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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who is the early enemy of ISIS? Hizbullah :: Who was behind ISIS and supported it? - Saudi Arabia and others

Nasrallah Says Main Responsibility Falls on Saudi in Anti-IS Fight

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that Saudi Arabia must shoulder a bigger responsibility in the fight against the extremist ideology of the Islamic State group, noting that military efforts alone cannot eradicate the jihadist organization.
“Nowadays, the prime responsibility in the Islamic world for stopping the proliferation of this ideology falls on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech.
“It is not enough to create an international coalition and bring the armies of the world to fight ISIL (Islamic State). My remarks are addressed to everyone: close the schools that are educating the followers of this ISIL ideology … and stop labeling people as polytheists for the most trivial reasons,” Nasrallah added.
In June, the IS declared an "Islamic caliphate" straddling vast swathes of Iraq and Syria, ordering Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to their chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The U.S. has formed a coalition of Western and Arab allies to battle IS, which has been accused of widespread atrocities in Iraq and Syria, including mass executions, beheadings, rape, torture and selling women and children into slavery.


  1. Iran is the natural ally for US interests in the Middle East. Every other so-called ally come fully loaded with unlimited liabilities.

    1. Right now, the IRANIAN PEOPLE are natural allies.

      However the Government of Iran, the Mullahs are officially at war with the USA.

      Maybe if Iran stops it's policy to destroy the "great satan" and stops actively funding, training and supplying logistics and fighters that are committed to murdering Americans that could happen. But it's not reality now.

  2. Britain’s Relationship With Saudi Arabia Is a Disgrace
    Posted: Huffington Post 13/01/2015 00:19 GMT Updated: 13/01/2015 00:59 GMT

    In the wake of the heinous massacre that took place in Paris last week, and with Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia having just received 50 lashes out of the 1000 he's been sentenced to for the crime of setting up a blog deemed 'insulting to Islam', Britain's ongoing relationship with this vile regime is an insult to the very words 'decency' and 'democracy'.

    Indeed, has there ever been a more vile and repugnant regime than the gang of bloated potentates that rules over Saudi Arabia? Responsible for fomenting chaos and carnage beyond their own borders, while at home brutalising their own people, surely it is time for the international community to turn its attention to the Saudis and their utter and complete disregard for anything resembling human rights.

    The scale of the brutality and barbarism that is a regular occurrence in this oil-rich kingdom is reflected in the number of public executions by beheading that are carried out there. According to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW), 19 people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia in the first half of August last year alone. Of those executed eight were found guilty of non-violent offences, while a further seven were found guilty of drug smuggling. One victim was executed for sorcery, whatever that means.

    Let us not equivocate: in the 21st Century the idea of state-sanctioned execution of prisoners by beheading with a sword in public is beyond barbaric. Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW's Middle East and North Africa director, said: "Any execution is appalling, but executions for crimes such as drug smuggling or sorcery that result in no loss of life are particularly egregious." She went on: "There is simply no excuse for Saudi Arabia's continued use of the death penalty, especially for these types of crimes."

    Women in Saudi Arabia, along with minorities regardless of gender, are regarded as chattel, with little if any rights that most would consider compatible with a civilised society. It is a medieval system, underpinned by the most extreme interpretation of Islam, Wahhabism, which at the time of writing is playing a key role in spreading religious fundamentalism throughout the Middle East. Donations and money have verily flooded into the coffers of groups such as IS (formerly known as ISIS), enabling them to sustain and consolidate their presence as they set about turning the region into a graveyard for anyone who does not subscribe to their poisonous ideology, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

    With this in mind, the fact Saudi Arabia remains a close strategic ally and economic partner of western governments, including France, whose failure to seriously confront or challenge it over its serial human rights abuses, smacks of immorality and hypocrisy, especially in light of the Charlie Hebdo massacres, carried out in the name of the same warped ideology that underpins the kingdom's existence.

    Only in February last year, British defence firm BAE agreed a deal to supply the Saudis with 72 Typhoon fighter jets, worth £4.4billion (just over $7billion). The deal was agreed around the same time as Prince Charles paid a state visit to Saudi Arabia, where he is a frequent visitor. When asked, the Prince's office denied any connection between the BAE deal and his visit to the country.

  3. Taking a stand against the barbarism that erupted on the streets of Paris last week, without taking a stand against Saudi Arabia and everything it represents, is more than hypocritical it is utterly reprehensible.

    In fact Saudi Arabia has been a very lucrative market for British arms firms over the years. British author Nicholas Gilby, in his book Deception In High Places (Pluto), traces the covert deals and 'commissions' that have punctuated the murky relationship between the Saudi government and British arms firms and their representatives, among them members of the British government and Royal Family.

    Gilby claims that various Saudi princes received tens of millions of pounds in these so-called 'commissions' as a reward for granting arms contracts to British firms. Between 1989 and 2002 the Saudis received over £60million in gifts and cash from BAE, the writer reveals.
    By an standard, this is corruption on a grand scale.

    That the British government cosies up to the Saudis in the full knowledge of the living hell in which many of its citizens are forced to endure, is a scandal that has gone criminally under reported and highlighted over the years. That it does so while lecturing the rest of the world about democracy and human rights merely adds an extra layer of hypocrisy to the equation.

    The only country in the world named after a family, Saudi Arabia is the world's petrol station and has been since the 1930s, when the country came into being. Indeed, US oil companies were present in the country even before a US Embassy was established in Riyadh in 1944, located in the headquarters of the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO).

    This close relationship between US oil interests and the Saudis, which has dictated US government policy in the region to a large extent, has never waned. In particular the relationship between the Bush family and the Saudis has attracted controversy over the years. In his bestselling book House of Bush, House of Saud (2004), American journalist Craig Unger asks who gave permission for prominent Saudi nationals to fly out of the United States immediately after 9/11, when all passenger and civilian aircraft were meant to be grounded. Given that 15 of the 19 hijackers involved in the 9/11 were also Saudi nationals, the fact that those individuals were allowed to leave the US came as a startling revelation.

    To date no explanation has been given.

    Public beheadings, human rights abuses, the funding of terrorism, arms deals, bribes, connections with the British Royal Family and leading US political figures - taken together it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie. Sadly, it is all too real.

    Taking a stand against the barbarism that erupted on the streets of Paris last week, without taking a stand against Saudi Arabia and everything it represents, is more than hypocritical it is utterly reprehensible.

  4. Who among us can possibly argue that Hizbullah and Iran are not fighting for civilization?

    1. True to form, you divert, misdirect and fail to address the issue or are patently incapable of discerning it.

    2. Iran, Hizbollah and Saudi Arabia, ISIS two sides of the same perverted coin.

      Your statement that Iran was 'fighting for civilization' was, is, always will be, until some blessed Iranian revolution, absurd.

      I am going to hang you with it again and again in the hopes you come to your senses.

    3. Deuce ☂Tue Jan 13, 02:27:00 AM EST
      True to form, you divert, misdirect and fail to address the issue or are patently incapable of discerning it.

      Look who's calling the kettle black

  5. The very idea, that the Republican Party is seriously considering supporting another Bush as their national candidate should expose to anyone with a functioning brain the level of corruption and hypocrisy of The Republican Party.

    1. I don't much like the idea either but the Democrats are likely to nominate a female O'bozo, so there you go.

  6. The all-new Dell XPS 13 is nearly thin as a razor blade and at only $899 very affordable for the average nerd. With a virtually borderless 'infinity' display, one can get nearly 15 hours of run time on a single charge.

  7. Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney "has a shot" at winning the White House in 2016, and could follow in the footsteps of former Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan who failed to win the nation's highest office on their first attempt, said GOP strategist Karl Rove.

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.Newsmax.com/Newsfront/Karl-Rove-Mitt-Romney-White-House-2016/2015/01/12/id/618062/#ixzz3OgVe1TkI

    1. Romney's talking point is that he has enough money and can raise enough money to fight Jeb. No one else can, he says to possible donors. Being political clones, who cares?

      I'm hoping the Republicans nominate someone other than one of these two.

      Either one though would be a vast improvement over O'bozo.

  8. Man awakens from 12 years in 'vegetative state'... 'I was aware of everything'........Drudge

    Good Lord, can you imagine?

