“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Gaffer in Chief, Obama stumbles without his teleprompter


THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you so much.  (Applause.)  Thank you, everybody.  Everybody, please, please have a seat.  (Applause.)  Everybody, sit down, sit down.  I was going to head over here earlier and they said, no, no, this place is full of women and they’re still settling down.  (Laughter.)  I said, what do you mean settling down?  What are they doing over there?  Just creating havoc. 

Obama is really one of the dumbest presidents that we  have ever had. Gaffe over gaffe. He is as ignorant as he is arrogant. 
We really do have an idiot in the White House.


  1. It doesn't matter. The republicans guaranteed themselves 40%, or less, of the Wimmins' vote with their idiotic Santorum Birth Control foray.

    1. But Sick Rantorum won't be on the ticket, so how does that work?

    2. Weren't you not paying attention? There for awhile Romney was "out-Santoruming" Santorum. You'll see the video clips along about October.

  2. Why do Republicans continue to value “purification” and bloodletting over winning elections? What the hell is wrong with the Republican Party?!? --Meghan McCain


    Romney's wife: Mitt "needs to unzip."

    Mitt Romney’s Top Five Vice President Options


    Don't quite get the love affair with Rubio.

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  4. America is illegitimate stealing the lands of the native corn tenders.

  5. I guess the Republicans are terminal Calvinists.

  6. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  7. For thousands of years the native injuns tended the fields of maze, only to be murdered and displaced by the european colonies...

  8. The injustice of America....

    Displacing those corn crop folks...

    For thousands of years those native folks, harmed no one, spreading their maze onto the plains of Ohio and west....

    The innocence lost of the Corn Folk...

    ALl because a Europeans decided to invade another's land...

    1. For thousands of years those native folks, harmed no one, spreading their maze onto the plains of Ohio and west....

      Uh, sure. Did you know the Apaches used to pick over their captive's feet with knives like leftover turkey because they believed if they screamed, the would become their slave in the afterlife?

    2. Koby Mandell and Yosef Ishran were two Israeli teens, 13 and 14 years old. Koby was a citizen of both the United States and Israel. The boys lived and attended school in the Israeli settlement of Tekoa, in the West Bank,[1][2] located near the Palestinian town of the same name[3] variously referred to in English as Tuqu', Tekoa, and similar spellings.
      On May 8, 2001, the boys skipped school and went hiking in the Judean desert surrounding their village.[4] At first, their parents did not worry about the boys. They believed that they had gone to school, and then to Jerusalem to participate in a political demonstration. But when the boys did not come home by midnight, their parents informed the authorities.[1][2]
      The bodies of two boys were discovered the next morning in a cave near the West Bank settlement where they lived. USA Today reported that, according to the police, both boys had "been bound, stabbed and beaten to death with rocks". The newspaper continued, "The walls of the cave in the Judean Desert were covered with the boys' blood, reportedly smeared there by the killers".[2] CNN and the Irish Independent reported that "Israel's Channel Two TV said police believed there were at least three assailants who dipped their hands into the boys' blood after the killing and smeared it on the walls of the cave."[5][6]
      Miro Cohen, a sheep rancher described the scene to Time magazine: "A rock the size of a computer rested on Kobi's smashed skull. Both bodies were covered with stones. Blood smeared the walls, and the dirt floor was muddy with it." The bodies were so badly mutilated and disfigured that dental records had to be used for positive identification.[7]
      The Jerusalem Post reported that police could not determine whether the boys had been killed outside the cave, or if their bodies were deposited in the cave after the murders. After forensic examination, the bodies, together with blood-stained rocks, were taken out of the cave.[1]
      The boys' funeral was attended by thousands of people.[1

      Sounds like the Palestinians

    3. Let's give them a state. (the Palestinians)

      and to all that support the Palestinians?

      May your children marry them, may you enjoy their sense of rationality and fairness forever.....

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  9. It's alright, Bob;

    they had God's permission (and superior armaments, of course.)

  10. WASHINGTON -- A Wisconsin law that made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to have their day in court was repealed on Thursday, after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) quietly signed the bill.


    Boy those wily Dems are sure playing politics with this one, aren't they? Such kidders.

  11. A poor man, a minority, or a woman that votes for a Republican needs their head examined.

  12. They can dissemble, obfuscate, and propagandize all day long, but in the end the truth will out; The Republican Party is the party of Rich White Men.

  13. Unfortunately, we have to put them in office, from time to time, just to counterweight the far left of the Democratic Party.

    Nothin's easy.

