“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Everyone of our Potential Future Leaders is Going to Destroy, Pulverize, Eviscerate, Vaporize Emulsify and Sanitize Iraq of ISIS and This Time They Really Mean It and if I may, “You Can Take That To The Bank”

Candidates, Here’s Your Iraq/Syria/Libya Mess To Fix - Original

Candidates, one of you will be the fifth consecutive American president to make war inside Iraq. What will you face on day one of your administration?

You learned with us recently of the death of a Marine in Iraq, which exposed that the United States set up a fire base in that country, which exposed that the Pentagon used a twist of words to misrepresent the number of personnel in Iraq by as many as 2,000. It appears a second fire base exists, set up on the grounds of one of America’s largest installations from the last Iraq war. Special forces range across the landscape. The Pentagon is planning for even more troops. There can be no more wordplay — America now has boots on the ground in Iraq.

The regional picture is dismal. In Syria, militias backed by the Central Intelligence Agency are fighting those backed by the Pentagon. British, Jordanian and American special forces are fighting various enemies in Libya; that failed state is little more than a latent Iraq, likely to metastasize into its neighbors. There may be a worrisome note about Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Lebanon waiting for you under the Oval Office desk blotter.

But candidates, your focus must remain on Iraq; that is where what the Jordanian king now refers to as the Third World War began, and where Islamic State was birthed, and where the United States seems to be digging in for the long run.
Though arguably the story of Islamic State, Iraq and the United States can be traced to the lazy division of the Ottoman Empire after the Second World War, for your purposes candidates, things popped out of place in 2003, when the American invasion of Iraq unleashed the forces now playing out across the Middle East. The garbled post-invasion strategy installed a Shi’ite-dominated, Iranian-supported government in Baghdad, with limited Sunni buy-in.

Sectarian fighting and central government corruption which favored the Shi’ites drove non-ideologues without jobs, and religious zealots with an agenda, together. Clumsy policy cemented the relationship – a senior Islamic State commander explained the prison at Camp Bucca operated by the United States was directly responsible for the rise of the violent, theocratic state inside the divided, but then still largely secular, Iraq. “It made it all, it built our ideology,” he said. “We could never have all got together like this in Baghdad, or anywhere else.” So first came al-Qaeda in Iraq, followed by its successor, Islamic State.

Fast-forward through about a year and half of Washington’s fear-mongering and wagging the dog, and America’s re-entry into Iraq moved quickly from a Yazidi rescue mission, to advisors, to air power, to special forces, to today’s boots on the ground. That is your starting point on day one in office.

As your strategy, every one of you candidates has promised to destroy Islamic State.

Even if that destruction comes to be, the problems in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere (space precludes drawing the Turk-Kurd conflict into this article, though the war itself has no such restrictions) would still be there. Islamic State is a response, and its absence will only leave a void to be filled by something else. Your root problem is the disruption of the balance of power in the Middle East, brought on by a couple of regime changes too many.

The primary forces the United States are supporting to attack Islamic State in Iraq Sunni territories are Shi’ite militias. Though they have been given a new name in Washington, Popular Mobilization Units, that does not change what they are; have a look at a popular Instagram, where a Shi’ite fighter asked for viewers to vote on whether or not he should execute a Sunni prisoner. Washington clings to the hope that the militias and it are united against a common foe – the bad Sunnis in Islamic State – while what the Iranians and their allies in Baghdad also supporting the militias more likely see is a war against the Sunnis in general.
Oh, and candidates, that Iraqi national army, trained at great cost until 2011, then retrained for the past 18 months, is still little more than a sinkhole of corruption, cowardice and lethargy.

As for any sort of brokered settlement among the non-Islamic State actors in Iraq, if 170,000 American troops could not accomplish that over almost nine years of trying, retrying it on a tighter timetable with fewer resources is highly unlikely to work. It is unclear what solutions the United States has left to peddle anyway, or with what credibility it would sell them, but many groups will play along to gain access to American military power for their own ends.

What you will be inheriting, in the words of one commentator, is a “bold new decade-old strategy” that relies on enormous expenditures for minimal gains. The question for you is: if war in Iraq didn’t work last time, why will it work this time?
The hole is deep and being dug deeper as we speak. 

Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People. His latest book is Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent. Reprinted from the his blog with permission.

Read more by Peter Van Buren



    April 13, 2016

    China and Russia combined now at military spending parity with US

    By Kaya Forest and Sierra Rayne

    Each year about this time, as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) releases its global military spending database, we hear the same refrain: the United States spends more than the next [insert your favorite large number here] countries combined.

    How wrong these analyses are, and those who advocate for greater American defense expenditures should know better.

    Comparing military spending among major powers using a common U.S. dollar metric is simply economic nonsense. Given that adversaries such as China and Russia, among others, have massive in-house arms manufacturing capabilities as well as expend great resources on indigenous operations and maintenance requirements, the correct means of comparison is on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis.

    On this datum, and using military spending data from SIPRI and economic data from the IMF, the results should give pause to those in the West who believe we hold a major spending advantage. In 2015, the U.S. spent $596 billion in international dollars (the PPP currency) on defense, while China spent $374 billion and Russia spent a further $187 billion.

    Add these latter two together, and you get $561 billion, effectively equivalent to that of the United States. Throw in Iran, another $34 billion, and the sum does equal American spending.

    Saudi Arabia is at $229 billion and climbing exponentially. In 2012, this country spent 7.7% of its GDP on the military. As of 2015, it reached 13.7%.

    If the IMF's GDP projections hold, and even if China and Russia do not increase their share of the economy spent on the military, by 2020 these two nations will be spending $555 billion and $215 billion, respectively, compared to just $739 billion for the U.S.

    1. Of course, this assumes that China in particular is not grossly under-reporting its military spending, which many analysts believe it is. Actual expenditures could be 25% higher, or more, in the Middle Kingdom. In other words, American military spending could already be well behind the sum of its Chinese and Russian counterparts.

      NATO isn't helping the West out that much, either. The U.S. still shoulders the vast majority of total NATO spending, essentially subsidizing the rest of the alliance to the tune of about US$180 billion per year. One can add to that an additional US$121-billion trade deficit that the U.S. suffers under against the rest of NATO.

      Massive arms races are ongoing worldwide, and especially in hot spots such as the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The collective member-states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – clearly no friend of the West – have seen an explosion of military expenditures over the past two decades.

      Even with China's slowing economy, its growth rate remains much higher than that of the U.S., meaning that keeping its defense spending relatively constant as a percentage of GDP will allow it to rapidly close the gap over the coming 10 to 15 years unless the U.S. dramatically increases its share of the economy devoted to defense.

      As numerous conservative politicians have noted, the greatest national security threat to the United States – and the West – is anemic economic performance. The rest of the world has a far more rapidly growing economy, and many nations are militarizing fast. At least 27 nations, many of them unfriendly, already spend greater proportions of their GDP on defense than does the U.S. Add to that the more rapid economic growth outside the West, and the conclusions are simple math.

      Consider that when Reagan left office in 1989, the so-called "advanced economies" made up more than 64% of the world's economy. Now that is less than 42% and falling fast, projected to be only 39% by 2020. On the other hand, the emerging market and developing economies (i.e., the ones most rapidly growing their military spending) now constitute more than 58% of global GDP. This is on target to hit 61% within four years.

      Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

      Last year, China ranked 14th among all nations worldwide in terms of GDP growth. The U.S. came in 103rd, with the U.K. in 107th, Australia in 114th, Germany in 140th, France in 148th, Canada in 150th, Italy in 162nd, and Japan in 164th.

      Even if the West had the willpower to keep up in the global arms race, it cannot without first achieving rejuvenated economic growth. The rest of the world will soon be passing us by on the road of military spending, and where goes spending, superiority soon follows technological superiority.

      The sooner we look honestly at where we stand in terms of real military spending, the earlier we can come to terms with the difficult challenges that lie ahead. And a first step down this road will be to shift the analyses into purchasing power parity rather than U.S. dollars.

      Kaya Forest is a program head of engineering technologies in the School of Natural Resources and Built Environment at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Sierra Rayne, Ph.D., is an independent scientist.

