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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sexual Predator Jerry Sandusky and his Keeper Joe Paterno

Penn State: the indictment against Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky was arrested on 5 November after a grand jury indicted the former Penn State defensive co-ordinator on sexual abuse charges. Read the indictment here

• Penn State students protest against Joe Paterno dismissal


  1. Penn State had better clean house right across the board. They need a chancellor and a president of unimpeachable stature. You can make suggestions. I think a David Petraeus or Hillary Clinton would be a good choice.

    I needed to digest this story. It is hard to comprehend but boiled down, it was about priorities. It is hard to believe that the culture of Penn State was not biased to protect young people from sexual predators. It does appear that football and sports were number one and two at Penn State. Time will tell, but Penn State University is one of the fine US public universities. The school, the boys and their families deserved better. It is past time to wake up and shake up Happy Valley. Do it fast.

  2. Read the indictment if you can stand it. It makes me sick.

  3. I heard he was horsin around in the shower...

    What's the big whoops?

    We jocks always did that didn't we?

    What kind of jerk rats out
    THE COACH ???

  4. The Problem With Scandals Is That They Grow…Fast

    We have all learned more than we wanted to know about the scandal at Penn State. The real bottom line for me is that the school officials did not carry out their responsibilities to report what they had been told to police and other authorities. Because of the Penn State coaching staff’s failure to report what Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno he saw, more children fell victim to the activities of Jerry Sandusky.

    The International Business Times reported yesterday that Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary has been placed on administrative leave indefinitely. The article explains the awkward situation the school is in regarding Mr. McQueary:

    Interim coach Tom Bradley said on Thursday that the decision wasn’t up to him whether McQueary would coach, but CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel posited that Penn State might be retaining the coach in order to not open itself up to a whistleblower lawsuit. The alluded to complexities to firing McQueary are that the coach could be protected under the whistleblower laws and the school could be found liable of violating those laws if they dismissed the coach.

    It seems as if a lot of people dropped the ball in this situation. Meanwhile, the Sun Gazette reported today that the Jerry Sandusky scandal may include the Keystone Central School District.

    The article at the Sun Gazette reports that after a parent of a student at the Central Mountain High School reported in 2009 that her son was sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, she was discouraged from pursuing the matter:

    * Several reputable sources say the guidance office talked to the victim and his mother, then discouraged them from contacting Children and Youth.

    * Those same sources said when the family questioned that outcome, they were told by a Keystone administrator (Karen Probst) that Sandusky was a “great man” and they should go home and think about it before taking further action.

    * The district only took action after the family, frustrated with the school’s response, went directly to Children and Youth Services with its complaint, and after C&Y officials told the district Sandusky should be banned from contact with students and barred from school property.

    Only after the family acted, did the school take any action to protect its students. That is truly sad.

  5. Be sure to check out the picture at the link above.
    One of a kind bridge, I'm guessin.

  6. The Penn State scandal echoes a hockey horror

    Every once in a while we hardcore sports fans are reminded of our childish immaturity.

    How else can you describe adults who spend a good part of their lives watching, listening, and discussing other adults who play games with sticks and balls, hoops and pucks? Games, and only games, are exactly what they are playing.

    Considering the horror that is the Penn State scandal, I find it impossible to write an article discussing my favorite hockey team, the L.A. Kings, or any other sports topic. To do so would land somewhere between offensive and embarrassing.

    Can any human being care about a hockey team's losing streak after reading the Sandusky Grand Jury Report?

    Do I criticize Terry Murray while Joe Paterno is joining a pep rally outside his house?

    How is Dustin Penner a problem when PSU President Graham Spanier "unconditionally supports" his alleged perjurers while not recognizing victims and their families

    Where does ANYTHING matter when one of the nation's holiest sports institutions harbored, enabled, and excused a monster who allegedly molested children for more than a decade?

    Understandably, there has been a whirlwind of emotion and opinion regarding PSU. Here's mine:

  7. If what we know is what we think we know, Penn State Football should be shuttered. If the NCAA's standard for the "Death Penalty" is SMU's covering up of "recruiting violations" how can there ever be another game at Happy Valley?

