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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

ISIS is waking the silent majority in the Muslim World

Arab media strike back at IS Islamists – with cartoons

© Wikimedia Commons
Latest update : 2014-09-02
TV networks in the Middle East have begun airing cartoons and satires that ridicule the extremist beliefs of the Islamic State militants who have seized parts of Iraq and Syria, with one TV producer saying humour is a "way to reject extremism".
The bumbling young militant first drops the rocket launcher on the toes of his boss before taking aim and firing toward a military checkpoint outside of an Iraqi town – not realizing he’s fired it backward at his leader.
The “Looney Tunes”-style cartoon targeting the Islamic State group comes after its militants have swept across large swaths of Syria and Iraq, declaring their own self-styled caliphate while conducting mass shootings of their prisoners. The group cheers its advances and beheadings in slickly produced Internet videos.
In response, television networks across the Middle East have begun airing cartoons and comedy programs using satire to criticise the group and its claims of representing Islam.
And while not directly confronting the group’s battlefield gains, the shows challenge the legitimacy of its claims and chip away at the fear some have that the Islamic militants are unstoppable.
“These people are not a true representation of Islam and so by mocking them, it is a way to show that we are against them,” said Nabil Assaf, one of the producers and writers of Lebanon’s “Ktir Salbe Show”, which has challenged the group.
“Of course it’s a sensitive issue, but this is one way to reject extremism and make it so the people are not afraid.”
Satire has long been a force in Arab culture, beginning first with its ancient poetry.
Indirect criticism once cloaked in self-censorship exploded out into the open during Arab Spring revolts. Even in the midst of Syria’s bloody civil war, the country’s renowned black, satirical humour has continued.
The Islamic State group, born out the Syrian war, now finds itself challenged in a cultural war after its gains. The top Islamic authority in Egypt recently began an online campaign asking journalists not to call the group an “Islamic State”. Comedians have followed suit.
In one skit produced by the “Ktir Salbe Show”, a taxi driver picks up a jihadi who rejects listening to radio because it didn’t exist in the earliest days of Islam, a knock on the Islamic State group’s literal take on the Koran. The driver offers to turn on the air conditioning, but that too is rejected. The jihadi finally criticises him for answering a mobile phone.
Fed up, the driver asks: “Were there taxi cabs in the earliest days?”
“No, 1,000 times no!” the passenger answers. The driver responds by kicking out the jihadi and telling him to wait for a camel instead.
In Syria, comedic news programmes also target the Islamic State group, with its presenters disguising themselves out of fears of retaliation. In Iraq, an animated program on state television depicted a slew of characters on the run from the Iraqi military, including young Islamic State militants and old Saddam Hussein-era officials.
“We are all against these terrorist organisations,” said Alaa al-Majedi of the state-run al-Iraqiya channel. “Comedy is one way to raise awareness.”
But among those depicted in the cartoon is Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, an accusation that the Sunni kingdom supports the Sunni Islamic State militants, something Saudi officials have denied. Saudi Arabia backs the rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government.
Even the dark videos of mass shootings conducted by the Islamic State group have become comedic fodder.
Palestinian television channel al-Falastiniya aired a skit showing two militants shoot Muslim civilians for their lack of knowledge on the number of times to kneel during prayers, all the while reminiscing over the beautiful women and best party neighbourhoods they’d visited in Beirut.
When a Jordanian Christian approaches, the two militants begin fighting each other over who gets to shoot him – each wanting the “blessing” for himself.
Terrified, the man suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving the militants devastated.


  1. These things always start slowly, but a united class of a reasonable and intelligent majority that crosses all ethnic lines can be a most effective disinfectant against the religious extremists that have dominated the leadership vacuum in the Muslim World.

    1. Suicide bombers are ONLY for the Jews, Rockets on civilians should only be aimed at the Jews, IED's and beheading are only for the Jews...

    2. Nice wishes deuce but it aint going to happen...

    3. IED’s were killing American troops, not Jews. Those soldiers being lined up and shot were Muslims, not Jews. Those severed heads on pikes were not Jews. Cut through the narcissism and the all about the Jews all the time. The killing of late has been Jews against Muslims and Muslims against Muslims.

    4. Cut through the narcissism?


      Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are not narcissistic projections.

      Thousands of rockets fired at Jews are not imagined.

      Stabbings, IED's, Jews being lined up and executed for being Jews are not fiction, they are current and recent news.

      The killing of late is Muslim in origination.

      The fact that the Hamas SUCKED at being successful doesn't change the fact that they ATTEMPTED it thousands and thousands of times in the last 60 days….

    5. Oh, and Hamas proclaimed, with 73% polling data, that it WON it's war against israel…

    6. These things always start slowly, but a united class of a reasonable and intelligent majority that crosses all ethnic lines can be a most effective disinfectant against the religious extremists that have dominated the leadership vacuum in the Muslim World.

      the 1st step to correcting a problem is understanding how it got this way…

      The "muslim" world…

      They start their history in the year 640 CE.

      That's what the conquering usually do…

      But the natives have not been silenced…

      They are rising.

      The Jew, the Kurd, the Druze…

      We are still here and will not be silenced against the occupying moslems….

  2. I am convinced that Obama appreciates this and is using it in his cautious approach in augmenting the new and renewed alliances in the war campaign against ISIS. Seriously.

