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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drug Wars in Jamaica.

In the past decade countries such as the Cayman Islands, Britain, and Costa Rica have imposed visa restrictions for Jamaicans, citing the number of crimes committed by Jamaican nationals and drug trafficking as the underlying factors.

The following table includes the number Jamaicans living in the United States. "Jamaicans" are defined as people who marked their ethnic origin as "Jamaican" on the Census survey in 1990 and/or 2000.

  • Total Number (1990) 435,024
  • Total Number (2000) 736,513
  • Change 1990-2000 - increase of 301,489
  • % Change 1990-2000- up 69%.

Bodies pile up in Jamaica's assault for drug kingpin Published on 26 May 2010 - 1:32am
Trucks laden with bodies rushed to hospitals in Jamaica's capital as the government vowed an all-out assault to nab a powerful alleged drug kingpin barricaded by his gang in the teeming slums.

Hospital sources said they saw more than 60 bodies, although police put the death toll at 27. But Prime Minister Bruce Golding warned the figures would likely rise, and police late Tuesday reported several murders.

Gun-toting troops and police circled the streets into the night as rain descended on Kingston, an impoverished Caribbean city ringed by mountains that is a world away from the sun-kissed beaches for which Jamaica is best known.

Supporters set up tree branches, old cars and even abandoned refrigerators to form makeshift barricades to seal off the stronghold of local don Christopher "Dudus" Coke, who is wanted by the United States on drug charges.

Coke has developed a loyal following among some slum-dwellers, who see him as a savior for offering jobs, education and security that are sorely lacking. He also had developed ties with the political establishment.

But after months of stalling, Golding on Sunday declared a state of emergency to arrest Coke, declaring a battle to rid this nation of its image as one of the world's murder capitals.

"The violence that has been unleashed on the society by armed, criminal elements must be repelled," Golding told a heated session of parliament, where opposition members accused him of creating the crisis by earlier inaction.

"The operations being carried out under emergency powers are an extraordinary response to an extraordinary challenge to the safety and security of our citizens," Golding said.

But he pledged to investigate any excesses in the assault, which is being carried out by police and troops backed by clattering helicopters.

"The government deeply regrets the loss of lives of members of the security forces, and those of innocent law-abiding citizens who were caught in the crossfire," Golding said.

With violence turning some of the city's slum areas into a war zone, three trucks loaded with bodies, including a baby, unloaded their grim cargo at a morgue in one of the main hospital complexes, witnesses said.

Gunfire rattled around the city, as plumes of smoke hung above Tivoli Gardens which Coke's supporters had barricaded last week to thwart his arrest.

Hospital officials told AFP that early Tuesday two trucks bearing "about 50" bodies had been unloaded at the morgue at the Kingston Public Hospital.

An AFP correspondent saw a third truck arrive full of bullet-riddled corpses, including a baby, later in the day. A nurse said there were 12 bodies inside, and they came from a different area to the east of the city called Mountain View.

Police also told AFP they have detained 211 people, including four women.

But National Security Minister Dwight Nelson told a press conference that Coke, 42, had not yet been detained.

"Up to the last briefing I got, the answer is no," Nelson said.

Federal prosecutors in New York last year accused Coke of running an armed network that has been a major supplier of cocaine and marijuana to New York and other US cities.

With rumors swirling among Kingston residents of US support for the effort to arrest Coke, both the US and Jamaican government insisted that the operation was primarily local.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said in Washington that the main support offered by the United States was bullet-proof vests.

Coke calls himself a mere businessman. But the battle to capture him threatens dire consequences for an already troubled economy.

Tourism officials have voiced alarm at the damage to the image of Jamaica, where a million tourists each year flock to beaches to soak up some sun and the sounds of reggae music.

Tourism brings in valuable hard currency to Jamaica. Yet most tourists do not venture into Kingston, long considered the most dangerous part of a country that has 1,700 murders a year for a population of 2.8 million.

Britain, Canada and the United States all warned their citizens against travel to Kingston.

Authorities declared that most schools would remain closed for a second day on Wednesday. Monday, the first full day since the assault, was a public holiday.

Most Kingston residents heeded calls to stay indoors -- and those who didn't found little to keep them on the streets.

"For me, this situation just mean no business," said a woman named Janice who ambled through deserted streets with a stack of unsold tabloid newspapers on her head, the headline reading, "Taking Back Tivoli."



  1. If you have time, and need another reason to see why US immigration control is so important, watch the sequence of videos.

    It is relevant to the conditions connecting drugs, crime and illegal immigration. It is relevant to what is happening in every US city today.

    It makes a lie of the myth of the benign immigrant, illegally entering the US.

