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Saturday, January 17, 2009

We Should Talk to These People?

I don't think so.


  1. Yes we can!

    Talk is good...

    Here is what i would say..

    Dear Hamas...

    Thank you for your honest point of view. You do understand that your calling for the DEATH of me gives me the right to destroy you?

    Please understand that ALLAH hates you and this is why the JEW has succeeded against youin every thing they do...

    If you insist on attempting to destroy the Jew you are sealing your own fate....

    Please understand that WE the JEWS, know our powers that ALLAH has given us and we are pissed..

    Hamas time to die and go to hell.... We will take your so called brave martyrs and stitch them into pig skins and feed them to the sharks, We will defame the Prophet and show his WEAKNESS for Jewish Women's FLESH, we WILL turn your daughters into sluts and harlots... We will find your children and turn them against ALLAH...

    Your time is over and it's time for you to die a humiliating death...

    ALLAH has spoken and he as sealed your fate...


  2. Now, Motherfucker, It's Your Turn in the Barrel.

    Let's see how the Lefties like This.

  3. From Camera Ready Victims by Mona Charen

    Regarding the plight of Gaza, remember this: Between 1948, when Israel was created, and 1967, when Israel captured Gaza in a defensive war, the Gaza Strip was administered by Egypt. During those 19 years, the Egyptians never offered citizenship to the Palestinians living in Gaza, nor did they permit them free transit from the Strip into Egypt proper. They did nothing to encourage the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. In fact, in 1958, Egypt's President Nasser formally annulled the so-called "All Palestine Government" — a remnant of the Palestinian state the Arabs rejected in 1948. Egypt, like all of the other Arab states and, importantly, the U.N., chose to keep the Palestinians bereft and stateless — a permanent and growing dagger aimed at Israel.

    The UN is as responsible as any entity for the mess in the middle east. The UN has maintained ghetto "refugee camps" where the subsistence living and welfare system has been a breeding ground for hate.

    From the beginning of this most recent crisis, representatives of the UN Relief and Works Program have sounded like nothing more than Hamas shills.

  4. OT:

    Why is Geithner still being considered for Treasury Secretary? What kind of a signal would it send to Joe Taxpayer? Geithner can serve in another capacity, just not this one.

  5. It's very odd how the USA pays for 30% of UNRWA budget and the Europeans pay 51% and the combined arab world pays 5%

    If the west grew some balls they would cut off all aid to the palestinians and allow them to stand on their own feet...

    as of now the Palestinian people get their food, housing education, roads, government all paid for by the world, thus the typical palestinian family pops out 8 kids....

    no need to actually get up and work to pay for anything when the world provides them everything.

    thousands of palestinians are employees of the UNRWA and at night? are members of groups committed to murdering Jews..

    thanks world...

    and you WONDER why I bought a GUN?

  6. Hamas is watching their leadership get picked off one by one, and their infrastructure get destroyed around them, but they won't talk. They're counting on the world to restrain Israel. Sure, maybe after January 20 sometime. And when it's all over, they will find a three-story building, the highest structure still standing, run up their flag, and declare "victory".

  7. Ruby,

    Israel could have wiped out most of the top leadership in 2 seconds of they had chosen to.

    Now sure why they did not kill em all but it could be the best way to win is using humiliation and the idea cuckolding Hamas...

    Israel has proven it can do what every it chooses to do WHEN and how it chooses to do...

    hamas used mosques, UN schools and hospitals (and human shields) and Israel re-set the standards that those illegal actions are not going to stop Israel from hitting armed, firing targets...

    Hamas is cuckolded.

    The Arab mind could care less about 400 kids dying, but they do care about being embarrassed and humilitated..

    Israel is moving to humiliation as a tool

  8. Lord knows Israel knows about humiliation, after taking 7000 rounds last year and doing nothing. If seven round of incoming came from Mexico we'd immediately do another one of those Blackjack Pershing style punitive expeditions.

  9. Ruby said...
    Lord knows Israel knows about humiliation, after taking 7000 rounds last year and doing nothing. If seven round of incoming came from Mexico we'd immediately do another one of those Blackjack Pershing style punitive expeditions.

    That aint being humilated, that's being PC correct in the world..

    Israel had done much to remove reasons from the arab world for conflict, only to have to PROVE to the world that israel aint the "bad guy"

    Finally Israel has had enough..

    The problem with the 7000 rockets, the suicide bombers, the stabbings, the firebombings, the bulldozers run amuck is that (not for intent) the arabs have sucked at actually killing many jews...

