“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Art of Being Free

TUESDAY, FEB 12, 2013 08:29 AM EST
Violence, arrests of Occupy protesters and stop-and-frisk. Plus: A worshipful media

What does a police state really look like in practice in America? Is it the cartoonish dystopia of sci-fi books? Is it like 1998′s “The Siege,” which predicted a wholesale instatement of martial law? Or in the age of the drone-wielding police department, is it something more mundane and subtle yet nonetheless pernicious? From this city in the middle of Middle America, it looks like the latter.
When people think of Denver, many think of skiing and, since the last election, marijuana. But from here in the Mile High City, things seem a bit different. In the day to day operation of the city, we aren’t as much defined by snow and pot as we are by the fact that we live under the rule of an increasingly brutal police force. It is a police force that our political leaders are more than happy to deploy to punish undesirables, and worse, that the most powerful media organ is more than happy to defend.
We have become, in short, a national cautionary tale — one that no doubt epitomizes similar trends throughout the country.
This sad situation has been long in the making. Over the last decade, while then-Mayor John Hickenlooper was gaining national plaudits for his geek-scientist charm, he was overseeing a police department that has become so violent toward citizens, that the U.S. Department of Justice is now considering a formal civil rights investigation. In all, a Cato Institute study shows that in terms of official misconduct, Denver’s police force is the sixth worst in the entire country.
The highest-profile incidents tell the bigger story.
For instance, after the 2008 Democratic convention, Hickenlooper’s administration was forced to settle a lawsuit showing evidence that he ordered his police force to engage in “indiscriminate arrests.”
In 2011, new Mayor Michael Hancock joined with now-Gov. Hickenlooper to become the first government officials to sic riot-gear-clad police on peaceful Occupy Denver protesters, thus turning the state Capitol grounds into the visual definition of the term “police state.” The episode included firing tear gas and rubber bullets at unarmed citizens.
As a follow-up, rather than initiating a formal investigation into the police, the Denver City Council then passed an ordinance empowering police to arrest homeless people, effectively criminalizing poverty in the middle of a recession and foreclosure crisis. Meanwhile, as the police department continues to reinstate officers who have been caught brutally beating citizens, the department’s independent oversight office is so flooded with brutality charges that it cannot even process them all.
Considering this, you might think that the state’s largest newspaper, the Denver Post, would be sounding the alarm. But quite the opposite has happened: It has used its monopoly power to cheer on the police state.
That’s not entirely surprising, of course. The paper is owned by archconservative Dean Singleton who, as I showed in a recent Harper’s magazine report, is a 21st century caricature of Citizen Kane. In recent years, his editorial page has been so over the top in its vilification of his political enemies that an outsider couldn’t be faulted for assuming the paper is an Onion-esque satire.
For instance, there was the infamous front-page editorial vilifying then-Gov. Bill Ritter as Jimmy Hoffa for merely allowing public employees to unionize. There was the editorial insisting that the criminalization of homelessness was designed to help the homeless. And there were the constant attacks on the Occupy movement culminating in one editorial praising police for forcibly crushing the protest and then another telling those who want to protest government policy to simply “go home.”
This weekend, however, was perhaps the shining example of what the propaganda of a police state really looks like. Next to a hysterical screed railing on a state proposal to guarantee firefighters’ workplace rights, the Post published an editorial opposing legislation to prevent municipal police departments from using armed drones. That’s right, in response to an initiative that would prevent “police from outfitting drones with devices such as Tasers and teargas,” the newspaper of record in a city already plagued by police violence says such an idea is “a step too far.”
If you don’t live in Denver but this nonetheless all sounds familiar, that’s not surprising. As the recession has caused more social foment across the country, and as media has consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer status-quo-loving plutocrats, the collective response from the power establishment has been authoritarian in nature. We see it in New York City, where surveillance and stop-and-frisk tactics are running rampant — and yet where billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg is regularly portrayed in the media as a great “freedom mayor,” thanks, in part, to the fact that reporters fear he will be their boss one day. And we see it in other cities where police are trying to prevent citizens from even documenting acts of police brutality.
Taken together, whether in Denver or anywhere else, the trend is clear. “Police state” is no longer a hyperbolic term, nor should it imply some fictional fantasy world. It is already here, and it operates in an insipid way whereby its worst atrocities are deftly normalized by power-crazed politicians and power-worshiping media outlets. In that, it is less “1984″ than “Brave New World” — less blatantly horrific than subtly pernicious. Either way, though, the result is the same: a police state that turns the word “liberty” into a meaningless political slogan, and not much more.

