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Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama is either a liar , a fraud, or both - You Choose

'Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii': President's OWN literary agency  promotional booklet from 1991 claims he WAS born in Africa

  • Promotional authors pamphlet from publishing imprint Acton & Dystel says Obama - then president of the Harvard Law Review - was 'born in Kenya'
  • Pamphlet edited by now-Dystal & Goderich literary editor Miriam Goderich
  • President Obama published Hawaiian birth certificate last year in hopes to end 'birther’ theories


Bio: The biography for Mr Obama published in a literary agency's promotional pamphlet says he was born in Kenya

The simmering political row over President Obama’s heritage was dramatically reignited today as a 1991 booklet boldly announced that the Democrat was ‘born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.’
In the cover for a 1991 promotional booklet by Mr Obama’s then-publisher Acton & Dystel, he is as ‘the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, (who) was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.’
The information, which could be used as more ammunition against the incumbent, comes months before what will likely be a close campaign between Mr Obama and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney.
The 36-page promotional booklet was exclusively obtained by Breitbart, and was sent out to colleagues within the publishing industry in the early 1990s.
A later biography, which can still be found on Acton & Dystel’s archivesreads: ‘Barack Obama is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. 
‘He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, has been a long time New York Times bestseller.
The blue, teal, and silver booklet was printed in part to celebrate Acton & Dystel’s 15th anniversary, and also to display the breadth and depth of authors the imprint published. 
Other authors featured include Ralph Nader, former Speaker of the House Thomas P. O’Neill, and pop group New Kids on the Block.
Miriam Goderich, who now works at partner company Dystel & Goderich, is listed as the pamphlet’s editor.
An assistant for Ms Goderich told MailOnline that she was not commenting on the story at this time.
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Claims: The 1991 pamphlet says Barack Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia; Mr Obama is pictured here with his father, Barack Obama Sr, in an undated 1960s photo
Dreams of my father: The 1991 pamphlet says Barack Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia; Mr Obama is pictured here with his father, Barack Obama Sr, in an undated 1960s photo
Controversy: Obama, pictured with his mother Ann Dunham in the 1960s. The president settled birther claims when he published his Hawaiian birth certificate publically last year
Controversy: Obama, pictured with his mother Ann Dunham in the 1960s. The president settled birther claims when he published his Hawaiian birth certificate publically last year


Pundits took to the Breitbart story like wildfire, with both the left and right coming up with heated responses to the article.
New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait writes that the ‘controversy’ was little more than the result of a ‘lazy literary agent.’
He failed to see the pattern that Breitbart was trying to make, and notes: ‘Breitbart is careful to tiptoe around (the birther shock angle.)’
Media Matters for America, a politically progressive watchdog group, calls the article ‘the latest installment of the self-serious and wildly incompetent “vetting” of President Obama.’
They point out an article published February 6, 1990 in the New York Times, which declares that Mr Obama, 28, was elected as the first black president to The Harvard Law Review. 
It reads: ‘His late father, Barack Obama, was a finance minister in Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, is an American anthropologist now doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Mr Obama was born in Hawaii.’ 
Though he no longer represents Mr Obama, Jay Acton spoke with Breitbart about the cover, saying that ‘almost nobody’ wrote their own biography, though non-athletes were ‘probably’ approached to confirm the veracity of it.
Mr Obama later left Acton & Dystel, submitting a book proposal to Simon & Schuster imprint Poseidon Press worth more than six figures.
The book, tentatively called Journeys In Black And White, was later abandoned for the autobiography Dreams From My Father.
A note from Breitbart’s senior management at the top of the article offers the following disclaimer: ‘It is evidence – not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.’
President Obama released his birth certificate to the public last April. He said during a press briefing at the time that he was ‘puzzled at the degree to which this thing just keeps going on.’
He said: ‘We’ve had every official in Hawaii, Democrat and Republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Kapiolani Hospital.’
The president concluded his speech by acknowledging that some people - despite the evidence - would not let go of the issue.
'I know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest,' he said. 
'But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do.'
Proof is in the papers: Mr Obama released his birth certificate last April to try and quiet a debate within Republican circles that he was not born in the country
Proof is in the papers: Mr Obama released his birth certificate last April to try and quiet a debate within Republican circles that he was not born in the country
American: Mr Obama said during the press briefing at the time that he was 'puzzled at the degree to which this thing just keeps going on'
American: Mr Obama said during the press briefing at the time that he was 'puzzled at the degree to which this thing just keeps going on'
Though the White House was certainly hoping to silence the ‘birther’ movement by releasing the president’s birth certificate, grumbles and murmurs have been commonplace since the April 27, 2011 release.

'We've had every official in Hawaii, Democrat and Republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Kapiolani Hospital.'
-Mr Obama, addressing the press on April 27, 2011
On May 12, Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman brought up the issue at a fundraiser, saying: ‘I don’t know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. 
'I don’t know that. But I do know this – that in his heart, he’s not an American.
‘He’s just not an American.’
According t9 News, Rep Coffman was first met with silence, but after several moments, fundraiser attendees offered tentative applause.
However, the congressman issued an apology later in the week, writing: ‘I have confidence in President Obama’s citizenship and legitimacy as President of the United States.’
He further qualified his statement by saying: ‘I don’t believe the president shares my belief in American Exceptionalism. His policies reflect a philosophy that America is but one nation of many equals.
‘As a Marine, I believe America is unique and based on a core set of principles that makes it superior to other nations.’