    The major reason Israel did not go into lebanon with a major land invasion WAS the fact that after 10,000 rocket attacks less than 26 people (1/3 arabs) had actually been killed..

    IF the arab world were better killers then israel could have reacted years ago with overwhelming force...

    7000 rockets into israel (for me) is a reason to wipe gaza off the planet but alas the poor palestinians are still protected by the world's UN & others as victims...

  10. If they could have, wi"o", they should have.
    Since they did not, the could not. Or it is not a 'War' nor even a existental threat.

    40,000 US citizens have been killed by Mexican nationals in the United States illegally and the US does nothing to stop it.

    That fact gives lie to the staements that the US would 'do something' about Mexican aggression or terrorism.

    We have not, do not and will not 'do something'.

    Fact of that matter. The Mexican military operates in Texas and Arizona, almost as a matter of course, and the US does nothing.
    There is your true to life comparison, ruby.

    The US funds 22% of the UN regular budget of $4.2 billion and 26% of the piecekeeping budget of $6.2 billion per year.
    The US has paid in this range or expediture, for years and years.
    About $2.5 billion US taxpayer dollars have flowed to Oyster Bay on the Hudson.

    If there is blame to be allotted for the Palistinian mess, we should look in the mirror, at the largest contributor to the United Nations, US.

    It is not some entity that operates without US acquiescence to their policies and programs.

  11. "Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes … known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.… No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

    — James Madison,
    Political Observations, 1795

  12. UN association of the USA

    They have an offical looking logo, that's fer sur.

  13. Dr

    war comes in many forms....

    Hama's leadership resides in the bunker under the main hospital in gaza city..,

    to hit that would of course crossed all red lines, including those of Israel's.

    IF hamas had killed 2000 israelis (about the same % as 40k americans) in a short time I have no doubt it would have been a different war

    but mexicans are not palestinians...

    and if you wish to compare CRIME and MURDER rates as those of Hamas suicide/rockets then that's comparing apples to oranges...

    The interesting news?

    1.4 billion destroyed in gaza...
    600 million destroyed by palestinians in israel

    no doubt before i finish writing this sentence Israelis are rebuilding (without waiting for aid or welfare) whereas I hear the palios are talking about future aid conferences and donors....

    israel will rebuild, gaza will go into the rubble collection and victimhood business

    one other point...

    the arab world lost over 2.5 TRILLION dollars in the last 4 months from the correction in the markets...

    aint the recession a wonderful thing?

  14. No, me and mine have lost around a million in values, so I'd have to disagree, wi"o" about that recession cost benefit analysis.

    There is change a comin', for better or worse.

  15. dr: No, me and mine have lost around a million in values, so I'd have to disagree, wi"o" about that recession cost benefit analysis.

    Examine what you lost...

    If you lost the on paper increased values that never corrected and you still hold the same number of shares?

    then you lost nothing...

    IF you sunk 2.5 trillion into the market at the highest price possible and it blew through the floor?

    then your screwed...

    I suspect most of the "loss" of American assets by most investors are on paper...

    when you dont count the unsustainable increase in valuations and dont put corrections into play you cant really count the paper losses...

  16. For Obama, who repeatedly insisted during the 2008 presidential campaign and the transition period that "America doesn't torture," a classified loophole would allow him to follow through on his promise to end harsh interrogations while retaining a full range of presidential options in conducting the war against terrorism.


    New Policy

    Rimming Stations At The Doubletree Inn To Mark Inaugural

    mama, what's a rimming station?

    Talk to Hamas? Nah, waste of time.
    Sully For President

  17. Some 'paper loses' are worse than others. If you are counting on your assets to pay debt, it's not so good, those paper loses.

  18. Over a million unborn babies are killed every year, and the U.S. does nothing about that either.

  19. One must admit those fellows on the video are not deviating from the Hamas Charter.

  20. That's true for me and the Arabs the Kuwaiti was speaking for, wi"o", too.

    Their "loss" was, is, just like mine. They have been buying 'into' America for quite some time, so most of their "lost" value was 'merely' paper, as well.

    So, if you wish to minimize the losses my clan has taken, then we must minimize the losses reported by the Kuwaiti. They were not more exposed than we were to those falling values.

    As we were quite diversified, across various industries and real properties. All have taken a dump.

  21. As to the Mexicans being criminals and the Hamas folk being some how an elecvated type warrior, that's plain rubbish.

    Dead is dead and the Israelis have suffered very few dead, to Hamas or their rockets.