  3. I think he learned a hard lesson after having been led down the Neocon path in Libya and almost in Syria. He knows damn well that the US policies in the ME have been a disaster.

  4. He got US out of Iraq, and that was not a disaster.

    1. Bush taking US into Iraq was excusable.
      Bush keeping US in Iraq, foolhardy with disastrous consequences.

    2. US policy towards Egypt, has US right where we need to be.
      The Canal is open. The Russians do no have a base there.

      Libya, there are no terrorist attacks emanating from Libya rocking Europe nor are aircraft falling down over Scotland.

      Syria/ISIS, the problem there was that Obama delegated that policy making to Israel, and Bibi screwed the pooch.
      Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

      “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

      Even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated with al-Qaeda.
      “We understand that they are pretty bad guys,” Oren said in the interview.

    3. Obama allowed the Israeli "Free Rein", it all went shit.

      Now the US has to go and pick up the pieces, clean up after the Zionists have fucked it up.
      Those 2nd generation Semites just couldn't get the job done in a timely fashion.

    4. I thought you said the "zionists" were not real jews or semites..

      Now you admit they are?

  5. As for ISIS: Obama is gambling that, even the Sunnis will get tired of their shit, sooner, rather than later.

    1. What difference does it make ...
      who is in charge of the stray dogs, in Tikrit?

      The oil extraction facilities, those matter. The dams matter.

      But most importantly, what matters is that Iraq does not produce over 3 million barrels of oil, per day.
      Every time it does, a war breaks out.

      You would think those folks would learn to live within their allotted production quotas.

    2. Yeah, but that Haditha Dam could be a problem - a huge problem if the headcutters actually started getting some traction with the Sunnis.

    3. The dams do matter.
      That would be high on my priority list, if I were the King of Iraq, but I am not.

      Neither is Barack Obama.

      The Iraqi will have to come to terms with their internal disputes, then chase the Zionist proxies, ISIS, back to the Levant.
      The US can help them in that enterprise, but the heavy lifting ...

      We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.
      - Lyndon B. Johnson

    4. If the "Sons of Iraq" side with the ISIS forces, then ...

      Iraq will remain fragmented, and Israel will have succeeded in its policy objectives.

    5. Even better would be to "kill'em where they crouch." :)

    6. The members of the Obama Administration that promoted that "Plan" will be vindicated, Joe biden comes to mind.

      The policies that were enacted by GW Bush will be eviscerated.
      The fallout from his policy failures hobbling the US for decades to come.

    7. We know that the best way to deal with the "sons of Iraq" is to whip out the old wallet. If the administration hasn't forgotten that, and if the new government doesn't continue fucking up the process, campaign should go smoothly enough.

    8. The would be the supposition, wouldn't it?

      The US can help, hell, the US can guarantee success.
      If the locals get their act together.

    9. If the government can convince the Sunnis that it's not going to "go Maliki" on them, and if the Sunnis more or less stand aside, it could (will be) an ISIS bloodbath.

      I think, under those conditions, very few headcutters would make it back into Syria. If.

  6. Farmer RobTue Sep 02, 10:19:00 AM EDT
    If the "Sons of Iraq" side with the ISIS forces, then ...

    Iraq will remain fragmented, and Israel will have succeeded in its policy objectives.

    ever the conspiracy minded…. do you see those black helicopters circling above your house Rat?

  7. So far today, the only comments that have made any sense at all are those by WiO.

    The rest of sound like morons.

    1. of you

      Here is a good example -

      Farmer RobTue Sep 02, 09:43:00 AM EDT

      Obama allowed the Israeli "Free Rein", it all went shit.

      Now the US has to go and pick up the pieces, clean up after the Zionists have fucked it up.
      Those 2nd generation Semites just couldn't get the job done in a timely fashion.

  8. The problem with iSIS is simply that Obama took al the troops out way too soon so he could prance around and declare 'victory'.

    If he hadn't done that they'd still be fighting around in Syria.

  9. Here is another great statement by an idiot -

    Rufus IITue Sep 02, 09:59:00 AM EDT

    As for ISIS: Obama is gambling that, even the Sunnis will get tired of their shit, sooner, rather than later.

    1. And one by our host -

      Deuce ☂Tue Sep 02, 09:17:00 AM EDT

      I am convinced that Obama appreciates this and is using it in his cautious approach in augmenting the new and renewed alliances in the war campaign against ISIS. Seriously.

    2. My concern would be if you said something learned, thoughtful, incisive or original. There seems little danger of that happening on this thread.

  10. Here's one by some fool named Farmer Rob whom I suspect is rato by another name -

    Farmer RobTue Sep 02, 09:29:00 AM EDT

    He got US out of Iraq, and that was not a disaster.


    It is precisely the opposite -

    Iraq went immediately to hell when Obama took all the troops out way too soon.

    Now it is a disaster.

  11. The golden lining in all this fiasco is the Kurds........

    Obama may have unknowingly created a State and an ally for his hated Israel......


  12. I'm gonna go watch Fox News....

    1. Where sometimes they have wonderful commentators, and not, like MSNBC or whatever it is, guys like the "Reverend" Al Sharpton......