Debated: Donald Trump led the 'birther' movement
Debated: Donald Trump led the 'birther' movement
Celebrity developer Donald Trump, who took the lead in sowing doubts about Mr Obama's birth, was gaining a following as he flirted with a Republican presidential bid. 
A 2011 poll showed two-thirds of all Republicans - and smaller percentages of independents and Democrats - believing Mr Obama was born overseas or voicing uncertainty about his place of birth.
The public doubts about his birth, with their hints of xenophobic and even racist attitudes, threatened to feed broader suspicions and grievances among millions of Americans. 
Unchallenged, those sentiments would linger through his re-election campaign, the Associated Press said in 2011.
Among many party activists, questioning Obama's birthplace - and thus his constitutional legitimacy as president - was a test of party allegiance.
 Republican presidential hopefuls were forced into uncomfortable corners where they had to distance themselves from the birthers' claims without alienating potential voters.
Recognizing the potential backlash, Republican House Speaker John Boehner put some distance between the GOP establishment and the conspiracy theorists.
'This has long been a settled issue,' Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said last April. 'The speaker's focus is on cutting spending, lowering gas prices and creating American jobs.'
What had given the issue its drive was the success critics such as Trump achieved by simply questioning why Mr Obama had not released the long-form version of his birth document. 
The White House choreographed the release of the birth certificate. 
Aides said Obama decided that he had had enough of the issue and asked his White House counsel, Bob Bauer, to look into getting a waiver from the state of Hawaii to release the document.
-Associated Press
Watch President Obama talk about his birth certificate

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  1. Excellent,excellent post. I will try to reply more tomorrow.

    A liar, or a fraud?

    Both, in one way or another.


  2. This is no longer an argument about where he was born. It is about Obama’s ethics. It is about resume fraud. Here are some other cheats and yes Obama, at a minimum is a cheat:

    Patrick Couwenberg appeared to be the obvious choice for a judicial appointment to the Los Angeles Superior Court in 1997. According to his resume, Mr. Couwenberg led an impressive life marked by advanced education, undercover government operations, and combat heroism. He regularly described his experiences in the Vietnam War, during which he said he was awarded a Purple Heart. He claimed that he had attended the prestigious California Institute of Technology on the G.I. Bill, as well as the Loyola Law School and California State University, Los Angeles, where he was awarded a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Mr. Couwenberg also claimed that he had been recruited from the Navy to the Army, where he attained the rank of corporal and that he was also recruited by the CIA for covert operations in Southeast Asia between 1968 and 1969 and in Africa in 1984. He also claimed experience in private legal practice, which rounded out this apparently remarkable career.

    The only problem with Mr. Couwenberg’s representations was that they were nearly all lies.

    Mr. Couwenberg was removed from the bench in August of 2001 after extensive public hearings. It was determined that while he did serve in the Navy Reserves, he never served in the Army, in any capacity, nor was he engaged in combat in the Vietnam War and was never awarded a Purple Heart. It was California Polytechnic State University where he was awarded his undergraduate degree rather than the prestigious CalTech (and not on the G.I. Bill). He attended La Verne and Western Law Schools (neither of which were accredited), not Loyola Law School. He never attended Cal State, Los Angeles, and does not, in fact, hold a Master’s Degree from any school. The dates he claimed to have studied at Cal State were fabricated to hide the fact that he did not pass the bar exam until his fifth try. CIA officials denied Couwenberg was ever employed by the Agency and the law practice for which Mr. Couwenberg claims to have worked in 1976 does not have a record of him.

  3. {…} It may seem shocking that a high-profile individual in such an important position would be able to fool so many people. After all, not only did Mr. Couwenberg represent these claims in countless casual conversations, his signed Judicial Data Questionnaire included this information. This begs the question; didn’t anyone ever check his background before appointing him as a Superior Court Judge? The answer, obviously, is no. This example is particularly appalling, since trustworthiness and honesty are important characteristics for judges in the courts of our nation. We expect these traits in our corporate executives as well. Unfortunately, many corporations still rely on the “old boys’ network” and the word of a headhunter – relaxing standards when someone comes highly recommended.
    As a firm that vets numerous corporate executives, conducts extensive due diligence investigations of corporate directors and management teams, we see an astonishing amount of resume fraud. When executive lies go unchecked, an organization can be tremendously damaged and embarrassed by negative press, lost revenue, loss of reputation and plunging stock prices.

  4. {…} the ten most common resume lies and have provided some advice on how to deal with them.

    1. Stretching Dates of Employment

    Stretching dates of past employment or even inventing jobs to cover real gaps in employment is the most common type of resume fraud. When verifying the facts by contacting prior employers, alarms should sound when the dates of employment given by the applicant do not match the dates of employment in the records of the employer. What is the applicant hiding? Typically, the false dates cover anything from an extended stretch of unemployment, to a job from which they were fired to jail time. This is not something to be taken lightly.

    2. Inflating Past Accomplishments & Skills

    According to his curriculum vitae, Warren Cook was Vice President of Government Relations and Special Projects at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. He was once the owner of Sugarloaf/USA ski resort. He was appointed co-chair of Governor John Baldacci’s Transition Advisory Council when the Governor took office. Mr. Cook has been recognized as one of Maine’s leading business figures. In addition to his impressive professional career, Mr. Cook also earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts, earned the prestigious Navy Cross for his service in Vietnam, and played on the 1968 U.S. Olympic hockey team.

    Only he didn’t.

    While Mr. Cook’s professional career was impressive, he resigned from The Jackson Laboratory after admitting he lied on his resume about receiving the Navy Cross and playing on the 1968 U.S. Olympic hockey team. He later admitted that he also did not receive a Master’s Degree from UMass.

    Past accomplishments, professional skills, language fluency and proficiency in such areas as computer skills are more difficult for a company to verify than areas like professional and educational histories. As such, applicants often inflate their resumes in these areas. One way past accomplishments can be verified is through media reports. Another way is to speak to former colleagues and managers. As for skill sets, if it is germane to the position, companies may choose to incorporate a test into the application process through which these professional skills and proficiencies can be verified.

  5. {…}3. Enhancing Job Titles & Responsibilities

    It is quite common for applicants to tailor a resume to a specific prospective employer’s needs. There is a fine line between tailoring a resume to highlight those aspects of the applicant’s history that would be most interesting to the potential employer and lying about a former job title or responsibilities at that job. However, this line is often crossed and potential employers should be aware of this. Be sure to confirm positions held and the responsibilities of that position through interviews of colleagues and superiors.

