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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Our Strength Is In Our Diversity."

Isis documents leak: Britons among 22,000 recruits with personal details revealed through terrorist group’s 'registration form'

Details of more than a dozen British Isis members are among 22,000 recruits reportedly revealed in a cache of leaked documents from the terrorist group’s stringent “entrance interviews”.

Zaman Al Wasl, a pro-opposition Syrian news website, published a selection of the forms online showing a 23-question survey detailing extremists’ names, birth dates, nationalities, hometowns, nationalities and even blood types.
But a total of 22,000 names, addresses, telephone number and family contacts feature in a similar cache of documents, seen by Sky News, described by a former counter terror boss as a “goldmine".

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary was a rap artist from Maida Vale, west London, before he went to fight in Syria

They include prominent names of figures already known to be members, such as Britons Abdel Bary, Junaid Hussain, Reyaad Khan.

Bary, a former rapper from London, was reported last July to have deserted Isis and be on the run in Turkey. Hussain, from Birmingham, was thought to have been Isis’s head of media before he was killed in a US drone strike in August.

Reyaad Khan, from Penarth, near Cardiff, in an Isis recruitment video
Khan, from Cardiff, previously appeared in high-profile Isis propaganda video, but was killed in an RAF-led drone strike.

The forms show prospective members were asked to choose if they wanted to be used as suicide bombers, soldiers or in another role, and to detail any previous “jihadist experience”.

Zaman Al Wasl’s report claimed the personal details of 1,736 fighters from 40 countries had been revealed, showing that a quarter were Saudis and the rest predominantly Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian.

The documents, written in Arabic and stamped with logos used by the so-called Islamic State, allegedly contain details of 16 British fighters.

Most of the European extremists listed were from France, followed by Germany and the UK. Four were said to be from the US and six from Canada.

Timothy Holman, who translated part of the cache into English, said the documents were collected at border crossings into Isis territory between November and December 2013.

The authenticity of the forms could not immediately be verified but the Home Office said it was “aware” of the report, while the leak also matched descriptions of material being investigated by security services in Germany.

Junaid Hussain

The forms reveal members’ names, codenames, birthdays, nationalities, countries visited, employment record and previous jihadist activities.

“Any jihadist who crosses the Islamic State's borders for the first time is made to acknowledge to the Borders Administration everything about himself, even what he wants to be in Isis - a fighter or a suicide bomber,” Zaman Al Wasl reported.
The documents were published on Tuesday, a day after reports emerged in Germany that the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) security service had received more than a thousand Isis documents.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung’s description of the material matched that given by Zaman Al Wasl, detailing 23-question “entrance interviews” from Isis territories in Syria.

Timeline: The emergence of Isis

“We believe it is very likely that these are real documents,” a spokesperson for the BKA told the newspaper.

Prosecutors in the country are reportedly planning to use them as evidence to prosecute any Isis members attempting to return to Germany.

Speaking about Sky News' documents, former global terrorism operations director at MI6 Richard Barrett told the channel: "It will be an absolute goldmine of information of enormous significance and interest to very many people, particularly the security and intelligence services."
An English translation of the Isis ‘registration form' (Sky News)

A spokesperson for the Home Office told The Independent it was “aware” of the apparent leak but said he could not give any further information for security reasons.

“Individuals who take part in the conflict in Syria or travel to Isis territories are subject to investigation and should expect to be prosecuted on their return,” he added. “Any evidence will be considered.”
At least 700 people from the UK have travelled to support or fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, according to police, and about half have since returned.


  1. The forms show prospective members were asked to choose if they wanted to be used as suicide bombers, soldiers or in another role...

    The proper response to this, I would say, is:

    1) Not at all
    2) Some other role
    3) Soldier
    4) Suicide bomber

    It is not possible to create heaven on earth through violence, by creating hell on earth.


    YouTube Suspends Account of Palestinian Media Watchdog

    What happens when you expose Palestinian Jew hatred.

    March 10, 2016

    Ari Lieberman

    Palestinian leaders are notorious for speaking with forked tongues. Duplicitous officials often talk of peaceful dialogue and two-state solutions when addressing Western audiences but it’s an entirely different affair when they’re behind closed doors, addressing their fellow kinsmen. In such a familiar and comfortable setting, they let their guard down and spew the vilest calumnies and conspiracy theories that more often than not, involve the Jews. They’re also not shy about what they intend to do to Israel if they ever achieve statehood. One “moderate” Palestinian leader even suggested the use of nuclear weapons against the Jewish State.

