks still pull their old Jart sets out summer after summer. I vaguely remember their presence at family parties when I was a kid, and settling for a Jart game at a college barbecue when we couldn’t find sand on short notice to build a horseshoe pit.

      There’s even an underground Jarts tournament based in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, chronicled in the book Sports from Hell: My Search for the World's Dumbest Competition.

    3. David Snow, an aerospace engineer from Riverside, California, wasn’t even looking for lawn darts when he went shopping for party games in April 1987. He wanted a volleyball set, but all the department store had was volleyball in a combo pack with two other games. Whatever, he decided. He’d buy it, set up the volleyball net and leave the rest in the box in the garage.

      His plan didn’t bear out. One Sunday afternoon soon after, his nine-year-old son and some of his neighborhood friends found the Jarts and began tossing them around in Snow’s backyard.

      One kid tossed his Jart too far and too high, sailing it over the backyard fence and into the front yard, where Snow’s daughter, seven-year-old Michelle, was playing with her dolls. The Jart came down right on her and, with what researchers estimate as 23,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, penetrated her skull.

      She collapsed, was rushed to the hospital, and was pronounced clinically dead three days later.

  13. The president who stunned the world with his 2016 victory is tapping a veteran of his successful campaign effort to run his 2020 bid, elevating former digital director Brad Parscale, according to a new report.


    Parscale voluntarily testified before the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia probe last July, when he rejected the idea that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

    Special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians who working out of a 'troll farm' seeking to influence the U.S. elections by staging rallies, posing as Americans, and putting up controversial online posts.

    'The only collaboration I am aware of in the Trump digital campaign was with staff provided to the campaign by Facebook, Google and Twitter' Parscale said in a statement. 'Those experts in digital marketing worked side-by-side with our teams from Giles-Parscale, the Republican National Committee, and Cambridge Analytica to run a professional and winning campaign.'

  14. Russia was relieved by Obama’s efforts to stall fracking and make huge swathes of American territory off-limits for U.S. oil and gas exploration — as this would tighten global oil markets and enhance Russian petroleum export profits. The Obama administration inexplicably approved sale of a sizable portion of scarce U.S. uranium holdings to a Russian company, despite the fact that it was known that investors connected with the Kremlin and uranium interests had paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow.

    In additions, the chairman of the so-called Uranium One consortium gave $2.5 million to the Clinton Foundation, a fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not disclose, even though she had promised (during her confirmation process) to reveal all such possible conflicts of interest.

    Most significantly, the Obama administration had created a false orthodoxy of détente, a politically correct Lala Land, in which to question any of these lopsided Russian advantages was to be considered idiotic or unpatriotic.

    Mitt Romney learned that in the third 2012 presidential debate when he was tagged as a Cold War hack by a snarky Barack Obama for even suggesting that an opportunistic and conniving Russia was our chief geostrategic rival. Even when Putin became arrogant and greedy in his winnings, and finally, mostly through hacking, helped to collapse the disastrous Russian-reset misadventure, Hillary Clinton looked back on her role in Russian reset and made the astonishing claim that it had been a success: “I think it was a brilliant stroke, which in retrospect it appears even more so, because look at what we accomplished.”

    Barack Obama revealed himself with an open-mic promise to outgoing Russian puppet president Dmitri Medvedev, which, by any reasonable logic, could only be explained as a promise by Obama to retard U.S. missile-defense efforts in Europe in exchange for good Russian behavior during Obama’s reelection bid. (“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space. . . . This is my last election. . . . After my election, I have more flexibility.”)

    Had Donald Trump been caught in such a private conversation offering a Russian president a quid pro quo — massaging future U.S. national defense policy in a pro-Russia direction in exchange for Russian behavior that would help Trump’s electoral chances — he would probably be facing impeachment on grounds of real Russian collusion.

  15. U.S. senators who just returned from a trip to Israel on Tuesday called for an increase in the $38 billion in military aid the United States is currently providing Israel, Reuters reported.


    In June of 2017, the House Appropriations Committee and the House and Senate Armed Services Committees advanced U.S.-Israel missile defense assistance and cooperation in the 2018 defense appropriations and authorizations bills.

  16. The U.S. special envoy for North Korea plans to retire on Friday, the State Department said just hours after President Donald Trump again rejected talks to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis unless conditions are met.


    The U.S. State Department said Tillerson had "reluctantly accepted his decision."

    Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the denuclearization of North Korea remained the top U.S. national security priority and Washington's "maximum pressure" campaign to bring that about was succeeding.


    Meanwhile, Trump has yet to nominate an ambassador to South Korea, a post vacant for over a year. Congress, former U.S. officials and foreign policy experts have criticized the administration’s failure to fill this and other positions.

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