    4. Education Exaggeration & Fabricating Degrees

    Many high-profile examples of degree fabrication and misstatements about education have surfaced in the media over the past several years. Sandra Baldwin had to resign her position at the head of the US Olympic Committee in 2000 over falsified educational background. Likewise, Laura Callahan, who was hired as a Senior Director in the US Department of Homeland Security, was forced to resign in 2004 when it was revealed that her “degree” was actually from an online diploma mill. A review of 2.6 million job applications in 2001 by ADP revealed that 41% of the applicants lied about their education in some form. Many of the “diploma mills” now provide toll-free phone numbers for their “students” to provide prospective employers – which will provide everything from grades in specific (but fictitious) classes to a fake graduation date and fabricated honors received by the applicant. Prospective employers must identify the school online, rather than calling a number provided to them by the applicant, particularly if the employer does not recognize the school name.

    5. Unexplained Gaps & Periods of “Self Employment”

    Pay attention to gaps or periods of self-employment on resumes. Have the applicant describe exactly what occurred during this time period and verify the applicant’s story. Again, these unexplained gaps could be covering something that would be dangerous for a company to take on – a job that ended very badly for the applicant, or a criminal history. Finally, it is crucial to check for a criminal record for the applicant at each of the addresses where he or she has lived, and especially so when there are unexplained gaps in the applicant’s resume.


  6. In 1996, Sunbeam Corp. a home appliance maker based in Boca Raton, Florida, recruited and hired Al “Chainsaw” Dunlap for its Chief Executive position. Two years later, Sunbeam’s directors had “lost confidence” in Mr. Dunlap and he was fired. In 2001, while Mr. Dunlap prepared to defend himself in two court cases, one brought by Sunbeam shareholders and one by the S.E.C., both related to accounting fraud. Information became available that Mr. Dunlap had omitted two previous jobs from his resume. Both jobs occurred much earlier in his career – and the most shocking news to Sunbeam is the reason Mr. Dunlap omitted these employers from his resume - he was fired from both of these jobs amid allegations of accounting fraud.

    7. Faking Credentials

    Some applicants believe that a professional license or membership may boost their chances for obtaining a desired position and simply add them to their resume. In fact, the 2001 ADP study revealed that 23% of the applicants falsified credentials or licenses on their resumes. Most licensing bodies and professional groups have a website and/or a phone number that will verify the applicant’s standing with the group. It is important to not only verify whether the applicant is licensed or a member, but also are they currently in good standing? Have they been the subject of any censures or disciplinary actions?

  7. {…} 8. Fabricating Reasons for Leaving Previous Job

    According to a recent survey by HireRight, 11% of applicants misrepresent the reason for leaving a previous job. In March of 1998, T’Challa Ross was recruited by Robert Half International Inc. as a temporary bookkeeper for Fox Associates Inc., a small Chicago advertising firm. She performed so well that she was hired permanently after 30 days. Ms. Ross then proceeded to take blank checks from her employer, forge signatures, and succeeded in embezzling $70,688 between the fall of 1998 and the fall of 1999. While this caught her employer off guard, it should not have come as a surprise. Just two months before she began working for Fox Associates, Ms. Ross pled guilty to stealing $192,873 from a previous employer and was sentenced to (only) four years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

    Ms. Ross’ background could have been determined by checking her criminal history and by calling her previous employers and inquiring whether she was eligible for rehire. If an employee is not eligible for rehire, an automatic red flag should go up and further inquiry is required.

    9. Providing Fraudulent References

    Fraud related to references seems to take many different forms. The most common involve the applicant submitting partial or incorrect information related to their references, perhaps in the hope that the potential employer will find it too time consuming to search for the complete information, and therefore not check the reference.

    Reference checking is an area, however, where fraud becomes very creative. The applicant may submit a prepared reference letter, which the applicant may have created themselves, on their home computer. It is important, in this case, to reach out to the reference over the phone to verify that the reference wrote the reference letter and ask any additional questions that may apply. Similarly, if the applicant so desires to commit this type of fraud, he or she may pay a service that will provide a phone number for the applicant to submit to a potential employer. When the employer calls the provided phone number, they reach a service, which will verify the applicant’s (false) former employment. As with education verifications, it is important to search the internet for the company’s main phone number rather than taking a phone number provided by the applicant at face value.
    Finally, in a similar vein, the applicant may provide a phone number which points to either a friend or family member, or even to the applicant’s own phone number! It never hurts to attempt to verify this provided phone number with the main phone number of the company.

  8. {…}10. Misrepresenting Military Record

    Joseph Cafasso was supposed to be a war hero. He claimed to have won the Silver Star for bravery, served in Vietnam and was part of the secret, failed mission to rescue hostages in Iran in 1980. He had spent years as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Special Forces. He had also been an organizer for the presidential campaign of Patrick Buchanan. Mr. Cafasso used his war experience and stories to make prestigious contacts throughout the ranks of the military and the government. Fox News was excited to hire Mr. Cafasso as a consultant to help in its coverage of the fighting in Afghanistan in late 2001.

    Four months later, he left the network following allegations that he had overstepped his bounds. Mr. Cafasso had been able to connect Fox News with his high-profile contacts throughout the government. Since so many people at the Pentagon appeared to trust him, Fox News did not feel it was necessary to check his background. Fox News was shocked to find, shortly after Mr. Cafasso’s departure, that he was not a war hero at all – in fact, the extent of his military background was 44 days of basic training in 1976.

    Military service may be the most difficult part of a resume to verify. The employer needs to contact the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The turn-around time for obtaining military records on an individual is often twelve weeks. Given the lag time, it is advisable to make employment offers contingent upon the receipt of verifying military records.
    When it comes to resumes and employment applications, there is a simple three-step program for potential employers: Verify, Verify and Verify. By doing so, companies can increase the quality of the employee and management pool and decrease potential fraud, waste and abuse in the workplace.


    Christopher T. Marquet is CEO and Founder of Marquet International, Ltd., corporate investigative, due diligence, litigation support and security consulting firm. or(617)733-3304inBostonor(917)733-1038inNewYork. Visit our web site at

    Resume Fraud: The Top 10 Lies

  9. from Godlike Productions -

    It is also known for being the birthplace of United States President Barack Obama

    My point here is that nowhere on the website in the history is Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital ever mentioned.