    In every forum and venue, Palestinian political and religious leaders, academics, educators and journalists incite the Palestinian masses to violence. Jews are routinely referred to as apes, monkeys and pigs or alternatively, the “vilest of creatures.” Ancient blood libels, involving Jews kidnapping Muslim (or Christian) children and using their blood as a key ingredient in Passover matzah, are regurgitated with banal regularity. Palestinian children are spoon-fed hate from birth and children’s programs, mimicking the Sesame Street genre are laced with references to murder of Jews and martyrdom. Often, this programming is financed, either directly or indirectly, by the EU and the United States State Department, making these governments complicit in the violence that results therefrom.

    Western audiences are rarely exposed to such obscenities. They’re accustomed to viewing polished and often sympathetic Muslim characters who speak of the importance of peace and their desire for democracy and freedom. Of course, what it said behind closed doors, in Arabic to Arabic audiences, remains behind closed doors.

    Faced with such malevolence, the importance of monitoring and exposing Arab media takes on a sense of urgency. Two organizations, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) have stood at the forefront of this endeavor. Their efforts have borne fruit and actually forced Western governments to confront Arab anti-Semitism and more carefully scrutinize allocation of funds. In some cases, Arab entities dependent on Western financing were compelled to modify their behavior as a condition of continued financial backing.

    1. I don't get why the second half of this post keeps vanishing. I've put it up twice so I'm giving it up.

      Please go to Front Page Magazine if you wish to read the rest.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The misunderstood Bulldozin Chosin:

    The Parisians were really out of line not appreciating all the Nazi improvements planned for Paris.

    1. And yet you claim you are not an anti-semite.

      It's time for you to own your hatred.

    2. AMHERST - Israeli-American activist-academic-author Jeff Halper will be speaking Tuesday at the University of Massachusetts, as one of the events this month to mark Israeli Apartheid Week on campus.

      This is the second Israel Apartheid Week here but events are scheduled throughout the month, said organizer Michael Avanzato.

      The events are part of a national movement to educate people about what organizers says is Israel's apartheid policies toward Palestine and to build support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign.

      Halper is the founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and will speak about his new book "War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification."

      Events here are organized by the UMass Students for Justice in Palestine

      The SJP helped lead to a boycott of Sabra products on campus and would like to spur a look at divestment.

      But with UMass "it's difficult to find out what companies the university invests in," Avanzato said.

      Sabra, which makes hummus and other dips, has been targeted because it is a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Israel Strauss group that has provided financial support to the Israel Defense Forces' elite Golani Brigade.

      Other companies of concern are Caterpillar Inc. that manufactures bulldozers purchaed by Israel to raze Palestinian homes.

      Avanzato said the BDS movement is a "critique of (Israeli) state policy that does actions we don't like."

      He said it's not a critique of Israelis or Jews and he said he's concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism on campus.

    3. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/03/israeli-american_jeff_halper_t.html

    4. Not to worry, the Iranians are now leading the race to kill Palestinians and make them homeless...

      Kinda warms the heart?

  4. The Zionists think everyone else is stupid:


    1. Wow, going back 6 years to Pravda to make a point..

      Russia has conquered 100 times the lands and destroyed 100 times the number of civilian homes in numerous nations in the recent past....

      it's funny listening to PRAVDA talk about Israel and a few hundred acres of lands...

    2. Actually the Russians think everyone else is stupid..

      How is the occupation of Crimea, Georgia, Chechnya going?

    3. A 23 minute video that only took you 2 minutes. You are quite the talent. I intentionally picked something six years old because in Israel everyday is Ground Hog’s Day. The Three Card Monti continues unabated.

    4. Is that why Israel gave up all the Sinai? All of southern Lebanon? Offered 98.5 % of the west bank to Abbas and 1/2 of Jerusalem? Money for refugees and family reunification? gave up ALL of Gaza?

      You are the one stuck on a loop....

  5. At least seven people who were digging a wide tunnel to smuggle "goods" between Gaza and the Egyptian city of Rafah were killed when the Egyptian army flooded the tunnel with sea water and caused its collapse, according to reports Thursday morning in Egyptian and Gazan social media.

