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Monday, October 31, 2016

The Smartest Women Ever ( In charge of our national security for Foreign Affairs) and Her Genius Campaign Manager fall for the Hacker Chump 101 move

Hackers apparently fooled Clinton official with bogus email

WASHINGTON (AP) - New evidence appears to show how hackers earlier this year stole more than 50,000 emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, an audacious electronic attack blamed on Russia's government and one that has resulted in embarrassing political disclosures about Democrats in the final weeks before the U.S. presidential election.

The hackers sent John Podesta an official-looking email on Saturday, March 19, that appeared to come from Google. It warned that someone in Ukraine had obtained Podesta’s personal Gmail password and tried unsuccessfully to log in, and it directed him to a website where he should "change your password immediately."

Podesta's chief of staff, Sara Latham, forwarded the email to the operations help desk of Clinton's campaign, where staffer Charles Delavan in Brooklyn, New York, wrote back 25 minutes later: "This is a legitimate email. John needs to change his password immediately.”

But the email was not authentic.

The link to the website where Podesta was encouraged to change his Gmail password actually directed him instead to a computer in the Netherlands with a web address associated with Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific. The hackers carefully disguised the link using a service that shortens lengthy online addresses. But even for anyone checking more diligently, the address - “" - was crafted to appear genuine.

In the email, the hackers even provided an internet address of the purported Ukrainian hacker that actually traced to a mobile communications provider in Ukraine. It was also notable that the hackers struck Podesta on a weekend morning, when organizations typically have fewer resources to investigate and respond to reports of such problems. Delavan, the campaign help-desk staffer, did not respond immediately to The Associated Press’ questions about his actions that day.

It is not immediately clear how Podesta responded to the threat, but five months later hackers successfully downloaded tens of thousands of emails from Podesta's accounts that have now been posted online. The Clinton campaign declined to discuss the incident. Pedestal has previously confirmed his emails were hacked and said the FBI was investigating.

The suspicious email was among more than 1,400 messages published by WikiLeaks on Friday that had been hacked from Podesta's account.
It was not known whether the hackers deliberately left behind the evidence of their attempted break-in for WikiLeaks to reveal, but the tools they were using seven months ago still indicate they were personally targeting Podesta: Late Friday, the computer in the Netherlands that had been used in the hacking attempt featured a copy of Podesta's biographical page from Wikipedia.
The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department have formally accused Russian state-sponsored hackers for the recent string of cyberattacks intended to influence the presidential election.

The help-desk staffer, Delevan, emailed to Podesta's chief of staff a separate, authentic link to reset Podesta's Gmail password and encouraged Podesta to turn on two-factor authentication. That feature protects an account by requiring a second code that is separately sent to a cell phone or alternate email address before a user can log in. “It is absolutely imperative that this is done ASAP," Delevan said.

Tod Beardsley, a security research manager at the Boston-based cybersecurity firm Rapid7, said the fact that an IT person deemed the suspicious email to be legitimate “pretty much guarantees the user who is not an IT person is going to click on it."

Other emails previously released by WikiLeaks have included messages containing the password for Podesta's iPhone and iPad accounts.
Associated Press writer Matthew Lee contributed to this report.
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    In final sprint, Donald targets blue states...
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    Swing state scramble...
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    WIKI Warns It Is Launching 'Phase Three' Of Its Election Coverage....DRUDGE

  2. I've heard the phrase 'worse than Watergate'....


    Not even close, it's a hundred Watergates, a thousand....

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    He did the same thing the last time he was here, and then proceeded to touch on every issue that had already been addressed here in full that day as if it were some new revelation. He's lucky he has such a restricted itinerary each day or the other residents of Idaho would be constantly receiving Amber alerts informing that he was lost again.


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    Their honey is 'going up the river' and all they can do is retreat to the pumpkin and say 'Booo---'

    Says it all.

    1. There was a time when both tried at least feeble attempts to defend their Hag, but those days are gone now, gone with the leaves of fall, it is just mumbling out of a pumpkin, booo....

    2. . least gentlemen, I rest my case.


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    Apparently, Doug was right in saying it would need to be DOJ obtaining the new on Weiner's computer.

    CNN reports they did it over the weekend.

    Meanwhile, the Justice Department has obtained a warrant that will allow it to begin searching the computer that is believed to contain thousands of newly found emails of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, two law enforcement sources confirmed to CNN.


  7. Admit it, when you decided you were better than all this, and decided not to vote against Hillary, you lost your remaining credibility, which has always been in really short supply.

    Quart, the shining star from 35,000 light years away, discussing out politics....

    BAH !

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    2. discussing and dismissing our politics....

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      ...decided not to vote against Hillary...

