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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let's limit presidential pardons to turkeys

Hillary will get her pass.


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    Let's limit presidential pardons to turkeys



  2. Governors generally have the power to pardon state offenses.

    Governor Huckabee once got in deep do-do for pardoning a killer who had 'found Christ' - very important to Governor Huckabee - in prison.

    Sure enough, once out, he killed again.

    Governor Huckabee took a big political hit over this, but people have forgotten it now.

    On the other hand there are many just pardons.

    Some guy was recently pardoned in, maybe it was, Texas, from a life sentence for stealing some food. He had too many convictions, and that was the sentence. What to do about this kind of problem of repeat offenders I don't know, but leaving a pardon open through a Governor doesn't seem unreasonable.

    It all depends....

    1. Considering further, I think it was a Texas court that voided the small thief's life sentence as being cruel and unusual punishment.

  3. President-Elect Trump has just arrived at the Inaugural Concert !

    To the wonderful music of "Heart of Stone" from the Rolling Stones.

    What meaning this is meant to convey seems uncertain.

    The Donald likes the Rolling Stones....but did he approve this ?

  4. .

    There are rumors this song will be played tomorrow...

    I Like It


    1. :)

      Your theme song ?

      Did you try the 'interactive' and put yourself in the video ?

    2. Nice lookin' Mutt, too, by the way.

    3. .

      I did click on the interactive video but got the message that that video had been taken down.


    4. .

      I assume they must do it through skype or something. Well, if it was legit.

      But if it was legit, it's just one more thing for me to be amazed with these days.


    5. Dang !

      Was hoping to see you do your stuff, prance around a bit.

      You're not called The Prancing Prince for nothing.

    6. .

      Your theme song ?

      Naw, I like it but it's a bit light for a walk up song. I go for the darker stuff. Something from Rage Against the Machine or Mettalica. Even lighter stuff like Kashmir from Led Zeppelin.

      However, I think the song would make a great walk up song for you.


    7. .

      Or, you could go 'old school' like with something from Credence like Run Through the Jungle.

      Or, thinking out of the box, what would make an unusual but still great walk up song the...

      <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwxYiVXYyVs<I>Theme from 2001, A Space Odyssey</a>

      Play it extremely loud and it would be awesome as you walk up to the plate.


  5. ABC: Breaking: El Chapo being extradited to the United States

  6. U.S. stealth bombers took off from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri in support of operations near Sirte


    The colossal price to fly a pair of B-2 bombers to hit two ISIS camps in Libya


    1. .

      The cost of the JDAMs and the support would push the cost to about $12 million or $150,000 per terrorist but heck it's only money.


  7. 1 Room, 1 Castle


    Mom and pup


    1. I'll take the one room. Castles are drafty, hard to heat, tough to defend, and a pain in the ass to keep clean.

      Nice pic of mom and pup too.

    2. I like this one better:


    3. :):)

      As Deuce might say - "Relaxation without taxation".


      I like it better, too.

    Network slammed for encouraging violence with bizarre report

    Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com - JANUARY 19, 2017 7334 Comments

    CNN has been criticized for airing a report which revealed that an Obama appointee would become president if Donald Trump was killed during an attack on the inauguration tomorrow.

    Entitled Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office, the report admits that there is no specific threat targeting the inauguration, but goes on to speculate about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president….just as the transfer of power is underway”.

    An individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary….it will be an Obama appointee,” reports CNN.

    The report emphasizes that “a president from the prior administration” will take power if there is an attack due to the fact that none of Trump’s cabinet secretaries have been confirmed yet.

    According to CNN, the designated presidential successor is likely to be Tom Shannon, the Under Secretary For Political Affairs, and an Obama appointee.

    The report teases the potential for an attack on the inauguration by asserting it would create “chaos” and “high theater,” before airing clips from ABC’s Designated Survivor show in which Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”

    Given the huge number of death threats leveled at Trump – including one family friend of Hillary Clinton who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate Trump at the inauguration – is CNN irresponsible in drawing attention to this issue?

    Respondents to the video on YouTube, which was heavily thumbed down, slammed CNN for almost encouraging a violent attack against Trump.

    “Totally not suggesting anything here, huh CNN?” commented one.
    “So leftist terrorists know who they need to take out, so that dems can stay in power? This is irresponsible journalism,” added another.

    “I flagged this video as dangerous to the president elect, and that it might foment violence,” wrote another.
    The charges are not without precedent. After Thomas DiMassimo tried to rush the stage to violently confront Trump during an event in Ohio last year, CNN gave him a platform to denounce Trump as a “bully”.


  9. Why time really does fly when you’re having fun: Research reveals how our brain processes time differently depending on what we're doing

    Time seems to pass more quickly when we perform routine tasks
    Our memories of the routine events that fill our days fade with time
    There are six categories of experiences where time seems to pass more slowly

    By Michael Flaherty With The Conversation
    PUBLISHED: 12:57 EST, 19 January 2017 | UPDATED: 15:26 EST, 19 January 2017

    "Now what are space and time? Are they actual entities [wirkliche Wesen]? Are they only determinations or also relations of things, but still such as would belong to them even if they were not intuited? Or are they such that they belong only to the form of intuition, and therefore to the subjective constitution of our mind, without which these predicates could not be ascribed to any things at all?" (A23/B37-8).

    The view that space and time are actual entities is meant to represent the Newtonian position, and the view that they are determinations or relations of things, the Leibnizian position (but cf. Hatfield 2006, 77-8). Later in the Transcendental Aesthetic, he refers to the Newtonians as the “mathematical investigators” of nature, who contend that space and time “subsist” on their own, and to the Leibnizians as the “metaphysicians of nature,” who think that space and time “inhere” in objects and their relations (see A39-40/B56-57).