    There will be a time to care about sports again, but it will take a while. What will help is those who are legally liable in the Sandusky case being brought to justice, those who are morally liable shamed by society, and the healing passage of time. (At least for those of us who were not personally affected.)

    Full disclosure: while writing this article the Kings and Predators are on the tube, but the sound is off. As I struggle with words, my mind swings between the unimaginable suffering of those children and the evil that was Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State palace guard.

    I also feel some need to recognize the courageous Theoren Fleury
    who made public his abuse by Graham James
    , the junior hockey coach who pleaded guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison after two of his former players, including Sheldon Kennedy, spoke up about what they had endured from 1984 to 1995. Fleury, and many other people. were outraged when James received a pardon in 2007

    I'm not a religious man, but I pray for whatever healing a victim of a pedophile can undergo. May there also be a forever ring of suffering, deep in Dante's Inferno, for those who destroy our children.

    SI Vault:Every Parent's Nightmare (9/13/99)

    The games will go on, and we will move back into our usual fanaticism over our ultimately childish and irrelevant obsession that is sports.

    And there you go. That's it.

    Songwriter John Ondrasik is the voice and creative force behind the platinum-selling band Five For Fighting.

  8. SMU and USC deserve to go to playoff games if the Lyins go on playin.

    Then again,"recruiting violations" are morally repugnant.
    Sodomizing children,
    not so much.

    Pardons are in order!

    Are we compassionate, or aren't we???

    If we do not pardon it means we are

    1. heartless,

    2. lacking compassion, and...

    3. ...

  9. Nothing was learned, Ophra reigns supreme in Jockland:

    "I think today it just made the healing process start to begin," interim COACH Tom Bradley said.

    Afterward, linebacker Nate Stupar was heartened the team ended up following Paterno's advice.

    "(Bradley) kept saying, `Beat Nebraska. Do what JoePa said,"' said Stupar, who had a team-high 13 tackles. "Be a team and you'll be teammates for life and just keep that goal in mind. No matter what, stick together. That's what we did today."

    Meanwhile, someone named "Paterno" wore a path on the sideline wearing jet black Nike sneakers.

    Just not that Paterno.

    Paterno's son, quarterback coach Jay Paterno, moved down from his usual spot in the press box to relay plays from the sideline - a job once held by assistant coach Mike McQueary.

    Where was Joe? It's uncertain, though he pulled into the garage at his home a couple of hours after the final gun.

    "He wanted to make sure that the guys he coached and the guys he felt very close to would understand that he was part of us," Jay Paterno said. "He still wanted to be part of this and he was pulling for them and cheering for them."

    "I'll be honest with you, going into this football game, I didn't think the game should have been played - for a lot of different reasons," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said. "I look at my job as a football coach is to educate, and to prepare the kids that come into the program for life."

    By the second half, most Penn State fans seemed most concerned about whether the Nittany Lions could get back into the game.


    The fans cheered anyway, and greeted the Nittany Lions with one more chorus of "We are ... Penn State."

    Read more:

  10. People Are basically worthless.

    All positions of power should probably have term limits of, at most, 10 years.

  11. Did the people of the South really think Slavery was "Right?"

    Did the German people not know of the "Ovens?"

    Does the leadership of Exxon really not realize they're leading us, unprepared, into Disaster with their lies of "abundant fossil fuels for many decades?"

    Do the leaders of the Congressional "Stop Obamacare" movement really not know that Hundreds of Thousands, if not Millions, are dying from lack of healthcare?

    We really are a vile, and wretched species

  12. I'm thinking there's a touch of homophobia that is driving most of the disgust with this scandal, since the perp and victims were all male. If this was about a series of underage female high school cheerleaders being ushered in and out of the coach's office, the outrage would be directed at what sluts the girls were, not what a scumbag the coach was.

