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My plans are to continue my work with technology and architecture. You know my interests and thoughts.

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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Monday, June 06, 2011

Obama Approval: Gallup 49% | Rasmussen 47% | RCP Average 50.5%

In a lot of American minds or hearts, Obama is doing something right. His numbers seem to have a very firm floor and it looks to me that come election time his planned billion dollar war chest will only need to change the votes of 3-4% of the American, or more correctly, the voting public. His machine will need to keep the polls from checking citizenship, get out the welfare and prisoner vote, keep his 67% of the Jewish vote and have implemented the open sexualization of the military and he will be there. Throw in a new push for the youth vote and he should have his margin of victory.


  1. It all depends on gas prices/unemployment. He's likely to be in trouble there.

    His only ally: The Republican Party (this shouldn't be underestimated.)

  2. Yes he will! Yes he can! More hope and change coming your way.

    Your earlier comment regarding him being a product of White guilt and affirmative action was correct. Trump tried to bring that to the surface by questioning Obama's grades prior to getting accepted to some of the most prestigous schools in the nation, but wasn't smart enough to pull it off.

    Obama made Trump look like a chump.

  3. His talking point will be, "the economy we inherited was worse than we thought, we're going to have to raise taxes on the rich,

    (unless, of course, you elect my opponent, the REPUBLICAN! 'Cause He's going to take away your Social Security and Medicare.")

  4. Talk about a chump, we are about to get the "Chump with the Lump" Anthony Wiener, probably announce he is committing himself to rehab. Damn what a week, first Edwards getting indicted and then Little Cockroach Wiener outed. Doesn't get any better than this.

  5. Weiner getting ready for tears. It was all a joke.
    Amazing, he admits being a lying little shit.

    more tears.

  6. The New York Press will love him all the more….sniff….sniff…..deep sniffle… more sniffle.

  7. Choking up about being a shit…. but no resignation. Yet another sniffle.

  8. Choking up about being a shit…. but no resignation. Yet another sniffle.

  9. No resignation.. his work is too important to step down….The Democrats need him.

  10. His apology is to his wife… another wet sniffle.

  11. Deeply hurtful , wrong, regrettable…. He is trying to remember….Did not use any government resources.

  12. He still regrets… he is humiliated and embarrassed. He really really regrets it.

  13. Very destructive and regrettable… he loves his wife very much… he really loves her and she loves him.

  14. Another sniffle about his terrible mistake.

  15. Another sniffle about his terrible mistake.

  16. Dumb , destructive deceitful. He has no explanation except he is so very very sorry.

  17. He is trying to backpeddle, but maybe not.

  18. He stands before all to express his shame and it will never happen again and he is not thinking about re-election.

  19. Finally, he may seek professional help!….sniffle…choking up.

  20. lies and more lies… he knew it was wrong …almost immediately.

  21. His wife knew about his on-line since before they were married, but only told her this morning about the photos.

  22. Everyone still loves one another…wet sniffle...

  23. He is reluctant to say that he did not do phone sex…which I suppose, in professional parlance, means that Wiener whacked the wiener.

  24. Sniffle, choking, clearing throat….It is up to his constituency, wants to put all this behind him… Is still working without rest for his constituents.

  25. He has learned not to send pictures of his wiener.

  26. Remind me not to post a picture of my wiener or anyone else's for that matter.

  27. Doug already did; it was just too small for you to see it.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Syria reports 'massacre' of security forces
    Los Angeles Times

    State TV says armed groups used human shields and killed 120 members of the nation's security forces, but no sources are cited and no footage shown.

  30. 'We are all Hamza'

    A young Syrian boy was brutally killed while participating in a children's march towards besieged Daraa to deliver food to the children there, reports Bassel Oudat
    Hamza Al-Khatib, whose picture has been widely distributed since he died 25 May, has become the symbol of the Syrian revolution and further motivation for demonstrators to take to the streets to reject the excessive force used -- in this case, against a 13-year-old boy -- by security forces.

    Hamza was a seventh grade student from Al-Jiza village near the southern city of Daraa where Syrian demonstrations started 10 weeks ago. He was snatched by security forces on 29 April from among his peers as they headed towards Daraa to help ease the siege on the city and deliver food supplies to the residents there. He was taken as the group passed by buildings housing the families of army officers located on the main street.

    On 25 May, his family picked up his body, and pictures and a video of his corpse were uploaded to Facebook, showing extensive disfiguration at the hands of the intelligence agencies. According to the video and statements by his family, he was shot at close range after he was brutally tortured, his sexual organs severed, and his hand broken. The websites of Syrian opposition described the crime as "unprecedented and undocumented even at the peak of fascist measures by Syrian security forces, whether inside or outside detention camps".

    The video tape of Hamza's corpse shocked the West as much as Syrians themselves. Within hours, Syrian activists changed their Facebook pictures to one of the young boy, in solidarity with his cause. Satellite news channels broadcast details of the sadistic incident and condemned the security forces.

    Syrians across the country heeded the call by activists to take to the streets on Saturday in protest at the aggressive suppression of demonstrations, calling it "The Saturday Revolution for Martyr Hamza". Protesters put up pictures of Hamza in many Syrian cities, including in barricaded Daraa and several other cities with heavy security and military presence. Demonstrators chanted for the fall of the regime, while children in rural areas in Damascus, brandishing pictures of the child, chanted: "We are all Hamza; we will not be silent."

    Yep, and according to the Rat, just like Israel.

  31. The Syrian regime paid poor farmers in the north $1,000 to travel to the border at the Golan Heights border and challenge the IDF and another $25,000 to their families if they were killed, according to the opposition Reform Party of Syria.

    Yep sounds like PEACEFUL Protesters...

    Cha - Ching...

