“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Schwarzenegger's Fox

This or This?


  1. And, in the name of Jeebus, WHY?

  2. I wonder what my BFF would say about her boobs.

    We were having lunch one day and big, I mean really big black lady with her hair cut short like a man walked by wearing a long skirt and sneakers. My BFF, who is 4, turns and says really loud, "Granny why is that boy wearing a skirt?"

  3. What I don't get is, after ten years why would he come clean.

  4. Unless Maria found out first and their just going with that story.

  5. Especially when someone is that ugly. She wouldn't be something I would parade around. Maybe there is something about maids that attract people of interest.

    And not to mention the impact he just put on that poor innocent illegitimate love child.

  6. Guilty, BWB

    (Boinking While Blind.)

  7. So between that and Judgement Day I am about to throw my cell phone through the TV.

  8. If I wuz Ahhhnuld Judgement Day couldn't come soon enough.

  9. And deaf to be fucking something like that.

    Although, in all reality she probably isn't that bad, it's just those are the pictures the media wants you to see.

    So people like us can make fun.

  10. He deserves everything he is getting.

    Not for having an affair and fathering a child but for so stupid as to tell about those things.

  11. Actually the man does nothing for me.

  12. I guess I should think of something fun to do on my last night as we know it.

    What do you have planned Ruf?

  13. Melody, there was never a Day in that woman's life that she wasn't Rufus' butt ugly.

    You cain't photoshop a normal woman and come out with that.

  14. After that piktur I'm pretty sure I'm goin' to get awful damned drunk.

  15. If the Guvnor of Californiiay is fuckin' that maybe it IS time for the end. Last Call, as it were.

  16. More effing rain today. I guess I should dig out my canoe.

  17. They showed one picture and she didn't look too bad.

  18. If that whore looked anythng but Homely the camera was broke.

  19. A woman stands up at a township meeting and announces that she was stalked and sexually assaulted by a police officer.

  20. Okay! Okay! No camera can make her look anything but…

    Sheesh, I was trying to be nice and give her the benefit of the doubt.

  21. That just proves how dumb politicians are, they either kiss and tell or get caught.

  22. People are creatures of habit. There must be some similarities between the two woman. Maybe it is the cheek bones. Could be a personality or something that reminds him of someone else. Find a photo of his mother.

  23. It is his mother.His mother looks like a combination of both woman.

  24. J'ai découvert

    The Terminator is a mommy's boy.

  25. The thought of another news cycle about Israel and the Arabs is more than I can take. Forty years of bullshit from the Middle East because of people that have been told what to do and where to go by a god floating in the ether, occasionally burning a bush or two now and then. Thousands of years of murder guided from the heavens above, sacrificing lambs and goats, playing head games and blood sports, begetting and spatting, brawling and spoiling for the next fight based on something some long dead person did to another long dead person, always resulting in the creation of the nest prematurely dead person killed for love and hate.

  26. I guess if you're gonna go with that theory its better that he relates to his mother than the little girl next door he used to play with as a child.

  27. So the bible tells us so.

    And was written by a not so long dead person.

  28. Deuce said...
    The thought of another news cycle about Israel and the Arabs is more than I can take.

    Having to choose sides is so ...

  29. Allen, you didn't acknowledge the proof I provided.

    Was is not worthy enough for you or you just don't like being wrong.

  30. Let's go to the tape. The talking point of the day Is Israel must remain a Jewish State. We went to war against Serbia because they wanted Kosovo to remain an orthodox state. There are Texans that would like to keep Texas an Anglo State.
    New York is overwhelmingly a Christian State.

    Get on the Podium and say that New York should always be Christian. Israel is always such a special case regardless of the hypocrisy

  31. Tell us Allen, should New York remain a Christian State? Should Israel reman a Jewish State.

  32. Deuce said...
    Tell us Allen, should New York remain a Christian State? Should Israel reman a Jewish State.

    Since the collective christian world and the collective islamic world has raped, pillaged and destroyed the Jewish people for 2000 years without letup your question seems a tad bit full of shit...

    Israel sits on 1/900 of the middle east, it's population is 20% non-jewish, it is a democracy.

    The arab world sits on 899/900 of the middle east, 1/2 the world's oil supply, sided with the Nazis during ww2 and have expelled the 600,000 Jews from their historic homes (stolen their property) driving them to Israel.