    Oh yeah, the BORDER with Egypt.

  6. Opps....

    Another OIA, Occupation Iranian Army, lost another high ranking Storm Trooper.

    DEBKAfile's intelligence and military sources reported Thursday morning that a very high-ranking officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Brigadier General Hassan Ali Shams Abadi, was killed on the front in the area of the Syrian city of Aleppo. He was the head of the Iranian communications and intelligence network for thefront.

    yeah it's Debka Quirk, deal with it.

    Doesn't change the fact that another iranian islamic-nazi is dead...


    d e a d

  7. Wow, Jobless Claims back down to 259,000.

    Jobless Claims

    25 Feb 2015 15:12 GMT

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    EmailPrintSend Feedback
    Article retracted, 25/2/2015.

    Editor's note: An earlier version of this page hosted an article which stated that Israel had, without warning, opened a number of dams, which had resulted in a part of Gaza being flooded.

    This was false.

    In southern Israel, there are no dams of the type which can be opened.

    We apologise for this error.

    Al Jazeera depends on objective reporting and strives to correct all errors of fact. We are committed to accountability and transparency.

    We encourage our audience and others to identify and report our mistakes.


  9. Own the world's largest "concentration camp" you CAN get good pastries...


    The menu boasts an impressive selection: Belgian waffles, apple pies, cakes made from Oreos and Kit-Kat bars, and Abu Ajeena’s personal favourite, the cinnamon bun.

    Read more about the Syrians that relocated to the Gaza Strip...


  10. I was a little skeptical of that flooding Gaza story myself.

    Hey, galopin2, you may need to start looking for a new candidate one of these bright spring days -



    1. Hum, Hum, Huma !!


  11. .

    One “moderate” Palestinian leader even suggested the use of nuclear weapons against the Jewish State


    Oh wait. That's right. It's just like when Saddam planned on attacking the US with a nuclear device. Perhaps, Israel should invade the Palestinians. Oh, wait...


    1. O hardy har har. They'd most likely do it if they could.

      Is that really the best you can do ??

      March 10, 2016

      Mosul Dam in Iraq on brink of 'catastrophic' collapse

      By Rick Moran


      Mosul might be under 45 feet of water.......I'd think they'd be releasing water from the dam as fast as possible to ease the water pressure on the dam.

    2. .

      O hardy har har. They'd most likely do it if they could.

      Is that really the best you can do??


  12. .

    Who Gets the Blame for the Slowing Economy

    This article goes over all the usual stuff but it does have a couple of interesting (to me) charts including the one showing the decline of trust in government since the Eisenhower era and the declining economic forecasts we see today.


  13. ah, the joys of irony:

    " 'My 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot'; Boy shoots mom while driving

    MIAMI -- A northeast Florida woman whose four-year-old son accidentally shot her in the back while they were travelling in her pickup truck is apparently a gun lover who made numerous social media postings about gun rights.

    A community Facebook page listed under Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense was filled with posts advocating for gun rights, including a quote that says "My right to protect my child with my gun trumps your fear of my gun."

    The Associated Press was unable to verify whether the page, which has since been taken down, belonged to Gilt. A person who answered the phone at her house on Thursday morning declined to comment.

    Putnam County Sheriff's investigators were trying on Thursday to determine how the boy got his hands on the gun they say he used to shoot his mother.

    Jamie Gilt, 31, of Jacksonville owns the .45-calibre gun the boy fired on Tuesday afternoon, Putnam County Sheriff's Office spokesman Joseph Wells said.

    Wells said a deputy saw her behaving frantically inside the truck, which was stopped partially in the road. The deputy then saw she'd been shot in the back and the bullet had exited from her stomach area, Wells said.

    Gilt told deputies her son had accidentally shot her, according to Wells. She was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition, but investigators had not been able to interview her, Wells said.

    The boy, who wasn't injured, is with relatives. The Florida Department of Children and Families also is investigating.

    Before it was removed from public view, the Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense Facebook page featured many posts from other pages supporting gun ownership and vilifying proposals for more gun control.

    The short description of the page on Facebook said it was a place "to connect people that share a common goal. That goal is to protect and expand our 2nd Amendment rights."

    After the news broke about Gilt's shooting, the posts appeared to be inundated with mocking comments from other Facebook users.