  9. Ohio State won the College Football Playoff National Championship Monday, defeating Oregon 42-20.

  10. http://www.realclearscience.com/journal_club/2015/01/12/us_states_ranked_by_alcohol_poisoning_deaths_109020.html

    Idaho is quite sober.

    Alaska, drunk as skunk.

    Arizona, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Alaska are the worst.

    1. >>Whoa. What is going on in Alaska? The explanation offered by the Boston Globe was that the large Native population in Alaska was to blame for the state's high numbers.

      There is a lot of truth to that assertion. By race, the CDC reports that Native Americans have the highest death rate from alcohol poisoning (49.1 per million). No other race comes close. (The second worst rate is for Hispanics at 9 per million.) Alaska and New Mexico, which had the highest rates of alcohol poisoning deaths, are also ranked #1 and #2, respectively, for percentage of population that is Native American, according to census data. Similarly, South Dakota and Oklahoma, which rank #3 and #4 in terms of percent Native population, also have high rates of alcohol poisoning deaths.

      But, this does not explain all of the CDC's findings. Montana, which ranks #5 for percent Native population, has an alcohol poisoning death rate that is below the national average of 8.8 deaths per million. And, Hawaii, which has a large Native population (though they are not technically considered "Native Americans"), has so few deaths from alcohol poisoning that the CDC did not consider the state in its analysis.

      So, what explains the unusually high alcohol poisoning death rates in Alaska and New Mexico? Perhaps it is sheer boredom. Boredom, as it turns out, is a risk factor for substance abuse.<<

    2. Since Hawaii is not part of America, it is easy to understand why the people there are not Americans.
      They are Polynesians.

      Geography, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, an important subject, more so than English Lit.

    3. No fact can be true with Jack. He will figure a way to twist words to fit his fiction.

  11. Video: Manfred Gerstenfeld on the alarming trend to demonize Israel and the Jews

    January 12, 2015 10:48 am By Robert Spencer


    4th comment in the comments section is very good, too.

    1. Also from Jihad Watch this morning -

      Netanyahu in Paris
      France told Netanyahu: If you come, we’ll invite Abbas

      January 11, 2015 By Robert Spencer 50 Comments

      At least four Jews were murdered in a jihad attack on a kosher supermarket, and the French didn’t want Netanyahu there. When it was clear that he was going to come anyway, they invited a supporter of Islamic antisemitism and jihad terror against the Jews. And now the French claim they’re going to fight against […]

      Abbas smiling
      Why is this man smiling?

      January 11, 2015 By Robert Spencer 49 Comments

      In a sea of morose-looking world leaders, there’s Mahmoud Abbas smiling like the chesire cat. Does jihad murder — and especially murdered Jews — just make him feel ebullient all over?


      And if one watches the march video closely - I've only seen a short clip - one will see not only Deuce's bugaboo, Netanyahu, taking an occasional wave at some supporters, but others as well. Such as the President of France, it looked like.

  12. Boumeddiene was already outside France when the killing spree began, contrary to earlier speculation that she had been involved in the Paris killings in which 17 people died.

    Boumeddiene is suspected of having had a role in her partner attacks which culminated in a bloody hostage-taking in a kosher supermarket on Friday after he had shot dead a policewoman close to a synagogue the day before.

    But despite earlier describing her as "armed and dangerous", French police sources said she was likely already in Turkey at the time of the attacks.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/afp-turkey-confirms-woman-wanted-over-paris-attack-crossed-into-syria-2015-1#ixzz3OhznMLIs


  13. Police inaction hampers human trafficking crackdown in India

    Why is it that al the countries that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson shills for are the leaders in slavery and the sexual exploitation of women?

    1. Those countries would be India, Israel and 'Kurdistan'.
      'Kurdistan not "really" a country, but Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson advocates for its independence, in his typical anti-US government policy rants.

    2. In India, outrage over a fatal gang rape of a college student two years ago has helped bring about some protections for women who are the victims of sex trafficking, but getting police to enforce the law is still a challenge.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has never treated rape like it was a crime.
      He has an aversion to denouncing it ...

    3. The discovery of widespread FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan suggests the assumption to be incorrect that FGM is primarily an African phenomenon with only marginal occurrence in the eastern Islamic world. FGM is practiced at a rate of nearly 60 percent by Iraqi Kurds, then how prevalent is the practice in neighboring Syria where living conditions and cultural and religious practices are comparable?

      Why should a single US soldier die to protect this horrid cultural practice,

      Answer US that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson


    4. How Kurdistan ended female genital mutilation

      Two years ago, FGM was banned as part of a wide-ranging law to improve women’s rights

      By Shaimaa KhalilSpecial to Gulf News
      Published: 23:27 October 24, 2013
      Gulf News

      Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Services 26

      Toutkhal: Kurdistan is one of Iraq’s rare success stories; autonomous from Baghdad since 1991, the region has recently enjoyed an oil boom that’s fuelled foreign investment unknown elsewhere in the country.

      And recently Iraqi Kurdistan has been looking closely at its human rights record. Two years ago Female Genital Mutilation was banned, as part of a wide-ranging law to improve women’s rights, and since then the rate of FGM has fallen dramatically.

      But how have they achieved this? Kurdistan is very much the exception.

      Many other countries in the Middle East and Africa still suffer from high rates of FGM. According to Unicef the countries where FGM is most prevalent is Somalia and Guinea, while Egypt is in the top five.

      However according to Unicef the practice is ‘practically non-existent’ in the rest of Iraq. In a special report that is part of the BBC’s 100 Women Season, I found out more about the grass roots campaign that led to this practice being outlawed. I wanted to know if enough is being done to enforce the law, and end FGM in Kurdistan altogether.


    5. Now, how 'bout leaving me alone the rest of the day from your continual bullshit, r. crapper rat, self described moron, self described professional asshole, self admitted war criminal, proud anti semite, racist, coward, liar and dead beat dad, aka rat - O - rooter?

    6. Age of child prostitutes in Israel dropping, report finds

      Knesset study cites cases of 11-year-olds used for commercial sex that are among the several thousands of teenagers involved in prostitution.
      By Vered Lee


      "Spengler's Laws": "When a nation is reduced to selling its women, it's lost."
      hat tip: allen

    7. Once again, Jack seeks attention and mindless argument.

      Please do not try to argue with a lying narcissist.

  14. Aha, I've watched more Paris march video and I've caught Germany's Merkel crowd waving too, in addition to another that I can't identify.

    The Horror, The Horror !

    The representatives of France, Germany, Israel all waving discretely to the someone in the crowd now and then.

    1. Campaigning for reelection, not mourning the victims of the attack.
      Typical of political hypocrites.

      Obama is not running for reelection, he had no reason to go.

    2. Not even a good try.


      Now leave everyone alone, you piece of living human shit.

    3. No, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      I am going to hang you with it again and again in the hopes you come to your senses.

    4. Jack Hawkins cannot have dialogue.

      the readers will see that he can only lie, distort misdirect and call names.

      That's why he cannot be trusted on anything.

  15. Spengler's Universal Law #9:
    A country isn't beaten until it sells its women, but it's damned when its women sell themselves.

  16. Monday, Jan 5, 2015 04:00 PM PST
    “Huck Finn” is not about race: The real subtext of Twain’s masterpiece
    What if "Huckleberry Finn" actually arose from a Victorian panic about childhood?
    Laura Miller

    >>>Levy, an excellent, aphoristic writer, often emulates the prevarications of his subject. At times the argument he’s making is as slippery as a bar of wet soap. While “Huck Finn’s America” begins as an assertion that Twain’s masterpiece is a book about childhood more than a book about race, in its final pages it rips off the mask and seems to present a truer face. If we, Levy insists, could understand what Twain has to say about childhood, which is that we’ve not made as much progress as we think, then we’d finally hear what he has to say about race, which is that we’ve not made as much progress as we think. And if we did that, “we might assume less often that a symbolic moment of cross-racial outreach — watching a movie, listening to a song, making a private decision, even casting a vote — substitutes for substantive change.”<<<

    Laura Miller

    Laura Miller is a senior writer for Salon. She is the author of "The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia" and has a Web site, magiciansbook.com.

    1. “You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.”