    There are 21 arab nations and there are 57 islamic nations. There are dozens of nations that call themselves "christian" nations".

    There is ONLY one nation that is a Jewish defined nation.

    How to convince someone that Israel deserves to BE?

    I guess Duece the problem is that these israelis refuse to commit suicide. I guess that would make you happy.

    Dead Jews don't bitch... Nor do they fight back, nor do they actually want to live on their HISTORIC lands of thousands of years.

    The fact that 400 million arabs have zero responsible nations, export less than switzerland (excluding oil), have an illiteracy rate of 50%, honor murder their youth, cause and create MOST of all terrorism in the world is not a good reason to DENY Israel's right to be Jewish nation.

    Look into yourself and wonder would you rather have a moslem brotherhood nation on your southern border or Israel?

    I doubt my words can reach your dead soul.

    After all the very fact that you still have a member of your "bartenders" list that is an open and honest Jew hating, Israel hating and zionist hating creep says it all...

    You have gone to the dark side.

    For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing...

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  34. Israel should thank America for all it's aid, help and moral support.

    Then tell America it will not require anymore assistance to counter America's support and help to the Islamic Nazis it currently supports.

    Israel should then attack and nuke all nations that are in a declared state of war with Israel.

    Then the conflict will be over...

    Deuce will be happy..

    Gas will be 24 dollars a gallon.

    But the arabs? Will be a distant memory except for those living in America.

  35. Wio, my friend, you are going to ignite and incinerate with all that anger inside you.

    That woman is Coyote ugly.

  36. Sorry Wio, The US does not owe anything to Israel. The US has had Jews part of their society since the founding of the Republic. There was personal prejudice but there are, on a percentage basis, at least as many Jews, who when talking amongst themselves, have their own prejudices against Christians.

    Israel is just another small country run by politicians, nothing more, nothing less. How Israel has managed to take up so much attention and focus from the US teat is a remarkable political accomplishment, but on balance an accomplishment that probably has done Israel no favor. Israel does not need the US, does not need US money, does not need US meddling in their affairs and should have no special relationship with the US.

  37. No, Coyote ugly is when you wake up next to her, her head laying on your arm, you chew your arm off at the shoulder, so you can leave without waking her up. That, my friends, is coyote ugly.

  38. Good Grief, Melody took the whole thread.

    Weak as in strength.

    Don't get me wrong if that pervert attacked me while I was wearing my maid uniform I'd probably kick his ass or least try. But…

    I can't do a pushup. I can't use the dip bar. I can't do that thingy on my side.

    Basically I have no core strength and can't lift my legs in the air the way I should. Very disappointing...

    Thu May 19, 06:45:00 AM EDT

    It the vegetarianism, I tell ya.


    another beautiful day here, got the top down, real estate heating up....


  39. Deuce is entirely wrong, but I have no time to argue this morning.


  40. Deuce said...
    Sorry Wio, The US does not owe anything to Israel.

    Never used the word "owed".

    I had a point by point post written out and then I realized it was a complete waste of energy...

    Simple put If Israel is just another county that is not special? Then America got what it deserved with Obama....

    Congrats on your take of America and it's unspecialness, enjoy the NEW Amerika, it's just Somolia with nicer roads..

    (and rufus, yes I am a citizen and I DID spell America WRONG on purpose, fuck you too)

  41. Does anyone else find irony in the fact that Arnold treated a Kennedy woman the way that Kennedys treat women?

  42. You are avoiding the Question. American Jews claim that the separation of Church and State is good for America, but bad for Israel. Why is that exactly?

    I believe that this clipping represents the sentiments of majority of American Jews:

    In 1965, the URJ passed a resolution on the Separation of Church and State that said:

    "While as citizens, of course, we accept and respect the laws of the land, including those laws which include provisions as to which we were and are apprehensive, we re-affirm our long-established position that the principle of separation of church and state is best for both church and state and is indispensable for the preservation of that spirit of religious liberty which is a unique blessing of American democracy. This principle is shared by forward-looking elements of all faiths."

    The URJ later passed resolutions that opposed federal aid to private schools, prayer in school and tax-credits for religious private schools. In 1991, the URJ passed a resolution supporting the 1991 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. At the 2005 Biennial, the URJ passed a resolution specifically on Engaging the Religious Right.

