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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Does anyone in the Neocon Establishment have a clue on what they have done?


  ALEPPO Three days before the Neocons worked their magic:


Does anyone in the Neocon Establishment have a clue on what they have done?

It's a mixed bag. You have true ideologues like Graham, McCain, and King who will never be convinced anything we've done is wrong, this even as in McCain's case where he has been publicly humiliated many times for his views and actions. These are mirrored on the Dems side by people like Rice and Powers who ardently push their R2P agenda. And you have Obama who, as with the majority of other issues, supports it reluctantly but still does support it.

You have others in D.C. who support the actions because their states and constituents, and more importantly their jobs, depend on the money generated by the MIC. Also, you have guys like Chuck Schumer, Steve Israel, Ted Cruz, and Mario Cuomo who are willing to sacrifice US interest for others nation's interests. 

You also have the media that supports these corrupt policies.

And finally you have the US public, conditioned by years of this stuff, apparently unaffected (personally) by the insanity, who view all of this stuff as spectators rooting for a mediocre sports team. Rooting for their team to win but not getting all that upset when they lose which they do often.

What all these people fail to realize is the opportunity costs they suffer from the madness, the trillions of dollars lost for no productive good that could have been used to advance science and medicine, save lives here and around the world, build, repair, and replace antique and disintegrating water systems, roads, energy grid, and transportation systems that currently make the US look like a third world country when compared with other states that have constantly been repairing and upgrading theirs.

So the neocons and the liberal hawks will continue along fat dumb and happy despite the death counts that grow daily as an effect of our actions in places like Yemen, Iraq/Syria, and Libya, and despite the rising costs generously donated by the American people. They will be supported by the majority of the sheeple who don't realize the extent of what they are losing, who, given there is no draft, feel they really don't have any shit in the game, and by those silly fools who argue for R2P or 'save the women' or any number of other mindless memes not realizing that whenever the US decides to intervene it always results in the displacement and/or deaths of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The sheeple will continue supporting their team hoping that sometime in the not too distant future their team will finally get a win.


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    1. Read her bio. What a train wreck.

  2. .

    Netanyahu says 'Israel will not be used as a punching bag' in accusing the Obama administration of organizing the anti-settlement legislation at the UN.

    Israeli sources indicate they have 'iron clad' proof provided by Arab sources proving Obama's culpability. However, in interviews on MSNBC they state that their sources are privileged and can't be revealed at this time.

    They indicated they will only be revealed to the new Trump administration.


    One assumes this decision is predicated on the belief that Trump will be more predisposed to support the Israeli position.

    Or, on the belief that Trump is just stupid enough to believe them.


  3. The Ryan bros both fired after 2 seasons with the Buffalo Bills.

  4. In a nation of laws and with courts with rights to appeal, why should anyone be able to gain favor and pardon from a politician on his way out of office? To me this is total bullshit. A president is not a king or anointed by god. Will we ever grow up?

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    1. .

      R2P = Responsibility to Protect

      It's a concept thought up by European elites and the UN and is endorsed on a selective basis by the Idaho faux farming community.

      As with all well meaning initiatives it often suffers from misuse. The R2P initiatives wording is usually general and based on 'facts' that are often controversial or denied by one side or the other. These initiatives can easily turn into self-serving power moves by the Big Boys to advance agendas that are at times more political and economic than humanitarian.

      Libya is a good example.


    2. R2P is short hand for the ordinance passed by the City of San Francisco allowing transients to pee on the public sidewalks, like Quirk's dogs do.....Right to Piss Ordinance.

      R2F Ordinance is up for discussion by the City Supervisors next month....quirk's dogs also do this in public as well....

    3. San Francisco Sucks

      Property crime runs amok

      An online map is needed to track human feces on city streets

      Discarded syringes are common sightings

      Public urination is so widespread it has damaged subway elevators and escalators, building walls and power poles

      San Francisco grapples with growing crime, blight after years of liberal policies
      By Tori Richards Published December 27, 2016


      Quirk and his dogs would fit right in.....the Mutts could piss anywhere....not even need a fire hydrant...