  13. These weren't nubile, young cheerleaders of the age of consent, T. These were "Pre-teen" boys.

  14. Ah, I see Rufus.

    Well, I don't know much about it, ain't a sports nut myself.

  15. I don't blame you, T. I didn't pay any attention to it at first (assuming about the same thing you did.)

    I just stumbled onto a story, and picked that little nugget up by accident.

    Evidently, the asshole ran a "do-gooder" charity for young, disadvantaged youth.

  16. T said...

    "Ah, I see Rufus.

    Well, I don't know much about it, ain't a sports nut myself.

    Neither do I, one of the last college games I watched was Pat Hayden beating Joe Montana after trailing Notre Dame 21 - 0 at halftime.

    ...but I'll take the word of all those who report getting ill, and worse, after reading the indictment

    ...and knowing a little bit about the devastated lives of victims, families, and, sadly, sometimes, their offspring.

  17. I swear, love me while you can, kiddos; I'm definitely losing it, rapidly.

    He ran a charity for "young" youth - in opposition to "old" youth, I suppose.


    I was going to type: "young, disadvantaged boys," then thought "well, it could have been boy, And girls," so . . . .

  18. Hillary Clinton is the Scumbag that trashed innumerable women simply because they were victimized by her evil rapist partner in crime.

    Resucitated by the ever compassionate 41 and 43.

    A Pox on "compassionate" Texican political whores.

  19. Rufus said...

    "I swear, love me while you can, kiddos; I'm definitely losing it, rapidly."

    We have nothing but compassion for someone whose judgement is so obviously long gone, Rufus. evidenced by your oft repeated fantasy that 3,000 pages of top down garbage, crafted by ignorant, proveably power hungry political hacks, devoid of business or medical expertise, calling for tens of thousands more pages of regulations written by hordes of unelected and unaccountable socialist drones, will result in "improved health care."

    Sympathy and watchfullness are in order.

  20. Ohio libs and unionistas turned out in large numbers to protect their cherished lavish bennies and dough to pass to their leaders and back to the Democrat Pols...

    ...yet they soundly defeated the attempted Obamacare outrage.

    ...but we'll just blame the damned Republican politicians, won't we?

  21. I don't know, Doug. All I know is that, arguably, the most successful state in the Union has a healthcare system upon which Obamacare was copied.

    And, that 99% of the population of said state is covered by Health Insurance.

  22. Not only that, but healthcare costs haven't gone up at an appreciably higher rate in that state than in any of the surrounding states, and the hit to the state budget has been less than 1%.

  23. Rufus II said...
    Employer-based health insurance has declined since 2008, falling from 49.8% in the first quarter of that year to 44.5% in the third quarter of 2011. If Wal-Mart's decision is a precursor of how employers intend to manage their healthcare costs, the downward trend in employer-based healthcare will likely continue.

    At the same time, the percentage of Americans who are uninsured is on the rise again after remaining fairly steady throughout 2010. If more employers stop offering health insurance and the cost of purchasing insurance for individuals remains a barrier, it is possible that the uninsured rate will continue to rise -- at least until additional parts of the 2010 healthcare legislation take effect.

    Uninsured on the rise.

    Fri Nov 11, 07:41:00 PM EST

    Deuce said...
    That is one of the outcomes of an economy based on free trade and finance. Why pay benefits if you can outsource to areas where you don’t have to pay for them? The irony is that unfettered pure capitalism and a free market based on an anything goes mentality on Wall Street is forcing greater numbers of people off of private insurance, job security and private pensions. The result is a growing pool of people that will demand these services from the government. What is their alternative?


    This was all predicted by those who saw through the Obamascam.
    ...even tho they CLAIMED more would be covered at the workplace THIS YEAR, because of the passage of Obamacare.

    Govt intrusion into healthcare has fed it's spiraling cost.

    Govt intrusion into "higher" education has sent tuition rates skyrocketing.

    Govt intrusion into Real Estate fed the Bubble, and Govt intrusion has multiplied the damage and prolonged the recovery.