    In comments posted March 7 to one post on the page, a user named Jamie Gilt wrote: "I can promise though, if someone breaks into my house, or tries to harm me or my family pretty anywhere, they will be shot and most likely killed. It's my right to protect my life." The same user later replied to another comment about teaching children to shoot: "All of ours know how to shoot too. Even my four-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22."

    Investigators are trying to determine whether to bring charges against Gilt.

    Under Florida law, it is a misdemeanour for someone to store or leave a loaded gun where a child has access to it.

    "They must keep firearms secured and locked," Wells said."


    1. The little puke deserves a good mugging, I have always believed.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. That story reminds of a time I was skiing in Colorado. I was riding a lift up and I started chatting with the guy beside me. He was an emergency room doctor in Denver. I asked him about gun shot wounds and their frequency. He laughing told me about a gang-banger that had come in the other night who had robbed a store at gun point. The dude ran out to his car and threw his gun into the back seat as he hopped in. It went off and shot him in the back. He ended up in the guys emerge.

  14. Trump's retired butler says Trump is a heck of a nice man, very generous and caring to lots of people he didn't even know.

    Only a gentleman's butler knows the gentleman well, it is said.

  15. Obama's Job Approval at Highest Level Since May 2013

    by Andrew Dugan and Frank Newport

    50% approve of Obama's job performance in latest weekly reading
    Nearly nine in 10 Democrats approve, up from 81% in early 2016

    Americans view Obama's final year similarly to Reagan's thus far
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Barack Obama earned a 50% job approval rating for the week ending March 6, his highest weekly average since May 2013.

    52%, Today

    1. It can only be because he hasn't been doing anything, and is out of the news due to the primaries, and will be out of Office soon.

      Everyone has learned it's best when he's playing golf and not screwing things up any further.

      That's one of the things that made Eisenhower such a great President. He never did anything but play golf, and hence the country got along just fine.

    2. Hey galopin2, did you see what I posted by the most informed retired Federal lawyer that worked this kind of stuff his entire life....that the Hillary Affair is most probably already before a Grand Jury ?

      I strive to keep you informed even though I know you don't wish be so regarding Hillary.

    3. .

      I truly doubt it.

      Prior to the election, the only arena in which Hillary will be judged is in the court of public opinion.

      If she wins the election, forget about it.


    4. You truly doubt's it's before a Grand Jury ?

      You'd do better not to truly doubt that, but to truly doubt that after an indictment the D of J will follow through with a prosecution.

      The two are not the same.

      An interesting question arises as to whether The Bitch could pardon herself after being elected POTUS, if the timing of these events should work out just right.

      Don't know the answer to this but if she is indicted she best pray she is elected President because The Donald is on record as saying that if he is POTUS he will see to it she is prosecuted.

      This is a marvelous interesting election cycle, the best I've ever witnessed.

    5. It's getting so it might almost be described as 'a blood sport', or 'Bullfighting in America' !

  16. The Enduring Curse of Caste


  17. New Polls: Clinton well ahead of Sanders in Key State Contests-Crushing Trump in General Election

    The latest poll from Quinnipiac University shows that front runner Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead over Bernie Sanders in the Florida Primary, and a comfortable lead in Ohio heading into the March 15 Super Tuesday contests. Clinton’s lead in Florida is 62% to 32% and is consistent with the CNN/ORC poll that was released yesterday. The poll also shows that she leads Sanders 52% to 43% in Ohio.

    According to Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll, it is difficult to see any path to victory for Sanders in Florida which has 214 delegates up for grabs.

    Poll of Florida Voters on the Democratic Primary | InsideGov

    According to the survey most voters have already decided on whom they plan to support in both Florida and Ohio, and this contributes to Sanders problems in these states. Mathematically trying to catch up to Clinton will be difficult. He will have to win three-fifths of the remaining delegates to break even with Clinton.


    Among Florida likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton leads 69 - 24 percent among women and 51 - 43 percent among men. She gets 50 percent of voters who describe themselves as "very liberal," with Sanders at 46 percent. Voters who say they are "somewhat liberal" back Clinton 63 - 31 percent and voters who say they are "moderate" or "conservative" back her 65 - 27 percent.

    Clinton ties Sanders 49 - 49 percent among voters 18 to 44 years old. She leads 66 - 26 percent among voters 45 to 64 years old and 72 - 21 percent among voters over 65 years old.