    2. Has anyone, ever, heard Al cogently discuss any Biblical issue at all?

      Al knows, precisely, zero about anything to do with Biblical studies or theology as a whole.


  13. .

    On the previous stream, Obumble put up a post with a link to a series of maps showing Russian/USSR expansion and contraction over the centuries.

    Idaho BobTue Sep 02, 08:23:00 AM EDT
    Maps Showing the Expansion of Russia

    While most of the maps were colorful, except in the broadest sense, they were irrelevant to the current situation in the Ukraine. However, there was one map (see link below) that had some relevance. It shows the USSR buffer states in Eastern Europe prior to German reunification in 1990.

    The relevance of the map comes from the subsequent NATO expansion into these states after the German reunification and the breakup of the USSR.


    E. Germany


    Check Republic






  14. Idaho Bob wrote:

    "He got US out of Iraq, and that was not a disaster.


    It is precisely the opposite -

    Iraq went immediately to hell when Obama took all the troops out way too soon.

    Now it is a disaster."

    Bob, this a prime example of you shooting your mouth off thinking you know what you are talking about. In fact you are not even close. to having a grasp of the reality of Iraq.

    The current death toll in Iraq now is NO WHERE NEAR WHAT IT WAS WHEN US TROOPS OCCUPIED THE PLACE.

    Over 50 thousand civilians were killed in 2006 and 2007. The current count for 2013 and 2014 sits at about 20 thousand.

    Bob, really, you should look in the mirror and reassess what you think you know because, rarely, do you ever get it right. Use your computer skills as an example - at least on that count you realize that you don't know very much.

  15. 911 is coming up….

    Let's remember….

    Let's remember this solemn video…

    1. Here is a short video on Jerusalem the Palestinians HATE for you to see…

      One of the funniest facts? Moslems, when in prayer, have their asses pointed at the Dome of the Rock… LOL

    2. Lordy, what a puerile argument - Jerusalem is a more a holy site for Jews than Muslims because Muslims point their behinds at the Dome when praying to Mecca, Muslims play soccer at the site, and the Torah mentions Jerusalem a whole bunch of times.

      And now we get the meme that Arabs are occupying Jewish land. Propaganda away...

    3. The "Arabs" sit atop the Jewish Temple Mount. With their "Golden Dome" sitting on the grounds..

      IF you had no Jewish temple, then there would be no arabs occupying it's land..

      Are you dense?

    4. AshTue Sep 02, 04:11:00 PM EDT
      Lordy, what a puerile argument - Jerusalem is a more a holy site for Jews than Muslims because Muslims point their behinds at the Dome when praying to Mecca, Muslims play soccer at the site, and the Torah mentions Jerusalem a whole bunch of times.

      And now we get the meme that Arabs are occupying Jewish land. Propaganda away…

      Ash ADMIT it…

      IT's the TEMPLE MOUNT….

      Go ahead and ADMIT IT…


      Can you admit that???????

    5. And now we get the meme that Arabs are occupying Jewish land. Propaganda away…

      Islam did not COME to Jerusalem until 640 CE….

      Jews were there for 2000 years before that…..

      Can you say "arabs are occupying Jewish lands?"


    6. There is no correlation between 9-11 and the War in Iraq, except for the perfidy of US politicians

  16. "Quran explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment"
    "Palazzi believes that Israel exists by divine right and that the Koran clearly states (Sura 5:21) that God granted the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle there. In addition, it is predicted that before the end of days, God will bring the Children of Israel to retake possession of the Land, gathering them from the different countries and nations (Sura 17:104).
    Oddly enough, Palazzi's reading of the Koran is backed up by, of all sources, Al Qaida."
    - See more at:

    To Moses We did give Nine Clear Signs:
    As the Children of Israel: when he came to them, Pharaoh said to him:
    "O Moses! I consider thee, indeed, to have been worked upon by sorcery! Moses said,
    "Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none,
    But the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence:
    And I consider thee indeed, O Pharaoh, to be one doomed to destruction!"
    So he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth:
    But We did drown him and all who were with him.
    And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel,
    "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)":
    But when the second of the warnings came to pass,
    We gather you together in a mingled crowd. (2314)

    surah 17:101-104 Al Isra' (The Night Journey)

    "2314. Some commentators understand the second warning to be the Day of Judgment, the Promise of the Hereafter."

    Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, p. 703.

    "Quran explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment"

    "Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel was never abolished. Moreover, the Quran explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment when it says in the Surah of the Children of Israel, verse 104:

    And thereafter We [God] said to the Children of Israel: `Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.'

    Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, Israel is the legitimate owner of the land God deeded to her and whose borders were defined by Abraham in Genesis.

    All recent claims according to which the"assignment of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people was withdrawn or abrogated"are bereft of scriptural or traditional evidence. The Quran mentions the territory that God assigned to the Jewish people, but neither it nor the traditional Islamic sources mention a supposed withdrawal.

    Imam al-Qurtubi explains in al-Jami that the last promise concerning the return of the Jewish people"together in a mingled crowd"after the destruction of the Second Temple will be a sign that precedes the coming of the Messiah.

    The Quran only mentions a double period of mischief and a double punishment with exile from the Land. God says:

    We warned the Children of Israel in the Book, that TWICE would they do mischief on the earth and TWICE be elated with mighty arrogance.

