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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That Shining Beacon on the Hill!

China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the US were the world's top five executioners in 2012, according to Amnesty International.



  1. :):)

    North Korea didn't make the list.

    Your 'figures' are as reliable as those of r2, Ash, my good man.

    The thing about the USA is, our executions follow a pretty fair trial by jury, mostly, endless appeals, and the person has to be a pretty bad ass.

    Be against the death penalty if you want, talk to your Congressmen/women, but do admit a process, fairly well done in most cases, applies here.

    1. If you have better figures, POST THEM!

      If you do not, shut up!

      Bring something other than objections to the table, fool.

    2. Go back to bed, nobody wants you around.

    3. Post your figures on extra-judicial killings.

      got to run

      have good day

    4. The Nork's didn't rise to the top 5 and the Farmer Bob is proud. Another great bedfellow for America to rub shoulders with - North Korea!

      They've all got "processes" bob but it doesn't render killing to not killing.

    5. Proud?

      What I said was I value our judicial procedure.

      I'm somewhat ambivalent on the death penalty. One rule doesn't fit all. Bundy? Yes. The society lady who killed her husband in a fit of rage because she found out? Naw.

      What about the ganger that blows the convenience store clerk away for $25 dollars?

      Different people have different opinions.

      You might well say the ganger was the victim of society or something.

      Society has a right through its legislative processes to make rules on these things, Ash. Different states have different rules. Everything has been challenged in courts time and again. Sometimes the courts over rule the legislature, sometimes not. An issue today is what is 'cruel and unusual punishment'. Another issue is the value of the death penalty in deterring crime. You can probably find many studies on all sides of these issues.

      Some defendants would rather get the death penalty than sit in a cell for 60 years, also.

      It is not a simple subject.

      And there are one hell of a lot of bad asses out there.

      As a side note, I recall pa1 saying the two guys that killed the Marine and his wife by the South Fork of the Clearwater here in Idaho should get the death penalty. He didn't know anything about the case at the time either, just what I posted.

      Which didn't keep demento from condemning them to death.

      They are, I think, still appealing around about it.

  2. The same Christians who preach that Christ atoned for our sins in his blood demand that murderers atone for their sin in their own blood. Go figure.

    1. What does the Christ of your Revelations say?

    2. Jesus is also quoted as saying, or is made to say, that all shall pay the full bill. This is karma.

      Show me where Jesus comes out explicitly against the death penalty. If you can, I believe I can show something indicating just opposite.

      One of those condemned with him said he, at least, was getting his just deserves.

      I am uncertain where this idea that Christians must be against the death penalty always and in all circumstances got its start.

      You don't find it in the "Old Testament", and many Christians accept that as guidance.

      Ted Bundy doesn't deserve to be fed and housed, let Christ die for his soul, but I don't want to pay the upkeep.

  3. Poor Farmer bob, he is challenged and asked to present some factual background for his objections to Amnesty International ...

    His response, is to object to the question, and leave the discussion.

    A remarkable intellect, NOT.
    Not even capable of utilizing Wikipedia.

    Oh, wait, Wikipedia deals in reality, so the is no rationalization for Farmer Bob's objection, there.

    heh, heh, heh

    He lacks intellectual capabilities, as well as lacking imagination, but he sure is humorous!

    1. I did see where he wants other folks to research his objection, for him.

      Lazy ass bastard, ain't he?

  4. Rio Grande Texas: Home of Narcotics Investigator Torched by Golfo Cartel
    RIO GRANDE CITY - Starr County authorities say they will not let cartel intimidation tactics get in the way of enforcing the law.

    Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar said one of his narcotics investigators was the victim of retaliation from the Gulf cartel.

    Escobar said cartel members set his investigator's house on fire. The blaze happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. Tuesday on the 200 block of Shady Grove Drive.

    Sheriff investigators said the house was under construction and there was no electricity service to the structure.

    "We have information that one of our investigators (was) targeted because of ... his work as a narcotics investigator," Escobar said.

    "We strongly believe this was basically the Camargo sector of the Gulf cartel that's responsible for this arson," Escobar said.

    Escobar said they got a tip a few months ago that investigators were confiscating too many drug loads.

    Escobar said the investigator works the area between Roma and Rio Grande City.