    2. Knew I'd find some actual facts on this subject somewhere, sometime, and I have.

      I am keeping this article as 'reply ammo'.

    3. .

      Edition XXLII: Bullshit from Bjorn

      Stardate: 2016

      Kaya Forest is a program head of engineering technologies in the School of Natural Resources and Built Environment at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Sierra Rayne, Ph.D., is an independent scientist.

      School of Natural Resources and Built Environment at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

      School of Natural Resources and Built Environment

      If you want to play a key role in managing our natural environment or in shaping our built environment, Saskatchewan Polytechnic can help. The nine programs in our School of Natural Resources and Built Environment will prepare students for such careers as forestry technicians, park interpreters, environmental protection officers, water resource managers, geographic information science specialists, engineering technologists in civil, environmental and water resources fields and more.

      Come back when you have some supporting data.

      Oh, don't bother.


    4. .

      The big problem with US military spending is not the money we spend. It's the money we waste.


  2. Dr. Gorka, the ISIS expert on Fox, very intelligent, knowledgeable man, tells me this morning that ISIS has 75,000 jihadis (yes, you read correctly, 75,000, seventy five thousand) in Syria and Iraq alone, many in Libya (6,000) and some in Algeria too.

    Many Algerians have been heading east, to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    Beware to those that like to predict the imminent downfall of ISIS.

    In Iraq and Syria ISIS controls an area the size of the United Kingdom.

    They have created an 'educational' system, a tax system....they can really be called a 'state' there.

    1. General O'bozo, who caused this FIASCO in the first place by withdrawing the USA troops from Iraq willy nilly against the combined advice of two Secretaries of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Generals, is now sneaking USA troops back into Iraq on the q.t.

      Hillary owns Libya, and she is running on her 'experience'.

      General O'bozo, too, made a World Fool out of himself with his 'Cairo Speech' and his drawing of 'Red Lines' in Syria, which were immediately covered up by blowing sand.

      Putin has responded, reasonably enough, by totally disregarding anything our Two Dolts, Bozo and Barking Dog say or threaten to do.

    2. Meanwhile, U2 Bono testifies to Congress that we can 'kill ISIS with comedy', and presumably with his songs, too.

      We will all die from laughter !

      har har har

      And if your laughter causes nature to call, relieve yourself in an any/all weirdo same sex restroom.

      I'm about ready to make my last move into the deeps of Montana, which state has a compact with the USA that contracts 'no guns, no Montana, USA'.

      Where the men are all handsome, beautiful, brave, and intelligent, and the ladies the same...and the Rocky Mountain Oysters are delicious.

  3. First we get b00bie logic applied to his simplistic fantasy vision and soon we can read Galopn2's treatise on 'the most brilliant military operation of his lifetime '.

    1. And deuce and Jack can use any countries response to ISIS as a litmus test for quality of American ally.

    2. Our Ace Ash is still insisting, insisting, insisting that he is this blog's Top Ace Dumb Fucker.

    3. His saving grace is that he is, basically, harmless.

      And even, sometimes, a source of a good guffaw.


  4. April 12, 2016

    8 of the 11 remaining Obamacare co-ops set to fail this year

    By Rick Moran

    I remember the first time I heard the term "co-op." It was in connection with the hippie communes of the late 1960s and usually referred to ways to share food production.

    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with co-ops, as long as there is a rational basis for forming them. In the case of Obamacare insurance co-ops, we have seen the epic failure of an idea that never should have been tried in the first place.....

  5. .

    Edition XXLIII: Bullshit from Bjorn

    Stardate: 2016

    Dr. Gorka, the ISIS expert on Fox, very intelligent, knowledgeable man, tells me this morning that ISIS has 75,000 jihadis (yes, you read correctly, 75,000, seventy five thousand) in Syria and Iraq alone, many in Libya (6,000) and some in Algeria too.

    Surely, when he gave you this number you questioned where he got his data. Surely, you didn't allow him to just pull a number out of his ass and then accept it without asking for confirmation data. Surely, you didn't ask him why there are only a few thousand ISIS fighters holding onto these cities that have been taken back there. Surely, you don't consider him a very intelligent, knowledgeable man simply because he tells you what you want to hear.