    According to this Quranic proof, the contemporary Zionist rebuilding of the State of Israel—the third entry of the Jews to their divinely appointed land—is not mischief but rather a fulfillment of what Imam az-Zamakshari reminds the Jews:"God swore it and wrote in the Divine Tablets of Predestination: that it is yours, belongs to your people and do not turn back from it."

  17. from wiki

    Modern Sunni–Shia relations
    In addition to Iran, Iraq has emerged as a major Shia government when the Twelvers achieved political dominance in 2005 under American occupation. The two communities have often remained separate, mingling regularly only during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. In some countries like Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Bahrain, communities have mingled and intermarried. Some Shia have complained of mistreatment in countries dominated by Sunnis, especially in Saudi Arabia, while some Sunnis have complained of discrimination in the Twelver-dominated states of Iraq and Iran.

    Some tension developed between Sunnis and Shia as a result of clashes over Iranian pilgrims and Saudi police at the hajj.[62]

    According to some reports, as of mid-2013, the Syrian Civil War has become "overtly sectarian" with the "sectarian lines fall most sharply" between Alawites and Sunnis.[63] With the involvement of Lebanese Shia paramilitary group Hezbollah, the fighting in Syria has reignited "long-simmering tensions between Sunnis and Shi’ites" spilling over into Lebanon and Iraq.[64]

  18. Jerusalem, September 1 – Israeli efforts to shake off the yoke of Muslim occupation of Jewish land continued today in the form of an announcement that the government intends to appropriate nearly 1,000 acres of uninhabited territory in the Etzion Bloc of communities south of Jerusalem.

    The move comes after Occupation forces kidnapped and murdered several Israeli teens in July, sparking a series of violent attacks that culminated in the launching of thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians. To drive home the point that the Resistance will not be defeated by such war crimes, the government decided to initiate the largest appropriation of land in Judea and Samaria in decades.

    “Our noble Resistance has shown that the anti-Zionist enemy is only thwarted by measures that demonstrate the futility of his continued attacks,” Minister of Housing Naftali Bennett. “Through farming and development we shall liberate you, Judea and Samaria,” he continued, using a common Resistance slogan.

    The territory in question already contains a small Israeli community, but the move by the government will allow for extensive residential development of the area that will keep it from falling into the hands of forces loyal to the Muslim Occupation. The kidnapping of the three teens was launched from that area, giving the measure added meaning.

    “We welcome this decision,” said Arik Weiss of Alon Shvut, a community in the Etzion Bloc. “It shows that despite the Occupation’s attempt to intimidate us with violence and target our children for brutality and murder, we will liberate the entire land.” He launched into a litany of massacres by Palestinian Arabs of Jews, and noted that despite the attempts at genocide, Jewish presence and control over their ancestral homeland has only grown over the decades.

    Minister Bennett asserted that “the only language the Palestinians understand is force of circumstance,” noting that under existing agreements, the area appropriated is under full Israeli control anyway, and the final disposition of lands is to be determined in negotiations. He accused the Palestinians of trying to create “facts on the ground” by killing Jews, and of repeatedly flouting UN Resolution 242, which calls for secure Israeli borders, and called the Hamas charter, which calls for extermination of all the Jews in the land, an obstacle to peace.

  19. Yes Israel has this twisted Idea of equality that allows arabs to rise to the highest level of society, judges, police, beauty contest winners, member of the knesset, owners of multi-million dollar industries. Yep those jews are sneaky…

    Give the arabs to FREEDOM to succeed and in their success? They find discrimination!.

  20. Israel's 'equality under law' doesn't apply to Palestinians

    Israel's pretention to be a country with a just legal system appears ridiculous in the face of the other justice system that applies to juveniles that are not Palestinian. - Haaretz Editorial

  21. Nicely mis-stated.

    AnonymousTue Sep 02, 04:41:00 PM EDT
    Israel's 'equality under law' doesn't apply to Non-Israelis i.e. Palestinians arrested in the West Bank which, as of this moment is not Israel.

    I love liars… so easy to dismiss….

  22. A column of destroyed Ukrainian military vehicles remain near the village of Novokaterynivka, eastern Ukraine, Sept. 2, 2014.

    Ukrainian troops have over the past week suffered a string of major military losses in their offensive against Russian-backed separatist rebels, losing large swathes of territory and having hundreds of soldiers captured.


    A Pro-Russian rebel prepares arms for the the assault on the positions of Ukrainian army in Donetsk airport, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine. Hours later, Ukraine said a border guard vessel operating in the Azov Sea was attacked by land-based forces.

    NOVOKATERYNIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — The ferocity of the attack on the fleeing Ukrainian troops was clear, days after the ambush by Russian-backed separatist forces.

    More than 30 military vehicles lay in charred piles Tuesday. Villagers said dozens were killed, and some remained unburied. One soldier was blown out of his armored vehicle — apparently by a shell — his body left dangling from power lines high above.

    The rout early Sunday near the village of Novokaterynivka marked a major intensification in the rebel offensive, one that the Ukrainian government, NATO and the United States say has been sustained by Russia's direct military support.

    Moscow has stepped up its harsh rhetoric as well. A leaked report said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said President Vladimir Putin told him that Russia could take over Kiev "in two weeks" if it wished.