    Escobar said his office is taking the lead in the investigation. He asked for assistance from the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  5. Farmer BobWed Feb 12, 12:10:00 PM EST

    North Korea didn't make the list.

    Your 'figures' are as reliable as those of r2, Ash, my good man.

    The thing about the USA is, our executions follow a pretty fair trial by jury, mostly, endless appeals, and the person has to be a pretty bad ass.

    Be against the death penalty if you want, talk to your Congressmen/women, but do admit a process, fairly well done in most cases, applies here.

    AshWed Feb 12, 12:33:00 PM EST
    The Nork's didn't rise to the top 5 and the Farmer Bob is proud. Another great bedfellow for America to rub shoulders with - North Korea!

    They've all got "processes" bob but it doesn't render killing to not killing.


    You are DUMBER than I ever imagined, Ash.

    I used to think you had to be smart to be rich.

    Thanks for disabusing me of that notion.

    Oh, wait, more than a few Nimrods inherited it.

    Was that your situation?

    1. Ash, good man, is, actually, dumber than a stump, but smarter than pa1.

  6. I served on a jury.

    Was gonna say "proudly served on a jury" but that pride did not occur til later, peaking at NOW, until further notice.

  7. But I must have been somewhat proud at the moment to cast my vote "guilty" for that worthless mutherfucker at the time.

    1. Did your guilty verdict send him to death?

    2. See below:

      "No Christian (unlike you, evidently) but I revel when a scumbag murderer fries.

      Always have, always will."

      Even tho you're not a Christian, Ash, you're still a DumbFuck.

  8. Guy ran a tire shop.

    Cops had as evidence a display that moved me almost beyond tears.

    ...A big LONG stack of Budweiser.

    Plus video of some big dumb fuck local coming into the liquor store\restaurant, saying "hi" to the cashier, and hauling off the cache.


    DA said the cashier was the employee from Hell, read her record of priors, etc.
    I believed Her and my Lying Eyes.
    Even when tire shop guy had all his thug friends come in to intimidate us.
    Even when some rich upcountry shithead professed that he "liked" the dumbfuck local.

    (I mocked his ass in front of the other jurors, saying:
    I "liked" the (Chinese) owner of the Restaurant working his Butt off to make a living.)

    Not life and death, not murder, just proof to me that we are head and shoulders above most of the World, and certainly all the Wannabe Tyrants like $Ashley.

    1. I see you answered here - no it wasn't a death sentence. I am happy you are pleased with the legal process in the US.

  9. ...and then there are LA Cops and OJ Jurors.

    Nobody's perfect, our system just damn near is, or was.

  10. Teresita RedingerWed Feb 12, 12:25:00 PM EST

    The same Christians who preach that Christ atoned for our sins in his blood demand that murderers atone for their sin in their own blood. Go figure.

    No Christian (unlike you, evidently) but I revel when a scumbag murderer fries.

    Always have, always will.

    1. That's just how the Iranians feel when they fry an apostate, or the Cartel Los Zetas hangs a body from a bridge.

      But then, Los Zetas actually does fry 'em, in oil.

      To dispose of the body, they 'feel' good about, too.

      For a lot a folks 'feelings', not facts, is what life is all about.

  11. ATLANTIC CITY — New Jersey casino regulators gave final approval today to an investment firm to be the largest owner of Revel Casino Hotel.

    NJ OKs Revel co-owners to operate casino

    1. I'd love to see the Fat Guy Fry.

      ...even tho it would take forever.

  12. "Dad, why are there no Muslims on Star Trek?"

    "Because it's the future son."

  13. I hereby offer up $Ashley to the tender mercies of lil' Kim's "Justice"

    He'll quickly learn about life and death.

    ...but not for long.

  14. The DEA reportedly worked with Sinaloa drug cartel members to take down rival groups

    A new report from Mexico's El Universal sheds light on a network of deals made between US law enforcement agencies and the Sinaloa drug cartel, which in some cases saw active members of the cartel being given immunity in exchange for incriminating details about rival groups. The report, assembled from over a hundred interviews over the past year, breaks out a number of individual cases in which agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement deferred a Sinaloa member's prosecution, hoping to gain a mole with the organization, only to find the suspect return to Sinaloa and only offer information on opposing cartels.

