“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Road We’ve Traveled: Obama’s Film of Fiction Narrated by Tom Hanks

President Obama’s new campaign video “The Road We’ve Traveled” is enough to make any thinking, breathing American puke. The nearly 20 minute mini-documentary, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, is more fiction than fact, more fantasy than reality. Hanks tries to emotionalize the presidency of Obama asking viewers if they remember electing the nation’s first black president or the country on verge of economic collapse. (Eye-roll here)

The entire video seeks to seduce voters into re-electing Obama based on his character and unique story over his failed record of presiding over the worst recession since the Great Depression. Tom Hanks asks “How do we understand this president and his time in office? Do we look at today’s headlines?” This line will likely arouse laughter from viewers because Americans understand this president’s time in office as one of failure, which is why since last year Obama’s job approval ratings job approval ratings consistently hovered below 50%. Although Hanks would like us to be blind to the headlines, Americans read daily about the unemployment rate being above 8% for the past three years.

This sappy video tries to play Americans for fools. Describing Obama’s first meeting with his economic team in Chicago to discuss the country’s economic crisis, Communications Director for Obama’s re-election campaign David Axelrod exclaims, “There was a screen set up for slides but we might as well be watching a horror movie.” No most Americans would say the horror movie has been the one they’ve been living for the past three years under Obama’s presidency: $15 Trillion debt, virtually no hiring or economic growth, and $1 trillion plus deficits, etc.

This video paints a picture of a helpless President Obama. Hanks voice turns dreary and foreboding “Not since days of Roosevelt had so much fallen on shoulders of one president. And when he faced his country; he would not dwell in blame or idealism.” Obama ran for president of the United States. He knew what he was getting into and it’s an outright lie to say Obama didn’t blame anyone for the situation he stepped into. Obama has spent his entire presidency blaming George W. Bush and Republicans for his inability to lead America out of this recession.

Hanks waxes on about Obama’s record of success/relentless spending like the $800 trillion Recovery Act, which did nothing to create jobs. Several minutes are sucked up talking about how critical it was for Obama to spend $80 billion to save the US auto industry, oops I mean union jobs. Then Hanks declares “Obama knew he couldn’t fix the economy if he didn’t fix healthcare.” He should have focused on fixing the economy rather not passing $1 trillion Obamacare which killed jobs, rather than created them.

Of course the video paints Obama solely responsible for the Navy Seals capture of Osama bin Laden, this is the only time during he’s presidency he’s taken responsibility for something. Note Vice-President Biden’s emphasis “this was his decision.” What’s left out of this narrative is it was Bush’s enhanced interrogation techniques that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder condemned that enabled CIA to get information from an al Qaeda operative that Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan.

The most outrageous fiction in video is Hanks listing his record of success: Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, 3.5 million jobs created (no mention of the 6 million lost during his presidency) but Hank declares Obama’s successes “which changed the way the world sees us.”

That’s true enough. Obama’s policies have made the world see America as weak and broken.

Finally, Hanks notes: “Time and time again, we would see rewards from tough decisions he had made.” I guess Hanks is talking about the rewards of high unemployment, foreclosures and broken dreams Obama has given the American people? Watching this re-write of Obama’s record, which you think will never come to an end, Hanks finally pleads with viewers during the last minute “So when we remember this moment and consider this president, then and now, let’s remember how far we’ve come. And look forward to the work still to be done.”

Someone tweeted me “when I think of Obama, I feel like a battered spouse who has everyone fooled that our relationship is great when it’s not.”

Despite Hanks desperate attempt to portray Obama as a great president, many Americans, remember how much they’ve suffered under this weak, misguided president and they aren’t going to give him four more years to do more “work.” Game Change the book describes (pp.26-27) David Axelrod, Obama campaign advisor, “Axelrod was known for being interested less in policy than in softer qualities of character and biography. His central gift was a grasp of the power of narrative—his ability to weave his candidates beliefs and background into an emotionally compelling bundle.”