  6. A FORMER contestant of the TV show Survivor has been sentenced to at least a year in prison for possessing child pornography.

    Michael Skupin appeared on Tuesday in Oakland County court in suburban Detroit. Skupin, who starred in the US version of the show, asked for mercy from the judge and said he was “deeply sorry.”

  7. "People dyin' these days that never died before"

    Ernest Hemingway

  8. "Nobody gets out alive."


  9. TRUMP Tower was evacuated today after a suspicious package turned out to be a bag of children’s toys.


    Andy Martin, a 16-year-old from the New York City suburb of Huntington, who was in Manhattan with family, said everyone was evacuated quickly.

  10. Carrie Fisher, George Michael, both done in by drugs.

    The toll continues to mount.

    If a mile high wall the length of the Mexican border helps I'm all for it.

    Selling drugs should be considered attempted murder.

  11. Everybody gets out alive. It's all just a misunderstanding that we don't, the error being to equate the body with the Self.

    "To die is different from what any one supposed,and luckier"

    from Song Of Myself

    Walt Whitman

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    2. But before you get involved with Quirk, Rosiee, I must tell you Q isn't all he sometimes seems. He doesn't give a damn about women.

      And glad to see you, Schmee, are now on record as saying what you've always hinted at:

      that 'saving the women....is a mindless meme'....that 'saving the women' is an argument of silly fools....

      I knew Don Quixote, and let me tell you Quirky, you ain't no Don Quixote....nor are you of the stuff that made William Wallace, ancestor of my wife....his genes still flowing in her blood....she KNOWS a man when she sees one and has been with me 35 years....because I adore, protect, and serve her....

      Your betters, in a better time, thought much differently than you, whose only allegiance is to the gossip in Ye Olde Mafia Barber Shoppe:

      The code of chivalry

      As the pope's warriors, knights were bound by a code of honor, the code of chivalry. Each knight had to swear that he would defend the weak, the poor, widows, orphans, and the oppressed. He was to be courteous, especially to women; brave; loyal to his leaders; and concerned about the welfare of his subordinates, or those of lesser rank and position. Quoted by Grant Uden, in A Dictionary of Chivalry, the knight's code of conduct was fixed in a knightly prayer carved in stone at the cathedral of Chartres in France, one that expresses the chivalric ideal:

      Most Holy Lord, Almighty Father … thou who hast permitted on earth the use of the sword to repress the malice [evil] of the wicked and defend justice … cause thy servant here before thee, by disposing [turning] his heart to goodness, never to use this sword or another to injure anyone unjustly; but let him use it always to defend the just and right.

      Similarly, in the late nineteenth century, French scholar Léon Gautier listed, in his book Chivalry, what he called the Decalogue (or Ten Commandments) that governed the conduct of a knight under the code of chivalry:

      Unswerving belief in the church and obedience to her teachings
      Willingness to defend the church

      Respect and pity for the weak and steadfastness in defending them
      Love of country

      Refusal to retreat before the enemy

      Unceasing and merciless war against the infidel

      Strict obedience to the feudal overlord, so long as those duties did not conflict with duty to God
      Loyalty to truth and to the pledged word

      Generosity in giving

      Championship of the right and the good, in every place and at all times, against the forces of evil

      To generations of readers, knighthood and chivalry became almost synonymous with, or identical to, respect for and devotion to women, through epic poems and novels such as Sir Walter Scott's The Talisman (1825). The following passage from Scott's novel, in which a Scottish Crusader named Kenneth is addressing a Saracen (Muslim), is typical of the chivalric attitude toward women:

      Saracen, replied the Crusader, thou speakest like one who never saw a woman worthy the affection of a soldier. Believe me, couldst thou look upon those of Europe, to whom, after Heaven, we of the order of knighthood vow fealty [faithfulness] and devotion, thou wouldst loathe for ever the poor sensual slaves who form thy harem [the women of a Muslim household]. The beauty of our fair ones gives point to our spears, and edge to our swords; their words are our law; and as soon will a lamp shed luster [a glow of light] when unkindled [the fire is put out], as a knight distinguish himself by feats of arms, having no mistress of his affection.




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