    To the DEA, these operations were in line with standard law enforcement procedure, deferring small-fry prosecutions on the way to a larger case. But for Mexican authorities, this strategy seems like a deal with the devil, providing Sinaloa a new way to eradicate their competition and consolidate power. "This way of operating involves a violation of public international law, adding more fuel to the fire of violence and civil rights violations," law professor Edgardo Buscaglia told El Universal. The cartel is widely considered to be the largest drug trafficking organization in the world.

    Read More ...

    P.S. the agreement with 'El Chapo' Guzman and his narco-terrorists dates back to the GW Bush era.
    The Obama Justice Department is attempting to prosecute, but is also trying to suppress the evidence being presented by the defense. The motion to suppress the evidence is being justified on 'National Security' grounds.

    heh, heh, heh.

    1. I do not dispute the manifest corruption you cite here, and that exists elsewhere, for "US"

      But I'm glad I live here, as a citizen of "US", and not with $Ashley's heroic tyrants.

    2. There's your US justice system at work, doug.

      It is neither "Fair nor Balanced"

      We'll be getting into the story of “Mayan Jaguar” pretty soon.
      That was were the US assisted in transporting cocaine to Europe, through Africa, in Gulfstream jets the US government sold to the drug traffickers.

      Sweet deal, only discovered when the Gulfstream crashed in Mexico, back in 2007. Another GW Bush clandestine operation involving 'Drugs", not as fancy as having the USMC guard opium fields in Afghanistan, but just as 'dirty'.

      The information is coming out, it bits and pieces, but lots of the puzzle pieces are visible, they will be put together soon enough. The Gulfstream II, it had been used for transporting prisoners to Gitmo, before it was transferred to drug running duty.

      That GW Bush, he was a character, to bad it wasn't in a novel, or a blog.

    3. ...and doubt if you will subject yourself, or your family to one of the dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico in your retirement.

    4. See above, order obviously got messed up by the length of your "reply"

  15. Moral Equivalence.

    Dabbled in it in my college daze. (esp the year or two that included SMALL amounts of dope)

    Then I grew up.

    The US is not Iran nor Norkor.

    1. You are correct, it is a Global Hegemony, not a local tyrant.

      The US does not target many individuals, it takes on whole societies and cultures

      Over throws governments, destabilizes economies and often invades those that will not comply with its dictates.

    2. Leaving how many tens of thousand dead in its wake, just in Iraq?

      Using the extensive and detailed database of Iraq Body Count (IBC),
      the researchers analyzed 14,196 events in which 60,481 civilians were violently killed during the first five years of the conflict in Iraq

    3. Those would be refeered to as ...

      . . . figures on extra-judicial killings

  16. .

    Did Jesus approve of the death penalty?

    As far as I know they didn't have DNA labs in the first century.

    I used to be in favor of the death penalty. Then we began to see all these guys that have been on death row for years being released because DNA evidence proved them innocent. Just saw two cases here in Michigan where one guy got a retrial because it was proven that the arresting officer and DA didn't share exculpatory evidence and the other, a rape case within the last month, where the guy had been in prison for 10 years. He was let go when it was shown the woman had lied and the arresting officer had held back evidence. Turns out the woman was a serial accuser and had lied before.

    No doubt a lot of cops feel the same way Doug does

    No Christian (unlike you, evidently) but I revel when a scumbag murderer fries.

    when they arrest some low life and think, hell, if he if he isn't guilty of this crime then he's probably guilty of another. And there are crimes like the one at Fort Hood where everyone is convinced with good cause that the guy is guilty.

    However, as I said, I used to be in favor of the death penalty. Now I'm not. IMO, I would rather see 100 guilty people rot in prison, or for that matter, go free than to have one innocent person executed by the state.



    1. Damn!

      I was gonna say I AGREE with you, then you had to add:

      "or for that matter, go free than to have one innocent person executed by the state."

      You wanna take that back?

      Those MoFo's REGULARLY go on to murder other INNOCENT HUMANS!

    2. Often, shortly after being released.

    3. Rapists and child molesters come to mind.

      "Not" murderers, but I don't much give a fuck what the STATE does with them, as long as they are not released back on us.

    4. ...except for Ash:

      I'd love to see him take it in the Ass.

    5. So, Doug, executing someone by mistake is just collateral damage as the State pursues killers? Not a problem in your view. Interesting. I would suggest that a view like that makes you the dumb ass.

    6. .