You don’t elect a President based on emotion; you elect that person based on his or her ability. The American people have had enough of the Obama narrative and aren’t going to fall for this fairytale a second time around. As producer of the HBO movie Game Change combined with his acting ability, Hanks is good at spinning tales with a leftist bent. But what both Hanks and Team Obama should recognize is Americans aren’t stupid and whether they’re watching a movie or living through the presidency of Obama, they can always separate reality from fiction.


  1. News for the day..

    The real Desert Rat's graves vandalized in Libya

    Jews in France murdered in terrorist attacks

    Hezbollah getting advanced surface to air rockets n lebanon

    Syria's anti-aircraft guns manned by Russians

    Obama will use any illegal or legal means to win election in the fall.

    North Korea pulls a fast one again announces long range rocket launch.

    Iran states nothing will stop it's nuke program.

    Gas will be going up.

  2. "What raises people up is just,

    what lowers people, is unjust.


    Leftist policies have destroyed black families.
    They are now eroding the foundation of families throughout our society.

  3. Obama believes the best way to take guns out of the hands of Americans is to sell them to Mexico.

    Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah declared that it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the region."

    Religion of peace:

    TOULOUSE, France - A gunman opened fire outside of a Jewish school in the southwestern French city of Toulouse Monday, killing three children and one teacher.

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  5. VIDEO: Pamela Geller on FOX and Friends Discussing NY Times Islamophobia

    Here's the video of my appearance on FOX and Friends discussing NY Times Hypocrisy: Anti-Catholic ad vs Anti-Islam ad.

    Posted by Pamela Geller on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 09:29 AM in Atlas TV, NY Times Hypocrisy: Anti-Catholic ad vs Anti-Islam ad

  6. Islam and Democracy:

    Although many Muslims have favorable attitudes toward an inclusive political system, according to Gallup polling, their ideas of self-determination do not require a separation of religion and the state. Poll data show that significant percentages of Muslims cite the importance of the role of Islam in governance. Muslims surveyed indicated widespread support for Sharia, Islamic principles that are widely seen as governing all aspects of life from the mundane to the most complex.

    Surprisingly, there are no large differences between men and women regarding support for the incorporation of Sharia into governance.

  7. Often assumed in the West to be an oppressive corpus of law associated with stoning of adulterers, chopping off limbs for theft, and imprisonment or death in apostasy cases, the incorporation of Sharia as at least a source of legislation enjoys the support of an average of 79% in the 10 countries surveyed.

    Yet, the poll also indicated that support for Sharia does not mean that Muslims want a theocracy to be established in their countries. Only minorities in each country say they want religious leaders to be directly in charge of drafting their country’s constitution, writing national legislation, drafting new laws, determining foreign policy and international affairs, and deciding how women dress in public or what is televised or published in newspapers.

    Short version: Democracy is tough as the Muslims are about to discover.

  8. according to Gallup polling,


    Who actually works at Gallup....

    Here is a sweetheart...

    Dalia Mogahed
    ‏ @DMogahed

    To those siding w/Assad: he cannot deliver stability, protection of minorities, or resistance to Israel. He is a killer w/0 legitimacy.

    She (it) supports Sharia in America, Advises Obama and works for Gallup and thinks Assad needs to supply terror against Israel to get street creds.

    quote from her twitter:

    Gallup Senior Analyst and Director of Center for Muslim Studies. Co-author of Who Speaks for Islam?

    SO now what did "gallup" say?

  9. Muslims are all for democracy.

    Majority rule.

    Minorities? should be exterminated or taxed.

    Hence the word "dhimmi"

    TO those that cannot be controlled and taxed? Kill em.

    This is democracy.

    This is Islam.

    One man, one vote, one time...

    Just like Hitler.

  10. Gallup World Poll


    I will try to remember to sign off given the addition of other anonymi.

  11. Muslims are all for democracy.

    No. Nor is that what the poll indicated.