    1. Ohio

      The gender gap is wide among Ohio likely Democratic primary voters as men back Sanders 53 - 44 percent while women go to Clinton 59 - 34 percent.

      Sanders leads 58 - 39 percent among self-described "very liberal" voters, while Clinton leads 58 - 37 percent among "somewhat liberal" voters and 56 - 38 percent among "moderate" and "conservative" voters.

      Voters 18 to 44 years old go to Sanders 65 - 34 percent, while Clinton leads 64 - 29 percent among voters 45 to 64 years old and 68 - 24 percent among voters over 65 years old.

      Clinton Leads Trump with help from the Obama Coalition

      The latest Washington Post, ABC News Poll shows that Hillary Clinton holds a clear lead over Republican front runner Donald Trump in a hypothetical matchup this November. Her lead is powered by the same coalition that twice elected Barack Obama

      Clinton leads Trump 50 percent to 41 percent among registered voters and has made steady progress against her potential rival over the past six months.

      The survey shows that the former secretary of state is viewed more favorably than Trump on a series of issues and on a series of candidate attributes.

      Clinton is assembling a potentially winning coalition of minorities, women, young voters and voters with college degrees. Trump is chosen by barely one-fifth of nonwhite voters

    2. Clinton has a 21-point lead over Trump among women, while Trump has a five-point edge among men. Along educational lines, white voters are sharply divided. Trump carries voters without college degrees by 57 percent to 33 percent; Clinton wins those with college degrees by 52 to 37.

      The survey also highlighted a significant generational difference in candidate preferences. Trump and Clinton are virtually tied among voters age 40 and older. But those under age 40 favor Clinton by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

      Clinton enjoys significantly stronger support among Democrats than Trump does among Republicans.

      The other good news for Clinton in a possible general-election matchup with Trump is the improvement in perceptions of Obama. His overall approval rating stands at 51 percent in the new poll. Slightly more poll respondents said things have gotten better during Obama’s presidency than say they have gotten worse — 48 percent to 43 percent.

    3. When Americans are asked who they think would win if Clinton and Trump were the nominees, Clinton is the overwhelming choice, with 59 percent naming her compared with 36 percent choosing Trump.

      The Post-ABC poll was conducted March 3 to 6 among a random national sample of 1,000 adults reached on conventional and cellular phones.

      The new NBC/WSJ poll shows Hillary Clinton clobbering Donald Trump 51 percent to 38 percent in a general election, a margin of 13 points. In his press conference on Tuesday night Donald Trump was claiming that polls were showing him easily beating Hillary, but maybe Donald should follow the polls more closely, since he relies on polling to bolster his campaign.

      Diary by Skywatch on Daily Kos

  18. .

    Ted Cruz is currently only a 100 delegates behind Trump. And despite the fact that I don't like the guy, I'd always considered him kind of politically savvy. However, what political sense does it make to accuse Trump supporters of being uninformed and unengaged especially given that if he were to get the nomination he would need their votes. As to the first charge, it's debatable. Are they uninformed or do they understand perfectly and are just fed up with what they view as a them against us situation?
    And of course the second charge is absurd. Trump's base is fully engaged.


    1. .

      Analyzing 2015 Wage Gains

      While the economy has been doing better in general, one very important indicator of economic health remains painfully elusive: wage growth. For the majority of Americans, wages have remained fairly stagnant during the bulk of the recovery, and a new report from the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute suggests that even recent upticks are likely less substantive than they seem.

      While worker productivity has steadily been growing over the past few decades, most employees’ paychecks haven’t been growing accordingly. Just how big is the disconnect? According to EPI, if wages had kept pace with productivity growth thirty or so years, a worker making $50,000 today would instead be earning about $75,000. Instead, the gains from productivity have been channeled elsewhere, often to executives and shareholders...

      The following article contains two charts, one n wage growth since 2007 and the other earnings increases in the same period. Those two charts explain why the messages of both Trump and Sanders have taken hold among the middle class.


    2. .

      The second chart is earnings by Income Percentile which highlights the disparity between the upper income and lowest income brackets compared to the middle.


  19. This guy, on the other hand, sees it slightly differently. I think he's probably right.

    A simple model based on two predictors — the racial composition of the Democratic primary electorate and a dummy variable for region — explain over 90% of the variance in Hillary Clinton’s vote share in this year’s Democratic primaries through March 8. The results of a regression analysis of Clinton’s vote share in 12 states for which exit poll data are available are presented in Table 1. I excluded Vermont from this analysis since Bernie Sanders clearly enjoyed a substantial advantage in his home state.