      I don't want to change my mind. That doesn't mean that I might not change my mind if I was a family member of a victim. But that still wouldn't justify the state taking the life of an innocent person.


  17. What if medical science extends the normal human life to 150, 200 years, as may be possible?

    Are we to keep feeding Bundy?


    Miss T?

    1. Good point.

      That's Carolla's angle:

      Do you really want to justify the FACT that Charlie Manson has had several children since Susan Tate's life was taken?
      (among others)

    2. My point is these are social decisions, not brought down from On High, or from Mohammed, but worked out through legislation and court cases.

      Quirk has a good point about DNA. That is a consideration too.

    3. The Mullah's Trump that Shit. Ash's "Mind"

    4. One of the most poignant pics that comes to my mind is those two teenage Iranian Gay guys.

      ...waiting to be hanged.

    5. How about the 60,481 civilians were violently killed while the US was administrating Iraq?

      Who checked their DNA to confirm guilt in a capital crime?
      No one.

      But the US was responsible for them, regardless.

      Despite the 'good will' of the legislators that sent US there.
      Despite the 'humanity' of the US troops that let those 60,000 people down.

      Despite all the 'good intentions' that the US had, the body count is still on the US account.

      Those extra-judicial killings the US was responsible for.

    6. And you and I were in on that for a while.

      Your son even risked his life.


      I don't know.

    7. Cost to the system is the determining factor in your moral decision is it Bob? What if (as appears to be the reality) it costs more to execute someone than it does to incarcerate them for life? If you were intellectually consistent you would therefor be against the death penalty. I've never seen you be intellectually consistent though.

    8. Ash, dear, cost is, realistically, a factor. Ask any legislator.

      It's not a big thing in my outlook.

      Whether someone deserves life after taking four five six other lives in the most gruesome way with malice aforethought is a more important question to me.

      If you weren't such a twit you would know the cost of actually executing someone is driven sky high ward in our society by all the appeals and fee you and I pay for through our taxes. Maybe this is right, maybe not, people can disagree.

      My main complaint against your comparing USA with those arab countries and China is we have legal process here, of a rational sort. They do not. I am assuming you haven't taken up the Koran as your legal guide. In China, it's the Party.

    9. They have legal processes (some bad and some really bad) as well but having a process doesn't justify the killing. It is barbaric, an eye for an eye kind of thing, and the US is one of the only Western countries to still have Capital punishment. Even the US system is not perfect as Quirk has pointed out and even Doug has accepted that (OJ verdict).

  18. Disposition of Federal Death Penalty Cases Since Reinstatement of Federal Death Penalty in 1988

    (source: Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project - Updated: April 16, 2013)

    Since 1988, the federal government has taken to trial a total of 190 federal death penalty cases involving 281 defendants in 220 trials.

    These 281 defendants were culled from a larger pool of 492 against whom the Attorney General had authorized the government to seek the death penalty. Excluding 28 defendants who are awaiting or currently on trial on capital charges, 226 of the remaining 464 defendants avoided trial by negotiated plea, when the government dropped its request for the death penalty without a plea agreement, dismissed charges entirely or the judge barred the death penalty.

    Thirteen were found not guilty of the capital charge. Two others were declared innocent by the government. Charges were dismissed against a third when grave questions were raised about his guilt.

    There have been three executions.

    One death row inmate was granted clemency. In cases where juries actually reached the point of choosing between life and death, they imposed 143 (66%) life sentences and 72 (34%) death sentences.

  19. Maybe 'Rat would not get up so high on his moral high horse if he got high less?

    1. No, that would not be the case.

      The case is that the US is the leader in extra-judicial killings, by far.

      It is not a moral issue, it is a factual issue.
      If you wish to make a moral case that justifies 60,000 civilian deaths in Iraq while the US was in charge, after it invaded, defeated and dismissed the security forces of that country, go ahead.

      No one from the Hegemony of Character has made a 'moral case', the facts have been presented, the morality issues are yours and yours alone to deal with, doug.

    2. The case is that the US is the leader in extra-judicial killings, by far.

      That would be on 'Global Basis, in the 21st century'.

      Just counting the bodies in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      Unless your morality clause attempts to provide that the US is not responsible for what the US does, outside the borders of the US.

    3. ""The case is that the US is the leader in extra-judicial killings, by far."

      In an imaginary World where China, India, North Korea, Half of Africa, and etc do not exist, yes.