    Let's have BIGGER Government, and the BEST way to do that, as Adolph knew so well:
    Take over "Healthcare"


  24. Saying it does not make it so, Rufus:

    92 percent were covered BEFORE Romneycare, according to Mitt.

    The costs and benefits just don't add up.

  25. And if you are not aware of the cost curves of medicare and medicaid, you must be trying hard not to see.
    Projections did not come close. ALWAYS.
    nd doctors keep getting paid less so that every cold and sniffle can result in a trip to the doctor by people knowing nothing about the true cost of their wasteful over-consumption.

    ...and Obamacare would increase Medicaid manyfold.

  26. Oops, Doug broke "Godwin's Law;" he Lost.

  27. Adolph COORS, Rufus, you twit!
    Bottoms up!

    Romneycare and Federal Aid

    Any conservative should understand that costs will not decline until we restore the free market to the healthcare sector. Until then, taxpayers of all fifty states will be forced to bail out pernicious blue state policies.

    According to an analysis by Rand Corporation, “in the absence of policy change, health care spending in Massachusetts is projected to nearly double to $123 billion in 2020, increasing 8 percent faster than the state’s gross domestic product.” We know who will be footing much of the bill.

    So much for it being a state issue.

    Maybe Romney is correct in asserting that it was a good idea on a state level.

    After all, the federal government is funding it.

    Don’t worry, we won’t call it a Ponzi scheme.

  28. First off, Doug. You should go sit in a few emergency rooms. Those people aren't there with sniffles.

    But, the main thing is, you don't understand the cost of treating 50 Million people through emergency rooms, rather than through visits to the MD.

    It is incredibly more expensive.

  29. "Additionally, the study found that much of the higher costs were subsidized by the federal government (national taxpayers) through a Medicaid waiver program.

    A previous Beacon Hill study found that Romneycare cost Medicaid $2.4 billion and Medicare $1.4 billion.

    It is these very costly state programs that are causing federal Medicaid expenditures to rise from its current level of $280 billion to $574 billion in 2020.

    It is these very state mandates that have spiked the cost of private health insurance for years.

  30. Oct 25, 2011 – As Sally Pipes points out, emergency room visits increased by 9 percent in the years following Romneycare's passage.

    ...and it is not arguable that unnecessary doctor visits INCREASE when care is "free."

  31. Very nice; a RAND study from 2009. gimmee a break.

    Maybe we can make up for any increases by removing the TAX BREAK for Company-paid Healthcare.

  32. From 2006, the number of uninsured Massachusetts residents dropped from about

    6% to 5.4%-5.7% in fall 2007, depending on the methodology used,[33]
    to about 3% in June 2009 and back

    to 4% by December 2009 according to the Massachusetts Department of Healthcare Finance and Policy (DHCFP).

  33. 2 percent increase in coverage.

    Whoop de friggin do!

  34. You keep going back to Old stats, Doug, because the newer ones work against you. They're up to 99% coverage now, I believe. And, it's increased the State Budget less than one percent.

    Sure, there would be an increase of people using the emergency room for standard emergency room visits. They can, now, afford it.

    What Ms Pipes did not delve into was the diminished number of people with very expensive chronic conditions that can now get "cured,' and off the emergency room treadmill.

  35. Did I mention that Mass, in addition to having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, is, also, one of the few states (just about the only "non-energy" state) that actually showed a Budget "Surplus" in the last quarter?

  36. Look, Doug, I'm not saying it won't be expensive insuring 50 Million People. I'm just saying:

    1) It won't be as expensive as you think, and

    2) It'll be worth it.

  37. On to important things:

    High oil prices have put record earnings into the coffers of the world’s big oil companies, but those splashy headlines are masking an industry-wide decline in oil production. Exxon Mobil (N.XOM), Royal Dutch Shell (N.RDS-A), BP (N.BP), ConocoPhillips (N.COP),Chevron (N.CVX), and others reported surging third-quarter profits alongside production decreases – an unsustainable situation that is setting the stage for a battle to buy producing assets.