  32. Yesterday, Syrians attempted to breach Israel’s border.

    The Syrian Reform Party confirms that those border-jumpers were indeed paid $1000 dollars a pop.

    Simple Gun Shot wound earns: : $10,000

    IF you are killed 25K to your family.

    Average Syrian monthly wage? $200 a month

  33. How about that D-Day, huh? All over the channels today.

    They never forget, do they?

  34. Ann Coulter is on Hannity, screeching about the Eeevil Mob in "Shays Rebellion." I'm really starting to dislike Ann Coulter.

    Daniel Shays was a poor farmhand from Massachusetts when the Revolution broke out. He joined the Continental Army where he fought at Battle of Lexington, Battle of Bunker Hill, and Battle of Saratoga, and was eventually wounded in action. In 1780, he resigned from the army unpaid and went home to find himself in court for the nonpayment of debts. He soon found that he was not alone in being unable to pay his debts, and once even saw a sick woman who had her bed taken out from under her because she was also unable to pay.[1]

    [edit] Mounting financial crisis

    Shays' Rebellion saw some of its opening salvos in Central Massachusetts, in the town of Uxbridge, in Worcester County, on Feb. 3, 1783.[2][3] Gov. John Hancock suppressed local riots, after a request by Colonel Nathan Tyler of Uxbridge.[2][3] Lieutenant Simeon Wheelock, of the Town of Uxbridge died at Springfield, in 1786, while on duty, protecting the Armory.[4] Shays's Rebellion caused George Washington to emerge from retirement to advocate a stronger national government.[5]

    The financial situation leading to the rebellion included the problem that European war investors (among others) demanded payment in gold and silver; there was not enough specie in the states, including Massachusetts, to pay the debts; and through the state, wealthy urban businessmen were trying to squeeze whatever assets they could get out of rural smallholders. Since the smallholders did not have the gold that the creditors demanded, everything they had was confiscated, including their houses.

    At a meeting convened by aggrieved commoners, a farmer, Plough Jogger, encapsulated the situation:

    "I have been greatly abused, have been obliged to do more than my part in the war, been loaded with class rates, town rates, province rates, Continental rates and all rates...been pulled and hauled by sheriffs, constables and collectors, and had my cattle sold for less than they were worth...The great men are going to get all we have and I think it is time for us to rise and put a stop to it, and have no more courts, nor sheriffs, nor collectors nor lawyers."

    It was decided that the legislature (General Court) in Boston would be petitioned.[6]

    Veterans of the Continental Army, like General Charles Logan Harding aggrieved because they had been conscripted, had to fight with no payment to help them pay for their living, and because they were treated poorly upon discharge, including being locked up in debtors' prison, began to organize their neighbors, the besieged farmers, into squads and companies in order to halt the confiscations.[7] Veteran Luke Day of West Springfield, Massachusetts asked the judges holding the confiscatory hearings to adjourn until the Massachusetts legislature met. Throughout Massachusetts, newly organized farmers and veterans faced militia at courthouse thresholds. But sometimes the farmers and veterans were the militia, and often the majority of the militias sided with the veterans and farmers.[8]

    What caused Shays to take on the situation as a revolutionary cause was that on September 19, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts indicted eleven leaders of the rebellion as "disorderly, riotous, and seditious persons." Incensed by the indictment, Shays organized seven hundred armed farmers, most of them war veterans, and led them to Springfield. As they marched their ranks grew, and some of the militia joined along with additional reinforcements from the countryside. Boston elites were mortified at this resistance. The judges first postponed hearings for a day, then adjourned the court. Massachusetts Governor James Bowdoin commanded the legislature to "vindicate the insulted dignity of government." Samuel Adams claimed that foreigners ("British emissaries") were instigating treason. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  35. Shays Rebellion

    Without Danial Shay we don't have a Constitution, A United States, OR a Bill of Rights.

  36. The Founding Fathers were Great Men, but, trust me, you like this country more than the one they had in mind.

  37. "Given the brutality to which they have been exposed day after day, it is not surprising."

    The attack will heighten fears that the Syrian protests could increasingly follow the trajectory of the violent confrontation between Libya's rebels and Col Muammar Gaddafi.

    Given Syria's geography, there is little prospect of the country dividing into distinct rebel and government held regions in quite the same way that Libya has done, but observers say it is possible that protesters could seize control of smaller towns like Jisr al-Shughour from government forces.

  38. Gaddafi loyalists say the country is under control apart from a handful of criminals and al-Qaeda terrorists. They claim Nato bombing has killed 718 civilians and injured 4,067.


    Some of the more grandiose claims by Nato spokesmen have also been challenged, including a statement that watchtowers around the Gaddafi leadership compound had been surgically destroyed when they were clearly still standing.

    On the ground the war is being fought on three fronts, near the oil refinery town of Brega in the east, around the city of Misurata in central Libya, and in the Nafusa mountains to Tripoli's south-west. The rebels are generally held to be making slow progress.

  39. .

    Rufus II,

    I apologize for being a 'little' sarcastic in our discussion over the cause(s) of the current slowdown in the economy. Your 'blind spot' comment kind of ticked me off, and in such cases, I tend to move towards the dark side.

    I didn't intend to downplay the negative effects of high oil prices on the economy. It amounts to a tax on the American people. Some have argued that it has offset any benefits that were derived from the decrease in payroll taxes.

    I don't believe I have any blind spot wih regard to the effects of oil prices. However, in my opinion, they are not the sole driver in our current problems. I believe there are other key factors that are at least as important, and again in my opinion, more basic; factors, in fact, that pre-date the dramatic rise in oil prices.

    That being said, it's merely my opinion.

    In the future, when it comes to discussions on oil, I shall attempt to be a good boy.