“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Revolution; Getting Rid of the Oligarchs


  1. Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama. All led by the nose and the paymasters. The War Party. Not a spit of difference and now that we have got rid of Bush, terminate the Clintons.

    1. Lordy, can you imagine Trump giving state of the Union addresses?

  2. A note of caution: This establishment is not going quietly.

    Pat Buchanan

  3. Hillary Clinton needs Sheldon Adelson’s money, and Adelson needs a reliable supporter of Israel. That’s why he is passing on the Republican field and, terrified of Donald Trump, is surely interested in Clinton -

    See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/#sthash.iDiV9nXz.dpuf

    1. I thought he gave a bunch of dough to Rubio?

    2. I got a newsflash for you...

      Trump's actual position of the Palestinians?

      He thinks they are a death cult of savages...


    3. He did, I think.

      I recall Marco making the trip...hat in hand..

    4. If Trump thinks that the arabstinians are a death cult of savages, he's right.

      Gaza, the west bank probably not on his list of building possibilities.

  4. "The position you've taken is an anti-Israel position," Rubio said in response. "And here's why. Because you cannot be an honest broker in a dispute between two sides in which one of the sides is constantly acting in bad faith."

    Rubio then suggested that Trump considers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a matter of real estate– and charged that, by characterizing himself as a "negotiator," Trump is suggesting a willingness to negotiate with terrorists.

    "The next president of the United States needs to be someone like me who will stand firmly on the side of Israel," Rubio said.

  5. What are we doing negotiating with the Taliban?

  6. LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan — When mujahedeen guerrillas captured this southern provincial capital in 1993, Gen. Abdul Jabar Qahraman was the Afghan government commander on the last flight out, surrendering the city.


    But Hajji Sharafuddin, 53, a mujahedeen fighter who battled Mr. Qahraman in the 1980s, fears that the former general’s history in Lashkar Gah will continue to repeat itself.

    “Tomorrow, you will have another plane come for you,” Hajji Sharafuddin said, “and we will be left here watching.”

    Different Ending

  7. Bernie's screwed.

    The Fix was in from the git-go.

    If I was a finger clickin' co-ed I'd be pissed.

    Six coin tosses in a row - my pretty ass !!!!

    Fuck the Democrat Party.

    1. And proud of it, too....old man.. click click click click

      You're diddies are leaking.....clickclickclick

  8. Thousands lined up outside Moby Arena on a warm Sunday in February to attend a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.


    Colton Stott, a sophomore at CSU who was waiting in line, said he brought one of his friends as a way to convince him to vote for Sanders.

    Sanders Rally

  9. Replies
    1. I'd been thinking the New Hebrides.

      They could go into cattle ranching.

      (if they don't slip back to head hunting)

  10. Donald Trump reacted to Republicans publicly and privately declaring their opposition to him by warning them that might give him grounds to consider his GOP loyalty pledge violated.

    #NeverTrump trended on Twitter yesterday and there were reports yesterday that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is telling other Republicans that they may just run against Trump and “drop him like a hot rock.”

    In response to all this, Trump told Jake Tapper that his loyalty pledge was “a two-way street,” and “they’re gonna have a problem, they’re gonna have a big problem with me.”

    Tapper asked Trump if he really thinks this opposition to him is the same as violating the pledge.

    Trump said “totally,” and again warned, “I can play that game much more than they can” with more people.

    Could this be the end of the GOP Likuds Force?

    McConnell and congressional GOP, while sitting at record low approval ratings, think they should run against the most popular guy in their party. The GOP would prefer the Neocon Clinton to Trump.

  11. Mysterious death of Pope Francis aide alarms Vatican

    By Lindsay Putnam


    Paternity test to be performed....7 months pregnant.....

    Vatican has walled up, no visitors....

    Special Religious Affairs Inspector 'Q' called in.....

  12. As far as I can tell Trump's foreign policy comes down to"

    "Bomb the shit out of them."

    This is an escalation of what we are doing to be sure but leaves something to be desired when one begins to wonder about who 'them' might be, not to mention where and for how long, etc.

    General Le May would approve no doubt.....


    The notion that the senator is a moderate standing up to extremism in the GOP has it backwards.
    Daniel R. DePetris
    February 29, 2016

    The neoconservatives are busily decrying Donald Trump as a nasty intruder into the ranks of the Republican party. But they themselves are, in many way, the interlopers, with their ultimate origins dating all the way back to Leon Trotsky. As neoconservative godfather Irving Kristol once observed, “I regard myself as lucky to have been a young Trotskyite and I have not a single bitter memory.” The polemics and crusading fervor of Trotsky’s Fourth International have left their mark on the movement down to the present. In an audacious volte-face, one extreme, you could even say, was switched out for another.

