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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders for US President


  1. I want a President that will continue the Democratic push for Healthcare, Renewable Energy, and Higher Wages for Workers.

    Whether it's Hillary, or Bernie, doesn't matter to me.

    1. And, btw, my reasons are every bit as "Economic" as Social.

    2. There Are Now More Solar Jobs In America Than Oil Jobs

      Solar is the energy employer of the future -- or at least that's how the numbers look today.
      A new report on the state of the solar industry out Tuesday from the nonprofit Solar Foundation shows that the number of jobs in the United States in the solar industry outpaced those in the oil and gas industries for the first time ever.

      As of November 2015 there were almost 209,000 people who worked in the solar industry, 90 percent of whom only work on solar-related projects, according to the report.
      There were only about 185,000 people working in oil and gas in the United States in December 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      The oil industry has had a rough 18 months, as the price of oil slid from more than $100 a barrel in the spring of 2014 to just over $30 a barrel in recent weeks. The low price has caused layoffs in what had been a robust and growing shale oil extraction business.
      The solar industry, meanwhile, continues to grow as the technology becomes cheaper, making it a better deal for the average household. The Solar Foundation's report also shows how the price of installed solar panels continue to drop:

      The bulk of the solar jobs seem to be coming from the installation of solar panels, with some growth in development and sales. Manufacturing actually declined a bit. According to the report, that's probably because another Silicon Valley solar company, QBotix, shut down back in September.

      Regardless of that blip in the industry, solar installation jobs are completely taking off:

    3. The one place where solar hasn't caught up to oil and gas, it seems, is in the pay. According to the report, solar installers -- which account for a plurality of jobs in the industry -- get $21 per hour on average. The pay in sales and design is higher, at $28.85 and $26.92, respectively.
      But oil and gas workers on average get $44 an hour, according to BLS.

      There are reasons for those differences, though. For one thing, oil and gas extraction requires a lot of geoscientists and engineers, both of which are professions that pull in $65-75 per hour (that's comfortably in the six figures annually) and push up the average for the whole industry. Refinery operators make about $29 an hour, and roustabouts (day laborers on oil rigs, basically) make about $17 an hour.

      Solar is unquestionably better for the environment than the oil industry. But in the short term, it's unclear whether it's better for the economy.

  2. No way that I could support Hillary Clinton.

  3. Highlights

    Small business optimism improved in December, to 95.2 and, importantly, reflecting strength in job openings and plans to increase employment. Capital investment plans are also a top component. Showing the most month-to-month improvement are sales expectations. In the negative column, however, are earnings trends and expectations for the overall economy, the latter also a source of trouble for consumer confidence readings. This is a mixed report but the strength in the jobs readings confirms last week's very strong employment report where gains are being driven by domestic demand.

    NFIB Small Business Optimism Index

  4. Bully for Neurotoxins

    The Wall Street Journal has a remarkable editorial titled The Carnage in Coal Country, accusing President Obama of destroying jobs through his terrible, horrible, no good regulations on coal: “According to the National Mining Association, 40,000 coal jobs have been lost in the U.S. since 2008.”

    That’s a bigger number than the BLS figure, but never mind; you might want to put that in perspective by remembering that the US economy has added 14 million private sector jobs since 2010. You might also want to note that coal has been declining for a long time, of which more in a second.

    But what really struck me were two things. First, the editorial sneers that we’re “still waiting for all those new green jobs Mr. Obama has been promising since he arrived in Washington.” Um:

    chart of solar jobs vs. coal jobs

    Yes, that number is from the Solar Foundation, a private group; so is the Journal’s number on mining jobs. And while you might want to quibble with specific numbers, the boom in renewable energy is very real, as are the surging number of jobs in things like solar panel installation. I can’t imagine any calculation under which the number of green jobs added doesn’t exceed the loss in coal mining, which was already a shadow of its former self before Obama took office.