    Oh there are many benign George Bush "family value not beginning at the border types", but there is one hell of a lot of trash that gets swept in with them.

  2. Seen again, the insanity of our immigration policies.

    More eye-wash, from the Federals.

    PHOENIX (AP) — President Barack Obama's plan to send as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border appears to be a scaled-down version of the border security approach championed by his predecessor.


    Some law enforcement officials along the border said they worry that Obama will repeat Bush's mistake by limiting the troops to support roles, such as conducting surveillance and installing lighting, rather than letting them make arrests and confront smugglers. They also believe the scale of the force — one-fifth of the size of the one sent by Bush — is too small to make a difference along the length of the 2,000-mile border.

  3. Fighting between police, the military and drug gangs has left more than 60 people dead in Jamaica as Bruce Golding, the prime minister, vows to restore calm after three days of violent clashes in the capital Kingston.

  4. As to the trash being swept in, along with the good folk.
    No doubt of that.

    That the US refuses to document the immigrants already in the United States, not to bright.

    That we refuse to police and control our own frontier, foolish, on our part.

    That is Federal policy, has been for over a decade, bi-partisan cooperation and unity, where foreign and domestic policies physically meet.

  5. Obama's border plan looks similar to Bush's

    By JACQUES BILLEAUD (AP) – 2 hours ago

    PHOENIX — President Barack Obama's plan to send as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border appears to be a scaled-down version of the border security approach championed by his predecessor.
    The 6,000 troops who were sent by President George W. Bush to the border from June 2006 to July 2008 were generally credited within law enforcement circles as having helped improve border security, but restrictions placed on the soldiers were denounced by advocates for tougher enforcement who are now leveling similar objections at Obama's plan.
    Some law enforcement officials along the border said they worry that Obama will repeat Bush's mistake by limiting the troops to support roles, such as conducting surveillance and installing lighting, rather than letting them make arrests and confront smugglers. They also believe the scale of the force — one-fifth of the size of the one sent by Bush — is too small to make a difference along the length of the 2,000-mile border.

  6. Obama spoke to a VIP reception of about 200 people and later to a sold-out crowd of about 800 at a reception at the Fairmont Hotel, two of his three appearances Tuesday to bulk up the campaign coffers of Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, who will face strong Republican competition this fall in her bid for a fourth term.

    Obama spoke to a VIP reception of about 200 people and later to a sold-out crowd of about 800 at a reception at the Fairmont Hotel, two of his three appearances Tuesday to bulk up the campaign coffers of Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, who will face strong Republican competition this fall in her bid for a fourth term.

    more here

    ...After the Fairmont event, which was expected to raise at least $1.7 million from supporters who paid $250 to $2,000 for tickets, Obama was whisked to an exclusive VIP dinner at the Broadway mansion of wealthy oil heir Gordon Getty and his wife, Ann.

    Inside the lavish home of the philanthropist son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, some 80 donors wrote checks for $35,200 per couple to meet the president and have their photo taken with him. Boxer's campaign raised $600,000 from the two events, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took in $1.1 million, organizers said.

    With less than two weeks until the June 8 primary election, the president's fundraising trip to California for the upscale events on Boxer's behalf created some uncomfortable timing for the White House.

    As the BP oil spill blights miles of delicate marshland, well-known Democrats including analyst Donna Brazile and strategist James Carville have publicly criticized the federal government's failure to take a stronger role in stemming the disaster.

  7. You thought that 2nd paragraph added to the story, Deuce?

    The 'feelings' of unnamed sources, on both sides of the debate on Mr Bush's performance on this issue, did not add much, I thought.

    The only fact presented in that paragraph, that the National Guard had previously deployed from June 2006 to July 2008

    Guess that has some value to the reader. The "generally credited" assertion would be disputed, in AZ, especially by Sheriff Joe and his political contingent.

  8. We have found this to be true, here in AZ. That using the local police to enforce Federal immigration rules hampers normal and effective Law Enforcement.

    We had a serial killer on a spree, oh a year or two ago, that well exemplified the importance of good police/community relations that were required, for Phoenix Police to catch the shooters.

    Washington Post -

    Arizona's new crackdown on illegal immigration will increase crime in US cities, not reduce it, by driving a wedge between police and immigrant communities, police chiefs from several of the state's and the nation's largest cities ...

    A matter of priorities, catching misdemeanor offenders, or serious felons?

    Where should the priority be placed, by local law enforcement?
    Seems clear to me.

  9. I heard an Arizona Sheriff say that the efforts at Yuma which I believe is where the previous 6K were concentrated, along with the double row fence had reduced border crossings by about 94%.

