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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rufus II said...

The Bright Spot: 5.4 Gigawatt Hrs of Electricity from Solar in Ca, yesterday. Ca ISO

Most of that from projects that were completed back in the 80's, and have long since been paid for.

Basically, the cheapest electricity in the world.

Wed Jul 13, 11:39:00 AM EDT


  1. Yep.

    California is SO sustainable.


  2. USA importing energy sucks.

    California importing energy is honky dorky. RufusWorld tm

  3. So?

    This year, it doubles.

    The Next year, it doubles again.

    Sunlight is, basically, unlimited.

    In two, to three years they will be "Installing" Solar for $1.50/Watt.

    The amount of doubling, possible, is . . . .

    For "practical" purposes, unlimited.

  4. Doug, you can hate on California till the cows come home. You can give yourself an ulcer, a heart attack, and a stroke all at once hatin' on California, and it won't make a bit of difference.

    They have a hell of a Solar asset, andd they're starting to use it.

    The argument that it's still a very small percentage of overall electricity generation is childish.

    It's not a relevent observation, much less argument.

  5. And, your fucking idiot state still buys oil from Saudi Arabia, and burns That for electricity.

  6. Wanna bet who goes broke first?

    Nonetheless, both are Democrat Dominated.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats have not come up with a budget in more than two years, in spite of the rule of law.

    Let's Blame the Pubs!

    ...the morons of the EB

  7. Hell of an asset Doug. Don't you know the sun shines more in Cali than other states.

  8. You put up a snarky, hate-filled posted denigrating California's attempt to provide cheaper, more sustainable electricity for its citizens,

    While Your Idiot State pays $118.00/bbl for Oil to generate its electricity.

    Stay on Topic.

  9. Obama threatens to stop social security checks, EBers hardest hit

  10. First Wind celebrates fifth anniversary of Maui wind

    KWP I powers approximately 11,000 homes on Maui a year – about 9 percent of the island’s energy.

    ...and it isn't wiping out birds and views as do many of CA's ugly windfarms.

  11. Linda Lingle - Governor of Hawaii

    December 2, 2002

    December 6, 2010


  12. guess the guvmint better shut off both the oil and solar subsidies

  13. You're a fucking retard. Hawaii's windfarms are bird-friendly, but California's aren't?

    You couldn't have possibly been born that fucking stupid. You've worked hard at it, haven't you?

  14. Out of a couple of hundred "start-up" solar companies, ONE had a bad idea and didn't make it. Wow!

  15. Lessee, California has about At least 2,300 Megawatts of Windpower, and they're ugly.

    But, Hawaii has 30 Megawatts of extremely attractive wind turbines.

    Is that right?

  16. The money might not be in the bank.

    Have you heard any of the Pubs that are involved in the nitty-gritty talks say Obama is lying about that?

    Have you wondered "Why?"

  17. sure you and some of the EBers think Obama is doing a bang up job Rufus.

    Did you get your Obama meal deal at McDonalds Rufus?

    You can order anything you want and the next person in line pays for it.

    Goodnight Cap'n Sunshine.

  18. All of that money that "comes in" in August doesn't come in on the 1st of the month. It dribbles in over the course of, in August, 31 Days.

    Now, The money for those Soc Sec checks has to be "in the bank" on the morning of the 3rd (unless you send'em a nice letter saying their checks are going to be late.

    Also, sometime in the first week, probably, a Bond will come due. In order Not to default, the money for That Bond has to be in the bank That morning. In this case, you can't write them a "nice letter." It's there, or you're in default.

  19. What does my opinion of Obama have to do with any of this?

  20. Rustam Shah, former Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan, said Wali Karzai's death exposed the fragility of the security infrastructure in the southern provinces, particularly Kandahar where the Americans have boasted of progress in wresting territory from the Taliban.

    "It will be a big blow to the government's image in the Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan," he said.

    "The president will have to be very careful to move quickly to consolidate and maintain his power structure in Kandahar."

  21. Bernanke said yet another option would involve reducing the 25-basis-point rate of interest it pays to banks on their reserves, "thereby putting downward pressure on short-term rates more generally."


    He noted that the Fed recently ended its $600-billion bond-buying program, and has outlined its exit strategy from its current accommodative stance.

    The expectations for a moderate economy should lead central bank officials to continue to keep interest rates exceptionally low for an "extended period," Bernanke said.

  22. Retail sales, tomorrow at 08:30 Eastern.

    Pretty big number. - 0.2 last month. Another negative number, and it starts to get squirrely.

    unemployment claims, also at 08:30. A number over 425,000 will have'm reaching for the Tums. Over 430,000 and the floor will be empty.

    G'nite all.

  23. The Federals will be short at least $100 billion, in August.

    They are obligated to pay the debt and the interest upon it.

    After that what the Treasury pays is discretionary. Treasury gets to prioritize.

    Defense or welfare.

    Anon favors the Federals funding welfare, rather than defense.

    The Republicans disagree. They just passing that $17 billion spending increase for the DoD.

    They'd fund defense before welfare.
    Saying "so sorry" to the Social Security welfare recipients.

  24. Troop payroll and weapons, or welfare checks to Seniors.

    Time to prioritize, especially if the GOP members of the House will not vote to raise the debt ceiling.

    Defense or welfare, which should come first in the priority of payment?

    Will the President have to decide?

  25. The President has indicated, by stating he could not guarantee that Social Security pay outs would be timely, that Defense will be his first priority.

    General Dynamics will get its' check.

    Ameros to doughnuts.

  26. Even if the "Ryan Budget" were adopted, the debt ceiling would need to be raised.

    While Mrs Bachmann and at least forty of her GOP House compatriots have pledged to vote "NO", regardless.

  27. Rufus, good to see that you finally came around regards solar. It's only going to get cheaper and better.

    The big problem for you Americans is the suburban cul-de-sac nation that you've constructed the past 100 years or so. What a complete clusterfsck! It is a problem that is basically unfixable.