    The other striking thing is that the editorial simply takes it as a given that any regulation is bad, including regulations on mercury and coal ash (which is also loaded with mercury and other heavy metals like lead). Let’s see: mercury is a neurotoxin, which can impair intelligence; other heavy metals can cause cancer and poison people in a variety of ways. In what moral or even economic universe is it obviously wrong to limit emissions of neurotoxins?

    I know, I know: this article wasn’t intended as any kind of rational argument, it was just an anti-Obama Two Minutes Hate. But still kind of amazing to see in a paper that sometimes pretends to be a cut above Erick Erickson.

    PK - NYT

  5. The JOLTS (Job Opening and Labor Turnover Summary) Chart is still looking good.

    Calculated Risk

  6. Niece writes that if there is anyone named 'Modi' on my ballot to vote for that person, or write it in.

  7. Kurds have evidence ISIS is experimenting with chemical weapons.

    A good commie like Bernie will know what to do.

    1. Bernie will save his own ass by heading to the USA Colorado redoubt if he's prez.

      Dez Nutz for President.

      "Q" foe VP.


  8. .

    Multiculturalism, the Prime Example of the Political Correctness of the Left

    Multiculturalism Trumps Protecting Women From Rape

    With regard to rapes in Europe,

    A related example is Ralf Jaeger, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, the German state in which Cologne is located. The left-wing minister said: "What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women."

    All the isms of the left -- multiculturalism, feminism, environmentalism, socialism, Marxism, egalitarianism -- distort the individual's and society's moral compass. But, as the minister's comments make clear, none do so more than the left's loathing of conservatives and conservative values.

    As with multiculturalism, a left-wing priority -- in this case destroying the right -- has distorted the left's moral compass. How could anyone in his right mind write that right-wing platforms and chat rooms are "at least as awful" as women being sexually attacked and even raped by gangs of men? The answer is that you cannot be in your right mind; you have to be in your left mind.


    1. 5 unwnated humpers nailed a while girl in a park in New York City just this morning.

      4 out of the 5 in custody.

      No word yet on race or creed....

    2. She was being escorted on a peaceful outing by her father, whom they shooed away by putting a revolver in his face....

    3. Just on a hunch, based on experience, the creed was moslem, the color brown or black....

  9. If The Donald wins Iowa, election is over.........

    Think of the campaign money he will have save our nation !............

    Jeb! may even have to give some of his $100 million back to the donors, favor seekers......

    You said money talks in politics ?

    1. And The Big Jew in Vegas, Adelson, hasn't even committed yet....

  10. .

    Census Shows Increasing Cultural Division, Polarization

    Interesting data from the Census on immigration patterns, population flows, etc. in the years following the recent recession. The political implications are interesting as reflected in who are moving where and the fact that net immigration from Mexico has been near zero. Sorry Donald.


    1. Immigration from south of Mexico has been on a roll though.

      That nation's thanks arer pouring out to you and similar for absorbing so many Syrians in your homes.

    2. .

      What Syrian refugees?

      Have you forgotten again?


  11. I'm not certain what I think of these 'self driving cars'.

    So far we haven't been hit by a suicide car bombing here in the USA, unless I missed it.

    It will happen.

    A self driving car seems made to perfection for such a scheme.

  12. Here's a feel-good story: :)

    ( Nineveh – US military official stated, that the US-led coalition has carried out an air strike on money storage facility belonging to ISIS in the city of Mosul.

    The source said in a statement followed by, “Two bombs weighing 900 kg landed on a storage facility belonging to ISIS, destructing the facility and burning millions of dollars inside it,” indicating that, “The burned money was obtained by the organization from illegal activities including the sale of oil, looting and blackmailing.”

    “The ISIS organization is forced to conduct all transactions in cash,” he added.

    The source stated, that the coalition forces bombed this kind of facilities before, but the facility that was bombed on Monday is the largest.

    Not "Cool Cash"

  13. .

    “The ISIS organization is forced to conduct all transactions in cash,” he added.