    American Jewish Values and Church/State Issues

    There are many students of American Jewish life who believe that the struggle to expand separation of church and state in America is one of the greatest contributions Jews have rendered to the enlargement of American freedom.

    Only in America have Jews been free to pursue our faith and to organize our communal lives, equal under law and in practice, without government interference. Thus America — through its Constitution — created a system of religious liberty that has proved to be generally fair and effective, one that Jews wish to preserve. Jews have learned, through history that both religion and the state flourish best when they are separate.

  43. There is absolutely nothing in the world that interests me less than a fight between religious zealots.

    Southern Baptist, Mormon, Jew, Jihadi; it matter not to me. A pox on'em all. I sure as hell don't feel like financing'em.

  44. "I sure as hell don't feel like financing'em."

    Kinda like how some people might not want want to finance your "free" healthcare.

    Pot meet kettle.

  45. MeLoDy,

    You did an outstanding job. With the same dedication by the posse, WiO's claim might be validated.


    New York should remain whatever her "citizens" desire. One hopes that censorship is not part of the package.

    For whatever it is worth, you will still have to pick a side. It will not be that difficult.

  46. Rufus II said...
    There is absolutely nothing in the world that interests me less than a fight between religious zealots.

    Great point...

    But the only thing you seems to miss is that for the last 2000 years the christians and the moslems (arabs) have been the ones doing the genocide against the Jews.

    The Jews fight to LIVE...

    The Christians (up until modern history) fought to convert or control and the Moslems? No better...

    So israel stands on one tiny sliver of the earth surrounded by "zealots" that wish to exterminate every jewish man, women and baby....

    The other side? 400 MILLION arabs, or 1.4 BILLION moslems that seek the extermination of the 9 million Jews world wide..

    Sorry if my lack of desire for suicide doesnt please you....

    To any and all that read this?

    The modern Jew aint going down on his knees begging for life...

    I understand some here might find that offensive (Rat, Rodent and possibly Deuce) but too bad...

    As for the majority of American Jews?

    Sheep, asleep at the wheel...

    No matter....

    And YES I prove my point that Rat is a self confessed killer, notice the silence?

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  48. Wio, if I were a Jew, I am sure that I would agree. I am not and I still agree that if I had to get in the fight I am going with the Israelis. The Israelis do not need US help. They would be better off without it.

    I can't stand the politicians that say we have a special relationship with other countries. I don't want them with anyone including Israel.

    If Israel picks a fight with someone else that is on them. If someone like Iran was stupid enough to attack Israel, that would be different and I don't mean some kind of Gulf of Tonkin bullshit.

  49. The Israelis do not need US help. They would be better off without it.

    Sadly BECAUSE America FUNDS, SUPPORTS and ARMS Israel's enemies to the teeth Israel NEEDS America's help.

    America give the Arabs the support to continue their fight.

    Just think how fast the issue would be settled if AMerica did not support the Palestinians, egyptians or arabians.

  50. I wonder if the Israelis will embarrass the U.S. Vice President the next time he's in town?

  51. Rufus II said...
    I wonder if the Israelis will embarrass the U.S. Vice President the next time he's in town?

    Not to worry, Biden can do that all by himself without anyone's help.

    But if you mean that Jews will DARE to build homes and bathrooms in Jewish suburbs?

    You can bet they will. Jews building in Jerusalem? Since when is that a crime?

    And if that's a crime, then I guess that old CHRISTIAN adage comes to mind, "those without sin, cast the 1st stone"...

    Embarrassment? Biden should go to Israel and CELEBRATE the LIBERATION of her land. After all for many centuries Israel's lands were tortured under demonic Turks, Christians, Arabs and more...

    Only NOW under Jewish Control, the deserts BLOOM!

    It's a fucking miracle!

    Israel IS....

    And the fake nationalistic people named "palestine" will be forgotten in 500 years...

    But Israel will not be forgotten....

    Not a blinking chance...

    Where are all those evil conquers of Israel now???

    Can you even remember their names????


    Israel LIVES!

    Shabbat shalom to those that are on the right side of history and to those that are on the "otherside"

    You are irrelevant...

    You are meaningless...

    You are dust....

  52. "You are dust…"

    We are. Stardust that is.