      Such is not the case, however.

    4. The toll of USA sponsored extra judicial killings in Central America is?

    5. I do not hold your sainted Mexico morally innocent, btw, whatever OUR part in their problems is.

    6. Then there's the Philippines, another Catholic country, where the moderns have their fellows spike them to a cross and hoist them up. T can spout some shit from the bible.

  20. Sure reminds me of the sixties.

  21. See:

    DougWed Feb 12, 03:57:00 PM EST

  22. Whole topic is now putting me to sleep.

    Nap time.

  23. To deny the reality of US culpability in those extra-judicial killings, Doug, is immoral.

    Farmer Bob brough it up, but I notice he has run away from that issue, once it was researched, as his lazy ass requested.

    That is truly humorous, the Farmer may lack intellectual capacity, he may lack technical ability, but he is one funny turd.
    That's fer sure.

    Har de har har!

    1. US meaning you, I, and most of the rest, right?

      What would you plead, if on trial?

      How would you advise your son?

    2. On trial for what, where and by whom, doug?

      The US left Iraq when US troops were going to be held responsible for their actions, by the Iraqi.

      That would lend credence to the idea that without immunity for its soldiers for 'extra-judicial' killings the US would no longer participate in governing the country.

    3. Under what 'Standard of Evidence' and under what system of jurisprudence?

      For actions as an individual or as a member of the Armed Forces?

      To many 'unknowns' in your hypothetical question, to provide an adequate answer.

    4. That's the real deal, when charges of 'criminality' are thrown about.

      One fella's criminal activity is another fella's home in a new and approved 'settlement'.

      Depends upon whose law is being applied.
      Where, when and by whom.

      Things that once were legal, become criminal.
      And activities that once were criminal become legal.

      'Criminal', it is an amorphous standard, that the weak minded like to throw about.
      As is 'Legal' or 'extra-judicial'.

    5. Too much Bullshit in your BS.

      Have another joint.

    6. Did your habit begin in that Ritzy Private School Daddy sent you to?

    7. ...even if the dope didn't, the BS and sense of entitlement surely did.

    8. When Rat kills it's "legal"

      Remember Rat told us, since he was never CONVICTED in a Court in America, those deadly things he did to those men, women and babies was legal.

      So I guess, the blog's resident MERC should know about these things...

    9. This is, of course, what I was alluding to.


  24. Doug: T can spout some shit from the bible.

    We're through. You can sit in the cooler with Allen and WiO.

    1. :-)

      Even if I strap on a cross?

      (I'll not cross the spike barrier until pressed further.)

    2. Here you had me convinced that forgiveness was the real deal, Miss T.



      Talk about turnin' the other cheek.


    3. Think if she had a member.

    4. ...even if it just strapped on.

  25. Ash has succeeded in reducing the level of discourse down to to the r2 range.

    Which those of us who can still think know is to distract the crowd from His Leader's Growing Malfeasance.

    1. Stalinist Lawlessness: Companies Must Swear to IRS They Didn't Fire Employees Because of Obamacare.

      Thought Police- Firms must swear ObamaCare not a factor in firings

    2. We know who the IRS is coming to visit, don't we, WIO?

      Good luck.

      For what good that'll do ya.

    3. This would be the first time any business or individual ever took tax law into account in to how they managed their affairs, of course.

      Everything he says is illegal is.

      Fine by r2 and Rat.

    4. Is the latest delay of ObamaCare regulations politically motivated? Consider what administration officials announcing the new exemption for medium-sized employers had to say about firms that might fire workers to get under the threshold and avoid hugely expensive new requirements of the law. Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees.

      How will the feds know what employers were thinking when hiring and firing? Simple. Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs. You can duck the law, but only if you promise not to say so.

      [“That's the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want.” – President Obama joking about getting a restricted-access tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.]

      War of words - With millions of insurance cancellations and workers dumped from employer-based policies due to ObamaCare, a relatively narrow exemption for medium-sized employers might sound like a trifling thing.

      But to Obama Democrats desperate to hold the Senate in the face of simmering anger over the botched rollout and false promises of the law, any little bit helps. And having the IRS serve as the talking-point enforcer for businesses tempted to speak out about firings under the law will sure help message discipline. Remember, the administration wants to focus on Americans being “transitioned” to ObamaCare not dumped from existing policies, and “freed” from having to work in order to get insurance rather than quitting their jobs in order to get free coverage.