    The Kauikeolani Childrens Hospital merged with Kapiolani Maternity Home to become the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in 1978.

    Therefore, on the birth certificate, the name of the hospital in 1961 should have been either Kauikeolani Cildrens's Hospital or Kapiolani Maternity Home.....not Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital..

    heh :)


    1. A little further reading shows the above comment may be in error.

      There being differing reasonable opinions about the proper name of the hospital, and the times.

      I am too tired to try and straighten this pretzel tonight.


  10. Obama is a piker next to the US Media. They are worthy successors to Joseph Goebbels. They are hideous, Aljazeera and RT News have higher standards than the top ten of the US media propaganda machine.

  11. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse says Selective Service System officials apparently are trying to dissuade the Arizona investigative team from attempting to obtain original documentation to determine whether Barack Obama’s draft registration form is authentic.


    The team says it cannot make a conclusive determination about the two documents unless it obtains the microfilm records so they can be examined by independent experts.


    Reporter Alan Jones, writing for Communities @Washington Times, found that the Selective Service System published new privacy rules in the Federal Register Sept. 20, 2011, four days after WND reported Sept. 16, 2011, that Arpaio had commissioned the Cold Case Posse to open an inquiry with full subpoena power into the alleged forgery of several Obama identity documents, including his long-form birth certificate and his Selective Service draft registration form.

    1. I had read that before.

      4 days.

      Little short of amazing.


  12. Just another example of how BO has lived a life of deceit, lies and denial to feed his sycophant, narssacistic cravings in which no one matters except those who cover, lie for and promote him.

  13. Because of Obama's intentionally sealed background documents, U.S. Citizens have no way to "ground-truth" anything about Obama. In the Information Age, America knows more about George Washington's upbringing than Obama.

    It's easy for the Liberal Media to miss something if they are intentionally looking the other way.

  14. It's made Australia:

  15. While Sheriff Joe Arpaio is condemned by President Obama for enforcing federal law we have to take a closer look at what is really going on. When the sheriff accused the president of not being an American citizen, the battle lines were drawn.


    This will be the beginning of Obama's use of his office to circumvent the people who don't agree with him by appointing another of his tsars.

  16. Obama is a liar and a fraud, but Michelle tells the truth at the 45 second mark -

    'when we visited his home country in Kenya'


  17. Now you've done it:

    Sent Bob spinning off into space...
    ...perhaps never to return.

    If that is the case, if you're an honorable man,
    you should offer Bob's wife a trip for two to Honolulu,
    where Bob could see Barry's birth recorded in a Bound Volume
    of official records neatly shelved in chronological order, as
    it has been for low these many years.

    Only possible hope for bringing the dope back to his senses...

    ...if you really care.

    1. If the Bar will fund the trip, the wife and I will volunteer to go to Honolulu and spook around for a couple of weeks, and see what we can find out.


  18. Most unreported aspect of Obama's history was posted in a comment @ BC back during the campaign.

    Some guy lived in the same Condo complex as Barry.
    Repeatedly, he would see Barry and Grandma in the elevator when he came back from school.

    Often, Grandma could be seen berating him in public for this or that.
    Humiliating the poor tyke...

    ...and birthing his hatred for her and all the rest of us responsible for his self-ailienated white side.

  19. Quirk:

    "If the GOP wins or makes gains, they will, as they did in 2010, take that as a mandate. They are just that stupid"

    When they don't do anything, they're RINOS.

    When they do, they're stupid.

    After Scott Walker did all the righteous things to turn Wisconsin around from it's fiscal Death Spiral, Quirk predicted failure by way of massive blowback.

    Not that the Unions, and the National Dems didn't try, but latest news is that National Dems are pulling their money out of a losing cause.

    1. .

      Good to see you stop in Doug. Hope you're doing ok.


    2. .

      It's always good to see a t-amped kolohe float in like a woofy from the west and offer up various lolos he has pulled out of his okole.


      But seriously, would like to see you here more often.


  20. Ash touches on the Nuclear Elephant in the room in the previous thread:

    The Bond Market.

    Sooner or later, market forces will have their day, and when interest rates spike, interest on our debt will be unmanageable.

    Course if the bottom drops out first, that won't come to pass.

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by the "bottom dropping out". If you mean the economy tanks well the Feds will need try sell even more bonds and if the market is soft for the suckers...

      ...either the Fed buys 'em or they need to entice investors with better return.

    2. or the economy is in its current doldrums but another war is added to the mix (Iran) requiring the issue of even more bonds...

    3. Yeah, I meant a Depression, which I just associated with deflation, but I haven't thought about the Fed continuing to do what it's doing so well, (print money)...

      What did the Fed do back in the good old days of the Depression?

      Krugman and others seem to be urging the Euros to join us in massive money printing.

  21. The cost of drilling a well in the Bakken was $8.5 Million in the first quarter. That's up from $6.5 Million in 2010 (a 31% increase.)

    Whatever Obama is, and whoever created him, he's the only American Politician telling you the truth about Energy.

    1. Yeah, that it's good to subsidize drilling in Brazil, while curtailing it here whenever he can.


      The truth is we'll save the World by shutting down Coal Plants?

      The Truth to the Hollywood Rich, not folks out of work, or CO2 realists like me.

  22. In the western region of Spain called Extremadura, a $571-million 400 MW photovoltaic plant is being planned. Construction could begin in 2014 and should be completed in one year. Other than the large size, what is remarkable about this project is that it will receive no government subsidies. It is being planned by German and local developers. SAG Solarstrom is the German company. It makes photovoltaic systems for businesses, agriculture, and homes.

    “This project will be a milestone nationally and in Europe. It will be the first of this size in Europe that will generate power without state subsidies,” said Oliver Guenther who works with SAG Solarstrom. The Badajoz-based Valsolar is its Spanish counterpart on the project. On its site, the company says Extemadura is experiencing a solar boom.