    Surely, Shirley.


  6. doug saxumTue Apr 12, 01:10:00 PM EDT

    Maybe the next bomb that is planted by the religion of peace will have their name on it.
    In an airport, train station, subway, mall,...You can be sure there is going to be another, and another after that.

    Thanks for that heads up, Doug.

    And of course there will be another one and another one after that.

    Here in the US, we’ve had terrorist attacks in this country for decades, going back to pro-slavery mobs, abolitionist, racist groups like the KKK, Mormons, assassinations of mayors, presidents, and other politicians, labor and anti-labor bombings and riots, German agents, anarchists, neo-luddites, and whites where most of the domestic terror has come from have been involved in everything from blowing up schools to dropping bombs on black neighborhoods from airplanes, we’ve had bombings from radical leftists and from the radical right, sniping from nut jobs, mass shootings from kids who thought nobody liked them, we’ve had the Jewish Defense League (JDL), Puerto Rican separatist group (FALN), anti-Vietnam War protestors, the ‘Alphabet Bomber’ and the ‘Unabomber’, anti-abortionists, white-supremacy groups, environmentalists and pet rights groups, and yes, numerous Islamist groups and individuals.

    Terror itself has been around for a couple thousand years if you go by the recorded record and probably a lot longer than that. It’s a tool used by the weak to fight the strong. It’s not going away.

    However, this isn’t the ME. It’s also not Europe. Or Indonesia. Or India. But even world wide when you consider the total 7.4 billion population of the world, the chance of any individual being taken out by a terrorist attack is infinitesimal. In the USA, you’ve got far less chance of dying by terrorist attack than of dying by being hit by lightning, drowning in a bath tub, or death by peanut.

    Americans worry intensely about "another 9/11," but if one of these were to occur every three months for the next five years, the chance of being killed in one of them is two one-hundredths of one percent: the posited attacks would kill 60,000 which is about .02 percent of 300,000,000 [1/5 of 1%]. This would be, of course, an extended and major tragedy, but an individual's chances of being killed, while no longer microscopic, would still remain small even under this extreme scenario.

    No, I worry about a drive by shooting or a carjacking more than I do about a terrorist attack. However, I can see you are concerned about it. Dirty bombs might give you a situation like 9/11. And god forbid, as in the many thriller movies that are put out, if someone actually gets a nuclear device and sneaks it into the country? Which again brings up the question Ash yesterday asked regarding Islamist terrorism:

    How would you propose we combat it?



    1. .

      Ash: How do you propose to combat terrorism

      Doug S: With every available weapon in our arsenal.
      Starting with Bacon.

      Clever, Dougo, but I suspect a little impractical. You mentioned you have ‘muslims’ moving into your neighborhood every day so you must have been thinking about this. What are those weapons in our arsenal you are talking about?


      Some new strain of bacon that only affects Muslims?

      A wall?

      Will a wall work? Of course the real problem with walls is that you can go over them, or under them, or given the fact that the Trump wall would only cover about 1000 miles of US border, you can go around them.

      Maybe a fence around the entire perimeter of the US?

      Heck, Bibi has promised to fence in Israel. Of course, the fence would have to be quite long. The United States has 5,525 miles of border with Canada and 1,989 miles with Mexico. Our maritime border includes 95,000 miles of shoreline.

      And we could go into all the problems associated with this ‘fix’ but why worry about details?

      Cut out all immigration into the US by ‘Muslims’ until “we can figure this thing out” as proposed by Trump.

      Of course, there are already about 3.0 million Muslims in the country and it is likely the fastest growing religion here.

      Deport the 3 million Muslims that are in the country right now the same as we are going to deport all those of those Mexicans.

      Or, at least, put them in a large concentration camp.

      Spend more tens of millions of dollars annually on ineffective high tech monitoring while giving up more and more of our rights?

      Seriously, I’m interested in what you are suggesting to address this problem so that we can start a conversation on substance. I know you have read all about it but have you really thought about it? Inquiring minds want to know.

      Life line calls to Idaho or Ohio are allowed if needed.


