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I want to thank everyone who participated in the Elephant Bar over the past twelve years. We had millions of visitors from all around the World and you were part of it. Over the past dozen years, two or three times a night, I would open my laptop and some of you were always there. I will miss that.

My plans are to continue my work with technology and architecture. You know my interests and thoughts.

At times, things would get a little rough in the EB. To those of you that I may have offended over the years, I apologize. From all of you, I learned and grew.

An elephant never forgets.
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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chump Reception & Trump Reception



  1. On to Israel, see how that goes down.

  2. Say it soft and it's almost like praying...


    Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”


    Imagine how delightful it would have been if Johnny Mathis had sung about the call to prayer instead of "Maria"

    1. Obama's about as uncalculated as Johnny was.

    2. Obama thinks the prettiest sound on Earth at Sunrise is when he lets out a big one.

  3. Cloud Computing wins Preakness....13 to 1 - Always Dreaming - 6 to 5 and winner of the Kentucky Derby in heavy mud - sleeps through entire race and finishes 8th

    Preakness Results:

    1 Cloud Computing 13-1
    2 Classic Empire 2-1
    3 Senior Investment 30-1
    4 Lookin At Lee 9-1
    5 Gunnevera 11-1
    6 Multiplier 19-1
    7 Conquest Mo Money 10-1
    8 Always Dreaming 6-5
    9 Hence 22-1
    10 Term of Art 45-1

    1. The Really Exciting Stuff begins one minute and 20 seconds in.


    2. Slambino wins at 88 to 1.


    3. :):):)

      Lady Bugatta got left in the mud.

      Ha ha ha

    4. :):):):)

      I Don't Give A Shit stalls out, Up Your's, Keith (?) wins !

    5. Up Your's, Quirk first, Lady Da Da Le Beouf second, Miss Felony third, Felicity fourth, Sir Quirk last at Sun Meadow Downs in Idaho Nudist Stakes race....

  4. O'bozo made a jackass out of himself when he went to Saudi Arabia.

    He embarrassed our entire nation.

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  6. If you just listened to the Audio w/o Video, you'd swear it's the nerdiest, geekiest white guy on the planet.
    You'd be wrong.


  7. In the Barack/Michelle Video, is that Mickey Rooney in the center?

  8. I'd like to hold the Pole for Michelle.


    1. Hope Deuce doesn't ban me for this one.


    2. You've been banned for eternity, asshole.

    3. There's your answer, Doug-O.

      Keep up the good work.


  9. First on CNN: Comey now believes Trump was trying to influence him, source says


  10. .

    How Kosovo Poisoned America's Relationship with Russia

    ...The Kosovo intervention set some terrible precedents. A supposedly defensive U.S.-led alliance attacked a country that had not attacked any NATO member, disregarded Moscow’s angry protests, and forcibly detached the province of a sovereign country, placing it under international control. That set of worrisome precedents was compounded by the actions that the United States and its allies took in early 2008. Kosovo wanted to declare its formal independence from Serbia, but it was clear that such a move would face a certain Russian (and probable Chinese) veto in the UN Security Council. Washington and an ad hoc coalition of European Union countries brazenly bypassed the council and approved Pristina’s independence declaration.

    It was an extremely controversial move. Not even all EU members were on board with the policy, since some of them worried about the wider ramifications. Spain fretted about the encouragement because such a decision might give to its own secessionist movements, especially the Basques and the Catalonians. Greece and Cyprus were deeply concerned that ratifying the forcible severing of Kosovo from Serbia could legitimize Turkey’s earlier military seizure of the northern portion of Cyprus and the subsequent establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in that occupied territory.

    Russia’s leaders protested vehemently and warned that the West’s unauthorized action established a dangerous, destabilizing precedent. Washington rebuffed such complaints, arguing that the Kosovo situation was unique. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs R. Nicholas Burns made that point explicitly in a February 2008 State Department briefing. Because the situation was unique, he insisted, the West’s Kosovo policy set no precedent regarding other ethnic secessionist situations. Both the illogic and the hubris of that position were breathtaking.

    The Western powers soon discovered that merely because they said their action in Kosovo established no precedent, that did not make it so. Russia demonstrated that point just a few months later...


    1. Bill Clinton was another Neocon stooge. I have some beauties to tell about disaster.

  11. Which state 'suppresses' the most voters ?

    Ans: New York


    Why is it allowed ?

    Because it is to the advantage of the 'Democrat' Party.

  12. Dershowitz Calls Special Counsel Mueller Good News For Trump: "He's Going To Find No Crime"
    Posted By Ian Schwartz
    On Date May 20, 2017

    Legal eagle Alan Dershowitz believes special counsel Robert Mueller will be good news for President Trump.

    "He's going to find no crime," Dershowitz predicted.

    "Political wrongdoing, but it's just not a crime," he said. "Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated. And a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime."

    "Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated. And a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime. And the reason I think Trump may benefit from this is this will be a secret proceeding. Mueller is a very honorable guy, so he's not going to leak anything. And in the end, he's going to find no crime," Dershowitz said.

    "It's going to be done in secret, behind closed doors, and all we get in the end is no indictment or a lower-level former official gets indicted," Dershowitz said. "And I think in the end that helps the Trump administration, not hurts them."

    Rough transcript, via FOX News Channel:....


    1. But when is the end?

      In the meantime, CNN et al will have thousands of anonymous sources citing "crimes" by the gazillions.

      Allowing us to learn about multiple orgasms via Quirk.

  13. Wie is 6' 1"

    If Comey were a man, they'd be a match.

  14. I'm not really still thinking of Wie, just Comey.

    ...he reminded me.

  15. My wife had to teach me that the hair thing was from a bottle: I thought it came naturally from the genes and living in Hawaii.


    1. Michelle's is way too blond.

      The one's that fooled me when we got here had a subtle reddish brown streak.

      I thot it was a hawaiian thing.

      Haven't found any examples, yet.

  16. How Serious An Insult Is It To Call Someone A 'Wanker' ?


  17. Racing Stripes