    The poll indicated that Muslims think they have both as one, call it a theocracy. (An intellectual mistake still made in this country.) They cannot. (Nor can we.)


  12. Oddly, Google shows no results on MoDo penning a column on Islam, re:
    BHO Calling the Muslim Call to Prayer the most beautiful sound he's heard.

    Is Elvis a Mormon?


    TRUST Mitt Romney to be on top of the latest trend of the superrich: the trophy basement...

    Romney also feels he must hide an essential part of who he is: a pillar of the Mormon Church. He fears he would turn off voters by talking too much about a faith that many evangelicals dismiss as a cult and not a true Christian religion.

    Rick Santorum is drawn to the extreme and ascetic Opus Dei and sometimes sounds more Catholic than the pope — like his promise on his Web site to banish hard-core porn if he’s elected president. Yet he has successfully crowded Romney with a fraction of his money by wearing his religion and his immigrant, blue-collar roots on his sleeve.

    Mitt works overtime pretending he’s a Nascar, cheesy-grits guy and masking his pride in his bank account and faith.

    When he talked about his beliefs in his last presidential run, it sometimes provoked confusion, like this explanation to an Iowa radio host about the second coming of Christ: that Jesus would first appear in Jerusalem and then, “over the thousand years that follow, the millennium, he will reign from two places, the law will come from Missouri, and the other will be from Jerusalem.”

    Just as Romney did not step up immediately after Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke “a slut,” he has yet to step up as the cases have mounted of Jews posthumously and coercively baptized by Mormons, including hundreds of thousands of Holocaust victims; the parents of the death camp survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal; and Daniel Pearl, the Jewish Wall Street Journal reporter murdered by Al Qaeda in Pakistan. (His widow, Mariane, told CNN she was “shocked.”)

    Believing that only Mormons can get into the highest level of heaven, the Celestial Kingdom, and that others will be limited to the Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms, they have baptized anyone and everyone, including Anne Frank, Gandhi, Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Elvis.

  13. Mitt works overtime pretending he’s a Nascar, cheesy-grits guy and masking his pride in his bank account and faith.

    I enjoy reading MoDo. I am deeply offended at the truly nasty "women denying god's will" shit tossed at her marriageless, childless life as a NYC "intellectual." I can absolutely guarantee you that kind of vile stuff doesn't come from the Nascar guys. They don't give a shit. Neither should anyone else.

  14. Parley P Pratt.

    Remember that name.

    Great great great grandpa to Mittens.

    Stole another man's wife and kids in San Francisco.

    High tailed it out towards Utah.

    Had celestial marriage to her in Utah. 12th celestial hitching for Parley.

    Later on, after some minor legal stuff, which Parley won, gunned down and knife in the gut by the offended husband.

    Parley was buried in Oklahoma, I think.

    Member of the original Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

    A real Mover and Shaker of the faith....

    Just historical remembering.

  15. Pamela Geller was told by the NY Times that they had accepted her ad, but would not be running it at this time.

    "They said they would run it at a better time."

    She's not holding her breath.

  16. Is Tebow-mania over? Peyton Manning has told his agent to begin negotiations with the Denver Broncos, sources tell Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN. In a TV appearance, Schefter said Manning "fully intends" to play in Denver, and has already discussed the parameters of a 5-year, $95 million contract with John Elway. Mortensen says that if the deal goes through, Denver will try to trade Tim Tebow.

    God works in mysterious ways.

  17. Saudi America

    The U.S. Midwest is awash in crude and natural gas supplies, “so what are we going to do with the Canadian oil? The smartest thing the Canadians could do is take a look at the rapidly changing energy situation in the United States and realize that what you’re doing is pumping oil into the middle of the United States and it’s just going to sit here. We could have a situation of $1 a gallon gasoline in Houston and $5 a gallon in New York City. And there’s no way for the stuff to get out [of the country]. We don’t have any export ports.”