    2. What if the painted naked woman enjoyed looking at herself, what then?

    3. What if the painted naked woman had painted the painter that painted her, what then?

    4. And they both enjoyed looking at her, what then?

    5. Just thought casting to see if I could raise you to the surface and you took the bait.


    6. "We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

    7. When are you next going to Paris?

    8. I need a delivery man, hush, hush manuscript.

  17. Cameroon Govt Says 143 Boko Haram Militants Killed
    ABC News -
    Cameroon's government said Tuesday that its military killed 143 militants from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, which has been waging war in neighboring Nigeria.


    1. In a statement carried on state television, authorities said hundreds of militants had attacked a Cameroonian military camp in Kolofata the day before after crossing the border from Nigeria.

      The fight lasted five hours and left 143 of the militants dead, Cameroonian Information Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary said in the statement.

      "It is by far the heaviest toll sustained by the criminal sect Boko Haram since it began launching its barbaric attacks against our land, people and goods," he said.

      He said a Cameroonian corporal was killed and four other soldiers were wounded, but gave no other details.

      It was not immediately possible to independently corroborate the toll as the fighting took place in a remote border region where militants have abducted foreigners for ransom.

  18. .

    Iran is the natural ally for US interests in the Middle East.

    The US has no 'natural allies' in the ME. If the US has any natural allies at all, they reside in the West.


    1. Wrong-o.

      We have a natural ally in the mid east, but it ain't Iran.

    2. I must say that statement by Deuce defies any logic or sense.

      The current Iranian leadership wishes us all dead.

      Some ally.

    3. Deuce supports the Mullahs.

      It's simple. He supports hezbollah and Hamas.

      He wishes Israel gone.


      Easy Peezy.

  19. Appearing on “The Daily Show” Monday, Carter was asked by host Jon Stewart whether the violence the world saw on the streets of Paris was actually fueled by something else other than Islamic extremism.

    “Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem,” Carter replied. “And this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now — what’s being done to them. So I think that’s part of it.”

    1. Of course it is "... part of it."

      Bibi's presence in Paris is evidence of that truth.

    2. The civil discord in Palisrael, it is infecting the region.
      By design of the Zionists, referencing their "Yinon Plan".

      Yet the Zionists are telling the world that the dangers to a 'Jew' living in Europe surpass those they would face from Hamas, if they migrated to Palisrael..

    3. Reflecting the reality of the dangers that Hamas does not pose to the immigrants from Europe.

    4. The 'other' would be a desire, fervent desire, for 'justice'. In the Middle East, in particular, the desire for justice extends for things that go back a millennia.

    5. Ash, JUSTICE? Is an interesting word.

      What is justice for the 850,000 Jews and their 4 million descendants that were thrown out of their homes in the 899/900th of the arab occupied middle east?

      Do you have a solution for them? Justice?

    6. aye, justice is hard to find for all in the ME.

    7. Yes ash, but you didn't answer the point.

      899/900th of the middle east has ethnically cleansed it's MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Jews.

      DO you have a solution for them?

      After all, in Israel, 1/900th of the middle east, there is 20% arabs that are full citizens.

      Justice for the Jews should be equal to Justice for the Arabs? Eh?

      The fact is easy Ash. More Jews were displaced from 1948- 1967 by the arabs than arabs displaced by the Jews.

      If you wish to query about the disputed lands of gaza and the west bank and the population there? Fine, but justice for them cannot be solved until justice for the MILLIONS of Jews from the 899/900th of the middle east is solved too

      Give us a solution

    8. part of the solution is to realize that justice is an ideal that won't be attained in the ME.

  20. Against Organized Crime, An Organized Ostula

    On December 16, 2014, an ambush carried out against a truck in which Semeí Verdía (Commander of the Community Police of Santa María Ostula and General Coordinator of the Autodefensas on the coast of Michoacán) was supposedly driving in left a total of five people injured, including a minor. After these events, the community carried out clearing work on Federal Highway 200 to prevent further attacks.

    At least 700 villagers from different syndicates, accompanied by the Community Police, cleared the highway section from Xayacalan to La Ticla, in an impressive display of organization, mutual support, and community work.

    “We don’t want them to continue harming innocent people, we have been in this movement and we don’t fear death but it does bother us, we still worry that innocent families keep getting hurt and that is why we try to do the job, so that what happened before doesn’t happen again”
    — Semeí

    It is worth noting that minutes after the attack, Community Police arrested Jonathan Aguilar Juan, alias “La Changa”, who confessed that the armed group was composed of five people and directed by Luis N., alias “El Caracol”, who also participated in the torture and murder of Trinidad de la Cruz, “Don Trino”, on December 6, 2011, a crime that remains unpunished.

    The arrested assailant stated that his intention was to assassinate Semeí Verdía, but they mistook the vehicle that he was traveling in and that the order was given by Federico González, alias “Lico”, plaza chief of the Caballeros Templarios in the municipality of Aquila, and Mario Álvarez, former mayor of Aquila and former PRI deputy.

    From that moment, up to early February of 2014, the Community Police restructured itself to oust the Caballeros Templarios from the Nahua territory, the community organizational process was retaken, and the community assemblies returned; the commissioner of community property was restored, and little by little, community members who had been forced into exile have returned to their homes. For more than 10 months, this process has had its ups and downs with the struggle for autonomy and for the defense of common lands, which have been stripped by smallholders (linked to the Caballeros Templarios and PRI politicians, all interested in the building of infrastructure to output iron that is mined in the region, and in doing so, consolidating a secure business). However, the decision to reconstruct has been stronger.

    During busy and long community meetings, the residents of Ostula have recently identified people who are linked to organized crime and remain in the community. At these same meetings, detailed denunciations were made and measures were taken to address these issues, that is why the recent attack on Semeí Verdía could be considered a sort of response from those who have been identified as members of the cartel or as collaborators.


  21. Carter is an idiot.

    The violence in Paris had to do with 'slandering the Prophet'.

    The cartoonist have also 'slandered Christ' and 'slandered Israel' as well.

    The Christians and the Jews are not blowing up/shooting cartoonists.

    The Moslems are and that is the difference.

  22. This in from Iraq where Iranian forces are now fighting. The IS elite unit destroyed out the forward command group of commandos of Iran’s Al Quds Brigades 1/12/14, neutralizing its commander, Gen Mehdi Norouzi, at Hashimiyah north of Baghdad. ISIS's new tactic of systematically taking out top ranking Iranians to throw their forces into disarray is working. The jihadis have killed 555 Iranian officers in 4 months.

  23. The massacre at a kosher supermarket in Paris on Friday reinforced a fear, expressed openly and with distressing frequency by many in France’s half-million-strong Jewish community, that Islamist violence is compelling large numbers of Jews to flee. Already, several thousand have left over the past few years. But it is not merely the physical safety of France’s Jews that is imperiled by anti-Semitic violence, the country’s prime minister, Manuel Valls, argues, but the very idea of the French Republic itself. In an interview conducted before the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket massacres, Valls told me that if French Jews were to flee in large numbers, the soul of the French Republic would be at risk.

    “The choice was made by the French Revolution in 1789 to recognize Jews as full citizens,” Valls told me. “To understand what the idea of the republic is about, you have to understand the central role played by the emancipation of the Jews. It is a founding principle.”

    "There is a new anti-Semitism in France."
    Valls, a Socialist who is the son of Spanish immigrants, describes the threat of a Jewish exodus from France this way: “If 100,000 French people of Spanish origin were to leave, I would never say that France is not France anymore. But if 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France. The French Republic will be judged a failure.”

    1. There goes WiO plagiarizing again.

    2. plagiarizing?


      But why not comment on the article?

    3. Ash, ieven a moron like you can put the 1st 5 words in the google bar and find out were it comes from...

      Is that too hard for you to do?

    4. You are presenting it as if you wrote it - you didn't, that's plagiarizing!


    5. .

      Ash, ieven a moron like you can put the 1st 5 words in the google bar...

      Why is that necessary? Anyone who has had an English class understand that common practice dictates you reference the quotes you use and their source lest you be accused of plagiarism.


    6. .

      Obumble does it all the time but exceptions are made for English majors who as a group don't really know any better.