  10. Senator Sessions of AL was on "The Morning Joe", seems that AL vacation spots, along with those on Florida's portion of the Emerald Coast have already taken HUGE economic hits, as vacationers change plans, going east to the Atlantic coast, according to the host, Joe Starbucks.

  11. On a mile or ten of the border, whit.

    But not along the entirety of the frontier, nor in the total number of crossing that the Federals had been reporting.

    So, sure, at Yuma, where the Marine base is, we CAN control the border. Truthfully we could control the border anywhere we chose to. That we choose not to, clearly evident.

    As in any security situation, if there are five doors to building, beefing up security on the front door, while leaving the others open, will cut down illicit entry at that front door.

    But does not secure the building.

  12. We could secure the border, portions of the border have been secured.

    Not enough has been done, not enough to be effective.

    1,200 Guardsmen, will not solve the problem and will not secure the 2,000 mile frontier. They would not solve the problem, in AZ, if they were all deployed here. There are just not enough bodies.

    Not by a long shot.

  13. Then again, whit, it depends on what tasks the Guardsmen are assigned. When Governor Napalitano sent AZ Guardsmen to the border, they emptied trash cans and cleaned Federal motor pools.

    They may also have done some preventative maintenance of Federal vehicles, checking oil and fluid levels and tire pressure and the like.

  14. The fence at Nogales

    It would not stop me, not that little obstacle. Doubt it would stop anyone that had real desire or need to cross it.

    The fence needs to be patrolled, to work.
    Effective patrolling takes bodies, lots of bodies.

  15. Border Patrol agents repair holes in the fence between the twin cities of Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, while a man steps into the U.S.
    The steel wall has existed since 1994.

  16. "A matter of priorities, catching misdemeanor offenders, or serious felons?..."

    A tough call merely looking at statistics (or anecdotal evidence).

    One can say that overall the statistics say that the crime rate among illegals is lower than that among the general population since most tend to lay low to avoid detection.

    On the other hand, even if you are concentrating only on the "serious felons" does it do your efforts any good allowing ANY more serious felons in?


  17. Front door security, certainly provides photo opportunities for politicos.

    Building a showcase security fence near Yuma, an impressive double apron of concertina, some razor wire and motion sensors, a good publicity stunt.

    But does not and did not secure the southern frontier.

  18. There is NO ONE in AZ politics, Q, that does not want the border secured.

    That is not, however, the Phoenix PD's function. It is an error to task them with that task, hundreds of miles from the border.

    Those crime statistics, I'd not put a lot of stock in them, as large amounts of crime do go unreported. Migrant on migrant crime often does not make it to the Police blotter.

  19. That there is so much unreported criminal activity, in that part of the community, another part of the problem.

    Since there are undocumented residents in almost every extended Mexican family, the distrust of the police becomes more aggravated than it needs or should be.
    Anecdotally, of course. I have no idea if that can or has been documented, but I have seen and heard it, myself.

  20. This Phoenix policeman, Q, was not munching doughnuts.

    PHOENIX -- A police officer was killed in an early morning in shooting in Phoenix Wednesday.

    It happened at about 1 a.m. near a gas station and convenience store in the area of 19th and Fairmount avenues, south of Indian School Road.

    The officer reportedly was responding to shots-fire call, as well as reports of a suspicious vehicle driving with its lights off in the neighborhood.

    Details of what led up to the shooting were not immediately available, but investigators said they do have a suspect in custody.

    From the still shot of loading the cuffed suspect into a car, and the demographics of that part of town the suspect is not likely to be an Anglo.

  21. When it comes to the crime aspect, this whole 'document them' theme doesn't make much sense to me in terms of reducing crime.

    The bad apples are going to commit crimes whether their name is on some list somewhere or not.

    In addition, if the cries about 'profiling' are bad now, what happens when the 'usual suspects' on the list continually get rousted?

    It doesn't matter how far you take it, you will never please a certain percentage of the population.

    If we had completely legal wide open borders, there would still be complaints of bigotry and discrimination for one reason or another.

    With regard to the national guard, if the FEDS were serious now would be the perfect time. Half of those in the guard are probably out of work anyway.


  22. I heard a Shell spokesman on CNBC yesterday saying that if the oil spill isn't capped, oil could conceivably continue to pump out for as long as any of us are alive.

    Next Steps


  23. If you document those that are not criminals, Q, and do not threaten them with deportation, they become more willing to cooperate with the local police.

    This was exemplified during the investigations during the 2006 killing sprees.

    Which is why the Police Association, here in AZ stood against SB1070. It is not a good law, it does not and will not be a benefit to local law enforcement. But there you have it, legislation that makes the general public "feel good".

    We're "doing something", even if it's the wrong approach to take.