    This area reportedly has one of the highest solar radiation levels in Europe. Due to these high levels, other solar power plants are also being planned there. For example, a 250-MW project from Gerlicher Solar is slated for construction in Talavan. Building will commence in 2013 and could create over 2,000 jobs.

    Gerlicher Solar Espana CEO Guillermo Barea said, “I want to convey to the entire PV industry, not only in Spain but also in Europe, a message of optimism and that the sector can be competitive in the Electricity Market without subsidies. The . . . . . .

    Source: Clean Technica (

    $1.40/Watt??!!! Amazing!!

  23. The average cost of Solar Installations in Europe, mostly small, residential installations, is down to $2.25/Watt.

    This is why Europe is cutting back on their exorbitant feed-in tariffs. Russia forced them into a push for renewables, and now the "virtuous cycle" has taken hold.

  24. Obama is faced with a dilemma if Romney has the balls to exploit it. He either lied which makes him a fraud in either case whether he was or was not born in Kenya. I can’t concieve of anyone believes that he didn’t notice. If that is the case he is unfit for an office where he damn well better notice.

  25. Remember when the die hard democrats defended Carter? and still do? Oh yes, but he was such a nice person, and honest.

    With Obama, it will be, oh, it doesnt matter that he wasnt born here, , and those little white lies? No big deal. We have bigger fish to fry. Oh and by the way, he tells us the truth on energy.

    Most of us can't handle the truth, the real truth.

  26. Things can change; but, right now, the republicans are so "out to lunch" that no one honestly cares if Obama is from Kenya, or from Mars.

  27. JP Morgan has fought his attempt to regulate them tooth and nail.

    Now, it looks like their latest idiotic gambling loss is, at least, $5 Billion.

  28. I guess Facebook is going to be a monster.

  29. .

    Holy shit!!

    Stop the presses. The Elephant Bar discovers politicians lie.

    Worse. After watching Obama's performance on the economy, Libya, Solyndra, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. over the last four years, EB finally determines Obama is a liar.

    Solution. "Well, he should be so embarrassed he resigns in disgrace."

    I guess we can expect that after reading that he will be doing the right thing any day now.

    It's a sad day when the big Kahuna, that akamai haole from Maui has to step in to be the adult in the room.


    1. Quirk's home country is 4Vesta.

      Where'd you get the Hawaiian dictionary?


    2. Some English/Hawaiian translation site?


    3. .

      Just some stuff I picked up on my surfing trips.


  30. The dreaded WorldNetDaily finds evidence O'fraudster was still Kenyan born as late as 2003 -

    WND will be on this story for weeks. You can't say they didn't tell us so, whatever you may think of the site. Miss T was always down on me for using it once in a while, but they are laughing now and may have the 'last laugh'.

    By the way the Kenyans take it for granted that Kenya is where he was born, and I think erected some kind of monument at the site of the sacred birth.


    1. .

      Yeh, it's a sculpture of a giant head like the Easter Island moai only with much larger ears.


    2. After Jimmy Kimmel Roast, they've made a new one that portrays him trying to cover his ears with his hands.

      As Jimmy points out, It's physically impossible.

  31. Flashback: Obama admitted to drunk driving, too
    byDavid Freddoso Editorial Page Editor

    I was re-reading Dreams from my Father to prepare for an appearance on Hannity that will air tomorrow night, and I came across a passage I'd completely forgotten.

    The scene is Chicago, in front of Obama's apartment. A group of unruly young black men pulls up outside after midnight, music blasting. He has a guest in his apartment, and his neighbors have just brought home their newborn. He gets upset and goes outside to tell them off.

    Then he starts to think: They could be me from just a few years ago. And they might intend him harm. Then, finally, he considers how he -- a grown up with a job and a life -- is increasingly unlike these kids, and how they may never have the chance to mature the way he did:

    Their unruly maleness will not be contained, as mine finally was, by a sense of sadness at an older man's injured pride. Their anger won't be checked by the intimation of danger that would come upon me whenever I split another boy's lip or raced down a highway with gin clouding my head.

    Emphasis mine.

    I'm sure that if someone asked him, President Obama would say he never should have driven drunk, and that he regrets it today. But I'd also bet almost no one knows about this passage, even now.

    Some people are soooo lacking in judgement they feel they are actually better drivers when they are drunk, than when they are sober. Unbelievable, but true.


  32. Kenyan born as late as 2004 -


  33. HGX dropping like Michelle's knuckles. I might just buy some if it gets to 110.

  34. An answer to the charge of 'birtherism' -


    And the answer to the charge of "Birtherism"?
    "Why we simply believed the first story he gave us"!


  35. SGS replies -


    Good counter-answer! "So you are calling me a birther for havng believed Obama on something he has been telling people in the 1990slasting until 2006, whereas you believed him on something he claimed only since 2007?"

    This is what I shall tell people who want to call me a "birther"

    How long for the media coffer dam around the story to break open? Estimated 3 days.

    Nice picture of coffer dam in article.

    We used to have a lot of those on the rivers here. They were used to store logs floating down stream and when enough were gathered they'd break the dam open and swoosh would go the logs on a big water surge downstream


  36. .

    If you want to worry about Obama's lies or dishonesty, worry about things like this.

    Sen. Jim Webb on the Libyan Adventure and how to stop future mistakes:

    The historically acceptable conditions under which a president can unilaterally order the military into action are clear. If our country or our military forces are attacked; if an attack, including one by international terrorists, is imminent and must be preempted; if treaty commitments specifically compel us to respond to attacks on our allies; if American citizens are detained or threatened; if our sea lanes are interrupted, then—and only then—should the president order the use of military force without first gaining the approval of the Congress.

    The recent actions by this administration, beginning with the months-long intervention in Libya, should give us all grounds for alarm about the potential harm to our constitutional system itself. We are in no sense compelled—or justified—in taking action based on a vote in the United Nations, or as the result of a decision made by a collective security agreement such as NATO when none of its members have been attacked...

    Time For Congress To Grow Some Balls


    1. The "real" fraud is that (I suspect) Obama is an internationalist at heart.

      You can argue that the role of the world's cop should properly be internationalized through NATO or whatever but it's harder to argue that an internationalist has America's best interests in mind.

