“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov accused the European Union of “throwing fuel on the fire” by letting its own arms embargo on Syria’s rebels expire. Furthermore, Russia reserves the right to provide Syria with state-of-the art air defense missiles, seeing it as a key deterrent against foreign intervention in the country, a top Russian official said Tuesday.


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  2. I have a simple question.

    You live is South Boston. You discover a family, of foreign origin, knowingly bought three pressure cookers to supply to some other locals to be used to to be made into a bomb.

    Some members of your family are maimed and killed as a result of their action. Would you retaliate? If justice was never served, would you seek revenge?

    Take that thinking to a global scale.

    What the hell do we expect is going to happen in the future after all this intervention, meddling and war support in countries where we have no business?

    1. The catch phrase, Deuce...

      ... in countries where we have no business?

      Is key.

      1852, the US had no business in Japan.
      The US Navy went to see the Japanese.
      By 1855, we had that market cornered.

      There are no McDonalds in Qum, that has to change.

    2. Things went a tad slower, in the 1800's, but the game remains the same.

    3. The business of the US, is expansion.
      Especially economic expansion.

      When the US lost the protection o the Royal Navy, the US had to withdraw or provide its' own protection for its commercial enterprises, which comprise, then and now, US national interests.

      And the US did that, with the aid of other Mohammedan despots, notably in Egypt.

      Those Barbary pirates no more represented Islam than Bibi represents Judaism, today.

      Which is not at all.

  3. These are the times that try men's souls.

    1. The summertime soldier
      The sunshine patriot
      They will not long endure.

      with apologies to ...
      T Paine, the Pamphleteer of Liberty

    2. Rat are you implying you have a soul?

      That's so Jewish/Christian of you...

      But that's not possible.

    3. The soul, quot, is not the sole providence of Judea-Christianity.

      We have the Pagan Soul ...
      The pagan Finnish belief about the soul of a human was different from that of most other cultures across the world, in that they believed the human soul to be composed of different parts, each of which were autonomous spirit beings in their own right.

      The "personality" of a person was one of the beings that composed the human soul. It was the closest thing to the "soul" of Christianity. Sometimes this being was called "itse" (today "itse" has a different meaning as the noun for "self" in the Finnish language). However, more often itse was believed to be a shadow-soul, parallel to one's self, but a different being. This means that usually "me" and "self" were understood as different beings. Itse could be seen as an etiäinen, a Finnish doppelgänger.

      It was believed that the soul could leave the human body whilst it was still alive. Epileptic fits, unconsciousness, and paralysis were understood as cases where the soul left its human host. The soul could come back and the person would be healed, but it could also leave permanently, leaving the individual in a serious condition. If the soul was lost, a shaman could try to locate the soul in the spirit world and bring it back. Perhaps it was believed that the soul could also leave the body for a purpose, such as if the shaman needed to travel the spirit world.

      Then, the pre-Buddhist Soul, in India

      The primitive psychology, in India as elsewhere, was 'animistic.'

      There is a principle of life and heat, which moves the body, feels and wills. This principle, although it is often identified with the breath (prāṇa), is not a spiritual entity. Rather is it a semi-material soul, or an impalpable body—a 'subtle body' (sūkṣma śarīra) as the Indians say—a double which, during life, may abandon the gross body, its fleshly abode, when for instance it travels far away in dreams; and which, at death, finally flies away by an aperture

      The Hindu Soul
      n order to understand the Hindu worldview it is essential to grasp this first and foundational concept. Atman refers to the non-material self, which never changes. It is distinct from both the mind and the external body. This real self is beyond the temporary designations we normally ascribe to ourselves, in terms of race, gender, species and nationality.

      Ideas of reincarnation are natural extensions of this preliminary concept. Consciousness, wherever it is found, is considered a symptom of the soul, and without it the body has no awareness. This life-giving soul is considered spirit (brahman), differentiating it from inert matter. Belief in the soul is not just theoretical or the property of theologians, but is a worldview expressed by Hindus in all walks of life.

      Your ignorance of others, quot, is Legend.