    Yea, I hear ISIS' credit score is now less than 600.


  14. .

    It's starting to get crazy. I heard my first analyst estimate of $10 oil today. The estimates at $20 are growing. The tankers docked are riding lower in the water. Cushing's about full. So is Saudi Arabia's strategic reserve. OPEC isn't meeting for six months. There are other sources not up to speed that will hit the market eventually, Iran, Libya, etc. It's probably not unrealistic to expect these low prices for a good long time.

    There is no indication Saudi Arabia's resolve is weakening despite the pain. They are currently running budget deficits in the $100 billion range. It's not likely to change anytime soon what with the low oil prices, the war in Yemen, support for the Sunnis in Syria, Egypt, arms purchases, the welfare programs for their people, something they can't cut back do to unrest in the country, etc., etc. An indication of the pain is the talk of taking Aramco public, an IPO that likely will provide over $1 trillion in value.

    Strange times. Bad for some. Good for many. Something probably not considered when talking about the pros and cons of fracking a year ago.


  15. Call from Niece.

    She is cool with the air craft carrier, but wants at least $300 million in her own account, too.

    Sharp girl.

    Snow and cold in Dresden.

    She is staying away from any and all demos.

    She says 'vote Modi'.

    1. Actually, we spoke again, and she has nixed the air craft carrier group idea.

      Just wants to set up some really effective charities around the world, instead.

      Which makes more sense, really.

      And, she's the boss.

  16. New EB feature:

    "Q"'s Nit of the Day, USA

    Today's offering:

    Jihad Watch
    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    Maryland: Muslim indicted for training with jihad terror group

    January 11, 2016 10:15 pm By Robert Spencer 15 Comments

    Al-Shabaab, which carried out the bloody Westgate mall jihad massacre in Kenya, has threatened attacks in the U.S.


    “Maryland man accused of training with African terrorist group,” Associated Press, January 11, 2016:

    BALTIMORE – A Maryland man has been indicted on charges of supporting and receiving military training from an African terrorist group connected with Al Qaeda.

    Thirty-one-year-old Maalik Alim Jones appeared in federal court in New York City last month on a complaint and indictment unsealed Monday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    According to the indictment, Jones, a U.S. citizen, left Baltimore in 2011 and traveled to Somalia, where he was taken to an al-Shabab training camp.

    After being trained how to shoot firearms and operate a rocket propelled grenade, Jones allegedly took part in a battle in the Somali town of Afmadow against Kenyan soldiers….

    He's a homie, he'll be back.

  17. Last I saw Jeb! and his $100 million of other people's money is polling at around 3%.

    Jeb! need to win the PowerBall this weekend and jump start his campaign.

    Or, be smart, drop out, and bank it.

  18. Am I hearing of 10 US sailors detained by the Iranians ?

    Here's how The Donald would get them out -


    Free sailors.

    The Donald would take a leaf from Ronald Reagan.



    What would Bernie do ?

    Forward it the the UN Human Rights Commission ?

    I'd rather have Hillary in charge.

    1. (after all Hillary is cold blooded, and never ever leaves anyone behind, particularly during campaign season)

    2. (the guys and Ambassador in Benghazi don't count, that wasn't during a campaign season and besides it was all the result of a video out of a Los Angeles basement gone bad)

    3. All this is very bad form on the part of Iranians.

      Some gratitude.....

    4. The Pentagon acknowledged they crossed into Iranian waters and they will be released at dawn.

    5. The Israelis shot, killed and wounded 125 plus US seamen in International waters.

      Some gratitude.....

  20. .

    "Q"'s Nit of the Day, USA

    Nonsense. That may be one of my 'nits'; but my Nit of the Day is always the same, that fat old doofus and faux farmer in Idaho sitting around all day in his pajamas typing nonsense into his computer.