  37. Nat Gas trading 38% above its recent low.

  38. Peter Morici takes down the banking sector. I don't agree around the edges but just sticking with the general outline:

    Overregulation and slow economic growth domestically and discrimination against U.S. banks in Asia will severely limit U.S. banks prospects. Financial stocks will likely rebound after the recent scandal at JPMorgan but long term those are a bad bet.


    Skipping over the "overregulation" argument (repeal of G-S, failure of ratings agencies, failure of Efficient Market Hypothesis, etc etc etc - the "over"-done part is all in the tax code but you never hear that), the proposition that the growth countries of the next few decades won't 'play ball' with Wall St, aside from being darkly amusing, makes some sense, all of which suggests that the TBTF Wall St Four will ... fade out. EUrope is no longer the fat customer. USA is facing slow to very slow growth, as Morici notes. I think he's right about storm clouds on the horizon - for the Wall St investment houses. Regional retail commercial banking will recover.

    I have heard that finance sector (and transport) historically leads the markets. They won't this time.

    1. Look for alfalfa prices to come into play big time soon. The alfalfa sector will lift the agricultural economy to such heights that, as Rufus says, the nation will float high and dry on the backs of the salt of the earth.


  39. John Boehner issued a statement yesterday insisting that he was dead-set on repealing the health care reform law "in its entirety," refuting a Politico report that he'd hatched a plan to keep the most popular parts of the law should the Supreme Court overturn ObamaCare. What prompted the statement? A wash of right-wing infighting. The leaked plan set off a firestorm among The Repeal Coalition, a Google email group loaded with top congressional staffers and think-tank figures, Politico reports, having obtained a transcript.

    "Should we change the name of this to 'partialrepealcoalition' or 'someofobamacareisprettygood'?" asked one aide to Jim DeMint. The "House GOP is going to cave after winning an election on full repeal," complained one Heritage Action staffer. "Unreal." The email chain is a vivid look at House leadership's challenges with the party's far-right wing. Listservs like the Repeal Coalition can generate group-think leadership can't control. Before long, Boehner's staff sent an email to a separate group of leadership aides, promising he'd "knock … down" the report.

    People might not like ObamaCare but I shudder to think what GOPCare will look like.

    I *used to* argue that the Republicans/Conservatives had no policy platform outside of "no government." I say *used to* because I have since discovered that "policy is the problem" according to the modern Repub/Conservative. They don't *do* policy (except to oppose it.)

    That's not good.

    1. That crazy dem congressman had it right.

      The Republican Healthcare Plan.

      1) If you're poor, or have a pre-existing condition Don't Get Sick

      2) If you do get sick, Die.

    2. Can't accuse the Republicans of "over-regulating."

      Coming soon: the Republicans propose KISS

      (as in KISS your life good-bye)

    3. .

      Loss of the GOP healthcare "plan" is likley a small loss.

      A month or so ago, there were a number of articles indicating that the GOP was planning on presenting a GOP plan in May or June that would capture some of the more popular aspects of Obamacare. This is one from Daily Kos.

      Lawmakers and their aides say a Republican plan would focus on controlling healthcare costs and allowing people to retain coverage while changing jobs. They will avoid Obama's comprehensive approach to extend coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans.

      The aim is to lay out a prospective agenda for the newly elected political leadership in 2013, based on a "step-by-step" approach consisting of separate bills that address specific problems within America's $2.6 billion healthcare system.

      But if the high court justices struck down the entire law, Republicans could try to salvage some of the Affordable Care Act's provisions that are already in force and have proved popular with voters.

      Toss in a little tort reform and their favorite idea of allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, and you have a plan that would insure far fewer people and cut the deficit by about half of what the Affordable Care Act would. Oh, and vouchers for Medicare. What would be lost?

      Does all this mean congressional Republicans finally have a health care reform replacement plan? No. They have a handful of ideas cribbed from Obamacare and their favorite lobbyists, leaving millions still uninsured.

      Other than Bush's unfunded mandate on drugs and Ryan's budget plan which eliminates Medicare as we know it, the GOP has ignored or fought healthcare reform in any manner it has been presented over the past 20 years. Now they are merely admitting what is obvious to all. They haven't a clue.


    4. No they do not. That is for certain.

      Definitely Lost.

    5. I linked previously to a Robert Reich piece on how a SCOTUS rejection of the individual mandate could be turned into a possibly better health care approach by amending ACA to make Medicare an option. As I have written repeatedly, I think this is, not only a reasonably good idea, but also likely the "only way out" that doesn't cut off too many from too much (policy objectives may have to be rejiggered but the general outlines I think are fairly stable.)

    6. Whenever I hear "let the markets decide" I am reminded of that old commercial "Let's let Mikey try it. He'll eat anything."


  40. The "real" fraud is that (I suspect) Obama is an internationalist at heart

    So are at least three of our Supremes.

    1. holy smokes batman! there is a world beyond US borders? Tell me it ain't so!!

    2. Let's indict Ash in the ICC, charge, assbackwardness.
      They'd probably find him innocent, though.



  41. The frustration cuts both ways, with a number of Republican lawmakers feeling some Tea Party activists have been too aggressive with them.

    "The Tea Party has made the difference for us," said Republican State Representative Joe Carr, who works closely with some of the groups. "But I'll have nothing to do with folks who come here full of aggression and vitriol."

    While many in the Tea Party believe a RINO hunt is the answer to what they see as Republican timidity, others warn the insurgency may harm its own interests.


    I admit to liking the occasional blood sport, and politics is about as bloody a sport as there is, but the Tea Party activists lost me with their wholesale rejection of moderation. Somewhere during the Beck/Hannity/OReilly years being "fiscally conservative and socially liberal" became not simply taboo or verboten, but as disgusting as taking a dump in your neighbor's living room.

    I *used to* argue the case for Bill Clinton's Radical Centrism. I don't bother anymore.

    The "International Left" is as feared and hated as the stealthy Bilderberg/Trilateral Commission/Bohemian schemers.