David Sirota is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, magazine journalist and the best-selling author of the books "Hostile Takeover," "The Uprising" and "Back to Our Future." E-mail him at, follow him on Twitter @davidsirota or visit his website


  1. Paranoid Left, meet Paranoid Right.
    Goddamn we sure look alike since 911 and subsequent legislation and executive orders that changed everything.
    The Patriot Act, NDAA and recent drone kill "authorization" have served to nullify much of the Bill of Rights. Without substantial adversarial and investigative journalism none of this is likely to change.
    Media consolidation prevents a substantial public check on government behavior. There are so many forces at work against liberty, including the dumbing down of most people by entertainment TV, biased media in general, lack of parental concern, especially for the quality of their children's basic education -- who in hell reads anymore? Without substantial adversarial and investigative journalism none of this is likely to change.
    Technological innovation allows new and more efficient forms of repression. From drones to GPS tracking to what we do on the internet, authoritarianism has become increasingly technocratic. We are not yet a police state, but we are getting into some real deep shit.

    1. Go to Gaza. See the reality there. Go to Pakistan. See the reality there. Go to Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Mexico, Argentina see the reality there.

      It's your future.

    2. It's really the world own fault of course. Embracing the JIhadist's rights as full citizens without limiting their so called "religion".

      The world, in it's quest to make all cultures equal have elevated dictators, Islamists and pagans as moral equals.

      That's why people like Jenny, Deuce and Rat see no problem with the creation of fake national movements like the Palestinians.

      However as Rev Wright said, the chickens are coming home to roost.

      When you elevate evil as the same as good dont be surprised when you wake up with fleas.

      Yeah I know, a mixed metaphor but it illustrates my point.

      One standard for all or none for anyone.

    3. Mixing metaphors is the least of your foibles.

    4. Thanks Jenny. Coming from you it's a complement.

      But I am serious. You and your ilk will create the modern day police state.


    5. All metaphors are mixed, sang the tenor to his vehicle, all the world's a stage, a ground and figure, a target and a source.....

    6. See: DeuceSun Feb 17, 04:53:00 PM EST below

      Islam is totalitarian by its very nature. Handing out a Bible is a threat to national security.

  2. Sow the wind. Reap the Whirlwind.

  3. Muslim preacher urges followers to claim 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance'
    A Muslim preacher is secretly filmed urging followers to take benefits from the state to fund a holy war.

  4. Israel and the Palestinians aside, Jenny has a lot right there in her post. We are dumbed down, after all we elected Barky over a decent Mormon fellow. And things may get a lot worse -

    Barack Obama is a terrible president. That's obvious to everyone who isn't chronically ignorant or incurably liberal. By "liberal" I don't mean the classic definition of the word which has to do with being open-minded and objective. I mean the modern version of liberal: self-centered, emotional, illogical, and void of reason. Unfortunately, in 2012 ignoramuses and liberals represented the majority of those who voted. I'm not worried about offending them with my harsh words. My very existence offends them, and so does yours if you don't buy into their worldview......

    This is the point: a perfect storm is brewing. I think we're heading for a chaotic and violent period in this country the likes of which no one alive today has ever witnessed. If I'm right, conditions will be ideal for criminals to ply their craft, and President Obama is pushing for gun control at precisely the wrong moment.

    I believe that what I have described is realistic and unfortunately inevitable, and that brings me back to my back to the president. He has set in motion forces that he can't handle, and all of us are going to suffer the consequences so get ready for a wild ride.

    February 17, 2013
    President Obama has set in motion forces that he can't handle.
    Neil Snyder

    Read more:
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    Freedom is not having nothing else to lose. Freedom is having something that keeps the state and society off one's back. A place to retreat too, some private sphere. And it seems to be getting harder for many people to find this. And it is getting spooky, with all the prying innovations. One can't do without some society, so living alone in the mountains is out. And we have to have a state of some kind. But not one between our doctors and ourselves, just for a start to the complaints. Things seem slipping badly out of whack these days.

  5. Media consolidation prevents a substantial public check on government behavior. There are so many forces at work against liberty, including the dumbing down of most people by entertainment TV, biased media in general...


    Doing what our journalists don't -

    Oh, where is our vaunted self-congratulatory media? ......

    The Benghazi Report chronicles and analyzes what really happened in Benghazi. You know, what the 'mainstream media' used to do? These two picked up the investigatory weight and carried it all the way here so we can learn the facts. Benghazi is possibly the most important story of the Obama years.....

    The Benghazi Report is not just an eye opener. It is a straight shot of heart-rattling caffeine mainlined. Do not ignore reading it.

    And now we know Barky was sleeping through the whole thing, getting ready for Vegas.

  6. News from Freedom loving Libya

    Four foreigners have been arrested in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on suspicion of being Christian missionaries and printing books about Christianity, a security official has said.