    I cannot find many references to the total number of Israeli civilians have been killed by Hamas rockets, in Israel. The number killed by HB was reported at 42, so the Hamas assualt is considerable less.
    Under twenty I venture to estimate.

    Hamas has fired at least 5,500 rockets since seizing Gaza in 2007, killing four Israelis before the air campaign was launched, according to the Israeli military.

    Then, another 10 or 12 since Cast Lead began. Under 20 is verified.

    Now Israel is 2% the size of the US, by population, so for Hamas to be considered a greater threat to Israelis than Mexican criminals are to US residents, the death toll, for Israel, would have to approach 800.

    It does not, at all.
    Mexican criminals are a greater threat to any legal US resident than Hamas is to any Israeli, by a factor of 40.

    That's the fact of the matter.
    By the numbers.

  22. 'The tide comes in, the tide goes out, the boats all rise and fall together. The boats all float together in the marina.'

    ala Chauncey Gardiner

  23. "Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
    For loan oft loseth both itself and friend.
    And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry."


  24. Mexicans in the United States with no ideology greater than their Nationalism are a greater threat than you understand, wi"o".

    You are not exposed to it, in Ohio.

    The Mexican Army is not running fire suppession operations there in Ohio, as they've been witnessed doing on the border in Texas. They are not running in convoys up I-35 like they do across the frontier from Naco, AZ to El Paso, TX. Providing both transportation and over watch security for the cartels various smuggling operations.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Violating the US border is deemed permissable, even though there is free flow of legal commercial traffic, by the wi"o" threat standard. While, by his standard, the Egyptian/Gaza border needs direct Israeli supervision, while every other commercial route remains locked down.

    While the cross border mortality threat level to US residents is 40 times greater than to Israelis.

    The cocaine, heroin and meth that are smuggled across the southern frontier are not factored into the US death toll, of 40,000 legal residents. We'll just call those folk collateral damage.

  27. So, Bar patrons and Keeps, should we be talking to the Mexicans?

    They have a clear policy of reconquista.
    Despite Mexican government rhetoric to the contrary this cultural and demographic shift is fully supported by the actions of the Mexican government.

    How should the US react?
    By corrupting Mexican Nationalism using economic and mass media techniqques honed and practiced by US?
    Or by cutting southern Mexico off, eliminating illegal cross border traffic and annexing the seven northern Mexican States, as an 'Economic free trade buffer zone'?

  28. Problem is 70% or so of the American people wanted to shut the border down, and in the event for those for whom this is a major issue we didn't have a decent candidate to vote for. Instead we get Obama.

    I've heard the La Raza stuff in Seattle in the 60's.

    Whole thing is a disaster.

    Mexico = violence = drugs = poverty = corruption in my mind.

    The Mexcan upper class is fleeing here too, for the protection it affords, I've read.

    We're idiots to allow any of it.

  29. There is direct analogy.

    Mexico is about 1/3 the size of US, while Gaza is about 1/4 the size of Israel, by population.

    Near enough for government work.

  30. The main Boise radio station just announced a Spanish language channel for the illegals, just yesterday I read about it.

  31. An American Hero Is Born

    Or, rather, made out of his own skills and ability.

  32. Michael Barone: Is a Change in Migration Patterns at Hand?
    HUMAN EVENTS | 01/17/2009 | Michael Barone

    Evidence keeps accumulating that the tide of immigration is ebbing. Tough enforcement laws passed by states like Arizona and Oklahoma and localities like Prince William County, Va., have reportedly spurred Latino immigrants to move elsewhere. Tougher enforcement of federal immigration laws may be having the same effect.

    Classrooms in Orange County, Calif., are suddenly half-empty. Latino day laborers seem to be less thick on the ground at their morning gathering places. Remittances to Mexico and other Latin countries are down, and men are returning to some villages from the United States.

    Latinos appear to account for a disproportionate share of mortgage foreclosures. The Census Bureau estimates that net immigration in 2007-08 was 14 percent lower than the average for 2000-07, and those estimates don't cover the period after June 30, when the recession really started hitting.

    Read the rest

  33. Part of the intense pressure from Mexico could be relieved by a sour economy but we're still left with the drug violence and power struggle which threaten to take Mexico into failed state status.

    My prediction is that we'll hear more and more calls for decriminalization and even legalization of drugs. Look for more comparisons to the repeal of Prohibition. Also, we're going to hear a lot more about the disproportionate incarceration of blacks, the horrendous expense to the judicial system and of course the outrageous expense of prisons.

