“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mass -Ass- Chewing. US Iraqi Style.

Hat Tip: Ash


  1. Whiny jackals. That about sums them up.

  2. NATO head wants ties with Russia normalized

    Mar. 4, 2009
    Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

    NATO's secretary-general hopes that the alliance's foreign ministers will endorse a quick resumption of official contacts with Russia, which have been suspended since the war in Georgia last August, a spokesman said Wednesday.

    Alliance spokesman James Appathurai said the issue of re-engaging with Russia will be one of the two main topics at tomorrow's meeting of NATO foreign ministers. It will be the first such conference to be attended by new US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Formal ties between NATO and Russia were suspended following the brief Russo-Georgian war.

    NATO accused Moscow of using disproportionate force to eject Georgian forces that had shelled and occupied the capital of the breakaway province of South Ossetia. Moscow maintained its military actions were defensive and in response to Georgian aggression.

  3. It's up to the Russians. They have nothing to fear from us. They should quit this enabling of Iran, and get cozy with the west.

    Our relations with Russia could be like our relations with Canada.

    Nothing is preventing this but the Russians.

    Alas, they are ruled by a bunch of cold eyed criminals now.

    Cold eyed, blue eyed peices of murdereous crap.

    I don't understand the Russians.

  4. They have nothing to fear from us.

    As long as we're in league with the Jihadis, that's not true. Plus, there's a long history of the Western European powers invading Russian territory and enabling attacks on Russia.

  5. I don't understand the Russians.

    What's there not to understand? They're surrounded by a sea of murderous megalomaniac Jihadis on one side, a sea of Chinezies on another, a sea of murderous megalomaniac Europeans on another, and America that's propping all of Russia's enemies and rivals.

  6. a sea of murderous megalomaniac Europeans on another

    I would disagree with that, they have nothing to fear from the Euroweenies now.

  7. They, like most everyone else, bob, have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

  8. They did, but they don't now.

    The day of Napolean and Hitler, that's over.

  9. Do not misunderestimate our NATO allies, bob.

  10. Ah, heck, the Rooskies can lop a nuke over to Paris, the city of light, birthplace of our western ways, not to mention literature, and women's rights, any time they want, and everybody knows it.

  11. Just keep in mind, bob: They will *never* be on time.

  12. And the French, bob, could lob one or a dozen back at Russia.

    A balance of terror, bob.

    Exacerbates the fear of victimhood

    Living an entire life with the fear of fear firmly entrenched, "duck and cover, amigo, duck and cover".

  13. Noticed yesterday where DR, aka Distinguished RINO is still the biggest shill on this site for Commandante Zero.

    Nice work RINO.

  14. And where did Florida stand in the Electoral College, habu, but with your President.

    At least Arizona was not in Camp Obama, as was Florida.

    Seems the GOP of Florida let down Team McCain, just couldn't make the grade.

  15. Those videos were good to see again Rat. Good thing we've improved our knowledge of how to respond (duct tape and plastic sheeting) and we are we can scale our vigilance (color coded alert system). My, my, we've come a long way since then.

  16. Well, I personally don't want to have nothin' to do with a nuclear bomb.

    They scare the bejebbers outta me.

  17. Nuclear powerplants provide excellent targets for nuclear weapons, bob.

    Doubles up the dose of fallout.

  18. Where as solar collectors on the roof do not constitute a viable target package.

  19. Thanks, Doug, for the link to the idiot David Brooks column. We knew it was going to happen and I believe Brooks is the first one we can officially say, "We told you so!"

    He must have been transfixed during the campaign and has only recently come to his senses. Unfortunately, as is the case with most self-professed "moderates", on his best day, he possesses little of what is somewhat arcanely referred to as "common horse sense." Case in point, he still believes that Obama is preferable to the "unfit" Republicans.

    How Brooks can knock down a six figure income is mind boggling.

    To paraphrase dialog from The Jerk: "It's a white man's whirled."

  20. yep... arab camel fucking pussies...

    great at beheading those with thier arms tied behind their backs...

    fuckin pussies...

  21. Bella Diablo

  22. Listening to Rat's post--

    Cover your windows with plastic and cardboard, Rat, get all the dirt from under your fingers.


    Those old civil defense films were something else.

    Duck and cover, we practiced it in class a couple times.

    It's odd though, some of it might help.

    I had a dispute with al-Doug one night, where I was claiming I saw a picture in a book of the aftermaths of Hiroshima, and some of the telephone pole wires were still there. And about one Japanese, who was in the basement of a building right at ground zero, who survived.

    al-Doug didn't believe any of this, but I saw it in a book, the photos, so must be true. If you believe everything you read in books.

    This had the look of the real deal though, photos taken a couple days after the event.

    The Hiroshima bomb was something of a firecracker to what can be done today though, so duck and cover may not help us out much.

    I wouldn't count on it. I'd rather be a couple thousand miles away.

  23. It's sad, really. If you're a "Republican." Rush is all you've got left.

    - rufus

    Did you know, rufus, that as our sun begins to die, it grows larger and larger, to the point that its morning rise occupies most of the visible sky?

    I find this somehow very compelling.

    See also: Mr. Creosote.

  24. Did you know, rufus, that as our sun begins to die, it grows larger and larger, to the point that its morning rise occupies most of the visible sky?

    By the time it does that, we're past cooked.

    We're quick fried.

    We're microwaved.