    The arrests were announced on Saturday as thousands of people gathered in Tripoli, the capital city, and Benghazi to celebrate two years since the start of the revolution that ousted long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

    "They were arrested on Tuesday at a publishing house where they were printing thousands of books that called for conversion to Christianity," security official Hussein Bin Hmeid said.

    "Proselytising is forbidden in Libya. We are a 100 percent Muslim country and this kind of action affects our national security.”

    1. February 17, 2013
      Libyan militia who carried out Benghazi attack returns
      Rick Moran

      They had been kicked out of Benghazi by outraged citizens in the aftermath of the attack. But now, the Libyan jihadists responsible for killing our ambassador and three other Americans is back in business.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

      Oh well, at this point, what difference does it make?

    2. At least the video maker is still in jail in California. That troublemaker.

  7. Investors in some bonds issued by nationalized Dutch lender SNS Reaal risk losing out on compensation for their losses even after an industry body ruled that insurance-like protection on the debt should pay out.


    Analysts say a failure to compensate investors holding insurance on the €1.6 billion ($2.1 billion) of SNS subordinated bonds could shake confidence in bank debt, increasing borrowing costs...

  8. On Friday, the national hero’s agent released a statement in which they disputed the murder “in the strongest terms”.

    Justin Divaris said: "It's all very sad. Oscar called me at 3.55am saying that Reeva had been shot."

    He added: "It was very traumatic. By the time we got there it was already a crime scene and we weren't allowed in the house."

  9. Responding to sharp criticism from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., over the leaked White House immigration proposal, President Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough pushed back this morning on “This Week,” saying it was up to Congress to produce immigration reform to ensure the president’s proposal would not be sent to Capitol Hill.


    McDonough said the leaked proposal, reported this weekend by USA Today, reflected an effort to prepare for the immigration reform discussion, but was not a final plan from the White House.

  10. US researchers have effectively given laboratory rats a "sixth sense" using an implant in their brains.


    "This is the first paper in which a neuroprosthetic device was used to augment function - literally enabling a normal animal to acquire a sixth sense."


    One key finding was that enlisting the touch cortex to detect infrared light did not reduce its ability to process touch signals.

  11. Vacuum sealing is a revolutionary way to create a food pantry. We know that food cannot stay fresh forever, but with the right tools, we can most certainly prolong it.


    One of the best aspects of this storage method is that it is extremely economical. Sealed foods last 3-5 times longer compared to conventional storage methods.


    Here are some additional reasons why vacuum sealing is an effective and cost saving form of storage:

    Non-food items are protected from oxygen, corrosion and moisture-damage. For example you can vacuum seal unused oxygen absorbers, matches, socks for bug out bag, medication, emergency forms, etc.
    Vacuum sealing conserves space for food storage.
    Moist foods won’t dry out, because there’s no air to absorb the moisture from the food.

  12. The 2Y2D Plan

    One simple change to Congress can solve our political mess and reclaim our democracy. The 2Y2D Plan would set the size of each congressional district at 100,000 people. That's it. The whole plan.

    The law to bring about this change fits on a single sheet of paper.
    No constitutional amendment is required.
    The Supreme Court cannot touch this plan.
    The plan is neither conservative nor liberal. It’s about process, not policy.

    A 2Y2D House will contain 3,094 elected representatives. It will be dynamic—growing and shifting with the population. Today’s House has 435 representatives and 10,000 staff members.

    The plan is drawn from the very first page (Article I, Section 2) of our Constitution. It's not some scheme for an “ideal” government. Rather, it's a workable response to an existing problem—a government gone off the rails. It will enable us to put the country back on track quickly and with a minimum of risk. It enables us to replace the scoundrels in our government with men and women we know well enough to trust.

    In Federalist 55, James Madison writes that he expected there to be 400 representatives after 50 years. Nathaniel Gorham, who represented Massachusetts at the Constitutional Convention, reassured that state's ratifying convention the House would contain 1,400 to 1,500 members by 1888—in 100 years.

    The 2Y2D Plan is consistent with the thinking of the founding fathers and with what the citizens who ratified the Constitution agreed to.

    Think about it

    1. I just thought about it.

      It is insane.

      3,094 House members, and 100 in the Senate.

      Soon there would be calls for a proportional Senate.

      What about the rural interest?

      I'd rather secede.

      Whoever said pure democracy was a great thing anyway?

      The Greeks didn't.

    2. Think about it.

      You are advocating the tyranny of the majority.

      The Fathers frowned upon that.