    5. You go, Doug !


      I had my first encounter with a linear accelerator today.

      Here's what I stared down -

      Only 35 treatments left to go.

      That mo fucker had an evil whine, an alignment eye, a blinking red and green light, a hair trigger, and I'm buying a Geiger Counter.


    6. I looked it straight in its shiny eye, and said, "Fuck Death".

      "You got no sting."


    7. (actually it's on my side, though it certainly didn't look like it at first sight)

    8. r2's Fiscal Hero:


      Debt Up $2.7T in 2.5 Yrs Under Deals...

      Senate Approves in Dramatic Vote...

      Cruz Warns: 'Come November, the People Remember'...

    9. I won't claim the GOP are heros if you stop lying about yours, r2.

    10. What are they aiming at Bob?

      (you who claimed you were taking a nap)

    11. I got the biggest attitude adjustment now or ever in my life about the C word. know the rest.

    12. Gold implants in my prostate, Doug. Was earlier this morning.

      At first I couldn't decide whether I was up against an old dial up hand phone, or the faucet to the kitchen sink.

      Finally decided it must be one of q13's new torture devices.

      Didn't hurt a bit though.

      So it was just another of q13's frauds, I think.

    13. PureprostatesRUs.......$4,500 per 7 minute treatment.

    14. I'd damn sure take that over surgery if they think it'll work.

      Pinksky says the LONG TERM consequences of radiation are worse, but I don't think you and I give much weight to that.

    15. They have to keep shootin up the Gold?

      I never learned the intricacies.

      Just put some damn Cobalt 90 in there and be done with it!

    16. I had the option of do nothing, surgery, or this.

      The risks between surgery and this were almost exactly even.

      Surgery implants about 80 radioactive pellets in the prostate.

      Both carry a minor risk of bladder cancer.

      Could have had it removed, but that had a lot of downsides.

      Medicare and my private supplemental pays for this. My own insurance paid for my hip.

      Now is where r2 comes in and says I'm sucking off the system, even though I've paid into the system all my life.

      If I were in my fifties, a bum, and had no insurance, the taxpayers locally would be footing the bill.

      Don't know how much it costs. I will ask. The procedure is really very simple, once the preliminary setup is done. The gold implants act as a target.

      The machine fires radiation in from front and back, and from both sides. Thus the prostate gets a full blast, while one's tissues get much less.

      5 days a week, 6 - 8 weeks.

    17. Cartel Bob, is still using drug dealer codes when he writes.

      Those 'Blood Avocados', they've gotten to his brain

    18. pa1 makes another utterly stupid comment, on the order of my supporting terrorism for saying avocados are healthy.

      You need help, get it.

      You are sick.

      Nobody wants you here.

      Even Ash, Ash !!, once said something to the point that you've slipped your conveyer belt.

      Go way, shoo.....

      Get help.

  26. ,

    Deflationary Pressure Coming from China

    China's Xi Jinping has cast the die. After weighing up the unappetising choice before him for a year, he has picked the lesser of two poisons.

    The balance of evidence is that most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong aims to prick China's $24 trillion credit bubble early in his 10-year term, rather than putting off the day of reckoning for yet another cycle.

    This may be well-advised for China, but the rest of the world seems remarkably nonchalant over the implications. Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and the commodity bloc are already in the cross-hairs...


    Societe Generale has defined its hard landing as a fall in Chinese growth to a trough of 2pc, with two quarters of contraction. This would cause a 30pc slide in Chinese equities, a 50pc crash in copper prices, and a drop in Brent crude to $75. "Investors are still underestimating the risk. Chinese credit and, to a lesser extent, equity markets would be very vulnerable," said the bank.

    Such an outcome -- not their base case -- would send a deflationary impulse through the global system. This would come on top of the delayed fall-out from China's $5 trillion investment in plant and fixed capital last year, matching the US and Europe together, and far too much for the world economy to absorb.

    The effects of this on large parts of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and core Eurasia would hit before offsetting benefits accrued to consumers in the West. Such commodity shocks are "asymmetric" at first. Southern Europe would fall over the edge into deflation, pushing Italy, Portugal, and Spain deeper into a debt compound trap.