    The results in Table 1 show that both the nonwhite share of the electorate and region (South vs. Non-South) had strong effects on Clinton’s vote share. In these 12 states, a one percentage point increase in the nonwhite share of the electorate led to an increase of about one-third of a percentage point in Clinton’s vote share. And even after controlling for nonwhite share of the electorate, Hillary Clinton’s vote share was almost 15 percentage points higher in southern states than in states outside of the South (which is defined here as the 11 states of the Old Confederacy).

    Some interesting charts and graphs - bottom line, Sanders Wins Ohio, and probably Missouri - Illinois will be close

    1. I do think that Abramavitch might be making one mistake, though. He's extrapolating "Rust Belt" voters out to "All Non-Confederate State" voters,

      and I'm having a hard time equating voters in NY, NM, Az, and Ca with Ohio/Michigan/Illinois voters.

  20. Rufus started it:


  21. How can Little Marco have a better looking suit than The Donald?


    ...shoulder pads too wide, tie hanging out...

    Donald !

    Hire Doug of Doug's Hawaiian Wahine Juice fame to be your fluffer!

    1. .


      I thought you gave that up after graduating from college.


  22. Obama hired some good writers:

    Referencing singer Justin Bieber, POTUS said Trudeau in America may well be "the most popular Canadian named Justin."

    POTUS also talked about shared values of equality and opportunity, saying that's having an effect on the 2016 presidential election.

    "Where else could a boy born in Calgary run for president of the United States?"


    1. Trudeau joked after seven years as prime minister he hopes his "grey hair comes in at a slower rate" than Obama's.

  23. Cruz demonstrates to Megyn Makeup how he will never be elected:


  24. "Reply" Thingie is not working.
    Quirk said,
    "I thought you gave that up after graduating from college."

    "These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department."

    1. .

      Wahine Juice Boy,

      a round of lubricant for the house? Wiki. Wiki.


    2. Waikiki. Waikiki.

      (translated from Wahine: Yes. Yes.)

    3. .

      More lubricant...

      ...and more cow bells.


  25. Based on the Breaking News at tonight's debate that Dr. Ben Carson is formally endorsing The Donald POTUS this morning at 9:00 am news event, I am now ready to declare for The Donald.

    My confused cloudy state on this matter has been resolved, and now all is clear.

    I announce my critically important endorsement for:

    The Donald !

    It's payback time for Mr. Cruz concerning his disgusting little dirty tricks on Dr. Ben Carson.

    Thank you Dr. Ben for resolving a dilemma.

    1. Your endorsement will prove to be the crucial element in The Donald's Road to Victory.

    2. I am, of course, fully aware of that, which is why I took my task so seriously.

      I have, at bare minimum, just delivered Idaho to The Donald in the general if he is the nominee.

      Count on it.

    3. And you can take that to the Bank, or spend it immediately on Wahine Juice, just as you please.

    4. .

      What is that? About 3 delegates.

      I've heard Idaho referred to as a rounding error.


  26. .

    Wounded Warrior Project executives fired amid controversy

    The board of the Wounded Warrior Project, one of the largest veteran support organizations in the country, has fired the nonprofit’s chief executive officer and the chief operating officer, according to a statement released by a public relations firm on behalf of the embattled organization.

    The departure of two top executives, CEO Steven Nardizzi and COO Al Giordano, comes at a time when the wounded veteran-focused organization is awash in controversy amid news reports accusing the group of wasteful spending.

    The statement by the PR firm, Abernathy MacGregor, said a preliminary financial audit found that “some policies, procedures and controls at WWP have not kept pace with the organization’s rapid growth in recent years and are in need of strengthening.”

    According to Wounded Warrior Project tax forms obtained by a CBS News investigation, the organization spent $26 million on conferences and meetings in 2014, up from $1.7 million in 2010.

    The CBS report also talked to numerous former employees that accused the organization of making money off their injuries.

    According to the charity watchdog, “Charity Navigator,” Wounded Warrior Project only spends 60 percent of its budget on veterans. However, according to the recent release, the preliminary finacial audit indicates that the organization spends 80 percent. The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, on the other hand, provides more than 98 percent to veterans. Charity Navigator also assessed that Wounded Warrior’s total revenue for 2014 was well over $340 million.

