“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Wrong Guy

Murat Kurnaz was born in Germany but traveled to Pakistan in 2011 to learn about Islam. A month after 9/11 was probably not the best timing though.
“Were you a terrorist?” Bee asked Kurnaz. “No,” answered Kurnaz.
Kurnaz was swept up in a U.S. spree through the Middle East. "The government claimed to have intel linking Marat to a suicide bomber who blew himself up in Istanbul,” Bee recounts. Except the “suicide” part was completely false.
“He still lives with his family in Germany,” confirmed Kurnaz.
After months of repetitive questioning, "The CIA, FBI, FBI, DOD and Guantanamo’s joint task force all agree that Marat was not a threat to the United States,” Bee said.
But, yet, he was still tortured.
“They tortured me by waterboarding, electroshocks and hanging me on chains for many days,” Kurnaz told Bee.

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