  24. Snowmen forbidden in Saudi Arabia January 13, 2015 It snowed recently in a region of Saudi Arabia near the border with Jordan, and one more small joy has just been added to the list of what is un-Islamic. More

    January 13, 2015
    Snowmen forbidden in Saudi Arabia
    By Carol Brown

    Islam is an ideology founded on darkness, death, and destruction. Little is permitted in the way of actual living. And now one more small joy has been added to the list of that what is un-Islamic: Muslims must not build snowmen.

    Who knew?

    Apparently it snowed recently in a region of Saudi Arabia near the border with Jordan. So the clerics, in their inimitable wisdom, rushed in to ensure that Allah would not be offended by any errant activity. Yahoo News reports:

    A prominent Saudi Arabian cleric has whipped up controversy by issuing a religious ruling forbidding the building of snowmen, described [sic] them as anti-Islamic.

    Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country's north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: "It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun."

    Quoting from Muslim scholars, Sheikh Munajjid argued that to build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under the kingdom's strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.

    "God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on," he wrote in his ruling.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/01/snowmen_forbidden_in_saudi_arabia.html#ixzz3OiuOqoN9
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    1. 1,000 lashes is about right for this serious offense.

  25. One interesting thing out of this Charlie episode is that the 4 Jews killed were transported to Jerusalem for burial. Is Israel to become the graveyard for Jews from around the world or is this just a 1 off - only those 4 get the right to be buried there but the others have to immigrate, while alive, first?

    1. Maybe it was in their wills, nitwit?

      My ashes are gonna be scattered at the farm, my Jerusalem.

      It's in my will.

    2. Ash, you provide me endless entertainment.

      I thank you so much.

    3. Ash, Jews that are butchered due to your people's blood lust will be buried in Israel.

      Does that answer your query?

      The Jews were MURDERED not simply killed btw.

    4. Ash: but the others have to immigrate, while alive, first?

      Most Israelis are born in Israel.

      Ash, are you FROM Canada? LOL

      Are you going to be buried there? Or will they cart your body to parts unknown?

    5. From what I heard they weren't Israelis, they were French Jews. The report I heard said they were invited by Bibi. I haven't read up carefully on the details of the issue but that is quite the precedent if any Jew in the world had the option of being buried in Israel in addition to immigrating there.

    6. WiO wrote:

      "The Jews were MURDERED not simply killed btw."

      Did the captors kill the hostages or were they killed in the storming for release? I didn't think those details had been settled yet, have they?

    7. The criminals murdered the hostages.

      If you wish to delude yourself and compare taking hostages with machine guns as simply KILLING? You are deluding your self.

      The act of MURDER is not an accident. Point a gun at an innocent and pulling the trigger within the act of taking hostages is murder.

      That's why they would be charged with murder and not manslaughter.

    8. How about shelling of apartment buildings, schools and hospitals? Differentiate that for us. Save the disproven tripe about them having been used to launch rockets.

    9. If you place bucker under a school, shoot from windows of an apartment building or put your command and control under a hospital, the clear rules of war dictate that they are in fact NOT civilian anymore.

      "Save the disproven tripe about them having been used to launch rockets."

      Disproven? Hardly.

      Now you are saying that Hamas didn't use them to store rockets? Use them to fire from? Use them as cover and set up bunkers underneath?

      Well in your reality maybe, but in the rest of the worlds? Hamas admits to it...

      I guess you only see what you want, and If you were correct? then Israel would be monsters...

      But Israel has released plenty of evidence that Hamas has militarized schools, hospital and apartments.

      Conversely, No one can argue that Hamas firing 10,000 rockets at civilians had any legitimacy, so let's face the facts, Hamas started to bomb civilians in Israel.

  26. Paris’s Muslim Suburbs Blame Jews for Charlie

    In France, the projects don’t look like ghettoes, but they’re filled with a poisonous mix of conspiracy theories and a some support for murderous jihadis.

    SEVRAN, France — As more than 1.5 million people, including 40 world leaders, converged on Paris on Sunday to rally for unity after terrorist attacks that left 17 innocent people dead, three young men in tracksuits and hoodies lounged outside a fast-food restaurant 10 miles north of the city in Sevran, one of France’s poorest suburbs.

    Mehdi Boular, 24, who said he was married with two children, and two of his friends, did not attend Sunday’s rally.

    “We’re Muslims,” Boular said. “They might have killed us if we’d gone.”

    But even though the flags of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia were flying at the rally in Place de la République and Muslims were well represented among the marchers Sunday, Boular said the attacks in Paris were part of a plot masterminded by Jewish conspirators.

    “The Kalashnikovs, the identity cards the [killers] supposedly left behind, it was all staged,” said Boular, as his friends nodded in agreement. “It was a conspiracy designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad. We’d rather just stay where we are.”

    No use arguing. No use pointing out that one of the terrorists murdered four Jews. Conspiracy theories have their own unassailable logic, and this is a world apart from the displays of unity in Paris after the carnage of last week. French newspapers reported that some students in these neighborhoods—as well as other heavily Muslim areas near cities like Lille—refused to participate in Thursday’s national moment of silence for the victims of the terror attacks. One teacher said up to 80 percent of his students didn’t want to observe the silence, and some said they supported the attackers. “You reap what you sow,” a student who refused the moment of silence told his teacher in reference to the terrorists’ victims, according to Le Figaro...........


    Mehdi Boular, Jimmah Carter, and rat - o - rooter all seem to think the Jews had a hand in it, one way or another.

  27. Jimmah Carter is an absolute idiot.

    We've elected some real doozies in our country, haven't we?

  28. Deuce ☂Tue Jan 13, 02:08:00 PM EST
    How about shelling of apartment buildings, schools and hospitals? Differentiate that for us. Save the disproven tripe about them having been used to launch rockets.

    So Deuce you are promoting the IDEA that Hamas doesn't use and not used schools, apartments or hospitals as military bases, sniper positions and or cover for launching attacks, rockets, mortars?



    1. Hamas Admits Launching Rockets From Civilian Areas

      by IPT News • Sep 12, 2014 at 12:59 pm


      Hamas now publicly admits that it used civilian areas to launch rockets at Israel during the summer war, according to a Times of Israel report.

      But in admitting that "mistakes" were made, the terrorist organization claims that it had no choice but to fire from urban areas since Gaza is so densely populated. A BBC map of the Gaza Strip demonstrates that there are open areas in which Hamas could have set up their operations to avoid innocent casualties.

      According to Hamas, it is not about whether the terrorists fired from residential areas, but rather exactly how close they were to civilian structures.

      "The Israelis kept saying rockets were fired from schools or hospitals when, in fact, they were fired from 200-300 meters [220-328 yards] away. Still there were some mistakes made and they were quickly dealt with," senior Hamas official Ghazi Hamad told the Associated Press.

      That claim is demonstrably false. An Indian television crew showed a rocket launching site adjacent to their hotel. A French television crew showed rockets being fired near a United Nations building. The Israel Defense Forces produced ample evidence throughout the conflict, including a Hamas training manual, showing that civilian buildings – including mosques, schools, hospitals, and private homes – were deliberately chosen as locations for rocket launch pads, weapons storage and to serve as operating bases.

      Israel is now compiling evidence of Hamas' use of human shields to prepare for an impending United Nations investigation into possible war crimes on either side. Most of the evidence will come from Israeli intelligence and Air Force footage, especially since journalists in Gaza were prevented from reporting Hamas' conversion of civilian structures into military bases of operations. In fact, there are numerous documented cases of journalists being detained, interrogated, and even exiled for suspicion of filming Hamas' exploitation of human shields. Yet some journalists were able to report of this blatant violation of international law. In one instance, video footage sent out by the Associated Press showed a rocket launched from a lot next to a mosque in Gaza City.

      Meanwhile, Gaza may lose out on possible foreign investment for reconstruction if Hamas remains in power.

      "As long as Hamas insists on controlling the Gaza Strip and continues to prevent the PA and the national unity government from exercising their duties, there will be neither funds nor investment," Ali Ibrahim, Saudi Arabian-affiliated Asharq al-Awsat's deputy editor in chief wrote in an op-ed Wednesday, the Jerusalem Post reports.


      And dozens of other sources......

  29. Deuce ☂Tue Jan 13, 02:08:00 PM EST
    How about shelling of apartment buildings, schools and hospitals? Differentiate that for us. Save the disproven tripe about them having been used to launch rockets.