  23. To claim that the Israelis at Haaretz are liars ...

    That is where he is at, now.

  24. By denying those Palestinian people on the West Bank and in Gaza Israeli citizenship, Israel has become an Apartheid state.

    Haaretz has it correct

    Israel's 'equality under law' doesn't apply to Palestinians

    Israel's pretention to be a country with a just legal system appears ridiculous in the face of the other justice system that applies to juveniles that are not Palestinian. - Haaretz Editorial

    Read it yourself

  25. .

    From today's WaPo

    Our government dollars at work, A Medical Breakthrough

    The federal government spent millions of dollars in recent years researching why lesbians have a higher obesity rate than heterosexual women and gay men, according to funding records.

    The ongoing National Institutes of Health study, now in its fourth year and scheduled to last another two, has cost about $3 million to date, the Washington Free Beacon reported in a recent article.

    A summary of the research project said that nearly three-quarters of lesbians are overweight or obese. The rate is 25 percent higher than heterosexual females and almost “double the obesity risk of gay men,” the summary said.

    The researchers, led by an epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, have already concluded that lower athletic self-esteem among lesbians may lead to higher rates of obesity and that lesbians are more likely to see themselves at a healthy weight when they are not, according to the Free Beacon report.

    Researchers have also determined that gay and bisexual males had a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men. This supposedly helps explain why gay men are generally more fit than lesbians.

    By now, you’re probably wondering why the government is funding a study that, so far, has largely reinforced stereotypes of gays and lesbians. The project summary says that “racial and socioeconomic disparities are receiving increasing attention” and lesbian obesity is “of high public-health significance.”


    1. .

      From the same article.

      Study Findings: When a female duck says 'No!' she means 'No!'

      Every now and then, budget hawks highlight federally funded research projects that seem to have no clear benefit except to satisfy scientific curiosity.

      Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) last year questioned the usefulness of a government-subsidized study of duck genitals in his annual “Wastebook.” Funding for the $385,000 research project came from the 2009 economic-stimulus bill.

      One key finding from the duck study, titled “Conflict, Social Behavior and Evolution,” revealed that duck vaginas run clockwise in a corkscrew, while the penises run counterclockwise. That difference of anatomy prevents ducks from successfully mating until the females are ready, in which case their vaginas dilate and expand to negate the difference.

      “The females are enormously, amazingly successful at preventing fertilization by forced copulation,” said Richard Prum, one of the Yale University researchers, who explained the study for a Politifact article.


    2. .


  26. electronicintifada is where ISIS does its propaganda.


    'I'M BACK OBAMA' ........................drudge

    The boys are back in bidness.

  28. And......

    REPORT: 11 commercial jetliners missing after Islamist takeover of Tripoli airport... Developing............drudge

    The plan is to start a new commercial airline where all the hostesses wear burkas and all the tickets are one way only.

    Recommended: buy flight life insurance big through Quirk/Rufus Life Assurance LLC

    Do some good for your relatives.....


    Go here for up to the moment anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-western propaganda.

    Recommended for all haters at heart.

    1. Recommended particularly for desert rat.

    2. Though it is obvious he is already on to it, as many of his 'ideas' mimic those published there.


  30. Boy, "O"rdure callin' other Israelis liars, is that kosher?

  31. It's also Haaretz, Bob!
    Now your boy "O"rdure is telling us that Israeli at Haaretz are liars!

    Who is there left to believe, if everyone on every side is lying!

    Woe, I say ... Woe to da ho, Bob ... we gotta woe da ho.

  32. The Senate's 10 Most Vulnerable Senators

  33. The armchair pacifists were dismissing how valuable an asset air superiority can be ...

    When in a close fight, even a small tactical advantage can mushroom.
    This is illustrated in the Ukraine, where the incursion of only 1,000 Russian troops has totally demoralized and scattered the Ukrainian forces representing the government in Kiev.

    Ukraine military routed by rebels who claim they are on the verge of capturing the strategic Donetsk airport

    1. Our self proclaimed 'military expert' and 'professional asshole' is parading his 'expertise' by telling us all something all of us already know.

    2. Department of MonitoringTue Sep 02, 06:12:00 PM EDT

      Please provide a copy of the "Proclamation"

      Date and time stamped, please.

  34. Here you go, in Somalia further application of the "Rat Doctrine".

    U.S. special operations forces targeted the head of the Islamist insurgent group al-Shabaab in southern Somalia,
    using manned aircraft and drones to destroy an encampment and a vehicle.

    Al-Shabaab, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, was declared a terrorist organization by the State Department in 2008. Godane claimed responsibility for the attack last year on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, in which at least 67 people died. The U.S. has offered a $7 million reward for information on his whereabouts.

    Al-Shabaab has suffered losses in Somalia since being forced to withdraw from Mogadishu in August 2011.

    Kenyan forces invaded the neighboring country two months later, after accusing the militants of attacking tourists and aid workers. Kenyan forces now form part of an African Union-led force that has been deployed in Somalia since 2007 to try to help stabilize the country, which has been mired in conflict since the ouster of former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

    Most of the 22,000 troops in the force, known as Amisom, come from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

    Story: Islamic State's Risky Business
    This month, soldiers captured six towns as part of a new offensive with the Somali army against al-Shabaab, according to Amisom’s website.