    2. One of the problems with bacon is that many Jewish folk would also be affected - does collateral damage concern you doug saxum or do you have a problem with Jews as well?

    3. .

      Each year, more than 500 million people cross the borders into the United States, some 330 million of whom are non-citizens. There are 118,129,875 vehicles that enter the U.S. annually and 22.5 million cargo containers.

      Despite the tens of billions of dollars we spend trying to protect our borders and keep out drugs and other contraband, we have proven to be incapable of doing so. The thought that the Bozos we have running for president will be able to improve on that performance is laughable.

      If a terrorist really wants to get inside the US, they will do so. Rational controls, better visa and immigration policies are prudent. Unrealistic measures that piss off the rest of the world aren't.


    4. You are on the right track, Mr Saxum, just hang tough.

      These two bozos always make fools of themselves, sooner of later.

      If fact, Quirk has done so already today.

      Ace Ash is completely oblivious to his surroundings.

      Quirk isn't quite as bad, generally, but Quirk still is having trouble understanding:


      spoken in an unguarded moment by a newly elected moslem to the first moslem majority City Council in the USA, in Hamtramck, Michigan, Quirk's neck of the woods.

      And we all know the Quirkster is Polish because:

      1) He told us so


      2) He eats ground up animal parts stuffed in raw pig intestines, a Polish delicacy.

    5. .

      We are waiting for your solution to the Muslim 'problem'.

      Quit gnawing on those elk balls climb out from under your bed and give us your 'solutions'.

      We could all use a laugh this morning.


  7. Dr. Gorka's figures, you go look him up, it will be good for you to do so, on all other spots are in line with what we've all read many times before from many sources. His figures on Iraq and Syria were something of a surprise to me even though I haven't been believing our military or Presidential figures for a long time on that. Perhaps you believe the Pentagon pap these days but intelligent people do not, only the Sheeple do.

    Wish I could recall Dr. Gorka's first name for you but I cannot. I trust you will overcome this small hurdle. You might Google 'Dr. Gorka, Fox New Military Analyst'.

    It's really up to you to prove Dr. Gorka wrong, if you challenge his figures.

    He is my source.

    Now, get busy !

    Good researching !!

    (If ISIS is really only 10k or so in Iraq and Syria, one wonders why the new troops, why the B-52's ?? -- have you ever wondered that, Quirk ?)

    Remember, Quirk, the fate of our two fallen Generals here, who have been shown not to have known shit, and are now objects of ridicule.

    I hope to see you avoid this sort of easily avoidable stain on your record.

    Always looking out for you, etc.....

    Your Faithful Servant, Bobbo

    1. .

      Doubting your sources, especially when they are printed in the American Thinker does not imply I accept DOD figures, you buffoon. Grow a brain.

      I checked it out.

      Dr. Bjork Gorka: Cryptozoologist and Dietician.


    2. :):):):)

      Nice try, but no cigar.

      You must try harder.

      I just looked him up and now know the first name, but I'm not telling you.

      You need the exercise.

      Though Bjork might be of use to you, as you probably need to lose weight.

    3. .

      Sorry, but you are misinformed.

      Go eat you elk genitals.


  8. Despite the tens of billions of dollars we spend trying to protect our borders and keep out drugs and other contraband, we have proven to be incapable of doing so. The thought that the Bozos we have running for president will be able to improve on that performance is laughable.

    Give me a break. We haven't done shit one. We passed some billions of dollars bill to build a little bity part of a wall along the border and mothering ever happened, nothing even remotely meaningful got built.

    The Border Patrol has been ordered to catch and release.

    You got to be joking.

    I'm for giving Trump a chance on this subject. I expect you would see some actual results.

    Also it is a very simple matter to stop moslems from flying in here on commercial airlines.

    Even you could figure out how that can easily be done.

    I doubt Trump, or anyone else, can wave a magic wand and 'fix' the economy, though.

    I've never thought Presidents alone have all the much clout when it comes to the economy.

    FDR tried everything in the book and was finally told by his top economic guru that 'nothing works'.

    Only WWII got us out of the economic doldrums, an extreme solution.