    Almost across the board, major oil companies are producing less oil now than they were a year ago. It’s not due to a lack of exploration and development – these companies have all devoted billions of dollars to finding new oil deposits. The problem is that for the most part it will still take years – and many more dollars – before those investments start producing.

    In the meantime, big oil’s output will keep declining unless majors start using some of their record profits to buy up producing assets from smaller companies. Oil wells produce less each year; Exxon’s oil fields, for example, are declining by 5 to 7% each year, which means the company needs to add 200,000 to 300,000 barrels of production a day just to break even. This year, Exxon has not come close – its production levels are down 8% compared to a year ago. Some of the production decline stems from contractual limits on Exxon’s production, but even without those limits production would have still been down more than 1%. Over the first nine months of the year, Exxon’s production averaged 2.33 million barrels of oil per day, the company’s lowest average since 2005.

    Things are even worse for other major oil companies. BP said oil production dropped 10.6% in the quarter, in terms of barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). Shell’s BOE production fell almost 2% in the quarter. ConocoPhillips produced 6% fewer BOEs.

    There’s an important note to add about BOEs. The BOE concept combines a company’s oil, natural gas, and condensate output into a single production number, based on energy equivalence. It takes roughly 6,000 cubic feet (cf) of natural gas to release the same amount of energy that is in one barrel of oil, so companies book gas reserves as "barrels of oil equivalent" using a ratio of 6,000 cf:1 barrel. A problem arises when a company then values its reserve books using oil prices. One barrel of oil may have the same energy content as 6,000 cf of natural gas, but in North America the barrel of oil is worth something like US$86, while the 6,000 cf of gas is worth only about US$22. Adding lots of natural gas to the books is an easy way to make it appear that oil reserves are growing, but at a fraction of the typical cost. And there are lots of inexpensive shale gas deposits for sale

  38. Battle for Oil Production

    If the Production of the wells of the Majors are declining by 6%/yr, then Everyone's wells are declining at 6%/yr.

    That means they must bring another 4.3 Million bbl/day online Every Year just to stay even.

    Not a chance in hell.

  39. Rufus talking about what brings people to an emergency room and puffing about the advantages of ObamaCare are examples of his penchant for talking out of his ass. Take yourself out of VA Health Benefits, Rufus, enroll in Medicare, and sell yourself some supplemental insurance. Tell us after a year or two in the real world what your impressions are. You are nothing but a shill for the leftist progressives. I suspect you're actually a sock puppet run out of a backroom in Chicago.

  40. Here's the thing, LT: I fought for my Veterans Benefits, and I paid in taxes for my soon-to-be Medicare,


    if giving them up would insure 50 Million American poor, and their children . . . .

    well, I made a similar choice some 45 years ago, and I guess I'm too old to change my stripes, now.

  41. Meanwhile,

    A coalition of U.S. solar manufacturers has called for anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases against Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

    Testifying before the International Trade Commission, two executives from SolarWorld Industries America Inc. -- representing the company and the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing -- said Chinese manufacturers are flooding the U.S. market with solar products.

    That strategy, they said, along with massive subsidies from Beijing, has devastated U.S. solar manufacturers and jobs.

    Their testimony Wednesday follows the coalition's petitions with the ITC and the U.S. Commerce Department last month, accusing Chinese manufacturers of illegally dumping silicon solar cells into the U.S. market.

    Led by SolarWorld, the newly formed CASM includes six other manufacturers of crystalline silicon solar technology, who haven't been identified.

    "The United States is already dependent on foreign sources for our fossil fuel needs Â… will the United States become dependent on China for its green energy needs?" SolarWorld President Gordon Brinser said in his testimony.

    CASM says Chinese exports of solar cells and solar panels to the United States increased more than 350 percent from 2008 to 2010, and continues to rise. In July of this year, imports of Chinese crystalline silicon PV panels and modules exceeded the volume imported in all of 2010, a surge which CASM claims is largely responsible for a 40 percent decline in world prices over the past year.