    (article is rather lengthy and has a lot of parts)


    1. As we have discussed last September and October when

      A Supply Side Nightmare Scenario

      Based upon “The Age of Oversupply: Overcoming the Greatest Challenge to the Global Economy”
      by Daniel Alpert. first was issued.

      Those folks still living in the 20th century, the ones that do not realize that ERA is OVER, they think the little deficit run by the Federal government of the US will end up in a case of 'hyper-inflation' of the global economy, those folks are fools.

      There may be good reason for the US government to control its spending, but inflationary pressures on the global economy, ain't one of 'em.

      There is a glut of labor and capital all across the globe.
      The US won the 'Cold War', it beat Communism to a pulp, and the people in the US are worse for it.

      Unintended consequence or part of the "Plan"?

  27. .

    The argument has been there for decades. The NSA has pumped new life into it.

    The EU hopes to dilute America's influence over the way the internet is run following a series of damaging scandals involving mass surveillance of users around the world by the NSA.

    Today the European Commission – the executive body of the European Union – will propose "concrete and actionable steps" to hand control over vital decisions to panels made up of non-governmental organisations, countries, academics and private companies, reports the Wall Street Journal, claiming to have seen a draft policy paper.

    It calls for such an international group to replace the California-based non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the introduction of new top-level domains such as .com, and .org.

    The document says: "The Internet should remain a single, open, free, unfragmented network of networks, subject to the same laws and norms that apply in other areas of our day-to-day lives. Its governance should be based on an inclusive, transparent and accountable multi-stakeholder model."

    Did Obama Destroy the Internet?


    1. .

      From the same Telegraph article

      Yesterday more than 6,000 websites staged a protest against mass surveillance and called on the public to sign a petition demanding that any NSA intrusion is lawful and proportional to potential threats. It also demanded public oversight of the intelligence service.

      The protest, which was called The Day We Fight Back, was backed by websites such as Reddit, Tumblr and BoingBoing and campaign groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Greenpeace and the American Civil Liberties Union.

      The protest website says: “Together we will push back against powers that seek to observe, collect, and analyse our every digital action. Together, we will make it clear that such behaviour is not compatible with democratic governance. Together, if we persist, we will win this fight.”

      US visitors to those websites taking part saw a banner allowing them to directly contact their member of Congress and call for an end to mass surveillance, while those from other countries had the chance to sign a petition.


    2. Why would the loss of control by ICANN or the US be conflated with the "Destruction" of the internet, by Obama or by anyone else, for that matter?

      Where are the two issues even related?

      Is it your position that the internet will collapse without the management of ICANN?
      That no one else in entire world is qualified to manage it, but the ICANN?

    3. Washington (CNN) -- Rand Paul v. Barack H. Obama.

      That's the name of a lawsuit the Kentucky senator announced Wednesday against President Barack Obama and national security officials over government surveillance.

      "We don't do this out of disrespect to anyone we do this out of respect to the Constitution," Paul said at a news conference.

      Paul's class-action suit, filed in federal court in Washington, was spurred by Edward Snowden's public disclosure last year that the NSA had gathered information on nearly every telephone call made in the United States since 2006.

  28. Come to think of it there was another option for the prostate problem......freezing. This involved injecting super cold Nitrogen or something up in there and freezing the prostate and cancer cells. This was the one treatment that wasn't recommended - didn't have a good history of working very well.

    So, I could still choose my doctors, my place of treatment, and the treatment itself. Not into ObamaCare or ObamaCare death panels yet.

  29. Now Sid Caesar died, age 91. These things always happen in threes.

  30. .

    Urban Ninjas climb China's tallest building.


  31. "I am so old that I remember when most of the people who were promoting race hatred were white." -- Thomas Sowell

  32. Bob: Here you had me convinced that forgiveness was the real deal, Miss T.

    Forgiveness is one thing. It's worse when a friend turns on you for no reason. The trust can never be regained again.

    1. I'll never turn on you for no reason, Miss T.

      An exegesis is after all just an exegesis.

    2. A faulty exegesis is after all just a faulty exegesis.


  33. DougWed Feb 12, 06:35:00 PM EST
    We know who the IRS is coming to visit, don't we, WIO?

    Good luck.

    For what good that'll do ya.

    Doug, had a comprehensive audit in 2012 for 2011....

    They went thru everything.. And I do mean everything...

    But as it would be, they came up with NOTHING, nada, zip, not one CENT disputed.