  14. Both side engaged legal heavyweights for the Tuesday's court proceedings. On Pistorius side is Advocate Barry Roux, the man who, in previous life, prosecuted Roger Kebble, the father of the slain Brett Kebble, in 2005 while he was still a state prosecutor.

    In the state's corner, charging Pistorius with the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp, is Advocate Gerrie Nel. He is currently also locked in the prosecution of Chanelle Henning's alleged assassins, former Nigerian Olympic athlete Ambrose Monye and André Gouws.


    Arguing on Friday on behalf of Pistorius in court, Roux said there was no reason why the charge should not be a Schedule 5 charge. The difference is important because a Schedule 6 charge will make it more difficult for Pistorius to secure his release on bail.

  15. He is often caricatured as brainy and emotionally distant, a self-contained politician who feels no special need to forge personal connections with people he meets.

    But in his three-state tour last week touting the plans he laid out in his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama dropped his guard, giving audiences a window into his inner life.

  16. ...a journey to Hell.

    No doubt a concotion of all the sickos he's always hung out with.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A party in Hell, made up of Bernadine and Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Senator Reid, hookers from Vegas, cocaine on a silver platter, and a thousand barking seals.

  17. "Brainy"

    Devoid of any Real World adult experience in doing anything other than manipulating others.

  18. His Ears reflect the size of his infantile ego.

  19. When we all suffer panic attacks after hearing today's news, the mission will have been accomplished.

    Complete Control of the denizens.

  20. Mississippi bill could lead to prayer in schools.....drudge

    Rufus finally decides to 'pull up stakes', head west to California.

    1. Mississipi is the most religious of all states.

      Utah 3rd, I can't remember number two.

      The Northeast, least.

      All the most religious voted for Romney. know the rest.

    2. Rufus loves to compare the income of the Northeast/CA with that of Texas.
      ...never mentions the cost of living or doing business.

      There's are reason most movies are no longer shot in Hollywood.

      ...yet most vote for Brown and Obama.

      Never thot about it, but think Brown never had a kid.

      Guv Moonbeam, round two.

    3. There's are reason

      ...I give up.
      Time for a real keyboard so I can think.

    4. To your question of yesterday -

      Groups such as the Lemba, many of whom practice Christianity but have preserved some rituals and customs believed to be Jewish in origin. This group has also been found to have genetic traits in common with other Jewish groups, bolstering their claims to ancient Jewish ancestry.

      African Jews

  21. Anyone want a burger from Tesco? yay or neigh?

  22. "As an African American, Davis was the victim of racism throughout his life, and was a large financial supporter of civil rights causes.

    Davis had a complex relationship with the African-American community, and attracted criticism after physically embracing Richard Nixon in 1972.

    One day on a golf course with Jack Benny, he was asked what his handicap was. "Handicap?" he asked.

    "Talk about handicap — I'm a one-eyed Negro Jew."[4][5]

    This was to become a signature comment, recounted in his autobiography, and in countless articles"

    1. Davis nearly died in an automobile accident on November 19, 1954, in San Bernardino, California, as he was making a return trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.[21] The accident occurred at a fork in U.S. Highway 66 at Cajon Boulevard and Kendall Drive (
      34.2072°N 117.3855°W).[22] Davis lost his left eye as a result. His friend, actor Jeff Chandler, offered one of his own eyes if it would keep Davis from total blindness. The offer was not needed.[23] Davis wore an eye patch for at least six months following the accident.[24][25] He appeared on What's My Line? wearing the patch.[26] Later, he was fitted for a glass eye, which he wore for the rest of his life.

      While in Community Hospital, in San Bernardino, Davis' friend, performer Eddie Cantor, told him about the similarities between the Jewish and black cultures. Prompted by this conversation, Davis—who was born to a Catholic mother and Protestant father—began studying the history of Jews. He converted to Judaism several years later.[4] One passage from his readings (from the book A History of The Jews by Abram L. Sachar), describing the endurance of the Jewish people, intrigued him in particular:

      "The Jews would not die. Three millennia of prophetic teaching had given them an unwavering spirit of resignation and had created in them a will to live which no disaster could crush".[

    2. the black community scorned him.

      the jewish community embraced him

      after he died, the black community claimed him with a tv tribute featuring stevie wonder singing a song praising jesus.

  23. Just heard a shrink say that mammals in isolation pick themselves apart and die.

    One year's worth is more than enough.

  24. I just saw a documentary about a bear in Romania in isolation all her life. Started eating her leg, trying to kill herself.

    1. Luckily, she wasn't molested in a basement.

  25. Maybe I should dig a basement so I can ask someone over.

  26. Downton Abby is closed for the season.

    The new Prince is born! But papa got hit got by a truck on the road home and died.


