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I want to thank everyone who participated in the Elephant Bar over the past twelve years. We had millions of visitors from all around the World and you were part of it. Over the past dozen years, two or three times a night, I would open my laptop and some of you were always there. I will miss that.

My plans are to continue my work with technology and architecture. You know my interests and thoughts.

At times, things would get a little rough in the EB. To those of you that I may have offended over the years, I apologize. From all of you, I learned and grew.

An elephant never forgets.
Be well.

Deuce, 21 June 2018

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The State of the Blogoshere with Andrew Breitbart

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  1. Some obvious truths spoken there.
    Over 70% of content is in the news wires, not the network newsrooms.
    Just as Mr Big says.

    Yesterday, the Club for Growth released a poll that showed Hoffman with a slim lead over Owens when so-called "leaners" are included and 22 percent of voters still undecided with just one week remaining in the campaign.

    That conflicts with the findings of a Siena poll released Oct. 15, which showed Owens in first place with 33 percent of the vote, Scozzafava in second with 29 percent and Hoffman in third with 23 percent.

    The Siena poll questioned 617 likely voters. The Club for Growth's poll just 300, all of whom said they are "very likely" to vote next Tuesday.

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