  34. A lot more than Executive Orders are going to be reversed or rolled back.

  35. 14% less coming north.

    Down from 4,000 per day to 3,440.

    In 2007, remittances flowing into Mexico reached an all time high of $23.98 billion ... Council on Hemispheric Affairs

    The Associated Press
    Jan. 13, 2009,
    MEXICO CITY — One of Mexico's biggest banks said Tuesday that migrants are likely to send home even less money this year, forecasting a second straight year of declining remittances.

    Banamex, a unit of Citigroup Inc., estimated remittances will drop by 2.5 percent this year.

    It also estimated 2008 remittances dropped 2.0 percent to $23.5 billion,
    the first annual decline since the bank starting tracking the money 13 years ago. Mexico's central bank will release those figures Jan. 28.

    A 2.5% decline, would indicate a 2.5% drop in Mexican nationals living in the US.
    20 million to 19.5 million.
    Perhaps, by the end of 2009, 19 million will be the number.

    Let's celebrate victory !!!

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  37. They have a clear policy of reconquista.
    Despite Mexican government rhetoric to the contrary this cultural and demographic shift is fully supported by the actions of the Mexican government.

    How should the US react?

    Pretty frightening that this question even needs to be asked.

  38. Btw,

    Everyone on this here blog should read or listen this:

  39. But it's not about religion, mat, you said it's about oil, no?

    The sophistry is killin' us.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Meanwhile

    At the Rollingstone, even the stoners can see the light of dawn breaking.

    Holder: President Illegally Authorized Torture
    1/15/09, 12:44 pm EST

    Attorney General nominee Eric Holder today unequivocally declared that waterboarding is a form of torture, that “no one is above the law,” and that the president has no special authority to authorize torture. By the logic Holder holds out, the president is a criminal for having authorized waterboarding and other torture at GITMO and beyond:

  42. But it's not about religion, mat, you said it's about oil, no?

    The sophistry is killin' us.

    Ah yes, the sophistry.

    Jihadi oil financing global Jihad is trictly coincidental. 'Allahu Akbar' has no role in this.

  43. This year may establish a government-spending black hole with gravity strong enough to suck the U.S. economy over the event horizon. Such a spending path has two possible endgames. Neither is pretty.

    Print or Tax

    We're F##ked

    That's a nice image there, getting sucked over the 'event horizon'. I'm not sure I like the sounds of that.

    A suggestion is being made, form an emergency 'commission' that can make recommendations, then an up or down vote. This has the advantage of putting on the table proposals our cowards and scoundrals in Congress shy away from. Gives them political cover.

    Print, or tax. That is the question.

    A Trillion is a million million, by the way.

    This is all going to end very badly. As things get worse, the rhetoric wafting out of Obama, the center of the black hole, and the current leader of the scamps, the chief scamp, will heighten, trying to stay on top of things.

    Them's my predictions.

  44. 10 to the 99th is a

    duotrigintillion (American)

    or a

    sexdecilliard (European)

    or a

    triacontatrillion (proposed Greek)

  45. That's posted so that when the deficit is in the duotrigintillion range, and our money is worth less than a Zimbabwean dollar, you'll have words for it.

  46. Here's what Israel could do, but they won't: Use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and HUMINT to surveil Gaza and create a database of every house the "militants" enter, exit, or launch rockets from. For every round that is fired into Israel, whether it misses or not, one of these houses is flattened and struck off the list. Israel can even call the house and let the occupants leave if they want to.

    Hamas shoots these rockets to create fear in the minds of Israeli citizens of random death from above. The Israeli response doesn't even have to be life-for-life, but it has to be consistently one house for every rocket. It has to be as implacable as the pain you get from beating your head against a brick wall. If Hamas wants to fire 7,000 rockets in 2009, the people of Gaza will be less 7,000 houses. And every house that allows Hamas to shelter their troops or become a missile platform is guaranteed to be added to the list. Give the voters something to think about in the next election.

  47. Bush was elected on small government rhetoric, then he spent $4 trillion dollars of our grandchildren's money. I'd hate to see what a big goverment conservative is like.

  48. You'll have to be satisfied with a Marxist that's described by the MSM (and much of the "rightwing" punditry) as a "Centrist."


    GWB and the spineless "Conservative" GOP Political hacks ENABLED B HusseinO.

  49. "Israel Find Big Gas Field Off Haifa"
    Mat's on his way to meet the Greenies protesting

  50. Mat cares more for competitive sustainable green solutions. Right now most households in Israel use NG for cooking. This system is reliant on expensive production maintenance and distribution of gas canisters. Much better to go electric.