  35. Context herr rodent context..

    Your words mi-direct and mis-lead.

    It is you that lies…


    The article makes clear they are NOT talking about Israeli arabs or Israeli Palestinians.

    Once again, your true vicious nazi jew hating roots shine thru


    1. Idaho BobTue Sep 02, 07:19:00 PM EDT

      Yes, it was a great illustration. To Israel's detriment, the U.S. and the U.N. make the case that Israeli accuracy is disproportionate and, therefore, a war crime. Other than other Israeli wars, e.g. 2006 Lebanon, no other country in the history of the world has been penalized for being better shots than their enemies. The anti-Semitism of this duplicity reeks to heaven, proving to any thinking person that anti-Zionism is a crude euphemism for anti-Semitism. Netanyahu's complicity makes him a Quisling of the first-order. Because he has plenty of dirty tricks up his sleeve, like Olmert, for retaining his chair, only the ambition of rivals within his party, backed by major public demonstrations, will see him removed sooner than latter. I fear the rat will live to see hundreds of Israelis murdered while he manipulates photo-ops, glad-handing with members of the U.S. Congress. He may prove to be the biggest moocher in Jewish history. I hope I am not giving the impression that I find him a maggot among men.

  37. Israel and the Obama-Qatari Axis

    September 1, 2014 by Joseph Puder 3 Comments


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    US-TurkeyWhen considering the geo-political map of the current Middle East, not everything is negative or alarming, at least from an Israeli point of view. Although the Middle East is more splintered today than ever before, Israel’s political and diplomatic isolation in the region has faded. The Middle East is now composed of three main blocs and Israel is a partner with one major bloc, which also happens to be its immediate neighbors, or the inner circle of moderate-Sunni and hitherto pro-American Arab states: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates. However, what is counter-intuitive is the Obama administration’s choice of partners in the region. It is not the moderate Sunni-Muslim states and Israel that Washington sought out as mediators for a Hamas-Israel cease-fire, but the Muslim Brotherhood bloc of Turkey and Qatar..................

    ..................Qatar, the hub of CENTCOM, and the recipient of top-notch U.S. weaponry, is the same state that enables Hamas’ terror against Israel by providing it with donations to buy its arms from Iran. Therefore, it was a surprise for the Israelis that Secretary of State John Kerry chose to adopt the pro-Hamas track offered by the foreign ministers of Turkey and Qatar. He ignored both the interests of Israel and Egypt who border the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

    Al-Monitor (July 29, 2014) summed up the divergence of interests between Israel, the U.S’s only democratic and most reliable ally in the region and the U.S.–Qatar axis. “The Israeli leadership estimates that the cease-fire initiative (regarding the Hamas-Israeli war in Gaza-JP) of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry responds well to the interests of Qatar, Turkey, Hamas, and its own interests with Qatar – but hardly addresses Israel’s security needs.”

    Qatar supports both ISIS and Hamas.

    1. The flowering love fest of the U.S., Turkey, and Qatar also puts at risk the Kurds, the only force with the elan to do battle with IS without hand holding.

      Since the U.S. is again ignoring the Kurds, Mrs. Merkel has decided to up-arm the Kurds with excellent German assault rifles, mountains of ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and armored vehicles for use by the Kurds. The only flaw I find in the German aid and that of others is the absence of lethal anti-aircraft systems. If Israel could see its way to providing this missing ingredient, potential backstabbers, such as the Turks, would be left to fight the Kurds on the ground in Kurdish territory. If the Turks, Iraqi Shi'as, Assad, and Iran were deprived of true air superiority (uncontested use of air space), the Kurds might get that pro-Western country for which they long. The Turks are especially dangerous. Several days ago, the Turkish military broadcast that it would take ANY avenue necessary to continue their ability to attack the Kurds with impunity. I think the Turkish strategy is clear; hence the need for countermeasures.

  38. Farmer RobTue Sep 02, 05:58:00 PM EDT
    The armchair pacifists were dismissing how valuable an asset air superiority can be ...

    No, they may rightly be dismissive of you, while having the highest regard for the aircraft. As to air power they seem to disagree that it is a on the ground, securing armor, all benefiting to a limited degree by air cover is the time tested order of battle.

    By the way, consider a drone package having the enhanced firepower as the A-10's 30mm gatling gun. Unmanned and economically built, there would be no need for expensive up-armoring. If damaged beyond retrieval or mission responsive, an activated 100 gallon pod of napalm would make quite an impression on impact.

    1. .


      The 'rat doctrine' has been around for what, 70 years or so; yet, the rat suggests it is whiz-bang, @1st Century thinking. No doubt it will be highlighted in his next Jack Hawkins thriller.

      The boy does provide a laugh at times.


    2. Why on earth would you encumber each drone with an 800 lb 'self destruct' charge?

      Obviously you are not qualified to speak to the tactical applicability of drone aircraft, to put 800 pounds of dead weight on every drone, every flight, 'just in case".

      Foolish fraudster

      100 gallon of napalm @ 8 pounds per gallon, that' 800 pounds.
      Now an F16 has about a 10,000 pound payload, weapons and external fuel. The drone should be appreciably smaller, but you've already dedicated such a large part of the combat load, to a 'fail safe' option.