  9. The problem in not what Muslims are doing in America.

    The problem is what Americans are doing in Muslim countries.

  10. Why do you expect US killing of Muslims in Muslim countries and destroying their countries would be unanswered?

    Think about this simple declaration and see if you can see a relationship:

    “Remember the Alamo!”

  11. Idaho "mensa" Bob wrote:

    "Also it is a very simple matter to stop moslems from flying in here on commercial airlines.

    Even you could figure out how that can easily be done."

    Bob, please enlighten those of us that don't have your intellect how it would be done - "very simple" you said.

    1. I answered you once on that already, dimwit.

      Now you go think about it yourself.

      You might try:

      Countries of origin
      Demanding USA/Military/CIA/NSA approved super special very limited visas

      for starters.

      Be creative, Ace !!

    2. The head guy of UK's assimilation group just admitted he was totally wrong, they don't assimilate, he said, hanging his stupid head in shame.

      I mentioned it or linked it just yesterday.

    3. Please, oh please, enlightened one, teach us these things you find so simple and easy. I have no recollection of you bestowing such wisdom before; but if you claim so it must be true. However I don't remember it so could you refresh our memory. Even easier because you've done it before - no?

      With respect to countries of origin are you referring to every country in the world? If not, is Britain to be on that list? Canada? Sweden? All have Muslims in them.

  12. Well, they have blown up a bunch of stuff in the USA, to be sure.

    My concern is what they will do in the future in the USA if their numbers keep increasing.

    We can cut this down with immigration controls.

    Being part Swede, I always think of the self inflicted plight of my sad Sweden in this regard.

    Being interested in India, I also think of the mega millions of dead at moslems hands there over the centuries. Eighty million in one two hundred and fifty year period alone.

    If a person hasn't caught on to basic moslem behavior after 14 centuries there is not much hope for said person.

    The Shit/Sun split, in addition to some other inter moslem disputes, is a blessing not a curse, seen from the point of view of the general welfare of the world at large.

    If we were sensible Machiavellians we would be trying to enhance that, take advantage of it, as I suggested to my lawyer long ago.

    His attitude was we are supposed to be better than that, but didn't oppose the idea.

    I expect that if downtown Detroit or downtown Philly were to be hit with a muzzie dirty bomb some attitudes expressed here might well change.

  13. Ambassador Bolton on Fox just mentioned the 'thousands' of moslems terrorist who have gotten into Europe lately, for example.

    Now he is turning to our inept, to put it lightly, O'bozo foreign policy these days....

    Now the talk has turned to the doctoring of military intelligence....changing the numbers, to be precise...on O'bozo's orders....

    1. "thousands".... "THOUSANDS" of muslim terrorsts who are, right now, in Europe. We MUST make them wear arm bands for easier identification - right Bob?

    2. We should take a lesson, Ace Punk, and not let any more moslems in here.

      Go shove your dumb brain up your smart ass.

      And by the way our relationship with Saudi Arabia grew up over decades due to the British and American petroleum industries first finding oil there, and knowing how to exploit it. With both our economies dependent on petroleum it not a wonder that we have tried to make a workable relationship. With alternative coming along, and fracking, we should get away from the Saudi connection as fast as we can.


      In good news 'Affluenza Boy' gets two years solid for breaking probation.

    3. And, Ace Punk, arm bands are so yesterday.

      We, and Europe too, are doing much the same with surveillance and tracking and data bases and the like.

      You wouldn't appreciate it, but a good number of terror attacks have been foiled by these methods.

      You really do, you and your smart ass attitude, deserve a severe non lethal mugging.

    4. If they are terrorists, those thousands you referred to, why not just arrest them?

    5. They have, once they can get the necessary evidence, if you know what that is....

      Under our ways, Ash, there is a standard that has to be met before you can just lock some one up. Then, you need convict them too....

      Checking out for awhile but leaving a "Spirit of Our Times" report from Drudge:

      Ted Cruz Defended Ban on Dildos...

      No right 'to stimulate one's genitals'...

      Beck Compares Cruz -- to Moses...

      Hillary Confirms Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Plan...

      Protester Interrupts Cheslea Event: 'She's Killing Us!'