  24. Heard that the Russians used a tactical nuke, to cap a under sea leak.

    Interesting, even if not true.

    More so if it is.

    Doubt we'd do that, but then again ...

  25. Not that it makes much difference but it was a request by the US to extradite the drug kingpin that set off the current fighting.

    What is interesting is that there are still plenty of tours you can book out of Nigril that will take you into Kingston (well not right now, but usually).

    Living on the edge.


  26. Russian reports

    Komsomoloskaya Pravda, Russia's best-selling daily publication, has an idea: Why not just nuke it?

    During the Soviet years, Russia's communists had to deal with numerous oil disasters and on five different occasions they employed controlled, underground nuclear blasts to quickly solve the problem.

    [The] underground explosion moves the rock, presses on it, and, in essence, squeezes the well’s channel," Pracda reported.

    "It’s so simple, in fact, that the Soviet Union, a major oil exporter, used this method five times to deal with petrocalamities," added Moscow reporter Julia Ioffe, writing for True/Slant. "The first happened in Uzbekistan, on September 30, 1966 with a blast 1.5 times the strength of the Hiroshima bomb and at a depth of 1.5 kilometers. KP also notes that subterranean nuclear blasts were used as much as 169 times in the Soviet Union to accomplish fairly mundane tasks like creating underground storage spaces for gas or building canals."

    Russia's success in capping major oil leaks with nuclear demolitions has an almost perfect record of success: only one detonation failed to accomplish its purpose. The last such explosion took place in 1979, according to Ioffe.

  27. Nuke the Deep Horizon now!
    Well tomorrow, if the "Top Kill" fails.

    That, amigos, would be quite the kick off, to the "War on Oil".

    Fuck Tora Bora and Osama, we're to late to go back to that, let's nuke that Deep Horizon!

    That's the real and current threat to the economic and environmental security of the United States. Leak as long as we are alive, wouldn't that be something to have to watch.

    Makes the cutting of Deuce's forests for suburban expansion, well truthfully, pale by comparison.

  28. "If you document those that are not criminals, Q, and do not threaten them with deportation, they become more willing to cooperate with the local police."

    Proven? Anecdotal? Or, merely your opinion?

    I don't know the answer, merely speculating on the other side of the argument.

    Would there really be a difference in the cooperation you got or would the sense of security you suggest be offset by the cultural differencees. Would ethnic solidarity, the "them vs us" mentality, or the "don't be snitch" culture be the deciding factor?


  29. Let's face it rat. What you suggest is not playing out in Mexico.


  30. The opinion, Q, of the Phoenix police.

    They made a big deal of making sure everyone knew that no one that came forward with information, in the serial killer episodes, would be threatened with arrest or deportation.

    This was in 2006, as I have refreshed my memory, with Google's assist.

    That the Phoenix Police, Mesa Police and others would stand against SB1070, anecdotal enough for me. Whether they have documented the reason for their united position, unknown to me.

    But those fellas, they're paid to know how best to enforce the law. And as last night's incident exemplified, their lives are on the line when they do so.

  31. Of course not, Q, I am not that concerned with Mexico feelings.

    I am not a Mexican.

    That they would be unhappy with a secure US border, just another day in the life of a border state rat.

    If we secured the border, we could quickly move to increase the number of legal, documented workers we allowed into the country. This would quickly smoooooth any bump in our relationship with Mr Felipe Calderon and his government.

    That course would be much better than the status que, believe me.

  32. "Of course not, Q, I am not that concerned with Mexico feelings."

    And I am not that concerned about the feelings of Mr. Felipe Calderon and his government.

    Just saying.


  33. Well, Q, they are one of our largest trade partners, the home of many Government Motors manufacturing plants and the source of a good portion of our daily imported oil addiction fix.

    To thumb our nose at Mr Calderon, while emotionally satisfying, not particularly in our 'best interest'.

    Especially when compared to the hard costs of securing our Mid Eastern sources for our oil addiction.

    We have built a series of quid pro quo agreements with the Mexicans, some publicly recorded, some with a wink and a nod.

    But there it is, the I35 Corridor into the Heartland, like it or not.

    Want to slap down Mr Calderon, he and his, then we need even more alternative liquid fuel alternatives than required to cut out the Wahhabi oil from US requirements.
    Which leads US back to:

    Going Green, Baby, Going Green!

  34. "To thumb our nose at Mr Calderon, while emotionally satisfying, not particularly in our 'best interest'."

    The assumption being that our attitudes toward Calderon would make any difference one way or the other.

    Unlike our relations with some other coutries, I dont' really think much would change.

    And there is something to be said for getting satisfaction where you may.


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