    4. And for you, boobie, the Norse or shall we say Swedis Soul, that predate Judea-Christianity.

      The soul

      There are at least two currently known interpretations of soul from accounts of ancient Norse belief. The last breath a person took was understood to be an evaporation of the life principle into a source of life that was primeval and common, and which was in the world of the gods, nature and the universe. There was also a "free soul" or "dream soul" that could only leave the body during moments of unconsciousness, ecstasy, trance and sleep. The conscious soul which comprised emotions and will was located in the body and it could only be released when the body was destroyed through decay or immolation. When the body had been broken down, the conscious soul could start its journey to the realm of the dead, possibly by using the free soul as an intermediary.

      Your ignorance is Legend, too.


      wow General Bunk cant even give a hat tip to where he got the quote, and I remember how he bashed & slandered others for that very thing.

  4. Russia says it will help Syria deter "hot heads"

    CBS News

    MOSCOW - Russia reserves the right to provide Syria with state-of-the art air defense missiles, seeing it as a key deterrent against foreign intervention in the country, a top Russian official said Tuesday.

  5. MOSCOW, May 28 (RIA Novosti) - Russia’s delivery of S-300 air defense systems to Syria is a restraining factor against possible foreign interference in the Syrian conflict, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Tuesday.

    “We believe such steps are to a great extent restraining some ‘hot heads’ from considering scenarios in which the conflict may assume an international scale with the participation of outside forces,” Ryabkov said.

    He refused to say whether the Russian-made air defense systems had been already delivered to Syria.

    “I can neither confirm, nor deny in what stage these deliveries are at,” Ryabkov said. “We understand all the concerns and signals sent to us from various states. We see that this issue worries many of our partners. We have no reasons to reconsider our position in this sphere.”

    1. Yes, a Game Changer, but not for the USA.

      Ryabkov reiterated that Russia is merely honoring previously-concluded agreements with Damascus by supplying S-300 systems to Syria. He said the systems are solely for defense purposes against airborne threats and cannot be used by the government forces against civilians.

      Russia insists that the deliveries are legal under international law and that it is not supplying Syria, the largest importer of Russian arms in the Middle East, with offensive weapons.

      S-300 is widely acknowledged by defense analysts as one of the world's most advanced air defense systems. An S-300 battery would
      "provide coverage of much of northern and central Israel if deployed in the south west of Syria for targets other than those at low altitude," Douglas Barrie, an air warfare analyst with the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies, told RIA Novosti earlier this month.

      Could be some tit for tat, strike for strike.
      A 'No Fly Zone' over Northern and Central Palestine.

    2. The Russians may be wanting some real whirled testing on the S-300 system.

      Using proxies to test their technology.
      Yep, I've heard that is a 'Standard Practice' in the region.
      The Middle East, used as a test bed or weapons systems, before large scale deployments or foreign sales.

      Little doubt that the Russians are thinking that if the Syrians could down an F-16, then the orders from across the globe will pour in. A lot of polities in the whirled would like a 'good' air defense system, for self defense, or even preemptive defense against a gathering storm.

    3. Not to worry Israel will improve American supplied weapons and show the Russians arms to be inferior.

      Israel helps America be the world's largest arms supplier by showing how GREAT arms made in the USA are (once Israel tweaks it of course)

      That is the State of Israel incase you did not know that Rat. Created in 1948 with full status as the "State of Israel"

      Now we ALL know how hard it is for you to recognize the Jewish State. You and Iran are about all that's left in the entire world that still cant come to terms with it...

    4. .

      Why improve American weapons?

      Get yourself some dies, presses, and jigs and design and manufacture your own.


    5. .

      Israel helps America be the world's largest arms supplier by showing how GREAT arms made in the USA are (once Israel tweaks it of course)

      I've found that those who must toot their own horn usually are suffering from a serious insecurity problem sometimes bordering on the inferiority complex.



    6. To call the Israeli portion of Palestine a modern City State is accurate.
      It is the size, both geograpicly and by population, the size of a modern metropolitan area.

      A city.
      Israel is a polity, a state, sovereign over a portion of Palestine, as recognized by Mr Truman.
      A portion of Palestine the size of a city.

      Which does qualify the state of Israel as a city-state.