    Palestinians (both Hamas and Fatah) target Jewish homes, hospitals, bus stops, schools all the time. It's their normal.

    Any excuses?

    1. Spare us the tripe about "all israelis are legitimate targets" or "resistance to occupation"

  30. The biggest private employment increase in 17 years was driven by gains among above-average paying jobs, dispelling the popular notion that the U.S. is turning into a nation of fast-food workers.

    Industries that pay employees more than the average for all workers accounted for 66 percent of total jobs created in 2014, based on data compiled by Bloomberg from Labor Department records. Business services -- staffing agencies, accountants, consultants and computer-system designers -- and goods producers, including construction firms and manufacturers, were among those hiring the most.

    The pickup indicates the high-flying jobs that were hit hardest during the worst recession in the post-World War II era are making a comeback as the economic expansion gathers momentum. An unexpected slump in wage growth last month had raised some concern that increases in employment were skewed toward lower-paying occupations.

    “The reality is really quite different,” said Eric Green, head of rates and economic research at TD Securities USA LLC in New York. “The destruction of these high-paying jobs was much more pronounced in the downturn, but the acceleration off the bottom has been much more pronounced also.”

    Employers excluding government agencies paid workers $24.57 per hour on average in December compared . . . . .

    Another Right-Wing Nutjob Myth Shot All to Hell

  31. PARIS (AP) - France's lower house of Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved extending French airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

    The vote came after France's worst terrorist attacks in decades. Last week in Paris, a man claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group killed four people in a kosher grocery and a policewoman, while two brothers that he knew for years claimed ties to al-Qaida in Yemen as they killed 12 people at a newspaper office.

    "France is at war with terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism," Prime Minister Manuel Valls told the National Assembly to thundering applause ahead of the vote. "France is not at war with a religion. France is not at war with Islam and Muslims."

    The vote was 488 to 1. One lawmaker . . . . . .

    Getting Deader by the Minute

    1. U.S.-led forces launched at least 11 air trikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, military sources said Tuesday.

      “The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, the region, and the wider international community,” said the Department of Defense in an official statement.

      “The destruction of ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq further limits the terrorist group's ability to project terror and conduct operations,” the release added.

      Four airstrikes have been conducted against the extremist organization in Syria and seven airstrikes in Iraq.

      According to local press, the strikes destroyed four units of Islamic State fighters. Three strikes in Syria hit near the border town of Kobane meanwhile the strikes in Iraq were targeted near Mosul and Baghdad.

      The Islamic State extremists sent . . . .

      Deader and Deader

    2. If the airstrikes are so bloody effective why is Kobane still disputed?

    3. Do you really not know the answer to that question?

  32. Grade A Large Eggs down another dime to $1.59 / dozen at the local "Pig," today.

    1. Nah, just low corn and diesel fuel prices.

    2. Last year was a drought (a big one,) and this year is a monster corn harvest (largest in history in all metrics.)

    3. In a couple of weeks we will get the GDP Report, and it contains the Fed's favorite gauge of Inflation, the Core PCE Deflator.

      It will probably show inflation running about 1.5%, or thereabouts. Kind of a "Goldilocks'ish" number.

  33. PRINCETON, N.J. -- Serving as another indication of the public's perceptions of an improving economy, 45% of Americans now say it is a good time to find a quality job, up from 36% in December, and as high as this indicator has been since May 2007.

    Whoa, This Chart is a Rocket Shot

    1. 55% of Americans say now is a bad time to find a quality job.

    2. First, it seems unlikely that 0.0% answered "don't know/no opinion," and

      Second, you're a moron.

    3. If your airstrikes are so effective why is Kobane still disputed territory, moron?

    4. It's right in their back yard. They keep throwing more people at it, and we keep killing them. You really don't "get" that?

  34. No growth or a fear bubble?

    The most striking feature of financial markets today is low government bond yields.

    I’ve been staring at the charts for a while now and the more I look at them, the more I worry that one of two things is happening: either growth prospects in the developed world are the lowest they’ve been in decades or the world is experiencing one of the biggest financial bubbles in history.

    I’m not sure which idea terrifies me the most.


    1. He's missing the obvious. There's just a hell of a lot more wealthy people looking for borrowers than there are borrowers.

    2. Supply Side Nightmare Scenario, the problem is getting long in the tooth, the solution, still not on the horizon.

    3. Lots more people in the world are saving than are spending.

    4. For instance, this was published, just today:

      Tuesday, January 13, 2015

      Fed: Q3 Household Debt Service Ratio near Record Low

      by Bill McBride on 1/13/2015 02:34:00 PM

      The Fed's Household Debt Service ratio through Q3 2014 was released two weeks ago: Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios. I used to track this quarterly back in 2005 and 2006 to point out that households were taking on excessive financial obligations.

      These ratios show the percent of disposable personal income (DPI) dedicated to debt service (DSR) and financial obligations (FOR) for households. Note: The Fed changed the release in Q3 2013.

      The household Debt Service Ratio (DSR) is the ratio of total required household debt payments to total disposable . . . .

      Read more at http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2015/01/fed-q3-household-debt-service-ratio.html#KDLwPDVl7OHIEdeu.99

      Calculated Risk

    5. But, This was also published, today.

      If this trend keeps up, These guys could create a little demand for money.

      Small Business Optimism Index

  35. Rufus merits 50 lashes on his bare pink arse for the terminal Vice of Optimism.

    1. I'm not really all that ate up with "optimism." I called the recession way before anyone else (June of -07, I think it was.) I admit, I didn't know they were packaging Trillions of Dollars of Sub Sub-Prime loans and passing them off as AAA, so I had nary an inkling of the incredible severity of the coming crash, but at least I recognized that it was coming.

      But, shit, you also have to recognize when something good is happening. It's crazy to just sit around and repeat the same old misconceptions when all you have to do is consult the published numbers.

  36. Lordy, Romney leads in Iowa poll.

    No, no, no, not Romney again.

    1. Last I heard Ben Carson had a slight edge there.

    2. That was before he was caught plagiarizing.

    3. Romney crushes all the competition in the GOP which exempts Hillary.

      She has double digit leads on all and all GOP contenders

  37. Heh, Speaker Boehner was in serious danger of getting a couple of cyanide pills in his drink served by his bartender.

    He, the bartender, thought he, the bartender, was Jesus, and that Boehner was the devil.

    Why I find this slightly humorous I don't know. I know I shouldn't.

    The bartender is now in the Cuckoo's Nest.

  38. Deuce's proclaims that Israel slaughtered hundreds of kids in Gaza 2200 all told..

    And yet, the Iranians and Syrians are his new buddies and they killed over 10 thousand palestinians in the last 36 months... No to mention the 300,000 arabs...

    Why is deuce SO upset with Israel and now is a Cheerleader for Iran and Syria?


    1. Because, haven't you heard, Iran is 'fighting for civilization', you silly fellow !

    2. (I don't believe a word of it, myself)

    3. He saw the light, the Billions upon Billions of US dollars poured down the rat hole that is Palisrael.

      It is irritating, in the least, to witness.

    4. Maybe he went long on SodaStream?

    5. Well you are half correct, billions and billions poured down the rat hole called "palestinianistan"

      Now Israel, great place for investing in innovative, growing companies.

      After all Sodastream didn't exist 10 years ago, today? produces 42 million in net profit a year..


    6. Not worrying about stockholder equity, that must be what killed the Chocolate Emporium after twenty years.
      Chasing paper profits at the expense of equity, short term thinking, what would be expected from a failing start-up.

    7. SodaStream International has a Shares Outstanding of 20.88M

      Now 20 million multiplied by the losses to equity with SodaStream trading at $18.78, today.
      Down from $62.60 in October of 2013 when the BDS Movement targeted SodaStream.
      Rounded to $44 a share.

      $44 per share x 20,000,000 shares = $88,000,000 in lost shareholder equity.

      The fella that cannot get the REFI is trying to tell us that SodaStream is profitable.
      Based on positive cash flow, but discounting shareholder losses.


    8. He says that SodaStream is a sweet operation, which may be why the candy store closed it doors ...

      What is really a bitter reality, he tells the rest of us, it really is sweet.

    9. Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy): -42.30%

    10. Wait One Second !!!

      It is not $88,000,000 in lost equity, no it is not !!!

      Mea Culpa !!! My Mistake !!!