      The current generation of drones carry two Hellfire missiles - weighing in at 110 pounds, a total of 220 pounds.

      allen wants drones to become flying Molotov cocktails ....

    3. Rat is a figment of your imaginationTue Sep 02, 07:43:00 PM EDT

      Watch and learn, Quirk, watch and learn.

      Success is what you make of it.
      Colonel Q is gone, whatever followed, inconsequential.

      The "Rat Doctrine" is afoot, like it or not.

      You can call what you will, but we all know the score.

    4. .

      Yes, rat, we all do know the score.

      Colonel Q is gone, whatever followed, inconsequential.

      Well, perhaps not all of us know the score. You appear to be clueless.

      Whatever followed was inconsequential? That is the same thought process that would suggest 'Saddam is gone, whatever followed was inconsequential' or 'OBL is gone, whatever followed was inconsequential.'

      You are a hoot.


    5. Hoot hoot hoot

      rat is a moron

      But, we all knew that.

    6. The drone I proposed would fill the role of the A-10's close are support, using a 30mm gatling gun. Without pilot, other munitions, and up-armoring, it could easily carry a 75 - 110 container of napalm equivalent. Napalm is also excellent for close air support.

      Were the drone too badly damaged for retrieval it could launch its pod or carry it into the target. Some targets are particularly suitable for napalm.

      Re-read or ask a Jew for an explanation.

    7. By the way, napalm and equivalents weigh less than the water you were using as your standard....20th C physics...


  39. Can't be ready to deploy against Iran ... and not have Qatar on your side.

  40. Matthew Van Dyke, a documentary filmmaker, self-described “revolutionary” and friend of Sotloff's, told ABC News that the two last saw each other in Washington, D.C., just a few weeks before Sotloff's disappearance. Van Dyke has reported from the Middle East, and joined the fighting during the Libyan revolution, and was held as a prisoner of war.

    "We were talking about his upcoming trip to Syria," Van Dyke said. "I feel horrible for what he's going through, I can't really imagine.


    World Affairs, the journal that had most recently employed Sotloff, described him as "an honest and thoughtful journalist who strives to understand the story from local perspectives and report his findings straightforwardly. He is certainly courageous."

  41. The next iteration of aircraft will be Smaller, not larger. Smaller, more stealthy, and Autonomous.

    The soon to be obsolete equipment on an F-16 is the pilot. 1/3, I think it is, weight of an F-16 is devoted to the care, and survival of the tag-along human.

    Small, stealthy drones "spotting/lasing," and larger, but invisible-to-radar, fighter/attack aircraft bombing.

    1. Our problem when we get to Mosul is that we need the F-16's, and FA-18's fitted with many 50 lb. bombs, not, a few 500 or 250 lb. bombs.

      We'll "make do," but many targets will go undestroyed for fear of collateral damage caused by the big boys.

    2. When you saw that Drone landing on the aircraft carrier, Autonomously, you saw the foreshadowing of the end of the "Top Gun."

    3. A drone can refuel, midair, from another stealthy drone.

      Without a human getting in the way, a stealthy drone can fly around an area for weeks (or, longer.)

      With today's advanced optics (and, those to come,) and facial recognition programs, a drone could fly over Syria for a month, just waiting for, say, Al Baghdadi, to show his face.

    4. The Man Who Invented the Predator

      An Israeli...


    5. Drone flying about using facial.recognition software??? Your are quite the dreamer rufus. Maybe someday but not anytime in the near term.

    6. Work is underway to develop small smart bombs. It won't be long now.

  42. As with every agency conducting surveillance on Americans, DHS attempts to use excessive secrecy and overclassification as its immunity trump card. The agency has been caught playing politics with Freedom of Information Act requests and has recently taken to refusing to release information that’s already public.

    Early in this Congressional session, the Senate committee that oversees the Department of Homeland Security will hold a public hearing on how, whether and why the local police look like they’re doing battle in the Iraq war. But will the politicians who have long been the biggest proponents of this perpetual money funnel have the guts to reign in the agency they’re supposed to be overseeing?

    Or will they continue to prop up a sinkhole of bureaucracy masquerading as counterterrorism? We’ve learned a lot from Ferguson; the least we can take away from it is that we don’t need more “good guys” with billions of dollars in guns.

    Fighting Average Americans

    1. .

      Sam, most are painfully aware of the shit that goes on here.

      From what is reported the Australian government is pretty right wing. Do you guys have to avoid low flying drones while you are on the beach or avoid humvees when heading to the market?


  43. From Russia to Syria to Iraq to al Qaeda, President Obama and his aides have underestimated the motives and capabilities of U.S. adversaries.

    With regard to some, the Obama team initially characterized bad actors as U.S. partners, such as in the cases of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    In the 2012 presidential race, Republican Mitt Romney dubbed Moscow the No. 1 geopolitical foe of the U.S. because it protects despots such as Syria’s Mr. Assad and tries to disrupt American foreign policy.

    At the October debate, Mr. Obama ridiculed the assessment: “Governor Romney, I’m glad that you recognize that al Qaeda is a threat, because a few months ago, when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not al Qaeda. You said Russia.


    Iraq troop withdrawal

    In December 2011, as the last American troops were leaving Iraq, Mr. Obama declared: “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people.”