    But it's a long time in the future, the scientists say, and we may be out of here by then.

  25. It is kinda funny if an ex-oxycotin 3 time married gas bag is the beacon the 'pubs feel compelled to follow...

    ...naw, not funny, sad really.

  26. I should also mention Stephen Hawking's description of a contracting universe, in which all of our yesterdays lay before us as the future, and all of our tomorrows stretch out behind us, unimagined.

  27. bobal,

    I do believe you have seen the wisdom of trish's sun post yet you don't really grock it yet...

  28. Rush, Hannity, Coulter (Mark Steyn for print) are all just the 'Howard Sterns' of the ideological right- Constantly looking for hot buttons to push.

  29. It does seem possible that some of our kids will go star sailing, sailing through the Celestial Pacific, like the Polynesians, those great seafarers, who guided themselves by the stars at night, and the clouds over the distant islands by day, though what they may find, and what encounter, not even Captain Cook could say.

    There's an inner celestial realm as well, that can be sailed.

  30. Ash, if you don't go to Balloon Juice every day, you don't know where the fun is.

  31. grock it yet

    This is a term I'm unfamiliar with.

    in which all of our yesterdays lay before us as the future, and all of our tomorrows stretch out behind us, unimagined.

    This I call poetry, or utternonsense, I don't know which.

    Hawking however, at last report, has given up on his much ballyhooed idea of a 'formula of everything' to be written on the back of a postcard.

    I however, much less smart than Hawking, stick with the old idea that there is no end to things, that God has passed us by, only showing his backsides, like he did to Moses.

    Always something more.

  32. "Hawking however, at last report, has given up on his much ballyhooed idea of a 'formula of everything' to be written on the back of a postcard."

    Ah, the Grand Unified Theory.

    And didn't we all, about four years ago?

  33. The idea that the sun is going to fry us, Ash, is just a late scientific reworking of the old northern myth of Ragnarok

    Nothing to get excited about here.

  34. and the subsequent submersion of the world in water

    But this is nothing to fear, as we know, or should know by now, if we have been paying proper attention, that the waters of the primeval deep are fecund, creative and true, or we wouldn't be here.

  35. We've lost half our wealth since Mr. Yes We Can came along, Ash.

    I'll stick with Rush.

  36. Let's get it straight.

    The sun is going to fry us.

    Sooner or later, but probably right on scientific time.

    Some of us may get out of here, most probably not.

    But it really makes no difference, the waters of the deep being fecund, creative and true.

    Always something more, for all of us.

    So says the myth.

    Slay the dragon of your own dispair.

    Cheer Up!

  37. Cheer Up!

    Wed Mar 04, 11:00:00 PM EST

    You're the one who's under the fuckin' bed. Bob.

  38. :) Well yes, and that's where I do what little thinking I do!

  39. Trish,

    I much appreciate your links! Mr.Creosote left tears running down my cheeks. And where has Balloon Juice been during my misbegotten web life? Thank you.

    And ash, as a fan of Ballard and of Heinlein, your references further expose you as a poseur and dilettante.

  40. Wednesday's arrest warrant is the first to be issued against a sitting head of state by the Hague-based court, which stopped short of including a count of genocide over a conflict that U.N. officials say has killed as many as 300,000 people. The allegations stem from violence carried out in Darfur between 2003 and 2008.

    President Bashir is accused of instructing his forces to destroy three non-Arab ethnic groups in Darfur with the intention of genocide, leaving millions displaced from their homes in addition to the large death toll. Senior vice president of the International Crisis Group Mark Schneider tells reporter Peter Clottey that the international community clearly needs to back the warrant after Khartoum rejected the indictment.

    "The ICC indictment for atrocity crimes in Darfur follows a long investigation that clearly demonstrates to the court his responsibility. And as a result of the indictment, obviously for the victims of the Darfuri massacres, this provides a clear statement of the crimes that they suffered, and there are grounds to believe that Bashir was personally responsible," Schneider pointed out.

    President Bashir

  41. "I much appreciate your links!"

    Don't troll there.


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  43. And here, bob, I thought your wealth was in your land, it's still there, is it not.

    What have you lost?

    Other than opportunity to not own the land, while still paying the 15% capital gains tax rate on the sale.

  44. Pakistani police have rounded up scores of people in their investigation of an attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team but on Thursday, two days after the gunmen fired and then melted away, no breakthrough had emerged.


    Police had warned authorities that the Sri Lankan team was at risk, said Lahore administrator Khusro Pervaiz.


    Commentators have mentioned similarities between the Lahore attack and November's assault on the Indian city of Mumbai in which nearly 180 people were killed. India blamed Pakistani militants and their security agency handlers.

    No Breakthrough

  45. What have you lost?

    As the value of everything falls, down I go as well.

    I do feel fortunate, not having to worry about the stock market. I didn't benefit when it went up, either.

  46. This guy has done more damage with that speach than the rest of us can repair in the next few years. This guy honestly does not understand how to fight an insurgency in Iraq. After that stunning display, I would expect so little support from the local police and military that the insurgents will have the clear advantage for the forseeable future.

    MAJ J

  47. I want to comment on the video attached to this thread. I am stunned that after all this time fighting a counterinsurgency, that the Army failed to train this idiot. His little tantrum just belittled the only men in the area who are trying to solve the problem. The only people who benefit from a show like that are the enemy.

    MAJ J