    The U.S. Commerce Department said on Wednesday it would investigate CASM's claims.

    "We believe the Department of Commerce investigation will show that Chinese government and Chinese solar manufacturers are -- and have been -- engaged in illegal
    . . . .

    Don' be messin' wit Obambi's Solar Panels, Chinee-man

  42. Rufus II said...

    People Are basically worthless.


    We really are a vile, and wretched species

    Sat Nov 12, 07:37:00 PM EST

    heh, Rufus discoverers Original Sin, the Fall from Grace and the exit from the Garden.

    Thankfully, there's a little original virtue in (some)people too put there as an example or goal maybe for us, for to shoot for.


  43. Anonymous said...
    Rufus II said...

    People Are basically worthless.


    We really are a vile, and wretched species

    Sat Nov 12, 07:37:00 PM EST

    Hardly the case if one wishes things better.

    45 years ago, I was a young man striving to make the world better. My failure does not distract from the goal.

    Ours is to try. The outcome is in the hands of G-d.

  44. LOVINS, Dickwad, LOVINS!

    The hero of countercultural types way back in the 70's.

    ...When Doug and Company spent ZERO on non renewable energy, except for 10 or 15 bucks a month to keep the Corvair Van ready and able to transport tons of high quality Arabian horseshit, or when necessary, nasty, gooey cowshit, back to the homestead.

  45. ...Ours is to try. The outcome is in the hands of G-d.

  46. "heh, Rufus discoverers Original Sin, the Fall from Grace and the exit from the Garden."

    Indeed, but we can schlep shit back to the garden, to grow and flower again.

    As I have, and will again, in the company of Raisins

  47. Chinee-man offers cheaper energy to Obamaland.

    A Cardinal sin of the first order. is development of homegrown, AVAILABLE NOW, economically usable non-renewable sources of energy to enable our cutting of ties to the throat cutters.

    Caint have that.
    Just ask Boeing.

  48. Imports of megatons of consumables-disposables from Chinee-man, no big deal to the misbegotten child in the White House.

  49. Thankfully, there's a little original virtue in (some)people too put there as an example or goal maybe for us, for to shoot for.

    And if you can't be role model, you can at least be a tragic example of what not to do.

  50. 52. Barry Meislin:

    Our “ally” Israel demanded a $13 billion payoff to stay out of Gulf One in the face of Iraqi Scud attacks,

    Fascinating. Not to mention insightful.

    BTW, could you please provide some references.

    Basking in warm praise from Washington for its sacrifice and restraint since the gulf war began, Israel today presented the United States with the bill: $13 billion.

    Explaining the figures during a meeting this morning with Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Finance Minister Yitzhak Modai said $3 billion was compensation for actual and expected damages to Israel caused by the war and $10 billion was additional aid needed to resettle Soviet Jewish immigrants.

    "We are expecting two types of aid" spread over the next five years, Mr. Modai said: direct economic assistance as well as loan and investment guarantees. 'Our Needs Are Very Clear'

    "Of course we are suffering," said Yossi Achimier, a spokesman for Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. "Our needs are very clear, and we expect we will be helped by the Americans."

    This afternoon, Israeli officials said they believed they had a reasonable chance of winning at least a significant part of this additional aid because they had heeded the American request not to retalitate for Iraqi missile attacks. But after the deadly missile attack on Tel Aviv tonight, it seemed much less certain that Israel would be able to remain restrained.

  51. 57. Annoy Mouse: Lesbians I have talked to are very liberal about pedophilia.

    When you talk to women about pedophilia don't they get a little creeped out?

    54. 2009Refugee: The last decade has basically been an exercise in reveling in the glory days, and counting down to milestones.

    Glory days and milestones, in the context of kids dressing up in ersatz military uniforms and playing childish games back and forth on a green playground with balls. Sports are a matter of arrested development. Was Michael Jackson a pedophile or did he honestly feel like a little boy who just wanted to play with the other children?