  42. In the "I scored 1580 on my SAT's" category:

    Publicly, Emanuel blasted the effort, which planned to link Obama to incendiary comments Wright has made in the past. "America is too great a country with too great a future for the content that they’re talking about. And it’s insulting to the president. It’s insulting to the country," he said.

    The Ricketts family owns the Chicago Cubs, and Joe's son Tom is chairman of the team. The bombshell report couldn't come at a worse time for the Ricketts, who are seeking public funds to renovate 98-year-old Wrigley Field. Emanuel has a plan to use amusement tax revenues and other incentives to pay for the renovations to the park, which did not have night lights until 1988.

    Emanuel is reportedly refusing to take the Ricketts' calls.



  43. The Family of Man.

    I thought I heard Nancy Pelosi say something to the effect that "I can't remember the last time I sang Kumbaya."

    Real life is somewhere between character and caricature.

    But we all end up real dead in real time.

    Off to delay my Golden Years some more.

  44. from Hot Air -

    But apparently it’s based on someone else’s recipe:

    Two of the possibly plagiarized recipes, said in the Pow Wow Chow cookbook to have been passed down through generations of Oklahoma Native American members of the Cherokee tribe, are described in a New York Times News Service story as originating at Le Pavilion, a fabulously expensive French restaurant in Manhattan. The dishes were said to be particular favorites of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Cole Porter.

    The two recipes, “Cold Omelets with Crab Meat” and “Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing,” appear in an article titled “Cold Omelets with Crab Meat,” written by Pierre Franey of the New York Times News Service that was published in the August 22, 1979 edition of the Virgin Islands Daily News, a copy of which can be seen here.

    Ms. Warren’s 1984 recipe for Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing is a word-for-word copy of Mr. Franey’s 1979 recipe.

    Mrs. Warren’s 1984 recipe for Cold Omelets with Crab Meat contains all four of the ingredients listed in Mr. Franey’s 1979 recipe in the exact same portion but lists five additional ingredients. More significantly, her instructions are virtually a word for word copy of Mr. Franey’s instructions from this 1979 article.

    Among the ingredients for Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing: “Imported mustard,” Worcestershire sauce, cognac, and of course crab, all presumably readily available to a, er, 19th-century agrarian Cherokee settlement in Oklahoma.

    Them Cherokee used to eat high on the hog, that's for sure.



  45. Free Electricity.

    TXU Energy in Texas is offering the first free energy rates in the nation, between 10 PM and 6 AM. Its daytime rates are 11 cents.

    Wind power tends to be greatest in the wee hours. Texas wind power sometimes has to be curtailed or wasted because there’s no one to use it at night. The more wind power on the grid the more this happens, as it already has in Texas, and in the Pacific Northwest.

    All electricity must be used right away, as generated, or generators must be turned off, or curtailed. Grid storage is being considered by utilities, to try to move the time of wind’s energy to the time customers need it – by day.

    But rather than move the energy to the day, TXU Energy is trying to move the customers into the wee hours of the night. And with so much automation – it could be a huge advantage for Texas customers, where the smart grid is enabled so that consumers could take advantage of free night time power.

    Delay timers on dish washers and clothes washers is one thing. The utility estimates that if customers can shift just 10 percent of electricity use from doing laundry or running the dishwasher, they can save about $200 per year, or just a few bucks a month.

    But why stop at that. Buy an electric car and you’d have free night time. . . . . . .

    Source: Clean Technica (

    Is "Free" Cheap Enough?

  46. In the "I hate you. You're disgusting. I don't ever want to see you again." category:

    e-cards for that special "ex" (LINK)

    1. She got the ring, I got the finger


  47. Now, for you that have doubted ol' rufee, FREE electricity from Tx's largest retail provider of electricity from 10 PM to 6 AM, and $0.11 the rest of the day.

    Why? How did this happen?

    Could it have happened w/o Wind Energy? Of course not. The only way this can happen is when your electricity source doesn't require "Feedstock."

    Wait till Tx starts installing Solar for those Hot, Sunny Summer Days.

    1. No one has ever doubted ol' rufee, except a little around the edges sometimes, and late at night.

      Does sound good.


  48. Just to balance out the "your clothes are outside on the grass, drop dead" post:

    If Ford is to Chevrolet
    What Dodge is to Chrysler
    What Corn Flakes are to Post Toasties
    What the clear blue sky is to the deep blue sea
    What Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong
    Can you doubt we were made for each other

    Here I Am (LINK)

    Lyle Lovett nailing it for sure.

  49. Replies
    1. Good Job, Max. Having a li'l snort tonite, are we? :)

    2. Glad you enjoyed it Rufus.

      Slowing down for awhile - getting a little "too much stuff" where it doesn't belong. Salad time-out.

  50. The Mystery of Obama’s Birth

    We know for sure that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, because it was announced in a local newspaper. But we also now know that for sixteen years, his literary agent circulated a bio that said he was born in Kenya. That statement must have come from Obama himself; or, at a bare minimum, it certainly was known to him. So: why? Why would Obama put it out that he was born in Kenya if he was actually born in Hawaii?

    Over at PJ Media, CEO Roger Simon, a mystery writer by trade, put his mind to the puzzle and came up with an intriguing theory. Perhaps Obama had a tangible incentive to pass himself off as African, rather than merely African-American.

    Perhaps the explanation goes back to his college and law school days, which remain weirdly shrouded in mystery, deemed off-limits by liberal reporters and editors. Perhaps Obama took advantage of a scholarship–or, I would add, an affirmative action opportunity–that was available only to those born in Africa.

    Perhaps, in other words, Obama was like Elizabeth Warren, dishonestly checking a diversity box to get ahead.
    There would be no down-side at all, up until the moment when Obama decided he might run for president.

    Check out Roger’s piece. It is, at a minimum, a thought-provoking theory.


    And now, BHO would much rather have the oh so easily labeled birthers and anyone that brings the subject up in the spotlight, than to have Bob et al busily researching substantive faults in this Fraud of a Homo Sapien.