      Clinton Foundation Pays Male Execs 38% More Than Women...


      Mulls nixing lowest tier for classified info...

      First President on Probation?


      Russian warplanes buzz Navy destroyer...

      'Simulated attack'...

      Putin cafe has Obama toilet paper...

      ISIS puts hit out on Huma...

      Obama To Start Tracking Federal Employees' Social Media Postings...



      Cheers ! to all but you know who


      (that ban on dildos does go just too far !)

  14. Idaho BobWed Apr 13, 12:32:00 PM EDT

    Well, they have blown up a bunch of stuff in the USA, to be sure.

    jeeze, louise
    The more I read what you write the more I am astonished by your intellect. "they" being muslims I presume? What bunch of stuff are you referring to - the World Trade Center and...? I think we all could benefit if you could enlighten us to all this stuff that has been blown up.

    1. Oh fuck off, Ash.

      Yes, moslem terrorists have shot up and blown up a lot of stuff and people here.

      Go Google, you dumb ass.

      Then leave me alone the rest of the day.

      It's not even summer yet and I have you buzzing around.

      I can't stand flies.

    2. put up or shut up - c'mon, you said all this was simple and easy and obvious. You are the enlightened one making these factual claims and you haven't backed one of them up yet.

      "Well, they have blown up a bunch of stuff in the USA, to be sure."

      You said with a "to be sure" to boot. You are so sure show us all this blown up stuff.

    3. jeeze, I actually take the time to read what he writes and he runs away unable to support what he claims.

      oh well.

    4. Moslems have blown up the Twin Towers and even blown up the parking garage in an earlier attempt to take down the towers.

      Does that count Ash?

      Is that enough?

    5. As I mentioned upstream there was the WTC stuff. I can think of one other incident where stuff was blown up by a muslim in the USA. Does 2 count as a bunch?

    6. .

      Well, I come back after a few hours and I see a lot of whining and rending of clothes but I don't see many answers offered up.

      Where is Doug Saxum when you need him?


    7. .

      Surely, given the combined knowledge of Doug, Bjorn, and frontpagemag, American Thinker, and Jihad Watch there is a number 42 out there that will fix the epidemic of terror we are currently experiencing in this country.





      (the sounds of silence)



    8. America's enemies within: How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in the last 18 months - including refugees who had been given safe haven but 'turned to terror'

      **Videos and pictures included for those who cannot read, like Quirk, Ace Ash and others...**

      70 divided by 18 = 3.88888888888 muzzies a month

      All I can figure is Quart must always be in his pints, and Ace Ash must always be stoned.

      Does the name 'San Bernardino' give rise to any thoughts in the minds of you two hale fellows, well met ??

    9. Does Boston Marathon Bombing strike a cord, deep down in your unconscious somewhere ??

      What about "Workplace Violence" at Fort Hood ??

      What about the muzzies that attacked Pam Geller's and Robert Spencer' 'Free Speech Event' in, I think it was, Garland, Texas ??

      Quart, Ace, you remember any of this ??

    10. (that's just the first article of hundreds I came upon....didn't want to fry tender neuronal circuits by listing others)

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. .

      Quart, Ace, you remember any of this ??

      Of course, I do. I won't bother getting into how small the numbers are, how many other non-Muslim nutjobs and multiple shootings there have been in the same period, how many murders in the US, or question how many of the 'arrested' have gone to trial and been convicted. The question is not do we have terrorism in this country. Of course, we do. And we keep creating more all the time. It is in every country and America is no exception just as I pointed out in my first post to Doug Samun. History would indicate in this country it seems to go in cycles by group but that most of it comes from white nutjobs like the Uber driver here or the guy in Idaho who shot a guy before heading to D.C. to bomb the White House. But that is beside the point and doesn't effect the question at hand.

      The question is what do you sheeple, the guys who piss and moan about it daily, that place its importance above the thousands of murders we have in this country every year, propose we do about it.

      Are you really suggesting that building Trump's wall will solve the problem, that not allowing any Muslims into the country (I mean if that were possible) would solve the problem, that the TSA is actually going to guarantee that we will be able to keep all contraband including pressure cookers out of the country, are you really that stupid?