    Outrage, complaints shut down D.C. orgy
    Hotel nixes homosexual 'pig sex' party celebrating Obama inauguration

  52. We cooked w/Biofuels for years:
    Much more cost-effective/competitive than Solar for cooking.

  53. Those queerly deloved bevices look like they must be from some kind of medieval torture chamber to me. I can't quite figure out how they intended to be used.

    Maybe Hieronymus Bosch could figure them out.

  54. Doug, solar costs have come down in price some 15- to 20-fold in the last 20 years.* The issue of electrical storage is now starting to being worked on seriously. NG is cleaner than coal and oil, still I'd rather money go towards moving away from reliance on fossil fuels.


  55. The most cost-effective storage here is an inverter to feed the grid.

  56. I'm not in the mood right now to explain the use and enjoyment of those devices right now, al-Bob.

  57. right now right now = right now squared

  58. Interesting solar developments

    Posted June 4, 2008
    Lynne Kiesling

    There are a couple of very interesting recent solar developments that have substantial economic implications. First, the blue sky stuff: courtesy of Slashdot, a team of researchers in the Netherlands have demonstrated avalanche effects in semiconductors that can be used in solar cells (here’s the original article). Avalanche effects mean that instead of having a 1:1 relationship between a photon and an electron, in which 1 photon releases 1 electron, it’s physically possible in these nano-scale semiconducting materials to have 2:1 or even 3:1 — 2 or 3 electrons released per photon in the material. This means twofold or threefold increase in the possible energy intensity of the solar cell material. These nanocrystals are even inexpensive to manufacture. How cool is that?

    What are the economic implications of this new material and new knowledge? The low energy intensity of solar cells has been a factor in making solar a less cost-effective means of generating electricity than fossil fuels, which are extremely energy intensive. This avalanche effect can mean smaller, more energy intensive solar cells, which changes the cost structure for solar. I think it will certainly shift the long-run average cost curve downward, which creates an opportunity for solar retailers to reduce prices. A lower solar retail price shifts the price ratio between solar power and all other electricity power sources. For example, the price ratio between solar-generated and coal-generated electricity would shift such that at the margin, consumers would substitute out of coal-powered electricity and into solar-powered electricity. If I were better at generating the isoquant and indifference curve graphs electronically, I’d show it here graphically … but the logic is straightforward.

    In brief, innovations like this one increase the margin on which solar can compete with fossil fuels.


  59. Ha! You know how they're used? And, just where did you pick up that knowledge?

  60. Heheh

    Bob inverted da inverted at 69.

  61. My indifferenc curve on the subject is high.
    Let me assure you, it is neither logical, nor straightforward.
    Not even straight.

  62. Night of the Impotent Inverted.

  63. Both cases emerged after a November 20-23, 2008 Raw Food Festival in Kalapana.

    Rat Lungworm

    Never heard of it but it sounds mean.

  64. Both our rats are in Iron Lungs.
    Not Good.

  65. McCumber grew his own Cucumbers.

  66. The saddest sight is the Rat Lung Disease Ward @ the Hospital.
    Rows of Rats in Iron Lungs just doesn't look right, you know.

  67. Some Little Debbie recall

    Associated Press
    January 18, 2009

    WASHINGTON - The company that sells Little Debbie snacks announced a recall Sunday of peanut butter crackers because of a potential link to a deadly salmonella outbreak.

    The voluntary recall came one day after the government advised consumers to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods with peanut butter until health officials learn more about the contamination.

    Any peanut butter crackers from Dallas here?

  68. I wonder which is more dangerous, GM Coffee, or Rat Lung Lettuce?
    Nancy Redfeather would know now, but I fear she'd speak with forked tongue.

  69. Monsanto to the rescue:
    Sewage treated GM foods!

  70. “A vice president pulled me aside,” recalled Kirk. “He told me something like, ‘Wait a second. What Robert Shapiro says is one thing. But what we do is something else. We are here to make money. He is the front man who tells a story. We don’t even understand what he is saying.’”


  71. Out here we've got the dreaded 'wheat wasting disease'.

    A man spends his whole life growing the damned stuff, sunup to sundown, then finally pays off the farm, and dies.

    What a waste.

  72. "Let us pray for our nation’s safety and repentance, during these days when Sodom and Gomorrah have been unleashed upon Washington, D.C.," he said. "
    Amen to that!

  73. Many deaths are age-related.

  74. For users of them devices, that would be AIDs-related.