  14. For thousands of years the peaceful Solutreans the first Americans from Sweden fished and hunted their lands in paradise until homicidal asiatic forerunners of the Cherokee crossed the Alaskan Land Bridge and attacked them mercilessly.

    All that is left now of those first peaceful courageous folk is some DNA markers in inner Mississippi and a few stone tools.

    1. .

      Thank the lord for small favors.


    2. Solutreans!

      That's great.....great unca Ollie with the painted cross on his face.

    3. They came from the South of France, asshole.

    4. .

      So you are saying you Swedes arrived here on Soul Train, Bob?


  15. There's no safe place any more. Moderates are becoming as hated as the radical fringe. I (almost) feel sorry for Romney. aside from the RINO baggage courtesy of the Party establishment, he's starting to get it from from the other (left/moderate) end as well for offering white bread and mayo to a voting public looking for ... something more satisfying, preferably served with blood, maybe some guts on the side.

  16. Prolonged recessions make for pissed-off people.

  17. .

    I recall seeing that over the past decade over 1.2 million servicemen have been sent overseas to fight (not sure if that was Afghanistan and Iraq or just Iraq).

    Most suffered in one way or another. Now they continue to suffer, whether through bureaucratic inertia, do-gooders exploiting them, or even the people trying to help them.

    One Facilities Story


  18. Wait till the oil flow actually starts "declining."

  19. Sorry for the delayed response but currently at the bottom of a ski hill in BC reading through comments on a phone polluted by confusing and contradictory anon posts. Had to steal my son's laptop to create this response.

    re: The significance of location of Israel:

    I am making no judgement on the claims on the lands but to the participants the location is of paramount importance. To many Jewish people the physical placement of Israel is the prime reason for its existence hence the desire for Eretz Israel and the continually expanding borders of the Israeli state. The settler movement is often motivated by the desire to obtain all of biblical Israel.

    The Palestinians also have strong ties to the same land mass. The Palestinian refugees 'ran away' in the 40's - they were war refugees and it is common practice that war refugees are allowed to return home when war ends. They haven't and the Palestinian refugee crisis continues and is one of the issues at the heart of the disputes. Israel feels existentially threatened if the refugees are to be returned home the refugees have valid claims. Israel wouldn't be Israel to Jews if it weren't were it is. These issues are at the HEART of the conflict and to cavalierly suggest that Israel be placed somewhere else is to reflect a very superficial understanding of the issues.

    1. The border of Israel and it's conquered lands have shrunk by leaps and bounds for the concept of land for peace.

      The Sinai, the Gaza Strip, Southern Lebanon, 90% of the west bank have all been evacuated.

      the only "disputed lands" left are the golan heights and 4% of the west bank and jerusalem

      Israel's borders have not expanded in recent years by decreased.

      As for refugees?

      MORE jews were thrown out of their homes from 1948-1967 and driven into Israel than arabs displaced from Israel

      Today there are MORE ARABS citizens of Israel than there were arabs in the entire region in 1948.

      Today there are almost ZERO jews left in the arab/islamic world, they have been ethnically cleansed.

      The UN created the opportunity for 2 states.

      The Jews accepted the UN

      The arabs decided to declare genocidal war and lost...

      time to stop rewriting history.

      there are 21 arab nations and on Jewish nation.

      the arabs control 899/900th of the middle east, ethnically cleansing the jews and now the christians from their lands

      the Jews? have a modern state with over 1.1 MILLIon arab citizens that enjoy more freedom than in any arab state. They vote, own land, serve in the government, run businesses and have democratic and civil rights.

      that is the fact.

      the fake nationalistic people called "palestinians" have now morphed into a defacto group, born from a terrorist's dream the palestinian society is based on lies, murder and terror.

      there is no freedom in the west bank or gaza strip, they are police states. Rife with corruption, rape, murder and torture they are in no way a group ready or able to run themselves. the experiment has failed.

    2. There is no doubt that the mess in the Middle East and everything associated with Israel is a result of the German slaughter of Jews with the complicity of other Europeans all too happy to join in the murder and destruction and theft of Jewish properties. The Jews did not see it coming but the fix of displacing one injustice with another never works. The last 40 years should be proof enough that the idea was flawed from the beginning. You cannot kill your way to lasting peace when the numbers are so overwhelmingly against you. It has never happened and never will. We are in the middle of the saga. It will end with compromise and accommodation or something far worse. Battleship Israel will exhaust its lifespan. That is the way it goes.

    3. WiO: The border of Israel and it's conquered lands have shrunk by leaps and bounds for the concept of land for peace.

      Yeah, this map (white areas) shows the 1947 Partition, and Israel has gotten so much smaller since then. Cry me a river.