    3 weeks they camped out at my accountants office (of which I had to pay for), additional reports, every receipt, computer files, records, statements, even an on site inspection.

    And that was just the half of it....

    But in the end, I was completely found PERFECT. The IRS could not, did not find or in the end dispute any of my records.

    They asked dozens of questions.. All asked and answered.

    100% Kosher.... Fuck the IRS....

    1. Second that.

      Posted anonymously for fear of reprisals.

    2. May the IRS find that you deduct your pet sheep as an entertainment expense.

  34. The deficit is still falling, and it looks to me like it will come in about 36% lower than last year, or about $400 B.

    That would be about 2.5% of GDP - basically, the long-term average.

    Current Issue

  35. AshWed Feb 12, 05:34:00 PM EST
    They have legal processes (some bad and some really bad) as well but having a process doesn't justify the killing. It is barbaric, an eye for an eye kind of thing,

    You really don't have a clue about what you speak do you?

    1. Nope, he does not, never has, and never will have a clue about what he speaks.

      But he's willing to help the helpless, once in a while......

  36. QuirkWed Feb 12, 04:38:00 PM EST


    I don't want to change my mind. That doesn't mean that I might not change my mind if I was a family member of a victim. But that still wouldn't justify the state taking the life of an innocent person."


    You misunderstood... (even the great are fallible)

    This is what I quoted you as saying:

    "I was gonna say I AGREE with you, then you had to add:

    "or for that matter, go free than to have one innocent person executed by the state.""

    GO FREE is what I was protesting, not Death, which is irreversible, but I'm still hoping.

    1. I continued,

      Those MoFo's REGULARLY go on to murder other INNOCENT HUMANS!


      DougWed Feb 12, 03:13:00 PM EST
      Often, shortly after being released.


      DougWed Feb 12, 03:15:00 PM EST
      Rapists and child molesters come to mind.

      "Not" murderers, but I don't much give a fuck what the STATE does with them, as long as they are not released back on us.

  37. - The debt of the U.S. government has increased by $2.678 trillion in the 2.5 years since House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) completed his first deal to put legislation increasing the debt limit through a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

    On Aug. 2, 2011, President Barack Obama signed legislation, approved by the Boehner-led House, permitting the Treasury to increase the debt by $900 billion. Since then, the debt limit has been repeatedly suspended by legislation that needed to pass through the Republican-controlled House.

    Yesterday, the House once again passed legislation to suspend the debt limit—this time through March 15, 2015, which is after November’s mid-term congressional elections.

    This time, the House voted 221 to 201 (with 10 members not voting) to suspend the debt limit. The majority consisted of House Democrats plus 28 House Republicans--including Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R.-Va.).

    House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.) voted against suspending the debt limit.

    A bill cannot come to the House floor for a vote unless the majority leadership allows it.

    On Aug. 2, 2011, when the first debt increase allowed by the Boehner-led House was enacted, the total debt of the federal government was $14,580,704,743,080.97, according to the U.S. Treasury. As of Feb. 10, 2014, the total debt was $17,258,793,918,103.22.

    That is an increase of $2,678,089,175,022.25 in the national debt in the two years and six months—or 2.5 years—that the nation has lived under debt limits moved through a Republican-controlled House of Representatives led by Speaker Boehner.

    So far, under Speaker Boehner’s debt-limit deals, the national debt has been increasing at a rate of $1,071,235,670,008.90 per year.

    That works out to an average of approximately $9,315 in new federal debt per year for each of the approximately 115,006,000 households the Census Bureau estimates there are in the country.

    The business and economic reporting of is funded in part with a gift made in memory of Dr. Keith C. Wold.
    - See more at:

    1. The GOP will not cut even the rate of growth in Federal spending on Social Security, Defense or much of anything else.
      It will not raise taxes.
      It will not close off shore tax havens

      It has to borrow more money, or shut the government down.
      If they were willing to shut the government down, for an extended period, they'd be better off freezing Federal expenditures at ... pick a year ... levels.

      2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

      But they will not do that, either.

      They flap their gums and then approve the spending increases.

      Dancers in a Kabuki theater, with no results that would satisfy their base.

      But that would mean that Cartel Bob would not qualify for what he thinks is his 'fair share' of Medicare, it'd become 'Means Tested', as would Social Security payments.

      The GOP can't have that, either.

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