  18. You don’t elect a President based on emotion; you elect that person based on his or her ability.

    Expanding the Scope of Conflict:

    To prevent a normal political year, Santorum needs to do what the great political scientist E.E. Schattschneider once referred to as "expanding the scope of conflict." Simply put, when you are winning a fight it is in your interest to keep the conflict quiet and contained so you can keep on pummeling your opponent. Romney is winning and would prefer a quiet, contained conflict. Santorum is losing. When you are losing the fight, it's in your interest to scream bloody murder, attract attention to the fight and "expand the scope of conflict." When you're getting pummeled you have nothing to lose by getting others involved. That's where Rick is at in the nomination battle.


    [Ahmadinejad at Columbia University] responded that "there were no gay people in Iran." His translated response was greeted with laughter, derision and then dismissal. Culture and lifestyle concerns dominate policy issues before a college audience and, without question, before the electorate as a whole.

    If Rick Santorum really wants to be president someday, he would be wise to avoid the cultural divide he is making noise about.

  19. what you’re doing is pumping oil into the middle of the United States and it’s just going to sit here.

    Something wrong with this picture. The Canadian oil is being piped south to the heavy crude refineries that can process it (which Canada does not have) - and from there shipped out of the Texas and Louisiana ports to Asia. It isn't intended to remain stateside.


  20. Iran:

    Even before President Obama declared this month that “I have Israel’s back” in its escalating confrontation with Iran, pro-Israel figures like the evangelical Christian leader Gary L. Bauer and the conservative commentator William Kristol were pushing for more.

    In a slickly produced, 30-minute video, the group that the two men lead, the Emergency Committee for Israel, mocked Mr. Obama’s “unshakable commitment to Israel’s security” and attacked his record on Iran as weak. “I’ll be brutally honest: I don’t trust the president on Israel,” Mr. Bauer, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, said in an interview. “I think his record on Israel is abysmal.”


    “A lot of people talk about the ‘Israel lobby’ as if it’s a monolithic thing,” said Dylan Williams, head of government affairs for J Street. “It’s a myth. There is a deep division between those who support military action at this point and those who support diplomacy.”


    In the standoff with Iran, it is the hawkish groups supporting military action that wield more money, political clout and high-profile names than do the advocates of a diplomatic solution.

  21. Gasoline/Diesel Demand in the U.S. is Down approx 7.5% from last year (which was down 3.5%, or so, from the year before. Indeed, you have to go all the way back to 1997 to find weaker demand for gasoline in the U.S.

    The oil companies are responding by shutting down refineries, and shipping more, and more, refined products overseas.

    Also, a player, here, is the fact that most of the world's refineries that are capable of processing the low grade crudes coming out of Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela, and the DilBit coming out of Canada, are located on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

  22. poorly said:
    In the standoff with Iran, it is the hawkish groups supporting military action that wield more money, political clout and high-profile names than do the advocates of a diplomatic solution.

    In the standoff with Iran it is the hawkish groups that want the sanctions actually USED so that military action is not needed. Military usage is on the table as per the far left Obama administration.

    It is the lack of applying sanctions that have the hawkish groups up in arms.

    after all if the current administration had applied the sanctions 3.5 years ago, we could have seen progress by now.


  23. Something wrong with this picture. The Canadian oil is being piped south to the heavy crude refineries that can process it (which Canada does not have) - and from there shipped out of the Texas and Louisiana ports to Asia. It isn't intended to remain stateside.

    Something wrong with this picture. The Gulf ports export refined product (diesel, gasoline), not crude. The Keystone pipeline would have dropped a shitload more crude into the breadbasket of America, where there's already a two dollar price differential between there and the coasts.

  24. Poorly wouldn't be related someway to Parley P Pratt could he? or she?

    Whoever 'poorly' is, it wasn't well said.

    In fact it was non sense poorly said all the way through.

  25. after all if the current administration had applied the sanctions 3.5 years ago, we could have seen progress by now.