    1. I want a servant to carry my fly rod and catch, too!

    2. I'm thinking Quirk, dressed up and in hat number three, but, then, it's honest work......

  27. Why we are getting dumber and dummer and dumer -

    While this hypothesis does have some merit: are genes really the primary reason for the overall cognitive decline of the human race? If humans really are lacking in intelligence more than before, it’s important to recognize other possible causes. Let’s take a look at how our food system plays a role in all of this.

    Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining

    by Mike Barrett
    February 17th, 2013 | Updated 02/17/2013 at 11:03 pm

    Read more:

    1. It is not slowly declining. By my calculation, there have been at least 100,000 generations that can be called human. The decline in the past two cannot be sustained in the next two alone.

  28. Nice month for the kids:

    Mindy McCready Suicide

    Canning interviewed McCready for Dateline after the singer's boyfriend, record producer David Wilson, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound last month.

    "I just started screaming, calling 911" after Wilson shot himself, McCready told Canning. "I laid down next to him. I just pleaded with him not to die."

    McCready entered rehab shortly after Wilson's death.

    The couple's son, Zayne, was born last April. McCready also had a 6-year-old son, Zander, from a previous relationship.


    Couldn't say no.


    Muslim outreach to Christians in Egypt: Muslim mob stones Christians, sets church building on fire

    More "dialogue" from Muslims in Egypt reaching out to their brothers and sisters in Abrahamic faith: "Muslim Villagers in Egypt Attack Church," from Morning Star News, February 17:

    CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – Muslim villagers in Egypt’s Fayoum Province attacked a church this weekend – pelting four Christians with rocks, setting parts of the church building on fire and tearing down a cross atop the structure, witnesses said.

    The second assault on property of the province’s Coptic Christians in a little over a month, the attack on the Church of Mar Girgis began Friday (Feb. 15) at 3 p.m., after the church’s worship services in the town of Tamiyyah, 64 miles (103 kilometers) southwest of Cairo.

  30. Hinduism and The Art of Being Free -

    A letter from the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) to President Barack Obama proposing new gun control laws claims to be a message containing the Hindu viewpoint. As a person whose ancestor, Tatya Tope, took up arms and died fighting English oppression while leading the Anglo-Indian war of 1857, I find HAF's proposals not only offensive to me as an individual, but also a deliberate and mischievous interpretation of Hindu thought, teachings, and experience in order to advance its political objectives. After the 1857 war, the English created laws to disarm the Indian population. Writing in his autobiography, M. K. Gandhi termed this disarming of India as the blackest misdeed perpetrated by the English......

    Hindu society looked to their kings as leaders, but never outsourced its security entirely to the kings. In fact, the society specifically structured itself so that a significant portion of the civilian population armed itself, and accepted the responsibility of defense against any form of oppression, even their king if necessary. Defending the population became their duty, even if they were not on the payroll of the king. This idea of self-reliance is not only key to the structure of Hindu society, but is also represented in several stories and is consistent with Hindu tradition.

    Read more:
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    1. The Hindus resisted the Moslems, the Buddhists didn't, ending up in the mountains, and far to the east.

    2. f...kin Buddists are pussies.

      That's why they are so popular w/progressives here.

      ...then there's Moonbeam, 99 percent Democrat, 1 percent Catholic.

    3. My best friend in 2nd Grade, Gary Hendrix, we called "Hindu"

      Not sure his ethnicity, had a very tough looking, slightly brown skin.

      ie, his skin looked more durable than whites or blacks.

    4. Smelled a little different too, but that mighta been a hygine issue, not that Doug, age 9, cared.

    5. Arabs aren't real keen on hygiene.

    6. We're Clean Machines, even in space:

      "Astronaut taking a hot bath in the crew quarters of the Orbital Workshop (OWS) of the Skylab space station cluster in Earth orbit. In deploying the shower facility the shower curtain is pulled up from the floor and attached to the ceiling. The water comes through a push-button shower head attached to a flexible hose. Water is drawn off by a vacuum system."

      Guys pretty hot, too, if you're into guys.

  31. Israeli soldier posts Instagram image of Palestinian child in crosshairs of rifle

    Military investigates Mor Ostrovski, 20, as row grows over spate of offensive images posted online by Israeli soldiers

    Phoebe Greenwood, Monday 18 February 2013 05.06 EST

    Israeli soldier Mor Ostrovski, 20, has sparked controversy after posting this image on his Instagram account. Photograph:

    An Israeli soldier has sparked outrage by posting a photograph appearing to show the back of a Palestinian boy's head in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle on a social networking site.

    The context of the picture, posted on the personal Instagram site of Mor Ostrovski, 20, could not be verified but the aggressive message is clear. The minarets and Arabic architecture of the village captured in the background suggest the boy and the town are Palestinian. Ostrovski is an Israeli soldier in a sniper unit.