    7. quot admits, readily to being a scourge on the US body politic.

      The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”
      Theodore Roosevelt.

  6. Could be, and it may be, too. There is little doubt of that.

    1. These are times that try men's souls. It is no time for summer soldiers.

      It is, though, time to go back to bed.

    2. Glad to see you are on board, boobie.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The Welfare Sovereign, sleeping the day away.

  7. German rail testing drones to fight vandalism

    BERLIN (AP) - Germany's national railway operator will soon be flying small drones over its tracks, bridges and stations to keep a watchful eye out for vandals spraying graffiti.

  8. You have to have lived in Germany for a few years to really appreciate and understand that post on Germany. Priceless.

  9. .

    Hopefully, the counterbalancing threats will bring some restraint, although I'm doubtful.

    Outside players have already turned a civil war into a regional conflict and now it's threatening to go international. Despite this, after two years of warmongering, Britain and France have too much invested in this war to let it lay as evidenced by their push to arm the rebels with sophisticated weapons and their deceit regarding chemical weapons. Assad seems to be gaining ground and they have to save face despite what it costs in lives, especially if the lives aren't their own, mere bug splats. When reputations are at stake, possible unintended consequences or collateral damage, especially when the damage is 'over there' mean little.

    I pointed out yesterday that it is evident from Hague's comments that saving lives is secondary to their plans for building up the rebels. They have staked their reputations on Assad being overthrown, similar to Ghadafi in Libya, and a few more lives isn't going to slow them down.

    I haven't heard anything written about some of the other big players over there, China, India. It would be good to see how this is shaking out and how the chess pieces are positioned.


    1. It's always been a international conflict.


    2. .


      It's merely been a bunch of dicks in the ME duking it out amongst themselves.

      Now elitists in the west insist on joining in.


    3. What were the Mideast dicks doing in Spain, France, Austria, India, Iran, even China, etc etc?

      We are in a culture war. 1400 years long, so far.

      See the video posted by Gnossos, last thread.

    4. They are coming to get you in Detroit
      Quirk, Quirk
      They are coming to get you in Detroit
      Be on your guard for
      Be on your guard for
      Oh be on your guard for
      Pedestrian violence

    5. .


      Once the stream gets to 200 posts, I can't see anymore.


    6. .

      I'll take my chances.

      You watch out for the wolves. They are coming to get you, you pansy.



    8. .

      Don't bother. I am not interested in ancient history today.


    9. Studiously ignorant, and meaning to stay that way, as always.

      Besides, it would shake your world view.

      Well I gotta go to work.

      While you slugs duke it out sitting on your fat arses.....

      Have a Pagan with Christian twist, Quirk, a new drink invented by General Bunk.

      That video would make a great intro to a thread..........hint,hint

    10. .

      Well, since you had put up the post already by the time I put up mine I looked at it. Couldn't find the video you were talking about but I did see a video of a women praying while on the toilet once more confirming the quality of sources you, and evidently Gnossos, seem to take seriously.


    11. .

      As for "hint, hint", I would suggest Deuce put the woman on the toilet video up as a thread if it wasn't so puerile, and worse, entirely lacking in humor.

      Here is one of my favorite videos,

      Slut Spill


    12. .

      "Studiously ignorant..."

      An interesting phrase. Just today on Comcast they put up a list of the 10 easiest college degrees. The English major was right there with 'Women's Studies', 'Education', and 'Liberal Studies'.

      Naturally, I will take your suggestions for what they are worth.


    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. Where was >>>The Andy Carnegie One Year All Applications Accepted Internet Classes Too Fast Talking SuperSalesman Studies<<< degree on the list?

      Oh, it wasn't even on the list?

    15. >>>As for "hint, hint", I would suggest Deuce put the woman on the toilet video up as a thread if it wasn't so puerile, and worse, entirely lacking in humor.

      Here is one of my favorite videos,

      Slut Spill<<<

      Your choice here is so you, entirely adult and packed with understated humor.

      You have had three or six or ten of those new 'Pagans with a Christian twist' cocktails already this early mid day, and are dreaming of fucking sluts?

      Why, Quirk! - Showing your personality again.