    One former employee told CBS News that how Wounded Warrior Project spends its money is the equivalent of “what the military calls fraud, waste and abuse...”


    1. ...not that there's anything wrong with being Italian.

    2. The only two charities I really trust are Lutheran World Relief and Catholic Charites (I think it is called). These two groups have a tradition of a friendly completion to see which can most effectively actually get some help to the world's needy.

      Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other, but it's always really close, like 1 and a half% per cent difference, or something.

      It's always up there in the middle 90% range.

      Not bad.

    3. :) heh

      I didn't notice that - Mr Giordano Nardizzi

      (GD to his friends, aka G-dizzy)

    4. May 2012

      John Melia – Founder

      John could be the salt of the earth? However when I come across statistics that enlighten me to the fact that John’s knocking down a salary nearing $200,000 a year for his benevolence, it makes me wonder?

      Then I read further to learn that one of John’s cofounders, a young man, (an attorney) Steven Nardizzi, Esq. (the Esquire is a great touch) ..currently the executive director, ..making the same or near salary, ..my exuberance begins to wane...


    5. Steve and Nikki Nardizzi


    6. .

      Steve is married to a Toon?

      How is that possible?



    7. .

      She's not bad. She's just drawn that way.


  27. Higher Quality Video of Mom's Reunion w/Puppies:


    1. :)

      And animals are never so silly as to even think of tattooing.

    2. Neither were we.

      ...til now.

  28. I didn't realize it until just now but I should have known -

    The Rise of Trump can only be laid at the feet of Quirk -

    The Delegate Quirk That Helped to Enable Trump's Rise....Francis Barry, Bloomberg

    Now I see why Quirk is often referred as "The SuperDelegate" by insiders....

    1. .

      I believe the term is actually 'THE SuperDelegate'.


    2. Apologetically, I stand corrected, and chastised.




  30. Steve on Steve:



  31. The 03/11/2016 Jihad Watch Daily Digest:

    The Same God Question – Part 4: Eschatology and the End of Days
    By Ralph Sidway on Mar 10, 2016 11:11 pm

    The Same God Question – Part 4: Eschatology and the End of Days
    Jesus is coming soon, but which Jesus? (Continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) The “End of Days,” or Eschatology, also referred to as the Apocalypse, reveals much about Islam and Christianity, and the Same God Question. If you want to understand any belief system, look at what it teaches about Origin and […]
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    Obama compares the Islamic State to the Joker from Batman
    By Robert Spencer on Mar 10, 2016 06:37 pm

    Obama compares the Islamic State to the Joker from Batman
    This is the depth of the Commander-In-Chief’s analysis. “Obama compares ISIS to Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight saying they just ‘just want to set the whole region on fire,'” by Snejana Farberov, Dailymail.com, March 10, 2016: President Barack Obama likened the Middle East to Gotham, the fictional metropolis in the Batman franchise, with […]
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    Muslim US Air Force veteran convicted of attempting to join Islamic State
    By Robert Spencer on Mar 10, 2016 06:23 pm

    Muslim US Air Force veteran convicted of attempting to join Islamic State
    “They said he travelled to Turkey to find work, not to become a jihadist.” Yes, because everyone knows that Turkey is the place with the thriving job market these days. Anyway, here we have another convert to Islam who becomes a traitor. One might almost get the idea that “Islam hates us,” but that would […]
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    Obama: I’m more worried about climate change than the Islamic State
    By Robert Spencer on Mar 10, 2016 04:28 pm

    Obama: I’m more worried about climate change than the Islamic State
    Priorities that are likely to come back and bite him. “OBAMA: I’m more worried about climate change than ISIS,” by Rob Wile, Fusion, March 10, 2016: In a new interview published in The Atlantic magazine, President Obama says he is more worried about climate change than the terrorist group ISIS. “ISIS is not an existential threat […]
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    Trump: “I think Islam hates us”
    By Robert Spencer on Mar 10, 2016 09:10 am

    Trump: “I think Islam hates us”
    “I think Islam hates us,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “There’s something there that — there’s a tremendous hatred there. There’s a tremendous hatred. We have to get to the bottom of it.” Indeed, we have to get to the bottom of it. That would be the Qur’an, which says: 2:65 Allah transforms disobedient Jews […]