      You, like Deuce and the rest of the Trumpettes here, seem to have lost all touch with reality, although admittedly, your affliction is of a more long-standing duration. I realize a grasp of that reality requires a modicum of logic and a basic familiarity with the English language, but still.

      I will try to use small words and put this in the least complicated language I can.

      Voting is a positive act not a negative on.

      Not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary. It's not even a vote.

      Not voting for Hillary is not a vote for Trump. It's not even a vote.

      Voting for neither is a null set (sorry, look it up) and has no negative affect on either candidate.

      Voting for a third party candidate in a system rigged to elect a candidate from one of the two major parties, may or may not have an effect on one of the major party candidates.

      If one goes by the polls (always risky), it would indicate that a vote for a third-party would 'actually help' Trump although that advantage would shrink as the margin between the two candidates shrinks.

      This is simple stuff for anyone who's mind isn't clouded by partisanship. Of course, in your case, not getting it comes to you for the most part naturally, although it is true you have been educated as an English major.

      Your continued protestations along the lines of 'not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary' prompts one to again ask, 'How stupid are you people?'


    4. You misunderstand the categories and aren't fit to participate in an enlightened democracy, Sheeple.

      am enlightened democracy or society....

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      Good lord, take your meds. You're slurring your words and, I assume, drooling all over yourself.



    History will undoubtedly say that the Comey announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary’s emails that turned the 2016 race around and brought Hillary down. But that’s a false narrative. And to grasp what is happening, we must put it aside and concentrate on the real reasons Trump began to overtook Hillary in the week leading up to Comey’s announcement on Friday, October 28th.

    Polling suggests that Trump’s gains predate Comey’s announcement. Most dramatic was the heavily Democratic biased ABC poll that began the week giving Hillary a 12 point lead and ended the week with Mrs. Clinton clinging to a one point margin. Most ABC interviews were conducted well before Comey spoke.

    So what happened?

    • Trump’s negative ads began to hit in swing states. Until this week, Hillary’s attacks on Donald had been dominating the airwaves for months. But, during the past ten days or so, his negative ads — devastatingly effective — began to make their impact felt.

    • ObamaCare premiums increases began to hit. While the full impact of the price hikes won’t be felt until after November 1st — in time for the election — the early notices that they would go up by an average of 25% with many even higher, had a big impact on the race. And Trump moved adroitly to exploit the increases in his speeches.

    • Before the Comey bombshell, the drip-drip-drip of WikiLeaks emails had been taking a daily toll on Hillary’s vote share. The coup de grace was the memo from Doug Band that was written in response to Chelsea’s accusation that she had not done enough for her father. Stung by the first daughter’s charges, Band ticks off the deals that led to a $60 million personal profit for Bill Clinton, a list that vindicates the direst of the pay-for-play accusations.

    • Hillary’s illness prevented her from campaigning more vigorously and her campaign staff, obtuse as ever, failed to give her new issues and material to use on hitting Donald. Once they ran out of abused women to complain about Trump, they had nothing to say.

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    From the WaPo...

    Clinton loses popularity edge in tight race with Trump, poll finds

    Registered voters see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a nearly identical negative light, mirroring a persistently close split in overall vote preference in a new Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll.


  10. .

    From the WaPo...

    Lebanese lawmakers end two-year leadership vacuum with Hezbollah ally as president

    The selection of the Michel Aoun, a Christian, highlights the complex alliances among Lebanon’s various factions as the country struggles with the humanitarian and political fallout from the Syrian civil war next door.


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    Maybe it's better that we haven't been spending money on upgrading our infrastructure...


    The U.S. spent billions building roads in Afghanistan. Now many of them are beyond repair.

    A report by a U.S. government oversight body paints a grim picture of the state of Afghanistan’s roads, including the roughly 10,000 miles that were constructed, paved, repaired or funded by the United States.


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    Can anyone have expected anything more from Dirty Harry as he exits stage left?


    Harry Reid’s incendiary claim about ‘coordination’ between Donald Trump and Russia

    In a letter to FBI Director James B. Comey, the outgoing Senate minority leader says Comey may have broken the law. And that's not even the most brazen claim in the letter — not by a long shot.


  13. I think Quirk needs of those 'Star Shower Motion' Devices for the duration of the year.

    Keep his mind off politics.

    By the way The Donald predicted this all months ago.....

    He said 'Do you think there's even a small chance Weiner the perve isn't reading all this stuff?'

    He was right !!!

    Months and months ago....

    Can a perve be patriotic ....?

    Nah, not this perve.....

  14. Tony the Weiner the perve is said to be cooperating with the FBI.

  15. "They're all dicks" sounds really lame and stupid in the current context.