    4. Deuce,

      The history of Jews in the middle east and Israel did not start post world war two. Sure WW2 influenced events but it is not the source of the conflict.

    5. .

      When talking of 'superficial' issues, the issue of the Palestinean refugees comes immediately to mind.

      The refugees are a talking point, a bargaining chip, something to give up, nothing more. The Israelis will never agree to their 'return', and no one on the arab side really gives a shit except maybe the countries in which they currently reside.

      There will be no return of the refugees, just as there will be no negotiated peace agreement. Any final settlement, if it comes, will be a forced one.

      For those arguing for a negotiated settlement it is all political and in most cases all kabuki.

      Worry about something else.


    6. They don't call New Jersey the garden state for nought. How about a Jewish homeland there, where the black loam is 15 inches thick?

    7. The Israelis will never agree to their 'return', and no one on the arab side really gives a shit except maybe the countries in which they currently reside...........

      The Israelis already have agreed to a small family reunification however there is no turning back the clock.

      the arab world will not provide a settlement to the jewish refugee question and the Israelis will not commit suicide allowing the creation of a palestinians state and the palestinians right to destroy israel thru mass immigration.

      The solution is simple. The Palestinains must give up the right to murder Jews and settle on the majority palestinian controlled areas as a state. If they do not wish to do that?

      No state will be created and the palestinians will merge back into the sponge called the ummah.

  20. And so it is that Romney cuts a figure much like Ernest Harrowden in The Picture of Dorian Gray: a character whom Oscar Wilde describes as "one of those middle-aged mediocrities, who have no enemies, but are thoroughly disliked by their friends".


    The nature of the Republican party these last few years is such that some potential candidates would not enter. Anyone who has said anything sane about climate change, evolution, gay marriage or the economy took a look at what it would take to be nominated and bowed out.


    While the primary season did a great job of illustrating this problem, it did not create it. For that we have to thank the conservative binge sparked by Obama's victory and the opportunistic relationship the Republican establishment has had with it. When it came to rallying the faithful against the recession and Obama it worked, until people saw them with power and they had to come up with solutions rather than rhetoric. These primaries are, in no small part, the price the party is paying for its 2010 mid-term success.

  21. Ms T want to use maps to prove her point..

    here is a good map...

    want a map?

    Please notice the people called "palestinians" is not created until 1966 when referring to arabs, for almost 2000 years the term "palestinian" referred to the Jews

  22. Amazing picture of Automated Transfer Vehicle firing thrusters to control its approach to the International Space Station.

    The ATV brings groceries and such. The astronaut's union hates it.

  23. Bob: All that is left now of those first peaceful courageous folk is some DNA markers in inner Mississippi and a few stone tools.

    I heard there was good fishing down Kennewick way, Man.

  24. Link to more disgracefulness:

    As William Gale, an economist with the Brookings Institution, recently wrote, the Ryan budget is “essentially an effort to have low- and middle-class households bear the entire burden of closing the fiscal gap and to have them bear the costs of financing an additional tax cut for high income households.”

    On Friday in Vermont, the president described the GOP approach to budgeting and taxes as, “You’re on your own economics.”

  25. Oh the excitement.

    As Rubio's popularity wanes, support for Rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, has surged. Barely a consideration six months ago, the former White House budget director was the second-most frequent choice for both sets of strategists - receiving 23 percent support among Republicans and 22 percent for Democrats.

    Portman was a key backer of Romney's during the Ohio GOP primary and is considered a safe, well-vetted pick from a crucial swing state.

    "Not only is he eminently qualified to be president, but even more importantly no Republican as ever been elected President without carrying the state of Ohio," said one GOP strategist.

  26. In the Small World category we have ...

    Lise van Susteren (Greta's sister) as co-author of "The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States And Why the U.S. Mental Health System is Not Adequately Prepared" (Feb 2012.) [h/t Maggie's Farm]

    Lise is married to Jonathan Kempner, President of TIGER 21, "a peer-to-peer learning group for high net worth individuals."

    Collectively, TIGER 21’s 180 members currently manage approximately $15 billion in assets.

  27. She [Lise van Susteren] also worked as a consultant to the Central Intelligence Agency, conducting psychological assessments of world leaders.

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    1. Yeah, you know what, Deuce, six years later this blog sucks. I had to install Opera just to post, and now all my shit is disappearing. So knock yourself out guys.