    16. Though even a staid old Swede might find it funny, and Rufus definitely would.

    17. .

      You have had three or six or ten of those new 'Pagans with a Christian twist' cocktails already this early mid day, and are dreaming of fucking sluts?

      Nonsense, the video itself is a classic. The theme is unique, the satire cutting edge, the production values first rate, all while allowing one to observe the human condition with a little humor added in.

      Event the title makes me chuckle.

      Slut spill. Chuckle. Couldn't help it.


    18. .

      Oh, it wasn't even on the list?

      Of course, it wasn't on the list. The list was of the 10 easiest degrees to get.

      How could there be anything easier to get than 'English Lit' or 'Women's Studies'?


  10. I'd rather live in France than Germany, that for damned sure.

    I remember the difference between the passport checkers on the trains.

    Give a German a little power, all of a sudden he thinks he's the Fuehrer, The Supreme Leader.

    1. I have just looked through all the poems I can find by Heinrich Heine. There is one where he describes the difference he felt when crossing the border from France into Germany. But can't find it.

      Dang, it was good.


      Order! Order!


  11. Israel to join defense pact with Saudi Arabia?

    Sunday, May 05, 2013 | Israel Today Staff

    Related Stories

    Massive naval buildup in Persian Gulf as Israel moves closer to war
    Iran: We must 'annihilate the Zionist regime'
    Iran is building a big nuclear bomb, confirm inspectors

    There might be something of a silver lining to Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, as a British newspaper reports that Israel could soon join a defensive alliance with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

    Savvy readers will recognize the last two nations in that list as not currently having diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. The forging of such a pact could drastically alter Israel's position among its Arab neighbors.

    The deal is being brokered by the Obama Administration, according to an Israeli official cited by London's Sunday Times, and would provide Israel with access to radar stations across the region in exchange for Israeli anti-missile technology.

    The Sunni Muslim states are openly opposed to Shiite Iran attaining nuclear weapons and shifting the balance of power in the region.

    While the scheme might have positive diplomatic repercussions for Israel vis-a-vis the Arab states, it could also signal that Washington is resigning itself to Iran going nuclear, and is instead looking to a policy of containment.

    Israel has repeatedly stated that an atomic weapon in the hands of Iran's mullahs is an unacceptable scenario that the Jewish state and its allies must do everything possible to prevent.

    Most of the commenters do not like this idea.

    1. Been telling you, just this, for quite a while, boobie.

      READ old man READ!

      Leave your prejudices behind, embrace the Librarian ideology, and ...


    2. You've never even mentioned it, Bunk.

      Not a formal pact.

      Nor any informal agreement, that I have seen you mention. Admittedly I often don't read you though.

      Show us the goods.

      I think I like the idea, but not sure yet.

    3. Reading, boobie, is fundamental.

      The Israeli and Saudi have been allied since they worked hand in glove in supplying weapons to the Mujaheddin in Afpakistan. Decades, now.

      Now, you have to read from many varied sources, boobie. Reading twelve stories in the American Stinker is not as edifying as reading twelve stories from varied sources.
      Reading data points and interpretations different from your own, expands the mind to other realities.

      Until I studied the Palestine issue, I had supported the Israeli position. In some what of a knee jerk reaction fashion. It was not until I began to frequent the Belmont Club that I embraced Librarian ideology.

      Challenged to find the truth, by the Belmonters, I did.
      Others that I met there, came to see the same reality.

      Librarians, with open minds.
      Join up, boobie.
      The dues are lower than AIPACs and the membership and ideas, more diverse.
      Much more Americas centric.

    4. Quirk is watching >>Slut Spill<< videos today, and drinking Pagans with a Christian twist, or I'd ask him his opinion of the proposed pact.

    5. Israel and Saudi Arabia do have some common interests, it is true.

      I would suggest you go back to The Belmont Club.

      Give this place a break.

      Make a goddamned fool out of yourself over there for a while.

      Return to the source of your enlightenment, so to speak.

  12. JC Penney has hell to pay -

    Wasn't intended.

    1. JC Penny, that is George Soros's newest financial play.
      He is an owner, there. He is major people amongst the people of the JC Penny corporation.

      Who says it was not intended.