    Crime Stories from today's Chicago Sun-Times

    The first one says it all,

    - 10 days into new year, more than 100 people shot in Chicago

    Other stories (Note: I was going to post them all but was getting tired of the cut and paste. I restricted it to shootings/killings and still didn't pick up about a third of them.)

    - Lawyer: Dispute over unprotected sex led to killing of Brother Rice teacher

    - One shot, seriously wounded in West Garfield Park

    - 1 killed, 5 wounded in shootings in Chicago

    - Cops: Liquor store clerk who fatally shot 2 robbers unlikely to face charges

    - Brothers charged in killing of Joliet Township neighbor

    - Man critically wounded in South Shore shooting

    - Gang member gets 50 years for fatal Near North Side shooting

    - Man shot at Oak Park gas station

    - South Side woman gets 8 years for stabbing ex-boyfriend to death

    - 17-year-old boy shot in West Garfield Park

    - 1 killed, 4 wounded in Monday shootings

    - Man found shot to death in Chicago Lawn identified as 21-year-old Darius Brown

    - 21-year-old Ronell Andrews found shot to death in the street near his home in Austin

    - Man shot in Edgewater

    - Man wounded in Little Village shooting

    - Man shot in East Garfield Park

    - Two men shot in Washington Park

    - Convicted killer charged with concealing death for stuffing Dominique Ferguson’s body into suitcase

    - $1 million bail for man charged in April shooting

    - $250K bail for Broadview man charged in sex-trafficking of teen girl

    - Police: Teens Keshawn Marzette and William Larson killed trying to rob Auburn Gresham liquor store

    - Man shot in Back of the Yards

    - Two charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old in Brighton Park

    - Police: 3 stabbed during Boystown domestic argument

    - Police: 1 dead, 11 wounded in shootings Thursday on South, West sides

    - Roderick Snowden fatally shot in vehicle in Englewood

    - Chicago Police: Murders, shootings up 11 percent

    - Woman shot in car on Lake Shore Drive

    - FBI: Knife-wielding trio rob Palatine bank

    - 3 men critically wounded in shooting near Gold Coast hotel

    - Man injured in East Chatham drive-by shooting

    - Man shot in Homan Square

    - Man shot in Hermosa

    - Man shot in Princeton Park

    - Donta Parker and Sakinah Reed fatally shot, third teen wounded in Grand Crossing drive-by

    - 21-year-old fatally shot on CPS Safe Passage route in Austin identified as Jeffrey Mattix

    Admittedly, this was Chicago. However, it is from one newspaper in one city. It doesn't include papers from Oakland, Philly, Detroit, St. Louis, LA, Oakland, Miami, New Orleans, St. Louis, or Washington D.C. It is 1 newspaper and there are close to 1500 newspapers in the US. Not to mention the online newspapers, TV, radio, and other media.

    I pointed out before that of the approximately quarter million murders committed in this country since 9/11 only about 2/10 of 1%, 1/5 of 1%, 0.002 of them have been committed by terrorists.

    As long as you keep conflating the situation in the US with what's happening in the EU, as long as you keep conflating the relatively few terrorist events we have had in this country with a raging crime wave of terrorism, as long as you continue to display your woeful ignorance of facts that could be picked up in a simple google search if you weren't to lazy or too indoctrinated to bother, you, brother, will continue to be my perpetual Nit of the Day.


  21. You are doing the conflating.

    I'm just pointing out how easy if would be to cut down on terrorism in the USA by shutting off moslem immigration.

    I could cut down on your daily Detroit area street crime too by exiling all your criminal asses, but I'd run into Constitutional problems, alas.

    But that's not my topic, nor my problem.

    I shall continue my "Q"'s Nit of the Day, every day I can find one, that is...

    Meanwhile all the news is shifting to the Iranians holding the US sailors....

    1. .

      I shall continue my "Q"'s Nit of the Day, every day I can find one, that is..

      That's because you are a nitwit.


  22. Sanders is effectively a third party candidate. He can’t win because most people agree with him and he makes too much sense on the issues. He is against wars in the Middle East and believes people should have a job and be able to support themselves and their family on their income.