    The Israeli military said the soldier's commanders were investigating the incident. His actions "are not in accordance with the spirit of the IDF or its values", a spokesperson said.

    Ostrovski, who has closed his Instagram account, told the army he did not take the picture but found it on the internet.

    Breaking the Silence, an organisation of veteran Israeli combat soldiers campaigning to raise awareness about life in the West Bank, condemned the image. "This is what occupation looks like. This is what military control over a civilian population looks like," one member wrote on the group's Facebook page.

    The image has been heavily criticised online. Electronic Intifada, a news site focused on Palestinian issues, described the photograph as "tasteless and dehumanising". The site published several other images from Ostrovski's Instagram page, including snaps of the soldier posing with heavy-duty guns.

    The Israeli military has been hit by a series of scandals from uncensored social media sites, and Electronic Intifada has been one of the more rigorous monitors of offensive postings by Israeli soldiers.

    In December, the site discovered Nisim Asis, a 22 year-old soldier from the Beit-El settlement, who posted racist images on his Instagram page, including a picture of himself licking what is probably tomato ketchup from a knife with the caption: "Fuck all Arabs their blood is tasty".

    In another unrelated incident, an infantry corps soldier was recently sentenced to 14 days in military prison for posting a picture of himself beside a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian on Facebook.

    In both these incidents, and the similar case of a female IDF soldier who uploaded lewd images of herself with Palestinian detainees several years ago, military discipline was deemed adequate and criminal investigations dropped.

    1. Arab Psychological/Propaganda Warfare against Israel (Bernard J ...
      ARAB PSYCHOLOGICAL/PROPAGANDA WARFARE AGAINST ISRAEL. How Israel Can Defend Itself And Counterattack. By Bernard J. Shapiro. The Arabs ...
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      Jun 3, 2011 - Uploaded by ShirzadeganTV
      f.n report / arab countires and propaganda against israel .
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    2. Under arab propaganda against Israelis -

      About 12,400,000 results (0.36 seconds)

    3. Blog Wars!
      Gotta love it!

      Bring It On!!!

    4. Excellent proof of Anti-Israeli Bias.

      the mere fact that Deuce posts this shows an unevenness in coverage of Israel.

      Regardless of whether it's a story in Israel or not.

      One standard for all, or no standards for anyone else?

      You cannot, with a straight face, post this story of an Israeli soldier, putting up on instagram a photo of a palestine youth with crosshairs and somehow liken this to the actual reality of the situation.

      All the while over in syria: 70,000 have been murdered, little boys's gentials have been mutilated, rape, kidnapping rampant.

      In the Gaza strip: Institutional murder of Fatah members, kneecapping, tossing off of rooftops, rape as policy for punishment

      In egypt: rape squads, murder, kidnapping by the moslem brotherhood,

      sudan? Yemen? Jordan? Lebanon? Arabia? and on and on..

      But Israel's new war crime?

      a "picture" of a boy with cross hairs super imposed.


      Is that the best you have?


      Israel’s Canadian Critics Demonstrate the ’3D’ Anti-Semitism Formula

      Legitimate criticism of Israel is not disingenuous, devious, or deceitful.

      The 3D Test is a very useful tool for advocates of Israel, since those who hate Israel are capable of fiendish cleverness. I guess that when you have such animosity toward something, you will find any way to attack it, whether directly or indirectly. We see this all the time from such things as the BDS movement, the absurd pronouncements and rulings that frequently emanate from the United Nations and its bodies and agencies, and the annual fantasy week that makes the most specious allegations against Israel.

      One of the newest tactics of those who hate Israel is to assert that while Israel has an enviable record (though they would never use that term) in a certain area (such as gay rights), it is all just a cover to “pinkwash” the underlying crimes of Israel against the Palestinians. Hence you get the utterly ridiculous notion of Queers Against Israel Apartheid.Think about that for a second and try not to shake your head so violently as to give yourself a neck injury.

      Read more.

  32. JihadWatch is up and running again, after having been hacked.

    Who would want to hack JihadWatch?

  33. The Israelis at least seem to have caught a little heat for their misbehavior. I don't think this is so in Arab lands. The new guy in Egypt, Morsi, has referred to Jews as the descendents of apes and pigs, which is probably from the Koran.

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  35. Apes and Pigs go nutz in isolation, too.
    ...and I never heard of two being together 47 years, much less get married.

    Not that I'm complaining, of course.


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    This article is about human ageing. For other uses, see Ageing (disambiguation).

    This article is about all aspects of ageing. For the biological aspect of ageing specifically, see Senescence.