  29. Yeah, the internet is Perfect everywhere else. Puhleeeze.

  30. Might I suggest that if you're trying to save your brilliance for posterity, keep a diary.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us will just accept it for what it is, "a dialogue, not an archive."

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  32. DSM-5 (previously known as DSM-V) is the planned fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It is due for publication in May 2013 and will supersede the DSM-IV which was last revised in 2000.


    Robert Spitzer, the head of the DSM-III task force, has publicly criticized the APA for mandating that DSM-5 task force members sign a nondisclosure agreement, effectively conducting the whole process in secret: “When I first heard about this agreement, I just went bonkers. Transparency is necessary if the document is to have credibility, and, in time, you’re going to have people complaining all over the place that they didn’t have the opportunity to challenge anything.”[40] Allen Frances expressed a similar concern.[41]

    Although the APA has since instituted a disclosure policy for DSM-5 task force members, many still believe the Association has not gone far enough in its efforts to be transparent and to protect against industry influence.[42] In a recent Point/Counterpoint article,[43] Lisa Cosgrove, PhD and Harold J. Bursztajn, MD noted that "the fact that 70% of the task force members have reported direct industry ties---an increase of almost 14% over the percentage of DSM-IV task force members who had industry ties---shows that disclosure policies alone, especially those that rely on an honor system, are not enough and that more specific safeguards are needed."

    From Link:

    the DSM-5 Task force is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry

  33. Versions differ on the origin of the concept for The Rite of Spring. Stravinsky later in life said that it came to him in a dream. But contemporary sources support that the idea originated with the Russian philosopher and painter Nicholas Roerich. Roerich shared his idea with Stravinsky in 1910, a fleeting vision of a pagan ritual in which a young girl dances herself to death. Together, Roerich and Stravinsky worked out a scenario of pagan dances in pre-Christian Russia. Roerich drew from scenes of historical rites for inspiration and used research of early Russian culture to create settings and costumes to complete the image of an early pagan Russia. wiki

    Stravinsky - The Rites of Spring

    Any proper spring festival must incorporate a little death, a little starter fluid, so to say, to get it off and booming into something more and greater than before.

  34. Replies
    1. I was hoping to see you cross dressing again.

  35. Replies
    1. Maxine is a lovely name, my mom's name.

    2. Maxine is a lovely name, my mom's name.


      On Fox News, Judge Napolitano sums it up:

      I think the president is dangerously close to totalitarianism[.] ... A few months ago he was saying, "The Congress doesn't count, the Congress doesn't mean anything, I am going to rule by decree and by administrative regulation."

      Now he's basically saying the Supreme Court doesn't count. It doesn't matter what they think. They can't review our legislation. That would leave just him as the only branch of government standing.

      Gaffer in Chief?

      Scoff - Law in Chief

      Obama A Punk Wannabe Dictator

  36. The only good thing that ever came out of Russia was Vodka.

    And, some pretty good crop-dusting planes.

    1. Don't know about the crop dusting planes but Russian vodka has killed more Russians than Hitler.

      Maybe only the non lethal stuff is for export.

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    1. It might just be me but I doubt it cause I'm known for never screwing up but it says 'an error occurred please try again later' on your last two vids.

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    1. But that one got through loud and clear.

    2. Not my mom. Never raised her voice and hardly ever got mad. I do remember her threatening to take my temperature "the hard way" if I won't sit still and do it by mouth.

      Time for my daily Mall stroll here....

  39. What's wrong with the Republican Party Part II by Judd Gregg:


    As one listens to the continuing clanging of the Republican presidential campaign, one simple fact is becoming apparent: Viable proposals on the big issues that face our country are difficult to find.

    The candidates are allowing any effective and doable policies to be marginalized by their zeal to speak to a blogosphere electorate that does not have to consider approaches that work on difficult problems such as our deficits, immigration reform and energy policy, because they have no responsibility to fix those problems.

    This electorate is simply out there somewhere in the cloud shouting down anyone who disagrees with them, and requiring GOP presidential candidates to kowtow to their excess or be excoriated.

    The practical effect of this new form of influence in the political process is that any policy that does not meet a litmus test of irrational ideological purity is rejected. Ironically, the purity sought guarantees the failure of the policy.


    There's that word again - "purity."

  40. Then, over-thinking as usual, I imagined the knowing glances coming from the sales clerks and I just couldn’t put myself through it. Absurd, I know, but that’s me–50 Shades of Kate–33 are variations of cuckoo and the rest is sarcasm with 17 swipes of mascara. Ultimately, I just kept thinking that I just needed to get over it. Just then, a strange version of my mother’s voice rang in my ears.