    Sanders believe the top one percent are greedy pricks and don’t pay enough taxes.

    Sanders is convinced that we waste trillions on a Pentagon fighting losing wars that never needed fighting in the first place.

    The majority of Americans agree with him. He doesn’t have a chance.

  23. Breaking from Fox -

    FBI now looking into corruption charges on Hillary....

    At least the Bern is clean.......he hasn't had the opportunity to do corrupt.....

    1. I'm starting to think it's possible Bernie gets the Democratic nomination.

      Even without Hillary being arrested.

    2. Bernie would have us bankrupt quicker than we can spell v e n e z u e l a.

      He'd have Paul Pelosi and Company to back him up, too.

  24. Chelsea Clinton made her way around New Hampshire today in attempt to convince voters that they should support her mother, Hillary Clinton, as the next president.


    The Clinton campaign has said that Chelsea Clinton will continue stumping for her mother on the campaign trail. She will join her father, former President Bill Clinton, in Iowa for a joint campaign event this weekend.

    1. Chelsea should be good for about -5000 votes or so.

      No one can stand the look of her, much less her voice.

    2. Meanwhile Britain is considering banning The Donald.

      Kowtowing to their moslems.

      Which makes me want to vote for the man.

    3. State of the Union coming up !

      The only question on everyone's mind is whether The Big 0 will pull another one eyed tear jerker.....

  25. That was about as good a speech you will hear in a SOTU. It was strong against the GOP but they deserved what they got, especially the candidates, Trump, Christie, Cruz, Rubio and Carson.

  26. So stunning I fell asleep.

    I'll have to rely on the talking heads.

    1. The talking heads are saying -

      Obama: "The United States is the most powerful nation on earth"

      How come we can't beat a jv team like ISIS then ?

  27. It was an awfully good speech - probably the best of his Presidency.

    1. Wonderful wonderful.

      Some Democrats invited some representatives of CAIR, a terrorist supporting organization.

      That was a good touch.

  28. The most politically interesting part was at the end where Obama said that after his presidency ended, he would be staying active as a citizen. That would be unique.

  29. Did he do one of his world famous one eyed tear jerkers ?

  30. Replies
    1. Better than Hillary.

      If she was there.

      Which isn't saying much.

  31. He knows the world can't do without him.

    It's off to the UN for O'bozo.

    He will fit in really well there.

    57 moslem states to suck up to....

  32. There is nothing he could have said, nor anyway that he could have delivered, no observation or insight, that would satisfy you; so why bother?

    1. You're right.

      I'm tired of his bullshit.

      And am damned glad it's over.

      Drudge has up a list of 100 or so of his broken promises from his last 7 bull shit sessions before Congress.

      Take a look.

      I fell asleep, thankfully.

      Just reading about now.

    2. Here ya go -

      MONTAGE: 140 Unfulfilled Promises From Past Addresses...Drudge

      I'm going back to bed.

      You guys continue swooning, just as you like.

    3. All 140 could not be as bad as the GOP “Cakewalk” in Iraq.

  33. Kerry's been rode hard, and put away wet. :)

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    1. Let’s face it: These SOTU spectacles are a national embarrassment

      posted at 5:21 pm on January 12, 2016 by Ed Morrissey

      Share on Facebook


      Readers at Hot Air probably already know my feelings about the State of the Union tradition, which I value less than the game-show debate formats used in primaries for both parties. In the debates, at least there are opportunities for airing of different viewpoints and dissent on substance. The SOTU spectacle is meaningless theater, and one which actually cuts against the intent of Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution. The founders intended that requirement to serve as a reminder that the executive was coequal to the legislature and answerable for the governance of the nation. It has become, as I write in my column for The Week, “a grotesque parody of monarchical excess.”