    To exercise influence the neocons have always had to have a horse, someone who will purvey their crusading vision to the broader electorate. Once upon a time it was Henry “Scoop” Jackson. Then it was Ronald Reagan, though he proved an imperfect vessel after he recognized that the Soviet Union was rapidly changing. George W. Bush came closest to being a neocon demigod, but after the Fourth International doctrine led to disaster in Iraq, he too began to shift course by 2006. Since then the neocons have been on the search for a new person, a kind of Manchurian candidate, if you will.

    When Jeb Bush dropped out of the race, there was only one person left on the merry-go-round, one alternative in neocon eyes who holds a worldview similar to their own and has a decent chance in returning U.S. foreign policy to its former glory. That would be Florida Senator Marco Rubio. On nearly every major foreign policy issue of the day, Rubio makes the likes of Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Elliott Abrams proud. Rubio is the neocon man.


    1. http://nationalinterest.org/feature/marco-rubio-the-neocon-man-15348


    The toxic neoconservative ideology that’s plagued the Republican Party for nearly 30 years must be purged once and for all. And 2016 is the year to do it

    Neoconservatives or 'neocons' are 'big government' globalists that believe America should be an 'empire' instead of a 'republic'. They believe in American hegemony where the United States rules the world and this end justifies the means.

    Although the neocons began wedging themselves into key government positions during President Reagan's second term, it wasn't until 1989 when George H. W. Bush became president that they finally gained a real foothold in the GOP. Since then, the 'America First' nationalistic conservativism promoted by Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) and President Ronald Reagan has died a slow and painful death. The neoconservatives have subsequently infiltrated the foreign policies of the Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama presidencies. And the American republic has morphed into a debt ridden globalist empire having an insatiable appetite for interventionist foreign policy abroad and an Orwellian statist bureaucracy at home.

    The international banksters, multinational corporations and nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) flush with cash are loyal to no nation. They along with a handful of foreign entities in the Mid-East (Arab and Israeli) OWN the neoconservative whores in Washington who have systematically sold out the GOP and the American people since President Reagan left office. Thanks to them, all we have to show is an astronomical $19 trillion debt, endless wars and massive under/unemployment. And the ‘free traders' have decimated our manufacturing base, eroded our wealth and reduced our formerly high standard of living.




      Now, for the first time since Ronald Reagan left office, it appears 'We the People' have an opportunity to rid ourselves of these 'establishment' neocons who have virtually destroyed the GOP nationalist conservative movement based on 'limited government' and 'peace through strength' principles that once made the Republican Party and America great. Our last best chance to fix the GOP and actually ‘Make America Great Again' is businessman, Donald Trump.

      Since 'The Donald' announced his candidacy last June, he's taken a wrecking ball to the pompous elite 'establishment'. His 'common sense' approach to problem solving and ability to 'connect' with the American people are clearly refreshing. No flowery rhetoric, no memorized speeches, no teleprompter and no BS! Trump speaks what most Americans with a brain think – the truth!

      Trump is an equal opportunity 'establishment' wrecking ball and 'takes no prisoners'. His litmus test; if it's bad for America – it's gone! And if you’re bad for America – you're fired!

      Trump slams the globalist 'career politicians' for not enforcing immigration policy, securing our borders and making bad trade deals that lose American jobs. He's THE reason immigration, border security and jobs are on the front burner in the debates. Moreover, Trump states the obvious concerning how the warmongering neocons have completely destabilized Iraq, the Mid-East and North Africa. This highly destructive interventionist foreign policy has decimated our military and driven our national debt through the roof. Trump also questions WHY 9/11 REALLY happened, WHO REALLY did it and WHY our government is sitting on 28 pages of redacted classified documentation clearly implicating the Saudi government. Further, he’s questioned the arcane Bush-Saudi 'relationship'.


    2. {...}
      Wall Street and Washington insiders loathe Trump and that’s his ‘badge of honor’. Donors, lobbyists and 'career politicians' fear him because he publicly calls them out and 'names names'. The presstitutes love him for ratings and hate him for what he stands for, creating the penultimate dysfunctional relationship. And yet millions of Americans support him because he tells it like it is.