      Dman, what say you!?

  13. Jesus Christ, boobie, it was two, three days ago.

    Are you that brain dead?

    Discussing Israel bombing the Syrian positions.

    How it allied the Israeli with aQ elements in Syria, foreign aQ elements supported by the Saudi and Qatar. Foreign fighters from Libya, with those weapons from the dealers in Benghazi, remember?

    The Turkish, Saudi, Qatar Israel Axis
    with the US at the pivot point.

    Going back to Afpakistan and the Israeli providing the weapons for the Mujaheddin, the US and Saudis footing the bill.

    "Charlie Wilson's War", remember, boobie?

    You are dumber than a rock.

    1. >>>Discussing Israel bombing the Syrian positions.<<<

      Must have missed it.

      I often don't read you. And since this conversation is at your usual level I've got some letters to write that are actually important.

      I recall them taking out some missiles in storage by an airport that they feared where bound for Lebanon.

      You been drinking them Pagans with a Christian twist again?

    2. You should go back to bed, then.

      Maybe sleep will ease the dementia.

    3. To say you don't the posts, boobie, is a clea misstaement.

      You respond to most of 'em, often in tandem with the quot committee of varied voices.

  14. Who smuggled a black baby from Kenya to Hawaii in early August, 1961?

    Who hacked the Hawaiian birth record data base?

    Who got Obama into Columbia University?

    Where was he when he was never at Columbia University?

    Who is Mr Brennan political 'angel'?

    How did community organizer Obama get into the Crown club, in Chi-town?

    The real question, boobie, is not whether or not the events happened. If we were to grant you and the other conspiracy theorist the allegations as givens ...

    The real question ...

    Who engineered it?

    1. >>>The real question, boobie, is not whether or not the events happened.<<<

      Arrgh, well of course not.

      I can't recall when you ever were concerned about such a little matter as whether events actually occurred or not. When has that ever had anything to do with anything of importance?

      It is why you are such a student of religion, literature, philosophy, mythology. See there, you are a genius!

      Nevertheless, though genius you be, I am resolving to not read any more of your nonsense this glorious day, General Bunk.


    2. The real question ...

      Who engineered it?

      Whether it happened or not.


    3. Well, boobie, it hs been six years you have regaled us with conspiracy theories.
      Obama, you have told us, and link to numerous stories about, was born in Kenya.

      Do you not believe that Obama was born in Kenya?
      You have told us he was.
      How was he smuggled into Hawaii and by whom?

      If the data points that the Hawaiian officials have testified to are false, as you have told us they were, time and again, then who hacked the data base, who was it that Momma Obama knew that could do that?
      Are you telling us, now, that Obama's birth certificate is genuine?

      Do the questions so hurt your mind, so that the only response you are capable of is ...


      Who smuggled a black baby from Kenya to Hawaii?
      That is no easy task, then to hack the Hawaiian data base and insert the Obama file.
      Man, I know those Kenyans are clever, but still, you classify them as only children, they could not have mastered the machines required for the data insertion, aye.

  15. Facts So Romantic On Ideas

    An Overdose of Copernicus? Our Universe Might Yet Be Special

    Posted By Adam Frank on May 23, 2013

    It must be special, a brave new world, with such beings as General Bunk in't.

  16. .

    Russia said on Tuesday that it would supply one of its most advanced anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian government hours after the EU ended its arms embargo on the country's rebels, raising the prospect of a rapidly escalating proxy war in the region if peace talks fail in Geneva next month.

    Israel quickly issued a thinly veiled warning that it would bomb the Russian S-300s if they were deployed in Syria as such a move would bring the advanced guided missiles within range of civilian and military planes in Israeli air space.

    "The shipments haven't set out yet and I hope they won't," Moshe Ya'alon, the Israeli defence minister, said. "If they do arrive in Syria, God forbid, we'll know what to do." front:network-front main-3 Main trailblock:Network front - main trailblock:Position2


    1. .

      The move by Moscow was criticised by the White House, which said arming the Syrian government did "not bring the country closer to the desired political transition" that it deserved.