      The fault for this lies with Congress, not the presidents, who know a great opportunity to look regal when it’s handed to them. Perhaps after this last SOTU address from Obama, Congress can reconceive the event as a worthy debate on the president’s agenda for the next year and his performance in the past year, rather than a lecture punctuated by obsequious and insincere ovations............

      Hear, hear !!

  35. Jihad Watch
    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    Democrats invite Hamas-linked terror org CAIR to State of the Union

    January 12, 2016 7:52 am By Robert Spencer 78 Comments

    CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. A California chapter distributed a poster telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI, and a Florida chapter distributed pamphlets with the same message. CAIR has opposed every anti-terror measure that has ever been proposed or implemented, and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates.

    House Democrats Caucus

    “Muslim group’s officials invited to State of the Union,” by Harper Neidig, The Hill, January 11, 2016:

    Two officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations will be attending the State of the Union address Tuesday as guests of Democratic lawmakers.

    Reps. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.) and Alcee Hastings (Fla.) will both be hosting representatives from CAIR chapters in their respective states, the group announced Monday.

    Lofgren will be bringing Sameena Usman, a government relations coordinator in the San Francisco office, while Hastings will host Nezar Hamze, the chief operating officer of the nonprofit’s Florida branch.

    The announcement comes days after Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim elected to Congress, challenged Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to bring a Muslim American as one of his guests to the speech.

    “This is an opportunity to really drive the point home that there are no Americans who are suspect just based on their religious identity, that all Americans are welcome in the people’s house,” Ellison said in an interview with The Hill.

    Demoratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has also urged Democratic lawmakers to bring Muslims to the speech as a rebuke to what she sees is anti-Islamic language from the right.

    “The rhetoric and vitriol that has been targeted at this community has been absolutely outrageous and unacceptable,” Wasserman Schultz said at a news conference according to The Sun-Sentinel.

    “And as a member of a minority religion myself, one that has faced persecution throughout our existence, to me the idea that we would stand idly by and ignore that and not stand up and use our voices to stand up for our brothers and sisters in the Muslim-American community was just unacceptable.”

    Yet Muslims have not faced persecution throughout their existence, and are not facing it now.

    1. Islamic Republic of Iran executed 1,084 in 2015, leads world in state-sanctioned executions

      By Robert Spencer on Jan 12, 2016 05:32 pm

      Islamic Republic of Iran executed 1,084 in 2015, leads world in state-sanctioned executions
      “Proponents of the nuclear agreement signed in July declared that it would lead to moderation of the Iranian regime. Instead, just the opposite has ensued—Iran’s conduct has worsened. At the pace it has begun 2016, Iran will once again execute more than 1,000 of its citizens this year.” “Iran Executed 1,084 People In 2015,” by […]...

      Read in browser »

      About three a day....


  36. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps has released 10 US Navy troops who were detained after their armed boats strayed into Iranian territorial waters. The Islamic Republic’s military are convinced the incident was caused by faulty navigation equipment.

    Iran’s army chief, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, said the boat incident should be a warning to hawks in Washington.

    "This incident in the Persian Gulf, which probably will not be the American forces' last mistake in the region, should be a lesson to troublemakers in the US Congress," he was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency.

    Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Navy, said a US aircraft carrier deployed to the region had acted “provocatively” in the wake of the incident.

  37. Talk about your "tough bosses:"

    ISIS burns its fighters alive for losing Ramadi to Iraqi troops

    ( Anbar – News reports revealed, that the ISIS organization burned its fighters alive as a punishment for losing control of the city of Ramadi after they fled to the stronghold of the organization in Mosul.

    A statement received by said, “ISIS fighters were burned alive in the main square in Ramadi in a terrifying message to other criminals who may be forced to defend Mosul of a possible attack.”

    The statement added, “The expulsion of ISIS terrorists of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province is a serious setback to their goals of creating a caliphate across Iraq and Syria,” pointing out that, “The liberation of Ramadi is a great success for the Iraqi army.”

    SHIT! I Mean, Come On, Man!