    While Kant does clearly allude to this theoretical background, it is noteworthy that views of the sort he articulates in the Aesthetic—that space and time are transcendentally ideal, that they are mere “forms” of intuition, that they depend upon the “subjective constitution of the mind,” and so on—do not obviously make contact with the Leibniz/Newton debate.....


  10. What about Pence?

    ...haven't they heard about the office of vice president in CNN World?

    1. Good question.

      Seems the Criminal News Network is not so subtly encouraging a hit on The Donald.

      No wonder The Donald don't like 'em.

    2. I've been reading speculations as to just why El Chapo ("Shorty") is being sent to the USA just right now.

      Can't make much sense of it myself but here it is -

      What’s up with the timing of this El Chapo extradition?


      I say send him to the Philippines and let Duterte handle it.

      Some of Shorty's drugs surely ended up there.

    3. What about Pence -

      CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power

      By Pamela Geller - on January 19, 2017

      Is CNN giving left-wing primitives ideas?

      The Trump election has exposed the left for what they truly are — and what they have been throughout history: violent thugs who will impose their totalitarianism by whatever means. This is not new — the Nazis, the communists, the fascists — this is how they seize power and oppress the people. The left is America is no different, and we must be prepared to respond to their calls for war.

      Any American paying attention is repulsed by these savages. And while it is terrible, like lancing a boil, it is remedial, required, and restorative.

      I am in DC and will be reporting what I see and hear back to you, brave and steadfast readers and activists.

      CNN: Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office
      Media warns of Inauguration drone bombing, not ‘safe’
      Fortress Washington girds for days of resistance
      Cops set up mobile booking stations
      Revealed: Training camps where protesters plan to ‘disrupt’

      CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power

      By Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, January 19, 2017:

      On the Wednesday, January 18 broadcast of CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer aired a segment with a chyron featuring the headline “Developing Now.” During that “developing” segment, Blitzer and correspondent Brian Todd discussed what would happen if the unthinkable occurred on January 20.

      Blitzer introduced the segment, saying, “What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?” and from there, CNN contributor Brian Todd took over to outline the line of succession if an attack blew up the inaugural dais, killing both Trump and Pence....


      To hell with CNN and Blitzer.


  11. The Washington Post tells the interesting story of Trump secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson and Hugo Chavez. "Rex Tillerson hadn't been CEO of ExxonMobil very long when the late president Hugo Chavez made foreign oil companies in Venezuela an offer they couldn't refuse. Give the government a bigger cut, or else."

    Most of the companies took the deal. Tillerson refused.
    Chavez responded in 2007 by nationalizing ExxonMobil's considerable assets in the country, which the company valued at $10 billion. The losses were a big blow to Tillerson, who reportedly took the seizure as a personal affront.

    Only Tillerson didn't get mad, at least in public. He got even.

    Threatened with a weaponized state Tillerson ceded Chavez the physical ExxonMobil assets and took his company to neighboring Guyana. There it developed one of the largest oil finds in the world. Now Guyana is sitting pretty while Venezuela is in abject misery.

    GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday January 16, 2017 – A leading consultancy firm says Guyana is poised to join the world’s major oil producing countries on the heels of the latest oil find.
    Last Thursday, international oil and gas company Exxon Mobil struck liquid gold a second time in its exploration efforts offshore Guyana. The company said it discovered oil from its Payara -1 well on the Stabroek Block after drilling for three months.

    “It’s not often that a country goes from 0 to 60 so fast like this,” Matt Blomerth, head of Latin American Upstream Research for Wood Mackenzie, a consultancy firm, told the New York Times.


  12. The time has arrived. Here's what we need -

    January 20, 2017
    We Need a Law to Prevent Another President Obama
    By Mark A. Hewitt
    Now that President Obama is a former president, maybe Congress can now crawl out of their safe spaces and deal with the issue of what is meant by Article II of the U.S. Constitution: "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the Office of President."

    In January 2016, Congressman Alan Grayson said he would sue Senator Ted Cruz over his eligibility to be president. Grayson told MSNBC that he would sue over Canadian-born Cruz's natural-born citizen status if the senator ever became the GOP nominee. Why? "Because the Constitution means what it says and says what it means." In February 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump jumped into the fray and said he was "very seriously" thinking about filing a suit to challenge Ted Cruz's eligibility to be president. Senator Cruz's father is Cuban-born; his mother is American. "He was born in Canada, lived there for years." Mr. Trump's suit would have determined if his competitor was a "natural born citizen" as stipulated by the U.S. Constitution.

    Under the straw argument that the U.S. Constitution doesn't define what is meant by "natural-born citizen," the media and Washington, D.C. Democrats embraced the media-driven new definition: "natural born citizen" simply means "citizenship due to place of birth."

    During the 2007 election cycle, Democrats and the media buttressed Senator Barack Obama's eligibility to be president with an unrelenting campaign that having been born in Hawaii automatically made candidate Obama – a child of a British (Kenyan) national – a "natural born citizen" of the United States. Newspaper and magazine articles steered away from discussing how the son of a Kenyan national could be the next president of the United States. He was born in Hawaii, and that was sufficient. And if anyone challenged the assertion that "natural born citizen" simply meant "citizenship due to place of birth," he was branded a racist and bigot, or worse.

    We need a law that enunciates that the constitutional phrase "natural born citizen" means what the Founders articulated those three little words to mean: "born of two American parents."....

    1. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/01/we_need_a_law_to_prevent_another_president_obama.html

    2. .

      Good lord, still?

      Must you continue to embarrass yourself?