      Washington welcomed the EU move to suspend its arms embargo. State department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said it was helpful because it sent a "message to the Assad regime". But the developments put Washington in the difficult spot of condemning Russian arms sales while appearing to condone potential EU arms sales.



    2. .

      British officials said the lifting of the embargo had a political purpose, raising the pressure on President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters, Russia and Iran, to make concessions in Geneva, most importantly to agree not to play a role in a transitional Syrian government...

      Well, gee, how is that working out?


  17. .

    Can the U.S. Buy Peace in the ME?

    John Kerry suggests turning the West Bank and Gaza into tourist hot spots.

    On May 26 at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, Secretary of State John Kerry proclaimed a new plan. He wants to find $4 billion from investors. If he does this, he claims, the Palestinian economy will be doing great, people will be employed, and there will be peace.

    Actually, this is a bribe to get the Palestinian Authority back to negotiations with Israel — which would also mean, of course, that the Obama administration can claim a foreign policy success. That’s $4 billion to buy a negotiations’ process that will meet a few times and break down in deadlock, as has happened over 20 years under far better potential conditions and additional billions of dollars of aid to the Palestinians. The initiative is also intended to get the Palestinian Authority to drop plans to seek statehood at the UN; to file cases against Israel at the World Court; and to try to join other international institutions as an independent state.

    What should the money be spent on, according to Kerry? Why, on tourism!



    1. $4 billion could build a heck of a hotel/casino in Bethlehem.

    2. Just like Sun City in Soweto, South Africa

  18. re my suggestion to watch the Bill Warner video.

    A couple threads back, at the end, alas, I posted a response to something Deuce had put up by Fisk.

    My post was about Fisk's involvement in the death of my friend Sean Toolan. Post death involvement for sure, pre death...

    In any event I can't find that post. Maybe someone with better search abilities than me can ferret it out.

    No one commented on it. Maybe everyone missed it as it was, I believe, that last one on that thread.

    The point, the reason for the wish for folks to watch and comment on Warner's thoughts and the fact base he derived them from (I admit not checking out his sources.) is that Sean's murder fit Warner's comments to a T.

    The aftermath of his murder and the, to me, unbelievable acquiescence to self censoring by all the western agencies, media, gov't, all of them, was bewildering to me.

    I had other things going on in my life at the time... Probably healthier... Isolated from the daily news... And, as I think I wrote, I heard about it all later. And my thought at the time was "Whew, that could've easily been me!" If I hadn't "dropped out."

    Then there was Steve Emerson and his recordings in the mosques... Very similar situation in my point of view... Wasn't his first work done for NPR? Didn't they drop him like a hot potato? Then, if memory serves, he went to Nightline. Got the same rabbit hole treatment. Now he's considered "lunatic right."

    All strange to me.

    Then I come across this Warner vid and he seems to very much connect the dots (pun intended if you've watched the vid.)

    So I thought I'd run it up the flagpole here.

    I have deep respect for Deuce's research and analysis.

    I have to say that rat's got his own thought provoking way of bringing facts forward as well.

    So that's the deal.

    Warren makes what seems to me a very accurate summary of the West's descent into dhimmitude. And why we're unwilling to deal with it.

    I'd just like some cogent comment on Warner, his sources and his conclusions...

  19. And German border crossings!

    I don't have time today, and I think I've written about most of them over the years, but whoa! I was crossing regularly doing that camping tour bus thing in the '60s. Plus personal travel by car and motorcycle/sidecar.

    Three involved just insanely inappropriate threats with machine guns. All were almost hysterically funny stereotypes of the "put a German in a uniform."

    I'd find myself thinking, this can't be real, has to be Candid Camera or something... But no, those guys were dead serious and really seemed to enjoy their sadistic power plays...

    Those border crossing experiences, and observing other similar interactions, just in daily life for crying out loud!, have effectively stifled any desire on my part to return to Germany as a tourist...

    (Now I do have to admit my life membership in the hypocrite club... I'm sniffing (or more correctly, we're sniffing around each other) a potential new fling... Who is a crazy German artist... Ultra lib... Oy! But hot. Gets the juices flowing. You may know how it goes, little head says yes, yes, yes. Big head says no, no, no; run! But whoya goin'to listen to?)