      And while many of us have already determined the answer to that question in our own minds, I am offering you the chance to confirm it.


  15. Calling Quart....

    Calling Ace Ash....




    ....the sounds of silence

    Dead memory cells are a bitch.

    1. .

      What are you talking about. I answered you right above. Still waiting on the answer to my original question to you. Answer it now, Bjorn.




      the sounds of silence.


    2. .


      Just as predictable as the fact that when (if?) you come back you will try to change the subject again.


  16. ISIS puts hit out on Huma....DRUDGE

    1. This last I can't help but find a little humorous, given her and her extended family's life long connections to the MB.

      We should do our best to protect her though.

      I suppose.

    2. I know...I know...I've got it !!

      Quart an' Ace should donate their time to body guarding Huma.

    3. Hey, Bob, you've really upped your game - you came up with the Boston Marathon bombing - KUDOS!

      WTC and Boston - is 2 a bunch? Or should we really amp up the numbers to 3 if you count the first WTC attempt. is 3 a bunch. oh, it just occurred to me - b00bie logic: there was a bunch of stuff that got blowed up by the bomb therefore "Well, they have blown up a bunch of stuff in the USA, to be sure."

    4. They got smart in San Bernardino and used semi-automatic rifles.

    5. Ace Ash, it's time to stop making a fool of yourself.

      Quart has, time for you to do the same.

    6. A Quart of Champagne to commemorate Paris is in order.

  17. In case Bob is the only one that saw this in the previous thread:

    Florida Drivers:

    1. Loved it.

      Sweet Revenge.

    2. Of course he needed to replace the entire drivetrain!

    3. I liked the production values with the Pérez Prado, Arrow Notifications, and Dingalings.

  18. 'The Five' is onto the ISIS Huma Hit.

    I'm writing in saying I've got just the guys to guard Huma right here, and will forward them the names, Quart an' Ace, C.O. The Elephant Bar USA.

    1. Our first integrated Marine Company will surround her with our lady Marines.

      Navy secretary to Marines: Women in combat is irreversible

      "We are stronger because we have Marines of color," he said. "Same thing when 'don't-ask-don't-tell got repealed. We're stronger because we don't judge people by who they love but on whether they can do the job as Marines. A more diverse force is a stronger force."

    2. Who knew women were equal in strength to black men?

    3. Ah ha !

      General Odom has just said it will take 50,000 USA troops in Iraq to defeat ISIS.

      The B52's are warming up.

      The troops however are not at hand.

      It seems the 'rat doctrine' has been shown to be a desert mirage, the Rufus Pinpricks a giant waste of aviation fuel, and the dates of Memorial Day last or 4th if July last for the wiping of ISIS out of Iraq fool's predictions.

      At least the truth is - finally - coming out.

      Which is that O'bozo has been fudging the figures to us all right along and two naifs here fell for it.

    4. The way the military has been cut do we even have 50,000 troops available ?

      Nothing, of course, is going to happen. O'bozo is dumping the whole mess he and Hillary created into the laps of the next President and Congress.

  19. HA !!

    Battery charges against Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski dropped.

    Your "Uncle Bob", learned in the law, told you so.

    That case was as full of holes as a 16oz. beer can hit full blown with buck shot.

    The Judge would have dropped it if the prosecutor had not done so.

    It was a farce. Too many elements of an actual crime were totally missing.

    Missy Michelle Fields can go home now and lick her wounds.

    She said it was the worst thing to happen to her since the death of her father.

    All I can say is she must not have cared for her poor father much.

    She was just a publicity seeking hag. Had tried the gig once before too.

    Her Press Credentials should be denied her for the duration of the campaign.

    She should not be allowed in any other Trump events.


    Report: Bomb Found On UPS Plane From Yemen, Suggests Larger Attack

    There were 14 bombs mailed..

    does that constitute a "bunch"?

    Ash you are a cretin.

    1. Did any of those alleged bombs blow up stuff in the USA?


    2. Report suggests good policing.

      Ace, you are a cretin.


    3. .

      Hey, Bjorn, I see you still haven't answered the question from earlier.