    A human face showing signs of ageing
    Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the accumulation of changes in a person over time.[1] Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Some dimensions of ageing grow and expand over time, while others decline. Reaction time, for example, may slow with age, while knowledge of world events and wisdom may expand. Research shows that even late in life, potential exists for physical, mental, and social growth and development.[2] Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. Roughly 100,000 people worldwide die each day of age-related causes.[3]

  37. Geert Wilders on The Art of Being Free -

    “A Few Minutes To Twelve”: Wilders Warns

    Video of Wilders being interviewed on Australian TV.

    He has definite ideas about freedom, and says it is about 5 minutes to midnight in the Netherlands and Western Europe.

    1. Idiots!

      Why have they done this to themselves?

    2. My landlord at the Brewery, Henrik, went to church every Sunday.
      He had the Frito-Lay Distributorship for the County.

      His dad would visit, announcing his arrival with the clip clop clip
      of his wooden soled slippers.

      For my grand opening, Henrik hired a stripper.

      I sat and watched, and over-indulged in my high-test beer.
      Some asshole then gave me a ride to our most prestigious outlet, where I no doubt made an ass of myself, but the worst was yet to come.

      ...I ended up on the opposite end of San Luis Obispo, on the Cal Poly Campus.
      Had stumbled several times, with cuts and bruises, so called the wife to pick me up.
      By some miracle, she spotted me passed-out under a shrub near the library.

      Another time, when I was putting in a gas line to the boiler, Henrik borrowed an expensive tool to drill through the cement wall.

      Henrik got to work, and produced a pile of ball bearings on the ground, courtesy of the tool which I had to return.

      The main thing I took out from it all was his Dad's telling of the Scandanavian's fear of Russia.

      Too bad we are programmed not to feel the same about the Muzzies, and the over the hill Weatherpeople now in charge in DC.

    3. By some miracle, she spotted me passed-out under a shrub near the library.


      I hope she said, 'well don't you make a pretty picture'.

  38. 2. Blast From the Past

    Thank you for AS’ TMS. It was on my list.

    Consider how would they measure the costs and presumed benefits of their slew of programs to justify to the public Obama’s SOTU line “nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime.”

    3. The salaries of the bureaucrats will be spent and count as a Stimulus.
    2. All the union workers, academics and teachers involved would have been sitting around anyway.
    1. We flat out lie. What does it matter? We won.

    The real costs, in opportunity costs for what the capital could have been used for, are never considered.

    Obama as the Man of System lacks the gravity of Stalin the Man of Steel. He even lacks the mustache. He lacks the work ethic and the jawline of Il Duce the Man of Chin. Mussolini as a youthful socialist Editor actually wrote and edited his journal and books. Obama is so unaccomplished and unproductive as to be liable to be revealed as like the basketball player who admitted that he had not read his own autobiography. Obama is merely the Man of Styrofoam. Perhaps we can get Bloomberg to ban him from New York.

    How to improve the voting process and secure the Republic.
    1. Make staffing the polls a form of Jury Duty. Eliminate almost all absentee ballots.
    2. Eliminate votes by federal civil servants in federal elections, and by state/local civil servants at their level.
    3. Allocate congressional seats after apportionment according to the number of citizens eligible to vote for Congress resident in each state.

    The Democrats constant reuse of demands to fund “infrastructure repair” without ever actually fixing the bridges makes me think that they studied budgeting and negotiation theory under the Palestinians, who expect to be paid repeatedly to not honor the same agreement. May I make a modest suggestion? Audit the already flushed away Stimulus I, II, and III funds and noisily throw recipients in jail, “pour encourager les autres”.

  39. Paul Krugman Calls for ‘Death Panels’ to Cut Health-Care Costs

    Last week New York Times economics columnist and liberal hero Paul Krugman actually said “death panels,” the critique of Obama-care popularized by Sarah Palin and universally mocked by liberals, while discussing the necessity of cutting health care costs.

    On January 30, Krugman spoke at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in D.C. (Krugman is out hawking the paperback edition of “End This Depression Now!,” his paean to more government spending on infrastructure and other forms of stimulus.) During the Q&A, Breitbart’s Joel Griffith noted, Krugman was asked about the rising national debt. A truncated version of his remarks follows:

    We’re going to need more revenue, we’re going to need, and probably in the end, surely in the end it will require some sort of middle class taxes as well. So again, we won’t be able to pay for the kind of government the society we want without some increase in taxes, not a huge one, but some increase on taxes on the middle class, maybe a value-added tax…. And we’re also going to do, really, we’re going to have to make decisions about health care, not pay for health care that has no demonstrated medical benefits. So you know the snarky version I use, which is, I shouldn’t even say because it will get me in trouble, is death panels and sales taxes is how we do this.”

