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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trump was not the first to be wiretapped by Obama: Dennis Kucinich Vouches For Trump Wiretap Story

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    Kucinich has an advantage most don't, he can make a good case for standing. That's usually the hurdle no one can get over. The spooks aren't going to admit to their spying. And unless you can prove you personally have been a victim, you won't be granted standing.

    However, even if DK were given his day in court, it likely would do him no good. The days of the physical wiretaps by the NSA are long gone. There is little chance of tracking where the tap came from. Sources and methods don't you know.

    In the end, even if someone admitted to 'intercepting' the call they will simply say they were monitoring the foreign leader which under current laws isn't illegal.

    The same applies to Trump.