      It is ...
      $ 880,000,000.00

      Eight hundred - Eighty Million Dollars in lost share holder equity.

      "O"rdure thinks that is sweet

      He really must study at the Madoff School of Business, in Tel Avviv.

    11. Jack is on meth.

    12. Math to tough for you to comprehend, Anonymous?

      The scale of the damage done to Palisrael's economy by the BDS Movement becoming clear to you, now?
      Or is it the recognition that "O"rdure is a fool, guided by delusions of Palisrael's omnipresence?

  39. Best pair of legs seen so far on Red Eye !

  40. Who is the early enemy of ISIS? Hizbullah/Iran

    Who was behind ISIS and supported it? - Saudi Arabia

    There is nothing surprising about any of this.

    It is a religious war.

    Bless the Sunni/Shia divide.

  41. An aha moment -

    Everything Has Changed: Oil, Saudi Arabia, And The End Of OPEC
    Jan. 12, 2015 9:37 PM ET

    >>>Understanding Why

    The widely held conventional theory is that the Saudis want to shake the weak production out of the market. This strategy would undermine the economic viability of a meaningful amount of global production. The theory assumes that this can be done in some kind of orderly bring-down of prices where the Saudis can find an ideal price below the production cost of this marginal oil production but still high enough to maintain significant profits for the Kingdom while this market correction plays out. The assumption is that following the correction there will be a return to business as usual along with higher prices, but with Saudi Arabia commanding a relatively larger share of that market. An alternative rationale is that Saudi Arabia is fighting an economic war with oil; a strategy designed to economically and in turn politically cripple rival producers Iran and Russia because the governments of these countries that depend on oil exports cannot withstand sustained low prices and will be significantly weakened.

    While there may be some truth to both of these theories, the real motivation lies somewhere closer to Sheikh Yamani's 2000 prediction. Saudi Arabia has embarked on an absolute quest for dominant market share in the global oil market. The near-term cost of grabbing that market share is immense, with the Saudis sacrificing potentially hundreds of billions of dollars if low prices persist. In a world of endless consumption, this risk would be hard to justify merely in exchange for a temporary expansion of global market share - the current lost revenue would take years to recover with a marginally higher share of global supply.

    1. But in a world where a producer sees the end of its market on the horizon, then every barrel sold at a profit is more valuable than a barrel that will never be sold. Current Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi had this to say about production cuts in late December: "it is not in the interest of OPEC to cut their production whatever the price is," adding that even if prices fell to $20 "it is irrelevant." Implied, if not explicitly stated, is that Saudi Arabia wants its oil out of the ground, regardless of how thin its profit margin per barrel becomes.

      Saudi Arabia is seeing a new and massively changing energy landscape. The U.S. and China have agreed to bilateral carbon reduction targets. 2014 is now officially the hottest year recorded in human history, a record set almost impossibly without the presence of El Nino. And on January 7 a report released in Nature lays bare the fossil fuel climate change equation by concluding that to achieve anything better than a 50/50 shot at keeping global warming under 2 degrees centigrade (the most widely accepted threshold for avoiding catastrophic climate change) 82% of fossil reserves must remain in the ground. That report puts hard numbers on the percentages of fossil fuels that must "stay in the ground" and calls for 38% of proven Mideast oil reserves to never to be pumped from the ground. That 38% represents some 260 billion barrels of oil - worth tens of trillions of dollars - much of that not held in Saudi reserves.

      All of these threats to oil use are occurring against a backdrop where the acceleration of costs-effective alternative technologies expands the potential of viable alternatives to our current fossil fuel-based energy economy. Yamani's prediction no longer seems a fantasy where no one outside of science fiction writers could envision an alternative to the age of oil, but rather a stunningly prescient analysis of the future risk to the value the largest oil reserve on the planet by a man who once managed that reserve.

      Saudi Arabia no longer needs OPEC. Global action on carbon dioxide emissions is gaining global acceptance and technological advances are creating foreseeable and viable alternatives to the world's oil dependence. Saudi Arabia has come to the stark realization, as Yamani foretold, that it is a race to produce, regardless of price, so that it will not be leaving its oil in the ground. The Kingdom has effectively open the valve on the carbon asset bubble and jumped to be the first to start the race to the end of the age of hydrocarbons by playing its one great advantage - a cost of production so low that it can sell its crude faster and hoping not to find itself at the end of the age of oil holding vast worthless unburnable reserves.

      The end of the age of oil, of course, remains many years off (and almost certainly well beyond Yamani's timeline of 2030), but to Saudi Arabia, that end is clearly not so far away that the owner of the largest, most accessible crude resource is willing to continue to subsidize higher prices for other producers at the risk of leaving its own oil untapped one day in the future....<<<


    2. Maybe it's finally time buy by that Ford F-150 4x4 and the cab ever camper with potty and shower after all.

    3. cab over camper with solar panels too


    January 14, 2015
    Obama will fight media to protect Islam from critics
    By Ed Lasky

    The spread of Islam apparently trumps the First Amendment in the view of President Obama.

    By now, most of America should realize that Barack Obama has a special mission in life to shield Islam from criticism.

    But pressuring the media should be a step too far considering the President takes an oath to defend the Constitution and thus the most important of amendments: free speech.

    But, according to the president’s press secretary, Barack Obama has no such desire when it comes to criticism of Islam..........

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/01/obama_will_fight_media_to_protect_islam_from_critics.html#ixzz3Ong6LHKj
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


  43. Nancy Pelosi to name first Muslim lawmaker to House intelligence committee

    By Lauren French

    1/13/15 10:32 AM EST

    Updated 1/13/15 4:12 PM EST

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced in a closed-door meeting Tuesday she would name the first Muslim lawmaker to the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/andre-carson-muslim-intelligence-committee-114213.html#ixzz3OniIzPNZ


    1. Well, boobie, at least you are clear, concise, and forthright in expressing your bigotry.

    2. National security issue, Ignoble Ashole.

      The Moslems are pledged to the Koran.

    3. Let the man deny the Koran, give up the religious supremism and the pledge to take over the earth and I'll take another look.

    4. Nancy "We have to pass the legislation to find out what's in it" Pelosi is a dingbat.

      Just like you, Ash.

    5. Catholics are pledged to the Pope, according to those that opposed JFK.

    6. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson wanting to judge people by their creed.
      An unconstitutional Standard.

      In the spring of 1778, the Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, PA. ... They:
      Decided that there would be no religious test, oath or other requirement for any federal elected office.


      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson would destroy the Constitution to safe his self-perceived place in our society, just as he avoided his responsibilities to it...

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Jack HawkinsWed Jan 14, 12:52:00 AM EST
    Wait One Second !!!

    It is not $88,000,000 in lost equity, no it is not !!!

    Mea Culpa !!! My Mistake !!!

    It is ...
    $ 880,000,000.00

    Eight hundred - Eighty Million Dollars in lost share holder equity.

    "O"rdure thinks that is sweet

    He really must study at the Madoff School of Business, in Tel Avviv.

    Jack do you actually READ what you write before you post it?

    A simple question, for a simple mind, yours.

    Since when do price fluctuations of stock prices translate into losses or gains if the stock is not sold?

    Sodastream, provides jobs for 500 people, all who make a living and a net profit of 42 million a year on average.

    At last check, that's a big pile of cash.

    1. Sometimes not, "O"rdure.

      The BDS Movement has cost the stockholders of a Palisrael company, SodaStream, $880,000,000 USD.

      You have told us that SodaStream is a well run company, with an adequate business plan, one that is rightfully valued at a much higher stock price.

      The collapse of SodaStream's equity value just happens to correspond with the company being targeted by the BDS Movement. Coincidence, or so you have told us.

      Obviously one of your positions has cratered, along with the shareholder equity in SodaStream.
      The management of the company has lost $880,000,000 USD in shareholder equity.

      One wonders how, why?

    2. The reality that SodaStream management has lost $880,000,000 USD in 14 months ...
      "O"rdure tells us is sweet

      That is how much he cares about the stockholders of SodaStream, he refuses to hear their screams.

  45. Hamas has made an announcement, it must be true.
    "O"rdure and Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson have both used 'Hamas spokesmen' to validate their own statements.

