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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biden Flashes His Pained Toilet Porcelain White Teeth

I know, you have already seen this, but it is so delicious, I am sure that you want a second slice. Bon Appétit.In one of Biden's remarks he claims that McCain was an ACORN supporter. I found this video clip where McCain spoke at a community college in Miami where he was looking for support for the failed immigration bill. No news there.


  1. Biden can sure spread the bs around, that's for sure.

    Lady is a good reporter.

    "We're stretched thin...we're going to be tested..." Biden says.

    First thing we do is cut the defense budget by 25% and build no more weapons systems.

    We're gonna be tested by the fires of redemption found only in hell, I think. Cause it's going to be our own fault, like the Puritans used to say. For electing such non-sense.

    High Speed Manure Spreader

    "Nobody builds a spreader like the industry leader."

  2. The teeth are bad enough, but that GD ORANGE botoxed face, and the squinty little eyeholes with no eyes and...
    As Ingraham says:
    "Never trust a man that spends more time on cosmetics than you do."
    To me it's just like a big billboard for who is, a phoney gasbag.
    I'll leave commentary on the Corrupt, Fascist, Campaign to others.
    Mick Fleetwood and Fleetwood Mac back in the days
    Mick's affair with Stevie on Maui.
    Wifey says Mick is buying a Nightclub here, thinks he has a house here as she seems him now and then.

  3. goodnite Doug, hold the fart down, er, fort.

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  5. WFT was too hard hitting with Joe Biden and is now on the Obama/Biden campaign's shit list.

    Read about it in the Orl Sentinel

  6. SNL's Opening Sketch
    [Mark Hemingway]
    ...may have just cost an embattled John Murtha his seat in congress.

    It should dominate the press tomorrow, and I expect it will be inescapable on the news in Murtha's district for the next week.

  7. First thing we do is cut the defense budget by 25% and build no more weapons systems.

    Even with a 90% cut in the US military budget, the US military budget will still be larger than the military budget of France Russia and china combined. Cut the budget by 90%. Cut the generals the accountants the welfare parasites that protest. Eliminate all foreign aid. Close down all foreign bases. Recall all US gov personnel back home. Recall all military ships and aircraft carriers to home ports. With the exception of the Pentagon, eliminate the complete alphabet soup of federal government departments and agencies. Institute an immediate ban on the sale of new civilian gasoline/diesel/kerosene powered vehicles. Institute an immediate ban on the sale of new civilian energy consuming products that fail to meet green standards, including buildings and subdivision that fail to meet green urban design and transport needs.

    Declare Jihad and all Jihadis enemies of the state. Nuke Saudia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, with more to follow in second third forth strikes, etc.

  8. Mat, can't you come up with some radical action, something that really accomplishes something?:)

  9. Mat, what coffee you drinking this morning?

  10. To bad that a course of action that may actually be implemented is ignored, instead of giving play to fantasies, at zero dark thirty, in the morning.

    aaaah well ...

  11. Mat, what coffee you drinking this morning?

    Going to brew a cup or two or three, right now.

  12. The sun must not be rising, on some of mat's solar powered investments.

  13. I knew Mat would see the utility in nuclear energy, if I kept pounding on it long enough!

  14. But seriously, folks, is keeping a force struture of 150,000 uniforms in Iraq enhancing or gutting the US military?

    That is the first question thaat is going to be addressed, by the incoming Administration.

    Betcha I already know the answer.

    GWBush, and the six plus years in Iraq, will be seen as the source of the most serious "gutting" that the US military has recieved, in over a century.

    It will have been Bush that gutted the military, hollowed it out in a "long War", and Obama as the one that sets it right.

    At least in the beginning of his tenure.

  15. George gutted it,
    Barack will bury the corpse.

  16. "Mat, what coffee you drinking this morning?"
    What evidence do you have that he drank ANY Coffee?
    ...certainly nothing he wrote!

  17. Sorry, Mat, I just saw the Military cuts, missed the Nuclear Strikes:
    That changes everything, starting with the multiple Strokes Trish will have when she reads it.

  18. Simon sayz:


  19. Christians on some of Mat's coffee.

  20. GWBush, and the six plus years in Iraq, will be seen as the source of the most serious "gutting" that the US military has recieved, in over a century.


    The last 6 years have SHARPENED the USA forces to such a point that no other force can stand before them

    practice makes perfect...

    russia has a great track record of using tanks over fat civilians

    china has no problems fighting monks...

    the arab world (with china and russia's weapons) just got owned again


    if the world is going to shit and war is on the horizon, i'd put money on us, the USA for having the best live fire trained forces around...

  21. How's the biz holding up against the meltdown, WIO?

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  23. gross growth has shrunk from 40% over last year month to month (for oct) to about 25% growth rate..

    I am betting profits are slimmer (per 1k sales) due to increases in product & shipping... (make it up in volume)

    I have taken a very aggressive line to tighten our belts over increasing retail costs. I am still quite bullish about what real companies that never used the government tit to grow can accomplish...

    Since i am not a minority business in any way, shape or form I have NOT gone after ANY governmental business KNOWING that once my bids were in place someone whose check boxes LOOKED better could come in and take my contracts...

    Now with the shit is hitting the fan, those of us that actually earn a living by providing a value added service can and will do just fine..

    Funny things about the unavailable credit?

    dont really have it, never did...

    I use earnings to pay payroll....

    I take profit to pay for products

    I take profits to pay for labor

    If we have a bad week? I tell the wife DONT SPEND on anything... Usually we have enough stocked in the freezer to make it thru the 3 - 4 day crisis til the deposits roll in...



    I see marginal worthless competition failing...