    Sanctions are already taking a toll. Lloyds of London won't insure any tankers picking up Iranian crude.

  26. Poorly wouldn't be related someway to Parley P Pratt could he? or she?

    Well said said:

    Whoever 'poorly' is, it wasn't well said.

    In fact it was non sense poorly said all the way through, said well said.

  27. A heavily subsidized solar company received a U.S. taxpayer loan guarantee to sell solar panels to itself.

    Economic onanism. Nice work if you can get it.

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson loves Obama: "I'm socialist. What do you expect?"

    Newt Gingrich plans to sign as many as 200 executive orders on his first day as president. By the same token, I plan to buy 200 plasma screen TVs my first day as a powerball winner.

  28. Keystone XL would divert Canadian oil from refineries in the Midwest to the Gulf Coast where it can be refined and exported. Many of these refineries are in Foriegn Trade Zones where oil may be exported to international buyers without paying U.S. taxes. And that is exactly what Valero, one of the largest potential buyers of Keystone XL's oil, has told its investors it will do. The idea that Keystone XL will improve U.S. oil supply is a documented scam being played on the American people by Big Oil and its friends in Washington DC.


  29. The Canadian stuff is already getting to the Coast, T. They're about the only ones that can refine it. The Keystone would just get it there more cheaply. (there is, actually, a small amount making its way West to Kitimat, for shipment to China, but it's a very small amount.)

    The big difference the Keystone will make to the Midwest is it will get that Bakken Crude down to the coast a Heck of a lot more cheaply. That makes if more valuable at the wellhead, and, dangitall, in NW Mississippi.

    The Keystone will raise fuel prices in the Midwest by a pretty fair amount. I'm figuring about $0.25/gal.

  30. Apple

    A coalition led by Apple, Google and other major technology companies last year hired an army of lobbyists to push for a tax holiday on their overseas profits, which total more than $1 trillion, according to a September Bloomberg report. Apple currently pays an international tax rate of less than 3 percent, according to data from Bernstein Research cited by the Wall Street Journal, while most large companies pay an international tax rate of between 13 and 25 percent.


    Many major U.S.-based multinational corporations have pressed for a repatriation tax holiday in recent years, arguing that if they were given a tax break on the money they make overseas they would invest and create jobs back home. But the efficacy of that argument may be lacking. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, reversed its position on the repatriation tax holiday in October, saying it wouldn't spur U.S. investment or job growth.


    But a repatriation tax holiday isn't the only way big firms have managed to lower their tax bill in recent years. Thirty of America's most profitable corporations paid less than zero in income taxes in the last three years, according to a November report from the Citizens for Tax Justice. The top marginal corporate tax rate is 35 percent.

    Judging from the comments, Apple's not getting much love.

  31. after all if the current administration had applied the sanctions 3.5 years ago, we could have seen progress by now.

    This is poorly said.

    We could have, or, we would have?

    If the current administration had applied sanction 35 years ago, we could have seen progress by now: this is really poorly said. The current administration wasn't even in business 35 years ago.

    This is well said: regardless of when sanctions may have been imposed it is doubtful they would have worked, or ever will work, against an ideologically driven, and energy self sufficient regime like that of Iran.

    Yes, that is well said, poorly said finally admitted.


  32. Need to be careful about thoseNaked Meltdowns.


  33. He has not melted down nakedly.

    He is praying, California style.

  34. Prayer, the last untaxed frontier.


  35. .

    "The Road We’ve Traveled: Obama’s Film of Fiction Narrated by Tom Hanks"


    Of course it is. It's a pep talk for the base, Kool-Aid for the core. But then, so is a good part of the article describing the video (not as much so only because it is far shorter than the video).

    I saw Tim O'Brian quoted recently as saying "story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth.” I would only add "or, at least, more entertaining."

    Neither the video nor the article are the 'truth', but this is election season. What can you expect?

    Hopefully, it will only be the Kool-Aid drinkers on both sides that quaff this stuff down then anxiously ask "Thank you sir. May I have another?"