    But the U.S. military had another view. U.S. Central Command wanted to keep 23,000 troops behind as advisers and trainers to cement the victory over al Qaeda and other Islamic insurgents.


    The Islamic State

    After the U.S. exit, it took just weeks for foreign al Qaeda fighters to start pouring back into Iraq to attack the new government. Under Iraqi cleric leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the network of militants expanded in Syria and invaded Iraq as a terrorist army.

    It announced itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — now the Islamic State, and known by the initials ISIS and ISIL.

    Misread Motives

  44. Hey Ash, you have not answered the basic question.

    Is the Dome of the Rock sitting on the Jewish Temple Mount?

    Are the arabs of the middle east "occupying" any Jewish lands?

    1. Land does not have religion.

      Land is neither Jewish nor Muslim.
      It is the people that have designated religious orientations, not the land.

  45. Ash is away, enrolling his son or daughter in some Canadian college.

    He or she will come out robotic, just like dad.

  46. Dems Pin Hopes on Voter Amnesia - John Fund, National Review Online

    Spreading Amnesia: Democrats Pin Hopes on Voters Forgetting Who’s Been In Charge

    By John Fund

    September 2, 2014 11:27 AM




    This Labor Day marked the unofficial end of the summer holiday season, and it was also the beginning of the two-month campaign sprint till the midterm elections.

    Democrats are making it clear that their campaign will be about agitating the liberal base to get out and vote — which to some extent has to involve getting voters to forget they’ve owned the White House for six years. Vice President Biden spoke at a labor rally in Detroit and told union members, “It’s time to take back America” to ensure “you get an equal share.”

    Take back America from whom?

    President Obama cast his net for votes wider at a Laborfest in Milwaukee by declaring: “Hope is what gives young people the strength to march for women’s rights and workers’ rights and civil rights and voting rights and gay rights and immigration rights,” he said. “Cynicism is a bad choice. Hope is a better choice.”

    I know that hope springs eternal, but many voters are fatigued that after six years of Obama they’re still waiting for change in the economy. That’s one reason why neither Biden nor Obama emphasized their economic record yesterday.

    Thirty-four percent of the top third of income earners now report they gave made net gains in income, but wages for the bottom two-thirds of income earners are completely flat or have fallen..............

    Might be a great tactic. Many here, desert rat and swamp rat for instance, cannot recall what they wrote yesterday.

  47. President Obama seems to have a memory problem as well.

    He doesn't seem to be able to recall what he read in his Daily National Security Brief a couple hours after he read it, or had it read to him.

    1. Of course, I suppose it is possible he doesn't read at all.

      Who needs a stinking Daily National Security Brief?

      The One?

    2. He can get all he needs to know from the newspapers......

  48. I am waiting patiently for the 'moderate majority of silent muslims' here in the USA to announce their "Million Man Muslim March On Washington, D.C. In Support Of Nonviolence".

  49. Actually, the inventor of the Predator was born in Iraq.

    He lived in Israel for awhile, as a youngster,

    and, his company is in California.

    Abraham Karem - Iraqi Jew

    1. A Jew by any other name. We read same prayer books and sing the same hymns. He could have been born in China for all that matters.

  50. Karem was raised in Israel, where his father took his wife and four sons—Abe was the third—when the Jewish state was founded after World War II. A precocious child, Abe felt loved and encouraged growing up, even when, as a toddler, he pulled the back off a large standing radio and pulled out the big vacuum tubes, one by one, to “see where is the man who talks from there.” As that memory suggests, Abe fell in love with engineering early in life.

    Read more:

    Israeli Jew

    1. there are no jews allowed in Iraq anymore.. there were ethnically cleansed

    2. either way, a ZIONIST Jew...

      shove it up your ass.

    3. zionist Jew saving Rufus's ass... and America...

      FUCK you...

    4. Little touchy there, "O"rdure.

      He is the US, now.
      Left Zionism for the US.

      All that needs be said.

  51. Last year, the University of California, Santa Barbara Student Advocate General — whose job is to educate students about their rights as members of the campus community — said on the floor of the student senate that, “Israel is harvesting organs in the Sinai peninsula,” which comes dangerously close to an accusations of Jews performing “ritual slaughter,” one of the elements of anti-Semitic discourse that are supposedly “not relevant.”


    It’s vitally important for college leaders to be aware of the distinguishing characteristics of anti-Semitic hate speech. The roots of anti-Semitic discourse, detailed in the Brandeis Center’s fact sheet, are very old.

    But antiquated doesn’t mean out of touch. And American Jewish college students are far too often seeing, hearing, and feeling these old hatreds today.

    Still Relevant

  52. Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without ... › News › World news › Israel
    The Guardian
    Dec 20, 2009 - Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ...

    Israel Agrees to Return Stolen Organs of Dead Palestinians ...
    Nov 15, 2013 - Israel has agreed to return organs of dead Palestinians harvested by its ... The Israeli army admitted to organ harvesting but said the practice ...

    So, when the stories are about Israeli stealing organs, should those stories be ignored ...
    ... because of "Old Hatreds"?

  53. WiO

    I see he is back to the same old worn material.. A comedian must stay current to get the laughs he deserves. Yawning is a sure sign of death.