    "Netanyahu will remain a symbol of terrorism in the world," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said

    1. Really, care to post where we say everything hamas says is true?

      That's is the problem talking about anything with a liar like you.

      You exaggerate and misdirect, you lie and invent facts…

      that is why you are called "worm tongue" by the readers.

  46. Jack HawkinsWed Jan 14, 09:29:00 AM EST
    Math to tough for you to comprehend, Anonymous?

    The scale of the damage done to Palisrael's economy by the BDS Movement becoming clear to you, now?
    Or is it the recognition that "O"rdure is a fool, guided by delusions of Palisrael's omnipresence?

    The BDS movement has been proven to be meaningless to the Israeli economy.

    I see you have moved off of calling Israel "Isreal" or Israelhell" or zionist entity.

    Now you have coined a new term.



    You are correct the BDS movement has hurt the palestinian economy, costing hundreds of well paying jobs, i guess that is something you can be proud of, destroy the ability for average arabs who by luck of nature live in the disputed lands of the territories.

    You are proud they now have to become welfare queens.

    Says a lot about you more than it says about Israel.

    Which btw is still growing, innovating and thriving. In fact thousands of Jews from Europe, Africa and America are moving there.

    Thanks to Jew hating scum like you, they have seen the light and are going to living the Jewish Nation State of Israel, a place that at least it's legal to fight back against terrorists.

  47. Jack HawkinsWed Jan 14, 12:11:00 AM EST
    Not worrying about stockholder equity, that must be what killed the Chocolate Emporium after twenty years.
    Chasing paper profits at the expense of equity, short term thinking, what would be expected from a failing start-up.

    Still can't let go of the fact you stalked the WRONG Jew for a decade?


    My Chocolate Business is doing fine… Thanks.

    My doors aint shut, commerce continues. Still conching chocolate by the pallet…. Buying bigger and better machines to automate.

    But you, the narcissist, cannot admit you are wrong.

    Stalking the wrong Jew for a decade… LOL

    It would be funny, well it is, but it proves you are the pathetic loser we thought you were….


    Chocolate Emporium my ass… LOL

  48. Soda stream 5 year net income

    9.92M 12.87M 29.47M 43.86M 42.03M

    wow, from 10 million to 42 MILLION in 5 years….


    1. soda stream gross sales last 5 years, oh wait, they have only been in business 5 years

      79.47M 112.27M 166.42M 232.64M 281.18M


      Talk about success…

      hundreds of jobs, thousands and thousands of customers and retailers across the globe…..

      hundreds of millions in sales, think of the ripple thru the economy of folks making parts and pieces!!!!

      281 MILLION in sales? wow…

    2. Oh my bad here are the sales numbers

      146.03M 212.59M 309.76M 436.32M 562.72M

      wow wow wow

      1/2 a billion 2013….

      sounds like BDS is destroying sales… LOL

    3. Now INVESTORS who bought the stock?

      last 5 years of amounts

      11.71M 8.03M 19.55M 20.34M 20.79M

      what? MORE shares are owned today than at any time?

      Ah, buy low sell high….

    4. So soda stream returns 42 million a year back to the common stock holders…

      9.92M 12.87M 29.47M 43.86M 42.03M

      last 5 years….

      Investors long at the long game.

      if looks could kill, jack would be dead….

  49. Yesterday "O"rdure told us SodaStream was ten years old, today he claims 'under five years'. ...

    The company was formerly known as Soda-Club Holdings Ltd. and changed its name to SodaStream International Ltd. in March 2010. SodaStream International Ltd. was founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Airport City, Israel.

    Just so we are all on the 'same page', discussing the same thing.

    1903, "O"rdure.
    Full time employees, listed at 2,035.

    Management of SodaStream lost $880,000,000 in shareholder equity in the last 14 months.

    Bittersweet Parve


    1. Oh now you are changing the discussion.

      as usual.

    2. Bad management or collateral damage of the civil war in Palisrael?

  50. Jack HawkinsWed Jan 14, 10:10:00 AM EST
    The reality that SodaStream management has lost $880,000,000 USD in 14 months ...
    "O"rdure tells us is sweet

    That is how much he cares about the stockholders of SodaStream, he refuses to hear their screams.

    $880,000,000 USD in 14 months …

    Amazing math skills the shit scooper from AZ has….


    Keep on posting and we'll keep laughing at you

  51. Catholics, nor other Christians, are not pledged to take over the world by FORCE if necessary.

    Neither are Jews.

    Appointing a Moslem to the Select Committee on Intelligence seems to me akin to appointing a person pledged to Marxism to that position during the Cold War.

    This fellow may say he is a 'moderate Moslem' and loves the Constitution but he may be practicing Taqiyya or Hiyal.


    That is to say, he may well be a lying s.o.b. like d. rat.

    1. Or O'bozo !


      Off to work for a bit.......

      Cheers !!

    2. .

      For Obumble, the Constitution is not really a set of basic principles we as Americans are enjoined to live by but rather a list of recommendations, something like New Years resolutions.


    3. O'bumble seems to think the Constitution is not a suicide pact and takes it more seriously than you.

      You would really put people on the Select Intelligence Committee whose basic outlook is to overthrow the Constitution and institute Sharia?

      Why not simply select someone else to the position?

      Perhaps you should think again, Mr. Logic.

    4. .

      Obumble once again goes anonymous showing that he lacks the courage of his convictions.


    5. If it is O'bumble it must be because he wishes to get the psychotic perpetual stalker off his ass for a few moments.

      Wouldn't you?


    6. “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”

  52. 20.8 million shares
    $44 per share lost


  53. .

    Oil inventories up by 5.4 mbl.

    Copper down to $2.53.


  54. Jimmy Carter: Jews 'Safer' in France than Israel............Drudge Report

    And that's why Jews are leaving France for Israel, people.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. How many Jews have left France, Anonymous, when?

    Your claim is that Hamas is less of a danger to Jews in Palisrael than the 'anti-Semitic' atmosphere of France.

    1. If you don't see the point take it up with Jimmy Carter, a Jew hater like you.

  56. Female world leaders 'Photoshopped' out of Paris rally picture

    An Israeli newspaper has been criticised for allegedly editing Angela Merkel and other women from a line-up of 40 world leaders, photographed in Paris on Sunday

    At first glance, this looks like a historic photograph. It depicts 40 world leaders, dressed in black, arms linked, marching through Paris in a show of solidarity with a 1.6 million French people and the remaining staff of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

    Except, look at little closer. See anyone missing? The most powerful women in the Western world, perhaps?

    That’s right. All the women, present in the original image, have been edited out.

    Israeli newspaper The Announcer (HaMevaser) – a conservative orthodox Jewish publication- stands accused of Photoshopping women out of the picture.

    After printing the allegedly doctored image on its front page, the paper has been criticised for disrespecting the unity march, which took place on Sunday following the massacre of 17 Parisians last week.

    The women seemingly removed are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and EU foreign affairs and security chief Frederica Mogherini. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been cropped, so that only her hand remains in shot, on the picture’s far left.

    In the original, Merkel stood between French President Francois Hollande and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

    But, from looking at the version which appeared in print, you’d be forgiven for imagining that the head of Europe’s largest economy – not to mention a major power player on the world stage – had been absent.

    The omission was first highlighted by Israeli news site Walla.com

    1. You have complimented the Israelis, Ms. Cohen, who are certainly capable of criticizing one another.


  57. Why is the story of SodaStream so important?

    During the last wave of destruction in Gaza, and the closing of the Ben-Gurion Airport to many international passenger aircraft, allen commented that the only existential threat posed to the ruling regime in Palisrael was economic.

    1. SodaStream is only important to you, Jew hater, no one else could give a shit about it.

      Gas prices, that's something everyone is interested in.

  58. Barak was asked whether he thought that a boycott of Israel was developing, along the lines of what the apartheid regime in South Africa faced.

    Describing a process of "delegitimisation" taking place "below the surface", Barak acknowledged that "the BDS movement is developing".

    As long as those voices against Israel came from Eritrea or Mauritania, fine; when they start to come from Scandinavia and Britain, it's a serious problem. Look at Israel's standing in the community of labor organizations worldwide – it's a very grim situation. That will continue with consumer organisations, pension funds, the universities.

    Barak also commented on the situation on US campuses, noting that "35 years ago, the universities were bastions of sympathy for Israel." Today, however, "you come to a university and you're told in advance whether there will be a demonstration."