    This opens Krugman up to charges of hypocrisy, since he called the “death panel” accusation a “smear” in a March 22, 2010 column and an example of the “dishonesty” of Obama-care opponents in a June 29, 2012 column. Does this mean Krugman accepts Sarah Palin’s argument that Obama-care’s cost containment strategy will require health-care rationing?

    1. Towards the end, Ruf had turned to quoting Krugman is support of his theories. If a death panel is the only way to get rid of Krugman, then - death panels..... is how we do this.

  40. 'Probing' by Menendez Probed -

    Video: CBS “can confirm” FBI probing Menendez for prostitution claims
    posted at 9:31 am on February 18, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

    On Saturday, a CBS News website article merely pointed to a Washington Post report on the FBI probe of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) expanding to include allegations of engaging in prostitution. Today on CBS This Morning, the story gets the full video treatment, including an independent confirmation of the Post’s reporting. Jan Crawford reports that “pressure is growing” on Menendez: video

    Probing in this case seems not improbable.

    1. My Probe reaches where most men fear to probe.
      ...or tread, in the afterprobe.




    La nonnina di AL CAPONE in compagnia di bambini, un giorno si imbatté, in un concorso alla deriva, inizialmente, istituito da persone buone per riparare un torto fatto ad altri ma che negli anni cambio’ radicalmente, le persone che premiavano, erano crudeli e cattive ,si credevano onnipotenti . Il destino, si abbatteva crudele ed impetuoso e feroce su di loro, sul loro non saper, e loro, percependolo, si resero conto, che fino ad ora, avevano premiato tutto cio’ che a loro era negato avere per mancanza di Quore e sentimenti .Il loro cervello rimaneva statico fino a quando, un giorno per caso, la Nonnina di Al Capone dimostro’ loro che se anche lei non era letterata come lor signori, non avendo alcun diploma ne laurea, ed anche se loro pensavano che lei non valesse niente, e fosse meno che il niente, in fisica, loro, i letterati lo erano ancor di meno, in quanto, in mondo pieno di persone, altrettanto illetterate, verrà dimostrato, che basterà utilizzare semplici immagini in sequenza per far ridere , piangere , o comprendere, piuttosto che formule statiche che il grande pubblico non comprenderà e cosi’, ridendo e scherzando Einstein , che nel frattempo aveva cambiato attività ed era amico della Nonnina di AL Capone insieme al Mago Houdini ed al Maestro Alfred Nobel (titolare del Premio) nonché a numerosi sapienti ed amici fecero loro notare, che la loro formula era nettamente superiore alla loro in quanto, la grandezza di una formula , come un successo radiofonico, puo’ essere altrettanto premiata in base alla comprensione, e suggeri’ loro di rileggersi le sacre scritture, che per la comprensione furono tradotte in parabole , sure e, tutto quanto di piu’ facile si poté ipotizzare , da millenni a questa parte………
    Cosi’, come nelle migliori fiabe, che si rispettino, diede loro un corso di fisica pratico e figurato, facendo ridere i bambini, (fisica =anche movimento)ed i bambini risero (ridere=movimento)e dissero alla Nonnina di Al Capone, o, Nonnina, sapevamo che i cattivi finivano male, ma non fino a questo punto, e lei rispose: il PREMIO NOBEL esisterà sempre,……;con qualche accademico o giurato in meno …..
    Eh eh eh io sono sempre dalla parte dei bambini

    Cosi’ appiccico’….abusivamente il suo manifesto al loro marchio con il fracobollo di Mago Houdini, come avrebbe fatto il nipote Al dicendo loro ascoltatevi CARAVAGGIO JIM MORRISON THE END ED ELVIS PRESLEY ALWAIS ON MY MIND come sotto fondo……….. ed i bambini scugnizzi risero di nuovo…….;;
    Pediamic lbm Lola Marini

  42. Che ti dice la patria?


  43. Russian lawmaker's body found cemented in barrel
    Associated Press

    MOSCOW (AP) — The body of a Russian lawmaker was found cemented in a barrel, and a former government official has been accused of ordering the killing over an $80 million debt, officials said Monday.

    Mikhail Pakhomov, 37, went missing last week. He was a member of the local legislature in Lipetsk, a city some 350 kilometers (some 215 miles) south of Moscow. He was last seen last Tuesday when three unidentified men pushed him into a car outside a restaurant in Lipetsk and drove away.

    Russia's Investigative Committee says several suspects were detained, and that authorities found Pakhomov's badly beaten body in a barrel of cement in a garage.

    The Chicago Way.

    :) heh

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