    The All Black, Black/White "American"

  51. We know for sure that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, because it was announced in a local newspaper.

    Yup, so was the asking price for a pet parrot in the want ads, and a Malibu convertible for sale in Maui.

    Proof positive.


  52. Best UFO sightings of April 2012


  53. Replies
    1. Dayyum, Max; you got me wishin' I could stay up and play. But, I got up at 5:00, and I'm whupped. We do gotta go cyber-tonkin' sometime, though. (anybody that likes steel gittars could get on the friendly side of me real fast.) :) {please don't tell me you like to "dress trashy, drink Wild Turkey, and . . . . }

      Aw, shit, I'm gettin' worser'n Bob.

  54. She thinks my tractor's sexy -


    1. She thinks my tractor's sexy, high school version


  55. aeyieee
    Their tribes fought
    With each other
    So their love
    Could never be.....

    Now they'll always
    Be together
    In their Happy
    Hunting Ground

    With a love
    That can never die


    O no
    tis Cherokee
    Juliet and


  56. May 18, 2012
    Literary agency explanation raises more questions than it answers on Obama Kenya birth assertion
    Thomas Lifson

    Miriam Goderich, who was identified as the person who edited the text of the 1991 brochure listing Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya, has issued a statement that seeks to accept personal blame for the "mistake" but which only raises more questions. The statement was sent to Political Wire:

    "You're undoubtedly aware of the brouhaha stirred up by Breitbart about the erroneous statement in a client list Acton & Dystel published in 1991 (for circulation within the publishing industry only) that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me -- an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

    Okay, fine. But a fact-checker does not make up text. A fact checker receives a text written by someone else, and then determines whether the factual assertions are based on the verifiable truth.

    So the question remains: who submitted the text that was insufficiently fact-checked by Ms. Goderich? Who, in other words, first offered the assertion that Barack Obama was born in Kenya?

    One must ask who on earth other than the client himself, Barack Obama, would have had the data upon which to assert that Barack Obama was born in Kenya? If that person was not Obama, then why would such person believe that Obama was born in Kenya? Recall that at the time, Obama occupied no political office, and had been in the public eye primarily because he was the first black person elected president of the Harvard Law Review. It seems very likely that Barack Obama himself supplied the information. Who else would be in a position to make such an assertion? Who could have supplied such "mistaken" information to the literary agent?

    Read more:


  57. Endeth the music fest -


  58. Music just beginning for Facebook shareholders


  59. The Hawaii Department of Health’s refusal to confirm to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett that it has a valid birth certificate on file for President Obama makes it look like Hawaii officials “are hiding something,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in an interview this morning with WND.

    Bennett told Phoenix talk-radio host Mike Broomhead yesterday on his KFYI AM show that he might keep Obama’s name off of the state’s presidential ballot if he doesn’t receive the confirmation.

    Eight weeks ago, the secretary of state asked Hawaii officials merely for an email confirming the Department of Health has a certified copy of the birth certificate. But Bennett told Broomhead, reported the White House Dossier blog, that Hawaii officials have not complied.

    Mike Zullo, the head of Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team investigating Obama’s eligibility, told WND that Hawaii’s refusal to comply “is just another outright, glaring display of stonewalling that the Sheriff’s Office has encountered since Day One conducting this investigation.”

    Zullo said “common sense at this point should be everyone’s guide.”

    Ken Bennett

    “If this was a non-issue, it wouldn’t be going on eight weeks waiting for the state of Hawaii to verify anything,” he said.

    Zullo told WND that Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office investigators have spoken at length with Bennett regarding the president’s birth record. Arpaio’s team announced March 1 that it found probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

    Zullo said his team spoke with Bennett as recently as last week.

    “We are in the beginning stages of enlightening him to critical information that the sheriff has acquired during this investigation,” Zullo said.

    ‘It looks like they’re hiding something’

    Arpaio confirmed he’s still investigating Obama’s birth certificate and also the president’s Selective Service registration form, which his team also found probable cause to be a forgery.

    “We’re not getting too far with cooperation from the federal government,” he told WND this morning. “But that doesn’t matter; we’re still going to continue our investigation and see if those documents are forged.”

    Regarding the Hawaii Department of Health, Arpaio noted he’s said since the beginning of the investigation last fall, “Show me the microfilm.”

    “They won’t do that, so it looks like they’re hiding something,” he said.

    Arpaio said he will continue his investigation regardless of whether or not Obama gets on the ballot.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    In the radio interview yesterday, Broomhead asked Bennett if he would remove Obama’s name from the ballot if Hawaii won’t reply to his request.

    “That’s possible. Or the other option would be that I would ask all the candidates, including the president, to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate,” Bennett said.

    Bennett explained that under Hawaii law, government officials can request verification that the state has possession of a valid birth certificate.

    “They could say yes tomorrow, and the whole thing goes away,” Bennett said. “If they can’t say yes to that simple question, then it makes me wonder if we have to take it to another level.”

    Bennett said that regardless of Hawaii’s response, he needs “to have to have some simple verification that people are qualified for the office if they’re going to be on the ballot here in Arizona.”

    The Arizona official insisted he’s not a “birther” and denied he’s trying to appease “birthers” because he wants to run for governor.

    “I believe the president was born in Hawaii – or at least I hope he was,” Bennett said.


  60. ... said,
    "Yup, so was the asking price for a pet parrot in the want ads, and a Malibu convertible for sale in Maui."

    I bought that parrot, and checked out the Malibu Convertible real close, but decided since it was not the original Coupe that my college heartthrob was given by her daddy, to pass.

    ...just like she passed on me when she realized I'd never spoil her like she was used to with Daddy.

    Anyhoo, that, (and the record Bound into that book at the Courthouse) is proof enough for me.

    Sealed forever in my mind of course by Barrack's word.


  61. John Prine rules.
    ...and too much stuff sounds right down my alley.

    I'll get to it, but I have some Stuff to attend to first...


    John Prine rules.


  63. Finally, no fact checking error -


    1. .


      If we could only believe it.

      I hope you don't prove yourself a liar or a fraud on this.


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