    These groups are quantitatively negligible, but in terms of their essence, they are the future leadership of the United States and of the world. It's a gradual trend, but it's sliding toward a tipping point, and at the end of that tipping point awaits a slope or, heaven forbid, an abyss.

    Levelling heavy criticism at the Netanyahu government, Barak said Israel's isolation was very much a possibility.

    But to say it can't happen? It could happen, even if we don't want it to. We don't want a boycott, but there is liable to be a boycott. We don't want Israel's isolation, but Israel could find itself in very painful isolation.

    Barak referenced the situation that faced South Africa prior to the end of apartheid, and noted that "the pressure and the sanctions" were what "brought about [the leadership's] awakening."

    They were people of a very high level, intellectually and otherwise, and they had wonderful explanations. They said: "The Americans are preaching morality to us? Well, they committed genocide, all they have left are pangs of conscience." Or they said: "We gave the blacks everything, the possibility to work, and comparatively they are living better than in their deserts, we gave them opportunities and they developed."


  59. January 14, 2015
    There is just something creepy about this administration and a certain religion
    By James Longstreet

    There is something creepy, outré, bizarre, curious about the Obama administration’s reactions to violent Islamic events. Pseudo intellects will offer that the President is above us all and understands on a different level. Maybe he doesn’t.

    We all know the Obama childhood exposure to this religion, the years in Indonesia, his father and all those dreams. Perhaps this explains the growing list of extraordinary actions and reactions from the President regarding this religion.

    Years ago, Obama misspoke about “my Muslim faith”, a misspeak which most people don’t normally get caught in and on a topic that usually creates little personal confusion. George Stephanopoulos, quickly corrected him, grabbed the words from mid air, unrang the bell. But did he?

    Obama’s first major speech was off continent in Cairo, Egypt. It was, in essence, an apology to the Muslim world.

    Then there was the out of the ordinary mandate for our NASA program to reach out to Muslim countries

    Obama, the self proclaimed student of history, created the glorifying rhetoric of the Muslim Golden Age. A bona fide historian, Victor Davis Hanson noted,

    “Obama … claimed that "Islam . . . carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment." [In fact] medieval Islamic culture…had little to do with the European rediscovery of classical Greek and Latin values.”

    Richard Butrick (Gatestone Institute) added,

    “Hanson has pointed out the factual errors in Obama's paean to Islam's Golden Age. Andrew Bostom has skewered the myth that Cordoba was a model of ecumenism Trikovic has shown that the continuation of learning, science, technology of the "Golden age of Islam" prospered in spite of Islam and not because of Islam and now we have Emmet Scott skewering the myth that the Golden Age of Islam saved Classical humanistic Western culture. What is next? The glory of Sharia?...........


  60. What has Charlie Hedbo drawn about Jews?


    Interesting in light of:

    "France arrests 54 in hate-speech, anti-Semitism crackdown "


    WiO, do you support this guys argument?

    "In France, legitimate ridicule. On Facebook, outright hate
    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published Tuesday, Jan. 13 2015, 9:45 AM EST


    For fascist terrorists, free speech simply does not exist. Anyone who blasphemes the Prophet Mohammed must die. Never mind that such murder of innocent people runs counter to Islamic law, this has nothing in fact to do with religion and everything to do with control and an imposition of values.

    At the same time, another smaller but important free speech controversy was also playing out: Facebook was permitting its site to promote racial hatred with a page established by unknown bigots called “Jewish Ritual Murder.” It is a historical calumny which promotes the poisonous lie that Jews use the blood of Christian and Muslim children to bake unleavened bread for the holiday of Passover. It has received close to 800 “likes”. This racial hatred is more despicable than the ridicule seen in Charlie Hebdo.

    When the page was brought to my attention I did what I was trained to do from years honed as a human rights advocate with Canadian Jewish Congress; using an actual Facebook “Community standards procedure,” I filed a complaint asking that the offensive page be removed. Dozens of others have done the same.




  61. Why Boko Haram’s reign of terror has been tough to track

    Even as the world’s attention has been focused on missing planes in the Java Sea and terror attacks in Paris, another disaster has been unfolding, steadily, but more quietly, in the remote northeast region of Nigeria.

    There, the terrorist group Boko Haram has been on the rampage, ...

    I’m joined by Nii Akuetteh of the African Immigrant Caucus, an organization aimed at increasing political influence of the African diaspora. His career has focused on fostering relationships between the U.S. and African nations.

    NII AKUETTEH, African Immigrant Caucus: Thank you very much.

    GWEN IFILL: What is it about what has happened in Baga that has taken so long to get out? What has been the delay?

    NII AKUETTEH: I think, for one thing, it is — this most recent attack is in a remote area. It took time for people to get out.

    Also, Boko Haram’s attacks have destabilized and spread fear in the whole area. So that is part of it. I think that’s why it took that long. Of course, we don’t have many journalists in the area to report on it.
    ... I think it’s important to understand that Boko Haram has been around for about 12 years as an organization. They became particularly violent and caught the world’s attention five years ago. So they have been rampaging for five years.
    ... And the other thing is Boko Haram has not confined its attacks to just that area of Northeastern Nigeria. They have hit Abuja. They have made forays into Cameroon, and actually had battles with the Cameroonian air force.

    So, Boko Haram started out as a Nigerian problem. It is now actually a West African problem, and, I dare say, a global problem.

    GWEN IFILL: You say it’s a global problem. So, what has been the U.S. role in helping or at least in any way negotiating with Nigeria on their behalf to help attack this problem?

    NII AKUETTEH: I think, all along, the U.S. has — the U.S. actually and Nigeria are used — have had a close relationship.

    GWEN IFILL: Right.

    NII AKUETTEH: So, of course, when Boko Haram became an issue, they said, yes, we support you, we will help you.

    But, as an observer of U.S.-African relations, I have not been impressed with how much help I think Nigeria should get, even before the Chibok girls were kidnapped in April.

    GWEN IFILL: Why do you think that is?


    You know, I think sometimes there are people who think that Nigeria ought to be able to deal with this by itself. Also, if you look at foreign — U.S. foreign policy cutting across several administrations, Africa always gets the short end of the stick.

    GWEN IFILL: But Nigeria is a prosperous country.

    NII AKUETTEH: Well, it is by certain standards. In fact, it recently became the biggest economy in Africa.
    But it’s still a very underdeveloped country.

    Most Nigerians are very poor by any measure. And, therefore, it’s also a matter of technical military assistance and intelligence to deal with the issue. Now, global powers actually stepped in, in May, when, you know, the first lady and others said, we need to help find the girls.

    And they promised that they are cooperating with the Nigerians. So, again, I have been disappointed that, even with their help, the problem has not been contained.

    GWEN IFILL: There are elections coming up, presidential elections, in the next month. Do you think that what we see unfolding here with Boko Haram could or could not affect the outcome?

    NII AKUETTEH: Oh, I am absolutely convinced that it will affect the outcome.
    We also know that such jihadist groups, they particularly attack democratic governance because some of them see it as sacrilegious. They want a theocracy. And so they don’t want people to vote.

    1. The attacks come five weeks away from presidential elections which are likely to trigger even more bloodshed.
      Already under a state of emergency, the three north-eastern states worst hit by Boko Haram asked the central government for more troops earlier this week.

      The government has said voting will take place across Borno state although the worsening insecurity means few international observers are likely to get clearance to oversee voting in an area that is traditionally opposition-supporting.

      Around 1.5 million people have been displaced by the violence, many of whom will not be able to vote in the polls under Nigeria’s current electoral laws.
      ... in an area that is traditionally opposition-supporting.



  62. 4 Decapitated in Atizapán, México State

    Less than a week after two young men were shot on Emiliano Zapata street, the colonia of San Miguel Xochimanga, in the municipality of Atizapán, México state, suffered more violence.

    On Tuesday, January 13, four decapitated bodies (partially clothed and showing signs of torture) were left at the doorstep of a home, once again on Emiliano Zapata street.

    They were found by the occupants of the home when they opened the door after someone, likely the individuals who dumped the bodies, rang the doorbell around 3:00 AM.


  63. .

    30 year: 2.4

    Lowest since the reign of Caesar Augustus.