    I trust the article’s author is correct when he says, “Americans aren’t stupid and whether they’re watching a movie or living through the presidency of Obama, they can always separate reality from fiction."

    It would be nice to think so, just as it would be comforting to believe “You don’t elect a President based on emotion; you elect that person based on his or her ability.” However, given the choices we are likely to be presented with in November, this last is likely to prove problematic.


  36. The Australian Senate late Monday approved the government's new tax on profits from mining iron ore and coal.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard and other ministers styled the parliamentary victory as an historic reform that aims to spread the benefits...

  37. Paul Ryan unveils the House Republican budget proposal Tuesday, as Illinois Republican primary voters go to the polls. I dare say the Ryan budget will be much the more consequential of the two events, and that victory or defeat in the intellectual and political battle over Paul Ryan’s budget will have more effect on the Republican nominee’s fate in November than the results in Illinois.

  38. Top 3 areas where UK taxpayer money goes:

    1. Welfare
    2. Health
    3. Education

  39. .

    Professor Robert Richardson, of Cornell University, New York, who won the Nobel physics prize in 1996 for his research on helium, argues that a helium party balloon should cost £75, to reflect the true value of the gas used. Yet you can buy enough helium to float 200 balloons for that price. "We are squandering an irreplaceable resource," he says...

    "Researchers are now warning that the use of scanners and other machines may be increasingly disrupted, an unpleasant prospect, said David Ward of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.

    "I will not be happy if I cannot have a medical scan in my 70s, because we wasted helium on party balloons while I was in my 30s..."

    The Earth Has a Limited Supply of Helium Yet We Squander It on Party Ballons


  40. .

    Top 3 areas where US taxpayer money goes:

    1. Defense
    2. Health
    3. Pensions


  41. .

    I assume the UK numbers were for Federal spending, Sam.


  42. "Now the stockpile is used up, prices are rising and we are realising how stupid we have been.”

    Take a walk through a stump what was once a redwood forest with 3000 year old trees. Stupidity, it is congenital.

  43. The Earth Has a Limited Supply of Helium Yet We Squander It on Party Balloons

    I think the Chinese were sniffing around Amarillo trying to corner the helium mines there.

  44. WP: For large-scale use, helium is extracted by fractional distillation from natural gas, which contains up to 7% helium

    I guess it is a finite resource if the greens have their way.

  45. The New York Times is being accused of having a double standard when it comes to questioning religion, after it ran an ad calling on Catholics to leave their church, but nixed a nearly identical ad aimed at Muslims

  46. In the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it is illegal to make even a single dollar from a blog unless you buy a $300 business license.

    Murder capital of the US, but damn if the city will let bloggers get away with breaking the law.

  47. Today is the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, aka the "More Than Twice As Long As World War II" war to keep the world safe from the WMDs that we gave Iraq in the first place.

  48. In Monday's call, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said the company has told Congress current laws provide a "considerable economic disincentive to U.S. companies" for repatriating it.

    Apple's war chest of cash illustrates a dilemma faced by many tech companies, which typically are flush with cash since they don't tie up as much money in plants, real estate, equipment and inventory as do manufacturers and retailers. Overall, the tech sector had nearly a third of the cash of all nonfinancial U.S. corporations as of December, according to Moody's.

    Google Inc. GOOG +1.43% now is the richest nonfinancial U.S. company—with $44.63 billion in cash as of Dec. 31—without a dividend payment.

  49. On this day in 1995, Michael Jordan made his first comeback to the NBA after ditching a brief stint playing minor league baseball. Wearing No. 45 on his jersey instead of his typical No. 23, Mr. Jordan was shaky in his first game back, a loss against the Pacers.

  50. You know, Ann, an extra three taps on the key board and you could have your name appear in the same place as Anonymous, that would make everyone's life much easier.

    But then you already know that, unless you do it out of sheer laziness or complete and utter annoyance.

    Just sayin'